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October 29, 2018


Miss Marple

Josh Caplan
‏ @joshdcaplan
10m10 minutes ago

WIRE: Suspicious package addressed to CNN has been intercepted in Atlanta.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!! 🐘


That dad lost social cohesion points.


(repost from end of last)

PM Gen

"Suspicious package addressed to CNN"

Was it stamped "Real News" on the package?


"I'm #3, I don't try at all!"


TM, steal away. I'm not here to make lawyers rich.

Jack is Back!



Here lies Dharampal Singh
Irritation to the monkeys he did bring
Lots of bricks they threw down
And killed him on his way into town

Mr. Singh should have been armed.


They always said that Big Macs could kill you

jimmyk on iPhone

“Howard Dean wants Gab.com tried as an ‘accomplice to murder’”

Ironically Gab has more claim to immunity than FB and Twitter, since unlike them it doesn’t decide who gets to post there.


Forget 800 .. now it's ...
5,000 Troops To Be Deployed To Southern Border

Kevlar Kid

Bring It, USA! Stop the Caravan!

Kevlar Kid

Howard Dean: We dodged that bullet.

jimmyk on iPhone

“Mr Singh's family has lodged a formal complaint and named monkeys as the accused but police insisted they cannot prosecute monkeys and have declared Mr Singh’s death was an accident.”

Can’t prosecute, but presumably can shoot them. When I was in Costa Rica I was warned that if you annoy the monkeys they will pee on you. Brick throwing is upping the ante.


this is the future of the global warmists too:

Sloppy science bears substantial blame for Americans’ bad eating habits. “A spectacular case of sloppy science came crashing to a close last month. Cornell University’s Brian Wansink, a world-renowned scientist who seized headlines with his research on American eating habits, had many of his papers retracted and resigned from his professorship. Wansink’s fall is not just the tale of a single scientist gone astray. It is, instead, an indictment of an entire type of nutrition science that has led to mistaken dietary advice dispensed to Americans for decades.



h/t BJG
Nevada was supposed to be part of the Blue Tide. Early votes show only a moderate Dem lead.
Does anyone know how NV Independents typically break?

NV early returns by party — https://www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections/voters/election-turnout-statistics

Way Messed.

What, prevent a mass killing? The boss was closing up, how many could have been there?

Apparently a mass of them, or sumpin'.

The more I know of 'Gentlemen', the better I like guns.


My guess is it was an attempted robbery. At closing time with the days receipts in the registers. He probably knew the manager locked the door at a certain time and then unlocked it to let out the remaining customers.

I haven't watched the Pats yet this season. I've given up on Brady, the cop hater!


Roll Tide

Clarice Feldman

"nutrition science" is to science what astrology is to astronomy. And the misinformation gets filtered down over and over for years--If you doubt me, read any womens magazine or , say, yahoo "nutritionist's" advice. It goes from bad scientists to thousands of minimally educated "nutritionists" to the world.

Peace be unto Claude Bernard.

Wansick makes one sick, but there are proliferating Piltdown Mann's. It's friggin' easy to snow with stats, even easier to be ignorant of their correct use.

Science is being victimized by its own success. It has such powerful enlightenment cachet, that it is susceptible to perversion by those entranced by fame, money, and/or power.

And we've got a few of such; they will always be with us, just as will the poor.

Clarice Feldman

Insty smacks down Kamala hard:https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/10/a_master_smackdown_for_kamala_harris_on_twitter.html

Clarice Feldman


What the press doesn't say about the handouts they reprint without questioning the source.

Apologies for using the Cheesehead's name, wanly.

Heh, re nutrition and health, years ago I forecast that when the government finally was exhausted with paying for the drugs to treat hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, that it would compel people to 'Work For Food', 'cuz that is what prevented those chronicities back when we grubbed for every calorie. Salt often entailed a lot of work, sweets were difficult except for fruit and honey, well those were rare or difficult enough. Fats nearly impossible unless one worked hard enough to kill a wary animal.

So what do have at the punch of a button? Salt, sweet, and fat.

It reminds me of the cannibal who was asked what he'd had for lunch. 'Oh, Henry' was the reply.



"'nutrition science' is to science what astrology is to astronomy."

Everything in moderation remains the best advice, IMO.

Clarice Feldman


All about Bolsanaro and press coverage of him


Papadopoulos claims to know who the spy in the Trump campaign is. Any guesses?

