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November 22, 2018



Happy Thanksgiving to JOM.

I thank Mr. Maguire for this place where we’ve made friends and expanded families.

Old Geezer

I read this codswallop from Hillary Clinton and my ears start to tingle. Has this silly woman talked to a real average American in the last 40 years. I mean some auto mechanic in Ft. Collins Colorado or a cable repairman in Boise Idaho? If she had done so, she would be ashamed of herself for spouting this garbage. If you shined a light on Hillary's cranium, you'd see nothing but a vacuum and some chardonnay fumes.

Another Bob

I’m dead convinced she’s mentally defective. Senile dementia? Altzheimers? Just drunk all the time?


These guys are taunting me-it looks great

Buford Gooch

Thank you, TM, for hosting this site. It has been wonderful making new friends here. I am quite thankful for the host and the commenters. They brighten my life.

Another Bob

OG, same deal with the national “journalists”. Few really know anything about anything, and none would be caught dead actually socializing with “regular” people.


In a public speech on immigration, Hillary Clinton said: “I believe that when we have millions of hardworking immigrants contributing to our economy, it would be self-defeating and inhumane to try to kick them out.” In a leaked private speech delivered to Latin American bankers, she went further: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it” (though she later claimed that she only meant borders open to energy). These statements, of course, drove the anti-immigration, pro-Trump Right crazy. Perhaps more revealing, however, is the convergence between the open-borders Left and the “respectable” pro-business Right that Clinton’s remarks epitomized. In a recent National Review article responding to Trump’s “nationalism,” Jay Cost wrote, “To put matters bluntly, we do not have to like one another, so long as we continue to make money off one another. That is what will keep us together.” In this monstrous sub-Thatcherism, the Buckleyites sound exactly like the liberal “cosmopolitans”—but without the glamour or flair for moral self-delusion.


Another Bob

TM, thanks for paying more attention to the blog. Hope whatever changed in your life to enable it was a good thing.


Trump at Thanksgiving dinner in Mar-a-Lago pic.twitter.com/W2BPmc3Iz6

— Toluse Olorunnipa (@ToluseO) November 23, 2018

Picture at the link.


According to an audio of the 911 call, Cruz, who was not in the store that day, received a phone call from his employees who were concerned about Ragland’s presence. “There is one guy who is sitting in the corner, hasn’t bought anything, he’s been sitting there for over 30 minutes,” Cruz told the dispatcher. “They’re kinda scared because he looks suspicious. He just keeps looking at the phone and looking at them.”

Cruz said that his all-female staff is “very cautious” due to past incidents involving robberies and homeless people shooting drugs in the restroom, and requested that police tell Ragland to “move along.” He also stated that Ragland was alone in the store.



TM, must have been Wild Turkey, not frozen.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Maguire clan!


From the last thread erica t, was the Israeli contact in the UK, ellwood has been the 3rd defense minister in as many years.


Just back from little sister's place in Cincy...4 extra tables set up in addition to dining room and kitchen. Pretty much the whole clan.

She treated me extra special with a homemade mincemeat pie:)

I'll be lucky to make it past 9 tonight.


Also from the last thread, Jay Caruso was less of a tool when he wasnt never trump.


Pin, from the last thread, you were asking about how OSWALD was repatriated or allowed back in to the country despite his acts and marriage in RUSSIA????

I believe the PIGRIMS opened the DOOR for him


Oswald was the first known wolf that went rapid, he had more flags than six flags his uncled mob ties his father in laws mvd ties his connections to the Cuban mission in Mexico city,


Rodham is following RAPIST BILLY'S advice. He is pulling the strings via the polling data he continuously commissions. Rodham is laughable more than ever. She is trying to cuddle up to the FULL COMMIE set, that is getting more ink and traction. Granny slip and fall, trying to hijack the FULL COMMIE movement. Open borders, green energy and a "hemispheric common market".

Yeah, so why are the other SHIT HOLES in the HEMISPHERE not doing any of that on their own??
Why are their PEEPS coming here??


Buckeye, the mincemeat pie sounds delicious.



Videos and photos at the link.

