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November 02, 2018




I try to imagine the conversation that went on before those folks decided that stripping was going to be a real vote getter. Three are some men around with ballots over there balls too, but how intellectually schizo do progressives have to be to beat the #metoo drums, then take off all their clothes and shout Grab 'em by the ballot? I simply do not get the weird "girl thing" these women have got going on. What message is all that skin supposed to be sending? There must be virtue signaling going on there somewhere, but darned if I can hear the whistle.

Miss Marple


Captain Hate

Serpenthead is Carville.

Jack is Back!

Carville? I haven't seen him in years. Where does he hang his horns these days?

Southampton has a different rental issue: How to amortize your investment during the 3-5 months of pre-summer, summer, post-summer? It creates sky high rents which means more empty storefronts. Especially exacerbated by the Amazon phenom. Some of those stores on Job's Lane are $30K a month. There is no way in hell you can sell that many women's hats, or men's shoes in a month.

Been a rough patch for a number of the seasonal stores. More and more pop-ups in alleys, or even the parking lots:)

James D.

Henry @ 10:43

If the admin expelled every student who walked out, maybe they would put a damper on such crap.


I just assumed that loosening up on Iran sanctions was the price Trump paid for Merkel's commitment to opening German markets to US gas imports. I'm glad to see that's apparently not the case after all. Hopefully, he'll continue to resist the Catch-22 of humanitarian aid.


James D, the admin organize that crap as part of their union solidarity. (especially in the remaining unionized districts: Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, Janesville).

Miss Marple


51% approval for the President!


Over 270 Migrant Caravan Members Have Confirmed Criminal Histories

The criminal histories were confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Those include a number of violent criminals—examples include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, sexual assault on a child, and assault on a female,” the department said on Nov. 1.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) also said on Nov. 1 that he’d obtained information showing that “several members of the first caravan have significant criminal histories, including assault and sexual misconduct against a child, and membership in the MS-13 gang.”


I wrote to Sctys Pompeo & Nielsen asking for a briefing for Judic Cmte on the caravans approaching US border. Need to know background info+criminal histories of caravan migrants as my office has info + public reporting says some in caravan have felonies/criminal record

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) November 1, 2018

"Disbelieve all women!"

Thank you, 'feminists' for turning women into the perceived enemies of men. It's pretty frustrating. I don't see the world through a fog of so-called 'women's issues,' but that's the ground they force other women to engage on. Disbelief seems to be turning into the new default assumption, and it's hard to blame the guys under seemingly constant assault for that.

Tom R

All of the political pundits like to remind us that the sitting President's party traditionally gets hammered in the midterm elections. You can count on one hand the number of times a sitting President's party gained seats in Congress. Most of the political pundits say the reason for that is because Americans prefer a divided government. Really? I think most Americans prefer a functional government that improves the lives of its citizens. I think the reason the sitting President's party traditionally gets hammered in the midterms is because the President fails to keep his campaign promises and the American public realize he was just saying what they wanted to hear in order to get their vote. Once in office they just do whatever the DC Uniparty Establishment tell them to do.

That obviously does not apply to Trump.

The 2018 midterms will be the first election in my lifetime where there is plenty of concrete evidence that Trump not only kept his campaign promises but his policies have been a huge success, especially on the economic side. What sane, logical voter with average or above intelligence is going to vote against the GOP because they disapprove of the success of Trump's policies and want the Democrats in control to limit Trump's power? No doubt based on what we have seen from the unhinged behavior of the Leftists there are a lot of insane, irrational and ignorant leftwingers out there. I just don't believe their radical ideology appeals to anyone with a functional brain.

Captain Hate

JMH's complaint is textbook Camille Paglia.

Old Lurker

Jack, ditto on Nantucket.

Plus Nantucket bans "chains".

And the UPS guy is my dog's best friend during the season. Name an item. A battery that costs $5 at the local store can be here in 48 hours from Amazon Prime for the same $5 I would pay at Home Depot at home.

In October as we were all having our round of end of season parties, we were comparing the number of Amazon Orders each of us had logged since May 31. My neighbor was sure he would win with 187. My wife and I beat him with 251.


