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October 23, 2018


Dave (in MA)

Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman to serve on Supreme Court, announces probable Alzheimer's diagnosis



I mix the early spring dandelion leaves into salads, use instead of lettuce on cheeseburgers, etc. if my yard counts as “wild,” that’s where I find them.


Bandwagon blows a tire...




Bernardo de la paZ

Yes according to reuters he was one:

Kevlar Kid

Mrs Kid is 7 weeks finished out of 10 in her yoga instructor certification training.

one of the benefits for moi, besides a calmer and happier Bride (ducks under a hail of refuse for even thinkin that), is i am being shown how to practice properly.

have never taken a public class. have used a set of dvdeez after the heart trouble 4 years ago.

but now i am taking it by the horns. getting back to normal strength. weight training wasn't gettin it done.

Yay me.

Bernardo de la paZ

Wait what?


Kevlar Kid

any links on that water infrastructure law just signed?

can't wait to read how much our water rates will go up here in Califas now that MoonBoner has money to burn for his water monopoly play in the Delta.

Dave (in MA)

Instapundit tried to tweet something on localhost.

Kevlar Kid

GoodLawdeeDaw and Goody Tray musta read that Threadreader deal about the FBI Sting Me op.

The author of that threadreader sed he'd come into some "evidence" on all of that.




So tell me if you can, who the hell is Major Dickason in the Peet-verse?

He's no Cherry Garcia.

Kevlar Kid

Did the Dodgers start Kadiddlehopper against the BOSUX?

Bernardo de la paZ

Never mind, forget we said that:


Kevlar Kid

Narciso--- in that 952 link to the Islamic terrorist led conference.... ErdoWohnKanobi looks exactly like our Uzbhek desert tortoise "Jeeto."

The Fakestinian Con Job of the American Lefty McIntellectuals rivals The Bath House Rat's Con Job of the American voters.

Beasts of England

My parents loved dandelion salads just with oil and vinegar. I never acquired the taste...

~ ~ ~

I never have - and never will - do a public yoga class, Kev, but I do it everyday at home. Congrats to your wife!


I may buy this Kev:


Diamond Dallas Page Yoga

Kevlar Kid

That's easy Pin. Here's your Mexican Word of the Day:

Major Dickason


"My girlfren wanted some major dickason as i got home."

Any preguntas?

Kevlar Kid

Thanks for that, Beasts!

Now, i been caught leering into certain all-coed yoga classes at College Man's college in the last 2.5 years.

Cowabunga. Dint haddat when i go dare.

Kevlar Kid

Go for it, Pin!

Kevlar Kid

Speakin of Cherries....

an oldie but goodie from JJ Cale:



"compassionate conservatism."

Catsmeat, that is funny!

Kevlar Kid

Will Chico Escuela cross the border in time to get to a Dodger home game?

jim nj



The Hot Sardines-Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen


jim nj



So what you're saying Kev is that lefty business owners are cultural appropriating racists?

Bernardi Dr la paz

I know its linette but he only jumps the shark at the end



McClintock on water related issues:

Tom McClintock and House Republicans Welcome Executive Action on Western Water

October 19, 2018 

Press Release

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) and Representatives Devin Nunes (CA-22), David G. Valadao (CA-21), Jeff Denham (CA-10), Ken Calvert (CA-42), Tom McClintock (CA-4), and Doug LaMalfa (CA-1) released the following statement today on President Trump’s executive memorandum on western water:
“The President’s announcement is an immense relief for the farmers and families of the San Joaquin Valley and communities across California. 

Due to the actions of environmental extremists and overzealous bureaucrats, California has been suffering from a years-long water crisis that has wreaked havoc in Central Valley farming communities that feed tens of millions of Americans. Productive land has gone fallow and farmworkers have lost their jobs.  Communities across California have also been devastated as senseless government regulations have mandated that billions of gallons of water be flushed out to the ocean and wasted. 

Now, with this executive action, there is a strict timetable for rewriting the biological opinions that lie at the root of the water crisis.  This executive action also prioritizes building critical projects to expand water storage in our state so that we can store more water during wet years for use in dry years.

We commend President Trump for taking decisive action today that will build on the success of the WIIN Act, cut through bureaucratic roadblocks, address Sacramento’s radical water grab, and increase the water supply to farms and communities across the state. California families can now rest assured that help is on the way.”


Kevlar Kid

Like they say in East Los, Pin; "if the foo chits wearit."

Clarice Feldman

Throw in some gyrotonics classes, Kev--wonderful for the spine (and everything else).

