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October 14, 2018



"tears in the eyes of both"

So ... what ? RINO power ?

matt - deplore me if you must



Is Red Storm anything like Red Dawn?

The "foxies" are becoming more like standard MSM by the hour.

Comanche Voter

Tears in Rachel's eyes? Is that something like hearing the lamentations of their women?

I don't know that the election night Ouija board will work out quite that way. I intend to go to bed around midnight, then wake up again at 0300 to see if Rachel is crying. One can hope.

jimmyk on iPhone

At some point Fox News will discover that moving left or more MSM will not win them any friends there, and will cost them ratings from alienating their audience.

Beasts of England

Turnout will be the determining factor. Only 36.4% of those registered voted 2014 midterms. It sure is nice to have a president doing a dozen or more rallies - attended by thousands, and even tens of thousands - in the weeks preceding it...


TM wants Dems to take the House?

Jim Eagle

Your Latin Phrase of the Day:

Nihil sine magno labore vita mortalibus dat.

Good advice.

I watched my second Trump rally last night, and my take away is that there is no blue wave except in the self-fulfilling prophetic minds of the media, and the DNC. They were wrong in 2016, and I think they will repeat folly from then.


Trump: Mattis Is "Sort Of A Democrat" Who "May Leave" The Administration

Asked by Leslie Stahl if the Trump administration was in chaos - citing the high turnover, Trump said It's wrong, it's so false... It's fake news."

"I have people now on standby that will be phenomenal," he continued. "I think I have a great Cabinet. There are some people that I'm not happy with. I have some people that I'm not thrilled with, and there are some people that I'm beyond thrilled with."

Stahl then asked specifically about Mattis, whose departure has been rumored for weeks, to which Trump replied: "I had lunch with him two days ago, I have a very good relationship with him. It could be that he is [leaving]," adding "I think he's sort of a Democrat if you want to know the truth. But General Mattis is a good guy. We get along very well. He may leave at some point. I mean, at some point, everybody leaves. People leave, that's Washington."

Beasts of England

*in the* 2014...

Beasts of England

Very good advice, JiB. Ora et labora.


From Instapundit, IRT to yesterday's discussion on whether the Rs in Congress have accomplished what they have because of Trump.

Cocaine Mitch says YES:

Just two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was looking for a way to defeat Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, and told colleagues they would “drop him like a hot rock” if the flamboyant real estate mogul won the nomination.

Two years later, McConnell is impressed with Trump’s results, which include ushering in the most important Republican initiatives in a generation, and shifting the Supreme Court in a conservative direction for the first time in decades.

“This Congress has been the best two years of my time here,” McConnell told the Washington Examiner in a Capitol interview before the Senate left town to campaign ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

How McConnell finally came around on Trump: 'I look at the results'


JM Hanes


"If I can spin the dial on election night and see tears in the eyes of both Rachel AND the Foxies it's a good night."

Not sure I really understand this. Is it the press you want to punish, or Congress? Or? Or are you a fan of national gridlock, with nothing to show for themselves on Capitol Hill but interminable investigations? The headlines, alone, will be a real laugh riot.

JM Hanes

Kind of depressing to contemplate a Mattis departure.

Jim Eagle

'1,000 could have been killed': Air Canada jumbo aborts landing at San Francisco airport, seconds before crashing into four jets waiting to take off in what could have 'been the worst aviation accident in history'


Did we know about this back in 2017?

JM Hanes

For those of us who must seek help with our Latin Phrase of the Day, I am sorry to report that a Google search is much more effective than DuckDuckGoing.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM. re your comment on previous thread -
I just read on Twitter that hundreds of Khashoggi's ttweets have been deleted.

When? Who has/ had control of the account? What was on those tweets”

I would guess his fiancée don’t you think?

Eye Doctor .

A looming sense of foreboding in America



I've noticed DuckDuckGo's deficiencies, too. I go to Bing as a next resort, but Google is also better than Bing.

Jim Eagle


Life gives nothing to mortals without hard work


Agree boris, henry and others. The "foxies" are not really Conservative anymore.
"If I can spin the dial on election night and see tears in the eyes of both Rachel AND the Foxies it's a good night."


