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September 02, 2018



Recall they vouched for huma over bachmann, who did figure out some things.

Kevlar Kid

lol @ "loon pit".... now that i've seen your impish expression while you're lobbing these molotovs, they make me laugh even more, CH.


Kasparov reminds us why liberal politics in Russia are like spinal taps more selective audiences.


Some bands are only of their time. EVH may be a drug addicted alcoholic chain smoker but he's always innovating.

There's an old fashioned delay pedal, I think, that had actual tape inside it. EVH figured out how to fool with the motor kind of like how DJ's hand crank the turntable. I don't know how to describe the sound it makes other than Doppleresque.

Some guitar company (Steinberger?)created a tremelo bar that was like a slap shift transmission. That is, it would transpose to different keys on the fly. If you tried that manually it would either go out of tune across the neck or be impossible to hold. He starts one of his songs with that guitar but I can't remember the name. On another song he rakes the strings between the nut and the tuners AKA where he keeps his cigarette. There are probably a dozen or more examples over and above tapping, of which he was an early adopter.

I myself like pick tapping which is often called the bagpipe technique.


And longtime soviet stooge pannettone removes all doubt.


I want to say you can look to Frank Zappa for examples of pick tapping but I don't have any specific information.

Beasts of England

Are you thinking of an Echoplex, Pin?


I think it would be funny if Steve Winwood's Valerie was a EVH call out like Layla.


Beasts of England
Are you thinking of an Echoplex, Pin?

Posted by: Beasts of England | September 02, 2018 at 04:43 PM

Yep. He was always taking stuff apart. Building his own guitars. Masking tape pull offs lol.


Actually the Valerie of the song, dated most everybody else, including James Taylor and Jackson browne, at one time or another.

Beasts of England

And a belated happy birthday to Mrs. TK and Frederick!!

~ ~ ~

Wanting to get out of the 'office', but between the freshening winds and the yuge crowds on and around the water, I may just dick around with last month's books... ;)


I didn't know the backstory, heck I didn't know winwood was British originally.



MM - Janice Dean now has over 1000 replies and I'd say 95% negative. I guess she is just another clueless inside the beltway dweller. I used to like her but haven't watched Fox in quite a while.

1972 - David Gates & Bread - "Everything I Own" (written to his father)


Miss Marple

I got to wondering the same thing, Kevlar Kid.

Maybe Hillary is asking for a deal? What could she offer? Obama?

That was a. very odd situation with Huma and Lindsey.

Porchlight, thanks for finding that picture!


I've been revisiting the oldies to breakdown the drumming for inspirational purposes. This "new guy" is pretty great though, he can Jazz it up:

Gavin Harrison Cheating The Polygraph



I'm guessing I wouldn't want to take up with Valerie if she was the same girl she used to be.


Maybe the note was for CARLOS DANGER.


Sounds like she was the inspiration for the TSA Pre-Check.

Clarice Feldman

I think so, Gus. It was for Carlos.


Who wants to punch Lanny Slime Davis in his capped teeth??

Miss Marple


Dean does what her bosses want because she needs Fox's insurance due to her multiple sclerosis.

However, she has learned that they aren't asking her for something minor with this tweet supporting Meghan, and the Murdoch boys are learning that we are on to their machinations.

I would bet cash money that the Fox morning shows do a lot better than the Never Trump and anti-Trump afternoon shows. If I were an advertiser I would only buy time in the morning and the Tucker and Hannity hours.


Clarice, great pieces. You tied a couple things together. I bet you were great in college cramming for exams.


Beasts, we have HARLEY'S 115 Anniversary this weekend. I live a couple hundred yards from a Harley bar on the lake. Great bar, loud weekend.


Just sayin..... maybe Lindsey was having an affair with Carlos.


