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September 03, 2018


Captain Hate


Just as 9/11/01 galvanized a generation of young people perhaps
9/1/18 (the date of McCain's funeral) will be the inspiration for
another generation of Americans to eschew tribalism and seek common
ground in defense of overarching values.

Yeah.....right. Who is this crazy bitch?
Posted by: Another Generation Of Americans at September 03, 2018 06:28 PM (jDF8P)


They just want to plant a rainbow in a unicorns back hole.


Out of curiosity, where did you get this latest from?
I ask because I just read the comment made by Meghan's husband. If she doesn't pick up on that & run immediately to an attorney, she's nuts. Anyone & I do mean anyone with that much contempt toward their wife deserves a sock right in the jaw with a brick inside of it!

Dave (in MA)

Neil Armstrong took a lot of attention away from the Kennedy murder.

Frau  Wau!Wau!

Iggy -
A dog story with a happy ending for you:


matt - deplore me if you must

Bobby was killed in June. They landed on the moon in July. How so? remember, the '67 war was quite recent, and my guess is that Sirhan B. Sirhan was looking for any white oppressor he could find.

All of the astronauts of the time were red white and blue Americans. They were almost all fighter or test pilots flying the hot shit. You cannot tell me how some shithead director from Hollywood can get around that by leaving out the penultimate moment except through his disrespect for our country.

I remember sitting on my parent's bed with them and watching the B&W in the bedroom at @ 9 something at night, and virtually every other set in everywhere except the East Bloc was also tuned in.

More establishment douchery.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Speaking of Hollywood, I posted this at the very end of the last thread and it seems pertinent here:


Look at this!


Go for it, Hollywood!

I do not have cable and do not watch network TV. My Fox shows that I do watch I get on a free live stream. I haven't been to a movie in the theater in 4-5 years.

I am quite happy. I am entertained with reading news on the internet and following the President, in between cleaning house and doing laundry. I don't need any of them.

Old Lurker

The moon landing was near the time of the Ted Kennedy car launch.

Old Lurker

Also it was 1969, not 67.

Jim Eagle

Hollywierd on strike doesn't move my needle. Haven't seen one of their productions in over a year. Go for it, guys and girls and those in between.

Dave (in MA)

Right, OL. I remember a lot of news reports from Martha's Vineyard.

Beasts of England

'...a space race against the Soviets, who had an early lead due to their expertise with heavy rockets.'


'The September 1956 test launch of a Jupiter-C for the Army Ballistic Missile Agency could have been the world's first satellite launch. Had a fourth stage been loaded and fueled, the nose cone would have overshot the target and entered orbit.'

Just sayin'...

Old Lurker

The thing about Sessions and his "no political timing on MY watch" is that he was played into timing perfect for the other political team as to those two persecutions.

And of course he does not see that.

Texas Liberty Gal

Porch - thank you for your kind comments about my friend in the previous thread. I too believe God helped her find it. It brought her such joy. She's going to wear it as a necklace and said she's never going to take it off!

Miss Marple (the real one)


I was an Air Force wife in West Berlin in 1969. I had seen the crowds marching past my fourth floor balcony on Martin Luther Strasse after Bobb's assassination.

I had also seen a couple plowing their farm field in East Germany while riding the duty train out to W. Germany. The WIFE was pulling the plow!

So, we sat with friends who had on-base housing and Armed Forces Network television and watched every second of the landing. I never felt prouder of my country.


Countdown to DCSCA T Minus 10...9...8...Let's light this candle.

Texas Liberty Gal

Those Hollywood celebs are crazy. It makes me wonder if the story is really true. Can they really be that clueless?????


Was Alice the first woman on the moon?


Where did y'all watch the moon landing? I was at granddady's house in south GA, watching his old black and white tv, which was only turned on for "rassling" and Lawrence Welk.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Texas Liberty Gal,

Yes, they can be that clueless. Otherwise, why would they make the movie about the moon landing without the flag? For some reason they get in a bubble, probably because they are surrounded by sycophants and people who profit from their stardom.

