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September 27, 2018


Another Bob

Yeah narc, that’s a risk of that blog. The proprietor is one of the more benign flavors of “race realist” but elements of the commentariat are somewhat less benign.

On balance I find his topics and takes interesting.

Another Bob

I debated not posting for that reason BTW.

Clarice Feldman

Paul Sperry

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BREAKING: Palo Alto bldg permit records raise questions about Ford's testimony she completed an “extensive remodel” of home in 2012 & that this was seminal event that led her down path to coming out against Kavanaugh b/c she needed to add an escape door. Permit was issued in 2008
8:02 PM - 27 Sep 2018

Kevlar Kid

Nice read, a-Bob!

A pet theory of mine was validated somewhat. The elites will abdicate to a "strong man" to solve their impending dilemma.

what brought it on was a conspiracy letter news clip about Clinton snipping the brake lines on the Community reinvestment Act--- allowing insurance companies to function like investment banks. a crisis was foretold.

i began saying so in 1997, the year i posited that he was being born. that makes him 21 this year. he's in our midst and possibly going to college at Anapolis or West Point this fall. my conjecture in 97 was that he'd ascend by age 35 to consolidate power by age 42.

i'll be 84.

Clarice Feldman

Yes, stuck.

Kevlar Kid

"I think I'll write-in the wonderful Tom McClintock."

You and me both, Brother! He's been my write in for Senator and President for some time.

To have him as Senator next to Harlot Harris... i'm hoping he rises faster in the House if he intends to stay there. Would make a great Speaker.


3 votes for McClintock.

Kevlar Kid

Thank you, Catsmeat. I trust the semester is off to a smooth and flowing beginning! :D


"I found it curious, among many things in her story, that she went to an upstairs bathroom. Didn't the house most likely have a guest toilet downstairs?"

Frau @10:33 (last thread)

That's one of the things about her statement that bothered me. She threw in that extra detail to explain why she was on the second floor or at least somewhere apart from the party.


Well we are a propositional nation like De tocqueville described nearly 200 years ago. When the proposition 'where the leaders have no vision, the people perish'

This is true even of a country like china, what happens when their economy crashes, do they go back to warlordism with a nuclear potential.


Ed Whelan does not play games.

Kevlar Kid

"led her down path to coming out against Kavanaugh b/c she needed to add an escape door."

what is it with these sh*theels? everything is a "path." enough! she's dead to me. she ended herself. how fitting.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Your education tax dollars at work;

Kevlar Kid

that's 3 votes neither the sclerotic side of beef or the feckless fop de Leon will get.

Kevlar Kid

" Hi. My name is CBH. I make sh*t up and destroy the character of people with whom i disagree. Where's Iwo Jima again?"


Where everything is a nail, there are only hammers.

It was yet another narrative that fell apart on closer inspection

Kevlar Kid

Riley J. Dennis models for surfboard designers. Cover that sh*t up.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I actually get to vote for McClintock for the seat he is running for so...
I'm thinking I'll vote for ChiFi's opponent because frankly ChiFi is an old and immensely corrupt maggot who is not nearly bat shit lefty enough to alienate more people outside CA sufficiently.
The gruesome old bat has outlived her uselessness.
The old grey mare she aint what she used to be.

stuck on stupid

Kevlar Kid in regard your strong men comment , my anology ofour times and Trumps is to the Book of Judges nad the story of Jephthah. He was castigated by his half brothers for being born from a concubine and was cut out of an inheritance.He joined with a militia and gained a reputation as a strong man and was sought by his brothers to lead the campaign against AMMAN.
He would only lead the campaign if he was installed as leader prior to the battle and not after as had been suggested.

He inarticulately vowed to sacrifice the first thing exiting his home upon his successful return from battle. His daughter came to greet him upon his victory and there is a dispute as to her fate but that he did not go to the ecclesiastical court to have his vow nullified or amended to only things that could be sacrificed in the first place.

