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November 02, 2018


jim nj


JV of future space flight. Airbus supplying the power and environment module.


Clarice, thank you for weighing in.


You know for shizzz, that you are my FAVE!!!!!!

Captain Hate

Was it Jordan Peterson who really stepped on his crank over Kavanaugh? With golf shoes?


Kev, you and PIN need to come to GOD'S country and get bizzzzzy.
Pin has a 30/30, and I have a .308.

The Pin Man

I was listening to a podcast called Unspooled that is going thru the AFI Top 100 Movies from 2016 maybe. In The African Queen episode I think they mentioned CS Forrester but I didn't make the connection.

Would you believe that the female semi-SJW hostette made a big deal about KH making half what HB did?

Well, what was KH market value then, honey?

The actual African Queen is 119 years old and it's been around the world several times. It's owned by a trust and before it was restored it was parked in a vacant lot in Volusia, FL.


Pin, I've been playing my Hummingbird, the last half hour or so. Great guitar, and the only thing missing, is my son, singing and playing his TAKAMINE 330GS and harmonizing with me.
His dear friends funeral was today, and I think I burned him out, by telling him how much he is LOVED and how much he has made "US" proud of him.
I wish I could express and explain, what a special YOUNG MAN, my son is. Sometimes, he blows my mind.
My DAD, never had the conversations, with me, that I have with my BOY.


GUS - How did you ever guess?

This was Judy's daughter's FB post on Jan.26, 2017

The Pin Man

One thing most people don't know about CS Forrester is he once killed a man in a bar fight.


Momto2. RESIST WE MUCH!! Remember???

These peeps are NUTS.



This on Forrester from Wiki is pretty interesting:

...Forester had always worn glasses and been of slender physique. Trying to enlist in the army, he failed his physical and was told there was not a chance that he would be accepted, even though he was of good height and somewhat athletic...

...During the Second World War, Forester moved to the United States, where he worked for the British Ministry of Information and wrote propaganda to encourage the US to join the Allies. He eventually settled in Berkeley, California. In 1942, while living in Washington, D.C., he met a young British intelligence officer named Roald Dahl, whose experiences in the RAF he had heard about, and encouraged him to write about them.[1] According to Dahl's autobiographical Lucky Break, Forester asked Dahl about his experiences as a fighter pilot. This prompted Dahl to write his first story, "A Piece of Cake"...

So C.S. Forrester is responsible for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:)

The Pin Man

Hey Kev how far are you from Bristol?

Dave Seville

Bogey made a fine Spade but Mitchum was far superior as one of Chandler's antiheroes.

Would have loved to have seen Ralph Meeker in something other than Spillane flicks.
Guy was riveting but just never got over the hump to superstardom as he should have.

jim nj


Very interesting.

Clarice Feldman


and good night.

Dave Seville

Great Boston band, The Real Kids.
Great version of Rave On and a little tune called Do the Boob is one of my faves.

The Pin Man

If you guys like those kind of stories you might like this book:


Another Bob

That Kav should be confirmed then promptly resign?

Yep, that was Peterson CH.

He claimed there was nuance that couldn’t be expressed on Twitter, so he tried a blog post. I didn’t read it as there was no nuance I could imagine that would have turned that into a sensible comment.

The Pin Man

I think Norm Macdonald coined the term ' Fake News.'


The Pin Man

Boy you know who liked smoking pot and hating Jews?

Robert Mitchum.

jim nj

Interesting data point. I don't know what to make of it. I visit realclearpolitics every day. I like the site because it often has articles that show opposite points of view on the same subject.

Here's the thing I've noticed the last few weeks - the most read articles of the past 24 hours have skewed conservative.


Great jobs report leads to pigs flying...

Good night all!