Miss Marple

Saagar Enjeti
‏Verified account @esaagar

Rabbi Jeffery Myers of the Tree of Life Synagogue asked this AM on CNN if Trump is welcome to visit the site of the massacre: "The President of the United States is always welcome. I'm a citizen. He's my president. He is certainly welcome."
5:11 AM - 29 Oct 2018


Please note this is the classless, divisive question asked of the grieving rabbi on CNN.


Forgot link


Clarice Feldman

VDH on the absurdity of the caravan and the thinking behind it.

Miss Marple


Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse makes a good case for it being Mike Rogers, the former representative and intelligence committee member (not the Admiral who was the head of NSA).

He makes a circumstantial case here:



Thank you MissM, Sundance is calling him Decepticon Mike Rogers. The Plot Thickens!

matt - deplore me if you must

The headline letter the media are touting is apparently from a group of far left non-practicing Jews. Even on the Facebook account of our Diocese' Peace and Justice minister, the hatred for Trump is out of hand.

The WaPo has gone spastic in its diatribes.

The lack of self-awareness of an entire segment of our society is both disgraceful and very scary.

Captain Hate

I'm no fan of that Mike Rogers, as narc and I used to discuss, but Sundance needs to shut his gossipy hole about tossing out accusations to his clapping seals. He's better at accumulating data than he is at analyzing it.



Why would h wait so long to reveal the name?

Miss Marple

Well Captain Hate, I DO wonder why Rogers was let go from the transition team so abruptly.

We will see. There are now so many names, departments and issues involved in this that I cannot keep track anymore.

Kevlar Kid

The Oily Discharge is dominating the thread i see.


How so? All I see are blocked comments.

Miss Marple



Real geniuses, aren't they? Just now it occurs to them that obstructing everything,saying they will impeach the President, personally attacking Justice Kavanaugh, and forming mobs in the streets is NOT a winning platform.

"nutrition science" is to science what astrology is to astronomy. And the misinformation gets filtered down over and over for years--If you doubt me, read any womens magazine or , say, yahoo "nutritionist's" advice. It goes from bad scientists to thousands of minimally educated "nutritionists" to the world.
I was reading the MyFitnessPal blog one time, and there was one of those cheerful "informative" posts about diet and exercise. The second comment was brilliant: "Whoa! Dude! That's a lotta Bro Science in there!"

"Bro Science" is a term that needs to be spread widely, LOL!

Beasts of England

I assume they are speculating about former representative Mike Rogers from Michigan and not Adm. Mike Rogers...


Glory Hole, get over Carbon Dioxide, please. You are showing your age and your ignorant biases.

The warming man can do will be net beneficial for the biome and human society. The greening is downright miraculous, now feeding many bellies, cumulating, if not already in billions of bellies fed.

Captain Hate

Well Captain Hate, I DO wonder why Rogers was let go from the transition team so abruptly.

Rogers is a walking conflict of interest so it could have been a lot of things, just like Fat RINO Bastard was let go at the same time because his ego, unlike his boiler, still lacks a surgical reduction device. Maybe Sundance is right but it's still a guess on his part.


Dan Doucette (yeah, he spelled douchebag wrong).

Get yer manbun out of my business.



New Jersey Newspaper Endorses ‘Awful’ Menendez: ‘He’s No Gem’ but He’ll Check Trump

"The question is which candidate can best fight Trump's toxic policies, his grotesque appeals to racial and ethnic tribalism, and his corrosive attacks on the pillars of our democracy, starting with the rule of law," the board wrote. "That makes this an easy decision: Menendez is the better choice, by far. He has our endorsement."

It called the race a battle between "two awful candidates whose most convincing argument is that the other guy is unfit to serve."

The Star-Ledger ripped Hugin for being unclear on some of his views, his background in the pharmaceutical industry, and being a supporter of Trump's. It praised Menendez for his role in drafting the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, as well as his stances on climate change and immigration reform.

Nevertheless, the board was unforgiving in its assessment of Menendez's conduct with Melgen and called it an "act of profound narcissism" that he stayed in the race for re-election.

"Before he was caught in 2015, Sen. Robert Menendez broke Senate rules by routinely accepting expensive gifts, including private jets to luxury resorts abroad," the board wrote. "He kept those gifts secret, breaking another rule. He then used his office to promote the personal and business interests of the man who paid the bills. All that was the unanimous conclusion of the Senate ethics committee, including all its Democrats."