Trump has been the strong man and has kept his vows and even though he had a privileged background does not associate with the elites.

Dave (in MA)

Micah Streit@mstreit99
Replying to @RileyJayDennis
As a US Marine, I can proudly and with full confidence say that I am not even brave enough to accuse someone of sexual assault with “100% certainty” yet have little to no evidence to back myself up🤷‍♂️... just the facts

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Oh look; the creeps who gave us the pederast protecting Pope and any number of pederasts themselves think Kavanaugh's accuser was spot on.
Cuz she's a girl presumably, rather than a teenage boy.

stuck on stupid

Was waiting for chorus from Grease of Summer nights or the vomit scene from Stand By Me.

Kevlar Kid

All right. Video time.

Just finished a dual screening of "Better Call Saul" and a re-visit of "Breaking Bad."

Jonny Banks is the best good-hearted bad guy to come along in some time.

One of the best "crime scenes", in my annals second to the bank shootout scene in "Heat", is the Breaking Bad train heist scene (methlyamine heist). Pretty damned tight.

Forging ahead into Season 1 of "The Blacklist", a rewatch. i like mapping the developments, scene by scene, during the second re-watch. Still learning how to breadcrumb a story and build great characters. 300 pages a day :D

Creeping ahead with kitchen painting...about 30 minutes a day on average. It's clean, dripless, and gorgeous. Dining room next. Will be painting for the next six months. Very calming.

BTW, the only good character in the old "murphy brown" was that ever present painter. chill job.
there's always something to show for even the slightest effort made.

New deck by EOB Sunday. We're expanding it to 1500 feet. so excited about it this is the second time i shared that useless factoid today. TJM :D

good day for the homies, eh? Tomorrow will be even better. wouldn't it be nice to hear church bells a-ringin all throughout this land.

MAGA is real.


Yes they are pretty pathetic, when I read them in college i wondered what the heck



Also surprised that Leleand Ingaham would not recall Kavanaugh if they were in same circle of friends

I don't know, I've completely forgotten many friends of friends from high school, people in the "circle" but not my immediate friends. I only know this because of Facebook, where I not infrequently encounter someone like that and I really just can't remember who they are.

And my circle wasn't that big. Girls/women typically have wider circles of friends, though I suppose it's also possible they have stronger and more memorable connections.


Yes that was a sign that Mr chips was becoming utterly ruthless, the first season of the blacklist was a little meandering, in its trek through the deep state, I've mentioned before the closest real world relation to reddingfon was Edwin Wilson ex navy ex compAny turned free lanced gundealer and merc recruiter,


Narciso @12:14 am

Well said.

We thought that after the Bork hearings, the dems would not go that far again. And they didn't - until Justice Thomas.

They tried it with Justice Alito until his wife broke down in tears and Joe Biden had to back off.

The Republicans let Sotomayor through and treated her well. Same with Kagan who is light years above the Wise Latina in competence.

I really think Gorsuch scared the heck out of the dems. So, as Gus would say, Kavanaugh got the Full Commie. Will the dems back off a bit with the next nominee? It depends.

Someone said on Fox tonight that this isn't over for Judge Kavanaugh should he be confirmed. They will still pursue these flimsy charges and look for ways to remove him from the court.


10:48 CLARICE for the WIN.

Dave (in MA)

Buck Sexton had a good point tonight. The Innocence Project - a long-time lefty pet cause, list as their top cause of wrongful convictions:

Eyewitness misidentification is the leading cause of wrongful convictions in the United States. Over 75 percent of DNA exoneration cases have involved convictions based on mistaken identification evidence. A variety of factors can affect the reliability of an identification, mainly the simple fallibility of human memory.


Probably, how many times have they used wrangler and slimming specialists like Mayer and abramson, trued to force thomas to recuse, but the fkipside is his ex clerks like John yoo and Laura ingraham have been solid for the most part.