Joan via sister's computer
jimmyk on iPhone

Not the Onion:

The U.S. Supreme Court late Friday lifted a stay on a suit brought by 21 children accusing the federal government of pushing policies that will worsen climate change-related dangers, clearing the way for a landmark constitutional trial to begin in Oregon federal court....

jim nj


jim nj

Germany, the land of quality manufacturing, can't deliver weapons systems in working order.

Maybe they should buy American.


I really want to encourage people to go to rallies, if you have the time and can withstand the grueling wait.

MM, that made me laugh! Do you not realize people here have spent the past month urging YOU to go? You've offered every excuse in the book at least ten times as to why you couldn't go. Maybe twenty times. Too far, can't drive, no car, son working, nobody else will go for the other one; mainly the arthritis for this one. (legit, of course)

Encouraged you to leave early for days, use a lawn chair so you don't have to stand and you stuck to your departure time of one and standing, then yesterday, somebody tells you the line is long, so you decide you better get going before one!

I too am SOOOOO GLAD you went !

But I think nobody needs to be encouraged to go to a rally except YOU. xox

I second whoever said POTUS should have recognized you for your unfailing support.


MM, thank you for your rally report last night. I am happy to hear you got in okay. I watched the rally on the computer but didn't see you. My first rally too.


Message I got when I went to joan's link above at thread reader

404: Page not found.
I'm sorry the bot is having a hard time to unroll this.
Thread author has been suspended on Twitter, Thread Reader can not access this.

Imperator Rex suspended from Twitter four days before the election??
yep--that account has been suspended--just checked.


Posted by: jim nj | November 03, 2018 at 03:44 AM

Tonight on the way home I thought of this Redd Foxx story. He was in some sort of dispute with the network over the two Jewish writers/producers that had come into Sanford and Son about halfway thru it's run.

They wanted some Black writers to write real "Black" dialog or something.

After about two episodes Redd said,"Get me back my Jews!"

One of them was named Saul Turtletaub and he's from...Englewood, NJ.

Fun Fact: Redd Foxx's real name is John Sanford and his father's name was...Fred G Sanford...period.


The U.S. Supreme Court late Friday lifted a stay on a suit brought by 21 children accusing the federal government of pushing policies that will worsen climate change-related dangers, clearing the way for a landmark constitutional trial to begin in Oregon federal court....

The SCOTUS order isn't quite a ridiculous as it might a first seem. The supreme court said than in order for them to grant mandamus relief, there must be no other court that can provide relief. Though the 9th circuit has twice denied mandamus relief, the situation has changed, so they might potentially grant it this time. Therefore, the U.S. must first seek relief in the 9th circuit. If it's denied, the SCOTUS says the U.S. can come back to the supreme court.

Nevertheless, it's the second disappointing SCOTUS decision today. Earlier (over the objection of Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch), they allowed a "resistance" district-court trial to proceed concerning the census citizenship question.

jim nj


Joan's link went to a Donbongiono[sp?] interview of George Papadopolous.

I couldn't hear the whole thing because the audio kept getting interrupted.

I think Imperatore Rex was banned from twitter a few weeks ago. I may be wrong, but I think he moved to GAB, which also came under assault.

Anyway, from I could gather George believes he was targeted with the authorization of American intelligence agencies. If true, it's a bombshell.


Jim nj,

Really enjoyed your link to new data suggesting that the Milky Way Galaxy absorbed a smaller Dwarf Galaxy back about 10 Billion years ago. Lots of intriguing bits in that Scientific American story but this paragraph about galaxies almost having fingerprints I thought really cool:

Helmi and her colleagues analyzed 50,000 Gaia stars within the Milky Way’s halo, finding 33,000 of them share similar amounts of angular momentum and orbit in the opposite direction than they should. “That’s when it became apparent that this was weird,” she says. “The disk is ordered; you have 100 million stars moving orderly around the galactic center. And then you have these stars that have decided to move in the opposite sense. That hints that these stars could not have been formed in the Milky Way.” To further test that hypothesis, the team also analyzed the chemical compositions of 600 of those stars previously studied with the ground-based APOGEE stellar survey. In every galaxy the abundance of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium gradually increases over time due to cycles of stellar death and rebirth. But the exact pattern of that increase is specific to each galaxy, much like a fingerprint. Taken together with simulations modeling the potential merger, the Gaia and APOGEE data reinforce the notion these stars are truly alien interlopers, suggesting they originated within a single large dwarf galaxy that ceased forming stars 10 billion years ago—at the time it was cannibalized...

