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October 24, 2018


Old Lurker

:-) Frau.

Beasts of England

I expected nothing less from you, OL!

Beasts of England


Bernardo de la paZ

You don't Mr. Rude:


Miss Marple

Old Lurker and Captain Hate,

I understand your disdain for the lottery.

As one of the poorer set, I see no harm in buying a ticket once in a while.

Nor do I see harm in thinking about having my own place, graduation gifts for grandchildren, and helping the Salvation Army. There are a few personal things I would like, but a total of all of them wouldn't be more than a few thousand dollars.

Principally, I would like not to worry.

Miss Marple

You cannot ship anonymously by UPS or FedEx.

The post office requires a return address on any package. All are tracked.

These were hand delivered.

Old Lurker

MM "Principally, I would like not to worry."

I know, MM, and don't fault you.

But I remind you of the wisdom of rapper Notorious B.I.G.:

Mo Money. Mo Problems.

Or as Simon & Garfunkel put the poem to song:

Richard Corey.

Old Lurker

But none of them actually care what you put as return address so long as you paid for the shipping.

Miss Marple


Well, there is truth in that. I will quit talking about it.q


The last guy to get executed in Wyoming was Mark Hopkinson. He called a guy from prison and had him blow up the house of the DA in Rock Springs while he was sleeping. My dad always used to quote Ma Bell," Reach out and touch someone."

Bernardo de la paZ

Nothing to see here:



Don Surber

9m9 minutes ago


Trump will be at Wausau this evening (the airport hangar in Mosinee). 7:30 eastern for rally.

Miss Marple

CTH has photos of the Brennan/CNN package in their comments section.

Manila envelope with 6 US postage stamps. UNCANCELLED.


Why are we seeing pictures of the bombs in real time???

I agree w this guy:

❌ ‏Grim Bane's Folly

1h1 hour ago
Replying to @thomasbsauer
As former LEO - We would NEVER release images or ANY information about an alleged explosive device(s), details about how they arrived or anything like that...this would be a full black out, wide open investigation. This is propaganda folks.


Maxine Waters is the headline in this story, but what I've been struck by is the proliferation of qualifiers surrounding all these parcels (all emphasis mine):

The Secret Service released a statement Wednesday that it had found “potential explosive devices” in mail directed to both Clinton and Obama’s residences.

The agency said Obama and Clinton "did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them.”

Not even a "live" explosive device as in NYC, in fact, not necessarily an actual explosive device at all, just something which the Clintons wouldn't have gotten anyway. Hmm. Wasserman Schultz received a "suspicious package". Oh, and so did Maxine Waters, although her gift box was "intercepted by a mail facility in Maryland by Capitol Hill police on Wednesday, a Demorcratic aide tells the Hill." So, who called whom?

If none of the packages were designed and set to actually explode, one might conceivably call what we really have here a hoax, no? One could call it the threat of violence, or symbolic violence, neither of which I approve, but so far there's been less mayhem than that perpetrated by your average antifa protester on any given day.

Jack is Back! (Without his Avatar, which is being held for Ransom)


Miss Marple

Several law enforcement people on Twitter have asked why there are pictures of the so-called bombs being published. They point out in a real investigation this is not done.


Lots of peeps calling bullshit on this on my Twitter feed:




That Sydney Morning Herald piece is a real reminder of just how feckluss a fucker our former phony president was. Rudd says, "Obviously other priorities were at play in Obama's White House that afternoon." Other priorities were always in play.


I agree with GUS about the Clock Boy level tech employed. You can go a long ways with road flares and electrical tape.


American News policy is to leak information regardless of who it harms.



Decibel_Overload ‏@Zach_Rhi

Democrats have become the student who phones in a campus bomb threat because they didn't prepare for midterms #MAGABomber

11:34 AM - 24 Oct 2018

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

They just found a suspicious package on Moochelle, too. Oh wait, that was already there!

Jack is Back (This time with a bomb)

Another Bimini Atoll Test. Wear goggles, please.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Everybody that received a bomb was involved in stealing the Democrat presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders.


LOL, Steph!

Texas Liberty Gal

LOL. Cuomo's me too moment crushed. Explosive device was informational package 😆 You can't make this stuff up

The Spectator Index

Follow Follow @spectatorindex

BREAKING: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office did not actually receive an explosive device, with police now saying it was an informational package.

Miss Marple


Your observation at 3:48 is very astute.

I think the Scalise shooter was a Sanders supporter, too. Isn't that right?


I'm just going to have to take sbw's advice to keep on, keepin' on. I did follow, albeit circuitously, the little "help" button on the Typepad sign in page to find a contact webform where I reported both being unable to log in and having to fill out the Name/address/url info boxes for every individual comment. I'm not desperate enough to go the auto-fill route just for Typepad.