Will the dems back off a bit with the next nominee? It depends.

It depends on who is being replaced. If it's RBG, or Breyer, watch out.

They will still pursue these flimsy charges and look for ways to remove him from the court.

Same playbook as with Trump/Russia. Refusal to grow up and accept that the democratic process doesn't always give you the outcome you want. Sane adults respond by looking to the next election campaign. The left throws tantrums and tries to use extralegal means to undo the results.


Mayer one recalls wrote a gossipy tome not as ridiculous as fear but replete with anonymous sources re Reagan, before she looked intonthis gig, I don't remember what abramson did before 1991.

jim nj

Something anonamom said caught my attention. I could have lost my virginity much earlier. I knew "loose" girls, but the thought of catching an STD, or worse getting her pregnant, was a turnoff.

I mean if you got a girl pregnant you were supposed to do the right thing. And back then girls had this silly idea that if one of them got pregnant they all should. You could find yourself trapped in hell by fathering the child of a girl/woman you weren't madly in love with.

In my genealogy studies it is not at all unusual to find in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries children born less than 9 months after the marriage. And large families ensuing from those couplings. Guys did what they were honor bound to do, and probably just married their sweetheart a little sooner than they expected to do anyway.

OTOH, a mother wanting to baptize an illegitimate child had to give up the name of the father. It wasn't done publicly for shaming purposes, but privately, because the church elders recognized that the father was a threat to all women in the area. His name was passed along the grapevine. He normally had to leave town because the whole town knew he was with no honor. No one would trust him because he was without honor.

I'd like to think that Kavanaugh and I lost our virginity in our early twenties in the right circumstances.

Captain Hate

Someone said on Fox tonight that this isn't over for Judge Kavanaugh should he be confirmed. They will still pursue these flimsy charges and look for ways to remove him from the court.

Levin rarely will call Fox out, in large part because he has his Sunday night show there even though he's made pointed reference to the lack of promotional support he gets, but you could tell he was livid at Chris Wallace's commentary although he didn't mention him.

Nytol. I feel much better tonight than I have for a while. Maybe because of the RINOs this was the only way to proceed and the only way to get a return to respectful confirmation hearings is to keep winning these maudlin spectacles. But this is damaging to the nation and I won't keep my mouth shut about giving in to bad behavior.


JimmyK, if POTUS DJT gets another chance to nominate a SCOTUS, the ONLY ISSUE will be WHO HAS THE SENATE. The GOPe or THE FULL COMMIES.

I've said for a few years HERE. A WAR IS COMING.
The FULL COMMIE LEFT backed itself into a corner. The old PAINTED themselves into a corner thing.
They have SHIT on AMERICA. Obama, Kerry, Rodham and the cast of FUKTARD SYCOPHANTS, thought they had WON SOMETHING. They behaved in BEYOND TREASONOUS, and DISHONEST WAYS,....fearing no consequences. They lied to FISA judges, they acted like the 1919 black sox, and thought they could destroy our laws, traditions and not be held accountable, because RODHAM was going to continue the FULL COMMIE inside job.
The FULL COMMIE LIBTARDS have MANY MANY MANY CRIMINALS in their midst. Many of them are ELECTED including FEINSTEIN.



One more thing JimmyK. The LEFT/FULL COMMIES are not only NOT ACCEPTING THEIR LOSSES/REJECTIONS by the AMERICAN PEOPLE.......they are LYING, CHEATING and openly trying to remove OUR PRESIDENT, by dishonor and coup.

THAT CANNOT BE FORGIVEN. It's not politics, it's a coup.

jim nj

Cap'n Hate,

Perhaps they will continue to dog Kavanaugh. I think his accusers will also be investigated more closely.

What's fair for one is fair for the other.


So calling a spade a farming implement is a firing offense at fox now?

jim nj

And if the MSM wants to lead the charge I think they will suffer the consequences.