Buford Gooch

Buckeye, we have mincemeat cookies every Christmas. I already bought the mincemeat. I can hardly wait for the cookies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And TM's post reminds of what we might be most thankful to God for on this fine day;
That pickled, slatternly, procrustean old bitch aint, and never will be, president.




Ig, I wonder what the FAKE emotional breakdown will be, when Rodham bites the dust.


You were right, ignatz, I had some doubts.


Exactly!!! Sell the lying MEME of the DAY.
Rodham is just parroting what she thinks THE FULL COMMIE wants to hear. It's clownish.



I initiated an experiment in infusing vodka. I used prickly pear fruit in this local brand. I don't know if it's going to be more than a red dye. I had tasty prickly pear jelly in AZ but that had lots of sugar in it.

What is the best way to filter the end product?


Working as I do in the left-wing, trump-loathing environment of higher ed, I am ever grateful to everyone at JOM. Finding this community has allowed me to keep hope alive knowing that there are so many others who share my values and dreams for the future and who will fight to save this country for our children and grandchildren. Thank you JOM💕


Many Thanksgiving blessings to us all (every one)--

Jimnj, much appreciated the link to Bulgarian resistance to public Stalinist art--and just this afternoon I finally started Furst's Night Soldiers, which begins in 1943 in Bulgaria, with the Nazis horning in and the Communists making hay in their own way--a harrowing tale.

It was posted sometime this morning, but I much appreciated the video of Trump landing at Mar e Lago--he did not have to go and greet all those enthusiastic people, but he did anyway, and Melania and Barron came too--he must have signed two dozen MAGA hats for at least six minutes--what I found most interesting was the dead pained and anxious look of the SS guy to his immediate right--a not fully secure situation which obviously made him on the highest of high alerts--and Trump just does his thing. They must adore him but wish he wouldn't.


I believe the PIGRIMS opened the DOOR for him

Posted by: GUS | November 22, 2018 at 08:29 PM

I'm the guy who can't see the 3D pictures. You're the guy who tells me what it is.


Oh, and I meant to post another tribute to C. S. Lewis, whose death early in the morning on this day was overshadowed, of course, by JFK's assassination--and Huxley's death was. But all honor to a possible Anglican saint--


And I'm teaching The Magician's Nephew on Monday--rich material even in a public school land grant Research I university...(it's the Narnia version of Genesis).

Another Bob

Pin, suggest the brown unbleached coffee filters.


Happy Thanksgiving All. Thanks for JOM.

And as Iggy has been saying for at least three years--Hillary Clinton will never be president.



Those books by C.S. Lewis are wonderful. Glad to hear you are teaching them!

I have read and re0read them a number of times.




Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful friends at JOM. Sending these greetings from Las Vegas where we had a round of golf before the turkey.

Special thanks to TM.


Remember he's the respectable one:



Ig has long given me a sense of relief vis a vis the OLD DRUNKEN FAT ASSED HAG,.......NEVER BEING PRESIDENT. He has been, and always be correct.

Pin, I have said many times before, and many times to YOU in private, that you are an AWESOME JOM addition, the last couple of years. You have blossomed and shown quite an erudite side of yourself.
As for me putting 3-D into focus for you.

jim nj


"Just wanted to invite you to watch “Prairie Wind” 16K (4:05), a tribute to the dynamic skies of Tornado Alley. As far as we know, it is the first-ever video shot on 16K."

Absolutely beautiful video. It will make you feel very small yet connected.


Narciso, RAMAPHOSA is claiming that anyone who objects to S.Africa's victor/spoils form of GOVERNANCE, is RACIST, NAZI, WHITE NATIONALIST, WHITE SUPREMECIST or NAZI.

The ECONOMIC collapse of every nation that has gone RACIALLY bent OR FULL COMMIE, speaks for itself.

America cannot, nor will not stop nor correct this.
What I find amusing, is the WHITE POLITICIANS who are PETTING THE CROC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He does have big, and presumably sensitive ears, but "snot" and "Spock" do sound an awful lot alike.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nice avatar, caro.:)

Jim Eagle

We are back from our Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Our friend is a French educated engineer, his wife American but between all 10 of us we had a Brazilian born Phd., his son, a Carnegie-Mellon engineer, A Swiss born ex-executive with Kraft, my wife the Belgian, and Frederick and I.