Sure is different from stars like David Niven and John Wayne.


Thanks for the link to the Trump merchandise, janet! I bought some buttons for my collection. I have a basket of political buttons going back to Eisenhower. I had not had a chance to get Trump buttons yet.

Here is the link again from the previous thread in case someone needs it: https://shop.donaldjtrump.com/collections/rally

Be sure to put JOBS in the coupon box to get 40% off today.

Captain Hate


I found that on an AoS thread. I think that's Jen Rubin's tweet.

Tom R

The thing about Sessions and his "no political timing on MY watch" is that he was played into timing perfect for the other political team as to those two persecutions.

Would you explain how and why the Trump appointed US Attorneys “played” Jeff Sessions?


War of the Three Kings: Part One (Scottish History Documentary)


"I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose one you have fine clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything." - Genghis Khan


Told a liberal friend today that I was alive for the moon landing and as a child I knew it was a "race" and that America won! For the movie to ignore that and even to try to reframe it into "not just an American achievement" is ridiculous and a blatant lie.

Her response, "Well, these movie people are creative and have a different way of looking at things." Fine - When the movie is a big flop they can think up a "creative" reason why it failed.

Beasts of England

Also from Jen Rubin:

'In this window of time, following McCain’s death and in the midst of the awfulness of the Trump administration, we might find the conditions to break the mold and rekindle the spirit of McCain, if only a little.'



Just to get the ball rolling today, I don't think Jackie Gleason was funny outside of the Smokey and the Bandit Universe.


So true.
The moon landing actually saved Ted Kennedy.
The movie made that very clear.
Loved the comment to Rubin.


American Movie Studios are dependent on foreign box office thus the Red Dawn Redux goes against NK.


Jackie Gleason was hysterical.
It was must watch tv on Saturday night at our house.


But who was the first gay dude in space and how are we celebrating?


Sessions owes us 2 Dem heads on a platter.
Then we are even.
Surely he knows he is toast if Dems take the House.


Watched the first moon landing in Atchison KS as a fifth grader. Dad was in ‘Nam on his second tour...


By pushing the cases of Republicans over the real crimes committed by other Dems including Tony Podesta, Hillary and the Obamabots. No federal case against Menendez after hung jury?
How come? Retry the case?

Jim Eagle

Jen Rubin is critically brain dead. Nothing availalble even in Chinese folk medicine can help.

In July 1969, I was in bed at the San Francisco VA hospital begging to be discharged. Our whole ward watched the landing. Most of my ward were Air Force. Lots of guys who had flown with Armstrong. It was surreal. Not a noise. Everyone knew it was dangerous but also important in the realm of things that make America Great!

Back then, the media was auditioning for their role as the anti-American values source of the day. When Armstrong gave his famous explication: "One step for man, another for mankind", the media immediately went to work criticising it as over the top patriotism instead of a homage to the whole inclusive world.

It was there and then, I realized the media was my enemy, if I was to keep my perspective as an American values cheerleader. In those 49 years, nothing has changed, only got worse.


Sessions looks like he doesn’t know how to play hardball with the Dems.

Captain Hate

I ask because I just read the comment made by Meghan's husband. If she doesn't pick up on that & run immediately to an attorney, she's nuts. Anyone & I do mean anyone with that much contempt toward their wife deserves a sock right in the jaw with a brick inside of it!

What is this referring to? I just looked at Domenech's Twitter feed and nothing's blowing up there.


I think it's generational, maryrose. I think he skipped mine.

Jackie Gleason’s UFO House ... What did Jackie know?


F Bombs

James D.

In July 1969, I was still two months away from being born...


That blowfish poison the haitian witch doctors might help. Yes i remember reading time magazine of the period before the rot set in.


Wow. Good to see The Hill playing it straight.

The Solomon piece was from August 9th.



Jennifer Rubin and Bat Shit.

