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October 19, 2018



Smog should be I am of the opinion.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

You, however, being a so-called expert, have a failure of imagination.

You go, girl!

What we have heah is a failure to think outside the box.

If you are a cardiologist all problems are likely heart problems. If you live inside the political box, all problems are approached from inside the box.

Jim Eagle


LIfe? Not biologically visible. Most likely posting from the graveyard of ideas.


What on earth does that even mean?

I know! I know!

Kleenex was Twitter mobbed into changing the name of a new product called "Man Sized Tissues" or some such.

JM Hanes


I liked your description of planting questions a lot, too. Confrontation is not the only tool in the political kit.


The desperation of the Left is so transparent now,


Failure of imagination or goofy half baked ideas?
You make the call.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

"Kleenex Michelle Obama's Ass Sized Boxes."

What on earth does that even mean?

It's a reference to progs coming unglued today that Kleenex put out new boxes of "Man Sized" Kleenexes and are being accused of the usual tribalisms.

Seriously they are incensed over the labeling of tissues.

Probably cause they use so many trying to stem the lamentations. :)

JM Hanes


"Trump supports Saudi Arabia against Iran but SA might have killed K-what’s his name so I’m going to vote for the mob party who wants to raise my taxes and take away my nice new job."

The Dems are all over the former so that they won't have to talk about the latter. That's the plan.

Captain Hate

"... but they have been blinded by a media they by now should have learned not to trust."

Not if nobody ever points out the discrepancies.

This is a touchy situation when dealing with people I like, even if their politics are 180 degrees from mine. If they watch CNN and MessNBC, they won't even be aware of things we talk about here, or if they are will think of them much differently than we do. I'd have to walk an impossibly constricted line on trying to counter their worldview while still treating them like adults; more likely I'd lose a friend.

My lib friends know I'm very conservative. There are only a handful with whom I've had what I consider a reasonable political discussion.


What we have hear is a failure to communicate.


Hear should be heah


That is true for me as well.
I still value their friendship and want to keep it.
They know my views and respect them.

Jim Eagle

As far as the mid-terms go, I will paraphrase Ben Crenshaw on the Sunday singles at the 1999 Ryder cup, America down 10-6: "I feel something special today," America won, in probably the most controversial[because the fans and players got in the face of the opposition] 141/2 to 131/2. I see the same thing here.

The American's coaxed the Euro's into believing America had the best players, which of course led to their 2nd day lead. But then Capt. Ben came through on the last day even if was dirty pool, it was in accordance with the rules, and Euro lost. I see the same thing happening in November. Sometimes you have to fight dirty.

The Country depends on it.


I do believe the Dems were involved in the caravan kerfuffle because it makes SENSE they would try to use that ploy.

Another Bob

Miss Marple | October 19, 2018 at 04:53 PM

“Get near the door JOM, gonna be a riot.” ;)

Beasts of England

'Have you engaged anyone today?'

I have a date a little later, but have no plans for an engagement...😂

Miss Marple


I can name several of the JFK rivals in the primary in 1960, which is when I also became interested. I was 12.

So, we became interested the same year a different ages. I ball parked the number of years so was off a bit.

Here is the way I look at it. Having seen the treachery of McCain, the absolute nastiness of the Never Trumpers including Bill Kristol and many on the National Review, I am not willing to accept that someone with an R after his name is automatically an ally.

I also have been reading about all sorts of connections between certain corporations, Hollywood, certain NGO's, and the democrats.

Given that these connections have been proven, and given that People like Soros may be paying off all sorts of people (Antifa and those Guatemalan caravan people), why you would think my theories are silly, I don't know.

A good counter intelligence operation looks at all possibilities, even weird ones. Why? Because you don't know how loony the other side is.

Jim Eagle

Same here.

I value my socialist/leftist friendships because I get an extra ticket to heavan.


As far as the Kemp and Abrahamson race and voter signatures are concerned:
In Ohio , every single signature is checked before a ballot is issued.
No complaints because that is the way honest voting is conducted.
It is normal and correct.

Clarice Feldman



They think they'd gain votes if Trump sent the military to defend the border?

