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November 19, 2018


Jim Eagle

Snipes - out
Scott - In
Commander Ballast - out
DeSantis - in
Comrade Gillum - out

Am I missing anyone?


Good synopsis, JiB. For now.

Jim Eagle

Your Latin Phrase of the Day:

Belli viri bellas feminas amant.

Have no idea how I lucked out.


I thought this was a football thread.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Commander Ballast.
That's funny.

Jim Eagle


Frederick is over in Belgium with his Mom visiting his grand-father. He streamed some of the Jags game, and is mad as a wet hornet how they let Big Ben and the Steelers back in the game.

Jim Eagle

Politico needs to correct the Caputo report for a minor mistake. Palm Beach is to the north of Broward not south, and Miami-Dade is to the south of Broward, not north. All that in an article about mistakes, and errors in the ballot design. LOL.



And yet, two-thirds of Democrats say it is either “definitely true” (31%) or “probably true” (36%) that Russia tampered with vote tallies. Women are especially gullible; 48%, across all party lines, have fallen for this fake news. Sadly, 70% of blacks have bought it hook, line and sinker. The Northeast is the country’s most ignorant region, apparently: 47% of Northeasterners have fallen for the hoax.


Is this the most successful disinformation campaign in history? I don’t know. But in American history, I can’t think of a plausible rival. President Trump is right: fake news is a serious threat. By cynically selling an absurd lie to its followers, the Democratic Party has badly damaged confidence in our democracy.


JiB, I think all of Northeast Florida is pissed off like we've never been pissed off before. It may have been the most disheartening loss I've seen this franchise suffer.

Especially because our hopes were so high, the vibe was so good, all signs pointing in the right direction. Now, we've done a 180 in the seeming blink of an eye. Incredible. Football is just incredible.


So you see, henry, this *is* a football thread.


And Marc capito is a former reporter for my fishwrap, so he has no excuse.


This is the platform of a moribund party awash in dark money yet bereft of genuine ideas for improving the lives of average Americans. And, if gaining power over all three branches of government requires destroying the credibility of our electoral process, the Democrats are for it. Not one called for Abrams to stop accusing Brian Kemp — without evidence — of voter suppression. Not one asked Bill Nelson to stop accusing Rick Scott — without evidence — of meddling with the Florida ballot count. Not one gives a damn about dignity or democracy. All they care about is power — and that is dangerous.



Did you argue the point re. Blasey with the PWLF? Starting with: “She manufactured the whole story.”?

Posted by: Another Bob | November 18, 2018 at 08:44 PM

I made that very point, AB, during the discussion (I think my quote was that "She pulled it out of her ass!") but my pleasant leftwinger just ignored that point and stuck with her *outrage at the questioning* angle during our interaction afterwards.

So, I'm mulling over what it means when people seem to have no concept of the American right to confront your accuser *and* to do so by testing the veracity of a claim in an adversarial setting? Those senators handled Blasey Ford with kid gloves . . . and she's outraged? Hell, I want Blasey Ford prosecuted.

I mean . . . Representative Joe Kennedy, Democrat-Taxachusetts, put out a completely embarrassing tweet claiming "No survivor should be cross-examined by his or her accused rapist. Ever. Full stop."


Damn, Joe, totalitarian much ??? Let me see here . . . "survivor" grouped with "accused" and this Harvard grad apparently can't figure out his wrongly presumptive role as judge and jury on an open question.

Alrighty then. What is this from Joe, pure mendacity?


Furthermore this is a garbage claim the Senate race was actually closer by 3/1 so what's their complaint.



They start the panel with the idea that people like Thomas, West both Al and Kanye, you, etc. should be considered Uncle Toms? Any person or group that has that as part of their conventional wisdom should be challenged aggressively.

Posted by: Gentlejim | November 18, 2018 at 09:14 PM

Well, to be fair to them, they tried to juxtapose the *charge* of being an Uncle Tom with the charge that diverse thought on certain topics are counterproductive for the overall health of Black America.

Your point, however, remains correct. It linked individuality with Uncle Tom, constrained free thinkers with a group restraint, and they framed the talk in ways that limited matters to a discussion held totally within an in-group, liberal place.

But I saw it as a start, and they very much want me to remain involved. I suspect I will. I'm also trying to think through a column for American Greatness that revolves around this right now.

Old Lurker

RG "and they very much want me to remain involved. I suspect I will."

Wait. RG is a black guy?