How could I tell the difference.


Clarice and daddy, so glad you read the Maugham story. It IS brilliant. When I teach it, I have students track closely the waning and ebbing reader sympathy with first one then the other character (Warburton and Cooper); it goes back and forth in very interesting ways, including Warburton's rationalizations (such as when he almost goes to warn Cooper the night of the murder but turns away on hearing the gramophone because of his "instinctive dislike" of the instrument--who "instinctively" dislikes anything beyond snakes?). The students ultimately conclude it's worse to be a sadistic racist than a snob--but then the ending! Tables turned and the status quo ante but at a cost.

James D.

It’s easy,to tell the difference, GUS. Bat guano can be used as fertilizer, so it has a useful purpose. JRubin does not.

Miss Marple (the real one)


This is a very good essay by Sundance, proving that the Monster Vote is very real.


Not to worry James D, there are re-runs of the WORLD landing on the moon and planting the RAINBOW FLAG available.


And then general Zod attacking the expedition, from the last superman film that didn't toad the wet sprocket.


You are still a youngster!


Nice link, MM.

Sundance is pissed, but it's a cold anger.

Jim Eagle

Sharipova should not even be in the Open. She is a cheater, and like all of them in sports, should be banned for life. Not a good model for young athletes. But the little Spanish girl is taking care of it. No worries.


Brian May and Jeff Baxter got nothing on Alicia Keys:

Follow Follow @aliciakeys
Sands of time⏳ I just want them to know how powerful they are. How incredible our ancestors were. The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it. It’s a blessing to know what cloth you’re cut from!


Beasts of England

There's no better time on the lake than the forty minutes before sunset when the water turns an enigmatic silver-blue...


the specificity of exclusion is troubling, especially when combined with questions about Kavanaugh’s questionable finances and the likelihood Kavanaugh lied under oath before the Senate in 2006. It gives the appearance of a cover-up, which is more than bad faith; it’s malignancy.

Before Justice Kennedy retired we had already quite enough of GOP bad faith. Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland should have had a hearing; his work product had not been suppressed. Obama’s previous nominees had likewise been fully vetted, their documents made available. But Mitch McConnell suppressed Obama’s last appointment in bad faith; there is nothing at all in the Constitution to support the Senate’s denial of Obama’s appointment by refusing to evaluate his nominee.

Article 2, Section 2: He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

(emphasis mine)

Refusing to hold a hearing meant a rejection of the Senate’s role to advise and consent. By the simplest interpretation of the Constitution, McConnell violated his oath of office by failing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to well and faithfully discharge the duties of his office..


Despite the McCutcheon setup, the court has moved slowly. It so far has passed up an opportunity to review precedents dating back to before Justice Samuel Alito joined the high bench in 2006, when the court flipped from a body deeply deferential to campaign finance regulation to one deeply skeptical of it. The court has repeatedly refused to reconsider the constitutionality of the 2002 McCain-Feingold law limiting the ability of political parties to take “soft money” donations from wealthy individuals, corporations, and labor unions, as well as refusing to consider overturning a pre-Alito case, Beaumont v. Federal Election Commission, barring corporations from contributing directly to candidates.

If, as expected, Judge Brett Kavanaugh joins the court, he could well push it to move more quickly, in a way that could eventually cause the downfall of the federal law that limits an individual to contributing no more than $2,700 per election to a candidate for federal office. Kavanaugh worked in the Bush White House when it was looking at the McCain-Feingold law, which Bush eventually signed even while expressing constitutional reservations about parts of it in a signing statement.

Recently released documents from the time that Kavanaugh was advising Bush on McCain-Feingold show a person seriously skeptical of campaign finance laws’ constitutionality. Kavanaugh expressed deep misgivings about laws that let outside groups spend unlimited sums in elections while limiting how much candidates and parties can raise to respond to such ads. He told another adviser that he saw “serious First Amendment problems” with capping what people can contribute to candidates, adding that “it is possible my 1A views are even purer than yours.” He also noted that while “very few people” thought contribution limits to candidates are unconstitutional, “I for one tend to think those limits have constitutional problems.


