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October 19, 2018



The intellectual Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180) said: "The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."


Well, well, well. It's The Week in Pictures. Just in time for my 3'rd cup.



PnP, Romans understood the Democrat's plight. Too bad Democrats don't do history.


I doubt it.

Miss Marple

No winner in the Megamillions drawing.

Jackpot climbs to 1.6 billion!!!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


"The Texas Democratic Party has been sending pre-filled applications to non-citizens with the citizen box marked "yes," according to new complaints filed Thursday by the Public Interest Legal Foundation."

The Democrats always cheat, IMO.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Didn't someone say stay away from shady lenders?


"Last month, US Bank introduced "Simple Loan", an online-lending platform that combines the ease of Quicken Loans' app-based platform with usurious interest rates."

Captain Hate

Too bad the MFM nor the donks don't care about how Seth Rich was killed.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

They didn't care about Vince Foster, either.

Captain Hate

Large lottery jackpots make the Horde look barely distinguishable from the FSA.

Is anyone surprised by this?


Captain Hate

Socking Clarice?

Miss Marple

Car update:

Bad battery complicated by battery strap being broken and battery rattling around. When fully charged the battery was only at about 60% of what it should be.

Also, the car was very low on oil. They old me that the engine had a lot of oil on it but finding the leak would be very expensive. They told me I o come by once a month and they would check my oil level for free. They have a couple of older ladies they already do this for. If I need a quart, of course, I will buy it from them.

I decided to go ahead and replace the battery as winter is coming and I don't want to find myself unable to start the car when needed.

Thomas Collins

The question was directed at those arguing that there were smoother ways to off Khashoggi than in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, rich. In any event, it looks as if the Saudi story is going to be that Khashoggi was killed in a fight at the consulate.

Boo Hoo

Hey Fake Clarice,

Newsflash! Americans don't care about muzzies killing muzzies. Well at least no negative feelings anyway. In fact, I'd say since no Americans are involved, let the UN handle it. It will give them something to do.

You and your angry liberal mobs keep shaking your jobless fists at the sky in support of terrorists and we patriots will focus on winning the mid-terms. Best of luck leftys...and keep those tears flowing. :)

Ralph L

They old me
Was that an ask?

Miss Marple

Yes, socking Clarice.

Saw on Twitter a comment that the Dems are pushing for action against SA in order to crash the stock market before the midterms.

I think it more likely that Iran is pushing this crisis behind the scenes.

Thomas Collins

Here is the BBC story on the Saudi story.
https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06pclcb no it

Ralph L

Did I get the link here about the Peter Jackson colorized and sound-added WWI movie? It was shown yesterday in UK. I hope we get to see it.

Ralph L

How did they know he was going to the consulate to meet their 15 men?

Clarice Feldman

Yes, those are socks.

Miss Marple


Ha! My typing skills on a touch screen keyboard augmented by auto-correct are going to leave me the new JOM typo champion!

Thomas Collins

This link goes directly to the story. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-45923217

Captain Hate

Have we cancelled all aid to Honduras yet?


((Too bad the MFM nor the donks don't care about how Seth Rich was killed.))

Isn't that the truth!

Think of a list that could be made of all the Americans killed by illegals & gangs.

List all our soldiers & police officers killed in the line of duty.

How about Brian Terry?
Ambassador Stevens?...Smith, Doherty, Woods?

How about a list of women that died in abortion clinics?

Thomas Collins

Here is the Saudi statement.


Clarice Feldman

I got my first NRA bumper sticker ever yesterday.

I'm just another proud patriot supporting the Neue Reich Association.

James D.

Hello! Back from the cruise (well, waiting to disembark from the ship, anyway).

I see the world is still turning, and nothing much has changed in the news. Exhibit A:

let's burn Washington DC down and send home all the government workers to spend more time counting the loot they stole from every taxpayer


The trait of "Attention to Detail" by the Japanese is marvelous to see. Such pride in their work regardless of the work

Hey, daddy, have you ever seen the pink-uniformed ladies who clean the Shinkansen?

James D.

Saw on Twitter a comment that the Dems are pushing for action against SA in order to crash the stock market before the midterms.

I think it more likely that Iran is pushing this crisis behind the scenes.

Those two statements are not mutually exclusive.

Miss Marple


I see that the WaPo are back to making Bolton the wild man again. (Trib picked up this story from WaPo.)

Another Bob

Go find a Japanese customer. Bigger PIAs you will not find.

Not only must the result be perfect, the manner in which you produce it must be perfect.

Where “perfect” is defined by them, and changes at their convenience.

Thomas Collins

And, James D, it's not inconsistent that the statements in your 9:03 am post are true, and that this was an MBS operation. The fistfight story, while probably the best the Saudis could do, is laughable. This was clearly a planned operation. I would be more disturbed if the operation was planned by MBS's enemies than by MBS.

Clarice Feldman


Comparing how Obama treated slain journalists.


How 'bout some MFM outrage over Lara Logan being raped in Egypt?
That Arab Spring was sure something....

Where's the Obama administration having to answer any questions about supporting THAT madness?

"We came, we saw, he died. Hahahaaaahahahaaaa"

Why was THAT not a WaPo designated international crisis?

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice has a great leak at 09:12.

Unless you were a Muslim and an Iranian, than Obama sent you millions of American dollars on a pallet.

Texas Liberty Gal

This is the 2nd article I've read just this morning hinting that the Repubs could keep the House. Looks like they are beginning to prepare their readers for that very possibility.


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

leak should be link. auto-correct is an idiot, IMO.

Miss Marple

Good questions, Janet!

Remember how gung-ho Obama was when Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) managed to get elected in Egypt? And remember how upset he was when General Sisi and the army forced Morsi out because Morsi was going all nutty radical?