It will be equally fair for people to investigate individual reporters.


Good evening Jim Nj.

The coordinated nonsense about an FBI investigation was comical.

The FBI should be investigating. They should be investigating CHI-FI and her 20 year employee HONG KONG FOOIE.


Jim Nj, when the WAR gets under way, there are no rules.

The FULL COMMIE LEFT does not respect ANY RULES NOW.


I cn't believe no one heard or was interested in Ed Rollins comment or promise to spend as much as $1,000,000 to defeat any Republican who doesn't vote for Judge Kavanaugh.

Shows how much y'all pay to my comments.

jim nj


A spade is not a shovel. You use a shovel to move material. You use a spade to dig material. Got nothing to do with race.

So if you expect me to dig something, not just move it, make sure you give a spade.

So FOX fired a guy for calling a spade a spade?
His comments may have broken some FOX rule, but he was truthful.



What did Murphy Brown's kid grow up into? I'd hate to guess at this point.


Joan, I noticed your Rollins comment, and in fact, I was glad to hear it. I'm not big fan of Ed Rollins, but I'm glad that the FIGHT is being ENGAGED. We....US...need to fight the FULL COMMIE by any means necessary. We need to kick them in the balls and bloody their collective nose. What these people do, and WILL DO, is a threat to US.
I have a wonderful fantastic 17 year old son, who is spoon fed bullshit, even at his $14,000 per year JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL. Letting RATS in your home is not a good strategy. Joan, they are attacking EVERYTHING, that you and I, our parents and grandparents have stood for. They are attacking the very FIBER of our REPUBLIC.

THANKS for the great post Joan.


The Ten of Spades should be 9x blacker than the Ace.


Pin. Didn't Murphy Brown use her right to health care to eliminate her "child".

jim nj


I noticed your comment, but it didn't surprise me. I saw it as a shot across the bow of wimpy republicans. I think everyone here would go after any Republican "no" vote. Not just now, but for the rest of their lives. We're not playing games here, we're not interested in prisoners. We've got the banners unfurled and if the charge becomes necessary, the word passed all down the line will be, "No prisoners."

A la "Lawrence of Arabia."


How about some Friggin' in the Riggin'?

Content Watning



Jim nj. Hear hear. I hope you know me well enough to know, that I have seen all of this coming.


Pin ..... Malcolm X is 10 times more DOWN FOR THE SSSHHHHHHTRUGGLE, than Malcolm the First.

jim nj

Looked at Google News to see if there were an insightful articles on today's hearings. Nope. Why am I not surprised? Everything is negative.
If their not going after Kavanaugh, their going after the Republicans for the process.

Republicans = evil
Democrats = defenders of all that is holy.



Very nice Pin.

I saw the Sex Pistols, and I met Paul Cook, their drummer.

jim nj

Interesting, Chairman Powell, after increasing the FED rate by .25%, indicates that he doesn't see inflation as problematic.

Bond traders see that as a plus. It indicates to them that the FED doesn't intend to be aggressive in rate hikes in the future.



Jim, the MEDIA, the MFM is all in. They have been miseducated and propagandized, they have been taught by FULL COMMIE ideologues and soft commies from kindergarten. They are not CRITICAL THINKERS, they are STEPFORD WIVES. They are lock step group think. They are BUBBLE HEADED BLEACH BLONDES and JIM ACOST CLOWNS. No one dares speak or think outside the BOX. They take themselves WAY WAY SERIOUS, yet they have ZERO TALENT, ZERO JOURNOLISM SKILLS, zero skepticism. They buy into what they WANT TO buy into, and they accept what their BOSSES tell them to accept. It's like rotten meat.

jim nj

RealClearPolitics, as usual, has a more balanced set of articles, pro and con.

Nothing worth posting though.

jim nj


This is not a crisis in our democracy, it's a crisis in our journalism.