How To Make an Electric guitar sound like a bagpipe



You know, both my Mother, and my Father passed away during the OBAMA Presidency. I gave the Eulogy at both funerals. I didn't bring Obama, McCain nor any other person into the Eulogy that wasn't in a positive nature. I wouldn't have dreamed of doing so.


How to make a guitar sound like a sitar - the easiest way!


Beasts of England

Sounds like good clean fun, GUS!! Is that a little Sea Foam Green in your avatar? 😎


You know, at some point, aren't these Dem and nevertrump scumbags able to feel at least some level of guilt or shame for knowingly piling on a hard-working president in such a patently unfair, dishonest and over-the-top manner? I basically hated Obama, but would we have drooled over snuff fantasies and such tasteless attacks? I guess it's hard to say because it never happened, but I don't think so.

I can say that I loath these people even more this week than I did last week, and I loathed them fairly extremely last week. Surely that can't be the case in reverse - that Trump's enemies hate him even more after McCain's deathathon - so I should thank the putrefying asshole for that.


Texas Liberty Gal

re:Indeed, Texas is changing - BS - If anything is changing it is tht Texas is becoming more Red.. Cruz has his own problems that have to do with him not Texas

Clarice Feldman

Thanks Gus,I was and was even better cramming for bar exams for which my motto was keep is simple--identify the issue and throw in some stuff and move on. The graders had hundreds of exams to grade and I didn't think they'd be interested in flowery essays or my view on what oughta be the law.

James D.

Last night a scene from Stephen King's 'Firestarter' popped into my head.

A scene from that story comes into my head fairly often. It’s the scene when the little girl unleashes her full powers and annihilatesthr Shop headquarters, and hundreds of Deep State operatives perish in flames, screaming and crying like the cowards they are before their inevitable and well deserved end.


GUS - I was remembering that at my father's funeral they handed us the folded flag and said, "On behalf of President Obama....etc." but we did not even roll our eyes (well maybe on the inside.)

Clarice Feldman

Gus, whatever problems we might have with Graham, he is a Southern gentleman, and I think that note must have been one of sympathy to her or to Carlos.



Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis and will “run from September to mid-December.” The internship requires “a minimum of three days per week,” and undergrads “of all majors are encouraged to apply.”

While the amount of hours per day aren’t specified, the “internship is unpaid.”

“Interns will provide support to our staff, assisting our work on a wide range of projects. Work will include but will not be limited to: compiling press clips, monitoring social media, conducting research, drafting correspondence, and assisting with office management,” the job posting states.

Clinton’s office is looking for applicants who have “a high level of professionalism and discretion,” “strong research and writing skills,” “the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team,” “strong interpersonal communication skills,” “a diligent work ethic and a sense of conscientiousness,” as well as “enthusiasm, dedication, and a positive attitude.”

Texas Liberty Gal

Kind of mangled my sentence but I have no doubt y'all can make sense of them. If not that's on you not me,


It's robin's egg blue, and it's FANTASTIC. It's a 40th anniversary and it's the best STRAT, that I've ever owned. It was atop my best pals, brothers coffin at his funeral, and I bought it from the estate. The guts/belt buckle plate is plexi, and has a girly pic, like a WWII plane behind the plexiglass. Beasts, it took me 30 years to find a STRAT that was MINE. It sounds Stevie/Bonnie Raitt -esque. Love it. But I love all of the ones I keep. I think Henry has seen me play that one.


hi, daddy--my dad was a classics prof and he's still teaching both Latin and Greek to interested parishioners at his church (not very many of them, but enough to keep him happy). I've had three years of Latin but have to look up half of Jack's offerings; I worked on Greek by myself but didn't get far (I hate having a different alphabet); that's a shame because I really do want to be able to read the Gospel of John for myself.

You could actually take a class with me as long as it was as a graduate course (some of which are joint undergrad/grad courses), but you'd have to enroll as a non-degree student and pay for the auditing, and of course NOT pay me! But I'd love to have you.

