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October 28, 2018


Dave (in MA)





Hell of a night in Mudville! Rock on, Sox!


Horowitz, Schumann, Novelette, Opus 21 in F Major


This is an excerpt from his film "The Last Romantic."

Ralph L

can I beg folks to try to not be cryptic.


Ralph L

I had the weird experience this evening of singing along with the Time Warp at Walmart. But there were too many people and not enough nerve for pelvic thrusts.


Ralph L

Isn't Tim Curry in real bad shape or something?


EMILY BALSER | Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, 10:24 p.m.

Pittsburgh and Allegheny County police along with the FBI will hold an active shooter drill Thursday night in Squirrel Hill.

The drill will take place from 8 p.m. to midnight at the Jewish Community Center, 5738 Forbes Ave.

Darlington Road will be closed from St. Edmund's Way to Murray Avenue.

Residents may notice a large police presence in the area.

The exercise is closed to the public and the media.

The exercise is to ensure the area is prepared and ready to respond in an active shooter situation. The exercise will include apprehending a shooter, evacuations and treating victims at the scene.

At least 50 volunteers from the Squirrel Hill community and the Jewish Community Center staff will serve as role players for the exercise.



Not a lot of nuance in this Straw Man


Avi Yemini
Published on Oct 28, 2018
You sickos. If anyone, the LEFT is to blame.

STOP blaming Trump for the Pittsburgh tragedy


jim nj

Took Uber over to my nephew's house so that me and my sister could join him and his wife for dinner.

Nice ride, the Uber driver was quiet.

Took Uber back home with a talkative Uber driver. Turns our he's on the same wavelength as my Trump hater sister.

Trump promotes violence. Charlottesville , the bomber.

Alright, what about the shooting of Sen. Scalise by a Bernie bro.

Well, Bernie didn't tell him to do that.

Alright, what about the attack on Sen Rand Paul.

Well, that was an angry neighbor.

Alright, explain Antifa to me.


You've never heard of Antifa?


You know they use blinders on horses to keep them focused ahead and not to be concerned with peripheral vision. How is it that liberals are blind to peripheral issues?

jim nj

I think what annoyed me most about the Uber driver is that he didn't listen well.

He asked if we going to a Halloween party. Apparently a lot of his rides that night were.

We talked about Halloween celebrations for a while and I brought up the Greenwich Village Halloween parade in NYC.

I highly recommend the Halloween parade if you're visiting NYC, but you have to understand it's like Mardi Gras and the LGBTQ crowd is involved big time. They consider it their parade and they engage in antics quite as you'd expect.

So if you're going to judge me as a Republican and can't grasp the concept that I'm loving enough to enjoy the Halloween parade, then you're not paying attention.

The parade is always anti-Republican and I just shrug it off. It's entertainment that I don't wish to censor.

Anyway, lesson learned tonight - I'm more tolerant of people than liberals are.


Clarice's Pieces is up.



jim nj, "How is it that liberals are blind to peripheral issues?"

That's a rhetorical question, yes? It's baked into their Narrative. All you need to be a Leftist is to tune into The Narrative. The Narrative will tell you who to hate. Why doesn't matter.

jim nj

I'm willing to bet that a significant number of non-Republicans are sick of this BS too.

If you can't engage in a reasonable discussion, and maybe cede some points, why would anyone continue to engage you?

I think that other non-Republicans are finding themselves in similar situations.

If you question the standard Democrat line of thought in order to reform it, bring it back to reality, you become the enemy.

I think Walkaway and Blexit are real, not AstroTurf, movements. They have tried to engage the Democrats and have been rebuffed. Where does that lead them other to think that the Democrats don't want them.

Years ago we had liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats. Now we have "purity" tests. There is no party that occupies the center. So if you don't fit in as a "left-wing" Democrat, maybe you're a Republican centrist or mild liberal.

jim nj


Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, it seems to be based on hatred, not some reasoned, debatable information.


jim nj, No "seems" about it, The Democrat Narrative is based on hate and demagoguery. I was Democrat leaning from college (McGovern) through first Clinton. I remember knowing how to express the hate without ever having to know why.

You can imagine the hate if Conservatives tried to participated in the Halloween parade. Simply being there and being visible would trigger the Leftists.

I never engage my Lefty friends in political discussion. Never.



jim nj


Thank you for the link to Clarice's Pieces. I think all three of us are arguing against hate.

