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October 13, 2018


Kevlar Kid

aren't there more deft ways to dispose of a MoBros asset?

the confusion and murky deetz suggest a wagged dog.

was it time to fake a death and reap some political leverage on our gingerbread boy Congress?

Captain Hate

Time to lurk at the Sandusky U boards and see how much they love James Franklin.

jim nj

why would you need 15 men to kill one dissident?

Makes no sense.

Janet 🚬

((The Washington National Cathedral will be Matthew Shepard's final resting place.

"Matthew Shepard became a symbol for us of what happens when good people are silent," says Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop in the Christian faith.))

Here's an old quote from Gene Robinson (WaPo 8-6-03)-

"Just simply to say that it goes against tradition and the teaching of the church and Scripture does not necessarily make it wrong."

Got that. His beliefs are based on....what? Whatever he thinks up?
How in the world a man that doesn't believe in the traditions & the teachings of a church...& doesn't believe the Bible....ends up in a leadership position just shows you the rot in the Episcopal Church (& many other denominations).


Great Pieces Clarice

Turks are feeling lots of pressure, otherwise pastor wouldn't have been released.

They are knee deep in this crap.


Great Pieces, Clarice!
I'm off to the dump!
Happy Sunday everyone.


Good Morning! Prayers for DoT.

Captain Hate

The Horde is claiming Pastor Brunson's Twitter account was suspended because he was saying nice things about DJT.


Last night we went out to eat with hubby's cousin and his wife. Her brother lives in Panama City and works at Tyndall AFB. He received minimal damage to his house and at one point last week had nine people staying at his house. She worried all week because communications were impossible. Their elderly father lives in northern Maine and it was a relief to tell him his son was okay.

Captain Hate


Clarice Feldman

Good morning,JOMQ Thanks.

Jack is Back!

Great Pieces, Clarice. I smell a rat also.

Marlene, Tyndall got nailed big time. Glad they are okay.

Captain Hate

So right now the four playoff teams would be Alabama, Klempsun, Notre Dame and Ahia State? Seems like when that's been mentioned around this time in the past it subsequently goes through massive revisions, in some cases almost immediately.

Another Bob

CH, in those cases I’ve always wondered if it’s an authentic account, and if Twitter didn’t kill it because it’s phony. I assume there are many looking to make mischief with an account that might draw a lot of attention for a short period.

But given how obvious twitter has been with it’s biases...

Cheese Farmer

Congrats to the Wolverines for their utter (udder?) domination of the Badgers both in athletics and academics! Winning!

Captain Hate

AB, I can't find any articles about it happening.

There is a meme floating around showing Sammy Hagar and Bill Clinton side by side. Both are the same age.

Hagar looks rested and smiling. Bill looks like death warmed over.

the meme said:

Sammy's pic: A lifetime of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Bill's pic: Lives with Hillary Clinton.
Posted by: LeftCoast Dawg at October 14, 2018 08:52 AM (UsCnO)



Congratulations on your leek harvest! Leeks are delicious in so many things, especially soup. You can use the white parts in place of onions in just about anything.

They hold a lot of dirt, so it's important to get them super clean before using. They also freeze well (but must be clean and dry first).

Here is a great basic recipe for braised leeks:

Leek and bacon gratin:

Classic potato leek soup:

Creamy one-pot spaghetti with leeks:



If you are up can you tell me what's going on with DOT? Has his cancer spread?


The tot, Cadien Scott Gaffney, was at the restaurant on Rockaway Boulevard in Rosedale with family on Oct. 5, when he grabbed and spilled a cup of piping hot water, which the family had requested to sterilize utensils, a family spokeswoman told The Post.

First, asking for hot water at a restaurant to "sterilize utensils" = helicopter parenting/OCD to the extreme

Second, cup of hot water on table near toddler = totally stupid

Third, why would you rely on restaurant staff to call 911? I don't believe for one minute that the family didn't have a phone. Or they could use the restaurant phone.



I made beef bourgignone yesterday and it was full of leeks.

