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September 22, 2018


matt - deplore me if you must


matt - deplore me if you must

Les Moonves, Andy Lack, Charlie Rose, Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer, Ryan Lizza, Garrison Keilor, Glenn Thrush, et al

These are all "thought leaders" who defined standards of conduct.

Take away the rampant sexual misconduct in Hollywood and the rest of the power structure and just think about this. These were the attack poodles of the Left, setting agendas and framing stories.

As they went on their merry ways they were groping, assaulting and threatening women while management knew. That is the real "tell".

Blame Trump and bang interns seems to be their motto.

Some watchdogs of democracy, huh?


Sharyl Attkisson recalled:

"Due to the possibility of sniper fire, our pilots used what we were told are 'assault take-offs and landings.' In short, the climb and descent are very fast, and very steep to minimize exposure to hostile fire on the ground."
"It's exciting and frightening and, in the midst of it all, wearing our helmets and bulletproof vests, it's easy to imagine we may be narrowly escaping enemy bullets."
"In reality, we had no known incidents of enemy fire on our aircraft."
To be fair, however, Attkisson did note in her 1996 CBS report that the "frontline outpost" that Clinton and Chelsea visited was "one of the most dangerous places where US forces are operating."

"The president himself never made it this far inside Bosnia when he visited in January," Attkisson said in the report.


Quick...someone ask Scooter Libby.


More to the point:



If Kavanaugh doesn't get voted on in time can retiring Justice Kennedy withdraw his resignation?

Comanche Voter

Hillary is saying that Fords allegations require and deserve an FBI investigation. Paula Jones was not avaialable for comment on what she thought of the Hildebeest and hyprocrisiy.

Miss Marple (the real one)


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 22, 2018

30-second video on rising wages.


From lurkersusie's optimistic twitter link on the previous page:

And so what is the beautiful thing that happened this week? For the first time, the two leading liberal papers were publishing massive leaks from admin officials and former admin officials who were fighting with each other—all of whom have been working against Trump.

In other words, the anti-Trump coalition has, at long last, fractured. It took a helluva a lot longer than I ever expected, but it has happened. The war is not over yet. Not by a long shot. But from now on, Trump holds the advantage.

Miss Marple (the real one)

This graphic explains why unproven charges of rape (or attempted rape, or whatever they are now claiming against Kavanauigh) should not be believed without evidence:


Clarice Feldman

A must read on Rosenstein:https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/09/twelve_points_to_keep_in_mind_on_the_nyts_rosenstein_wear_a_wire_and_invoke_25th_amendment_story.html


on rising wages

Best when indicates increased production. Okay when a signal that workers in a field are in demand. Worst when contrived by threat or legislation (same thing).


Clarice, do I head for the bunker or buy popcorn?



Drudge's current Header:


Maybe we ought to do "Rod Rosenstein's best jokes."

1) "It'd be a real shame if someone had to subpoena you House Intel staffers to testify under Oath. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, just kidding."

2) "Hey, maybe I could wear a wire when I talk with Trump and he'll say something so nutty we can get him institutionalized in the nut House. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, just kidding."

3) "So just for kicks I wrote this Memo telling Trump why Comey should be fired and that dummy actually believed I was serious. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

4) "So even though the Law actually spells out that I had to write out the specifics of what my good buddy Bobby Mueller was supposed to be investigating, that idiot Judge Ellis actually thought I would have done that, so I told him my instructions to Bobby were too super secret for him to see. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

5) "Oh and you'll love this one. So when Jim Jordon asked me under oath why I signed the FISA warrant without verifying what was in it I actually told him that's not how the program works. I told him I don't actually have to read it to know what's in it. Nancy Pelosi couldn't a said it any stupider, but the Media bought it. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

6) Uranium-1? What's Uranium-1? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Clarice Feldman

I'm reasonably sure Kavanaugh will be confirmed.
I don't know who will be prosecuting the miscreants at DOJ and the FBI, but I believe the grand juries must be over or nearly so.