Texas Liberty Gal


Trump = Reagan


Oh, and "The Outstation" is a short story, not a novel, but a really good one.

Clarice Feldman

Trying to get Outstation--Amazon says it's out of print and will let me know when they get it.

Here's for SBW if he shows up:https://www.dailywire.com/news/35353/media-totally-has-trump-now-after-aps-seventh-hand-ashe-schow


Clarice, when I passed my licensing exam for a COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE license, it was all MULTIPLE GUESS.
We were given 4 hours to complete the exam. I took ONE HOUR. When I left the station I was assigned, ON CAMERA BTW, the EXAMINER asked what I needed. I said, I'm finished. She gave me a weird look and put my exam in the reader. I asked her where I go to find out if I passed. She told me the lady in the next room, then she said. I've never seen this before.
Those were her words. I said what do you mean.
I can't tell you anything, but CONGRATULATIONS.


Skimming the McCain funeral rally, I noticed Bent Willie chewing gum big time and then saw that Dubya had parked his gum in front of a tooth.

Latest funeral etiquette? gum chewing

I remember pre-princess Kate's mom taking flack for chewing a piece of gum during some nonsense Parade for Willy last decade---horrors!

The snobs can sneer all they like. But we should salute Kate Middleton's mother - and every other 'pushy parent'

...Her mother Carole, a former air stewardess, was a special focus for discussion. She, like Gary, springs from a line of Durham builders and coal miners, and she has in the past been teased by snoots who reportedly nicknamed her 'Doors To Manual' on account of her career in the airline business.

She was also subjected to highfalutin tutting after chewing gum (it was nicotine gum) at Prince William's Sandhurst passing-out parade.

Nice girls do not chew gum during passing-out parades, we were told.

We should ignore such sniping. For far from being a suitable subject for scorn, I'd argue that Carole is, in fact, a very admirable woman whose example our political leaders would do well to take heed of...

Beasts of England

When I enlarged it I could see more blue, GUS. I'm guessing Daphne Blue - a fine color under stage lights...

Janet 🚬

((I basically hated Obama, but would we have drooled over snuff fantasies and such tasteless attacks? I guess it's hard to say because it never happened, but I don't think so.))

No we wouldn't...or I wouldn't anyway. I can remember congratulating happy Obama voters in 2008 & asking about the inauguration.
I told my kids to respect the office of President.
The 2 parties are nothing alike.
I would be ashamed if Republicans acted like Democrats do regularly.

((I can say that I loath these people even more this week than I did last week, and I loathed them fairly extremely last week.))

Me too.
If I hadn't voted for Trump, at this point I would be rooting for him just out of a sense of fair play.


Momto2: I've mentioned it before, but what seems like yesterday -- and a hundred years ago -- when we were in high school, my friends and I would drive down to Tulsa and go to Cain's Ballroom to listen and dance to David Gates and his high school band. Sweet memory.


For the love of Gaia Clarice. Can you imagine how TURGID the FULL COMMIE will be when The Southern Gentleperson from S.C. goes teats up?????

He's an USAF VET and JAG, if I'm not mistaken.

The LEFT will be inconsolable when he goes.

They will demand a PARADE.


I'm posting this UK Daily Mail story on McCain's Burial strictly for the comments. 90% of the commenters are sick to death of the farce and say so:

John McCain taken by horse-drawn caisson to final resting place


I posted this for KJOM's nighttime crew a few months ago. :)


Glen Campbell kissed our daughter on her 4th birthday -- we'd gone to his concert at Royal Albert Hall in London. She had the end seat -- our row and the stage floor were level -- he was only a few feet from us, and came over during one of his songs. It is another sweet memory. He asked her where she was from -- she said, "South Carikalina." We'd lived in London for a couple of years at that time. Campbell just laughed and said, wouldn't you know -- I thought she was a pretty little English girl.

