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September 30, 2018


Old Lurker

Jimmy, the FBI was never to be more than a stall so that more and more horrendous charges could be brought forward.

Time to vote yea or nay based on what they know or "feel" and move on.

Election clock is ticking.


Bezos lit this off:

MILWAUKEE — Police arrested approximately 23 people at a “Fight for $15” rally for fast food workers on Wednesday, Oct. 3.



Anyone know the provenance of “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell? I don’t.

Tom R


Captain Hate

Levin despises Schumer and calls him the Svengali of attacks on judicial nominees.


Did Ford's beach friend Monica McClean take the polygraph for her?

DebinGA has brought this up very convincingly. The photos posted earlier on this thread seem to confirm the very real possibility that she was.

Rachel Mitchell asked Ford if she was recorded during her polygraph. Ford stumbled a bit, and said she didn't know.

Rachel smiled and moved on.

Then when questioning Ford about her travels before and after the Committee offered to conduct its interview with her on the West coast due to her fear of flying, Mitchell added in a friendly way that had she known that Ford had been on (I forget which coast), it would have been easier for them to meet. Rachel smiled, but Ford wasn't as receptive. And Rachel moved on.

In short, I think Rachel Mitchell knows everything, which means that the President and the Republicans know everything about the peripatetic, fragile Blasey-Ford and her contrived, phony story.

As for the woman in the photo that was taken at the polygraph exam, if that was truly where it was taken, there is no way, surgical or otherwise, that that woman is the woman who testified before the Committee. The face, hair and body build match McClean, not Blasey-Ford.

Miss Marple


ChiTown says it came from Roy Moore's primary foe.


It comes from schweitzers,investigation into the chao family fortune bowdlerized by mad dog Blankenship,


Ted Talk: Ted Koppel v Brian Stelter-Mark Dice


Captain Hate

Anyone know the provenance of “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell? I don’t.

I think it relates to his wife's family being involved with shady crap. Believe it or not, the Horde uses it as a term of endearment. The angry Turtle's stock is rising.


Levin despises Schumer and calls him the Svengali of attacks on judicial nominees.

Seems like that title should go to Biden since Kennedy is now trapped in a 1967 Oldsmobile at the bottom of the lake of fire.



Those protesters may be trucked in from ESL. That's what they did here.


parts of the cortex, naturally. now to check on the link at the end to the location of bravery... some GOP politicians need that.

Whether or not free will exists -- or whether such a distinction is meaningful -- will remain a point of contention among priests and philosophers. What matters to neuroscientists is the interpretation, or perception, of free will. And for the first time, scientists have identified its cognitive origins.



Stripe banned GAB from processing payments....


Miss Marple


ChiTown says you are dead on, and that it has him believing that the Judiciary Committee emails have been sur willed.

Captain Hate

Levin considers Biden, as do I, as being too much of a dumbass to be the mastermind behind anything more complex than an empty paste jar.


“I couldn’t believe it,” said the 24-year-old Ms. Trump. “At first I thought, ‘Who is texting me something called a Presidential Alert?’ But then I saw the part of the message that said, ‘THIS IS A TEST’ in unhinged capitalization, and I realized, ‘Oh my god, I think this is Dad!’”

Ms. Trump, a student at Georgetown Law School, is generally considered the least seen or acknowledged member of the Trump clan by the public at large, as well as the family patriarch. She admitted that President Trump’s text assuring her that the National Wireless Emergency Alert System was merely performing a test and that “No action is needed” may be the start of a new father-daughter bond.

“Such a personal text to his youngest daughter… it’s just brimming with emotion,” Ms. Trump told reporters. “It’s funny. I used to think he didn’t care about me since I’m not his hottest daughter, nor the son that shares his name — since that was something he told me twice a week my entire childhood. But I really think this changes things.”


IOW Bye Bye Miss American Pie...

Miss Marple



Believe it or not, the Horde uses it as a term of endearment. The angry Turtle's stock is rising.