Clarice Feldman

Very good, daddy!

Old Lurker

SBW, I think we have reached the saturation point on parsing all the individual speculations.

To paraphrase Serena's commercial from the US Open "Momma gonna do what Momma gonna do."

Trump gonna do what Trump gonna do. Tune in after the Election.

You can live on Popcorn until then. I plan to.


This spec script for scandal is decidedly blase, there s no there there.

But I'm still in major slade mode.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Regarding the Lifson article about the Rosenstein revelation:

What hasn't been taken into account with the President's statement on courtesy to allies who called him (before he declassifies) is that next week he chairs a UN Security Council meeting on Iran. The United Kingdom is one of the permanent members of the Security Council. (Other permanent members besides the US are France, China and Russia.)

The current rotating members of the Security Council, are:
Côte d’Ivoire
Equatorial Guinea

Only permanent members have a veto, and as we can see, the UK and France are the only ones we can count on for sure.

I therefore think that before people think the President is waffling, people need to take into account this meeting next week.


Rowan pope would dispatch Some one just to send a signal, he seemed to be the only one of that show who understood power, an update of Arthur higgins.

Old Lurker

Clarice "I'm reasonably sure Kavanaugh will be confirmed."

Me too.

Based on nothing except the extreme immediate embarrassment McConnell would suffer after pointing to the left field fence with his bat.

As I mentioned earlier though, I am sick and tired of every important act of Congress going down to some vote at 4AM, mere hours before catastrophe strikes.


Caught in yet another lie:

Alex Pappas‏

This Washington Post lead says Christine Ford was upset when Trump won in ‘16 because Kavanaugh was mentioned as a possible SCOTUS pick. But Kavanaugh wasn’t added to Trump’s list of possible justices until November 2017...




Just saw where Dershowitz on FOX says Trump's Lawyers ought to order Rosenstein to recuse himself. It won't happen but here's the story: Dershowitz: Trump's lawyers could force Rosenstein to recuse himself from Mueller probe

Dershowitz suggested Saturday that "what [Trump] could do very plausibly is have his lawyers go to court and make a motion to recuse Rosenstein from any involvement in any case involving the president."

"Because he has a conflict of interest," said Dershowitz, who is also an opinion contributor for The Hill. "He has two conflicts of interest: First, he wrote the memo ... authorizing the firing of Comey. You can't both investigate obstruction of justice and be part of the obstruction of justice."

"But second, he has a conflict now because the Times reports that his goal is to be 'vindicated,' and the way he can be 'vindicated' is by putting all the blame on President Trump," Dershowitz added in the interview.


The second and third on that list were on lanny Davis's client list, we forgot the pantomime horse already?

Miss Marple (the real one)

Paul Sperry
‏ @paulsperry_
6m6 minutes ago

DEVELOPING: Christine Blasey Ford has relocated to Delaware, no longer in California?


If this is true then the "fear of flying" delay excuse was BS.


The American Thinker article cited by Clarice is excellent!

Clarice Feldman

I was just going to post that daddy.

Old Lurker

"Dershowitz suggested Saturday that "what [Trump] could do very plausibly is have his lawyers go to court and make a motion to recuse Rosenstein from any involvement in any case involving the president."

Ask a roofer about a leak and he will say you need a new roof.

Ask a surgeon about a pain in your belly and he will say you need surgery.

and so on.

Ask a lawyer what to do about insubordination by an employee and he will say you should hire a lawyer and go to court.

At what point does "employment at will" or "serving at the pleasure of the boss" come into the solution to the problem?

Trump knows what he is doing even if I don't.


Clarice "I'm reasonably sure Kavanaugh will be confirmed."

Me too.

Posted by: Old Lurker

That don't sound like ledge talk to me. And here I thought OL just told us no one was capable of sock-puppetting him:(

Old Lurker

Daddy, I can stay pessimistic but still try to read tea leaves.