Jim Eagle

A Kennedy criticising an accused rapist for questioning their accuser? We truly are living in another dimension.


I was thinking rattler the fellow at the center of this khashoggi kerfluffle gen asiri is their version of Rowan Pope, he's a military officer who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and when necessary falls on his sword.


On topic, and to repeat, the apparent incompetence of state and local election officials is just a means to the end of being able to manipulate the outcome, or at least to try. How hard can it be to design a sensible ballot? To have an orderly vote count?

This crap goes on everywhere, we just only hear about it in states like FL where the vote is close. NY was a disaster too, but no one cares because the vote is so one-sided.


O was listening to a talk by Yucker Carlson and he said that botth parties are undermining democracy.

Many people in the GOP got tired of either losing elections or electing someone only to see their wishes ignored and promises broken. That is why Trump got nominated.

Once he was nominated all of the people like National Review and such went around badmouthing him and acting like he wasn't a real candidate. And once he was elected they have done nothing but carp, with many of them, like Max Boot, actually going over to support democrat positions like gun control.

Thus, if people had suspicioins that the entire thing was fake, there people (Paul Ryan included) are actively proving it.

And then, the democrats, whom we always have suspected of cheating, actively did so in plain sight, proving that THAT suspicion was also correct.

Good job guys!


I really need to remember to hit preview.


"Yucker Carlson" seems right somehow.


*Very* interesting take, narciso.


OL, not merely a black guy . . . *the* black guy.

Old Lurker

:-) RG


Trump rally in Biloxi, Mississippi on November 26.


“Boom: Record high business optimism, need for employees at 45-year high” https://t.co/jBFjEwAcfd

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 13, 2018

Link goes to Washington Examiner article.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

Of course we should have captured Osama Bin Laden long before we did. I pointed him out in my book just BEFORE the attack on the World Trade Center. President Clinton famously missed his shot. We paid Pakistan Billions of Dollars & they never told us he was living there. Fools!..


Party of science. Pistol grips make bullets hit harder...

Rep. Eric Swalwell
Replying to @DLoesch

Fair question. Rifles. They’re more powerful and cause more carnage when used with a pistol-grip. See @ScottPelley @60Minutes piece. To reduce semi-auto pistol deaths I’d have universal background checks and mandatory reporting on mental health.



“The president is absolutely right. This is as much about mismanagement over time,” said Zinke who pointed to not only the previous administration but that the problem had been “going on for years.” He suggested going “back to prescribed burns late in the season,” removed dead and dying timber, and sustainable harvest. He pointed to Finland and Germany as examples.

He said “radical environmentalists” have filed lawsuits to let “nature take its course” and that these fires are the consequence of allowing nature to do so.

“I will lay this on the foot of those environmental radicals that have prevented us from managing the forests for years and, you know what, this is on them.”


Part 2:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

....We no longer pay Pakistan the $Billions because they would take our money and do nothing for us, Bin Laden being a prime example, Afghanistan being another. They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return. That’s ENDING!

matt - deplore me if you must

I have a friend who was a contractor in Afghanistan. His specialty was his intelligence network on both sides of the border. They were able to get to places no one else could.

Apparently the U.S. government knew of Bin Laden's location for over a year before the order was given.

It is my belief that the ISI was instrumental in hiding Bin Laden. They are basically a separate state.

Captain Hate

The Sherrod Brown/Jim Renacci contest continues to infuriate me, particularly when some Horde denizen wrote that Josh Mandel refused to share any of his war chest after withdrawal from the race, stating that he was saving it for future campaigns. This is the downside of donating directly to a candidate because I'm sure that a significant number of donors contributed to an effort to unseat Brown. Maybe Renacci would have lost anyway but there's no way to know that particularly because there were a lot of split votes for DeWine and Brown. If what I heard is true, Mandel has an uphill climb for my vote in the future.


They will never stop

Stop Shaming White Women For Voting Republican



Julie Kelly
Instead of demanding that the incoming Dem House majority cleans up its act, David French wrote a post-election screed attacking Republicans and falsely claiming a "surge" in white supremacy threatens the Right.

There's no surge, as I explain here:


James D.

Two great articles you just posted, lurkersusie!

I really like the one from the Federalist.

They go together, though, don't they? The Federalist piece talks about white guilt, and white women not wanting to be called racist - and the French article referenced at AmericanGreatness is just him calling all Trump supporters exactly that.

