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October 20, 2018


Bernardi Dr la paz

Really interesting, captain how did you hear of them.

Captain Hate

I'm immune to those ZH clowns doom and gloom horseshit. Even if they're right there's not a fucking thing I can do about it other than go 100% cash and maybe not even that will work.

The end of the world mavens have been around forever and have always been objects of ridicule. I'm not changing that now.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Apple's and orange the debt service probably will become unsustainable eventually, for aggregate factors.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Unrelated to interest rates, so they've gone to the saudi troll explanation to blot out the truth quelle surprise.

Captain Hate


Straight improv is a large part of what I listen to. Marquis Hill looks like he's tied into the Wynton Marsalis/Lincoln Center crowd. I'm sure he's a good musician but not someone I seek out.


The saxophonist Dave Rempis used to play in one of Ken Vandermark's groups who stopped by here about twenty years ago and you tell he was a major talent. I've been following him ever since and go see him automatically whenever one of his groups play here.

Bernardi Dr la paz

How can one see if their head is up their rumpus:


To think a second rate intellect like mailer can compare with podhoretz because of his pose of researched ignorance?

Bernardi Dr la paz

I'm referring to the reviewer, which evinced deep ignorance.



Marquis Hill looks like he's tied into the Wynton Marsalis/Lincoln Center crowd.

That makes sense, since Marsalis has come here for many years. He has gotten very lazy, but his band is good.

As you can probably tell, I was not much impressed with Hill.

JM Hanes

Electric Light has an interesting mix of history illustrated with fine arts -- alongside tech help columns for Mac people!

Plutarch’s Lives in Paint: 18b Cato the Younger

Kojima, a Japanese impressionist. Apparently, the currents flowed both ways.

Iconic photographs over at Retronaut — Colorized. Surprised? Didn't think so. I love this one:

Hats photo Hats_zpszaglfqvd.jpg

Hats, "looking down on 36th St. between 8th and 9th Aves. in the Garment District, from a new book mentioned at the site.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The end of the world mavens have been around forever and have always been objects of ridicule. I'm not changing that now.--

Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results. :)

Captain Hate


Yeah, they're all good players but they're stuck on the same blues based treadmill and haven't moved beyond that since Coltrane died when I graduated high school. The European and Asian free jazzers draw from other influences and have really been where the action has been.

Another Bob

Purdue up fifteen on The with four plus minutes left,

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

I think Purdue is going to pull it off for Tyler the terminal kid. This isn't a win but a beatdown!


Another Bob

Make it 22 with three-plus minutes.

Captain Hate

I meant to say earlier that I thought tonight's game was a major trap for O$U but thought I'd be justifiably ridiculed.

Bernardi Dr la paz

It seems Taylor has shown further bad judgement:


Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Total beatdown!

Another Bob

Make it 29 with two minutes, 49-20.

Loving it.

Bernardi Dr la paz

That's a nuking from orbit, just to make sure.


Just take the top four teams from the SEC and put them in the championship.

Then again why bother. Just give it to Alabama and move on

Another Bob

Why isn’t The just handing the ball off at this point?

Meyer a masochist?

Bernardi Dr la paz

What I was referring to:


Did Armstrong play football at purdue?



Bernardi Dr la paz

Quelle surprise:


Bernardi Dr la paz

Change the name of the latter:


Bernardi Dr la paz

They are flooding the zone, what do you think of his theory:


Bernardi Dr la paz

See this was why he didn't get a job in this administration:


Bernardi Dr la paz

That's more balanced but were in the midst of a moral panic:

Dave (in MA)

It's Hoft, but: Thpartacuth update.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Heck stranger things have happened, take jim mcgreevey, for instance.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Leave it to tepid to get this story wrong:


Bernardi Dr la paz

And with that I sign off for tonight, as rich says, too much internet.

jim nj


Developers have sold at full prices to first customers. Then when demand for the remaining units waned, they offered discounts to fill up the building. That de-values the previous sales.

jim nj


More on the above. Demand is slackening. If developers have to cut prices to sell the remaining housing stock it means the earlier buyers own property worth less than they paid for.

That's a paper loss of net worth. And China seems to be reining in the market to prevent a housing price bubble. That suggests a continued erosion of housing wealth.

jim nj


Sierra Leone cancels plan for Chinese built and funded airport.


From July.



Random events? I think not.

I think many countries have realized that Chinese funded projects, built by Chinese contractors, are not in their interests.


Used to play softball regularly with a crew of friends that included Tony Bennet's sons Danny and Dae in my late teens, early twenties.