Old Lurker



We are reflecting reality as we see the latest developments.
Grassley and McConnell are old pros.
Dems have a lot of punishment ahead of them.
Sunday shows will be all about Rosenstein.
The caravan has officially moved on from Blasey/ Ford.


I would say swamp gas:


Kevlar Kid

Beyond the pale horse.



Someone on Twitter is claiming Ford has been to Hawaii. They are assuming she flew there.


Posted by: Sue | September 22, 2018 at 01:37 PM

could have swam or taken a canoe ...


https://pjmedia.com/trending/poking-a-hole-in-professor-fords-fear-of-flying-excuse/ is the story sue.


She interned in Hawaii. Took a tiki raft to get there.

Clarice Feldman

Sue, she interned there earlier .

Miss Marple (the real one)

Old Lurker,

One of the things I do at night is pur on the White House YouTube channel and hit "play all" on the viewing list. The videos are in chronological order with the latest first so that it lets me get caught up on things I have missed during the day, since Fox can't be counted on to cover everything.

The videos carry everything from Medal of Honor award ceremonies to press appearances with heads of state to cabinet and council meetings. If you listen to these, you can see that President Trump has a command of the issues, a sense of when to be stern and when to be more paternally friendly, and a shrewdness which is seldom seen in politicians. Not once have I seen a "deer n the headlights" look or stammering like Obama did.

The man knows what he's doing. Supporting evidence includes the presence of Kelly, Mattis, Pompeo, Zincke, Perry and Carson, none of which would have signed onto this administration if they had doubts about his fitness to lead.

That is why I remain confident and am convinced that he knows what he's doing.

Clarice Feldman

If she's really in Delaware she might be preparing to tesify or it's another head fake.


Re: This from Lifson via Clarice:

9. McCabe and Page memos leaked to the NYT apparently were withheld from IG Horowitz

Sundance picked up the implication:

"The bigger revelation here is how someone, some unknown FBI officials, kept the McCabe memos from congress and subsequently from a previous internal INSD investigation of McCabe."

Speaking as a non-Lawyer I have to think this latest evidence of withholding of documents tells us 2 things.

1) A crime was committed by those who withheld the documents and they ought to be prosecuted and sent to prison.

2) The DOJ cannot be trusted to investigate itself.

I recommend Mark Levin for Special Prosecutor.

Buford Gooch

If Ford really relocated to MD, was it to press charges against Kavanaugh for attempted rape? I think Clarice found that there is no statute of limitations for that.


Your post of Salena ‘s article wrt Beto O’Rourke is a good one.
Still feel good about Cruz’s chances.


Just assume that Ms Ford's lawyers are doing anything they can to postpone the vote until after Thursday which puts it after the midterms. Thus she can't fly, she can't be here Wednesday, she can't turn over the letter, she can't meet a deadline and on and on and on.

I wonder if Kavanaugh has ever met her.


Yesterday on FOX, I heard one of the commenters say that Scott Schools was a source for the NYT article. Did anyone else catch that?

Kevlar Kid

That is an excellent idea re Levin, daddy.

F*ckin A. Besides getting justice for the American people, his network could feature the history of the prosecution in its entirety for years to come as information can be released to the public.

Talk about a constitutional revival! Amen to that!

Related point:

Getting "new" media scrutiny on the Dhimmis and remnants of Deep State influence need to be outed in every election cycle from here on out---- re the unconstitutionality of their platform and the illegalities of their strategies and tactics.


The most shocking part of that article was that they withheld evidence from Horowitz.
I am flabbergasted that anyone would take such a risk.
Justice must be served here and soon.
I loved the visual of them sitting around actually thinking they had a way to bring down the President .
The arrogance and hubris will prove to be their undoing.

Kevlar Kid

Time to kick Grassley in his saggin ass and get the vote done.

Tell the Allegator that if she has a case bring it to a court near her and let the chips fall where it may.