The host and hostess' daughter is a Canterbury Alumnus.


I have read all of Alan Fursts' books. He lives in Sag Harbor but I haven't met him yet. In his books he is so descriptive, you can smell the Gitane cigarettes when people meet in the cafes.

Thanks to TM for making his blog a community of patriots.


Jim nj, that video, makes me realize how SMALL we are vs MOTHER NATURE. For whatever reason, it made me CHUCKLE at the IDEA, that...."We" are going to MARS, and that "WE" will colonize MARS. I have found and completely believe that ELON MUSK, is a FRAUD. He is one step ahead of the SHERIFF.

"We" are NOT going to MARS, nor can "We".


For all you jom dog lovers:


It's just sweet and darling.


Ig, I must assume, that you actually SAW the STUTTERING TURKEY BASTER, USELESSLY trying to bloviate in a chair, mic in hand, and stuttering as usual, that global warming has not been NIPPED in the BUD, because of WHITE NATIONALISTS or something.

Apparently bi-Barry isn't keeping up with current events. He's never been bright, smart, nor worthy of my time.


That doesn't seem like a swift move manny:



If you need a back up avatar GUS


Marcon defended the rise in OIL/petrol prices, saying the rise will help to reduce "pollution".

Giving the FULL COMMIE FRENCH government more taxes, will help reduce...."Pollution".


jim nj


That will piss off a lot of Brits.


jimnj, 10:12. I grew up with those skies, then we were gone for over 20 years, and then back again for about 20. Sometimes driving, sometimes just checking the southwest (because most of those storms come at us from that direction) you just have to shake your head and hope a tornado doesn't drop out of one of them. Really interesting Thanksgiving interlude.

One thing, sometimes the thunder or sound coming out of the storms sounds like a beast, that growls as it searches for you. Makes you sit up and listen. :)


If the weather is favorable and you are able you should all go look at the moon tonight.

It's breathtaking


Jim, all caused by GOVERNMENT not TAXING enough.

Solyndra was our solution. Until RACISTS got in the way.


PIN, if I need a backup AVATAR, you have given me several!!!!!


I didn't watch Roseann, but this made me smile.



Another Bob
Pin, suggest the brown unbleached coffee filters.

Posted by: Another Bob | November 22, 2018 at 09:24 PM

Good call. Tea bag vodka is beastly.


Raphael Cruz for sure had nothing to do with two out of three of those.

I lol'd.

Pin, that infused vodka sounds great. Our poor old cactus didn't have much fruit this year, but it remains one of the oldest in the neighborhood. Has lots of spines; the newer ones don't.

We are looking out over the Intracoastal. One lone party boat with lots of kids making tons of noise.


Hi Caro! Tip of the hat to your husband. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m actually drinking the same bottle I gave you newlyweds last July tonight. Cheers. 🍷😙


Fossil Fuel was Nelson Rockefeller's Secret Service call sign

Manuel Transmission


Most years, we would be in New Bern at the youngest of my three sisters. It is always a blowout because she has two boys with their families who also show up. Papa tops it off by doing a big NC BBQ on Saturday after we go shooting in the morning. We held off this year because the younger boy is getting married (again) right after the first of the year up in Richmond.


As Erick the Parrot would say:, Shoo, I always thought oil came from dinosaurs:


Shows how old I am ... a dinosaur. (I feel like it when I get in trouble on my computer or figuring out what all my phone can do and why it's so powerful.)

jim nj

via Insty


Nice to know we have a plan for the zombies, even it was put together by junior officers.


And still Cankles Rodham is trying to be one of the COOL KIDS, by supporting NEW GREEN ENERGY ideas.

Occasionally Coherant and her MUSEUM SHOES, are epic.

A complete dullard, 4th in her class at BOSTON U., the daughter of UPPER MIDDLE CLASS dullards, is the RODHAM BENCHMARK.



I love this parrot: If politics gets too much for me, I watch one of his videos. :)



That was some great wine, lyle. I will pass on the greeting.

Thanks, Iggy. At one time I was painting a lot of horses.