"... according to the Southern Poverty Law Center"

Theres your logic error right there :) :)


The "foxies" are not really Conservative anymore.

The evening lineup is still Tucker, Laura, Hannity, no? The more straight news programs have always been kind of mushy, with the likes of Shemp, Baier, Wallace.

Texas Liberty Gal

A friend send this to me this morning - I think it is exactly right:

“Intimidation is the enemy of freedom. I really do not like the activists of today. They threaten and oppress. We can all have our own opinions; but when violence and physical intimidation enter, that is over the top. We have free speech in this country and the right to assembly. Let's keep it that way, and let's keep it civil. Neither Democrat nor Republican has the right to violence or physical threat. This country was not founded on this type of oppression. Remember that America has always been the shining symbol of freedom because we have up to this point upheld our ideals and have not stooped to the violence experienced by other countries, which have been so subject to revolutionaries. America is better than that. Let's keep all of our differences civil and continue to use our vote to be our voice instead of being ruthlessly violent.”


I don't follow polling at all. I read an argument yesterday that the RCP polls have a fairly consistent pattern. Do any of you who actually watch this stuff buy the argument?
1) early in the race polls noticeably boost Dems. Either because of weighting Dems heavily, or an attempt to energize Dems and depress Repubs, or registered voters vs likely ... whatever the reason early polls lean left
2) as we get down to the last couple weeks the polls become closer to reality. Suddenly Repubs are neck and neck, or Repubs have gap leads
3) BUT because RCP uses averages, the more accurate polls are distorted by the pro-Dem polls up till nearly the last day

Kevlar Kid

"Life gives nothing to mortals without hard work"

*their* hard work.


Yes, JNC, they should at least put more weight on the more recent polls. But I'm guessing the polling will be no more accurate this time than in 2016.


Very good thoughts to live by .
Thank you.

Miss Marple


I was going to post that article with McConnll but you beat me to it. ( I am very slo on this iPad.)

It wouldn't surprise me if McConnell is a little disconcerted at Trump's style. For one hing, Trmp is,from the New Yok business/celebrity world, and McConnell is old-school southern.

However, old dogs CAN learn new ticks after all, and I am proud of him for adapting. I was stunning to seem him smiling, am in arm with the president last night, and telling the crowd he was PROUD of President Trump!

Beasts of England

Watched the game with my buddy whose brother is the dem candidate against Mo Brooks in AL-5. The DNC has donated $0.00 to his campaign. He's a good guy, great name recognition, and well-respected. This district has been held by a D in the last decade, and for most of the last thirty years.

Those items don't coincide with the Dems thinking they're going to take the House.

Kevlar Kid

Does the Southern Poverty Scam Center count murders and attacks by radical jihadists (you know, the people who also pray to allah?)

From Jihad Watch:

33,968 deadly attacks since 9/11


That is correct.

Miss Marple

Sorry for all of the typos. I hit post instead of preview by accident.

Kevlar Kid

while drinking coffee in the Safeway parking lot this morning caught the end of "Meet The Dress" and "Face My Notion".

the former ended with how the polls are miraculously tightening but it's because the Dems have not motivated their base.

the latter was a segment with Larry Kudlow. confirmed what most of us already know: Chris Wallace interviews like a gerbil in heat.


The MSM keeps accusing President Trump of stirring up "the mob," in a laughable projection. But the actual violence has all been D on R, has it not? Rand Paul and Steve Scalise have both been seriously injured. I've seen pictures of bloodied Trump supporters. Then there's the harassment at restaurants and such. So far the only claim of "mob violence" lodged at Trump is when he got the crowd chanting "Lock her up!" Are there any examples of actual D on R violence?


I meant "R on D violence" at the end of my 12:51.

Beasts of England

JimNorCal - in the 2014 midterms, the final RCP average favored Dems by almost six points in the competitive Senate races won by Reps. Your assessment is correct that because they're averaging so many lefty polls that the result is biased. And, yes, they try to skew back to reality near the end to save face.

Adding four points for the R's in every poll is not unreasonable.