A rape allegation doesn't belong in a Senate committee hearing.

If convicted of rape near 40 years after the fact, Kavanaugh will reap the whirlwind. That's a big IF. It would never get to trial based on the sh*t she's peddling at this stage of the kabuki.

Miss Marple (the real one)


And "quips" the following:

"I am the devil."

Well, if you say so, Pope Francis. I would point out that for most Catholic priests the devil isn't a joking matter.


but I think it's possible that Trump never interviewed Mueller to be FBI Director.

Posted by: Extraneus | September 22, 2018 at 10:42 AM

I too think that is a possibility. As far as "rock solid" evidence that Trump specifically didn't interview Mueller to be FBI director? That case has yet to be made.

Here is the segment of the presser you referred to:

Q What are the President’s feelings on Mueller at this point? Did he interview him for FBI director? And does he have confidence in him in his current role?

MS. SANDERS: I do know that he did interview him, I believe, the day before he was named as Special Counsel. And beyond that, what I said earlier, I don’t have anything to add.


The question and the answer are specific.

Clarice Feldman

I think he probably did interview him, not knowing of the legal restrictions if any and Mueller accepted to spy further on the president.

As for Rosenstein, for what reason did he think he was preparing the memo on Comey? Are these people all as stupid as I think they are?I'm almost 80 and I know how to transmit messages that no one, not even NSA can get to.(A smart IT wizard showed me how and surely since this is their business you'd think they could find out--OTOH they probably did not care one whit as they were certain of Hillary's win.)


If convicted of rape near 40 years after the fact..

Rape involves penetration; there is no allegation of rape, removing a conviction for it from being a possibility.


Seeing as he missed the point of that whole desert tempting, I don't think he gets it, Burleigh reviews the collapse of religious vocation and practice through western Europe in the 60s

Old Lurker

Maryrose "I am flabbergasted that anyone would take such a risk."

Do you know how long officials in DC have scammed their own IGs? It is a job requirement above about GS-14. At the SES level I'll bet the HR review chart even scores them on that ability...

But your shock is noted and is understandable, Maryrose. What the public does not realize is that the IG mechanism is to fool the dolts in fly over country, not get to the bottom of certain classes of crime.


Yes it's like a lucky rabbits foot, about as helpful as it was to the rabbit:


Old Lurker

Pope "I am the devil."

Did I just hear on the radio that the Vatican has reached agreement with the ChiComs that Catholic Bishops appointed for China will now have to be approved by both the Vatican and the Government of China?

I guess the Pope figures that was good enough for Google so how could God expect any more?

Kevlar Kid

Grassley needs to say enough is enough. We're voting. F*ck you.

Get Kavanaugh on the bench and get ready for GinsBurg to croak...hello Judge Amy!

I am not an attorney but if this rape allegation were to be shopped to a judge who allows it to go to trial after Kav is seated on the bench, wouldn't Kav end up having a field day suing the shitake out of the Allegator and her maliciously prosecuting loia?

What attorney of sound mind would take this flimsy case which defames a sitting SCOTUS?

THE BURDEN OF PROOF is on the Allegator. Any outrage over Kavanaugh not being legitimate because there was no hearing---- F*CK YOU. Take it to court where it belongs.

Kavanaugh, with Grassley and Turtle's assistance, should bulldoze her traveling taco stand and smash her and her loia. Have her credentials in all of her professional associations revoked. Have her loia disbarred.

Alleging a felony without proof....and seeking to exact in-kind restitution (a ruined career and professional reputation, damaged family etc)===> this has to amount to some degree of felony level fraud.

Smash her and her consenting loia. "Send a message" which amounts to the Allegator's metaphorical head in a nice silk purse to "lawfare" muckedty mucks of the Left and Deep State.

Don't even think about it.

PS: These posts aren't being typed in anger. :D I am feeling a lot of resolve as king of my own domain.

Old Lurker

Hrts, I was wondering what the test is for "attempted rape" which is what they want on Kav?


