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November 07, 2018



Keep avoiding the issue hrt, the Dems wont in 2020 as nutzo of the month cruises to the White House.


The Dems really, really, really wanted Beto, Gillum, and Grady to win.

Also with our nice majority in the Senate, the Supreme Court is now lost to them should Trump get another vacancy to fill.

Neither side got all of what they wanted most last night.


Link to Trump presser:


Speaking now.


all right. thanks!

I think the link I included is a lot more descriptive than however I worded it. Here it is again:


Frau Indianerherz

Barney Fwank?


DeSantis will appoint three FL Supreme Court justices if I'm reading correctly.


Gosh, do I hope the NPR commentators I was listening to while shopping are hearing the president, because they didn't mention ANY of this....


all right. thanks!

I think the link I included is a lot more descriptive than however I worded it. Here it is again:


I love that Democrats suddenly think they're going to have a free hand to haul DJT into Congress and dig into his every closet!

President gets subpoena, "Hang on a sec, let me just check with the Supremes....."

Sessions departs DoJ, President appears in Rose Garden to introduce newly appointed Atty General, Devin Nunes.


Richard Baris, who does the People's Pundit polls, suggests McCain is the true author of the House loss because of Obamacare. Said it specifically did in Pete Sessions.


I think the GOP retirements are also huge but those two are probably interconnected. Too many GOPe who didn't want to fight.

Frau Indianerherz

matt - even our McClatchy rag endorsed Cox for governor! The entire state is being directed from feces-festooned Frisco. Gaia help us.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Yes that would be good kobach is perhaps too in your face a pick.

Barris was off in the early projections.


The light is on but nobody's home:



Trump, it's easier now because we can negotiate with the Democrats. IFHTP


Yeah, narciso, but thankfully he and the other guys were on the money in FL.

Polling will continue to be very confusing and contradictory in future cycles. I think it is totally broken, which is why I don't really trust any polling analysis anymore, even from people like Baris who are smart and make sense.

Tom Maguire

OK, new thread.


"we'll send it to the Senate and get 100% Dems, and some Reps... beautiful bipartisanship."
This is as bad as it gets.

Dave (in MA)
the NPR commentators I was listening to
I think I've identified your problem.

LOL, Dave (in MA).

[I think that's about the hundredth time I've typed that.]


The reason restoring felon's rights in FL is an issue, is because the democrats will romance them and pay them off. We don't have a lot of white collar criminals down here.


How about owning guns?

Why not for non-violent felons? I can see restricting violent felons, but why Paul Manafort?


Trump hands Jim Acosta his ass.

Old Lurker

Iggy went right from Barney to Iggy but he cannot hide. :-)

Old Lurker

JMH "I was shocked to discover that my county is not as reliably Republican as I thought it was."

JMH, I think the Democrat - Republican formulation went by the boards once we discovered that they were really just the Uniparty, pretending all the while to be simply the loyal opposition.

So I think the surprise you feel is how many of our neighbors really just do not want the type of country we inherited from our parents. We are now divided between one bell curve plainly centered on Socialism, and another bell curve centered on the ideals of the Founders, more or less.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thx jimmyk. I’ll try to remember that in the future

Texas Liberty Gal

Porch-Thx for sharing that re: MN. Nice to know not all is lost

Robin, well that was fun

How I feel about these midterms IS NOTHING compared to how I felt when Obama was re-elected in 2012 and we failed to capture the senate. We survived, but that was awful.

We all knew that it was going to be an uphill battle to hang on to the House. I’m thrilled that we expanded our lead in the Senate, and I’m relieved to hear Pelosi paying lip service to campaign finance reform as a first task and cleaning up the swamp. Democrats, some of them anyway, got the message. That’s good for the country.

In some ways I think this is probably a relief for Trump. He was clearly frustrated by his own party sitting around saying “this is not who we are” rather than getting things done - passing legislation over and over and sending it to the senate and illuminating the crap going on there. Now he’s free to make deals, have conversations, and weigh all options. It is very foolish to think that he won’t be sitting down with Pelosi to tell her exactly what he has on her swampmates.

Is it 4d chess? Hell no. It’s high stakes poker and Trump is all in.

Now back to catch up.

Greg Q

However, in a crowded field it is possible that while Spartacus et al split the Sanders wing a centrist could sneak past the Democrat base and into the White House.


But what's more likely is that Trump will decide which Democrat he wants to compete against, and start tweeting against that one in late 2019

That one "fights back", all the crazies converge, and Trump has his opponent.

Didn't work well for Hillary. But it worked great for McCaskill in 2012

Robin, why do I have to sign in again


I think you are exactly right about Trump going after minorities for votes. This was a strategy all along.

Another Bob

Ig Seville, I stand with TK and OL's 11:30 AM.

And since it was my comment that started that chain, I'll add two things:

1. Acknowledging that you have a problem is a long-ass way from saying you've given up on it. Identifying the cause is step one to fixing it. Having the house flipped was a slow-speed own goal by Team R, maybe with some Team Trump contribution.

2. We keep hearing from the "optimists" that the people will rise up and put an end to the nonsense, and that Team R pols will start acting toward the Ds exactly like Team D pols acted toward the Rs, Trump will just give 'em all the finger like Obama, etc. etc.

Same question as TK: When do we actually start seeing this happen? Because until we do, the progs just keep ratcheting the country left. Want s little proof? Did you hear any R talk about the "preexisting conditions" red-herring in any way that could be distinguished from Pelosi eight years ago?

Another Bob

"Trump hands Jim Acosta his ass."

Ooooh... like the sound of that.

Cliffs Notes, Jane?


Rosie onhis way to the WH.
Turn over all your Mueller crap.
There is a new sheriff in town.

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