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September 15, 2018


Kevlar Kid

And now this (h/t Dave Burge):

Scary Kentucky Fried Chicken Video 1967

Clarice Feldman


This admission after all that spying and snooping and listening in--no collusion found before Mueller sicced on Trump.


A lady from S Carolina posted a live video telling of the fabulous response teams in place in her area. She is 200 miles from the coast. She said every parking lot is full of trucks ready to spring into action once the storm moves through. She even said the State Troopers had been instructed to block the on/off ramps so the trucks could speed down the interstate toward the damaged areas.

She credits President Trump with planning and being ready with real force to get help to those in need. She backed up her words with dozens of photos of the responders.

She was just an unknown person on Facebook - her post has over 93 thousand shares - her name is Rhonda Rutherford if you are on Facebook - she posts a lot on the storm so you have to scroll down to Sept. 13th.

Don't know if a link to Facebook will work: https://www.facebook.com/ronda.rutherford.16/videos/pcb.734595290207836/734594553541243/?type=3&theater


This makes my blood boil!


matt - deplore me if you must

So the evidence of a setup is even more damning. The FBI spent 9 months from the date of the election to investigate Trump collusion and came up with bupkis. Then Comey had the chutzpah to set trump up purposely to instigate the Mueller investigation.

Can you say criminal malfeasance? I can.

The body of evidence against the conspirators is becoming overwhelming. This is, in fact, a coup attempt. Further, the midterms are as well.

GOTV my friends. We here in Calicrazy have our own issues, but find out where we can beat them and let's stomp these people down and leave no doubt.



Miss Marple (the real one)


Thhis is a fascinating read and a window into his thinking. I am about half-way through. It's pretty long.

Jim Eagle

I am getting this forboding that there has been a well designed strategy after Trump won the election to insert so many negative actions into the mainstream media that it would discourage his base, independents, and old line GOP from voting in the midterms.

1. Russian Collusion'
2. Stormy and Avenatti (really outliving their 15 minutes)
3. Manafort
4. Woodward
5. NYT OpEd
6. Florence Complicity

There are many others but I do not believe in co-incidence. Just seems so pat to me.

Old Lurker

Full Court Press Jack. No doubt about it.

And there should be no doubt if they are willing to use ALL these weapons, there is no chance the stolen vote needle will not be deep in the red zone. They might even know already what the vote counts are. Boxes and boxes, just waiting to be "found".

It might work, too.

I mean, if you are going Commie, as a wise JOM Poster says, go FULL COMMIE!


Christine Blasey Ford has a striking resemblance to Jan from the Brady Bunch:

Jim Eagle

She's a Tar Heel. That explains everything and why daddy is so fasinaticed with her:)

If she had only gone to Duke.


I'll tell you, this is making me so mad I might have to quit reading about it. Look at what Martosko says:

"If she's telling the truth it's a horrible burden to carry around for decades and he ought to acknowledge it. If she's not, though, how could anyone defend against it? There's no statute of limitations in the public arena. The accusation alone is game-ending."

An accusation alone is game-ending? Since when?!

And, "it's a horrible burden to carry around for decades" ?? and, "he ought to acknowledge it"?!

He did. He denied it.


I just emailed our state senators, urging them to support Kavanaugh, as well as asking them to contact Senator Grassley and insist he proceed with the committee vote already planned.

Good grief. This resistance rubbish has to stop, and it won't if people don't start fighting back.

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