I think that Mitch and certainly Lindsay and even Grassley have come around to the Trump style thing; Trump's lack of decorum was distasteful to them, but Trump showed them that the Dems and the MSM have been using their old-school fastidiousness as a weapon against them, and that the best way to fight is to come out swinging. I was trying to think of a time when collegiality and decorum paid off in politics, particularly for the Republicans, and I came up empty. Remember the Bob Michel era? I think Bob Seger's "Beautiful Loser" was inspired by the GOP.

Kevlar Kid

Mitch McConnell is more enduring than a cockroach or a Hostess Twinkee.

I'll contend that the Senate Majority Leader and long-time muckedty muck in that legislative body isn't too caught up in "styles" anymore: it's all about what Trump can do for him.

And what Trump did for the SML is appoint his wife as Transportation Secretary.

Back scratching does not require provincial technique.

Clarice Feldman


NTW I think the WaPo is whistling Dixie--the Dems will not retake the house.

Beasts of England

I want to change for accuracy the term 'favored' to 'biased' in my 12:52 comment. In the competitive races, two R's were actually ahead by one and two points in their final polls, but won by seven and eight points.


And speaking of violence:


The headline said "Violence erupts...," which is reminiscent of "A struggle ensued...." Guessing the those arrested are mainly leftists, and the misnamed "Public Advocate" wants "more arrests" because the speaker and his supporters weren't arrested just for their words.

Clarice Feldman

Wictor's now on Gab--claims Al-Jazeera has tales that show Kashoggi left the Saudi consulate 20 minutes after he entered:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXNmDeGMkAA&feature=youtu.be

Kevlar Kid

For all of the panache and "style" the Democrats and their big tent mutants claim, and all of the evolving they've done to better the plight of the species, they are living out the plot of a grade B western from the 50s.

Big Bad Bully runs the town, owns the mine, the bank, the newspaper, the livery, and the dry goods store.

Has people of the town jumping so high and so far on command. Even gets them to brutalize anybody who steps out of line that he himself isn't forced to kill.

Then. A stranger appears. A stranger who isn't afraid. A stranger who understands how people feel about living under the bully's thumb or under the boot.

Stranger begins to pick away at the bully's life supports. Sees how the Bully reacts. Bully lands a few punches while hitting back.

Finally, people see the Bully running scared of the stranger, who's not doing anything the people themselves cannot do. So they start helping. They start standing up to the Bully's goons--- even kill a few of them.

Bully gets sacked. New sheriff in town. Town goes back to living normal life in relative peace and safety given the concerns of the time. But the Bully is no more.

The Dems, their Deep State overlords, their media gatekeepers ("The Great Oz will see you now.), and their "stars" all fear what the Stranger is doing.

And they hate themselves for having to suck so much dick.

JM Hanes

I was struck by this final observation by John Bolton in the Hewitt interview:

The one difference between President Trump and other presidents is his economic background. And he sees and emphasizes economic issues in a way we’ve not seen in a long time. That confuses some people. But as you follow him through it, he is striking at problems that have bedeviled the United States for a long time that we haven’t addressed almost at all.
That reminded me of a comment Clarice made awhile back which I saved, because I thought it was particularly perspicacious:

"[Trump] certainly has set a pattern of using all the economic tools at his disposal to settle issues instead of the warm bodies of our men and women in the military."

That's a talent which has been sorely lacking in his predecessors, who didn't seem to recognize any economic tools outside of sanctions or subsidies. Even when it comes to sanctions, this administration has not fallen for the self-defeating trap of allowing "humanitarian" aid under a sanctions regime. To pretend that the effectiveness of sanctions does not depend on making life intolerable is pure diplo-duplicity. Who, pray tell, controls the flow of humanitarian goods & services under a totalitarian regime? I believe that such ostensibly well-intentioned assistance ultimately strengthens the dictatorship's position as sole distributor of sustenance and medical supplies.

Far too many diplomats see themselves less as agents of change than as geo-political stabilizers, whereas Trump, as a business wheeler-dealer, can see the advantages of keeping competition off-balance and seizing the advantages which a certain amount of "chaos" provides. That's not an environment that most people are comfortable working in, including the press, which likes to think it knows what's going on and resents the hell out of being left off-balance themselves.