Protests in Pakistan Delay Release of Christian Woman

ISLAMABAD—The release of a Christian woman in Pakistan who was acquitted after she was sentenced to death for blasphemy has apparently been delayed after talks failed between the government and hard-line Islamists who wanted her publicly hanged.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Oct. 31 overturned the 2010 conviction of Asia Bibi on charges of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Since then, hard-line Islamists have blocked highways to pressure the government to stop her release from an undisclosed detention facility.

On Nov. 1, Pakistan shut schools and colleges after Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the leader of Tehreek-e-Labbaik party, announced his talks with the government failed.

He asked his supporters to continue sit-ins as authorities summoned paramilitary troops to restore order.

Old Lurker

Sorry that "battery" was $15 on Nantucket and $5 on Amazon...

Miss Marple

Toooom R,

Serpenthead is James Carville.


From the backlog of unposted comments:

It's the Dendrites, Stupid!: The Plugged In Human Super Brain:

“It’s not just that humans are smart because we have more neurons and a larger cortex. From the bottom up, neurons behave differently,” says neuroscientist Mark Harnett with MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research. “In human neurons, there is more electrical compartmentalization, and that allows these units to be a little bit more independent, potentially leading to increased computational capabilities of single neurons.

A new study, published this week in Cell, shows that in people dendrites (via which nerve cells receive signals from other neurons) have distinct electrical properties that may help explain how the brain processes arriving information.”

Progressive brains lack the capacity to compartmentalize, hence their susceptibility to recurring, systemic electrical 'storms' and their inability to do the math. Yeah, I made that last part up.

Captain Hate

Broken Campaign Promises are the traditional opening production of Failure Theater.


JMH, it proves the "NPC Hypothesis"


Test post from plane. En route to Lindsey Graham's home state.

Good luck today, MM!

Captain Hate



Hey wow.

Anyway, family wedding. Hope to keep up with JOM here and there.

AB, they don't count votes early, but there is data available in some states for number of votes by party registration, votes per county, etc.

Texas is showing an increase in voting in red counties over 2016 and a decrease in blue counties, except Travis (of course). Link to numbers on Schweikart's Twitter:



Speaking of Lindsey 2.0, this is great:



Yesterday CH said "Nothing says "Failure Theater" like not even competing in contests, particularly county wide." And I see there is another entry above for the Failure Theater guidebook.

I took this quote from the New York Post article on the wife beating, alimony cheating, goofball the GOP put up against Occasio Cortez:

Ariola, the GOP leader, said a “lesson was learned” and the party will conduct independent background checks on all future candidates.


Miss Marple

ChiTown texted me that the line is already long.

Guess I had better hustle to get out of here!



As Politico reports, Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy put his signature on a bill Thursday that could ultimately be remembered as “Cory’s Law,” or even “Murphy’s Law.” It states that New Jersey senators or representatives can run for Congress at the same time they’re seeking the presidency.

Run, Cory, run!

Old Lurker

"Megan Greene, chief economist at Manulife Asset Management, expects a recession after 2021."

Old Lurker expects another recession after 2030 and probably another one after 2045.

But hey, VOTE PROG.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Good Luck MM. Hope you can get a seat.


Now we just need to figure out how to get a message to Trump so he gives a "shout out" to Miss Marple.


butt covering the polls, read the thread:

Sean T at RCP

The most puzzling thing for me in this election (and the reason the scenario of Rs barely keeping/just barely losing the House keeps nagging at me) is this: the overall atmosphere isn't that atrocious for Republicans, and a lot of "big picture" signifiers of waves aren't here. 1/



People's Pundit pollster Richard Baris is is great reading:


Tons of great links and analysis.


THANK YOU to the magnesium folks here. Been taking one 200 mg tablet a day for almost two weeks. Life has changed. So much energy and muscle strength. Thank you thank you. I only wish I had listened/known 15 years ago when fatigue started.

Gotta split. Have fun MM!!!


Miss Marple:

Have a great time!

This probably comes too late, but if you can't have a sign, take a white or bright colored scarf that you can wave to catch our attention.

Back when we were only separated from departing planes by a bit of chain link fence, my grandmother would always wave a white handkerchief at her window till she rolled out of sight when the plane took off. We always knew where she was as we waved our white hankies too.