Sounds beautiful.
You are a fortunate man.


She's half Sicilian so Archimedes is who she is referring to, lol.

Miss Marple (the real one)

This is a touching and inspirational story:


Dave (in MA)
But who was the first gay dude in space
Oh, the pain.

You’re a youngster, James D!

Bork it!

The irony is delicious that one of Kavanaugh’s most important jobs for BushCheney was to shepherd its nominees for the federal courts through the Senate confirmation process. Brett knows all about it, more than many current Senators.

McConnell’s urgency to approve Kavanaugh is laughable as well as ironic, given how thoroughly and how long he held up Obama’s nominees. One of his arguments was that the people should be given a chance to speak – that is, vote – before the Senate acted. That was not an argument that had any currency after it was no longer useful to Mitch.

Will the Senate Democrats ever consider that they are playing softly, softly, bringing kinds words and the occasional hard one to a knife fight.


The Moonlanding was fabulous. And TMthat's a fabulous post. And planting the flag was a very big deal.


I predict the ‘Noles are going to regret their diversity HC hire, BTW. The only dude with a slimmer resume was Zippy...

Labor of Love

contact House members and candidates and ask them to support a move to impeach Kavanaugh on the grounds that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator (and maybe even under foreign influence); also, of course, the past possible financial corruption and perjury..


Dems will have to face the inevitable fact that we will have a conservative SC for many years to come because they backed the wrong horse, in this case stubborn mule Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.
How dumb was that?


And no, I don’t care who wins tonight but the EE ESS PEE EN sloberfest with Taggart would embarrass most people. But, no...


You misspelled ‘ass,’ mr. 😎

Beasts of England

Thank you, maryrose. I didn't fully appreciate the water until about six years ago. We had boats and lake or beach houses for the last forty years, but it never hit me - I was far more interested in playing golf or something silly like that... lol

Do you believe in magic?

The optimum plan is to trail Tailgunner Ted around the Lone Star state. The mobile billboard will definitely be there when Trumpy rallies with the artist formerly known as Lyin’ Ted at what should be called Jerry Johnson Ego Stadium. FYI, the LSU Tigers opened a can of whoop-ass there yesterday on the Miami Hurricanes. End of Geaux Tigers digression.

I’d like to see signs with some National Enquirer covers waved at Trump-n-Ted as well:.

Not now

The freedom to work to death is apparently something the right feels strongly about. But you gotta wonder how much better tourism would be and how much less stressful everyday life would be if we just had the time to enjoy it.

But Brett Kavanaugh hearings start this week and federal workers are looking forward to a year without a COLA increase. And health insurance is about to become more expensive for millions on Obamacare. Kavanaugh could be confirmed without Democrats’ assistance depending on who replaces McCain. Republican court appointees have never really been about abortion. They’ve been about something else altogether. And Labor is feeling it.

Get your canvassing shoes ready...

Clarice Feldman

I'm more than ever persuaded that our troll is a conservative showing us how ridiculous are the claims of the left.

Boones Pharm

They don't care about no babies that dont feather their nests.. (See caged children)



But William, I'm merely giving you a check up....oh the pain the pain of it all WILLIAM.

Another Bob


So I presume that if Trump doesn’t drop a crap ton of shoes before the end of the month, he’s got nuthin’ and we should prepare for oblivion, right?

Miss Marple (the real one)

A blast from the past, retweeted by someone I follow on Twitter:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
27 May 2013

Why is Senator John McCain in Syria visiting with the rebels- MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Clarice Feldman

Catsmeat, I mean to take nothing form Maugham when I say that I'm certain he based the characters on those he'd met and the incident on a real event.


Nike: dead to me. Suck it, Phil, you aging hippie. 🖕



mad jack

pin you are trolling with the jackie gleason dis. it's boring. but you got me to respond so i guess it worked. my bad.