So does The_Donald. And yes, Turtle's stock is rising with them, too.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Barbara, how far back in the thread are those photos you referenced by DebinGA

Jim Crowfeet

Strom Thurmond has a weak chin and her name is Chao..

He's fighting to save his own worthless carcass.

That is all

Carry on

Tom R

FYI Fox reporting that former FBI General Counsel James Baker is giving a closed door deposition to investigators. Baker is directly connected with the Page FISA scandal as well as Steele dossier.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Still trying to dictate terms...




I'll have to find them. They were posted last night here:


fdcol63 🇺🇸

Barbara ... thanks!

Tom R

For your entertainment...


Frau  Schmeissen Sie das Schwein 'raus!

Barbara - both Blasey Ford and Mclean have scrubbed online evidence so there is little to go on for any changes in appearances.

Dave (in MA)


Disgusting fatbody


More Believe Ford Than Kavanaugh, A Cultural Shift From 1991

Beasts of England

My presidential alert read: Must be nice to be out on the lake drinking beer on the third day of October... 😎

Damascus Steel

One of the true stink bombs amid the current conservative talking points is the notion that it was the Democrats who really betrayed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. You would think that the president*'s grotesque performance in Mississippi on Tuesday night would have killed that one off, but McConnell went right back to it on Wednesday. The problem is that anybody on that side of the Senate Judiciary Committee could have asked Dr. Ford if she felt betrayed. However, none of them did because none of them had the guts to ask Dr. Ford anything, leaving all their time to Rachel Mitchell, the human shield flown in to handle this chore. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spit up the last ashes of her utterly immolated soul to pitch this line at her now occasional press briefing on Wednesday afternoon..


Good thing Hillary does not have all those Blackberries any more....can you imagine?

fdcol63 🇺🇸

" ... none of them did because none of them had the guts to ask Dr. Ford anything ..."

You're right. But this is because of the angry, hysterical, hate-filled, bat-shit crazy, hyper-partisan Left-wing feminazis and kooks who mob anyone who dares to think differently than them.

Tom R

Trump’s second presidential alert...


Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Best part of that Presidential Alert?

Killary got one, too.


Thanks, all.


Daytime Phone Number to Reach You

Good luck with that

Frau  Schmeissen Sie das Schwein 'raus!

Cloaca alert! - the Hemorrhoid is reaching disastrous proportions.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

That't it! Republicans should vote no on Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh admits he likes pumpkin spice beer!!!!


henry--if you read the actual reports and plans of the BRAIN Initiative, it is quite clear it is not defects being targeted. This is also true of unesco and what the Rockefeller F is funding. It is human decisionmaking itself, and the basis of motivation itself, being targeted.

The hope is to map what areas of the brain do which things in a typical person in much the same way as what the Human Genome Project did for the genetic code.

Then of course we get poorly understood 'learning standards' to meddle with the areas being uncovered. Charming stuff.


Mitch McConnell: ‘We’re Not Going to Be Intimidated’ by Protesters Camping Outside Senators’ Homes

“Colleagues, including my friend, the Democratic leader, have tried to get Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw from this process because of these uncorroborated and sometimes absolutely ridiculous allegations,” McConnell began. “When that did work, then the far-left tried to bully and intimidate members of this body, Republican United States senators. They’ve tried to bully and intimidate us.”

Without referencing the senator’s name, the Senate Majority Leader lamented how organized far-left protesters recently drove Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife Heidi out of a Washington, D.C.-area eatery, Fiola, over the lawmaker’s support for Kavanaugh.

“One of our colleagues and his family were effectively run out of a restaurant in recent days by these people. And other reported that protesters physically blocked his car door,” McConnell said. “Some have seen other organized far-left protesters camp out at there homes.”

He continued: “I’m not suggesting we’re the victims here, but I want to make it clear to these people who are chasing my members around the hall here or harassing them at the airports or going to their homes we’re not going to be intimidated by these people. There is no chance in the world they’re going to scare us out of doing our duty. I don’t care how many members they chase, how many people they harass here in the halls, we will not be intimated by these people, how many people they harass here in the halls.