Bernardi Dr la paz

I thought they only had mirages in the desert, what's the torygraphs excuse:



Here's Jeff Heally performing a song written by Steven Segall:



The Saudis should have hired the Bulgarians.

No, the Clintons are the experts. Khashoggi could have been the victim of a "robbery" in DC, or maybe committed "suicide" in Fort Marcy Park.


Are Jew talkin'to me, assay?

Bernardi Dr la paz

It did remind me of from Russia with love, where Ali Karem bay, tells bond the facts,
They use the gypsies, the Russians the bulgar and they keep things on a low boil. Hence spectre usee operatives from smersh as a false flag.


On barstoolsports twitter. Wonder who this is playing the blues.

He young. He good.


"Most are going to try to just slip across the border, and in many cases, try to get jobs."

In the end, go after employers. Start with big firms and drill down.


I must say Kev, I don't mind my coffee like I like my ladies:

Old, bitter and from Berkeley.


Anybody see the STUTTERING BI-SEXUAL try to claim credit for the ECONOMY?? Laugh out loud-priceless.

Uh uh uh, you know, they keep talkin' 'bout, uh uh uh uh, what's he uh gonna uh uh do?? Wave a magic wand? Okie Doke.

Fucking retard.

Bernardi Dr la paz

What Zuul was drooling the last few days over:



Marching here purposefully with the intent to break our laws. Giving us the finger. Burning our flag.


Unless you are an imbecile, you "get it". Is this the COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION the FULL COMMIE seeks?? You're damned right it is.

Is it starting to become more and more clear?
We ARE at war. And the FULL COMMIE is inviting more combatants to illegally reside profit and vote.

That is TREASON.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Now the Dodgers and Ted Sox are tied,


The kind of people who are headed here would rush to a turned over petrol tanker with 10 Galleon [sic] buckets and pause just long enough to burn an American flag and kill themselves.

Beasts of England

Enjoyable game so far...


73 motorbikes destroyed



Hey GUS you want to burn a Mex team jersey with me on Sunday?

Bernardo de la paZ

They have lost their ever loving minds:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Y'all see that Western Kentucky-Old Dominion ending?


Where does one buy an American flag on a torturous life threatening ultramarathon between Guatemala and Laredo?

Tom R

The camera angle tells a different story.



Humorous "generic Dem ad".


A decent update on our Alaskan Governor's Race: Elections division to absentee voters: No do-overs. Plus, new endorsements in Alaska governor’s race.

1) Votes already cast

Any Alaskans who sent in their voted absentee ballots before Walker suspended his re-election campaign on Friday do not get to vote again, the elections division said.

Walker and former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott both dropped their bids for re-election last week, too late to have their names removed from this year's general election ballots.

As of Friday, the Alaska Division of Elections had sent out 23,773 absentee ballots, and Alaskans had voted and returned 3,076 of them.

2) AFL-CIO shifts endorsement.

The group, which is the largest labor organization in the state, had previously endorsed Walker. In a news conference Monday, Alaska AFL-CIO president Vince Beltrami said the choice between Begich and Dunleavy "was not a difficult decision."

3) Alaska's congressional delegation is supporting Dunleavy.

U.S. Rep. Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan, both Republicans, endorsed Dunleavy on Monday, the Dunleavy campaign said in an emailed statement. Young is up for re-election this year, facing challenger Alyse Galvin, an independent.

Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will also be endorsing Dunleavy, said Michael Pawlowski. He's Murkowski's chief of staff but spoke about the endorsement Monday evening in his role as a spokesman for her campaign. Pawlowski said Murkowski was working with the Dunleavy campaign to put out her own statement of support.

I don't trust Lisa as far as I can throw her.

Kevlar Kid

That's some hot playin, sbw. uninhibited style!

Kevlar Kid

Looks interesting, Clarice. I watched the site video.

Kevlar Kid

Regional university football rocks! when we lived in southern ilnoy southeast missouri state played a lot of regional teams.

anybody watched "Last Chance U"? juco ball at its finest.

Dave (in MA)

Cora Magic.

Kevlar Kid

Tom R's clip of The Bath House Rat in Nevada---

does he intend to reveal how ignorant he is about "stuff" like tax cuts and how those actually work to increase tax revenue?

i know. it's counterintuitive. but had he attended one serious college class relating to the economics of the world, or a government/public admin class, or a damn agribusiness economics class--- he wouldn't be such a fumb duck.

he's a national embarassment. how did he ever carry on a conversation with another head of state or communicate with his council of economic advisors or SECTREAS?

good gugamogaz. and hillary is worse!