I will start combining posts though.

There is one place the Dems have been doing some serious advance planning, and that's at the ballot box, because that's how they roll. Talk about prepping the battlefield: Officials prepare for potential false claims of election interference. I'd have hoped the idea of actual election hacking would be what keeps them up at night, but "State and federal officials" assure us that they've got it so well covered, all we have to worry about is those pesky news fakers.

[Undersecretary Manfra] said DHS will be in close contact with the media on Election Day to ensure accurate information is being shared and reported.

But widespread worries of a potential election hack could make false claims of meddling more effective than they otherwise might be, even if they’re rebuked by election officials, experts said.

Compliments of the Dem-Media-Bureaucratic complex! By this time in November, however, anyone questioning any Democratic wins will be an unAmerican conspiracy nut job.

Beasts of England

From an Althouse comment:

'DNA from at least one of the suspicious mail packages belongs to someone who may have between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American (or possibly Mexican or Peruvian) heritage.'


Jack is Back! (In a really pissed mood)

This is totally ridiculous. I am a premium member at Typepad, and I cannot even retreive my Avatar but even worse, I have to sign in everytime I post here.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

IIRC yes.

It has to be a Bernie Bro.

What Rep would send one to the washer woman? Trump would have had a more difficult election with Bernie, IMO.

Another Bob

Becoming increasingly convinced this is hoax.

Reportedly they are “transporting the explosive device” somewhere to be detonated. After they had it on an ordinary countertop taking photos of it.

And concur with MM that they wouldn’t be releasing photos of devices unless they felt they had a reasonable idea what’s going on and that it’s harmless.

Captain Hate

I think the Scalise shooter was a Sanders supporter, too. Isn't that right?

Yes. And an email correspondent of Little Dick Durbin, the contents of which the MFM is strangely incurious.


Has there ever been a bomber who purposely used a fake address so the package was delivered to the return address?

Jack is Back!

Be careful, I think the site is infected somehow, since it is impossible for me to log in to my avatar. Have communicated with Typephuspad but I doubt they'll do much.

Tom R

Anyone have confirmation on who cancelled Rosenstein's testimony to Congress today?

Sundance is trying to create the narrative that Rosenstein backed out.


Here is the actual press release which indicates it was Goodlatte and Gowdy who made the call to postpone:




Now I'm wondering why it seems to be a rolling blackout. (That's a technical question, not a political one!). Typepad was slow for me yesterday, and I lost sign-in privileges etc. today, but as I recall, Miss Marple started having to fill in the info blanks for every comment several days ago.

I've typed up my three lines of posting info on a note, which I keep handy, so that I can at least just copy/paste it into the boxes, instead of typing it in every time. That will only marginally improve your mood, however.

I encourage everybody to send in a complaint to Typepad via the profile page, as I did. If you use the JOM Url as the blog reference, it might go on a list of blogs to be checked. I sent in a complaint about something here once before, and although I suspect it was just coincidence, things went back to normal pretty quickly thereafter. You never know.


Twitter peeps agreeing w Steph re: Bernie Bro.
Having DWS as the return address is the tell.

Bernie Bro is who shot up the R softball practice and nearly killed Scalise, right?




I don't use a sign in, but I had a very hard to impossible time loading JOM today from about 9-1:30 or so.
I think they are having (yet again) server issues.

(Whines the free loader.)

Jack is Back!

At least Killfile is working like a charm.

tommy mc donnell

it looks like the democrat party has had it's Reichstag fire.


If martial law is declared, can the invaders be ejected without their having the right to a hearing et al?


from Althouse commenters. (The reason I go there, not her.)
Looks like all deplorables have come to the same conclusion:

--This will turn out to be a false flag operation; if a Republican had done it, the bombs would have done their job.

---Nobody sends Hillary a bomb. She's a plus for the right. It's all false flag operation.

---False flag operations to gin up false equivalence.

---Now we know how the Democrats decided to handle their
fuck up of creating the Caravan.

---A right-wing Trumpist would have sent Clinton nomination
papers instead.

and all before 10:00 am!


That Sydney Morning Herald piece is a real reminder of just how feckluss a fucker our former phony president was.

Whoa, JMH! I thought you were part of the anti-4-letter-word contingency here.

On the lottery discussion, my real objection is that I don't think our governments (state, I guess) should be in the business of running these numbers games, which are basically dishonest, waste a lot of resources (all the people waiting in long lines yesterday), and detract from American values that wealth comes through inheritance hard work. :)

If I thought they kept other taxes lower, it might be ok, but really they're just a way for governments to waste more money. States should have to tax people in obvious and painful ways in order to raise revenue.