I'm going to go watch "Silk" on amazon prime videos. I've gone thru season one, now in the middle of season two. Really enjoy the show. The main character has an accent so sharp and diamond bright, it cuts through opposing counsel and leaves them gasping. Really good BBC series.

Also, all of this chatter about just now watching Titus Welliver in Bosch. I recommended this show to y'all two years ago or more when Series One started and commented on how the character and stories came from Michael Connelly's series on Bosch. Can't believe you're just now discovering and talking about watching the videos. We even discussed which books to begin reading when I mentioned the video series. (Sometimes it seems like I'm talking to myself on here -- and, yes, I know it happens to everyone, so I don't need a lecture :) about this.)

jim nj

via Insty,


No big surprise. Only half of tested psychology studies are reproducible.


I smell what you’re cooking regarding Bosch. I think I blew through season 4 two days after it came out.

Who’s ready for third serving?


Jim nj. Psychology is not a SCIENCE. My Sister has an undergrad, 2 Masters and a PHD in Psychology, yet despite all of her clinical research and RAT studies...her EDUCATION is completely SUBJECTIVE. And SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE.......Mizz Ballsey Ford herself, has the same PEDIGREE or PH's and other nonsensical titles granted by LIBTARD UNIVERISITES. It's educrat FUBU.
Yes FUBU. For US, BY US. Then these SELF AGRANDIZED "experts"......writen GOOFY ASSED NON-SENSICAL PAPERS on.........MEN ARE BAD

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Was down at the property near Yosemite I used to own just to check in on how the fire scar is recovering and over five years since the fire, that old bog I have mentioned before still smolders.
Good night.


Ig, obviously it's because of RACISM OKIE DOKE.


Last year was an abject lesson in the force of wind and water, this year of course the casualties are not that great, we devoutly wish but fire offers us a perspective on how little is our will over the elements. Of course betamax brown made it worse


Moonbeam Brown, has REAL, SERIOUS problems in CALI.
Moonbeam Brown is a FULL COMMIE, in complete NUT CASE denial as to the PROBLEMS and of course the SOLUTIONS. Brown is a CASE STUDY, in how LIBTARDS are living on PLANET FUKTARD. Seriously. If Jerry Brown, after all these years, and all of the evidence, and all of the dysfunction and failure, has not realized the complete abject failure of his ways. HE NEVER WILL. Cult leaders never do. But most CULT DUDES, off themselves. Jerry Brown, will die a millionaire, with several pensions. Jerry Brown has no conscience, and does not have the rational ability to look himself in the mirror.


Au contraire gus, brown has no problems in fact the electorate rewarded this fustercluck governing style. Some 90,000 acres were utterly destroyed lives and property lost, and no one seems the wiser.


Yes Narciso, that is because GLOBAL WARMING and REPUBLICANS, were to blame


There's actually a good piece in Carlos slims by Michael doran and Tony badran this software refuses to link.


I guess this pic is closest to the version of this alt universe Lois lane:

jim nj


VDH with a slam on Macron.


I picture Macron like marvin the martian:


You have 20% support you aren't going anywhere,


The definition of irony:


But of course, hasenfefer:



Macron, is a fool. He is a hero, and a nutter, loved by the FULL COMMIES, and the YOUTH/MILLENIALS.


jim nj


Re: Macron, agreed. Not popular at home, so he appeals to French nationalism to castigate American nationalism.

I don't see the usefulness of a European army since NATO already has one that is not up to snuff anyway.

If Macron is saying that he doesn't want the US involved in backing up Europe I'm OK with that. I would caution him that WWI and WWII, both show that to be an unwise position.

Hell, France wasn't even a NATO member from 1966 to 2009. Maintaining a separate command structure for all that time isn't much to recommend France to a European army. If they can't lead the damn thing, they'll probably quit on it, just like they did with NATO.

With Merkel wounded and retiring, is he trying to show leadership. I doubt that Poland, the Baltic nations, or anyone else in Eastern Europe is looking to him for leadership.


Macron, is a clown. He is a childish FOOL. He is seriously no different than OBAMA, who has believed that HE IS SMART and ABLE.
We are in new times. MOST of the MILLENIAL fools, BELIEVE that COOL DUDES are capable.