Vote yer asses off. Never again.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Yes I don't trust her either, but it appears all the need for fixing is over

Dave (in MA)

James Lileks@Lileks

Okay FINE I won’t set up a charitable foundation then

Bernardi Dr la paz

So it's all been a bowl of shwarma?



"Antietam remains America's bloodiest day"
More than D-Day, more than Pearl Harbor, more than 9/11
Civil War Trust Animated Map: The Entire Civil War

Clarice Feldman

Kev, football players and dancers, people crippled with spinal problems and arthritis, come to gyrotonics for relief and improvement .Find a good, qualified instructor and you will develop an incredible range of motion for whatever condition you come in with. I take pilates one hour a week to build up strength and my core and gyrtotonics 2 hours a week and I have had no further problems from my spinal stenosis. I swear by it.

Clarice Feldman

Kev, football players and dancers, people crippled with spinal problems and arthritis, come to gyrotonics for relief and improvement .Find a good, qualified instructor and you will develop an incredible range of motion for whatever condition you come in with. I take pilates one hour a week to build up strength and my core and gyrotonics 2 hours a week and I have had no further problems from my spinal stenosis. I swear by it.


The Mystery of the Beast of Gevaudan



They have lost their ever loving minds:

Have to add Bruce Bartlett to the pantheon of lunatics that includes Jen Rubin, Max Boot, David Frum, Bill Kristol:

Bruce Bartlett ‏ @BruceBartlett

Key differences between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler--Hitler served honorably in the military, Trump didn't; Hitler was faithful to his wife, Trump cheated on all his wives; Hitler wrote a book, Trump's were all ghostwritten.


Here's a guy who was in the Reagan and Bush administrations, and is described as a historian, but doesn't seem to know a lot of history, as the responses to his tweet point out.


Doing an improv scene and I need a location.

Phish concert!


Tom R, that's the STUTTERING MESS, that I was talking about earlier. The guy is unable to speak a coherant sentence.

I try to speak in facts, blah blah blah blah stuttter stutter uh uh err uh err..

All the clapping seals nod.

What a fucking mess. Obama sucks.


Another gurgling mess. The morning after his wedding HITLER gave cyanide to his wife.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Actually he's an economist worked at treasury, on the other hand. He's also a borderline 9/11 denialist like that piecesznik cat mentioned earlier.

Dave (in MA)



I had thought that, narc, but his Wiki page says that he studied history, not economics. At some point he seemed sensible, but Trump has sent him off the rails.

JM Hanes

Just wanted to stop by and self-identify as an unnamed other!

Apparently, that makes me persona non grata, because Typepad won't let me sign in. The powers that be must hate the Sox.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Like the invisible man (or woman) it reminds me of a book being sold that says modern horror rose out of the great war, ignoring stoker, le fans polidori and Shelley Stevenson et al

Dave (in MA)

Sign-in attempt. For the last few months it only works on my home laptop. Everywhere else the sign-in button never shows up.

Dave (in MA)

Typepad and the Yankees inhale sharply.


Who gives a fuck what Bart Brucelet studied. He's just another INTELLECTUAL, lacking intellect.
He's off the rails, because he's a nobody. A Nancy wishing for the good old days, when a pussy like him, had something to hold on to.

Bernardo de la paZ

He was exhibiting t 4 rage back in the w years, someone else who can't buy a clue is Fidel o flake, hes back to communing with the antelope.
Or auditioning for msnbc


Trump never attacked Czechoslovakia.

Did you guys know Tucker Carlson got Rachael Maddow hired at MSNBC?

jim nj

Extraneous said something about red and green. Now I can't remember the context, but it triggered a memory. Quotrons used to come with pre-set colors on the stock screen - green, for a stock traded upward in price - red, for a stock trading down, black for the background color.

It's intuitive if you're used to traffic lights. Green means go, a good thing. Red means stop, a bad thing. More or less.

Funny thing though is that for some people that doesn't work.

Red-Green color blindness comes to mind first. They both look the same, but are both legible. So you can change the screen colors to make a difference that the user can see.

I found a second kind of problem though, some people looking at the red and green screen saw one set of colors as clear and the other as muddy. I had never come across this result before. I asked the man to wait a little while I trained someone else and I'd get back to him. I did so and then my mind drifted off to my prior photography training. I wondered if it was because the two colors are on opposite sides of the rainbow with vastly different (relatively) wavelengths.

I went back to the other user and changed red to yellow. Yellow and green being closer to each other on the rainbow.
"Hey, that's great, the yellow isn't muddy looking."