“I want to make one thing perfectly clear. We will not be intimated by these people.”

Video at the link.


Ann Coulter: Whatever It Takes

By the media’s account, Kavanaugh was a bounder, a brawler and a drunk. And yet he still managed to graduate at the top of his class, go to Yale, then to Yale Law and work in the highest positions in government.

I am in awe of his manliness. Hemingway has nothing on this guy! He should be our president. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln after being told Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, let’s find out what Kavanaugh drank and send a barrel of it to every college student.

Tom R

Unassailable logic to trigger Progressives.


JM Hanes


"And yes, JMHanes, Tom R's experience with military planners *does* make his own expertise more salient than that of others on the issues before us."

I love the guys on Trump's military team, but they are not the ones who are bringing us all the economic good news at the heart of Trump's electoral sales pitch.


Former Dem Candidate Claims Relationship with Julie Swetnick: ‘I Do Not Believe Her Allegations’

During a conversation about our sexual preferences, things got derailed when Julie told me that she liked to have sex with more than one guy at a time. In fact sometimes with several at one time. She wanted to know if that would be ok in our relationship.

I asked her if this was just a fantasy of hers. She responded that she first tried sex with multiple guys while in high school and still liked it from time-to-time. She brought it up because she wanted to know if I would be interested in that.

A.I.D.S. was a huge issue at the time. And I had children. Due to her having a directly stated penchant for group sex, I decided not to see her anymore. It put my head back on straight. That was the last conversation we had.

Julie never said anything about being sexually assaulted, raped, gang-raped or having sex against her will. She never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh in any capacity.



All we have to go on are Ford's physical appearance and testimony before the Committee, the deliberate questions asked by Rachel Mitchell, and the photograph of a woman taking a polygraph that was posted on-line, by whom I don't know.

Earlier on JOM today, someone posted two photos: one of the woman taking a polygraph exam and one of Monica McClean. The similarities between the two are startling especially in contrast to the person of Blasey-Ford who testified before the Committee.

Even if we didn't have these photos, we have the questions that Rachel Mitchell put to Ford and Ford's reaction to them. Those weren't just throw away questions. Mitchell didn't waste any questions. Each had a purpose.

Tom R

Oh snap. If NPR is admitting this that means the Democrats know they are screwed.



the photograph of a woman taking a polygraph that was posted on-line, by whom I don't know.

I don't, either. Who could possibly have that photo, and why would they release it?


This is very good. https://pjmedia.com/rogerkimball/its-all-gone-the-democrats-dead-ideals/ I especially like this:

"This is of a piece with the spurious claim that Judge Kavanaugh’s impassioned testimony last week shows that he lack the requisite judicial temperament to be a Supreme Court Justice. Andy McCarthy dispensed with that ridiculous meme with some portion of the contempt it deserves. But since some of the squealers in the press have castigated Judge Kavanaugh for the condign anger he displayed in answering the scurrilous attacks on his character, let’s give the last word to Aristotle on the just deployment of anger. “We praise a man,” says Aristotle, “who feels anger on the right grounds and against the right persons, and also in the right manner and at the right moment and for the right length of time.” Indeed, those who do not get angry at things it is right to be angry at “are considered foolish.” After having been groundlessly accused of drunkenness, belligerence, and rape, Judge Kavanaugh was right to display anger towards those who had slandered him. He did so in a fitting manner, in an eloquent, heartfelt address. And he did so at the right moment, the Senate hearings, and for the right amount of time."


"I don't, either. Who could possibly have that photo, and why would they release it?"

Posted by: Extraneus | October 03, 2018 at 05:12 PM

I don't know either. But if McClean worked for the FBI, it's likely that at some point she was polygraphed. If the photo posted of Monica McClean is an actual photograph of her, perhaps someone wants the connection to be made. Going the extra step to claiming that McClean took the polygraph for Ford is interesting because of Ford's travels and because of Mitchell's questions.