Clarice, I was interested that Bolton refused to make any substantive comment on the Khashoggi affair. As your Sunday Pieces makes clear, how could anyone believe that the Saudi reformers and/or the Saudi-American alliance are not the actual targets of this alleged crime? The timing may have been convenient for Turkey's release of Brunson, but this plot seems far too elaborate as a simple distraction. I worry that the Saudis have reacted rather badly to the President's remarks on the subject, and wish he had been as restrained as John Bolton (never thought I'd write that phrase!) with his facts-first approach.


the former ended with how the polls are miraculously tightening but it's because the Dems have not motivated their base.

I think it may be because the Kavanaugh hearings repulsed part of their base. A whole lot of the teachers, Hispanics, blacks and Jews who support them are mothers of sons.

Clarice Feldman

"tales" s/b tapes. Searching A-J I cannot find that story.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, JMH--I think facts first is always a good tactic in analyzing the news --also cui bono.


TLG, 12:38
Perfectly correct, though in the end nice words mean little if citizens don't stand up and fight when behavioral boundaries are breached.


I linked the clip from an Egyptian correspondent from al hurra,

Kevlar Kid

yer so right a-mom. it's how the Ridiculous American Media is spinning it: "Oh, we can still win this--- all we have to do is energize the base and we'll take the House."

i factor it like this: Dem base isn't energized, ours is, and it's still a toss-up in jive polls that lie.

= Red victory in Congress. Trump will have consolidated conservative Di-Rection in all 3 branches of government.

Kevlar Kid

Hey DEMZ! "when the chicken in the corn, the corn can grow!"



BoE: "Adding four points for the R's in every poll is not unreasonable."

A joyful thought when considering leads gained by Repubs in Senate races in TN, ND, MO and perhaps AZ.

Kevlar Kid

Sooner or later the Bully needs to get socked in the mouth.

Kevlar Kid

4 points is being kind to the Dhimmis.


Red victory in Congress. Trump will have consolidated conservative Di-Rection in all 3 branches of government.

I'm sure Soros's people are out looking for women volunteers in every state with a close Senate race, and every district with a close House race, to come out with sexual assault charges against the Republican (if male), or some other smear ("said the N word") if female.

Beasts of England

That's the reason I'm confident about picking up five seats in the Senate, JimNorCal. It's harder to gauge the House, given the inconsistent or nonexistent polls in some of those races. Even then, I don't see anything rallying the left, and they've rarely taken the midterms too seriously.

Tom Maguire
"If I can spin the dial on election night and see tears in the eyes of both Rachel AND the Foxies it's a good night."

Not sure I really understand this. Is it the press you want to punish, or Congress?

No plan. 2004 is still my favorite. Early exit polls had Kerry winning everything so the Foxies were reporting from the nearest window ledge.
By the end of the night, obviously, the MSNBC crew had put down the champagne glasses and started breaking the bottle over each other.

2016 was roughly as much fun. I'd love to see the tape but my rough memory is that late in the evening Rachel frantically sketched out some scenario under which Hillary won - something about an upset here, a recount there, and maybe a space alien landing.
Brian Williams gave her a "How did I go so wrong as to be sitting here with her?" look and said "A Hillary victory is extremely unlikely at this point."
And now its on to 2018!

Kevlar Kid

So today's snapshot of the Dem narrative during the run-up:

1. China trade war is going to kill the recovery. (Trumps fault.)
2. Trump is trying to control the Fed and threaten its independence.
3. Saudi Arabia is evil and murdered a journalist whose only interest was peace and love and dancing in the sunshine with the chirrenz. (TF)
4. The Trump rallies are like Nuremberg's. (TF)
5. Even children aren't afraid to sexually assault white women.(TF)
6. Kanye is a psychopathic negro who's rich.(TF)
7. Trump didn't earn any of his money. (TF)
8. Jared Kuchner dint cheat on his taxes but he really did.(TF)
9. Socialism in America has never worked because we never really tried it.(TF)
10.Colin Kaepernick deserves a job in the NFL.(TF that he dont got one.)