We bought her and her husband tickets to go see him on his farewell tour a couple of years ago when it came through Tulsa. She said -- he was great. :)

Hearing his voice makes me sad and happy at the same time. Wichita Lineman is my favorite.


Beasts, you are the man. It's actually called "aged Daphne blue". It is a VERY sweet guitar. I've had several whammy bars, I had to get it just right. I found that strat whammys almost always interfere with the volume and treble knobs.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

A boy named Carol had a particularly rough childhood because of his unusual name. He always got a lot of teasing and abuse at school. Eventually, he overcame his hang-up and married his high-school sweetheart.

When their first child was born, he let his wife name her. She named the baby girl "Love," inspired in the same spirit as Carol's unique name.

Unfortunately, Love grew up and endured much of the same teasing that Carol did, because of her strange name. She came home from school one day and screamed at her dad, asking why he gave her such a stupid name. Carol took the blame to protect his wife and apologized. In a fit of rage, Love shot him with her dart gun and ran away.

Minutes later, Carol's wife came home and saw him lying on the ground. "What happened?" She asked, running to him.

He waved her closer, and whispered, "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Darling, you gave Love a bad name."

Eye Doctor .

Because she was a anchor wowan.


Steph, where do you get your stuff!!!!
My name is SUE, how do you do????


Clarice - here is a free online copy of The Outstation


Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

FB usually Gus. I have some funny friends!


From Clarice's link to the Hill 2 pages back:

Carter Page has said he thinks he ticked off the bureau back in 2013. The FBI interviewed him regarding his ongoing contacts in Russia, where he’d lived and worked as an energy investor and adviser. Page reportedly had the audacity to tell the FBI agents that their time would be better spent investigating the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing, a probe that the FBI’s Andrew McCabe was helping to lead.

I wouldn't put it past those smug, supercilious b*stards. Are they that petty? They sure are.


Joan, Glenn Campbell was a rare talent. He really was. I saw him play once, and I knew his history, including the BEACH BOYS.
He got a bad rap, and damaged his rep when he became an alcoholic. I have never heard a story about him, that didn't show him as a fine man and a respectful person.
He hat some big RADIO hits, but he was a darn fine guitarist above all.


peter, on the Yankees-Tigers, just caught the last few innings, pretty ugly game. A rebuilding year, but I don't think they did a great job like the Yanks did a couple of years ago. Always happy when they beat the Yanks or Red Sox, though.


Daddy, I remember my granfather's funeral at Arlington. A 3 star General, veteran of 3 wars. Very simple service. He was entitled to the cassion etc, but always said that that was an abuse of fine troops. A simple soldier would minimize the fuss and fade away, which he did. Later, my uncle, a 3 star Admiral and veteran of 3 wars (two overlapped with his father) also kept it simple before his ashes were spread on the Pacific off Pearl Harbor.

McCain's excess ceremony is most strange to me.


henry: "McCain's excess ceremony is most strange to me."

McCain turned out to be 'most strange' to me -- for years I admired him, thought he was a strong Republican voice, but he turned out to be one of the greatest political disappointments in the Republican party I've ever seen. Especially his vote to kill Trump's efforts on obamacare.



Perhaps McCain never paid attention to that slave in the back of the chariot: All glory is fleeting

JM Hanes

"the McCain funeral celebrated a man renowned for civility"

Right. This is a guy who called his wife a cunt, but never mind that.


Beat me to it, Mom2Mom, with "The Outstation" link--here's another, just in case: https://archive.org/details/Download1_20170411_1753


Henry, I was an infant when my Father was buried at Arlington. Kennedy was President. The FLAG is in my older brothers possession now. My Mother was buried at the same 7 years ago. I had been to my Fathers grave many times, despite never having known him. When my Mothers cremated remains were buried there, and as they opened that nearly 50 year old grave and it's 6 feet of soil, it was very emotional. They did a 21 gun salute, or at least there was a MILITARY GUNFIRE salute. For my Mother.
It is hard to love this country more than I do.
My Mother was only a naturalized American for several years. She became naturalized, so as to be buried with her LATE husband. My DAD, my Mother's second husband, was the only DAD, that I ever knew. He an My Mother, gave me the 2 best little brothers possible. When my DAD, died 2 and a half years after Mom, and years after they had divorced... he was buried with HONORS as FT LEAVENWORTH in KANSAS, near his birthplace of LIBERTY MO. No drama. Just AMERICANA.