"It's a miracle that Menendez escaped criminal conviction, and an act of profound narcissism that he stayed in the race despite this baggage, putting a Democratic seat at risk while Donald Trump sits in the White House," it added.

Kevlar Kid

if i have to click K-file more than 5 times...

Miss Marple


That is correct. I thought I had made that clear.

I sure want this whole thing ended with a definitive report on who did what. I also want the media to at least pretend they are unbiased, rather than doing all-out propaganda.

I was listening to Anthony Scaramucci on Fox yesterday and he said that he went to over 27 rallies with the President during the campaign, and he said what people don't realize is that he really loves the people who attend, especially the blue collar workers, because of all of his work in construction.

How long I have waited for a President that understands and relates to the average American! And instead of being allowed to see him in favorable interviews and appearances like the Halloween event last night, the media gives almost non-stop vitriol.

CNN's ratings are tanking and they seem unconcerned. I wonder if someone like Steyer is paying them.

Thank God for the internet!

Captain Hate

It's a miracle that Menendez escaped criminal conviction, and an act of profound narcissism that he stayed in the race despite this baggage, putting a Democratic seat at risk while Donald Trump sits in the White House

DJT is so deep in their otherwise empty heads that only self administering Dr. 12 gauge will get him out. They can't talk about anything without mentioning him.

Clarice Feldman

cathy, I had to look up "bro science":Urban Dictionary: broscience
Word of mouth knowledge passed off as fact, primarily among bodybuilders + weightlifters. Generally spouted most by guys who have used loads of steroids and are huge, have no idea what is happening to their bodies and then share that same cluelessness with others who make the false assumption that their experience means that they have knowledge.

jimmyk on iPhone

Speaking of genius, cat lady Jen Rubin mixes up algorithm and logarithm in her latest fit of Trump pique.

Miss Marple

Daniel Turner
‏ @DanielTurnerPTF
51m51 minutes ago

Germany has opened its markets to import American natural gas. This is a huge win for the United States & a huge loss for Russia.

Why did the media barely touch this story? #PowerTheFuture

matt - deplore me if you must

It just shows how incredibly douchey New Jersey media is. The Senator is caught cavorting with underage hookers and they still endorse him because Trump.

I really do hope the Left takes it right in the slats next Tuesday. They are Orwellian.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Miss Marple. Sometimes I scan too quickly... ;)


if i have to click K-file more than 5 times...

Once I see the first one, I just scroll down the rest of the page and whack all the moles in one fell swoop.

Captain Hate

cat lady Jen Rubin mixes up algorithm and logarithm in her latest fit of Trump pique.

Some diploma mill certified that she has basic competence in math.

Miss Marple

I seem to have lost killfile during my recent computer problems. Can someone give me the link? Thannks!

Miss Marple


This thread has all of the times Elizabeth Warren lied about being a Native American. (It's a lot more than I knew about.)

Kevlar Kid

Betty Yee is part of the Willie Brown "JUICE" Royalty political clan in/from California. Quite a list and price tag for these politburo insiders.

Yee's car service and private CHP security runs over $250K per year on the taxpayer's dime. That's the tip of a very cushy iceberg. She controls California's books.

Miss Marple


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

It is simply unbelievable that any American would endorse anyone over Menendez, IMO.

Miss Marple

Our new TV ad. Things are getting better. We can’t go back. Nov 6th 2018. Vote Republican. Embedded version! pic.twitter.com/lqem7doZ5G

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) October 29, 2018

Last year, the National Institutes of Health said early exposure could help prevent peanut allergies, with new clinical guidelines suggesting parents introduce peanut-containing foods to infants as “early as 4 to 6 months. ”


Jane, if I'm reading that GP link right, he claims that based on new information he recently uncovered, he's considering taking back his plea from Mueller. Now I'm not sure if that recent information includes the Rogers revelation but maybe that's it?

Miss Marple

Did anyone know about this executive order from last December? I sure didn't!



The reporter must have been crestfallen:

Saagar Enjeti ‏Verified account @esaagar

Rabbi Jeffery Myers of the Tree of Life Synagogue asked this AM on CNN if Trump is welcome to visit the site of the massacre: "The President of the United States is always welcome. I'm a citizen. He's my president. He is certainly welcome."

Imagine asking such a question when Obama was President.


Whack, whack, whack.

What a douche.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

For any Cleveland fans...

Hue's been fired.


A Judicial Watch board member, as a guest on Lou Dobbs' show, suggests that George Soros is helping to fund the caravan.