Chi Town's suspicions about the Committee's emails is also fascinating. They (Ford, McClean and the dems) couldn't scrub everything. I think they (the Committee) know, and the dems and Ford know that they know. It's one of the reasons that the FBI didn't see the need to re-interview Ford. The dems didn't like that one bit.

Lastly, there are good people in the FBI who have been wanting justice ever since Comey "scrubbed" the Clinton email investigation. Could these people be the source of the photos to point to McClean? We'll see.

Kevlar Kid

"I stipulated he does because I have zero experience running a business. I do however have 30+ years of combined military service so i'm inclined to believe I am qualified to speak from a military strategic planning perspective."

Let's not create a false dichotomy between military and business expertise, then hoist the 4D flag. That's just bullshitake.

Case in point: Sun Tzu has been around for 50 years or more, accessible for popular consumption.

While i am not one to cite the great philosopher at the drop of a hat, i draw from it often as a guide to life in a combative environment such as we live in today right here at home.

It is applicable to LIFE, as is all MARTIAL philosophy, training, and fighting.

None of that subject matter is dependent on having a military background to understand the difference between planning, strategic deployment of assets, and tactics for engagement and non-engagement(which is still engagement).

Business and politics are war by other means--- so military affiliations aside, any overemphasis on strategic planning is useless....and it is Trump's agility in matters arising that keeps his summative planning process FLUID.

Why create silos between areas just because one entity signs the checks or supervises the job, while another realm is quite distinct in the need for budget discipline, ability to form capital, create asset values, and be accountable with other peoples money (investors).

A false dichotomy between military and business is useless and creates an UP vs DOWN distinction.

Strategic planning that creates the parameters of operation for a large and complex organization like the DOD, from the war-fighting apparatuses to the boring hum-drum bean counting "support" arms of that organization, creates a culture that is far from agile and responsive top-to-bottom.

Agility comes from operating outside of that stasis, incremental change environment. The White House would be dead in the water if it was anchored to some strategic planning "process".

Trump IS the process.

Case in point: One of the greatest war-time producers of military assets was Albert Speer--- Hitler's architect. He was an artist by nature, a hybrid engineer/businessman (architect), who applied his agile and adaptive skill set to the ingenious continuation of Hitler's war making capacity far beyond the dire circumstances faced in 1943 onward. Sure, he had plans and adaptive strategies to guide those formulations. But he focused on the single purpose at hand: keep the Reich's armies in the field and fighting.

30 years plus of economic stagnation and myopia (tech boom and bust cycles, narrow economic base for many not of an elite sect in society) have done much to invalidate the desire among youth emerging to earn an honest living making stuff and using their wits to service, repair and possibly invent mechanical stuff in order to make their own fortunes--- rather than join a mind-numbing cubicle army of high tech serfs earning inflated wages with a near worthless fiat currency.

Changing the economic playing field is the only rational way to revitalize traditional American values---- which are based on economics and the moral high ground of freedom to worship. Social media parlor chat and sloganeering are thin gruel in that regard.

And that is why the bastardized slogan attributed to PT Barnum (who said: "A customer is born every minute.") says "A sucker is born every minute."

Social media bears out the latter when it comes to creating culture around nothing but "beliefs" while ignoring the material basis of culture--- a means of survival, a way of living.


We'll see.

And we'll see whatever we'll see tomorrow.

Today we have Collins and Flake on the fainting couches about Trump's Mississippi rally comment.

Kevlar Kid

OL: Nicely worded on expectations re Ford being held accountable when we cannot bring to justice leading senior officials of this cabal. I'm all with that! -Kev

Miss Marple

I am no longer able to access Twitter from my iPhone. I cannot even get to my home page. When I attempt to, all I get is a blank screen.

ChiTown says they have been purging, but I don't comment much; I usually retweet or just read and copy links.

Very weird.


Ford's ex-BF, at the very least, raises questions about Ford's honesty last week. He also pours cold water on the two-front-door insanity as well as the afraid to fly lie. He says she even flew in a prop plane. Since McLean is now seen as a close confidante, that weakens her denial of the polygraph help from Ford.
So the doubts are really piling up, probably enough to calm the weak stomachs among the Republicans.