JM Hanes


You alluded to another character cropping up in one of these multi-threads, and I meant to ask to whom you were referring?

Kevlar Kid

Brian Williams had that distinctive expression on his face as if he'd stepped out of the landing craft into HELL.

Kevlar Kid

i think the Soros efforts to smear will be about as convincing as the "wizard" was after Toto pulled back the curtain.


Mark lynch of George Washington u, one of your favorite people, him. (Sarc) he was in a piece in haaretz of course.

Kevlar Kid

is major tv media time going to be dedicated to the mid-terms?

are we going to be entertained the way we were on 2016 election night?

will we see Judy Woodruff actually heave into a stomach distress bag as her hair falls out on nat tv?

moar moar moar i say.


Besides buckley perhaps harrison Schmitt what pick ups did we have in 70, hayakawa?

JM Hanes

"Two years later, McConnell is impressed with Trump’s results, which include ushering in the most important Republican initiatives in a generation..."

With next to no help from Congress, as far asI can see. If McConnell and Ryan had jumped on the Trump wagon at the start, or even just decided to use a Republican president to sign the stacks of conservative legislation described in Republican election campaigns, all those history making initiatives might have been permanently established in law by now. If Democrats take the House, there's no way that happens.

Miss Marple

Can't disagree with you, JM Hanes. They obviously listened to consultants instead of the people. If they had just accepted Trump as a candidate from the outset, we wouldn't have had such division in the party.

By the way, who made Marco Rubio some sort of foreign policy expert? All he does is mouth the bullet points of certain think tanks, and he seems to me to be a shallow thinker.


He’s the first black candidate to receive the Republican nomination for attorney general in New York, yet his parents were lifelong Democrats. Mr. Wofford is the only statewide Republican candidate who would admit to voting for President Trump but he has also donated money to Democrats, including Kenneth P. Thompson, the former Brooklyn district attorney, and Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Mr. Wofford now says that he regrets making the donation to the mayor.)



https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/10/democrat-witches-plan-to-cast-spell-on-justice-brett-kavanaugh/#more-262743 would indicate desperation.


So sorry to hear about Danube’s illness.
I will keep him and his family in my prayers.
I always enjoyed his posts.A real gentleman and patriot.


Once Trump won the electionRyan and McConnell had to support him as the leader of their party.
Both did so.
Diasagree with the poster who said they didn’t push for his agenda.
Of course they did.

JM Hanes

Ah, I see, TM! The election night entertainment factor -- I can go with that. Pollsters crashing, hopes dashing. Moar popcorn! Moar bread for the circus goers!

This one may actually be more interesting than what follows in 2020, depending on the Dems' choice, of course. What with sundry NeverTrumps and "results" oriented Repubs climbing on board the Trump train, if we can keep both houses of Congress, we might finally manage to make enough perceptible progress to hang on to it all.

Add some post-midterm personnel changes to that mix. I'd like to see Sessions replaced for a multitude of reasons, but I also think having an Atty Gen'l with no need to recuse himself from anything would have a salutary effect on the now bifurcated DoJ. It's like we've got a fully funded vestigial arm of the Obama/Clinton Justice Dept. in parallel operation.

JM Hanes

Last sentence above refers to Mueller's outfit, in case it wasn't obviousl


John James is gaining on Stabenow in Michigan.


Totally agree about the Obama/ Hillary extra arm of Mueller unreal operation which is totally a waste of time and money.
Rosenstein sent this train in motion and some would believe is working with the President.

Beasts of England

Wow. I just got a call from a girl I dated a few years ago (while she was separated) telling me she filed for divorce on Friday. She is absolutely perfect in every way. I'm shaking. And she's headed to the lake. Talk to y'all in a few days...


Good luck, beast:


You know that tufnel line, Angela.


One more time. Let's review.

Trump wins, Republicans/GOP/Conservatives go about governing as the Constitution allows.


The MEDIA is MY enemy. I don't care what they say in return/response.


Be careful BEASTS. Ah heck, you're never careful. God bless you brother.