And yes, as a welcoming conservative, I would never attempt to interfere with a liberal-leaning Halloween parade.

Let them have their fun. I don't agree with all of it, but as an astute observer, I can relish the fun spirit and not jump to hate mode for that which I disagree with.

That doesn't seem to work for the far left, I can only assume that makes me a better person than they.

I have no micro-triggers. Those nerve cells were deadened years ago from repeated stimuli.


Yah! I completed my biannual flight review yesterday. The weather was nominally VFR (visual flight rules) to MVFR (marginal VFR) with moderate overcast at about 3000' AGL (above ground level) and hazy. Visibility was occasionally as low as about 5 miles. Nevertheless my instructor, Tom, and I persisted.

There wasn't enough altitude to practice stalls and we had to settle for 45 degree bank turns and a go-around (aborted landing). Landed at three airports and I did my first ever no-flaps landing. When we completed Tom gave me a "good flying" comment. Coming from Tom that meant a lot to me. I don't have innate flying ability but with years of practice I'm getting better.

Landing is where so much of training comes together managing speed and direction. You can't land an airplane until it slows down enough to quit flying. If you force the plane on the runway while the wing still has lift then you've just made your landing so much harder to control. You have to hold the airplane as close to the runway without touching it until the speed drops, the wing stalls, and you plop onto the runway. If you plop down from 6" it's a lot less jarring than from 2 or 3 feet.

I did four nice landings.


Agree that the speech with the kids at The Future Farmers convention is something. Well written, well delivered, and there is no question he truly cares about these kids and our farmers.

I was thrilled to see their excitement about meeting him on his arrival.


The MSM has been on full attack mode since the killings at the baby naming ceremony. The strength he and his family show in dealing with these assaults is extraordinary. Please pray for them---and us all.

Holding the House isn't about advancing MAGA--it is about having them stay out of power. Unquestionably rejecting them, their divisiveness and their methods. Rejecting their message and their values.

jim nj

Earthquake in Mexico - old news, last year - study suggests a new result. A broken tectonic plate.



jim nj, I can relate to your experience. It was only when I started coming out as Conservative, after 9-11, that I began to learn about Conservative perspectives.

JimNorCal, that 'toon is perfect.


jim nj, your conclusion is what Haidt documented and made him famous---conservatives and liberals hold IIRC three values in common; but conservatives also value three other things--loyalty being the only one I can remember off the top of my head.*

Again, in as few words as possible--libs are essentially adolescent in their world view and thinking. Emotional, consumed with "fairness" in the equal outcome sense, not equal opportunity. Looking for somebody else to deal with the harsh realities of humans in this world--The Government.
"Daddy , take care of that."

Extremely naive as to how the real world works.

I am bracing myself for dinner tonight, a la Jim's Uber ride. Eight of us regular commonsense people, and a couple we've known for nearly three decades where the stay at home wife is a raging lib. And assumes all right thinking people are as well. Episcopalian variety, at least when her kids needed Sunday School.
(Not that there's anything wrong with being a homemaker and at home momma---I always support that choice for children-- but let's just recognize she has zero knowledge of the working world, for starters. Other than getting workers in to maintain her 5000 square foot house.)
I take great pleasure that one of her sons works on oil rigs in the Gulf.
Yes, I can be like that.

*Wiki doesn't tell me what the values are.

Sounds like he went from being the unquestioning lib to a conservative while researching The Righteous Mind, but only feels secure enough to acknowledge he's a centerist. He is in The Academy after all--coming out would shut him down, without questions

This below closed the Wiki entry, which I found Oh So Typical of the LAZY (adolescent again, right?) efforts made by "journalists" these days, IRT to a book review that called Haidt for statements of others he included in his book!
And they want me to think POTUS is the Fascist...

Journalist Chris Hedges wrote a review of The Righteous Mind in which he accused Haidt of supporting "social Darwinism".[38] In his response, Haidt disagreed with Hedges's reading of the book, most notably that Hedges took quotations from conservatives and inappropriately attributed them to Haidt.[39]


Something Something This Didn't Age Well



I wish you would share with that stay at home mom what a dem senate candidate from AZ thinks about her. In your head at least.


The Liberal perspective and narrative can be reduced to fit on a t-shirt and bumper sticker.

The Conservative perspective is far more complex, as Clarice and anonamom, explain this morning with perspectives that will never fit on a bumper sticker.

Trump's MAGA and his delivering MAGA, is as close to succinct as I've ever seen.