Way cool!


As is often the case, comments are also worthy of a read at this post on division post at Powerline.
there is a link in it to a VDH article that explains his perspective.


(I sort the comments by BEST.)



Clicking on your link I had no idea it would be about voting in Tennessee or how angry it would make me.

I moved to Tennessee for the second time in 2009. We were trying to get a short sale going with the recession and all the other stuff happening we lived in a camper in an RV park for a good 18 months.

I had to do a lot of convoluted stuff in order to get a TN DL but I did it because that's what you do when you move somewhere. I'm no Vanderbilt grad but I do know that's the law pretty much everywhere in AMERICA.

I got my truck registered and licensed in TN first. I'd like to know the tax implications of that. Oh, what are they? Paying a wheel tax of plus or minus a hundred bucks. I may have to forgo eating to afford that.

Utilities were a problem so I think I used my PO box bill or Verizon bill using the park's address.

I lived literally behind the DMV so that was nice at least.

I like how these stupid Millennials interpret the law through their feelings.

I didn't even know you could just play football for Vanderbilt.

Thanks for posting that. If I ever take a stress test I know what to read.


If I ever take a stress test I know what to read.

I get one just about any day I listen to NPR.

We let the daily NYT subscription go a while ago, but my local paper does its best to fill the void of propaganda instead of reporting.


Miss Marple

Did you see Ms Jim Acosta?

Free James D!

So thrilled for you, MM! Sounds like it was an amazing experience.

jim nj


I've heard similar stories and seen photographs of whole neighborhoods in NYC moving at once in the late 1800's.

I tried to use Google to see if there was a common end of lease date back then in the late 1800's.

I can't find anything, but think there might have been something in NYC law at the time.

The gist of it though, was that people would move up, down, or across the street to get a lower rental rate.

I wonder if they had to give notice after being presented with a rent increase. If so, I can imagine lots of landlords discounting apartments to get them filled as quickly as possible.

In an odd sense it sounds like an early tenant's union. Raise the rent we all move out. Owners re-rent to new tenants at the old price.

It would be hard to prove, but the decennial Federal Census combined with the NYC Police Census done on years ending in 5 might show it.

I can well imagine many people living in the same parish moving many times, but with the church as an anchor to the community and their friends.


Judy Munro Leighton was married to BOB ROSS???

jim nj


That's the thing that got me interested too. Stars moving counter to the flow. Still. You would think that there must have been many collisions. Yet they continue against the flow.

jim nj


And then they could find different chemical compositions of the stars.

Stars going the wrong way with a different composition. Wild. And the time-frame. This happened billions of years ago but still obtains?


I like how the people casually walking through Mexico who are suing Mr PDJT are said to have,"No current address."

I guess they won't be voting in TN will they?

I also forgot to mention that tonight I saw some guys with a tabletop full of BLUE Solo Cups. I think they might have been TERRORISTS or DEMOCRATS but who can really tell anymore?

jim nj


That article was just stupid. We could have done this, we could have done that. To vote in TN, but we were too stupid to get Georgia absentee ballots.



Speaking of Jim Jones, wouldn't you have to go all the way back to Congressman Leo Ryan to see something comparable to what happened to Congressman Steve Scalise et al?