Speaking of dodgy institutions, guess who was teaching at that Saudi embassy connected or So school for a year?

Miss Marple (the real one)

Old Lurker,

I am to the point that every DoJ and FBI agent should be re-interviewed and re-screened for their positions, including all emails, texts, and associations. I don't care if it takes 2 years.

This is disgusting. These people hold themselves up as the guarantors of the Constitution and the rule of law and they are complete frauds and criminals.

Thomas Collins

Re the coup attempt, as detailed in NY Times (for whatever reason), and why the plotters would take such risks: The tea leaves I am reading say there were risks to careers, but not major risks of ending up in orange jumpsuits. Certainly not at the Obama, Clintons, Rice, Brennan, Mueller, Clapper level, and probably not at the Rosenstein level. Strzok and Page and McCabe could be at risk for orange jumpsuits, but my prediction, which I am happy to revisit on July 1, 2020, is that there will be no Club Fed orange jumpsuits resulting from the coup attempt.


The fmr?? Company official and congressional candidate Abigail spannberger.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Old Lurker,

Yes, you did. Kev posted an article about it above and I posted one on the last thread.

Quite a difference from Pope John Paul II's stand against communism when he was a cardinal in Poland, isn't it?

Kevlar Kid

"Rape involves penetration; there is no allegation of rape, removing a conviction for it from being a possibility."

Yesterday on Radio Empty head, there were interviews with various self-appointed spokeswomen for all women.

The drumbeat: "We cannot have a Supreme Court justice who is guilty of rape."

That's what i was referring to. Sexual assault implies rape. And that is why this must be punted out of the Senate committee and force the Allegator to take it to a judge.

Call the hand. Public opinion against Kavanaugh hears "sexual assault" and thinks "rape."

That rape involves penetration---- no argument from me. The insinuation is that he is a rapist.


O think fishwrap is too charitable:


Ralph L

Ricki Siedman was one of Ted K's minions in the Clarence lynching, IIRC. She's got a lot of nerve participating in this mess, but it didn't stop her before.


He did


Kevlar Kid

"Hrts, I was wondering what the test is for "attempted rape" which is what they want on Kav?"

Horning in here as always--

There are vagueries involved with terms bandied about under the overarching "sexual assault."

The alleged crime was in MD therefore state law would determine what the crime actually was, if it indeed occurred.



That's just plain stupid:


daddy on iPad

Finally caught up to that new "Canon of 21st Century Books." Ughh.

If that's what you have to read to be considered an intellectual, leave me out.

I read 2 Harry Potters out loud to the kids--- nothing else.

Ralph L

Any unwanted touching is now sexual assault. It melts the snowflake.


OL, sounds to me like attempted rape is any "overt action" that a prosecutor can latch on to, but I don't really know. It does, however, look to be a misdemeanor:

Kevlar Kid, I'm more and more convinced that there's something off about Ford, and that she won't be able to handle even the mildest questions about what happened.

Thomas Collons

Re rape and attempted rape: Prof Ford's allegations are really more appropriately categorized under criminal false imprisonment, assault and battery. The core issue is not whether this is Whoopi Goldberg real rape, but rather whether allegations brought in this manner, and handled by the Resistance in this manner, should delay a vote ad infinitum (or at least until President Warren or Harris or Spartacus has a Dem Senate).

Clarice Feldman

6 minutes to touchdown.


no it's a soviet style character assassination and soviet style show trial

Kevlar Kid

me too h-box. me too.

at this point, if the GOP is concerned about their image and sensitivity toward "women" (p-hat wearin instigators), then they are bigger fools than ever.

it's time for some game over decisiveness. if not, let's send them all some violins.


Are we sure 2:30 is the deadline? I thought I heard someone on FOX, just a while ago, say "later today".

Thomas Collins

Re touchdown:Touchdown is whenever, if ever, Mitch is convinced he has at least fifty votes.