Many countries have designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Why haven't we? I distinctly remember MB people appearing on cable news as commentators, back in the beginnings of the War on Terror. They seem to have now disappeared, but how much influence does the MB have in the press?


Once again the sock fails in an attempt to imitate a human being. Pitiful.

Miss Marple

Lots of errands today. Grocery, hardware, bank, pick up car ( not necessarily in that order).

I had better get myself moving.


Technical question for my fellow JOMers: how does one dispose of a broken cell phone? I have taken out the battery, which is a lithium ion. How do I dispose of the Li battery?
I took out the memory card, which is 8 gigs of God knows what. Is there a reader I can use to download that to my pc?

The phone itself is cracked and broken and falling apart. Should I just throw it in the garbage, or bring it to some recycling place?


Take the Li battery to your nearest Ace Hardware or Lowes to recycle.

If you don’t have anything you need or that is private -- pix, etc. -- take pliers to the care and throw the card away.

The phone is insignificant electronics that can be thrown away or saved to recycle with other old electronics at your next community event.



Thomas Collins

One aspect of l'affaire Khashoggi we may never find out about is whether Turkey has the goods on the operation, or whether Turkey is bluffing. Even if Turkey has the goods, I could see the international equivalent of a nondisclosure agreement happening in which Turkey keeps its videos private and the Sauds provide something the Turks want under the table.

Re impact on election: It could affect a few persuadable GOPers in swing districts, but I would be surprised if it changed the outcome in any race. For GOPers, the big turnout generator is how the Dems handled the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings. For Dems, as usual, the incentive is the continuing effort to undermine Trump.


That sock has a hole in it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I take it dumbass Dana has become discouraged that his tripe is so easily avoided so socking is his solution.
I suspect if he is intent on forcing TM to find a permanent solution to Dana's profound dementia he couldn't have picked a surer way.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think to the extent the Dems and MFM try to pin this thing on Trump somehow and harm our position in the world it will also be a net positive for Trump and the Rs.
They so despise us that it is impossible for them to do anything other than defame and enrage us.
The more cowbell party.


New York man threatened to kill 2 senators who supported Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation

In the first voicemail, DeRisi did not identify himself but claimed to have a “present” for the senator, according to a criminal complaint.

“It’s a nine-millimeter,” he said, according to the complaint. “Side of your [expletive] … skull … Yeah Kavanaugh – I don’t think so.”

In another call left on the other senator’s phone, the message said, “Listen … don’t you know the guy’s a sex offender? How could you not know that … I’m gonna get you,” according to Newsday.

U.S. Capitol Police said DeRisi left 10 voicemails at the senators' offices.

DeRisi made the calls from a pre-paid cellphone that authorities traced to his debit card, prosecutors said.


DeRisi previously pleaded guilty to making other harassing calls in a case that involved at least 15 calls he placed to a victim’s home and office, according to the complaint.

DeRisi’s attorney, Peter Brill, said his client was “not able to comprehend right and wrong.” Brill said DeRisi “is not a physical threat to anyone.”

Threatening to kill a U.S. official is a federal crime that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

For Daddy...


Alaska Republicans vote by analytical thought.

Alaska Democrats vote strictly on inuition.

Captain Hate

General Sisi and the army forced Morsi out because Morsi was going all nutty radical?

Purportedly people were starving in Egypt at the time; I say purportedly because I don't trust anything being reported by the MFM anymore but that ran contrary to their "support MB" meme so it is more likely to be fact based.

It's too bad I feel that way but the MFM continues to beclown itself.


Week in pics


So how will Alaskans vote?
Is early voting going on now?

Clarice Feldman

That sock has a hole in it.

quality work, henry

Bernardi Dr la paz

Goldman, Spengler pointed this out, food disruption has often played a part in unrest see the French revolution, but it was exacerbated by qe and ethanol subsidies that made the price of grain prohibitive.

Captain Hate

ethanol subsidies

One in the negative column for DJT.


Beto Who?… President Trump CAN’T FIND VENUE BIG ENOUGH for Houston Rally with Senator Ted Cruz – 77,800 People Already Signed Up!

At least 77,000 people have signed up for President Trump’s Houston rally on Monday to support incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who is locked in the Texas Senate battle with Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Houston police will be “fully mobilized” for the rally. Attendees must have tickets to enter and will be admitted in the order that they line up, the report said.

“Keep in mind that once the capacity is met, you won’t get in whether you have a ticket or not,” an officer said.

More than 77,800 people had signed up for the rally by Friday morning, according to The Chronicle. A person familiar with the event told the paper that the Trump campaign was not considering a move to a larger venue.

Eye Doctor .

Although sad, this is comical.


clarice feldman

You are so right, extraneus; with Trump, size definitely matters. That's why Speaker Pelosi spec'd out a 12" strap-on to use on The Donald.

JM Hanes


"There is some speculation about what President-elect Obama’s howdy factor will be."

Thanks for the memories! One of my early Quasiblog entries centered on President-elect Obama's vision of the future: The Howdy Partner! Platform. It's not exactly the howdy factor envisioned by your screenwriter, but it was more than enough to give Big Brother progressives that warm and fuzzy feeling.



JM Hanes

CH: "Socking Clarice?"

Perhaps Clarice could sue the sock for us, because I believe it's wandering into legally defensible territory now.

And all for naught, too. It apparently still doesn't comprehend that only a few folks ever get far enough along in one of its post to see who ostensibly wrote it, unless they occasionally feel like confirming that the left is still flogging nonsense.

Eye Doctor .

Representative John Ratcliffe Discusses Rosenstein and Baker…

JM Hanes

Who'd a thunk I'd ever be the bearer of "New Thread" news?

New Thread!


That's a good point, JM, since she uses her real name.



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