This type of talk is apparently "an anti-Semitic trope". CNN quotes Fox programming guy condemning the rhetoric while announcing that the segment will be pulled from rotation.

So any criticism of Soros, a Jew but a self-hating one who hates Israel, is anti-Semitic. And Judicial Watch, a vigorous supporter of Jews and Israel, is the anti-Semite.

The world is crazy.


Why do they feel they need to stick up for Soros?



So any criticism of Soros, a Jew but a self-hating one who hates Israel, is anti-Semitic.

And criticism of Dershowitz for defending Trump, Sheldon Adelson, David Horowitz, et al, is not anti-Semitic.

Captain Hate

Good riddance to Hue. Now fire Goodell.

Bernardi Dr la paz

The significance of Mike Roger's was he was on the transition till he was sidelined about a month after the election.


Soros is not just your average self-hating Jew. His first fortune was the money that the Nazis gave him for turning over his relatives and Jewish neighbors at the tail end of WWII.

Old Lurker

One Note Johnny here.

Had my head in the sand most of the weekend while JOM sorted itself out.

Was this noted?

So I saw a short clip of Obama in one of his speeches. (took me that long to find the remote) The line I saw as more or less: "NOT ONE member of my administration has been indicted. In less than two years, Trump could field a baseball team with his people who have been indicted"...

That right there is how you drive a truck through a hole in the fence created by the administration.

Says One Note Johnny.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!


Cathyf??? So the Phelan shit stain is being paid by a NAZI COLLABORATOR????

I'm shocked. I'm shocked I tell ya!!!

He seems so moral and such.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

In Florida there is a choice between a Harvard/Yale educated man named @RonDeSantisFL who has been a great Congressman and will be a great Governor - and a Dem who is a thief and who is Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

Great job being done by Congressman Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania. Thank you Keith!


Goo Morning.

FOX Headline Ticker:

Trump Readies Eight-State Campaign Blitz Ahead Of Election Day

Bernardi Dr la paz

I don't hold that gordian dilemma against him in the devouring however his subsequent work in the 90s on is very sketchy.


Ongoing blizzard up here on the Hillside.



* WHAT...Snow is occurring. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 6
inches in town, with 5 to 8 inches northeast of Anchorage and
along the Glenn Highway. Higher elevations may see up to 12

I'm guessing there'll be over a hundred car wrecks this first real snow day of the season.



A gunman in Florida fired at least four shots into the Volusia County Republican Party’s offices, police said Monday.

South Daytona police Capt. Mark Cheatham told reporters that nobody was injured in the shooting, which occurred between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. A suspect has also not been identified, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

(Click to open.)

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

Just a reminder, that in February of 2017 there were already 12,000 assassination threats against President Trump on social media.

Yet HE is the one who is divisive.



Volusia County is an R stronghold. That is only going to goose R turnout.

James D.

Exactly, MM.

The Left has spent DECADES spewing vile, hateful, bigoted, sexist, racist, elininationist rhetoric.

If you oppose any Leftist program or idea, for any reason, you're attacked as a genocidal monster.

And for decades, the right has sat back and accepted it. But, God forbid, we finally have someone who won't accept it, who will not accept the bogus and baseless guilt that the Left tries to foist on everyone, and they COMPLETELY lose their minds.


Papadopoulos claims to know who the spy in the Trump campaign is. Any guesses?

My uneducated guess is that there was more than 1 spy in the Trump Campaign because I don't think the Left does it's deviousness half-arsed. My guess is that one of Reince Priebus's cohorts was also spying and leaking like a sieve, since so much of the leaking ceased once he exited the White House.


JamesD, you hit it on the head. If YOU oppose any of the SECULAR PROGRESSIVE FULL COMMIE SHIT STEW, you are going to be attacked physically and verbally by the cabal.
There is no rhyme nor reason to their HATE, it's all COMMIE all the TIME. The attempts to portray themselves as MORAL are laughable. Seriously for over a decade the PHELAN SHITSTAIN has persisted i hating everything that doesn't allow FULL CONTROL to the FULL COMMIE. Baby vivisection is okay, if it's for one more cog in the FULL COMMIE oeration. There is NOTHING MORAL about the FULL COMMIE. $15 MILLION DOLLAR RUSSIAN INFUSED MADE UP DOSSIERS which have the PRESIDENT GETTING PISSED ON by RUSSIAN PROSTITUTES is a-ok, with the ENTIRE LEFT/FULL COMMIE. Antifa, a gang of stench ridden misfits smashing, burning, pillaging and violently attack those who won't go the FULL COMMIE is a-ok. Accusing a very very good man of GANG RAPES is a-ok. Leaking documents, lying to Grand Juries, deleting e-mails, smashing devices that had info showing the lawlessness. Even the FUCKING FBI is involved.



good grief ...


it's all about the clicks rich.

matt - deplore me if you must

Tom Steyer has spent $4 million alone in supporting Rouda against Rohrabacher and even more in some of the other vulnerable OC districts. I would assume Janz is another beneficiary as are many Dems around the country.