Clarice Feldman

Last I saw she had a final extension to 2:30 today in which to respond and the hearing is still scheduled for Monday.


I think Mitch has the votes. It's now a matter of PR and how much rope they're going to give Ford before the invitation is officially rescinded.

From McConnell's statement yesterday it almost seems that they know she's not going to accept. I mean, I feel like I know that too, but I don't have a particular reason to be certain of it. Maybe they do.


Posted by: Thomas Collins | September 22, 2018 at 02:28 PM

he doesn't, not with the GOPe Trash Party in the senate.

Clarice Feldman

I do, too, porchlight,

Kevlar Kid

i taught my daughter how to stop any unwanted touching with a quick blow to the perp's windpipe.

this "i said no but s/he wouldn't listen" horsesh*t might have meaning to tidy whitey policy makers on a college campus, but it has no value in the moment when the sh*t goes down.

and then there is the squishy "i didn't know how i felt about it at the moment it was happening, but now i know it was blah blah blah..." ERRRRNT!Too damned bad.

if someone is about to violate your a$$ you're likely to feel something about that enough to either run, slap, fight back, "resist", but at least call the damned question!

any mother or father worth their salt is going to instill that into the MUSCLE memory and mind of their daughters AND sons.

i was trained and i trained my 3 kids never to allow ANYBODY to touch them without their permission.... this "give me a hug" entitlement culture is the product of a major fail in home training.

College Man was not allowed to casually "hug" girls in the high school hallway. "Do you want them owning you through some made up charge about where you touched them?" This kid has model good looks and he's always approached with the "let me give you a hug" nonsense.

Sorry. No can do.

Kevlar Kid

Time to take Anya to the beach to chase terns. Ciao!


FOX chyron says she will testify.


*subject to terms and conditions

Crypt Weeper

If Kavanaugh squirted with a whiskey dick he deserves the Rapist crown of honor.

Penetration would be beside the point..


Ford's atty, though, sounds like she still wants to negotiate further, so it's probably all up in the air.

daddy on iPad

DEVELOPING: Christine Blasey Ford has relocated to Delaware, no longer in California?

Delaware? Then she can take a train, and while she's at it she can stop at Katie's Restaurant, that Mom and Pop restaurant Joe Biden used to always stop and chat with the locals at before catching the train to DC, except rhat Katie's Restaurant had closed 20 years before Biden said he last visited it.

Clarice Feldman

rich, I cannot find any details


Copy of letter

Andrew Desiderio on Twitter: "NEWS: Ford accepts offer to testify Wednesday https://t.co/cuA6AD2RsJ"


Daddy, I'm pretty sure a waiter at Katie's Restaurant catcalled Ford last week when she was there to pick up some take-out.


" "NEWS: Ford accepts offer to testify Wednesday "

Actually I heard she accepted the offer to testify, and wants to do it Thursday.


Ralph L

Some Repubs, including BK, may want her to testify in the expectation that she'll make a fool/felon of herself, but that's a high risk strategy. That could be one reason Grassley has given her so much slack, not just for appearances.


Grassley has been sandbagged for a week, what is a few more days?


Why did Trump renege on his order to declassify the documents.

Dorothy Jane

Dr. Ford wanted to "flee" the country and possibly move to New Zealand. I guess she will take a boat since she can't fly. This is making me madder and madder. And no one seems to be asking what happens to him if he isn't confirmed. How can he keep his current job? Won't he be tainted for that as well? I wish he would sue her for defamation into the century.

Clarice Feldman

wants to do it Wednesday with conditions still to be worked out--the idea being her conditions will still be unacceptable--but if not they will create a wednesday circus with the Dems marching out and demanding the vote be put off until after it's too late for the nomination to stand.


More news

Sean Davis
And what a coincidence that one of the accuser’s attorneys, Michael Bromwich, is none other than fired former FBI official Andrew McCabe’s defense attorney. McCabe is reportedly being investigated by a federal grand jury for lying under oath

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