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October 19, 2018



Hillary run? Waddle is the term you seek.

Lock and Load

Americans give zero shits about a terrorist lover wiped out by other muzzies. However, immigration is the #1 concern of Americans this election. We have the central american invasion heading up from Mexico. Mexico has not stopped them. However, President Trump and the Republicans have a message for the invaders...


Nonstop Winning

The liberal tears have flowed strong over the last two years, however, the flow will increase dramatically after the mid-terms. Repubs to hold the House and make gains in the Senate. Special thanks for Feinstien for the Kavanaugh fiasco and to the globalists behind the central american criminal march to the US. Repub voter enthusiasm at an all time high!!!!

Kevlar Kid

ask Lara Logan what she thinks happened to CashHoggy.

Kevlar Kid

Hillary reminds me of the DeVito "Penguin" character.


He waits for new threads. Has his comments all lined up. Surely spends at least 20 or 30 minutes on it.

But then people kill the loser's comments in seconds.

Jim Eagle

Dive on in, Hill.

Some great photos of WW2 aviation



DeVito is taller. ;)


Nellie Ohr's invocation of the marital privilege only applies to private communications with her husband. She still has to testify to everything else. I also believe that if she communicated with her husband in his capacity as a government official and/or hers as a government employee, the privilege doesn't apply.


Dems are gonna have to buy lots of bollards & place them around the country so she can campaign.

Jim Eagle


No photo shows up only the icon.


It must frustrate the EMOTIONALLY ILL PSYCHO, that we can't see him anymore.

Poor poor Dana.


Theres a guy I see at this bodega every time I go in or go by. I swear his full time job is scratch offs. He's more productive than HRC.

Captain Hate

Is this clown really going to Sturgis?


Captain Hate

Yes, Janet, imagine if they put bollards in Wisconsin this time!


Dana Ward is quite large. Obese that is. Imagine his TWINKIE intake rising along with his blood pressure.

Pretty Frustrating Huh Psycho??

He reads ever letter I type.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Now we'll see what actually turned out to be True, why did they go straight to saw?


Never mind the bollards, it's the Sex Pistols:

Bodies NSFW https://youtu.be/qiRn2gjrv8o

Bernardi Dr la paz

So walker is stepping down from the race to endorse begin, quelle surprise.

The first time begich won, was because of the strength of the phony Stevens indictment



The great thing about removing his wall of text is it's not load bearing.


Pin, when I saw the Sex Pistols, I predicted and they DID open with BODIES.

I met Paul Cook.


Ward is probably ear deep in cheap gin about now.

And kiddie porn.

Jim Eagle

Going to bed to lurk. My beagle is back, I am releived.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.


Talking Heads-Psycho Killer.


Kevlar Kid

"...the doctor came in, reeking of gin...."

Kevlar Kid

henry, i think that's why Hillary goes out in a shower cap these days.

Kevlar Kid

i get hives whenever i hear "Talking Heads." Reminds me of my first wife and her lefty friends at their "parties."

"Oh, David Byrne is so kewl."

Yeah buddy. Gots him a real Negro with dreadlocks in his band. Pish.

Kevlar Kid

ever noticed the confused look on yer boy doggies face when yer asking over and over "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?"

"dude. wtf? i don't f*cking know. who's a good boy? you never say. give me a treat mthrfckr. be a good boy."

Kevlar Kid

is it "reeking" or "steenking" of gin?

Miss Marple


Glad your beagle is back!!

Kevlar Kid

see yooz Montag. enjoy the week's ending. i'll try not to give it away.


David Bowie-Cat People



It was the Hillary fainting GIF.

Maybe those don't work on typepad. It showed up in preview.


Oh, I'm glad he is safely home, Jack.


I know Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads.


Jack White presents Nirvana:

The Raconteurs-Steady as She Goes



Nov 2, 2016 Flashback:

'The Clinton campaign has raised double the funds of the Trump campaign, $1.2B vs $600M. Polls indicate Hillary Clinton has a 92% chance of winning next Tuesday.'

Another Bob

And now we have a report that the “bone saw” was a Turkish invention.

Is Khashoggi dead?


David's all right. Jerry's all right. They just sing a little weird.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Mostly dead, the next step the Turks were going to say he drowned.


I just don’t get or care about the Khashoggi kerfuffle. He is/was a Saudi national reportedly killed/fell in a wood chipper/choked on a bratwurst on Saudi soil. Who cares?

Kleenex should just make tissues for “heavy days”, “light days”, and “regular” days.


Just think of all the fireworks they can buy...


I guess I'm not cultured enough to think that gin is anything but disappointing.

Rally Time

President Trump Arizona Rally - Starting Soon!!! - Friday Oct 19 at 9:30pm EST. Live links:

Right Side Broadcasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QStdlgiU70k

Fox News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppo52N_-lr0

List of rallies with the leader of the democrat party:
- who?