Why don't we import more dolphins? Christopher Langan got in trouble for a similar question but being banned from Facebook isn't much of a threat to me.

Mythology of the Dolphin - Robert Sepehr


jim nj


I was deeply affected by 9/11. As some people here know I had planned to attend a financial technology expo at the World Trade Center at Windows on the World on that day. At the last minute I decided not to attend.

Had I attended, as I had planned, we wouldn't be talking here.

What I most object to in today's environment is that people seek to de-humanize me. They don't know me, but assume that because I have Republican, conservative and Libertarian thoughts that I am evil.

They hate me because I think for myself. I've got 64 years of experience and I know what works and what doesn't.

To my mind, what's truly evil, is that inner cities, ruled by Democrats, are providing horrible education environments for our nation's young black children.

I want these kids to reach their full potential in order to contribute to the greatness of our nation.

There may be a new Einstein in there somewhere, but not the way he's being taught.

So who's the racist? The Republican who, supposedly hates minorities, or the Democrat administrations of our inner cities, that wouldn't teach them properly?

I fully adhere to the policies of Lincoln, who didn't intend to abolish slavery, but in the end, had to.

Versus current day Democrats, in the inner cities, that won't properly educate young black children and make them wards of the state in the long run.

These kid's futures are being wasted. And Republicans aren't doing it to them.



Your comments on the importance of Christianity to the development of World Class Music were great---I had never even considered that, but what a revelatory and explanatory idea once you think about it.


Loved, loved, loved the Bruegel painting links, and especially the link explaining that the small circle in the upper right corner of the Christ with the Cross painting was Golgotha, where the 2 poles I thought might be maypoles turned out to the the crucifixes erected for the 2 prisoners, and the activity in the center was digging the hole for Christ's cross to be placed in.

I also loved your link to words or phrases that were first seen in print in the year of a persons birth.

I thought it might be fun and interesting to see what sentence or paragraph we could each come up with, using nothing but the words first penned in our birth year. Here's my effort:

It was counterintuitive yet unignorable that the skydiving Rastafarian nymphet was an idiot box watching, motormouthed weirdo, but postimpact the Special Forces Cosmonaut laughed gangbusters at how her unsurvivable, mind-boggling, spinout had demonstrated the Big Bang Theory so well. Sheesh!!!

jim nj

I think that young black conservatives recognize my above argument. The only way to improve young black lives is to get them out from under Democrat dominion.


Where Are They Now?

I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Stereotypes

jim nj



jim nj, thank you for sharing your perspective. Democrats; the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and affirmative action, are being true to their heritage in their ruling in large cities. Inner city poverty is the outcome for those who pledge allegiance to the Democrat's narrative of victimization, grievance, and entitlement, and who renounce their heritage, family, and religion in their allegiance to the Democrat Narrative.

This post I found at Instapundit, adds perspective.


Miss Marple

Well, good morning.

I have been posting on the last thread since I didn't know that a new one had been put up.

I think I put up 7-8 links. Rats!

This link is relevant to the current discussion:


It has two videos of interviews with kids who were at that Young Black Leadership meeting at the white House. They give their impressions of President Trump, who spent quite a while with them, and their observations about the news media.

It's enormously encouraging from what I watched.

Miss Marple


Nope. They are still heading to the US border.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7h7 hours ago

Watching the Dodgers/Red Sox final innings. It is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose & dominating through almost 7 innings, Rich Hill of Dodgers, and brings in nervous reliever(s) who get shellacked. 4 run lead gone. Managers do it all the time, big mistake!

This was posted at midnight last night.

James D.

The Democrat Narrative is based on hate and demagoguery.

Exactly. That's all they have.

James D.

re: the President's tweet at 7:16 AM

I LOVE that he has no use for the analytics geeks who are ruining the sport!


a'mom-I have never thought the blurbs about The Righteous Mind book fit with what Haidt actually wrote. He is pushing the buddhist perspective hard and what in k-12 is called Arationality.

If he is describing himself as 'conservative' then it is arthur brooks conservatism with th same goals as progressivism.

I just realized the Pittsburgh shooting was a place I drove by taking the diva to cmu for their summer program. I recognized the name squirrel hill from red and the diva insisting I just drive and let their phones tell us when to turn. I found the architecture in that neighborhood fascinating.

Talk about caricatures, there is a woman in my gentle yoga class who insists on wearing a pink PP t-shirt to do yoga in, while driving a prius with political stickers on it.