Jim nj,

Tony's 2 sons you may recall tried to make it big in the mid 70's with a band called Quacky Duck and His Barnyard Friends.
In College I worked 5 nights a week at the top live music joint in Chapel Hill (Town Hall) making deli sandwiches and pouring beer, and I recall them coming through town about a dozen times. They were real decent, thankful types, not stuck up at all, and their violin player, David Mansfield had ungodly talent. It's interesting to see that he went on to do so many interesting things. Their big hit (well medium sized hit) was The barnyard Song which did pretty well at getting the drunken crowd hooting!

jim nj


If the FED continues toward higher interest rates and China continues to reduce them, expect capital outflows from China and lower value for it's currency.

A lower currency value would be a boon for exports, but capital outflows would curtail investment in China.


Similar article.


Suggests the Peoples Bank of China has lost control of its' currency's value.


Similar to the article above with commentary by Nomura Securities.

jim nj


I well remember "Quacky Duck and His Barnyard Friends." They were something of a joke because of that name, but weren't too bad musically.

Obviously, the kids had a lot of contacts in the business, so they got gigs. I heard them play but wasn't much of a fan. I knew their roadie very well.

Tony did a great job raising his kids. They were sons of a famous singer, yet they had absolutely no airs about them. Really nice guys.

jim nj

Growing up in Englewood, NJ, was really strange, 20=25% of the population was black, but the mix between rich and middle class whites was enormous.

Englewood's East Hill neighborhood was elevated above the rest of the town, sitting on the backside of the Palisades. Lots of mansions and other high priced homes on the East Hill half of the city.

I knew lots of rich kids. We middle class kids were more adventurous. They loved to hang around with us. We were more fun their comparable class friends.

Joey Travolta, John's older brother, was a friend. Buddy Hackett's daughter had a pet raccoon who shat in the air plenum of my Chevy II Nova. Took months to get rid of the smell.

One of Dick Shawn's (The Producers) daughters, From wiki:
Shawn was married to Rita Bachner in 1946, and they had four children: Amy, Wendy (married to John Travolta's older brother Joey Travolta), Adam, and Jennifer. He had one grandchild, Rachel Travolta. He was a longtime resident of Englewood, New Jersey.

And many, many more names you would recognize.

Englewood had so many people in the entertaiment industry that they opened the east coast Actor's Home there.


My friend and I used to deliver the local paper there and met many of the residents as pre-teens.


Okay, let's get Sunday going with Clarice's Pieces.


jim nj

Bravo, Clarice, but secret with a "k", is that meant to evoke the idiocy of the left?

If that's a typo, shame on you. If it's not, it's brilliant.

Hi Hoyden.


Thank you, Clarice, for packaging up, not just a week, but an entire season of Democrat foofaraw in one post.

I had to google "Miss Havisham", cultural philistine that I am, and was pleased to learn there is an archetype guiding Clinton to earnestly fulfill her life imitates art potential.


Good morning, jim nj. I'm still catching up from last night so I'm a few hours behind you. I did a quick time jump when I saw Clarice's Pieces.

jim nj

Ah, Hoyden, I'll probably be asleep when you catch up, but I always enjoy seeing you here.

jim nj

Nytol, still thinking of of my childhood. What a wonderful time it was. I was in an "Ozzie and Harriet" moment until I got older and real life intruded.

But in those early days we were "free-range" kids. That doesn't seem to prevail these days, but, back then, you got to use your imagination and we were world class explorers. We created our own "games" and "adventures."

Miss Marple

Good morning, all!

Fascinated reading about all the people you knew in Englewood, Jim. I had a similar exploring childhood but no celebrity parents around.

Hoyden, thanks for snagging Clarice's pieces! It was nice to see the dem strategy outlined so efficiently!

James D.

Wonderful Pieces, Clarice! And, yes, Miss Havisham is an excellent description of Gillary.


I'm finally on real time.

Sweet dreams, jim nj. Thanks for sharing some of your childhood experiences. I don't know anyone famous, or even someone who knows someone famous, so it's hard for me to imagine the richness of your youth as you see the folks you knew then live out their cultural destiny.

I also appreciate your financial links. I don't usually understand the details but I like to think if I squint I can see the overall picture, even if somewhat blurred. Sounds like our economy isn't optimum but it's the best game in town.

I spent yesterday at the airport assisting with my airplane's annual inspection. I get to do the unglamourous jobs like removing the floor panels and various fairings and inspection panels, so that my inspector can do his thing and sign Athena's log books. I have plenty of body aches, a few bruises, and one bloody gash for my effort. It'll take a few days to get the grease and gunk off my hands. Greasing the main gear wheel bearings will do that. And I'm not done. Athena got signed off for another year and I got her mostly back together. I will hopefully finish up today.

It's 25F right now but suppose to warm up to 50F by noonish. It was about 40F yesterday and the hangar is unheated. The only thing I hate more than working in the cold is working in the heat. October is usually a good time to do this but this year we're getting a hefty dose of Gore Effect Glowball Warming.