I think they'd be crushed to find out that virtually everyone would stand up and cheer.

Anyone see a story about that cursing match between Bolton and Kelly?


I am not a counter intelligence agent and will wait for more information on this situation.
I don’t think he is still alive and assuming a new identity.
Just like I don’t buy the 4D garbage.
But that is just me .
McCain May have turned on us at the end , but I think some of that can be attributed to his brain tumor.His bitterness after losing to Bush was far greater than when he lost to Obama and I always wondered how in God’s name he got that nomination.


That is so true.
Dems are clueless about the enormous number of voters who want the wall and a secure border.


I'm just happy that DANA WARD got SHITCANNED.

He can see us posting, but we can't see him!


((I liked your description of planting questions a lot, too. Confrontation is not the only tool in the political kit.))

I agree. Questions is my go-to with my neighbors....& usually only after they've gone on & on & on about something.

I don't think the ranter changes their mind, but the other people watching might.

Beasts of England

'I think the foot dragging has gone on long enough and currently see no good reason for it.'

That's a completely ridiculous comment, seeing as you don't know the full scope of the scandal, don't know all the personnel involved, don't know all the agencies involved, don't know all the foreign powers involved, don't know all the media entities involved, don't know all the private companies involved, ad infinitum.

And since you don't know those things, there's no logicical basis for you to declare that it's gone on long enough, or to dismissively characterize it as foot dragging.

This is just more of your ankle-biting bullshit directed at Trump and his administration.

Miss Marple


I watched a video today featuring a guy named Oz talking with representatives of a group of black men in Baltimore.

GOP people need to watch It. I will try to find the link later.

I was shocked at how they do not understand white people at all, nor understand how they are being used.

Lots of professors and NGO types pushing victimization, while business owners were pushing opportunities.

We have to break through the MSM wall and help these people.


Just so you know it was 101 degrees today on my lanai for cocktail hour(s). Ugh

I absolutely think both the Kashoggi murder and the caravan to the US were rigged so the left would have an issue for the election.

Seems trump has beaten the caravan, the Kashoggi investigation still outstanding.

Jim Eagle


What the hell are you talking about? I see our anal leakage troll on every page.


Now the Saudis say Khashoggi got in a fight inside the embassy and was killed in the process.



I taught my son that questioning strategy when he was little.

His teachers would talk about global warming and he'd ask if they support nuclear energy. He didn't even know what it was, but I'd explained that it was a good way to flush out hypocrites.

I told him that if they say they're worried that the earth is warming, to ask if it would be better if the world were colder than it is now.

He liked to act innocent while asking such questions, and smiled a devious smile when telling me about it after the fact.

That's my boy. :-)

He's deluged with stuff now, being a senior in college. He just keeps his head down, mostly, but sometimes gets in arguments and asks me for ammo.

Jim Eagle


Sounds like Frederick. He got rejected to one of the NE boarding schools from his interview because he made politically insentive arguments:) IOW's he was not a prog. Nice to know he didn't have to go there and bear that constant mind beating.


Get near the door JOM, gonna be a riot tonight.
Sorry no mud wrestling this evening.

Kevlar Kid

"I always wondered how in God’s name he got that nomination."

...and that was why i found it impossible to take the Curmudgeon from Cleveland seriously.

Miss Marple

Well, henry, a new excuse for the guy's disappearance, still blaming the Saudis.

As I said, we have no EVIDENCE. Only crap from the Turks magnified by the US media.

And I would like to remind folks that the US media is not our friend.


If nothing else, that is a good cover story for them.
No way to prove it.

Jim Eagle

I am starting to see really good ads by GOP pac's here on the East End. All they are, are vids of Kavanaugh protesters, banging on the SCOTUS doors, etc. Very powerful, no words needed.


We currently have McCabe referral-what is happening with that.
We have one Ohr cooperating the other one telling us to take a hike.
Podesta - still not charged.
Aren’t you outraged by that.
Strzok and Page staged an unsuccessful coup.
No consequences.
The stuff we know happened isn’t being dealt with.
Someone is asleep at the switch.
The longer the delays go on the more people slip through the net.
Are we going to get that lying piece of garbage Cheryl Mills ?
So far she has been free as a bird.
Incompetence you don’t want to accept or recognize.