Tom Bowler

On the other hand, James D., Sox fans vividly remember Grady Little walking back to the dugout in the 2003 playoff without Pedro Martinez when the Sox had a bullpen that was positively unhittable.

Fortunately, Curt Shilling came over from the Diamond Backs the following year. Otherwise Sox fans might yet be sitting through the next 86 years of the Curse of the Bambino.

Captain Hate

I just realized the Pittsburgh shooting was a place I drove by taking the diva to cmu for their summer program. I recognized the name squirrel hill from red and the diva insisting I just drive and let their phones tell us when to turn. I found the architecture in that neighborhood fascinating.

Is that the hilly area where the inclines are? A guy my wife and I worked with bought a house on the cheap there in the 70s and the neighborhood seemed like a primo gentrification spot with lots of neatly designed houses.


Clarice, thanks for your "Pieces." I'm wondering, though, if you might have inadvertently used the "corrected" version of the NY Times story on the Scalise shooting, because it says, "But in that case no connection to the shooting was ever established." It's not so easy to find the original online, but here's one link:



Progressive Privilege on display from rse, "there is a woman in my gentle yoga class who insists on wearing a pink PP t-shirt to do yoga in, while driving a prius with political stickers on it."

I appreciate knowing where not to go when the virtue signals is dialed up to eleventy.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Great Pieces, Clarice!


In kind of a weird coincidence, a couple of days ago I was watching a video of chimney swifts flying into Squirrel Hill chimneys at dusk.


Bernardi Dr la paz

Well in so far as haidt, admits that conservatism not a deranged outlook its helpful but limited.


Read the Trump tweet to my lovely wife: ”It is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose & dominating through almost 7 innings, Rich Hill of Dodgers, and brings in nervous reliever(s) who get shellacked.

Then explained to her the implication that Trump is loose and dominating and the Dems would bring in nervous relievers during the midterms to get shellacked.

Captain Hate


That dimwit who blamed the killings on the Israeli embassy move is Julia Ioffe, not Joffe; not that she deserves the respect of spelling her name correctly.

Bernardi Dr la paz

That's why I'm called her awful from now on.

Jack is Back!

What the media doesn't understand about Trump's temperment is that it was forged first in Queens as a kid, then as a young man at military school. There he developed his self-discipline, and future work ethic you see now.

He then applied those attributes against Mafia dons, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats with god like delusions, foreign leaders, tight-wad bankers, gypo contractors, and now the media/Democrat business complex. Of course he is loose, diversionary, and complex for them to figure out. Its the way he has conducted himself for years.

Now with a cuppa, I off to Clarice's Pieces.


In December '16, Ioffe was fired from Politico for her tweet implying that then President-elect Donald Trump was involved in a sexual relationship with Ivanka.

She sounds charming.


An excellent assessment of he 2016 election and an historical perspective on election rhetoric by Victor Davis Hansen. As a by product, the speech explains why the elitist left and never-Trumpers just don't get it and never will.



I thought this was good: Max Boot tweets a picture of himself with Stormy Daniels:

Max Boot ‏Verified account @MaxBoot Oct 26

I enjoyed chatting with ⁦@StormyDaniels⁩ at the reception after ⁦@RealTimers⁩ tonight.

One response:

Mr Maestro
‏ @ATxFellow
Replying to @MaxBoot @StormyDaniels @RealTimers

Look it's a whore standing next to Stormy Daniels


Captain Hate

Here you go, Max:



This guy is a lib and so you will see lots of we don't know what will happen stuff, but just ignor that. Basically he cant believe what his spreadsheet is telling him, say hello to Governor DeSantis. Here:



I personally was never interested in even a three hour cruise to Gillum's Island, so you can expect to find me thrilled.


Wow on those marvelous paintings, JMH--I loved the left foreground attention to Simon of Cyrene being forced into service. His good wife is trying to prevent the soldiers, who in turn threaten her, and various no-goodniks run off with their bags of goods to the left and right...

Good morning, all.

Captain Hate

One of my lib Facebook friends just scorched a state radio piece of propaganda about the agents of the Antichrist in the husk of the episcopal church burying Matthew Shepard in the National Cathedral, pointing out he was a male prostitute and meth dealer, and was killed by a former male lover.

Please beclown yourself more, tools.

Another Bob

CH: "Is that the hilly area where the inclines are?"