I wonder if Typhuspad is doing some kind of updating. I'm probably the only person here that still uses the narcisolator, but in the last few days it has stopped working (intermittently, but now it seems permanently), which usually means that there's been a change in the website code.

Jack is Back!

Of course it is a false flag.

The Unabomber actually killed and maimed people. His grievance resulted in mayhem, death, and his undoing. These are baby toys, and its the end of the world.

Wouldn't be surprised that they know who it is but are being pressured to keep it under covers until the election is over. Trump will not put up with that crap.

I am in the BernieBot camp.


#typepadstatus indicated server maintenance last Wednesday and Thursday. Since then, I’ve gotten the server issues with lots of 502 errors starting Friday am. Also got the login problems with the TP account. I will not that at the same time the “unsafe site” warning stopped showing up on a TP login. So, yes. They changed stuff,


"Trump will not put up with that crap."


Just like Trump won't let the deep state go on and on for months without being held to account, right?

Captain Hate

Whoa, JMH! I thought you were part of the anti-4-letter-word contingency here.

The dark side welcomes JMH.

Tom R

Since the Communists/Progressives are the ones funding the illegal immigrant caravan, is it wrong for me to think they have some event planned when they reach the border that triggers a stampede/rampage that ends up killing some of the marchers? They will then try to blame Trump for the tragedy.

Jack is Back!


You have a nice suite arranged for you on OL's ledge. Enjoy. Don't settle for anything else than the Grey Goose.

Kevlar Kid

So there i was in my new brightly painted kitchen, looking out on the fake San Francisco skyline (fake because the city is oozing excrement from the mouths of politicians and its curbsides) on a jewel of an autumn day.

turned on the ol radiddio to hear the hourly news break as the breathlessness over the bombs and suspicious package story took up the entire break that ended with the "bad news" about the Tao :D

it occurs to me, as it has for many at JOM i am sure, what a grand coinky dinky it is that ALL of these "bombs" are sent at the same time and NONE of them go off. Not a one.

was it just Lefty Dhimmi Dumb Luck? or some evil conspirator's incompetence that left out the trigger mechanism or laid in a faulty timing device? did they use Clock Boy's model? wha?

think of what would have happened if jihadis had decided to disrupt the election with pipe bombs.

kills and casualities. instead we have that Stump of a Mayor in New Jork pining about civility. "Vote Democrat because we are decent people." Yeah, yeah, yeah GFY.

less than two weeks to go and all these political hacks can come up with is fake bombs?

looks to me like the Democrat "mah-cheen" has been hung out to dry by the coup plotters.

Old Lurker

You beat me to it Cap'n.

JMH is one of us now.

Old Lurker

I still say just wait to see what border crossing they approach then lock the gates and go on vacation.

Old Lurker


We don't have gates?


I hope Trump issues a PSA warning idiot reporers to not operate electronic devices to snap photos of suspicious devices.


CH, you have a broad enough vocabulary to use adjectives and adverbs instead of expletives to convey your messages.
Don't take the lazy, Leftist way out. ;-)

Expletives are powerful when held in reserve!! (See JMH today.)


Typepad doesn't have a Twitter account to report service problems like most internet businesses do. Pooh!

Old Lurker

The selloff will continue until/unless Trump holds the House. There are still 9000 points to go before getting back to pre Trump levels...which is where the Dems promise to take us.

Not rocket science.



Jack is Back!


Yes Typepadn does have a twitter account to report problems.

Old Lurker

OK I exaggerate.



KK, reading about sulforaphanes---and that cooking decreases them.
I am guessing htat is why you consume so much raw food...
Crap! I just don't see myself eating too much raw broccoli or brussel sprouts.

A classmate of my younger son is dealing with long term effects of an unrecognized Lyme infection, and they are recommended in treatment of the sequelae.



the typepad contact page loads as a blank.


Ha! I checked the other two that came up when I searched them, both of which had never been used, so bagged the one they do use!

Jack is Back!


Has nothing to do with Trump but has everything to do with the nervous nellies on Wall Street who see doom in every damn stat. Italy, Saudi, oil, bond yields, the Fed, inflation, too many job openings, the Caravan, etc.

Basically, the algorithm the digital traders are using are dark trash that runs them not the other way around.


You'll notice the pic of the "bomb" is not from behind a blast shield - big no no. I suppose some intern, or possibly Fredo himself, took the pic after placing it on the white butcher paper to contrast, for twitter 'blast'. Also, apparently used phone (transceiver). 2 big no no's. Darwin award material right there.