Kevlar Kid

"I don't think the ranter changes their mind, but the other people watching might."

while in Left dominant company i rely on questions (1 or 2 max) exclusively.

imparting conservative opinion rooted in facts will only stimulate the onlookers to conclude that "he started a fight." (learned that the hard way during contested discussions re "equality between women and men" in the workplace.)

their responses (or stammers) make an impression on observers. since the targets of those questions were the ones expounding their gospel to the converted, their stunted replies or the shallow breathing from being swatted like attic bats, make the impression 'they don't really have all the answers like i thought they did.'

politics is about contingencies---as is war, but by "other means."

hope it cools down. the weather i mean.


Excellent, Extraneus.

I did the same with my kids. I can remember writing out questions for them about global warming & evolution.
I don't know if mine ASKED the questions, but it planted the doubt in them.

It was a light bulb moment for me to realize I didn't have to have a well researched argument for every bit of bull crap that leftists threw out. THEY didn't know any facts. Just asking them to explain their ideas usually shut them down.
It is freeing to realize that.

JM Hanes

Captain Hate:

Unfortunately, liberals have gotten used to saying whatever the hell they want without getting any pushback, even dreadfully insulting things. I don't think you have to argue every proposition, I'm with KK on a couple of strategic questions and tossing out some seeds here and there. It doesn't have to start out with a disagreement, per se.

I know when everyone was up in arms about Trump's "bigoted," "anti-muslim" immigration instincts, I would ask how we should address the surge in female genital mutilation in Somali communities. I've even gotten away with doing that at the dinner table. Almost no one is willing defend that "custom," which makes it possible to discuss the issue of importing undesirable cultures and the importance of assimilating values. That can also be framed as an African issue, as opposed to a strictly Muslim issue. It's all about coming at something from an unexpected direction, in my experience, so that the usual knee-jerk arguments and/or assumptions are hard to make.

Back when Tea Parties were in the news, and I was in New York, having dinner with upper west side libs, I finally starting responding to people who made remarks casting Tea Party people as racists etc etc., by simply asking if I really sounded like a racist, or if I looked like the kind of rube they were describing. I saw my share of startled faces.

I always tried to tread lightly enough not to destroy a pleasant evening, but even if nobody changed their party registration on the spot, I felt like I changed the usual trajectory of such conversations and, perhaps just as important, I discovered that I felt so much better about myself when I finally started pushing back.

It's easy to think of reasons why my specific examples wouldn't work with your particular friends, or situation, but I recommend just starting with something really, really small, (like a simple "I'm not entirely sure I agree" in passing), as long as you don't just sit there and let something pass. As long as you don't call someone an idiot, I've found it gets easier the more you do it.

Kevlar Kid

"Sorry no mud wrestling this evening."

dear gawd. brain floss needed for sure with that cloth deeped in clorox. ewwww.

JM Hanes


Did you see my post about Fithian in the last thread (11:15 AM)?

Kevlar Kid

"It's all about coming at something from an unexpected direction, in my experience, so that the usual knee-jerk arguments and/or assumptions are hard to make."

beisbol can be beddy beddy good for yooz.

i have a pal who says about going into the other side's home park--- "Avoid making bench clearing statements."

Make it phat, but keep it low and away. Make em lunge and miss.


Mud wrestling is an old joke here at JOM which newbies wouldn’t get.

Kevlar Kid

forgot to mention about that din-din in St Paul the other night.

the questions interrupted the rising tempo of the joint commiseration over Donald Trump and the desperation over the congressional mid-term races.

they changed the subject.


Chokehold killed Khashoggi.


Lots of opinions, this guy also blames SA Intel people.


Video killed the Radio Star. I blame Bill Gates.

Kevlar Kid

for a conservative esconced in a social occasion filled with Democrats/lefties/anarchists it's unsafe like being in a room filled with monkeys holding machine guns.

once rounds start flying with the gusto of most "collective" D/l/a rants, find dignified but effective cover.

but if you can whack one of them on the head, in the biblical sense, disarming it, one's odds improves at going home unscathed.