Bernardi Dr la paz

The consequences were always going to be what stupid things Graham and corker would do,


Ricks alright, Robins alright.... Gus's kid is alright!!!


Trump Rally, Brewers rally.....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--He waits for new threads. Has his comments all lined up. Surely spends at least 20 or 30 minutes on it.

But then people kill the loser's comments in seconds.--

I don't think that Lock and Load dude was Ben the Loon, if that's who you were referring to.


Ig, every troll here is WARD.

JM Hanes

Willlowed on the last thread:


I'm just trying to remember having referenced Fithian! Can you give me a hint as to where and when that was, because I'm having a senior moment here.

Jack is Back!

Funny about Bandit my first Beagle of the lot. We got his brother, same litter, 2 months later. But his invisible fence collar is broke. So, when I let them out back, I just sit at one our tables by the pool and watch them.

This time I must have got distracted, heard the other two baying and knew he got out. Usually, all I need to do is drive over the street behind and he will up to get in the car. Not this time. Looked all over with flashlight. No dog anywhere. Go back home.

Can’t find my phone. Must have left it in the car. Go out to get it. Coming back in, there is Bandit at the door waiting to come in.

Beagles Rule!

Jack is Back!


A thread or two back. Your name came up as Fithian but with your Carpe Diem avatar. Let me see if I can find it.

JM Hanes


Glad to hear Bandit's back and you don't have to suffer through a sleepless night.


Lucille Ball Dancing the Hula feat Maureen O'Hara and is that Peter Lorre?



Did you know David Lee Roth did a County album?

Jump Country



Peter Lorre???



JM Hanes

That's OK, Jack.

No need to worry about finding it, now that I understand how the Fithian thing probably came about. I have two weirdly connected TypePad personas, which I got so early on that they were set in some kind of cyber cement, which prevented any subsequent way to combine them into one. Every once it awhile there's a glitch in my email listing, and TypePad signs me into my Quasiblog account, which I started back when my TP screen name was Fithian.

Since it signed me in successfully, I guess I just didn't even notice the name, hence my astonishment at your comment. :-)


I like DLR and his version of KA VAN AUGH........

Right DANA!!!!!??


JM Hanes

Speaking of which:

10 Fascinating Examples of Unintended Consequences

Plus the first time I ever actually wished for machine narration, but never mind that:

7 Wildest Parties in History

Jack is Back!


Found it on the Finding Fall Guy thread at 10:05 AM.

And here is another crazie from the Ben sector of the Dem party which is mostly all demented.



Boy is Robert Francis O'Rourke a talker.
Blah, blah, blah, blah,...& doesn't answer the question.


The video is over 5 minutes just to get Robert to answer Juan's question.

Reminds me of Obama -

JM Hanes - "Obama clearly tries to limit the number of questions in press conferences by consuming the maximum amount of time with his answers, but it's often as if he also feels like he'll somehow arrive at the perfect turn of phrase if he just keeps at it long enough."

JM Hanes - "The longer it takes you to say nothing, the brighter our political class thinks you are."

PUK on Obama - "...his first instinct is to lie, his second instinct is to elaborate on it."

PUK on Sotomayor - "...Amazing how these lefties come off sounding like adolescent,all mouth and trousers.Being liberal means never having to talk sense."

PUK on Obama - "I think Obama is trapped by his own smartarsedness.Because his mantel of omnipotence forces him to opine on every subject that arises,he goes into the blagging mode that he has used all his life. ..."

Mark Steyn on Obama - "He had nothing to say, but he said it anyway."

E.Nigma on Obama - "...second guess everything. Clever & wordy guy, but really not as intelligent as he thinks he is."

Cheney on Obama - "...he filled the air with vague and useless platitudes."

matt - "I am Barack Obama & I don't understand this message."

Appalled on Obama - "Boldness without specifics. Vision without implementation."

Captain Hate on John F'n Kerry (but is true of Obama too) - "Thinking...this gasbag doesn't understand a damn thing that he's blathering about."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ig, every troll here is WARD.--

Including guys who link The_Donald reddit site?


This MAN actually LOVES AMERICA.

Name one FULL COMMIE LIBTARD that will actually say he/she loves AMERICA. he/she. Heh heh.

My DAD used to live 1 block from TED NUGENTS STORE in Jackson MI.



a smooth operation carried out by trained operatives to take out an opponent of the current maximum operational domo in Saudi Arabia

I have no idea who did what to Khasshogi, but it's worth remembering how our "smooth Operators" stateside did such a bang up incompetent job of arresting David Koresh outside Waco Texas. All they had to do was arrest him on one of his daily long jogs outside his compound but instead they turned that simple task into a multi-million dollar blazing inferno of death.

"Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs Gump."