Old Lurker | October 03, 2018 at 02:47 PM

Yes. Of course.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Your page is still "live" MM. I can see it and read it.


McConnell Puts Schumer in His Place – Denies Schumer’s Request For an All Senators Briefing on Kavanaugh FBI Report

“It is essential that Senators not only have access to the completed background investigation file, but that FBI officials be made available 24 hours before the Senate votes on cloture in order to answer Senators’ questions about what specific investigative steps were taken, what evidence was collected, and which witnesses were interviewed,” Schumer said in a letter to McConnell.

McConnell shot down Schumer’s request Wednesday in a letter.

“The briefing you requested is not authorized by the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). It would be unprecedented and irregular. For example, there was no such briefing on the supplemental BI for the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court,” McConnell wrote. “And in all candor, I believe it would be used to further delay this nomination–a goal about which you and your Democratic colleagues have been abundantly clear and single-minded in pursuing,” McConnell added.


I didn't view the President's rally. I've read here that he questioned Ford's truthfulness. That seems logical given the holes in her story. What did he actually say?

Collins and Murkowski are just looking for an exit, IMHO. Flake has never been on board.


Please please, please...can we get a new thread?


Send the protestors to the Mayo Clinic for electroshock therapy and then Ketchum for grousing.


Nick Searcy

“He’s a rapist.”
“OK, he’s a drunk, then.”
“OK, well, he got too mad when we called him a drunk rapist.”

Miss Marple

Thanks Stephanie! I will try to get in and see what's going on.

Kevlar Kid

I'll bet dollars to donuts, RG, that POTUS is benefitting from the stability Gen Kelly and Mattis bring to his admin---- BUT, and behind every but is some serious shiznit, my proud Army Man Brotha--

i'd be willing to bet that said stability is what allows POTUS to not only operate outside the box, but continue to think outside the box in ways that his Washington-based adversaries were NOT anticipating.

POTUS is fighting a two-front war: 1st front--- getting his job done that he was elected to do as President; 2nd front--- waging political warfare with the Deep State. Between Mick Mulvaney and others-- including the generals on POTUS' staff and in his cabinet departments, the second front would be an abysmal failure instead of the cautious ground game we are witnessing (or not).

"36 years ago, this happened," Trump said at the rally in Mississippi, referring to the party in 1982 where Ford alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

Trump then launched into a mocking imitation of Ford as she testified at last week's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, prompting applause and laughter from the audience.

"'How did you get home?'" Trump said. "'I don't remember.' 'How'd you get there?' 'I don't remember.' 'Where is the place?' I don't remember.' 'How many years ago was it?' 'I don't know.'"

"'What neighborhood was it in?'" he continued, as the crowd cheered and clapped. "'I don't know.' 'Where's the house?' 'I don't know.' 'Upstairs, downstairs, where was it?' 'I don't know, but I had one beer.' 'That's the only thing I remember.'"



The polygraph switcheroo conspiracy traction tells me that Birthers should have been more successful.

Where did the polygraph photo of supersized Ford come from?

If it came from camp Lie-About-Rape, it is most certainly Ford. The question then becomes one of two.

1.) Did she get the fat sucked out of her gobbled and have enough time to be presentable between the beginning of August and the end of September?


2) Was the fat photo taken prior to the claimed date of the polygraph?

I don't buy the trading places theory.

Kevlar Kid

I'd love to see two chat abbreviations become part of POTUS' unpresidential tweeting style:

when referring to turd sprouts like Flake: IDGAS.

when referring to #MeToo crazies: IWFHWYD.



Make Feinstein and Flake pledge to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.


Shorter Kev: John Boyd was right.

Kevlar Kid

Hey Stephanie!

Did you tell us this one? Paw sent it my way...sounded familiar----

A midget psychic/fortune teller escapes the circus.

Posters go up all over town: Small medium at large!

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)

Not you. Just adding to your list.


gobbled = gobbler

Kevlar Kid

The FBI forensic accountants should get all up into ChiFi and Hubby Blumenthal's financial asses. Macht schnell like.