Kevlar Kid

Dining room floor: done!
Upstairs/case and landings done!

11 hours net.

the only big project left is the front deck.
the quote blew us away....primo materials....less than half our personal estimate attempt of last year.... our contractor has saved us *consistently* 50% on this remodel project.... all in exchange for referrals to other Zerkeley residents.... (course they won't get the discount but his pricing is very very reasonable.)

SFO-Berkeley is his geographic.

We are beside ourselves.


for years I admired him, thought he was a strong Republican voice, but he turned out to be one of the greatest political disappointments in the Republican party

How many people can we say THAT about? The Bushes, Romney, Paul Ryan, probably half the senators that were elected on Tea Party sentiment, like Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Flake. It's probably easier to list the ones who haven't disappointed, a much shorter list.


Here's for SBW if he shows

Read that graf when AP moved it and read no further,

At the beginning of the slugline wrote: DO NOT RUN.

About the shark, it’s Jumping over, under, ’round, and through.

Rock ’n Roll reference.


And of course it's always proper to see what the master has to say about it:

1) Huckleberry Finn: ...After supper she got out her book and learned me about Moses and the Bulrushers, and I was in a sweat to find out all about him; but by and by she let it out that Moses had been dead a considerable long time; so then I didn’t care no more about him, because I don’t take no stock in dead people.


Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

What Makes 100%?

What does it mean to give more than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.

How about achieving 103%

What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:



Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.



8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%



11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

But ,


1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%



2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.


1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty, that while Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there. It's the Bullshit and Ass Kissing that will put you over the top.

Now you know why Politicians are where they are!


JimmyK... you beat me to it. Good job.
GOPe, the SWAMP YEARS. Who will be first to write it and sell it to some MFM TEEEEVEEEE company.
Jimmyk. WE.....TRUSTED John McCain to fix the mess that has come upon us. He was NOT up to the challenge. We HOPED that Mutt Rimbley WOULD FIGHT FOR US. He can't even pick a STATE to live in for his own purposes. We hoped Weeping Johnny chainsmoker Mellencamp Boner, would FIGHT FOR US.

Which of them has shown himself to be a CONSERVATIVE, aware of the MESS, the 22 TRILLLLION in DEBT, the OBAMACARE etc........


Kevlar Kid

Dead Senator McCain perverted the meaning of the word "maverick." For him it meant "unaccountable to his voters."

the sad state of affairs on the AZ border and beyond rests squarely on his fine italian loafers.

McCain's failure to uphold the laws of this Great Nation will be his legacy as POTUS continues to napalm the Swamp.


Kev, our REAR DECK still needs you. I'm not so handy.

Kevlar Kid

all this guitar talk....


Tribute to big Freddie King


Kev, McCain didn't call himself a MAVERICK, the MFM that hated him and called him a racist etc etc, chose the term as John McStain sought to make himself a man who....REACHED ACROSSSHH THE AISLE to make RUSSSSSHHH FEINGOLD his friend.

He was not skilled at anything beyond his 25th birthday.


Heh. Good point, JM. I'm divorced, and I never called my ex anything close, or thought as much. But he was a man of civility. An officer and a gentleman. Duty, honor, etc.

Actually, he was a petty, vindictive, hubristic and not-very-smart guy who cashed in on an unfortunate Vietnam situation. Kerry may be even lower in worm units, since he had a far less unfortunate Vietnam situation, but that's about all I'll give McCain. Higher on the worm scale than Kerry.