A Ward is typically an invocation of protection unless an Ur Vile gets ahold of it.

Ralph L

Tom Friedman's defense of MBS.

And here, I thought MBS was on our side, sort of.
Perhaps he'll be the Gorby of KSA.



There's a LIEDAR patch when you upgrade your GAYDAR.


No, Ig, sorry, I think you missed what I was saying.

My fault. You're the best my friend, and I've owed you an apology (not the first time)for a while.

JM Hanes

Thanks, Jack.

Wouldn't you know that the Fithian signature would be sitting right above your own query. Would 'a, should 'a bit me!

That was probably right after AdBlocker auto-updated itself, and the gazillion tabs I had opened started flickering on and off in segments and I couldn't tell where my cursor was landing. Kind of an interesting glitch, actually, if it managed to dredge up Fithian.


And I suppose the dog that didn't bark in this Kashoggi Affair is there there hasn't been a single finger pointed at "The Jews" as the perps. For 99.9% of my adult life if anything like this happened the Jews would knee-jerkedly be immediately fingered as the bad guys, yet things have been so overthrown by this new Saudi Leader that the evil Jews have completely escaped condemnation from all the "Usual Suspects" in the Middle East and the Media. How odd to witness Middle-Eastern mayhem, yet view the Jews as simply innocent bystanders, not even having to bother to defend themselves.

Ralph L

We just watched a HS game on Stadium channel:
Hammond 63
Cardinal Newman 27
in South Carolina

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You don't owe me anything, GUS.
All is cool.


Sort of hard to implicate the Israelis in an alleged murder at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. I mean, they are good, but THAT good?


These are good - "These viral videos are using satire to destroy abortion activists’ favorite arguments"


Young people are really the leaders in the pro-life movement.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Is Khashoggi dead?--

Well, the Saudis have apparently officially admitted it and Sarah Sanders accepted it as official so I'm pretty sure we can say he's dead and the Saudis did it in their consulate.


Thank you Ig, I could see you were cool with me, but as a guy who has been married 27 plus years, sometimes when you think you're absolutely right, you are not.(I mean me) You are tough and so am I. Never forget that I respect the man that you are, and that, you have been an inspiration to me and MANY OTHERS here. You are INTREPID Ig. You do not quit, you do not skulk, you do not EVER compromise your values nor your intellect.

Take that for what it is worth.

JM Hanes

Interesting observation, daddy!

On the subject of whether or not MBS is a counterfeit reformer, it's worth remembering that his primary pitch has always been economic reform, which he was apparently willing to ice with at least one long awaited social reform to please a western audience. He may, or may, not intend to improve women's status within the kingdom, but he is most concerned with diversifying the Saudi economy, so that it does not live or die on oil revenues alone. That certainly qualifies as reform, and it seems to me that he's been pretty straightforward about his priorities.

He may also not want antagonize the social traditionalists any more than necessary as he tries to institute changes on commercial fronts. I don't know whether he ordered a hit on Khashoggi or not, but it seems like a big risk for minimal gain, especially given the venue. I'm sure I could be wrong, but even on the newest putative "admission" that there was a fight at the Embassy, did anyone see an admission from the Saudi government? All I saw was a report in the Saudi media, not a quote from a named official source.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Two similar takes on China;
China's Next Revolution Is On The Horizon
Charting China's Imminent Implosion
While chaos and poverty is bad it's not as bad as rich communist tyrants so on balance I hope these guys are right.


A data point on how good the economy is...

We decided that we needed to get the formal rooms in the new place painted before we move. This part of the house is 2 story, and the ceilings are 18' high. No practical way to paint it with furniture in the rooms.

Try as I might, no way I could hire a painter in any reasonable amount of time, 6 weeks out was the soonest.

So my BIL the contractor dropped off scaffolding, and yours truly spent every evening this week climbing up and down with brush and roller in hand.

Sore as hell, getting too old for this crap.

Looks good though, and the scaffolding gets picked up tomorrow:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Saudis Admit Khashoggi Killed At Consulate "In Fist-Fight", King Salman Fires 5 Top Officials
Contains statement by Sarah Sanders which I assume is not fake, but who knows these days.


He's just a troll asshole

And everywhere he goes

People kill the copy he's pasting

Paid for every post

By one George Soros

People are wise to the shit he's saying

There will come a day

In truth he'll pass away

What do we think about that

When the end comes I know

He's just a troll asshole

Blogs go on without him


Haven't done catch-up yet but Just caught up with this: Alaska governor Walker suspends reelection campaign

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I) announced Friday that he is ending his bid for reelection less than three weeks before Election Day and endorsing Democrat Mark Begich over Republican Mike Dunleavy...

"... it has become clear we cannot win a three-way race," he said. "The decision was made that at this point, Begich has the better odds. Alaskans deserve a competitive race and Alaskans deserve a choice other than Mike Dunleavey."