No, that's Mount Washington. Within a block or two of Grandview was/is pretty primo real estate that was beyond "middle class". (Johnny Carson owned a condo on Grandview. True story.) Further south had some nice working/middle-class neighborhoods

rse, the Squirrel Hill area and the adjoining neighborhoods, Shadyside in particular, turned into middle- and upper-class areas around the turn of the 20th century. Very desirable areas to live, and were where all the hip cool trendy types would be found from the 1970s on.

It's been reinforced with some newer money as Google et al. have set up shop there. The resulting influx of high-income trendoids are living there and northwest of there and it's pissing off the usual suspects as the "gentrification" is forcing the working-class people out of some neighborhoods.

Clarice Feldman

Capt Hate--it's Ioffe, really.

Jimmyk--here's the link I used.It's an editorial from the NYT editorial boardhttps://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/14/opinion/steve-scalise-congress-shot-alexandria-virginia.html

Captain Hate

I know it's Ioffe; someone misspelled it in your AT article.

Jack is Back!


At parent's weekend up at Canterbury, we went to all Frederick's classes which were shorter times than his regular class times. In his English class which is called "American Voices", we were given a sheet of paper on which were the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "The Times are A Changing". On the reverse side was a place to write your own poem/song using the same meter and techniques in the song.

One interesting note out of all of this was that Dylan considered himself a poet, and not a songwriter. Then the mind bomb fell on not only the kids but the parents when it was revealed that Dylan received the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature. Don't know if you have ever read it but below link is to his Nobel Prize lecture in 2017. You will enjoy it.


jimmyk on iPhone

Clarice, I think the NYT changed the online version of that editorial to cover their tracks. If you look at the original in the link I posted above, it’s much worse.

Miss Marple


jimmyk on iPhone

The Matthew Shepard should be exhibit #1 in the Fake News Museum, right next to Trayvon and Crystal Mangum, but the myth is too useful for the gay/left activists to let go of.

Clarice Feldman

Ah, Capt Hate, now I see it..I've asked for a correction,
Thanks, Jimmy K. I don't know how I can deal with that.


So about PayPal de-platforming GAB, I gave them a piece of my mind, too. But even beyond all the lib virtue signaling, isn't GAB's free-speech policy actually a good thing for law enforcement?

I mean, if everyone had to tiptoe around Twitter and Facebook censors hiding their true thoughts, wouldn't it be harder for bad guys to be identified before they could cause mayhem, or be apprehended after they did?

Another Bob

hoyden, you reminded me of my first night landing ever.

Was flying a 152. Per the reported wind I later calculated a 12 knot crosswind component, higher in gusts. I probably had no business trying it with my level of (in)experience ;)

Got it down in one piece but it taught me the value of the go-around.


Surber on the rallies.
Two years ago, Tom Brokaw and others in the media mocked Donald Trump's rallies.

"Well, what we're seeing is Donald Trump, the one that we've known in New York for a long time. His ego overrides everything else, including judgment," Brokaw said two days before the election.

"He has mistaken those big crowds that he gets, as he got again last night, 10-15-25,000 people for how you run a general election. And he thinks by showing up, he's going to get people who are going to show up there at his rally, but it's 25,000, it's not two million that he needs in every state. He is mistaken about what it takes to win."

Actually, an additional 25,000 votes in each state flipped Michigan and Wisconsin.


A Surber commenter contributes this insight.

"When Trump does a rally he personally commits to every person in the audience to what he will do. Basically signing 1,000's of individual contracts. Psychologically this gives him the strength to keep those commitments when things get tough. In his mind he sees everyone of those people when he has to make a decision. Most professional politicians do not care and don't have a moral compass and could care less about keeping commitments because they have never had to."


So what's the big surprise that will delight us next week?

Calling a state of emergency at the border so the courts can be ignored?


I mean, if everyone had to tiptoe around Twitter and Facebook censors hiding their true thoughts, wouldn't it be harder for bad guys to be identified before they could cause mayhem, or be apprehended after they did?

Yes, ext, which is why presumably Homeland Security can track Islamist chatter on social media to identify terror threats. That's the positive side of FB and Twitter's tolerance of Muzzie hate.

Miss Marple

This tweet is from a UCL political science professor and Washington Post columnist:

Brian Klaas
‏Verified account @brianklaas
18h18 hours ago

Unspeakably vile and callous. Trump says he considered canceling his political rally not because 11 people were murdered in an anti-Semitic act of terrorism, but because he had a bad hair day due to answering questions about the murders of Jews in the rain.