This is one rally I think we'll all be watching!



"Now we just need to figure out how to get a message to Trump so he gives a "shout out" to Miss Marple."

Tweet him that Miss Marple, his biggest fan and most ardent defender from the beginning, will be there, or something along those lines. Others might be able to come up with something a bit more persuasive and/or attention grabbing. I bet he's got some poor grunt who wades through the garbage tweets in search of the occasional gold.

Robin, all wound up

DC is going to let 16 year old kids vote in 2020.

Posted by: Old Lurker | November 02, 2018 at 08:19 AM

Ugh, this is one of my pet peeve issues. If they can’t legally drink, or buy cigarettes or a gun, or join the military, they are not mature enough to vote. It could be because I was just at my daughter’s school and listened to the announcement that the Students of Color were taking a vow of silence for the day (you can ask one of their allies why) because no one notices them. They simply aren’t mature enough to vote.


McCaskill to Voters: Don’t Be Like Arkansas

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Miss.) had a closing message for Missouri’s voters this week: don’t be like Arkansas.

Speaking to supporters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, McCaskill explained the potential impact of Tuesday’s election. If she loses, she said, they will "probably get written off as a bright red state," a Republican state. "I don’t want to be Arkansas, how about you?" she asked.


From Porch's 11:53 - this great comment about Graham (and others)

This X 1000. Instead of being afraid of what the people who will never vote for you say - stand up for your base and we won’t back down. We don’t fall for BS October surprises. (BBM)


Larry Schweikart
From Steve Schale: “Bay County, wrecked by Hurricane MIchael. I was just there Sunday, and the devastation is hard to describe.
That being said, today the county hit the 20K mark in person early votes, passing their entire 2014 total. Really impressive.”


Students of Color

There was a time when NOBODY wanted a special dispensation for ANY reason when in school.

Bred resentment, which usually resulted in somebody getting an ass whoopin'.

Now there is probably an official "registry".


Ext, nobody wants to be a ridge runner. (This predates Clinton coming from there).


I think Sinema might be right about Arizona being a strange place to live, but I wouldn't have thought that a state troopers union would endorse a certifiable prog. Apparently a lot of the troopers were not enthusiastic, themselves. In response to member complaints over the endorsement of Sinema, the powers that be offered them a vote on whether to endorse Sinema or..... stay neutral in the race. I just thought that should be added to the invisible Republican candidates file.

I haven't read much about the campaigns there, but I do wonder why McSally isn't walking all over such a goofball.


OFF ... Closing the tag but not working... sorry!

jimmyk on iPhone

“DC is going to let 16 year old kids vote in 2020.”

In only local races, I presume? I thought the voting age for national offices is governed by that quaint old document the left wishes didn’t exit. But how does that work exactly? A separate ballot for 16-17 yos?

Bernardi Dr la paz

I guess it's a benefits issue with the association, but remember o'Sullivan law.


One more. Here are new Trump approval numbers for the 18-44 age group in a certain House district:

Strongly approve

Somewhat approve

Somewhat disapprove

Strongly disapprove


Would you guess.....CA-48?

Rohrabacher looking good in a must-win district.

Source: People's Pundit/Richard Baris



Now, here's a surprise. Did you guys know that Doris Day is still alive? I'm not sure how she could have gotten from 90 yrs old in 2014 to a more recent 96th birthday bash, but never mind. She's claims to be in excellent health.


Yes, JMH. An animal lover and a Republican, too.

Sadly her son and only child, record producer Terry Melcher, died a couple of years ago.

I thought her acting was boring when I was young, but I've grown to love her now that I'm middle-aged. :)

Bernardi Dr la paz

That would be 94 if they were consistent but that's remarkable.


Why Election Day is always on a Tuesday

jimmyk on iPhone

Well Olivia de Havilland is what, 102?

Bernardi Dr la paz

A worthy recollection:


Bernardi Dr la paz

Ah brennan vouches for o'rourke.



Thank you, 'feminists' for turning women into the perceived enemies of men. It's pretty frustrating.

Welcome to my world. It doesn't matter what one as a flawed human can do. No, it is gender, or pigmentation or whatnot that matters.