James Comey
“To keep any great nation up to a high standard of civilization there must be enough superior characters to hold the balance of power, but the very moment the balance of power gets into the hands of second-rate men and women, a decline of that nation is inevitable.” C. D. Larson

Boogermen of Trump

It is now 24 years since my default hypothesis became that that the conservative wing of the Republican Party is composed exclusively of people who have completely disabled their bullshit detectors, and were, as a result, easily-grifted morons. That default hypothesis has served me very well. Only now it is broadened: now all Republicans either have or are pretending to have completely disabled their bullshit detectors, and so now all Republicans are easily-grifted morons:.

mad jack

hi rich if your out there. i'm a million threads behind but i noted your wave back when i dropped in a while back. hope all is well.

mad jack

you're out there. d'oh!

President* Clown

Perhaps because the author assumes readers are already familiar with this part of the Saudi story, the kingdom is facing serious budgetary pressures even with oil now over $70 a barrel. Stability has been achieved only by generous payments to the populace at large. Take that away and the legitimacy of the government comes into question. This was the reason for trying to take Aramco public at an unrealistically high price, and for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to be keen about pipe dreams to greatly reduce Riyadh’s dependence on energy revenues in a mere decade.

By Tim Daiss, an oil markets analyst, journalist and author that has been working out of the Asia-Pacific region for 12 years. I’ve covered oil, energy markets and geopolitics for Forbes, Platts, Interfax, NewsBase, Rigzone, and the UK-based Independent (newspaper) as well as providing energy markets analysis for subscription newsletters. I’ve also authored geopolitical reports and analysis for Singapore-based consultancy Enerdata. Originally published at OilPrice

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Friday that Vladimir Putin is preparing to visit Saudi Arabia. The statement comes after the Russian president received an invitation from Saudi King Salman at an unspecified time, according to reports. Bogdanov added that the visit is pending on Putin’s schedule.

King Salman became the first Saudi monarch to visit Russia last October, meeting Putin in the Kremlin. The disclosure on Friday also comes just months after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmon visited Moscow to attend the opening of the 2018 World Cup. He also meets with Putin during this visit.

While Bogdanov declined to disclose what the talks would be about, it’s apparent that global oil markets will be on the top of the agenda as will developments in Syria (where Moscow and Riyadh are on opposing sides in the ongoing Syrian Civil War), as well as talk about fresh U.S. sanctions on Iran that could remove, according to many estimates, up to 1 million barrels per day of oil from global markets..

It was Russia that came to the aid of Saudi Arabia after the kingdom had for all practical purposes lost its decades long ability to play global oil markets swing producer as U.S. shale oil production revolutionized markets.

Kevlar Kid

"Sands of time⏳ I just want them to know how powerful they are. How incredible our ancestors were. The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it. It’s a blessing to know what cloth you’re cut from!"

Alicia Keys is fulla sh*t. this kind of dreck has got to stop.

kids need reality; not barren hero-worship.

IHTFP. they make my missions harder to complete---have to spend weeks overcoming this kind of brainwashing from Keys and other "artists."


That's likely being he was an oxbridgian fmr intelligence operative it is in this cApacity that he runs into Bernie gunther in the south of France in 1956

Eye Doctor .


You ask people to approach this backwards.

First thing is to tear down the Deep State lies.

Explanations are not needed.


Is the Pope Polish? The answer may surprise you:

TL:DR Jews propose repatriating 3.3 million Jews into Poland, taxing across national boundaries, overthrowing abortion laws and infant baptism of Catholics, legalizing gay marriage etc. How is this any different from VI Lenin and the boys?

Germany, Berlin May 11-13 2012. Goethe Institute Marc Siegel is leading a discussion between International Jews from Germany, Poland, Israel about how to take over Poland. Fascism, Totalitarianism, Supremacy in pure state. All of these people make their carriers and money out of their supremacy and destruction of Native Populations.


