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October 14, 2018


Clarice Feldman

Gosh, jimmyk--I think they have a point--the fiancee looks remarkably like that guy. Unfortunately the translations from Arabic are jibberish to me for the most part.

jim nj


Janet 🚬

rich's 10:25 election night video link shows that those nuts believe their own propaganda.

There were lots of mentions of 'friends & family' being scared & crying & don't know what to do....All that fear because their friends & family believed the bullshit the media fed them.

What kind of "news" media wouldn't show ANY of the joy of Trump supporters?

The MFM is so disconnected from reality.

jim nj


Sarah Hoyt via Inst - she's pissed off


Posted by: Janet 🚬 | October 14, 2018 at 10:49 PM

what gets me about that whole retrospective is that we've been living with Democrats unable and unwilling to accept the results of the 2016 election even as are about to turn the page on the 2018 election.

Kerry doing his personal diplomacy with Iran. Obama going on a world tour. Hillary, when she's sober, encouraging violence. The list goes on and on.


new thread by-and-by


Wow, rich is right. Gnu thread back in Beantown

JM Hanes


I'll see your Agnus Dei, and raise you Mozart's version, from my one of my all time favorites, his Mass in C minor. FYI, I have just learned from Wikipedia's own sucky search function that there is no Mozart C minor Mass, there is only the "Great Mass in C minor, K. 427" because that's the title of the page. It seems it was only incidentally composed by Mozart.

Fans of Barber's Adagio for Strings (which has an interesting history) will recognize his Agnus Dei. I was interested to learn that when he arranged the choral version (with optional accompaniment, which the performance above does not include), he actually changed the orchestral version very little. The fact that it translated so easily from instruments to voice surely says something about his musical vision (for lack of a better word), although I'm not sure what, perhaps something to do with a melodic temperament?

I loved your Psalm 104 (and have an early chromo-lithographed accordion book illustrating same). When it comes to putting Psalms to music, though, I'm in the process of rediscovering Vivaldi.

Not sure what a guy smoking in a bar or making snow angels has to do with his "Cum dederit" from Psalm 127 (Yes I know that's a link to Handel), but there's something a bit gay about the joyful guy in a tub at the end. There are more ethereal versions floating around, but this one's got period instruments.

Here is Philippe Jaroussky's much finer voice in Vivaldi's lovely Filiae Maestae Jerusalem. per Wikipedia, "This text concerns sad daughters of Jerusalem after the death of Jesus Christ and the mourning of nature itself." If you open that last link in Chrome, Google will offer to translate it for you, which will allow you to make a certain marginal sense of the Latin.

And since it seems to be counter-tenor night chez moi, one last little non-biblical gem. Aside from the beautiful music and the wonderful voice, I'm not sure what I like best here: the setting, the flip-flops and shorts or the score on an iPad! Vivaldi's Vedro con mio diletto from Il Giustino.

JM Hanes

Dang, what a waste! I'm takin' the above over to the new thread.


Porchlight, thanks for leeks recipe suggestions on the previous thread. I plan to try the braised leeks with thyme as soon as I get some thyme.

I got leeks by accident. I intended to buy scallions. I bought this bunch that looked like scallions. I knew something was amiss when I tried to eat one of the green stalks a month later. Then I read the label. I also learned I should have spread them out rather than planted in clumps. Live and learn. Next Spring I will try leeks again and follow the planting instructions.

I also make leeks stock yesterday that looks promising. Put the greens in a stock pot with some water, bring to boil, and simmer for 3 hours. Whatever dirt survived the washing hopefully got sterilized while simmering.

Obama's brain

Call BS on this. Dems will remain the minority in both houses.


Jimmy -- yes, they used the book as their primary source (but didn't option it -- legal stuff ensues, complicated). We knew Peter well; he and Harry went to Argentina together to relive the capture. It all in the book!

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