For decades now, when supposed "conservatives" like French (who I will assume isn't a racist) got called racist by the Democrat Party and the media, they apologized and groveled and threw their fellow conservatives under the bus, even though they had nothing to apologize for.

President Trump, when he's called racist, responds that he's obviously not one, and that the accuser is a liar and a scumbag for making such a fake accusation.

I much prefer the latter approach, and it must just drive French and his fellows INSANE that tens of millions of Americans do, too.

Account Deleted

((This crap goes on everywhere, we just only hear about it in states like FL where the vote is close. NY was a disaster too, but no one cares because the vote is so one-sided.))

I have to admit that I even wonder about voting here in Arlington, where there hasn't been any outcry over fraud.
To have a one party place handle the voting machines & the counting can't be good. It HAS to be tempting to set up "insurance".

I would love to get a receipt after feeding my ballot into the reader machine. I don't trust the machine settings to count it correctly.


The charge of racism should be leveled at them, too. Not only are they the ones bringing up race all the time, but they've outed themselves as anti-white. And white people, unlike Hispanics or Latinos, are actually members of a race.

Old Lurker

There are no words to express what I think about this:


Account Deleted

Let me ask a stupid question:

Why did JEB! appoint a partisan democrat hack like Snipes in 2003?

"Hello, Mrs Fox. This is the hen house. Please watch over it and do a good job. I am counting on you."

"Sure, Mr Governor, sir. Define "good", please. Oh never mind. You're gonna love it."



We must not allow this to happen!

My cousin's left-wing husband just posted an article on Facebook:

Maine’s pioneering ranked-choice election likely to catch on nationally


Old Lurker

Janet "I would love to get a receipt after feeding my ballot into the reader machine. I don't trust the machine settings to count it correctly."

Wouldn't help. They will just rig that machine or lose it, or fiddle with the data as it goes upstream, or any of a thousand ways to ignore your vote, Janet, if it serves their goal.

Account Deleted

The basis for the self-disembowelment of the liberal component of the American white electorate is "Fear of Envy."

Fear of envy is a malignant spawn of Fear of LOSS, which takes many forms--- Loss of Love, Wealth, Property, Prestige, Social Standing, etc etc etc.

Pure perfect fit for dis-mis-information campaigns and deviant propaganda, the sausage made by the Lying Swine Media production houses of today.


Account Deleted

In 2012 there were a lot of people coming into our little well run voting place, all needing provisional ballots because they supposedly didn't know where they were supposed to go to vote.
It was sketchy because there were so many of them. Lots of older black women.
It was hard to believe that Obama voters from 2008 all of a sudden didn't know where to go vote.

Old Lurker

Mom, the sooner that (ranked voting) baby gets killed in the crib, the better.

Account Deleted

"And white people, unlike Hispanics or Latinos, are actually members of a race."

not sure what your intended meaning is here, Ext.

Account Deleted

The Obama's billion dollar brand.... will they pledge to make the trains run on time?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I find it impossible to grant good but misdirected or even ignorant intentions to the likes of French and Goldberg any longer.
They're not just expressing opinions, they're citing and misusing bogus and misleading statistics that they know to be misleading and false. They're not careless; they're maliciously refusing to adapt their worldview to reality, the willingness to do so being one of the hallmarks of conservative philosophy.
Instead they are intentionally warping the world to fit their stilted ideas of how it should be; the universal mark of the rigid ideologue; ideologies being the great enemy of mankind, as pointed out by a former NR giant whose shoes they aren't able to fill let alone fit to clean; James Burnham.
Useless, fastidious, dangerous hacks.

James D.

OL @ 11:42

There are PLENTY of words for what I think about it. None of them are suitable for a polite, family blog such as this one.

Oh, wait, some of them are.
"Money lanudering"
"Corporate fraud"
"Thorough IRS audit"
"SEC investigation"
"Federal prosecution"
"Asset forfeiture"



Jim Eagle


Ranked-choice elections are ripe for fraud. All you have to do as a candidate is find 2 mediocre candidates that have similar positions but not as well known, or have had issues in the past. Since they are mirror images of you except for their "issues", they will most likely get the 2nd and 3rd rankings, especially if your opponent doesn't have their "dopplegangers" on the ballot.

But you have to have multiple candidates.


not sure what your intended meaning is here, Ext.

The intended meaning is that Hispanics are Hispanics because they speak Spanish, not because they are collectively members of a "race." They can be white, black, etc., yet we often hear about how people are racist because of what they might say about certain Hispanics.