Kevlar Kid

Mud wrestling is an old joke here at JOM which newbies wouldn’t get."

Yeah but. That you'd try to use it is still disgusting. I have my own bottom line, Toots.

Beasts of England

'Incompetence you don’t want to accept or recognize.'

Wow. There is an entire bundle of stupid in that statement. First of all, how in the fuck do you know what I accept or recognize? If you ever insult me like that again, I'll respond in kind, and you won't ever fucking recover from it. Read that again, if necessary...

Secondly, since the investigation(s) are not complete, how in the fuck can you call it incompetence? Good grief.


The body will need to be available if they're to be believed, and an autopsy performed. I assume they know that, but if this story is accurate they should have come out with it days ago.

Eye Doctor .


What investigations?


Jane and Clarice I believe we’re involved in the original wrestling event.I am in the company of two women I greatly admire.


I find myself agreeing with mr's distress about none of the bad guys having been indicted yet. It does seem like incompetence, but I also appreciate the big-strategy theory.

Just saying.

Eye Doctor .


Do you see evidence of any real "investigations" going on?


If yard signs are any indication there is no democrat enthusiasm in West Nashville. Is Mr Roof a write in candidate?

Kevlar Kid

Autopsy now! (or stfu!)


On the "raising questions" tactic:

When we were up in the Canadian Rockies a few years ago and visited a melting glacier (it was obviously melting, although it also was obviously August, and there is still a hell of a lot of glacier left) the pleasant and enthusiastic young guide demonstrated and bemoaned how the glacier is now more receded than it has ever been since it was discovered sometime in the early 1800's, and he showed us where it had spread to before it started receding in 1835 or so. Of course the current state of the glacier and it's doomed future were due to "global warming."

I innocently asked "What happened in 1835?" This flummoxed the guide and the other people in our group (except my wife who knows me too well and was annoyed). He responded "What do you mean?" I said "What made the glacier turn around?" He seemed puzzled, but allowed that it must have gotten warmer then and has generally been doing so ever since, as evidenced by the various markers delineating where the glacier had been over the years. I left it at that, both as a matter of strategy and to quell my wife's growing annoyance.

I like to think that the question caused some people to think, although sometimes I wonder whether people can ever be brought to think with any rigor about things they really don't want to know about.

Miss Marple


Good news!

Jim Eagle


Yes I did see your response, and to be honest with you, I googled Fithian, and came up with that guy:) Just wanted to see if that was your reference. Sorry on baiting you but I had never heard of Fithian before.

Now my oldest Beagle got out, no fence collar on him. Not in his normal haunts. Plus on the road behind we have a Village fire truck and emergency vehicles all aglow. He'll have to find his way back.


Hillary’s PAC is helping the migrant horde:


Beasts of England

I get the point, Extraneus - and appreciate the inclusion of 'yet' and 'seem' in your comment. They're extremely important qualifiers, considering the circumstances...


Glenn Greenwald: The Most Repulsive 3 Minutes Ever Broadcast On TV

He's talking about Tom Friedman's defense of MBS.


Yeah, I'm not arguing, Beasts. Just hate to see the anger sometimes.

Kevlar Kid

"Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, 40, a senior analyst in the Treasury department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), was arrested Wednesday (10/17) for leaking Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) on Paul Manafort and other figures in the Russia collusion scandal, and for conspiring to leak others.

A SAR is a document financial institutions must file with FinCEN if they suspect money laundering or fraud.

Listed in the indictment, but unnamed, is a “co-conspirator,” Ms. Edwards’ boss, one of the six FinCEN associate directors. FinCEN won’t say where Ms. Edwards worked, or who her boss was. One of the FinCEN ADs, Thomas Ott, worked for Fusion GPS collaborator Bruce Ohr at the Justice department.

Ms. Edwards and her co-conspirator face up to five years in prison. (It’s noteworthy that he/she is listed as a co-conspirator, not as an unindicted co-conspirator.)

