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September 30, 2018



I have never seen this! Interview from 2001 - O. admits to all sorts of things - drinking a six-pack in an hour and then going back to class...Does he mean BEER?


Miss Marple


Auto correct from my iPad. It was supposed to be Senator.

Ever since I took the last Apple update I have been plagued with unwanted corrections like that. It is really annoying and makes me nuts. I am going to have to start previewing every post, even short ones.

Jim Eagle

Page 24, and counting.

Took my nephew, and his girlfriend out to Montauk today. Had lunch at Grosman's on the inlet. Just a beautiful fall day on the bay, sound and ocean. All come together there. Then over to the lighthouse. Large crowds who pay $8 to park and $11 to enter the grounds. Ridiculous.

Coming back was a real chore. Got caught in the trade parade. Almost an hour from Montauk to Southampton. Crazy. And its not peak summer.

Thanks for the comments on the veracity of the Blasey CIA connection. I have no idea why a very credible guy like Joe John would publish that without any verification. Not like him.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

I don't think I posted that Kev, but who knows. I post and read a lot of them.


I guess the swing-vote (traitor for a price) Senators live for this kind of moment, huh?

Jim Eagle


Usually to win some nice concessions for their state. I don't think Trump can be bribed like that. It will be fun to see their faces when he tells them to go ahead and vote but you are getting zilch from me.


What's the record number of comments in a thread, again?
I forgot.


Anyone see the beyond pathetic tweet by Hilligula today? We’ll never be able to thank the good Lord enough that this demented, soulless, corrupt, screeching harridan is not nor ever will be president.


Sorry I didn't say swing-vote whores. I won't make that mistake again.


Arrest made after suspicious letters mailed to Trump, Mattis

The suspect has been identified as William Clyde Allen III of Logan, Utah, the Utah U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed to The Hill.


James D.

At the Capitals home opener tonight. They’re raising the banner for the Stanley Cup. Should be fun, and hopefully they’ll even win, too.

James D.

And hopefully the Yankees will dispose of Oakland without much fuss tonight, too, so they can get on with the business of ruining the Red Sox season and ripping their fans’ hearts out and then stomping on them repeatedly.


the Utah U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed to The Hill

That would be Huber's office?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The worthless Dems would have voted NO on Jesus being the Messiah if they got some of those reports about Him turning over those tables and making Himself some whips.
Not displaying the proper temperament, don't you know.


US Attorney in Utah... that is Huber? Explains his meeting with Sessions today.


That link came through one of salons crazies, which got the posts obituary of Nicholas deak wrong now like Margaret carlsons (who is a Holton arms alumni) father who was a big wig
At riggs bank.

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

I do wonder about that huge number of sealed indictments, the rumors that Lisa Page is talking, and the remarkable transformation of Lindsey Graham.
Posted by: Miss Marple | October 03, 2018 at 02:16 PM

I don't know what got into 'ol Lindsey 'Light in the Loafers' Graham either, but I *definitely* like it.

As for the "huge number of sealed indictments", that is almost certainly a grossly inaccurate, inflated number that the QAnon crowd simply made up.

Here is a good explanation of the federal system for tracking indictments - and other federal criminal filings/applications that were mistakenly included in the QAnon totals:


Hope this helps you rest a little easier.

P.S.: Have you tried to find a used, but still-working monitor from the Salvation Army/Goodwill/St. Vincent DePaul thrift stores locally?
They usually have several they're selling off for $10-15 or so.


Senate doxxer caught:



Don't forget turning the water into wine, Iggy. Jesus obviously had an alcohol problem.


About the subpoena of sessions: It sounds like they are grabbing you below the "poena".


On the FBI 302's being a "finding of facts": since Dr. Fraud perjured herself, what facts are there to be found? Isn't prosecutor Rachel Mitchell's report all that is needed?

Dr. Fraud's attorneys are crying for an interview now, GFY.


Chad Pergram

In alleged Senate doxing incident, USCP charge Jackson Cosko with Making Public Restricted Personal Information. Witness Tampering, Threats in Interstate Communications, Unauthorized Access of a Government Computer, 2nd Degree Burglary & Unlawful Entry


27 yo staffer


Now dont go scattering like wharf rats dodging bullets on the poopdeck.

It's just words and words can never hurt you.

Jim Eagle


I have an original iPad you can have if it will help. Also a PowerBook laptop but I think it needs some surgery which I can do. I repair all my Apple products, screens, batteries, logic boards, et. I am a certified iFixit pro.

Never let the Apple geeks screw you out of money when it is easy to do itself.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Lou Dobbs: DIM Staffer arrested for Doxxing GOP members- works for Sheila Jackson Lee. Remember the white envelope?


From a link in henry's link:

Chad Pergram 


Fox has learned that Jackson Cosko, charged by USCP w/allegedly doxing senator(s), had worked w/Dem TX Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, fmr Dem CA Sen Barbara Boxer & current Dem NH Sen Maggie Hassan.


Wasn't lee handing out envelopes at the hearing?


Now seeing doxxer Cosko is an aid to Sen Hassan, D-NH. (From @kerpen)


The worthless Dems would have voted NO on Jesus being the Messiah if they got some of those reports about Him turning over those tables and making Himself some whips.
Not displaying the proper temperament, don't you know.

Didn't they?

I believe that the statement that did him in was "I AM" (IIRC, the Present Perfect Tense). Upset the "apple cart" of the Deep State back then...

Of course, we humans want God to do it our way, not His.


Yes TK, Lee was handing out fat envelopes to Ford's lawyer dude and Ms Milano.


both Blasey Ford and Mclean have scrubbed online evidence so there is little to go on for any changes in appearances.

Except that they part their hair on different sides.

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

Although Ben Shapiro isn't held in esteem by more than a few people here, this latest gem of his on Martha's FNC show is pretty awesome:

"I think that Cory Booker raises serious questions about his sanity nearly every day - but in order to oust him from the Senate you'd have to actually come up with evidence that he's insane, not merely the implication that he's a moron."

Yowza - Don't think there are many that can slam somebody as effectively as that.

Can't say that Booker didn't deserve every bit of that, and even more.

Jim Eagle

Bringing out the Lord Stanley trophy: Ovechin.

A sea of red. Wish I could be there. Jealous of JamesD.


And hopefully the Yankees will dispose of Oakland without much fuss tonight, too,

Bite your tongue, James D. The Baseball Gods don't take kindly to fans who don't post new threads, so TM has nobody to blame but himself if my A's kick his Yankee arse this afternoon.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Looks like he only worked for Hassan til May.


New thread okay?

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Does someone have TM's twit handle? I can shoot him a DM..


New thread!

Aaaaah Yankee thread1



Jim Eagle

Ovechkin...Geebus, my fingers are getting memory lapses.

Jim Eagle

44 years for me. Original season ticket holder. Drove 40 miles each way to watch the games in the original venue, downtown DC.

Miss Marple


Thank you so much for the offer. My son has a friend who may have an old monitor which we will try to hook up. I will let you know if I need your kind offer.


I was told to log in. I could not. I was told my phone number didn't match (probably true because I signed up under a different number years ago).

I was told to sign up again. I filled out everything correctly and they sent me a confirmation number. I entered the number, and it wouldn't accept it. I started over and got a new number. This time they accepted it.

I got a welcome to Twitter page which asked for my interests. Filled it out making sure to include things like animals, crafts, design, weather, etc.

So, I was welcomed on as a new account. Followed President Trump and now my screen is frozen again.

I am calling my senator (GOP) in the morning.

Meanwhile, even if I get my PC operational, you guys are going to have to pick up my work on links and tweets. I won't be able to do it.1

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