JM Hanes


When the House produces a budget that doesn't practically beg for a Presidential veto, while Dems high-five each other, and when they put legislation on Trump's desk fully funding the Wall -- then you might have a chance of persuading me that Congressional leaders have been pushing the President's agenda. "Of course they did" is so weak it's not even tea.


It's harder to gauge the House, given the inconsistent or nonexistent polls in some of those races. Even then, I don't see anything rallying the left, and they've rarely taken the midterms too seriously.

I see I'm too late to catch Beasts (lol), but it seems to me that a rising Red Tide in the Senate lifts all races. Trump is driving the rally train all over the Senate map (with a few governors and House races here and there) because that's going to drive turnout all up and down the ticket, which will help pull up some threatened House races.

Also, maybe some of the House polling is spotty on purpose? When polling favors Dems, you know we're bound to hear about it.


For mm--


I imagine other scoliosis patients who have had spinal surgery were as enthusiastic about eugenie's determination to show her scar as my child was.

Jim Eagle

The ghost of McCain has been spotted over Florennes Air Force Base in Belgium.


I know, the Forrestal incident can't exactly be pointed to McCain but this one was somewhat similar.

Just back from dropping Mrs. JiB off at Islip for her flight down to Florida.


I am coming down with the Beagles on 1st of November. I think we'll be there through Chrismas at least.

jane, marlene and other snowbirds, I will going over to Sarasota to visit Capt. Eric. Will let you all know so we can a meet up. Maybe on his boat out in the shallows off of Lido Beach:)

JM Hanes

Just in, via Instapundit, Spengler weighs in on Khashoggi: German Press Reveals Saudi Spook Saga Behind Khashoggi Disappearance.

He seems to think that the presumed murder could have arisen out of tensions within Saudi Arabia, although he mostly cautions us about the reliability of media reporting. I do think he's got this right, "I don't believe it's America's job to fix the problems of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." That's part of what disturbed me about President Trump's quasi-threat. Although it may have been mentioned, I missed the fact that the putative victim was arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's nephew, as well as a high level Saudi insider. I still think the entire "event" was too carefully staged to incriminate Saudi leadership, though, and, ironically, not staged carefully enough to do so.


Scoliosis may be due to inability to utilize manganese


Jim Eagle


Thanks for that Science Daily article on maganese and scolorocis. Sent to Frederick. He loves reading about findings like this. Waiting to hear from him on his bio-engineering fix for those kids.


Good to know jib

Deep cover general intelligence officials would not have any identifiable govt traces, where is the audio, uploaded to Wikileaks or failing that the intercept, I know reality winner chose poorly.

JM Hanes

Chinese Islands, coming soon to a location near you!

Hong Kong Protest - Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters photo Hong Kong Protest - Photograph by Bobby YipReuters_zpslvml7cjq.jpg
Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

"Protesters mock the Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam, as they demonstrate against a large-scale land reclamation to build artificial islands"


Never mind...

NBC News
‏Verified account @NBCNews

CORRECTION: An earlier tweet misidentified the general President Trump described as "incredible" at a rally in Ohio. It was Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, not Gen. Robert E. Lee. An attached video clip lacked the full context for Trump's remark. Here is the full clip.


Just an innocent error. The fake news video has 5.31M views, the corrected one 154K.

Clarice Feldman



Great Jib, let us know.

Miss Marple

At least NBC had to put it in writing. What creeps they are.

Either they are completely ignorant or full of more malice than we can comprehend.

Or both.

Jim Eagle



Two sides to every coin.

Miss Marple


I hope that the lady is still perfect, and that you have a wonderful reunion!

Much happiness!


Jack,sounds like fun!


Now hasan is an Iranian/islamist hack at the guardian:



Hubby ordered a kevlar kayak,his "retirement" gift to himself. I'm good with that because if we spent winters in Maine,it would have been a plow for the Jeep. :)

Jim Eagle


Clarice's latest has been picked up by Rantburg. Now you're in the Big Time, Clarice:)

Jim Eagle

Okay, I am cheating and watching NFL Red Zone but there are some terrific games on right now.

Skins up. Bengals up. Dolphins up. And all too close to call.

Jim Eagle

Hail to the Redskins,
Hail Victory,
Braves on the Wapath,
Fight for old DC.

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