Ms. Edwards had 24,000 SARs on the flashdrive the FBI caught her with. The principal beneficiary of her leaks was Buzzfeed reporter Jason Leopold, who also may be in legal jeopardy.

Leopold is scrubbing his social media accounts, but is a little late.

Coincidentally (or not), Ms. Edwards was arrested on the very day Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told inspectors general how important it is to catch and punish leakers.

************" source: TothePointNews.com


JM Hanes

Sorry, sometimes I comment while listening to something else. Namely, Rush.

I imagine Manwitch on its deathbed,"Kleenex Man Sized boxes still survives...""


Other than prostate cancer are men allowed to have anything their own anymore?

Jim Eagle

As someone who has actually lived in the SandBox, I find it funny listening to liberal jewish columnists like Friedman praising the CP. Sure, he has done some reformation things, but in the universe of democratic ideals, and freedoms, he has a long way to go. Its like one of those 9 year old kids list to Santa Claus.

You are lucky if you get even one thing on that list.

Kevlar Kid

F*ck Z*ck! Who knew?


Thomas Collins

Now I can't find the post to which I was responding, KK. I blame it on the exhausting night of fandom I had yesterday while I was sitting in a bar and downing refreshments while watching the Bosox advance. I now have until Tuesday to rest.


All this arguing reminds me of the Rob Crawford vs bunkerbuster wars.


So from that ZH thing I linked earlier, no thinking person can call MBS a "reformer."

Very weird stuff going on these days.

Beasts of England

I meant my reply as a compliment to you, Extraneus. I try to be precise in my language, and the use of declarative statements regarding a nebulous scandal grates on my last nerve. :)

~ ~ ~

Shower time. Don't any of you damned 'newbies' get to be mud rasslin' or nothin'...


Kevlar Kid

Humorist Scott Adams (Dilbert) – one of the few, and perhaps the first, to forecast Trump’s win in 2016, predicts in the midterms we’ll see “the greatest turnout by Republicans, maybe ever.”

Kevlar Kid

Last time i saw mud rasslin was Vegas 1986 during a Ray Milland "Lost Weekend" kinda thing. Dwarves jousting in a mud pit on pygmy ponies. Don't judge.



I think he may have been shadowbanned. I haven't noticed any long copypasta today.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


I Think My Dog's a Democrat Bryan Lewis Official Video

Kevlar Kid

Were Mo Binny in any real hot water with our feckless congressional hen house he'd be able to junket and gift his way out.

have a jazz musico friend get an invite to assist Mo Binny's family a few years back (about 20). wanted mi amigo to assist with Mo Binny's music education. Amigo and Mo Binny's Unc had met in Paris a few months before.

Mi amigo gets the invite. Catches a private jet at SFO. Flies to SA and is whisked from the airport directly to the palace compound where he waits 5 hours to no avail.

the assistant comes in with an apology for the delay (spent in total comfort and repose--- better than a 5 star resort) and $50K USD in cash for his trouble.

back on the jet immediately, none the worse for wear.

that's called influence. Congress won't do diddly.


Caravan migrants break Guatemala border fence, rush Mexico

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala (AP) — Migrants traveling in a mass caravan burst through a Guatemalan border fence and streamed by the thousands toward Mexican territory on Friday, defying Mexican authorities’ entreaties for an orderly crossing and U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats of retaliation.

On the Mexican side of a border bridge, they were met by a phalanx of police with riot shields. About 50 managed to push their way through before officers unleashed pepper spray and the rest retreated.

The gates were closed again, and police used a loudspeaker to address the masses, saying, “We need you to stop the aggression.”

Mexican federal police chief Manelich Castilla, speaking from the border town of Ciudad Hidalgo, told Foro TV that his forces achieved their main objective of preventing a violent breach by the 3,000-plus migrants. In a separate interview with Milenio television, he accused people not part of the caravan of attacking police with firecrackers and rocks.


"speaking of crap headlines...

Headline at The Hill:

"Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment"

Those sonsuvbitches ought to be shot for such a headline. it refers to trump haters being disappointed, as if those are the only people who matter. Why not,"Prepare for Elation" instead of "Prepare for disappointment?" Rotten press bastards.