I think they've used up all their ammunition before the mid-terms and shown their true allegiance to propaganda, not the truth.

I think Kavanaugh will get his seat on SCOTUS and the press will get their seat in hell.


No solid word up here on how Murkowsk is going to vote, but click on this ADN picture and look at the embarrassing idiots we have protesting outside her Anchorage Office.

Meanwhile our other US Senator, Dan Sullivan, just underwent an emergency appendectomy today, but is said to be "in good health."

Story says he will review today's testimony tomorrow.


Jim, I just did something I never do. I turned on MSNBC. Lawrence O'Donnell.

I'm at peace, and I know and recognize, my Countries enemies. Lawrence O'Donnell is BAT SHIT Crazy. And watching the FULL COMMIE sprial is entertaining. He had an ugly leftist woman, just say that "what WE are asking for .....is..........."
MSLSD is "We"

Funny. These clowns are ALL IN.

It's occurred to me before, that most of these LIBTARD University "credentialed" morons, have stunted or arrested their own DEVELOPMENT, by accepting the PROPAGANDA they have been fed, rather than skeptically examining the issues that they are REPORTING/BLATHERING about.
In other words. They report what they have accepted as their PROFESSIONAL/JOURNALISTIC........ideology.

jim nj

via Insty




Jim 1:53. I love you brother, BUT. Where do these FULL COMMIE criminal, immoral dishonest, wild eyed, hateful, lying hacks go to TOMORROW.
It's being ratcheted up. The FULL COMMIE....NEVER...accepts it's losses. They have ZERO interest in a open debate of ANY sort.
They are EVIL. They, much like RUST....NEVER SLEEP.

jim nj


According to redstate Murkowski is a yes vote.



Murkowski is a slithering reptile.

For the love of sweet Jesus, can ANYONE give an example of a DEMOTARD SENATOR with ANY normal human decency or morality.

jim nj


They won't give up, neither will we. And I think we got larger today.


Jim, we've been playing by rules. My ex-friend Paul Ryan continually VIRTUE SIGNALED for himself saying..."that's not who WE are".
Without crapping on Ryan, his MEME..."that's not who we are..." is a SELF SERVING HOLIER THAN THOU, TRITE pile of SHIT.
Paul Ryan set himself up as MATURE and ABOVE/BEYOND the fray. When your opponent is kicking you in the balls......you FIGHT FOR......."we".
Paul Ryan did NOT fight for "we".


Sessions Dem replacement to vote "No": Doug Jones tweets he'll vote no on Brett Kavanaugh



I read this from your 02:03:

Donnelly, Manchin, Murkowski and Collins are all expected to vote the same way, per senators and aides.

So I don't trust that report and I don't trust Lisa until she herself says so. So far the local Media is not confirming her vote but I keep updating.


Daddy, these LOSERS, know not what they do......to themselves.
The OLD GUARD. The very very OLD GUARD...Chi-Fi et al, are about to get SHITCANNED and the BUMS RUSH. CHI-FI, is older than KING TUT.
The NEW EDITION, is/are the KRAP ALLAH HARRIS and COREY BOOKER, possibly the biggest dumb ass alive.
The Affirmative Action clown from Hawaii, (no not Obama) will be another part of the CLOWN POSSE.
Patty Murray, the dumbest Senator in history, will be pushed aside, and the 2 UGLY UGLY scheming clowns....Schumer and Durbin, will soon find retirement preferrable to being the token JEW senators. The new crop has already shown themselves to be completely bereft of any sense of decency, honesty or integrity.


Daddy, it boggles my mind, how any intelligent thinking, informed human being, would vote for Murkowski. There is NOTHING decent about her.


"Perhaps they will continue to dog Kavanaugh. I think his accusers will also be investigated more closely."