Kevlar Kid

i hear you, GUS!

my handy ways fell by the wayside when i got sick in 97. nowadays i'm content with hiring out so i don't have to live with those nagging little imperfections due to my insufficiencies. :D

now, back to slidin on my socks on this new hardwood floor in an empty dining room.



Ext, Didn't Billy The Rapist Clinton, go to MOSCOW
to PROTEST John McCain and the VIETNAM war???

Maybe that's why Clinton went to ARETHA FRANKLIN'S funeral instead.

The MFM has not yet commented on CLINTON and MOSCOW.

Kevlar Kid

Two things i won't forget about John McCain.... the tape of his statement of gratitude to his first wife, while recovering in the hospital following his release from captivity; and, his announcement of that SPITFIRE Sarah Palin as his running mate.

he dumped both women later.


GUS, it's clear being in DC has a negative impact on all but the strongest. It goes to their heads, and they want to get applause and kudos from the media. And most of all they just want to get reelected. I'm sure I can count on one hand the ones who have kept their principles and stood up to the swamp. I'll give Rand Paul some credit, even though I disagree with him about 25% of the time. Barry Goldwater was one from an earlier generation. And Reagan, of course, though he never spent time in DC before he was President. It helps to explain why Senators make such crappy Presidents.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Heh. Good point, JM. I'm divorced, and I never called my ex anything close, or thought as much. But he was a man of civility. An officer and a gentleman. Duty, honor, etc.--

Took me a minute to realize Ex had switched from his ex to the ex Senator.
Thought for a minute you had one of those fancy new kinda weddings, Ex. :)


I will NEVER forget him sending his CHIEF of STAFF to LONDON, after being SUCKERED, to pick up a copy of the FRAUDULENT DOSSIER, and then, like the MEAN ANGRY SUCKER that McCain was, bringing that copy of the FRAUDULENT DOSSIER to COMEY. McCAIN played into the COUP, and didn't EVER have the BALLS to make his COMPLICITY in the COUP an HONEST APOLOGY.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even someone who didn't dislike McCain ought to realize whatever his attributes he was of almost no real consequence nationally or historically.
50 or 100 years from now when the Senate Office Building is a just a memorial crater and ruin dedicated to the heroes of The Great Patriotic Liquidation of the Progs of 2024, people will ask John who?


Another good point, Ignatz. No, my ex was not a man of civility or any other kind. She's a very nice lady, actually. :-)


Kev, thanks for the reminder I need to wax my wood floors again. Crank a big fire both fireplaces (keeps the wax melty) and apply paste wax to floor. Then the next morning, ride behind the floor buffer with fluffy socks on. Last time I cranked Strauss for the wax on, and Mozart for the wax off.


the FULL COMMIE is using JOHN McCain for their purposes. He did so himself. All of those who want AMERICA'S decline and their own POWER, are USING HIM.

Kevlar Kid

Would be an interesting sleuth to pry open Dead Johnny's Senate voting record.

what was he for?

what was he against?

on the record.

Beasts of England

Videos or it didn't happen, henry... ;)

Kevlar Kid

henry: details and ritual...everything has it's way. :D Kev


Since we've been talking "Uncle Tom's Cabin," which I've never read, I wondered if Mark Twain ever commented on it or on Harriet Beecher Stowe, since he built a house next door to her in Hartford Connecticut in 1874 and lived there during the time he wrote Huck Finn. Couldn't find any of his comments on her writing style or on Uncle Tom's Cabin which struck me as a bit odd since he critiqued just about everybody, but this article on Twain's and Beecher's Hartford houses had this interesting bit:

Twain’s is the biggest draw. He’s got an enduring literary legacy, to be sure, but the house itself is pretty fabulous, once named one of the 10 best historic homes in the world by National Geographic....