I'm guessing the items are not that dangerous, in any event, Potential flash hazard at worst. Almost certain hoaxes.


henry-this nyu program might interest you.

https://www.guariniglobal.org/data-law November 9

Fits with what GovLab at nyu is pushing.

Kevlar Kid

Tom R: i have a similar suspicion re the coming showdown at the border. it's a heads we lose tails we lose proposition.

but then again, the Dems used up the currency that border issue has back during the kids-in-a-cage psy-op earlier this year.

What is an October Surprise if it's predictable?


Thanks TK.

Kevlar Kid

Did Jilldo Stein send any campaign cash to Beto Not's campaign?

All that Shovel Ready BS Stimulus money has been filtered throughout the Dhimmi Mah-Cheen...where else are these loser hacks going to get cash to run?

Beto Not? he is the bottom of the barrel no matter how one analyzes him as a candidate.

The Dem platform: Vote for us because we're not Republicans.



rse, that does no do good things for my BP.

Old Lurker

Jack almost every one of those stats have had downside predictors for several years. The difference is that Trump got elected and the demonstrated just how quickly optimism could erase those fears and produce solid growth in all metrics. Pessimism works just as fast in reverse when it comes to markets. This is especially true when the causes of the optimism are tied to a narrow group or person or impermanent policy.

I know Jimmy agrees with what you said, but I cannot see how fearing a loss of the House would not drive some investors to cash in some of their big wins then get back in after the election if the status quo stands.

Kevlar Kid

these hoax bombs are the work of Dr. Miguelito P. Loveless.

fer real.


RSBN complaining about rural broadband... so perhaps an alternate feed might make sense tonight.

Miss Marple

Seems to me there are numerous signs that these bombs are a hoax. I could be wrong, of course, but there seem to be a lot of clues:

1. Miraculous coordinated delivery in several states, all on the same day.
2. None of them exploded.
3. Some had wires in the wrong places.
4. Postage stamps on the CNN package were insufficient and not cancelled.
5. Dems all had similar talking points .

I just cannot believe this is a Trump supporter. We all know this is bad PR for Republicans. I still think Stephanie is right, and it is a Bernie Bro.


I cannot see how fearing a loss of the House would not drive some investors to cash in some of their big wins then get back in after the election if the status quo stands.

Exactly what I did in 2008, but I don't see what harm a Dem House can do to the economy. Subpoenas and investigations, sure. What power would they have to cause economic damage?


New McCaskill Ad: ‘Claire’s Not One of Those Crazy Democrats’

One of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D., Mo.) final ads of the 2018 campaign sets her apart from "those crazy Democrats" in her party.

The radio ad has been running over the past week in Missouri and features two middle-aged men having a conversation about the hotly contested Missouri Senate race, CNN reports. McCaskill’s Republican challenger Josh Hawley has targeted her for her liberal positions, but the ad presents her as a centrist who bucks her party.

"Claire's not one of those crazy Democrats. She works right in the middle and finds compromise," one man says.

"I don't always agree with Claire McCaskill. But she works hard, fighting against those tariffs, doing all those town halls," the other man says. "Claire's not afraid to stand up against her own party."

Smells like toast.


Ext: the threat doesn't have to be real, it just has to spook people in the markets, and with all of the shouting in the political arena, it can seem scary



A new lawsuit claims that the government’s failure to address climate change has made it harder for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the environment.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in the U.S. District Court in Oregon, is being led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit animal rights group. Nature enthusiasts, wildlife advocates and others have also joined the suit. The plaintiffs contend that the changing environment has made it harder for them to conduct outside activities, suggesting that wildfires and mudslides have made them fear for their safety.

The suit argues that the federal government has violated the plaintiffs’ right to be left alone “free from interference” by allowing a dangerous amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Will Gadd, a prominent ice climber and paraglider, has also joined the lawsuit. The outdoor adventure athlete claims the melting of glaciers has made climbing more dangerous for him over the years.

“Will is harmed by the government’s actions and inactions to stem the severity of climate change because he is prevented from reasonably and safely exercising his right to wilderness on which he relies for his physical and mental well-being as well as his global status as an outdoor adventurer and educator,” a portion of the suit reads, according to the Associated Press.


I should add, one of my kids is getting off the train this evening at Columbus Circle to see Brockhampton at Terminal 5 on 56th St. I would not have allowed if these things looked serious. Probably the work of some coked up rich kid in dem offices like the last caper.

Oh, and Brockhampton is the hot new rappy boy band all the kids are ragin' about, if ya didn't know :)


Yeah, I get that John. And I also know that budget battles and shutdown theater would follow a Dem takeover of the House, but It's not the same as what Obama was able to do with both chambers under Dem control, all of which was predictable and even pre-announced.