I watched the speech as did many of you here on video. In NO WAY did the president imply this and this guy is an absolute liar.


The Simpsons Reportedly Dropping ‘Apu’ Character for being a ‘Stereotype’

Some Indians disagree.

This is seriously gross. Our family in India climbing out from the third world to build a superpower, and here we can’t deal with a cartoon character. It’s embarrassing. https://t.co/pGvjWeyKpi

— Akaash Singh (@AkaashSingh) October 27, 2018

As someone of Indian heritage, I never ever had any issue with Apu's character, I (like probably many) felt something to relate in within his character). He might have portrayed a stereotype, but what character on any form of TV doesn't portray a stereotype?

— Arun Paul Kapur 🐺 (@ArunKapur47) October 27, 2018

As a person with Indian ancestry, I love seeing Apu in the Simpsons. I think it's cool to see someone from where I'm from in a show like that because, like you said, Indians are underrepresented.

— NDL beautiful madness (@r4bb17) October 27, 2018

(Click for full size.)


Is Apu presented in a worse light than Homer?

Miss Marple

A glimmer of joy amidst today's gloom, as Israel's national anthem, Hatikvah, plays in Abu Dhabi for the first time ever after Israel's Sagi Muki wins gold at the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam. 🇮🇱🥇🇦🇪 #JudoAbuDhabi2018 pic.twitter.com/DRKCAez91T

— Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) October 28, 2018
matt - deplore me if you must

We were coming home from a wedding in Palm Springs last night and had the game on. Great when Puig hit a HR; not so great when the Sox got 3. Even worse when the Sox went ahead. I guess it is their year.

Maybe someone should be doing an analysis of all of the hate going on; the rages, the threats, the assaults, the arrests.

We live in the age of the id. There is no superego controlling the base emotions in many people anymore. There is no good angel on their shoulders trying to help them do the right thing.

I would be hating on the Sox right now but how can you hate a team that does its job so well?


It's shameful for PayPal to deny Gab, which has broken no laws.
Can Google refuse to hire someone because they contributed to a Republican candidate in the past?
Will they allow mail carriers to decline to deliver mail to residents who are registered as Republican?
Where does this apartheid end?

Miss Marple

Speaking of music, Hatikvah was ALSO a song that was in our grade school songbooks, only with an English translation (and how accurate it was I don't know).


I so needed to view this video this morning, after listening to NPR while walking and hearing them blame POTUS for the synagogue shootings. He's been Tweeting about the caravan see, and since Soros funded that, and Soros is Jewish---again, only those dogs hear the dog whistles.

Not to mention that THEY choose to spend the biggest segment of their news every day on the frickin' caravan! I'm all about talking about the economic recovery, about denuclearizing NK,ISIS becoming history-- all kinds of other things.
BTW-- whose rhetoric caused the 26 people's deaths in the Southerland Springs church shoot 'em up last year, NPR?? And of course, the softball practice mow down. Or the San Bernadino office massacre, or the Florida night club murders???

MM posted it on the other thread. Some young Americans from the #WalkAway march yesterday. Bright, engaged kids.

Also showcases Kanye's BLEXIT shirt.


Dave Seville

Apu is universally loved...so what do progs do?
They censor their own art over virtue signalling by other elitist progs.

As to the hate of the left, I repeat as I have so many times; if you want to understand the left completely and far better than they do themselves read two relatively brief books: The True Believer by Eric Hoffer and Suicide of the West by James Burnham.
Understanding the difference between a political ideology and a political philosophy is the key to understanding what we face and why their side is very, very different and very, very much worse than our side. It also makes clear why Trump's smash mouth politics is the only one that will succeed against ideologues.


Financial Times US editor calls for a boycott of Fox advertisers.



While I agree with cathyf on the importance of Christianity (really just Catholicism) to classical music, music is huge in the synagogue service too. But traditionally it's a capella, and very participatory (usually no choir, for example). Still, there's a large body of Jewish liturgical music. And the cantorial tradition produced a number of male opera singers, notably Richard Tucker and Jan Peerce. The Metropolitan Opera in the 50s was as dominated by Jews as the NY Times was (though to a much better effect).


That was great at 11:14 amom.