Jim Eagle

Carla Suarez Navarro is bringing the game to that cheap Sharipova. 5'4" vs. 6 '2" but keeping in her column. Sharipova has been in the USA for 21 years and still calls herself a Russian. She is everything wrong with World Tennis. Should never be there, and if she is there, why not as an American?

System is broke beyone recognition.

mad jack

well given the present company i'll go back to lurking. thank you tom for a great blog notwithstanding the rabid idjit's occasional appearance. can't fix stupid.

President* Clown

I inagine Ted n' Don holding their noses and wearing goggles as the mutual fart cloud gathers..


In this video, filmed at the Goeth Institute in Berlin in 2012, Jewish leaders from Germany, Poland, Israel, and the US discuss how to make Poland a state favorable to the Jews. Their proposals include legal abortion, open borders, crippling the Church, remigration of all Polish-descended Jews, Hebrew as a second language, and using the government to force the Church to accept homosexuality.

This video is so blatant I thought it was some sort of parody at first, but apparently it's quite real. Marc Siegel, the host, is a senior fellow at the Institute.

Perhaps the most disturbing part to me is how they actually laugh with glee after some of their proposals, like when they fantasize about forcing Polish Catholic priests to ordain women and accept homosexuality or be broken up by the state.

Creepy stuff. Doesn't this confirm that a lot of what's said here isn't "conspiracy" at all?

It's just so blatant. Still can't believe this is real. Was sure this was some kind of avant-garde Sam Hyde skit but it's real.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's well known in entertainment circles that Jackie Gleason despised Rush.
He gave them a 38...had a lousy beat and you couldn't dance to it.

mad jack

i hope it's clear that i'm only referring to the troll. timing is everything:-) nite all.

Kevlar Kid

Wow. it used to take historical revisionists years to craft a new profile of a mediocre shit bag like the morally compromised Dead Senator McCain.

now Jennifer Rubinowitz uses a week long media fandango to characterize Dead Senator "Mediocre Shit Bag" McCain as the soul of our Republic.

nice work Jennifer. WTF is the matter with you?

i'm sorry--- i don't have to respect one stitch of Dead Senator McCain's life or his legacy. he was as status-hungry and pathetic as General Benedict Arnold. McCain cashed in his service legacy for his own advancement. his account balance is ZERO. now shall we move on as a reason why we must respect him. millions served and dint do what he did to exploit their own uncommon valor or squelch those who *were* left behind in captivity.

in this day and age where an American doesn't have to cross enemy lines seeking asylum to betray the Country, McCain was the consummate traitor with his participation in the dossier caper, contributing to efforts to overthrow a national election.

good riddance.


Myanmar: America in two terms..


pin you are trolling with the jackie gleason dis. it's boring. but you got me to respond so i guess it worked. my bad.

Posted by: mad jack | September 03, 2018 at 08:18 PM

I'm an instigator. A provocateur. It's true. I'm trying to take the heat off Rush. They're good boys. They didn't do nothing.

Janet 🚬

Add it to the list!
~ a second-rate woman ~

Deplorable, xenophobe, racist, bigot, Nazi, fascist, ignorant hillbilly, hobbit, flat-earther, Islamaphobe, homophobe, misogynist, gun totin', Bible thumpin',...second-rate woman.

Oh yeah!!!

Jerry Jeff Walker - Trashy Women

Another Bob

An FYI...

There’s an outfit calling itself “Civil”, the “decentralized economy for journalism”, and “a blockchain-based economy that involves the direct, peer-to-peer exchange of value between journalists who report articles, make videos, record podcasts, and the people who read, watch, listen and support their work”.

Vivian Schiller as at the top.

Run, do not walk away.

Though this might be a good sign that prog news is on its last legs and progs know it.

Jim Eagle


Sorry, but I have to ask. When do you sleep?

Kevlar Kid

"but the very moment the balance of power gets into the hands of second-rate men and women"

double tap would be too kind a penalty, James Korny Komey.

disgusting bozo.

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