Steyer made his $ in Indonesian brown coal sales to China, which contributes mightily to our smog problems here in California.

He is trying to make offshore drilling off the So Cal coast the big issue when it is really a non-issue. The Left are duplicitous scumbags. The hypocrisy is positively National Socialist.

Miss Marple



This is my old high school, not 5 miles from me!!!!


Matt, the FULL COMMIE LEFT supports anything that gives them POWER. ANYTHING.

If the PLANNED PARENTHOOD SALAD and BABY PARTS dinner didn't convince them NOTHING WILL.

I've said it for a long long time. A war is coming.
A war ends when the FULL COMMIE are slaughtered.
Communism is about DEATH and Godlessness.

Another Bob

MM, we will disown you if you do not attend that rally.

)Well, probably not really, but you know what I mean...)

Miss Marple

Southport's Fieldhouse is the 12th largest in the United States, and suits 7,100, excluding seats available on the gym floor.

My dad was working for the township school system when it was constructed. At that time there was only one high school in the township and we were a state basketball power. It is where I had my graduation ceremony as well as my grandkids.


We mailed in our Absentee Ballots today.

We always order them since I never know where I'll be a month in advance, but usually I can make it to an early Polling location like the Library to vote in person, but with my car dead and at the shop and the Blizzard ongoing and a trip coming up on Wednesday Momma dropped them in the mail box on her morning drive to start the Dog Walk.

Last week the local paper reported that already 3,500 Absentee Ballots had been received before our current Governor Walker dropped out of the race, but there would not be do-overs for anyone who voted for him since the Law said he was legally still on the Ballot so anyone who voted for him was SOL.

It'll be interesting to me to see that if Begich loses by a small amount like 1,000 votes, if some legal challenge will be pushed by the Dem's to try to allow those Absentee Walker Voters to re-Vote. Folks are pretty good at bending Election Law up here, since I recall how Lisa Murkowski was allowed to get the Law changed during her 2010 run as a Write-In Candidate. The law she had previously voted for as a State Politician mandated that the name on any Write-In Ballot had to spelled exactly correct or the Ballot would not count, and also that no person running as a Write In candidate could have their name posted in an Election location to aide the voter in spelling the name correctly. Both of those Laws were pencil whipped as invalid in the week prior to the 2010 Election by a Judge that Lisa's Dad, Frank Murkowski, had previously hand picked as Election Commissioner

Miss Marple

I just told my son, who is going to check his work schedule today. I also texted my grandson.

My friend vacationing in Hawaii is going to be sick that she can't go!

I am going to try to go but I am leery of going by myself, which is why I want my son to see if he is off in the evening.


MissM: "This is my old high school, not 5 miles from me!!!!"

Stand in line early and you can be a "Front Row Joe" :) :)

Miss Marple

I wonder what they will do about parking. There is a large lot, but it will be occupied by students and teachers until after 4:00 PM.

Surrounding the school is a 1940's era neighborhood which has on-street parking but not enough to accommodate a massive crowd.

Switching off Fox live feed now as they are inflicting Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt on me.


Sarah Sanders starts the Presser. I will do a live Blog to get back into rhythm. Sarah starts off discussing the Temple shooting.


They'll figure it out, MM.

You absolutely must go. Your own high school!

It will be a long day in line, but everyone brings chairs and leaves them in a big pile, and then sorts them out later. Your new friends in line will help you out. :)

Thomas Collins

Where's the Price or Pearce thread starter, TM? With a link to Eduardo Rodriguez playing New York, New York on his bluetooth boombox?

For the record, it clearly should have been Price. It's far more likely that Bosox would have won the series without Pearce than without Price.

I am that perhaps unusual breed who is a Bosox fan without being a Yankee hater (I know some say that's impossible), but Eduardo's takedown of Aaron Judge is classic.

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