What's fair for one is fair for the other."
Posted by: jim nj @12:52 am

I hope they do, too. Blasey-Ford is "one hot mess" as they say. They may never have to use the info, but it would be a good idea to find out everything they can about her, IMHO. Who her contacts are, where she surfaced, when and why. I still want to know the real reason or even the purported reason she and her husband went into therapy/counseling. And I'm not buying the two front door escape avenue she claimed.


Sessions Dem replacement to vote "No"

Ah, Sessions. The gift that keeps on giving - to the opposition.


Barbara, as soon as Mr Kavanaugh is confirmed, the FULL COMMIE CIRCUS, moves on.
The CLOWNS will NEVER stop shitting on Justice Kavanaugh, but their next SLIME/SLANDER has already been created and funded.
The FULL COMMIE has one INTENT. Destroying our country and our Constitution. It is planned and paid for.


Barbara, your post was excellent. Christine Blasey, as you called her, IS, one hot mess. Instinct and interpersonal skills and experience in the REAL WORLD, made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to me, that Mizz Blasey......."has issues".
The nut job leftist and nancy boy culture, WANTS to buy her truck load of BULLSHIT.
Christine Blasey can have all of the CREDENTIALS passed out by LIBTARD INSTITUTIONS. She can have TRILLIONS of PEER REVIEWED Papers of CRAPATOLLAH.
She's not well.
The CODE PINK broad on Laura Ingraham, is so clearly regurgitating HORSE SHIT, that it illustrates my point.



Pin. Didn't Murphy Brown use her right to health care to eliminate her "child".

Posted by: GUS | September 28, 2018 at 01:15 AM

She spent so much on paint it didn't make sense to get an abortion. Plus Dan Quayle something something.


I'm hearing and listening to Mizz Blasey make her opening statement, at the SENATE CHARADE.

She is a clown. This woman is mentally ill.


Bernie Sanders and Occasional Commie are as Red as the Queen of Hearts.


A la "Lawrence of Arabia."

Posted by: jim nj | September 28, 2018 at 01:16 AM

I don't think I need to remind you what happens to guys who drink out of the wrong well.

I don't, do I?



Posted by: GUS | September 28, 2018 at 01:36 AM

Kick 'em when they're up

Kick 'em when they're down

I'll drink to that.


This is just like when Chelsea Clinton's MIL went up for a vote with both arms in casts and she got booted out of Congress on her fat ass.

Figuratively on both accounts. Nothing wrong with fat asses that come by it honestly.


It turns out Ford wanted only one front door but it had to have a top and bottom hole for the lock set and dead bolt.

jim nj

Another look at Google News to see if the coverage has changed. Yes, the typical left-wing sources (we all know the types, VOX, etc.) are dialed up to eleventy.

The left-wing will have their anger justified and amplified.

I think "normals" are just disgusted at the character assassination tactics.

I hadn't talked to my girlfriend about this since she's kind of apolitical, but she went off on me earlier with an unprovoked rant.

She found out, on her own, that Ms. Ford, has a doctorate in psychology. So my apolitical girlfriend is doing the circular waving of the finger around the ear thing.

She wanted to know more since she's dialed into what I follow. I told her the highpoints, being careful not to embellish, and she went off on an even bigger rant.

Folks, people who haven't been paying a lot of attention to this are getting pissed off in the aftermath.



jim nj


I watched the restored version of "Lawrence of Arabia" a couple of nights ago.

I don't remember the well, but I do remember the "no prisoners" cavalry charge.

The Turks were in retreat, but why have to face them again if they re-grouped?

Perhaps a no prisoners attack is immoral, but necessary. Why allow an enemy to re-group?

To my mind any Democrat or Republican who votes against Kavanaugh should be shown no mercy.


I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer



A guy from a different tribe drank out of LoA's guide's well and the guide shot his ass. In the Bible days the owners or stewards of the well were supposed to dip it for you. It's like "by your leave."


Womp! Womp!


Back of the Ford House they've got some bungalows

The future's uncertain and the Senate votes

real slow

Miss Marple (the real one)

Good morning!