Of course I still have to pay the bills for all of this nonsense.


Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday called Barack Obama “the biggest liar of the world,” in reference to the former Democratic president’s infamous claim that people could keep their health care plans under ObamaCare.



Jeebus TRIPLE NET AT 12 BUCKS. We're not in KANSAS anymore.


That right there is reason enough to reelect Governor Walker. But after all the good he has done cleaning out the mess left by his idiot predecessor, he should remain on the job and turn the firehouse in other directions.


How to modernize our election system — automatic voter registration. Eliminate voter ID laws. Restore voting rights to ex-felons. Move election day to Sat. Allow early voting. We recommended these in 2016—sadly still relevant. #MyVoteMyVoice #GetOutTheVote https://t.co/X8S2NvVWW9

— Southern Poverty Law Center (@splcenter) October 28, 2018
Beasts of England

If that's you're prediction then I need to call my bookie, Tom R...

~ ~ ~

I notice you didn't mention your annual expenditure for independent cost and economic analyses, OL. Was that an oversight or do I need to send you my resume? ;)


Ext, if you want laws to expand the reach of southern poverty, that is who to call.



The other day you were asking about books on the Ottoman Empire. Back when I was reading The Great Upheaval, one of the three related series I watched was Resurection: Ertugal on Netflix, although i's set in an earlier period than the one Winik wrote about. It's fiction, but in addition to some great drama, it was my first real exposure to Ottoman cultural history, as the Empire's nomadic forbears arrived and settled in Turkey. I have no idea what's behind the name, but Ertugal fathered the eventual founder of the Ottoman Empire. It's a Turkish production, so I assume it comes Erdogan-approved, but it's not beat-you-over-the-head propaganda. It's got great actors, a gazillion episodes, and I loved it.


This is showing up distorted. It is offering $15 for attending an Obama rally at Morehouse college today supporting Stacy Abrams. "We want a packed house for maximum media exposure and optics." Also (Please do not share this on social media!) - HA! HA!

Compare this to MM today thinking of the hours she will need to stand in line to get inside to see the President.


https://www.clasp.org/blog/seven-days-left-defend-vulnerable-immigrant-childrens-safety-wellbeing is on the trump admin seeking to amend the Flores settlement, which this group is horrified by.

Also related today the US Commission on Civil Rights is holding hearings trying to argue that trump rescinding obama's aggressive policies amounts to stripping away 'civil rights' in an impermissible manner." You can download the briefs here. https://www.usccr.gov/

One from a law prof, anthony varona, asserts that "civil rights then are about treating our neighbors with dignity, as equal to us, and depending on us for their success just as much as we depend on them for ours." In other words, civil rights has become a phrase seeking to force economic, distributive justice.


A great book on the end of the Ottoman Empire is "The Peace to End All Peace" by Fromkin. The focus is on the dog's breakfast in the ME that was created in its wake, but there's a fair bit of historical background too.


He's been hittin' the OREO'S, he'll pass out when the VODKA kix in.



science strikes again...

“Our result indicates that high level of LDL-C is inversely associated with dementia. High level of LDL-C may be considered as a potential protective factor against cognition decline.”



Tim Kaine accuses GOP of 'straight, flat out anti-Semitism' over George Soros

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Speaking to a fired-up crowd a local brewery here, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., took direct aim at Republican criticism of major Democratic donor George Soros, telling voters: "It’s straight, flat out anti-Semitism that has led people to target him."

The 2016 Democratic vice-presidential nominee urged Virginians to be the lead in turning the House blue, reminding them of the hateful attacks on a Jewish synagogue, pipe bombs sent to Democrats and the president’s hardline immigration drumbeat.

Kaine talked little about his race against hard-right Republican Corey Stewart, instead focusing on Democrats’ prospects of retaking the House.

Does the Washington Examiner style guide include "hard-left"?

Beasts of England

Good luck at the rally, Miss Marple! :)


Did Soros become JEWISH before or after the HOLOCAUST that he assisted with???


SPLC can stuff it.

Governor Walker @GovWalker

Wisconsin’s elections systems are secure. Today we issued an executive order allowing the WI National Guard’s Cyber Security Team to assist the WI Elections Commission if assistance is requested.