Kevlar Kid

You first, MassHole. :D

Kevlar Kid

Oh geez, now look what you "made me do", Dave! :D


Did she get the fat sucked out of her gobbled and have enough time to be presentable between the beginning of August and the end of September?


It's not just that the photo is of an overweight woman. Look at her facial structure, her posture, her body frame.

It's not the same person. Even If it were Ford, and I don't believe it is, there's no way to eliminate all of that "fat" in one or two months.

Kevlar Kid

ya mac--- i guess i coulda gone back to my post earlier this year when i brought up OODA. flyin off the handle here in my spreadsheet funhouse

tx for the redirect.



Luv yer posts, Kev.


Proud of my Senator Perdue of Ga.

"This is a George Soros conspiracy, and it’s time we wake up, expose them, stand up and fight for our country, because that’s what’s at stake here,” Perdue added,


Double Dog Lyin Shitheel

At a campaign rally in Southaven, Miss., Trump suggested that Leahy had a drinking problem while riffing about the Democratic chairmen who might be in charge come January if Republicans lose their Senate majority..

“A guy like Bernie [Sanders] would be in charge of the Budget Committee. Patrick Leahy — oh, he’s never had a drink in his life,” Trump said. “Check it out: Look under ‘Patrick Leahy slash drink.’ ... ‘Patrick Leahy dash drink’ will be in charge of the Appropriations Committee.”

In a brief interview Wednesday, Leahy called the attack “bogus baloney” and said he had no idea where Trump had gotten the notion he was a drinker. “He attacks everybody except Vladimir Putin,” he said. “Everyone knows it’s bogus.”

Leahy, who is 78 and has served in the Senate since 1975, is known for a number of things on Capitol Hill — among them, his Batman movie cameos, his fondness for the Grateful Dead, and his love of photography and scuba diving — but tippling is not one. Three longtime congressional aides of both parties consulted about Trump’s claims, a Democrat and two Republicans, all said that while Leahy is certainly not known as a teetotaler, he is also not known to drink to excess...


It's not just that the photo is of an overweight woman. Look at her facial structure, her posture, her body frame.

She places the same style glasses in the same spot on her head when they are not being used.

Was that to fool the polygrapher?

Back to my original concern. What is the providence of the photo?

Double Dog Lyin Shitheel

Pootie and Trump have a mutual scumbag agreement.

It's a given..

Kevlar Kid

they shoulda turned that fat sucker hose to eleventy.

i'd enjoy the concave skull look much better. the mere sight of her nauseates me.

that look is all around Berzerkoville.

"mini-males"...the dread of feminist pioneer Betty Friedan--- "locked in reaction, living their lives AGAINST, and unable to create."

the whole "feminism is the radical idea that women are human beings" thing has gone off the rails.

one man's opinion.

Jim Eagle

Did we know this:

"For many years, Christine has held SCI Top Secret Security Clearance with the CIA; she heads The CIA Undergraduate Intern Program at Stanford University. Christine’s father, Ralph Blasey II, has been employed by the CIA for many years, he father Nicolas Deak who worked for former CIA Director William Casey. Christine and her father have been associated with former CIA Director John Brennan, and John Brennan fingerprints are all over the character assassination plot to crucify and destroy Judge Kavanaugh. Christine’s brother, Ralph Blasey III, worked for the International Law Firm of Baker & Hostetler, the firm that created Fusion GPS. Hillary paid Fusion GPS to create the fake Steele Dossier that used to obtain FISA Warrants to wiretap the Trump Tower and spy on members of the Trump Presidential Campaign.

The below listed link discusses Christine’s connection to the CIA, and summarizes information from articles published in The New York Times, Breitbart News, The New Yorker, etc. We have not had the length of time to fully verify the large amount of information that can be viewed by clicking on the link (each recipient will have to do their own independent research, there is much more information for review and analysis on the Internet):"


From Capt. Joseph John Chairman of Combat Veterans for Congress, also a neighbor of our old friend DoT.