James D.

To answer Ext from las night, the cruise was great. I got really used to being fed huge quantities of delicious at all hours, having my room made up and tidied up several times a day, and not having to be at work.

Thanks to Hurricane Michael, we were several hours late in departing, and so we did not make our Boston port of call. We also missed Saint John thanks to 50 MPH winds that prevented the local pilot boats from coming out to bring the ship in.

Bar Harbor was gorgeous, and we visited Saint Savior’s Church, with its amaing Tiffany stained glass windows. Portland was fun, and I finished my Christmas shopping there. All you cooks might want to check out Skordo, which is a fancy spice shop, and they will ship, too. Halifax is beautiful, and we walked all around the city including the Public Garden, which is amazing.

But now back to real life...

Man Tran


When we got our first plane the end of 85 (A36-TC Bonz) I found a mechanic that I followed through about four shops in 20 yrs. He trusted me enough that he never touched anything; just walked around with his clipboard and flashlight. Second half of that time was on the Malibu. Did engine swaps, cylinder swaps, pretty much everything. If I had planned ahead, I would have logged the time and earned my A&E easily.


New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, accused of sexual assault by a man
Richard Armande Mills (RAM)Richard Armande Mills
@RAMRANTS Yesterday
An anonymous Twitter user published his unsettling and detailed account of an alleged interaction that took place in a bathroom years ago between him and New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker.



He's got 99 problems

And a bitch ain't one


MT, isn't it great to connect with a good mechanic? I've been blessed to have mechanics I trust and enjoy working with. I couldn't do what you do because I have a disdain for wrenching that encourages me not see things I don't want to see, and overall not always knowing what to look for. I need the extra eyeballs.

That doesn't stop me from suggesting exploring opportunities to streamline the inspection, such as greasing the mains every two years instead of annually (approved). Taking off the floor panels and rear bulkhead; nixed. I have learned which panels don't have to come completely off, such as the underside wing root fairing, which can be inspected without having to remove the upper screws.

My biggest complaint revolves around the original builder's decision to use Rivnuts for the floor panels and wheel pants in place of plate nuts. Aaarrrggghhh!!!! I have stripped about a dozen in 17 years and replacing or fixing them is a royal PITA. Friends should never let friends use Rivnuts on airplanes!

Another Bob

Hoyden, there was a time when I considered buying an airplane.

Thank you for validating that long ago decision... ;)


https://spectator.org/election-2018-is-the-wave-turning-red/ is quite good.

Another Bob

Now my turn for JOM access issues? (Or maybe an anti troll measure?)

My name and email would be sticky. Enter once, stayed until cookies were deleted.

Now, must enter every time.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Great Pieces, Clarice.


Another Bob, owning an airplane is like coming to a fork in the road, and taking it. Either journey will open some doors and close others. For two days out of the year I grit my teeth, brave bruises, cuts, and aches, to have the opportunity to fly the other 363 days. I started with an ultralight and that was fun. I could do all the work and be my own mechanic and inspector. Then I moved up to a Cessna 150. I could change the oil and put air in the tires. Otherwise my job was to write the check to the mechanic. Finally I bought the RV6 and could do anything except the annual inspection because I was not the original builder. I don't see it in me to build my own airplane. I tried but realized quickly I did not have the proper space (at least a two car heated garage), and that I like flying more than wrenching.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

From an earlier link on JOM.

IMO, every Democrat needs this bought to their attention thousands of times every day.

"The 100 ISIS terrorists nabbed in Guatemala are just the tip of the iceberg! "

My guess would be if they caught 100, thousands have gotten thru into the USA.


Thank you for the great Pieces this morning, Clarice. I hope the "Miss Havisham" sticks - it's brilliant!


Another Bob, I've been getting that problem intermittently all weekend. On occasions where TyphusPad doesn't return a 520 error.

Man Tran

I started wrenching when I was about six. Built race cars in my early teens. Raced my own when I started ‘officially’ driving at sixteen. Engineering was just a natural extension of all that, so airplanes, including instrumenting and crashing them for pay was another natural extension of the process. By the time I was rebuilding landing gear (much later) I ended up creating my own tooling for pressing bushings in and out. Donated the tools to others when I figured I’d not likely need them again. Definitely keeps you intimately knowledgeable about the machine.

Clarice Feldman

Good morning, JOM and thanks.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Ah mills is the one who revealed the creepy poem lawyers tie to the Saudis

Great pieces clarice., so khashoggi is more like bari atwan and other middle East radicals


ACA website hacked. Consumer health / financial data snagged by bad guys. Note: all the privacy laws in the universe won’t stop this from happening. Besides, government exempts itself from the penalties.



but he still hasn't "found his people,"

and they typically don't, til February of next semester.
Patience and support.