Miss Marple

I just read on Twitter that hundreds of Khashoggi's ttweets have been deleted.

When? Who has/ had control of the account? What was on those tweets?


Yo, hoyden, I saw your 5:03. I don't know anything about Android tablets, but Yandex is working well for me on a Samsung Note 8. In particular, the Killfile extension from the Chrome store, which doesn't work in Chrome, works fine in Yandex. I haven't done anything fancy with Yandex aside from this, but it browses just fine.

Captain Hate

We had potato leek soup last week.


And btw, why was everyone acting like DoT bought the farm last night? I saw from JiB that he's "not mobile," which seems a bit less of a problem.

Get well soon, DoT!


And btw, why was everyone acting like DoT bought the farm last night?



As I speculated in other places effendi Brennan is probably a retainer of Prince Salman faction, which he met either when he was stationed originally in the kingdom in the 80s or when he was station chief in the early 90s.



I'm not going back to check, so let's stipulate "some" and leave it at that.


Saudi Stocks Crash Most In 2 Years As Riyadh Threatens Retaliation Against US

On Saturday, Trump said the U.S. could take “very, very powerful, very strong, strong measures” against the country if its leaders are found responsible for the Saudi citizen’s fate. The kingdom, which denies its involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance, announced it would retaliate against any punitive measures with an even “stronger” response, the Saudi Press Agency reported, citing an official it didn’t identify.

"The kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether through economic sanctions, political pressure or repeating false accusations," the kingdom's statement said. "The kingdom also affirms that if it is (targeted by) any action, it will respond with greater action."


Hey Jack, did you see the beagle playing piano and singing?



Maybe that was also saffuri, remember not everyone in the kingdom is,on board with Salmans reforms, he resembles the Prince at the end of that novel by ex recon marine Anderson harp, Prince talal is revealed to be a collaborator in that novel written before the last succession.


Narciso,I'm trying to inform myself about the referendum questions on the Florida ballot. Good Lord,now I'm really confused. :) Why are there so many questions,does the legislature in this state do any legislating?


I've dubbed the Alaskan legislature without he polar bears,the short answer is no,


Amendment 3 is an extra gift to the Seminole tribes who knows about no 6, amendment 4 let's more criminals vote.


Oh there is another character in the deep state who has a dalliance which proves problematic which is key to the plot.

Texas Liberty Gal

Libs are scared to death -


Jim Eagle


All he told me is that he is now bed or house bound, and he can't travel. So, I am thinking it has got worse.


Thanks for the vid of the singing Beagle. They are very talented. Mine tell time. They know exactly when I finish shaving and brushing my teeth means time for the beach ride. They know when noon and 4pm come around for meal times. Now if Mrs. JiB can teach them to play piano.


Thanks JIB. Boy do I miss him.

Texas Liberty Gal

Jobs not Mobs! Repubs are doing a good job of turning the mob like behavior of the Left into great ads for the good guys.


JM Hanes


Please give DoT my fondest regards, if you happen to think of it next time you're in touch. He and his contributions here are much missed!


Some Yale Law Profs Hesitant to Write Recommendations for Kavanaugh Clerkships


So lets review. Rodham has 4 Americans killed on her watch, after they beg for more security. She drinks herself into a grey goose stupor, and then lies about the attack which literally saw her AMBASSADOR MURDERERED AND DRAGGED THRU THE STREETS. LATER she has SUSAN RICE give a lying bullshit account of what happened, on 5 Sunday Morning shows. Later Rodham lies about a "Video" in front of the dead Americans coffins at Andrews, as Joe Biden discusses big BALLS. NOT RODHAMS FAULT, no ACCOUNTABILITY
Kashoggi is supposedly killed at SAUDI, Turkish Consulate......IT'S TRUMPS FAULT.

This is what passes for TRUTH and LOGIC in FULL COMMIE, SORE/DANA WARD circles.