Here's an explanation of why dems and GOPe are doomed, due to the internet. It's a good read.


jim nj


Aaah. In-courteous to drink from a man's well without permission. Such a man might undertake other wrong things without permission.

Faux pas = death. Saves a lot of back and forth argument.


Jim Nj. People have abandoned LOGIC and REASON, and have inserted.....OPINION and emotion.

This entire CHI-FI/KAVANAUGH episode, is as RANCID and BEREFT of reason, truth and logic, as COULD BE.

If my WIFE, took a position, in FAVOR of MIZZ BALSEY hyphen FORD,.... I would challenge her, her intellect, her critical thinking skills, her logic, and her HONESTY.

I would not cede anything to the MOB.

Miss Marple (the real one)


Thomas Wictor on Evil.


(18) One of the reasons Alyssa Milano hates Kavanaugh is that he makes her aware that she's an evil person. It's the same with all of these fanatically political celebrities. They all know that they're full of shit.


This Christine Balesy episode in American History, is EPIC in it's ABJECT DISHONESTY.
Any one of even AVERAGE intelligence would recognize, the several levels of HELL, deception, dishonesty, and of course the EXTREME attempt to USE this ODD BALL WOMAN, for disgusting political advantage.

Shame is waisted on those who have NO SHAME.

But it is worse. This is calculated and conspired. Schumer, Durbin and CHI-FI are ruthless.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Harold Finch

‏ @hfinch61
5h5 hours ago

Starting today, events over the next five weeks are going to completely overwhelm the Mental Health System & facilities here in the US. Watch & see.


Miss Marple. Who is Alyssa Milano?? What is her credibility as to anything.

Is she a NASTY NASTY WOMAN?? A la Ashley Judd???

Dimwitted C level USED TO BE Hollyweird STARLETT/HARLOTS...........

Pontificating for INFANTICIDE.

Miss Marple (the real one)


TheLastRefuge2 (Sundance) explains how the handled Dr. Ford and constructed the narrative, and why it will now fall apart.

Miss Marple (the real one)


She's a starlet past her prime, who spends more time now in activism than in entertainment.

DiFi gave her the seat. She had signs and her phone confiscated at the hearing yesterday, and Wictor thinks she was up to worse if she hadn't been caught. I posted a thread about that last nightm but I think his explanation of evil is quite good.

It's not just Milano. Think of Rosie O'Donnell, or Joy Behar, or Michael Moore.
Hollywood is full of these types, and they are truly evil. Furthermore, Hollywood is increasingly putting out films which are, themselves, evil.


The witness said Moore walked over to Miller and called him a “racist white” and a “white bitch,” to which Miller responded telling Moore to go outside and wait there for him.

According to surveillance footage, Miller and Moore both walked into the vestibule of the store where they fought. After several seconds, Moore backed into the store and Miller threw a yellow cone at him before walking to the parking lot. Surveillance video shows Moore dig into his pocket, pull out a knife and unfold it before following Miller to the lot.


Miss Marple (the real one)

Brit Hume
‏Verified account @brithume
12h12 hours ago

Kavanaugh performance raises interesting question about how a nominee should handle adversarial confirmations/investigations. Traditional approach is deference even in the face of hostile onslaught. Today suggests aggressive approach sometimes works better.

Who gave us that "traditional approach?" Back in Andrew Jackson's day crap like Feinstein pulled got you called out with dueling pistols on the Capitol lawn.

I think analysts and pundits with interests way different than ours pushed that "traditional approach" on the GOP.

Eye Doctor .

Ford's two front doors most likely has to do with renting to Google interns.



Officials from Public Health England (PHE) have confirmed yesterday (26th September 2018) that a third person in UK has been diagnosed with monkey pox. While the first two patients had most likely picked up the infection from Nigeria, this third infection has occurred in a healthcare worker who was treating one of the first two infected patients at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.


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