Therefore, this provokes an interesting question: at what point did Pelosi, Feinstein and other Democratic Party stalwarts begin to reject Rev. Jim Jones’ ideology and his quest for power, or did they? None of the Democratic Party leadership appeared to care how Rev. Jones handled the members as long as he produced voters and campaign workers! To benefit them, Rev. Jones commanded The People’s Temple members to work tirelessly with robotic devotion. Corey Buscher, former press secretary to the late Mayor George Moscone stated that Rev. Jones “made his followers available to support progressive Democrat candidates.” He also recognized that Rev. Jones “offered thousands of ‘foot soldiers’ willing to walk precincts and get out the vote… an offer no politician in his right mind could refuse.” Another political power broker had stated that “If you were having a rally for a presidential candidate, you need to fill up the crowd, you could always get busloads from Jim Jones’ church.”

...He had even became a powerful influence within the Jimmy Carter administration, including the president’s wife, Rosalynn. Rev. Jones even met privately with Vice president Walter Mondale aboard his campaign plane! In spite of Rev. Jim Jones’ power to manipulate and control masses of people, that matter was not of any real concern for the Democratic Party because they benefitted from it all!


Interesting post about the perils of being famous. I'm all the more appreciative of being not famous and not rich.



Wow, Walter Mondale and Jim Jones had their meeting on the tarmac at SFO and they talked about their grandkids!


More on Prof Judy




This article is only two weeks old.

You bring the Milk, I'll bring the Flavor Aide:

I interviewed a number of Temple survivors as part of researching my new book, Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco. They reflected that Jones’s associations with the mighty both legitimized him and struck fear into them. Without powerful politicians, in the U.S. and Guyana, running interference for him, Jones could never have been so bold with the murders he committed. And the politicians cozied up to Jones because Jones provided rent-a-rallies for free. He flooded campaign headquarters with “volunteers.” He spoke forcefully for fashionable causes.

He preached the gospel according to Karl Marx. “I call capitalism the devil,” Jones said from the pulpit, “and socialism is God.” The Symbionese Liberation Army, Jones maintained, “moved us a little closer to change.”

Upon a pilgrimage to Cuba, Jones claimed through his newspaper that the island-prison had succeeded in abolishing racism, but he criticized it for not providing enough “freedom of choice” on abortion — a Temple commandment for women who became pregnant. “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty,” he told parishioners. “No, my country ’tis of thee, terrible land of inequity, that’s what it is.”



I can't believe this guy was our president

Body Language: Barrack Obama Midterm Campaigning


Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!

~ ~ ~

Typhuspad sux.


BoE, fasure! Now I've lost login on iPhone and windoze pewter. Suxor big time.


This Is Isn't Spinal Tap!

At least I sure hope it ain't.

Chinese Internet is terrible, but I finally got Legal Insurrection's post on the Dem Women stripping to get out the vote, and if that top pic ain't Nigel Tufnell after sex-change therapy #grabbin' them by the ballot, I'll eat my "11."


The Week in Pictures is up. Time for another cuppa...



Steven Hayward intro to TWIP, "If you think this Halloween was scary, just imagine the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker, Mad Max Waters running the House Banking Committee, Alexandra Occasional-Cortex on the Sunday network news shows every weekend, and beta-male Beto gearing up his 2020 campaign for the alpha spot in American politics. Good times!"



The older I get, more and more the "Paper of Record" for the United States becomes the UK Daily Mail:

'I was angry and I sent it': Left wing activist to be investigated by the FBI after she admitted she MADE UP rape claims against Kavanaugh because she 'wanted attention'


No calories were consumed viewing this.


More low calorie high humor treats courtesy TWIP.


Oh, ow!



pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Porchlight @ 10:16. Thanks!

MM, So Happy that you got into the rally and thanks for a great 1st report.


Welcome, pagar!

So happy for you MM. There is nothing on earth like a Trump rally!

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

Miss M - So happy that you finally got to go to one of Pres. Trump's rallies.

What a memorable day and great experience for you.

Did you get any souvenir buttons, stickers, etc. for posterity?

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