Latinos are just Hispanics + Brazilians (who don't speak Spanish).

This irks me. Recently, I saw that anti Arab is a form of racism, yet I've always thought Arabs were white.

Account Deleted

Why blame any Left wing extremists for the California wildfires?

Solve the problem. Public opinion indictments do noting but inspire deeper recalcitrance by lobbyists and CYA politicians.

POTUS can use the pen NOW to mandate compliance on federal lands, and provide the stick re state lands and private properties.

and POTUS needs to write those EOs with the obstruction of the Ninth Circuit in mind. Club them while simultaneously erasing them and reorganizing them "with cause."

re private properties: are private insurance companies insuring residential properties in fire zones any more. State Farm got out of that business...don't quote me but that's what a local agent told us. Allstate, our company, has local fire fighters (City of Berkeley) doing block by block "inspections" of private property to keep evergreen overgrowth (juniper planted on slopes etc) and weed infestations low-to-non-existent. information is reported to insurers.

many levers to pull to whip the a-holes in Sack-a-Tomatoes into shape. they are crowing that this state is the world's 5th to 7th largest economy but it's being hung by its private parts by environmental extortionists.

enough. stop blaming and start governing on the matter. i don't care whose fault it is. the five families i know in Santa Rosa who lost their homes deserve equal protection under the law. Period.



I hope that we get to vote for Crenshaw as the next president after Trump. I like the idea of having a president who is articulate and also looks lie a pirate and can kill people.


I should have said Muslims, instead of just Arabs, because now being anti-Muslim is racism, yet Muslims do not constitute a race. They can be white, black, etc.


This race/not-race thing came up when the networks refused to run the ad about the illegal Mexican cop killer, because it was "racist." Not possibly racist, btw, but objectively racist.

Yet, what race does that guy belong to? He's whiter than I am.

Dave (in MA)

Yucker Carlson


Fox News reporter Brooke Singman:

Trump blasts Pakistan as 'fools,' charging the country let bin Laden hide there despite receiving US $$

Er, wasn't he calling the Clinton administration fools for giving Pakistan billions?

Dave (in MA)

Last week Howie Carr did a Death Pool segment. I'm guessing someone from the last Death Pool might have had Stan Lee; not sure.

Prompted by texts, he said that no, they would not be allowing Ranked Choice picks, you had to pick one name.

He also pointed out that at the end of the show they would not be continuing to add new picks to the pool as though it was getting run by Brenda Snipes, because the Howie Carr Death Pool has integrity.


Democrat Senators Sue to Block Whitaker From Serving as Attorney General

Three Democratic senators have filed a lawsuit challenging the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse and Mazie Hirono say in a filing with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that the Senate hasn’t consented to Whitaker “serving in any office within the federal government, let alone the highest office at the DOJ.”

Both Trump and Whitaker are defendants.

Account Deleted

and the Raiders win their second of the season against the lowly Cardinals.

watched the highlights. there was a brief glimpse of Gruden as he ran into the field. you'd think they won the Super Bowl. Ravens next.

one of Harbaugh's former players is playing great D-line for Raiders-- Mo Hurst. Rookies on the Raiders D-line are learning how to play.... Key from LSU et al. the endless rebuilding continues.

meanwhile, in Chicago, Khalil Mack has attained instant iconic player status. could not have happened to a nicer guy or a better city. the NFL is better when the Bears are good.

re boycotting the NFL... everything else has been so hyper-politicized that i refuse to allow my one entertainment leisure pursuit be torched because of a fake issue of police brutality.

just owning it. :D

have a great Monday. the salt mine calls!


That infamous butterfly ballot of 2000 was designed by democrat Therese Lepore. A copy was sent to every registered voter in the county. Copies were published in the local newspapers and was posted on the walls of every voting station with instructions how to vote. And there was a damn arrow pointing to the candidate you wished to vote for.

And this is how it started iirc.





White House initiates process to suspend Jim Acosta’s press pass, Acosta seeks expedited court briefing

In TRO ruling the Court required Acosta receive due process, the White House is providing him with a process: “we have made a preliminary decision to suspend your hard pass due to your conduct at the President’s November 7, 2018 press conference …. we would be pleased to consider any material you would like to submit in response to it.”

More details at the link. (Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection.)