I have no idea if this true, false, or something in-between.

Kevlar Kid

Tx mac. Still tryin to get with that "less is more" school of thought. :D


there's no way to eliminate all of that "fat" in one or two months.

A fat, superficial, vain, deceiver getting ready to visit her beach buddies might surprise you.

Kevlar Kid

Frau--- ANAL Leakage alert!!!! :D -Kev

PS:it's bath day for Anya!


The provenance of the photo is an issue. The glasses are not.

Again, listen to or read the questions asked by Rachel Mitchell. Listen to and watch Ford's responses.

Kevlar Kid

huffin out that much cellulite and gristle from around the neck without an affordable beauty surgical procedure would mean she'd have to beach cruise this fall season wearing Isadora Duncan type scarves.

maybe we can get her to stand up in a mini-cooper with wire wheels.


JiB, that set of "facts" has been kicking around the intertubes for quite a while. Big gaps on the calendar render many node connections absurd. As far as I can tell, it is a breathless hash from Breitbart and can be safely ignored. The Beach House friend McLean is more direct a tie to FBI, SDNY, and on the Brennan et al.

Kevlar Kid

"Did we know this: "For many years, Christine has held SCI Top Secret Security Clearance with the CIA; she heads The CIA Undergraduate Intern Program at Stanford University."

Dr. Michael Savage reported on this at length last week. When the substance of his report was shared here he was roundly castigated for reporting false information.

I tend to think the subsequent obfuscation that "it's another Blasey, not this Blasey" is a deflection.

The bald-faced indulgence in this Blasey-Ford chicanery is just more Deep State Big Lie.

Is it a mystery why NO ONE seems to want to corroborate or dispute openly the party line on this? "The intelligence community can get you six ways from Sunday...." or some such wording according to Chuck F*ck Shoomer

Kevlar Kid

All right...back to it.

I hope there is a new thread before my next play date here on friday.

Later taters.

Miss Marple


Is Santorum Perdue any relation to Sonny Perdue?

Sonny had a 5-minute clip on agriculture and the USMCA agreement which was posted by TheLastRefuge2 (Sundance,mThe Conservative Treehouse guy).

He was very upbeat about the deal and quite cheerful. About 4. Minutes into the interview the test alert went off, and the gal interrupted to announce it. Then she asked him if he had gotten the alert and he said, " I get my Presidential Alerts in a different way." It was pretty funny.


Agree with JamesD, CH, and Henry wrt how we need full disclosure of emails unredacted documents, evidence of unmaskings and the promised FISA warrants.
Before the midterms and again we have only 32 days remaining.
Love the optimism but we need an offensive strategy RIGHT NOW. I don’t care if people are indicted or not.
I want the evidence against them made public NOW before people vote them back into office.
Every day Beto has to reaffirm he didn’t speak disrespectfully of women or that he didn’t leave the scene of an accident.
Why can’t we have decent people running for office?
Everyone needs to be respectful of each other.
No one knows how this will play out.
One thing I feel certain about is that Mueller and Rosenstein are not giving the American people or President Trump a fair deal and are too compromised to conduct any matter objectively.
RG and Tom R may disagree but I seen zero evidence to convince me.
Your teasing and mocking us for wanting info now is taken in the spirit it has been given.
A little bit of arrogance and snark and that is ok.However I take offense if people don’t realize that I and others are pleased with what has been accomplished and happy that President Trump is our President.
If we dont March in lockstep with every decision that doesn’t mean we are not supporting him.
Interesting theories about Ford and beach friend and the polygraph.
You always echo my thoughts and what we should focus on

Rocco and I are on the same page wrt Mueller and Rosenstein.


The provenance of the photo is an issue.

Totally agree. Until it is resolved the cart is before the horse on the Case of the Double-chin Double.


MM - Yes! They are first cousins.

Power Tool

January 23, 1999: Lindsey Graham told the United States Senate that if a judge commits perjury *even once* he must be immediately impeached.

Also: Merrick Garland.


And it's David Perdue (not Santorum) Probably an auto-correct from your phone.

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