Posted by: daddy on iPad | October 19, 2018 at 01:05 PM"

The fact that my heart soars like an eagle, as the Great DoT used to say, when I read this headline speaks volumes about the Rotten press bastards. Illegitimi non carborundum, I say!

Kevlar Kid

Three .50 cal pea shooters strafing the path in front of the bum rushers would check their advance mas rah-pee-dough. chiggidah-chiggidah-chiggidah-chiggidah--- dance Fernando dance.


It soars like the hawk, bb.


Ext--Were those the women and children we keep hearing so much about?

Bernardi Dr la paz

Well Henry v111, the Medicis come to mind, Machiavelli wrote the Prince as a cover letter for the latter based on his employment by the borgias this qahtani chap (I told you about them, doughty basically called then readers, cannibals) he seems to be a Thomas cromwell figure,

Kevlar Kid

speaking of prostate cancer.... on the Delta flight to and fro the in-flight magazine featured Breast Cancer Awareness propaganda. (what human over the age of 11 doesn't yet know about breast cancer?)

i was thinking, why don't we see entire magazine editions about ass cancer and men. is it the shame and the heartbreak? wha?

more women croak from heart disease than B/C. where's the PR on that disaster front?



Remember the massive crowds at Hillary's inauguration?

Oh, wait...

I'm still not tired of winning!


Abortions increase the risk of breast cancer Kev so we won't sleep till loose women get the equivalent of AZT.


Were those the women and children we keep hearing so much about?

Might just be those innocent unaccompanied boys, bb.

Another Bob

“no thinking person can call MBS a "reformer."”

That could be what certain unfriendlies want you to think Ext.

I’d keep an open mind.


So tell me dear friends. What about this Guatamala Honduras, El Salvador weekend at Bernies, is America supposed to find ENDEARING?????

No Booooooosoms
No CAGES....yet!

I've said it out loud and clearly here for a decade.
THEY WANT THEM HERE. We used to debate DEMOCRATS about this. THEY LIED.

Democrats/Libtards/FULL COMMIES ....always lie.


Jim Eagle

I would have never thought a sports icon like Peyton Manning would ever lower his profile by doing stupid car insurance commercials. He really doesn't have clue.




Yet, thanks to MBS, women are on the Saudi roads after all this time, some driving Ferraris.

I saw a boxing or wrestling video where Saudi women were clearly and unapologetically in the stands rooting for participants.

This is a serious attack on the KSA, but I don't think Trump will allow it to matter much.

Jim Eagle

Vintage Wings of Canada.

Some really great photos of WW2 aviation.



As far as the Kemp and Abrahamson race and voter signatures are concerned:
In Ohio , every single signature is checked before a ballot is issued.
No complaints because that is the way honest voting is conducted.
It is normal and correct.

mr - I worked in the elections office here in Ga. for a couple of years as a volunteer. We always carefully checked the signatures on file with the absentee ballots that were mailed in. If someone has never done that - they may not realize how obvious it can be that the same person did NOT sign both. We always got a 2nd or even 3rd opinion before denying a vote or mailing the voter with a request to verify the signature. I could likewise tell if someone were just elderly, developed a shaky signature, etc.

More on Stacy Abrams: Abrams’ admissions in this piece are powerful. She notes that Georgia law “requires that we turn in all application forms we collect, regardless of concerns over validity. It’s the job of the secretary of state to determine the status of the applications. We do not get to make the decisions about whether or not a form is valid or not.” Well, there you have it.


Clarice Feldman

In case daddy shows up:https://www.adn.com/politics/2018/10/19/gov-bill-walker-drops-out-of-campaign-for-alaska-governor/


I am starting to see really good ads by GOP pac's here on the East End. All they are, are vids of Kavanaugh protesters, banging on the SCOTUS doors, etc. Very powerful, no words needed.

Here is a good one: (Probably posted before but I don't mind watching it twice!)



I figured the K-Dude story would be he had a heart attack during interrogation based on pictures of him.

A fist fight? I didn't see that one coming.

Regardless, Realpolitik should be our concern here and not domestic KSA politics and intrigue.

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