(Unless 'their people' get shit-faced drunk Wednesday-Saturday.
You can always find those people.)

Jack is Back!


Great Pieces, of course they all are, each Sunday.

But you forgot their dark tactic: Assasination. Besides the ball park shooter, you have other wannabes, including the latest whacko down the road from me in Smithtown/Ronkonkoma. He was going to target 2 Senators.

The Dems can’t criticize these nut jobs without risking Soros cutting off their payday.

Miss Marple

Well, I have had that problem for a few days. At first my name would be stickied until I went to another site like Twitter. Now I have to type it in every time.

Nothing I try seems to work.

Interestingly, my name IS stickied if I post from my phone. The only difference is that the phone still has my old email address.

James D.

When a newspaper prints something that it knows is false, can't they be sued for it?



testing ...

good read this morning clarice.


It is hard to believe that back in 2010 the Dem/Media Machine attacked the Bush administration like rabid dogs over not inspecting EVERY shipping container. Our national security was at risk!!

Now it is an open borders/sanctuary city orgy for the left.

"Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), along with many other Democrats, was having none of that. "Republicans have wasted years doing nothing to protect our ports," he fumed in 2006. "They crow a lot about security, but when it comes to nuts and bolts, they've made zero progress. Homeland security starts at our ports, and Democrats will make 100-percent scanning the policy of the United States." Agreed then-Sen. Hillary Clinton: "We simply cannot continue to leave our ports and our cities open to this kind of risk."


No need to smuggle anything or anyone in a shipping container....just 'Come On In' across the border. Welcome!

Another Bob

MM, Henry, one detail I omitted - I do not have/use a typepad account. Strictly my made-up nick here and an obviously made-up email addy.

Man Tran

MM, until I went to another site like Twitter.

Question: do you ‘click through’ to other sites within one tab, or open a new tab for each side trip?

My standard practice is to NEVER click through. A typical day’s catching up on JOM will produce 20 tabs that I can peruse at my leisure after I’m caught up. My sticky labels haven’t changed in several years.

Another Bob

James, theoretically yes. Good luck winning the case.

Yeah, that smarmy bitch knew exactly what she was doing. And she’d have written the story anyway without the Kav linkage? Horseshit.


it was all smoke and mirrors then and smoke and mirrors now ... took a look at all those pictures of the caravan coming this way-all of them mighty tall for being so young.

Miss Marple

A different tab for each one, Man Tran.

Also, I don't have a Typepad account, either.

Miss Marple


This is about pulling out of that nuclear treaty which the Russians have been violating.

Man Tran

Me no Typepader. But my JOM tab has been open for years across ~4 iPhones, countless iOS upgrades/backups. And I have cookies turned off. (Which BTW makes many sites unreadable because I will not hit the accept cookies button.)

Miss Marple


A nice column by Salema Zito.


When a newspaper prints something that it knows is false, can't they be sued for it?

Yes. It does appear that they put up a correction immediately. That is important for the WaPo defense.

She would be in trouble if the writer replied to the school’s email before the article was published because that would suggest the writer did read it.


New thread


From rse 's 7:48, Dems have pulled funding from one of the top battleground districts:

"Will Hurd is the only black member of the Texas GOP congressional delegation, a former CIA officer who has held the seat since 2014. The largely rural district, which stretches all the way from the suburbs of San Antonio in the east to El Paso in the west, is majority Hispanic and the congressional seat has changed hands five times between Republicans and Democrats since the 1990s. Hurd won re-election two years ago by a margin of barely 3,000 votes and was obviously a vulnerable target in this year’s midterms, but Democrats appear to have fumbled away their chance of winning in TX23 by nominating a pro-abortion Filipina lesbian as their candidate."




My mother lives at a place called Edgewood in N.Andover MA. I think it was the first over 55 community in the country.

I live in an over 55 park in Florida which is very different, no catering like where my mother is. I'm 66 and pretty young for here - altho all my friends are in their 50's which is terribly rude. The one thing you get used to around here is a lot of dying.

There are lots of activities in the park: Bocce, pickleball, cards, bing0 none of which I participate in. My crowd is more of the happy hour type.

Another Bob

Thanks much Jane.

I’m 59 wife is 68. We’re more the happy hour types too ;)

She’s retired, and if it weren’t for damned Obamacare having destroyed the health insurance market, I would be too.

What’s rude about friends in their 50’s?

tommy mc donnell

the idea that the colleges make money off the players is a myth. nobody, or hardly anybody goes to the games to see the players. they go to see the schools. I don't know why the schools haven't figured this out yet. they should do with scholarships and put real students out on the field. the stands would be still be filled. let the professional sports leagues start minor leagues to supply them with new players.

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