Account Deleted

"Yet, what race does that guy belong to? He's whiter than I am."

if he's Mexxykin by governmental birth certification then it means he's a half-breed....indio and Spaniard.

i'm probably with whiter skin that you, Ext, as the Navajo side of the family intermarried in 17th century Nuevo Mejico with agents of the viceroy.

i check can only check one racial box on the census or on surveys, so i check the one that guides my way of life (spiritual and cultural): RED (politely referred to as the racist term "American Indian.")

3 of my siblings are darkies. 3 of us are lily white skinned mestizos.

bottom line, skin color is less the issue than the "cultural compass" of the individual. there are 67 languages spoken in Mexxyko with but 3 (fr, esp, deutsche) owing any allegiance to European influence.

the dude in question can probably get inside places that darkies can't--- but then he opens his mouth to reveal his thinking and voila! got one in the woodpile. a daily occurrence for some of us.

thanks for the explanation.




>>>There are no words to express what I think about this:


Posted by: Old Lurker | November 19, 2018 at 11:42 AM<<<

and what could they possibly have to sell to be so?


and i'm dumber for reading that Powers article bit that Ex flagged up ...

Account Deleted

"the Senate hasn’t consented to Whitaker “serving in any office within the federal government, let alone the highest office at the DOJ.”"

attempting to shop for some kind of injunction i take it.

is the law re interim appointments going to hold sway over judicial activism?

will Blumenthal and that idiot Hirono going to enjoy some press notoriety if this advances?

public humiliation is likely. but in this Age of Acosta anything is possible,eh?

Account Deleted

Coal Shovel meets Acosta's mutt face.


Surber notes Mad Maxine is proposing impeachment. (Snopes hasn't admitted it yet, but a YouTube vid is provided).

Deplorable Don provides a helpful list of reasons to help the CongreeLady.


This race/not-race thing came up when the networks refused to run the ad about the illegal Mexican cop killer

It's a flexible tool for the MFM. When they need Hispanic not to be a race, they come up with something like "White Hispanic," as with George Zimmerman.



Ralph L

Today I received a second, more detailed email from the Pres. of Davidson College, where rse & I went before it went totally SJW:

"On Wednesday, November 7th at 7:40 PM, a group called Carolina Workers Collective [commies?] posted ...allegations that a student was posting hateful, neo-Nazi tweets. ... At 8:23 PM, that faculty member alerted Campus Police Chief Sigler, me, ... Dean McCrae and others alerted RLO Student Life and Residence Life staff...Locating the students and ensuring that they would not be on campus was the fastest way to address everyone’s concerns." They were then expelled.

More paragraphs about how earlier "incidents" triggered people but weren't actual hate writing, and how careful the admin/police are about safety.

Previous email: "There are no credible threats to campus." Depends on what the meaning of are is.

She didn't say the tweets were threatening, so enraging a possible neo-nazi (or any young squirt) doesn't sound like a good idea when the campus is wide open (they now have electronic locks on the outer dorm doors. We never locked our dorm rooms). The possibility of engaging them intellectually did not cross their minds.


Little Yucker Carlson.


Posted by: Ralph L | November 19, 2018 at 01:00 PM

some students got expelled from school for posting something on twitter?

and the administration wants a pat on the back?




How Many Races Are There in the World?

Since most models for racial classification fail at some point, what is the best way to describe human variation? One easy way would be to categorize human variation according to the eight geographical genetic groups to which all human populations belong. These are African, Caucasoid, Northeast Asian, Arctic, American, Southeast Asian, Pacific Island and Oceanian.

I never liked Oceanians.


you gotta watch out for those Arctician icebacks.


As the Marine Band plays Oh Tannenbaum, Pres and Mrs Trump give the tree the once over. pic.twitter.com/2QFpLWgv4I

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 19, 2018

Photo at link.


Can they quarantine Jim Acosta? Make him wear a cone of shame?


I'm pro-Pacific Islander, though.

The indigenous peoples of Oceania are Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, Papuans and Australian Aborigines. With the notable exceptions of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, New Caledonia and Guam, indigenous peoples make up the majority of the populations of Oceania.

The term "Pacific Islanders" excludes Australian Aborigines, and may be understood to include non-indigenous populations of the Pacific Islands.


Ralph L

Rich, they used to advertise the school as "a safe place to send your boy" (before it went co-ed).

I'm hoping there were actual threats made, so the admin isn't looney and/or they don't want to frighten the parents, but they're hiding behind privacy laws.

This prez wrote an article for the Charlotte paper about how the women must be believed about sex assault. They've been sued at least once by a sanctioned male student.


New thread.

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