Dave Seville

Not a fan of Jon Bon Jovi, but this takedown of the Kardashians and The Real Housewives franchise was pretty good. Jon Bon Jovi slams Kim Kardashian and the Real Housewives franchise... and calls modern celebrity culture 'horrific'.
The author of the piece then counters with this unintentionally comical rejoinder;

While Jon Bon Jovi may not be aware of it, Kim has showcased her many talents in various areas of the entertainment industry.

Outside of reality TV, the 38-year-old has released a dance-pop song called Jam (Turn It Up), starred in films like Disaster Movie and Tyler Perry's Temptation, and even released a bestselling book of her most famous selfies.

The brunette has even become a successful tech entrepreneur thanks to her emoji app Kimoji and popular mobile role-playing game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

At least I think it was unintentional. Either way the enumeration of her "many talents" was hilarious.



"[Haidt] is pushing the buddhist perspective hard and what in k-12 is called Arationality."

I'm sorry, but I have to wonder if you've actually read Haidt's work? You've thrown out more babies with bathwater than I can count, but Haidt deserves better. While he has never billed himself as a conservative, btw, he has done a lot more than anyone else to defend conservatives on the public square, in a profession which has largely devoted itself to proving that rightwing thinking issues from primitive regions of the brain. Lukianoff, at the helm of FIRE, has been at the forefront of "pushing" for free speech in Academia for years.

Pushing a buddhist perspective? There is absolutely nothing fundamentally Buddhist in Haidt's work, and he is as free of dogma as you could possibly hope for. "Arationality?" Death by buzzword!

Clarice Feldman

Here is today's front page of the WaPost--lead story "11 Killed in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue". Fairly straightforward though emphasis on his anti-immigrant position,. Just below that "Trump, allies set the tone for the violence they denounce , critics say" Lower right hand "Bomb suspect found in inspiration in Trump"


Re Bon Jovi, FWIW the daughter's current voice teacher has been working with Bon Jovi to help correct some vocal problems. The first time she met with this teacher a couple of months ago, Bon Jovi was in the waiting room as she was leaving. I don't think she knew who he was.

Miss Marple

It seems to me that if Trump wanted to incite violence, he would actually say so, as he isn't given to nuance.

And it also seems to me that if Republicans wanted to actually DO violence, there would be far more acts and they would be more than fake bombs, as GOP voters tend to be more efficient.

Frau  Steingehirn

Patterico's psychopathic puppet is on another fool's errand.

Miss Marple


About that Washington Post front page:



Actually, an additional 25,000 votes in each state flipped Michigan and Wisconsin.

IIRC, it was only 10, 074 in Michigan according to the Michigan Board of Canvassers.

Miss Marple


Sundance says there were two camps in the Obama White House: Team Obama and Team Clinton.


Pollak: We Jews Have the Second Amendment; We Should Use It

Jews in the U.S. should take a cue from our brethren in Israel. We have no choice but to arm ourselves — either personally, or by hiring armed guards for synagogues and schools.

It is a dismal reality — but it need not be a debilitating one, just as buying life insurance does not mean being preoccupied by death. We cannot wait for a political solution to gun violence — which will never come — nor can we trust extremists to comply with the law.

It may seem ironic that Saturday’s shooting took place at the “Tree of Life” synagogue. But the term “Tree of Life” refers to the Torah itself, which endures, just as it has endured for millennia. It is the reason that, though we may die, we can never be destroyed.

The Torah also commands us to use deadly force to stop someone who intends to kill others and cannot be stopped any other way. Thankfully, we have the Second Amendment. We should use it.

Makes sense to me. I don't go to church, but if I did I'd be carrying.


re: the votes that flipped MI and WI.
Yeah, I picked a bad snip actually :)
Deplorable Don's article is not well encapsulated by that.

It's a rarity: quite a long post by Surber. Of course the rally attendees were not undecided voters who turned to Trump en masse to swing the election. But the rallies were and are mocked by the Enemedia yet are effective and deliver outsized benefits.


Actually, an additional 25,000 votes in each state flipped Michigan and Wisconsin.

It was only 10,074 people in Michigan according to the Michigan Board of Canvassers.

Miss Marple


An interesting statement by Thomas Wictor on anti-semitism on Twitter.

I sure miss reading him. I have tried to follow him on Gab but their search system makes it difficult.

I wish he would set up is own web site.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

Answering Hillary!'s call, Obama is on his Incivility Tour. What a complete disgrace.


So GAB's hosting service is dropping them tonight?

There needs to be a legislative fix to this b.s.

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