Nobody reads his shit. It's like he's drunk and raging.




Grey New York and States United to Prevent Gun Violence have partnered on a campaign that encourages students to use their senior year high-school yearbook quotes to give their views on gun violence and call for legislative action. A "Donate Your Quote" spot features real students pledging to use their quote to call for "common sense gun reform," and the campaign includes a site where high-school students can post quotes and yearbook photos.


Aurora CO.

DEVELOPING: Officers ‘investigating threat’ at Rangeview High School in Aurora, Colorado; students are being evacuated; 2 nearby schools on “Secure Perimeter Status” - Police


THANK YOU to the magnesium folks here. Been taking one 200 mg tablet a day for almost two weeks. Life has changed. So much energy and muscle strength. Thank you thank you. I only wish I had listened/known 15 years ago when fatigue started.

porch, you like that---you'll love nicotinamide ribose.


Hey Amom,

I can't find folic acid. Does it have any other names?


Its scientific name is methyltetrylhydrofolate, say that three times fast.


LOL Narc! I think I'll check Amazon!

Jack is Back!

Good news: Alec Baldwin arrested in NY for assault.


They are leArning to be evil:



Another up vote for OLs lucid 10:28

So ... I should probably read the article but why did the vegan daughter move in with her Mom? And then start making rules and threats, that's outrageous!
"The vegan daughter told court officials that, prior to moving to live with her mother ..."


She ran out of money, Jim.


why did the vegan daughter move in with her Mom?

Because that is what Italians do nowadays.

Sixty-seven percent of 18-34-year-old Italians live with their parents, the latest figures from statistics agency Eurostat show, a figure almost 20 points higher than the European average.

I guess that only raises a larger question....

Captain Hate

Sadly her son and only child, record producer Terry Melcher, died a couple of years ago.

He used to shack up with Candice Bergen (who looks like a corpse in the very ill advised return of Murphy Brown) in the house in which Sharon Tate and friends were murdered by the Manson vermin. Terry was pretty flipped out by that because ol' Chuck was upset with him for not being interested in his garbage music and he was wondering if he was the real target (people who knew Manson said NFW but who can tell with that lunatic). Melcher produced the first couple Byrd's albums and did some work with The Beach Boys, probably when Brian Wilson was doing a *lot* of acid, through which he met Manson.

JMH, thanks for the Ottoman feedback.


I thought that name rang a bell



But I didn't know he was Doris days son, though.


Lets do the timewarp again, re the fusion flashback.

paulie's buns

Report: Maguire holds seminars to teach other countries how to restrict online speech


So Alec Baldwin punched a guy over a parking spot. What's the betting on the age of the guy?

I'm going late 70's.

Jack is Back!

If my Italian Momma was a great cook, I'd probably take advantage of "bombino" status.

In consideration of the upcoming Packers v. Patriots Sunday duel, has Brady had anyother pro coach than Belichick? How about Rodgers and McCarthy? [If you are still boycotting NFL, I understand but I have to be ready for dialogue with Frederick.]


Packers are lousy this year.

Captain Hate

On Little Steven's Underground Garage, Van Zandt never fails to mention who produced the records he plays and Melcher is praised fairly highly. With his ties to the early Byrds and Beach Boys, he certainly was known by the Wrecking Crew.

Captain Hate

has Brady had anyother pro coach than Belichick?

No, unless Mumbles has ever been suspended for a game or so.

Speaking of long term things, Greg Popovich recently became the first NBA head coach to reach 1,200 wins with the same team.

Jack is Back!


They play more games now then in Aurebach's tenure, right?


No he hit a 49 year old, according to reports.


If you wondered what he was up to, me neither:


Dave Seville

--Has there ever been a Microsoft new software version that wasn't on balance worse than the previous one?--

Windows 7?


This was the piece I mentioned earlier:



Joe Biden Jokes About Girls In Kindergarten: “Too Young To Resist”



Probably so, Iggy, as an abacus would have been an improvement over Vista. But I was thinking more in terms of applications than operating systems.


some conspiracy theorizing about FISA warrants-- Sessions was the real target?:


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