We, the Quotron trainers, did a little research and found this not so unusual. Some people can't focus properly on some color combinations because the eye is, in effect, bouncing it's focus back and forth on the differences in wavelength.

Stranger still, some users were unusually sensitive to the blinking different colors. It distracted them. The solution was to make the stock prices all white with a black background. The blinking plus or minus sign at the end of the quote was enough info for them to tell whether a stock was up or down.

Bernardo de la paZ

So the Cuban missile crisis, which contrary to myth was not started by mutants trying to create an apocalyptic hellscape, ended this week 56 years, the worst game of poker since the first half of casino royal.


Zyklon B came to El Paso in the 20's:


jim nj


The mailed out voter registration forms were printed with 3 check marks already ticked off on the eligibility questions. That's a definite no-no.

Bernardo de la paZ

That's seems sensible:


Bernardo de la paZ

Its weird stein without a beard:


Bernardo de la paZ

He just beats them with a clue bat:


Bernardo de la paZ

Some one hand him back his paste jar:


Bernardo de la paZ

Actually his more like van Jones:


jim nj

Bernardo de la paZ,

No hostile intent intended but where did you come from? I've never seen you post here before, yet you seem to fit in so well here. Were you just lurking? I appreciate your contributions, but my curiosity has been piqued.

Bernardi Dr la paz

I took the heinlein label because of the idiocy we have been accepting for that last two weeks I also spent my early years in New Jersey you know my as narciso.

Bernardo de la paZ

I got the notion from that Texas linguist academic who blogs as jubal harshaw another character from the same book

American median this kerfluffle is abyszmak the daily caller has been reasonable and the federalist has been quite good, except that David Marcus pie e but the brutish papers have lost their Acer long minds. Some sources in turkey, some in the gulf region have bee. On pointm

Bernardo de la paZ

This will drive then Evan mire up the wall:



Since it’s out for the second night in a row:
Big Bad Moon Joe Satriani

I’ll add some Papa Roach:

Back later.

Dave (in MA)

or Nard for short.

Bernardo de la paZ

Any further qquestions:

jim nj

Narciso, I almost hate to say this, but you make more sense as Bernardo. Never knew you were a Jersey native.

I was also wondering why I hadn't seen Narciso posting lately.

I like your posts whatever nom de plume you want to use.

And, yes, the troll has been too active lately. Does he really think he can deflate our optimism with his silly screeds?

I wouldn't mind a reasoned post from him to show us if we're wrong, but he's unhinged, he's incapable of presenting a logical argument.

Like most people I can be swayed by a well constructed logical argument. He just buzzes around like an annoying gnat. The buzz or whine is annoying. The arguments are copy and paste. Unoriginal and devoid of logic.

I recognize him in one sentence and just killfile him. I dislike characterizing posters, but he's low IQ.

Bernardi Dr la paz

He's supposedly a fmr journalist of some sort, yet he just ladles this carp. No I mean saint kemal of the beltway. I think a plan as stupidly executed as this one appears to be does no good for anyone

jim nj

I'm getting very tired of the Erdogan drip, drip, drip story line.

It's an odd coincidence that this happened right after Rev. Brunson was released.

I don't know what the Saudi's intentions were, or if Turkey interfered with them.

What I really question in this whole thing is the Washington Post coverage. And why they hired him in the first place, and why he had a green card.

Was Kashoggi killed by the Saudi's? I don't know and I don't care.

I have more trust in SA than Turkey.

jim nj

Former Journalist? By that right I can call myself a Former Photojournalist. Fancy name for a photographer who works for a news outlet.

I haven't used my Nikons for about two decades. I would be "rusty" if I took it up again, but with practice I could get back to my old levels of performance.

Vision is something you don't lose, assuming no loss of eyesight. Thinking is something that does deteriorate over the years in many people.

Thank G-d that my thinking is still adaptive. 64 years of thinking and I retain a lot of my early learning, incorporated it into my current thinking, and my thinking still expands. I've solved past dilemmas and encountered new ones.

Our troll can't do that. His reasoning process is gone, no new information is processed. I feel sorry for him, but he is just a nuisance.

Were I a nuisance I would just cease and desist because I am sane and still recognize consequences. Ergo, the troll is not sane, and is useless in any further argument.

And, frankly, it boggles the mind that anyone would expend that much effort only to be lost to killfile.

Personally, I would be mortified if people made fun of me. I wouldn't keep posting. Ergo, he's mentally ill.

jim nj


Assange sued the Ecudorians over his living conditions. The Ecudorians seem to be tired of him and will no longer act as an intermediary between him and the UK.

jim nj


Darwin Award

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