JM Hanes

OK, then, thanks Ignatz! I was struck by these two observations:

"The removal of two top officials, a cabinet ranking, very powerful and close advisor of MBS and the Deputy Head of Foreign intelligence + 4 other Generals in foreign intelligence (virtually its whole top leadership) cannot be written off as a cover up. This is unprecedented.... This is not saying "rogue killers" but implicating virtually the whole top leadership of foreign intelligence. 

Not looking good for MBS, except that there was also this:

Saudi King Salman has also ordered the formation of ministerial committee led by crown prince Mohammad bin Salman to restructure the general intelligence agency.
There's a lot going on here.

Ignatz, you certainly know by now, that my youngest bro, is HIGH UP, STATE Diplomatic Security.

He and I joke about YOGI Khashoggi for couple weeks. He told me yesterday, that he is not ALLOWED to DISCUSS it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Kavanaugh Pal Mark Judge Struggles to Put His Life Back Together After Dem Smear.
Lost his home and his job.
Crazy Blousy is the victim though.


Trump knows that the only real importance on the political level of the Khashoggi thing is that it will be used against him, so he is loudly
distancing himself as much as possible from any implication that he had anything to do with it or has any interest in covering for the Saudis. This is the case whether he thinks or even knows the Saudis whacked the guy or it is a play by the Iranian/MB cabal.

Bernardo de la paZ

I wonder what is the actual evidence, the audio recording was obviously fake, was their a video feed inside, in the Colombo episode I mentioned months ago, the tell tale sign was the cold cup of coffee that the victim never got to drink.


Got willowed on the last thread but I'd put a wager on it:

K-Dude's family is of Turkish lineage, Adnan (the dude's dad) being the infamous arms dealer. Prince Al-Turki, the dude who got sidelined when MBS got the nod from the King, was the benefactor of the K-Dude's family. The Al-Turkis have been terribly hurt by MBS's rise.

MBS snuffing out an al-Turki coup?

Conjecture, the lot of it.

As far as I'm concerned, forget it jake, it's chinatown.


Maybe SOLO CUPS has a SALES job that Mark Judge can fill.
I said this to my bride tonight, as I did my Christine Blows-me interpretation........
"One time at band camp!! I saw Bart Kaerpnik and his friend Judge Mark....LAUGHING AND LAUGHING as they PINBALLED down the stairs........."
I said to my Mrs Gus. If anyone believes this BULLSHIT, they are RETARDED.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Fendi Debuts $990 Designer 'Vulva Scarf'
It needs a wax.
Anybody that puts their head through it needs a whack.


"One time at band camp!!



Did any of you guys win the PowerBall Lottery?


Saudi, is admitting the MO-BRO-HOOD-WAPO-DUDE has been OFFED.
Saudi is selling a story about a FIGHT, and that the BAD GUYS have been rounded up.

What does the MFM think is going to come of this????
They are ALL IN, vis a vis SAUDI being NAUGHTY and TURKEY, IRAN et al, being THE GOOD HANDS PEOPLE.

Why do I/WE care. How does this have ANYTHING to do with MY LIFE, or our country???

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Am I missing something that people are still wondering whether Kashoggi is dead and whether the Saudis did it?

I never heard of the guy before this and any friend of the Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy of freedom, humanity and God, but the Saudis admitted they killed the dude in their consulate.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Ordinarily not, Gus, but this just encourages Graham cracker and corked bat to do something stupid.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The MFM calculation is simple even were Trump not in the picture;
Saudi Arabia somewhat allied with USA = bad guys.
Iran and Erdogan's Turkey violently hostile to USA = good guys.

And they wonder why America hates them?


Trump knows that it does not really matter that the "international community" is condemning the Saudis or has determined that the Saudis are evil, or whether he is perceived as supporting or condemning the Saudis, except for the impact on the upcoming election. Which impact, if Trump says--"Let the chips fall where they may; we will sanction the Saudis if they did this" as he has, is minimal. Which is why the Dems sent that Castro guy out to say that Kushner ordered it.

Another Bob

I wonder Ig because the story is just too screwball.


Powerball is tomorrow daddy. Pretty big pot at 350 million.

Megamillions is tonight. I bought some tickets. Haven't checked them yet since my Upland Wheat Ale seems like a sure thing vs the 1 and 300,000,000 chance I won.

If it turns out I did, you'll know as all JOMers are going on cruise!


If there was anything against Trump in the Mueller investigation it would have been leaked before the election; probably last week when the Kavanaugh and Pocahonky stuff was absolutely killing the Dems. That does not mean that "fake news" will be above trumpeting all sorts of above-the-fold page 1 outrageous fake leaks in the early days of November, with page B11 corrections post-election. Count on it.

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