Just humoring myself because I chose to stand pat. :-)


Old Lurker


Prevent any progress on controlling the budget, prevent any progress on making the tax cuts permanent, throw sand in the gears for any future reductions in regulations and attempt to un-reverse some that Trump reversed; prevent any legislation that would convert Trump EO's to permanent laws...just off the top of my head.

And those are "real" economic impacts. Markets are driven by guesses about future directions. Once the investigations get going on all things Trump, one meme will be the impeachment in 2020, and the other meme will be the "multiple felonies" he committed in his business dealings. All of that makes growing MAGA a mirage and the market will sense that...and they will not get over that unless and until 2020 sweeps them all out and leaves Trump in and in control of Congress again. So two years of yo-yo pins and needles, which markets and businesses hate.

Kevlar Kid

a-mom: the most common gripe from rawfers is bitter taste of cruciferi and leafies.

over night soaking in Himalayan salt solution will mellow bitterness and soften texture while not eliminating crunch.

it's also a great way to soften zucchini that's been spiraled into a form of "pasta." makes the zuke supple.

we make "angel hair" slaw from regular cabbage. Mrs. Kid likes to stir it in with minced jalapeno to her scrambled eggs. one of the homiest food aromas. the cab and pep are stirred in after the egg has firmed.

the sulforaphane "controversy" (Ha!) is intended to keep supplement science from distilling new compounds. Neurodegenerative diseases are not widely understood among the American public. But so many of us suffer from them as side effects, as you well know, from diabetes, RA, heart diseases, thyroid disorders and about 157 other industrial diet induced syndromes.

After 2 full years in remission from Type II diabetes, numbness in feet from neuropathic damage is receding quickly. i can feel the ball of the foot and have feeling back in the tips of my toes. the raw food and R-Lipoic acid supplement are continuing my success in this long road back to balanced living.

Enjoy your FALL! :D


It seems to me that responsible (ahem) politicians and/or press organs who received suspicious packages, especially as part of what appears to be a coordinated plan, would QUIETLY alert the secret service and/or FBI so that those agencies can investigate and possibly catch the perpetrator or perpetrators and head off any more threats or acts before the perpetrator goes underground, and would in any event seek to avoid spurring undue panic in the general populace.

CNN and the Dems appear to have done precisely the opposite.

Count me in the "Dem-coordinated hoax" camp. I don't think there's a Berniebro behind this.

Old Lurker

Ext, another of my old B-School adages as "Every day, the decision to hold a stock is the equivalent of buying that stock at that day's price."

gulp indeed.



Gosh, I must be out of practice. Has it really been that long since I flung around any 4-letter words?

I don't often complain about other folks' language. I have to admit that every once in awhile, some expression or other really hits me the wrong way, so I say something, but it's an entirely idiosyncratic thing.

I appreciate the warm dark side welcome, though! Couldn't ask for better company. I'll try to do my part!

I used this Typepad Contact Form. You have to choose a category from the drop down menu to get to the actual form,

Old Lurker

Forget B-School for when I was a young whippersnapper. My Grandmother's Depression Era advice was always "You can't go broke taking a profit."

There is a hell of a lot of profit in a 24-25,000 Dow and a lot of folks like my Grandmother.


Can that paraglider guy sue the sun? Didn't work for Icarus, but hey, it's 2018.


Well I guess we'll see what happens. I obviously don't sense as much danger as you do from a bunch of Maxine Waters types controlling the House, even if they take it. They won't even be able to control themselves.

They're already telling their members to ignore the caravan, and they'd better be praying this bomb hoaxer isn't one of theirs.

Old Lurker

I know Ext, and a lot of smart people here agree with you.

OL just bein OL.

Kevlar Kid

Life began when i trusted these words: "Short that bitch."

Kevlar Kid

Can i daydream about all of those suspicious devices going off on the same 2 day span?

World changing impact. Boo-ya.


Thanks JMH!


Even short of having to prove that man or gov't is responsible, wouldn't any such plaintiff have to first prove that a warmer global climate is a bad thing? I mean, it wouldn't be too bad for crop yields in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia or Russia, for example.


OL, the problem is cash isn't safe when they break the banks again. (painful lesson from 2008)


"Ext, another of my old B-School adages as "Every day, the decision to hold a stock is the equivalent of buying that stock at that day's price."

You mean it was a mistake to hold onto that Apple stock I bought at $17/share? A lot depends on when you want to pay the gains, I should think -- and of course, on how much you trust your ability to pick a replacement stock which would do better than the one you paid gains on to sell for it.

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