Texas Liberty Gal

Clarice - Love the headline of your article which was very informative. I'll never forget Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia - glad to see that it looks like Saudi Arabia's involvement is just more fake news from the WP


Avenatti Deletes "Skeezy" O'Rourke Donation Page Which Funneled Half The Money To His Own PAC

“It is pretty skeezy,” said Brendan Fischer, the director of federal and FEC reform programs at the Campaign Legal Center, of the fundraising tactic. “If Avenatti wanted to raise funds for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign, he could just share a link to the Beto for Senate donation page. But he didn’t. Avenatti’s tweet gave viewers the impression their donation would support Beto for Senate, and given how easy it is to make a one-click donation through ActBlue, some viewers could miss the fine print disclosing that their donation would be split with Avenatti’s PAC.”-Daily Beast

Avenatti called the criticism "complete nonsense," noting that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris "do the same thing." Perhaps sensing he'd made a huge mistake, Avenatti deleted the page - telling the Daily Beast in a text message: "It wasn’t worth the nonsense that resulted from people that don’t understand how common this is."

jimmyk on iPhone

Ext, DoT has been dealing with prostate cancer, and I believe he indicated at some point before he left that the prognosis was not good. So it unfortunately sounds like he’s at the end stage, but I hope I'm wrong.

Miss Marple

If anyone is interested, there are several good videos on The Conservative Treeuouse site, including Melania's interview and last night's rally. You will have to scroll down on the home page to find them.


PRINCIPAL FIRED After Forcing Student to Remove Trump Jersey at Patriot-Themed Football Game

A father tells me his son was asked by the school principal to remove this jersey during a patriotic-themed football game after people complained. Dad, a registered Democrat, says his son complied but felt humiliated. @HarnettCoSchool says it supports expression not disruptions pic.twitter.com/W9U9v2vBLF

— Tim Pulliam (@TimABC11) October 10, 2018
A North Carolina high school principal was replaced after she asked a student to take off his Trump jersey at a patriotic-themed football game.

Cindy Gordon, the former principal at Harnett Central High School, asked Matthew Collins, 18, to remove the jersey because it was political, according to WRAL Friday. The front of the jersey read “USA” in red, white and blue and the back of the shirt had the word “Trump” with the number “45” written below.

Jim Eagle

Hi, All. I have passed on everyone's regards to DoT, and wished him well. Told him he was very much missed and if he can come by and say howdy!

Also, Beat Army!

Miss Marple


This has interesting information, including that they can track down people making on line threats.

Very scary about the Isis threat.


The Left- They Built This: Man Says He Has the Right To Rape a Woman Because of Kavanaugh

Some old guy tries to make a stupid point, saying he has the right to rape women because of “the supreme court,” an obvious reference to Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

See what the left has done to the low IQ horde of scum? Suddenly Kavanaugh is a rapist, and they’ve gotten this befuddled old dope to publicly get himself in trouble because the left has given him misplaced chutzpah.

To make matters even worse, the pack of parasites that were surrounding this clown adamantly deny the guy ever said what he clearly said just seconds before, leading the interviewer to sarcastically berate the flotsam by asking, “why don’t you believe me? I’m a woman!!”

Video at the link. (They wannabe rapist is connected to an oxygen tank.)

Jim Eagle

narc & marlene,

Most of those referendum issues on the Florida ballot are not a result of the legislature not doing their job but rather inserted by special interests like that FULL COMMIE John Morgan. My standard with these referendums was to just vote NO!

Beasts of England

Clarice's Pieces is a PowerLine pick!!


George Papadopoulos Insists He Was Set Up by UK Spy Joseph Mifsud – And John Brennan’s Toadies Don’t Like It


Threads R New

Janet 🚬

CNN's Don Lemon's Party Friend Avenatti Deletes "Skeezy" O'Rourke Donation Page Which Funneled Half The Money To His Own PAC

Tom R

The Twitter account that posted the analysis that the Khashoggi picture with his girlfriend was photoshopped got suspended. Drill down into that thread for some weirdness. The girl in the photoshop may have been a guy.


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