...It’s quite different for Harriet Beecher Stowe, who didn’t exude fun. Born in 1811 in Connecticut, she was from a family of clergymen so well-known that she kept “Beecher” when she published for the name recognition. She eventually eclipsed them all, becoming a mega-bestselling author. That was why Twain, when he was still an aspiring novelist, built his house adjacent to hers — to rub literary shoulders. From his house, I walked in the rain across a plaza to the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center....

So Twain dumped on Fenimore Cooper, (23 Literary offenses) dumped on jane Austen (Jane Austen . . .makes me detest all her people, without reserve), dumped on Bret Harte ("In the early days I liked Bret Harte and so did the others, but by and by I got over it.") etc.

Of posible interest here's his pencil-whipped Mark Twain Creates a List of His Favorite Books For Adults & Kids (1887)

Over to you, Catsmeat:)


Stop by and help move furniture Beasts. You don't need video. I can send you a pic of said floors, can of wax, and buffer. You can see they are ready for a redo. I don't have vids of my activities... nor does the FANG / NSA. ;)


Speaking of The Who, that Toronto AM Radio Station I mentioned earlier played this morning the original version of this tune by it's writer, Eddie Cochran, who introduced it to America's teenagers 61 summers ago: Summertime Blues- Eddie Cochran

Captain Hate

"the McCain funeral celebrated a man renowned for civility"

The same boorish dunce who said Janet Reno was The Omen's father within earshot of the same idiots who wrote the above, who tattled on him forcing a fake contrite apology.

An Officer and a Dunderhead.


Kev, save old socks with a hole in the toe. They are perfect for wax on. One sock lasts for roughly 10' X 10' of floor. Paste wax is great, it hardens and protects if you apply it at melty temps. I follow the karate kid hand movements, alternating clockwise / counterclockwise and right / left hands across boards. Kung fu grip a wad of sock for the application pad. I wax a thousand sq ft between two floors. After moving furniture & rugs, last time it took a day to wax on, then a morning to run the buffer. That was 10 years ago, I can still just run the buffer to put a shine on the floors, but I can see a couple dry spots. So time to hit it again.


The McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era for the Globalist War Party

Okay, we get it: Ms. McCain hates Trump so much that she has to grit her teeth when she talks about him. Trump and his supporters already knew that, of course. And as an aside, we might note that the good news is that in making her hatred so evident, Ms. McCain surely kiboshed any chance that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey would appoint her to fill her father’s senate seat, as some—even some who bill themselves as conservative—have suggested.

I hadn't seen her touted.


How do we know McCain set up this embarrassing spectacle from beyond the grave?
Did someone find an itinerary in his handwriting?


The MSM has told us he did for a week now but I bet as soon as we start criticizing McCain for having set it up we'll be criticized for making that false charge against him without any proof.


Pakistan aid cut off.



Somebody, probably Prager, made the great point this week that the Dossier was not trustworthy enough to be printed by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, WaPo, La Times, etc---only by some shit rag named BuzzFeed---but at the same time this salacious and unverified Dossier was trustworthy enough by the FBI/DOJ to lie to the FISA Court, to violate the Civil Rights of multiple Americans, and to initiate a spying Campaign on a Presidential Candidate.


You know, if everyone we like to read would get a Typepad ID and simply log in, the troll would be the only one with the default avatars*.

At which point we could ignore the default avatars except for a quick glance in the unlikely event that it was someone new that we might like.

But I'm thinking that anyone who'd lurk here long enough to decide to post would also be the type of person willing to get a Typepad login, since there's almost nothing to it.

*He once tried to be honest and keep a name, and some of us, including me, engaged him. It didn't last long.


Gus mentioned the Harley 115th. Here is vid of what our streets have looked like the past week, and more so this weekend:https://twitter.com/govwalker/status/1036369036358115328?s=21

Janet 🚬

All official Trump gear is on sale for Labor Day
MAGA caps, coffee mugs, dog leashes, & lots more!



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