They are NOT. Macron is not as ABLE as any of my BROTHERS.

jim nj


"Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards’ airspace division, said Thursday Iranian missiles stand ready to respond if America uses military force against Tehran."

Only Tehran? I assume he means all of Iran. Why say that today? And he is a more minor official. Bragging, meant for internal consumption, or putting us on notice. And his comments seem to imply a reactive response, not a first strike.

So what kind of missiles are we talking about?


Ooh. Lots of road-mobile systems, but the missiles and carriers must need periodic maintenance.

So I assume we spend a lot of time tracking those suckers. Update the target map daily for both the ballistic and anti-ship missiles.

I also assume that Saudi Arabia and our bases have anti-missile systems in place.

I further assume that Iran's offensive abilities are these missiles, swarm fast boat attacks, and Quds Forces, or Shia Militias. I discount their air force.

While we might suffer some losses, I assume we have a plan to take of all this out as quickly as possible.

My question then, is if we take out Iran's offensive weapons, Quds Forces, militias, etc. Is Hezzbollah high on the secondary attack phase? Or is it on the first strike plan?

jim nj

Maybe I'm assuming too much about Iran and our plan to deal with them, but I don't see a need for boots on the ground in Iran. Maybe some special forces, but certainly not a large-scale invasion.

And I do think if we go after Iran, we go after Hezzbollah at the same time.

jim nj


3 bombers, all killed, all Pakistanis.

jim nj

Saw a stupid article about whether Saudi Arabia should be allowed to build a nuclear weapon.

Of course not. Why should the Saudis develop a nuclear weapon with all the expense associated with that when they can just use a a couple of Pakistani ones.

Don't these reporters know how the world works?

I mean, really, if the Saudis built a nuclear structure for weapons development, they'd have one within a week.

jim nj


Background, the 5G war.


Who owns the 5G technology that the world adopts will be a huge deal. If Chinese technology rules, it's a potential disaster.

The US has warned of the hazards of using Huawei equipment.


Includes the warnings of the US government, allegations of commercial espionage and that it may be ultimately be controlled by the Chinese government.

I don't feel good about this company.

jim nj

Internet technology is wonderful, but we all know that it can bite us on the ass though.

You don't have to do anything wrong to come under attack from hackers. Their are system vulnerabilities. All kinds of attacks that can take command of our computers.

The IOT, the internet of things, seems to be particularly vulnerable.

I want the underlying system to be as secure as possible. Having a Chinese company controlling that technology makes me cringe.

Not that I think they would come after me, I'm not important enough, but more economic espionage, the chance to control the cloud, or military communications is scary.

jim nj



g'nite, jim_nj


Chess world championship update (for TC)

Women's event down to final 2 players. They drew 4 regular games and currently (literally, right now, this minute in Siberia) playing a set of tie breaks. The winner will be crowned Champion later today. A Chinese lady is the reigning champ and one of the finalists. A Russian lady is the other finalist.

The Men's event is in London. An American challenger is playing the Norwegian defending champ. Today is a rest day, all tied after 10 games with 2 to go. If still tied, they will play a tie break sequence for the title.


Catching up while the the clan sleeps--
ever thankful for Ig's optimism in 2016, and his continuing reminders:

And TM's post reminds of what we might be most thankful to God for on this fine day;
That pickled, slatternly, procrustean old bitch aint, and never will be, president.

Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz



No other fatalities due to vigilant police.

James D.

Good morning, everyone! I hope y’all all had a wonderful thanksgiving.

We did, out at the family compound in Great Falls. My mom behaved, I was able to eat a little of the food I like, we got to meet my cousin Harry’s girlfriend, who is 8 feet tall, and we got to meet Fredo, who’s the latest Golden Retriever show dog that one of our regulars at the thanksgiving table just got from the breeder.. The only disappointment was that my favorite cousin (really my favorite person in the whole world) wasn’t able to make it up from North Carolina.





He invited the press.


For chess people. Click on link for picture:

This made me laugh out loud pic.twitter.com/N21nBWhae2

— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) November 22, 2018

MM, message for you at end of previous thread

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