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November 27, 2018


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Half of Younger Millennials Think Barack Obama Had a Bigger Impact Than George Washington--

The Father Turkey Baster of our Country.
Stand, face the flag and place your right hand over your front hole.


Well now,

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government says it will award President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner the highest honor the country gives to foreigners, the Order of the Aztec Eagle.



This puts my model railroad to shame. Gov Walker unleashing a real railroad for the holiday;



One of my friends is a detective for the local PD. Years ago he was going through instructor development class, which includes a 20 minute demonstrative presentation. He did his on the importance of changing the air in your tires every spring and fall. In the fall you replace your summer air for winter air. In the spring you reverse the process. We still laugh about it.

Jim Eagle


From my experience he was right:)

Watching Bosch right now as he and Chief Irving nail the fucker who killed his kid. Fascinating police stuff.


Teacher Evacuates Classroom Because Student Is Wearing MAGA Hat — Calls Kid an “Assh*le” in Front of Class (VIDEO)

A teacher was caught on camera berating a student for wearing a Make America Great Again hat in class. The teacher lectures the classroom for several minutes.

Then at the three minute mark the teacher calls the student an “asshole” for wearing the hat.


Paul Manafort Responds to Guardian’s Assange Meeting Allegations, Says Story is ‘Totally False and Deliberately Libelous’

The Guardian, who originally published the absurd allegations, has been back peddling extremely hard and trying to stealth edit the article after WikiLeaks announced they would be filing a lawsuit. [As Narciso mentioned earlier.]

“This story is totally false and deliberately libelous. I have never met Julian Assange or anyone connected to him. I have never been contacted by anyone connected to Wikileaks, either directly or indirectly,” Manafort said in a statement released on Tuesday.

James D.

the "lies" could be related to Manafort's business ties with the Podesta brothers

Good Lord, do you still honestly believe Podesta will ever face a judge?

I mean, there's optimism, and then there's flat-out delusion, and I think this is the latter.


Democrat on Verge of Unseating Incumbent California Republican Congressman…Three Weeks After Election

Nearly three weeks after the midterm election, Democrat T.J. Cox overtook Republican incumbent Congressman David Valadao, who was up by a whopping 6.4% on election night.

Curiously, Valadao crushed T.J. Cox, a Democrat whose primary address is in Bethesda, Maryland during the primaries 2 to 1, but a late ballot count Monday put Cox ahead by 436 votes out of approximately 111,000 counted.

This exact trend of Democrats overtaking Republicans days and even weeks after election day played out in several districts across California.

All of Orange County turned blue after Republicans such as Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher and Young Kim were all ahead election night only to lose their races after late ballots were counted.

The fact that California is still counting votes almost one month after election day should alarm every American.
Account Deleted

Congratulations on your Boy's baseball offers, Tom.

Labors of love--- they make life special, no?


Account Deleted

What's the latest on interest rates and the Fed?

Chi Town! My brutha! What say ye :D


Bongino at 31:25

"I'm here to give you the bad news....I am not convinced anything is going to happen to any of these people at all...
Justice is not blind, it's only blind to Democrats...
It's perfectly obvious Hillary Clinton was involved in Federal crimes; there's just no will to prosecute Democrats.
The media is full of liberals who will protect Democrats to the end...
There's a massive paper trail...maybe to McCabe..Comey...Comey is in a world of trouble...

I hate quotes, but from The Natural :
We all live two lives, the one we learn from, and the one after that. The only path to true happiness is through suffering.

Folks, it stinks. It physically and mentally wears on you, knowing that we are always going to be under ridiculous scrutiny, by hacks in the media and police state tyrants in our government who hate us, while the other side gets a pass and celebrated on college campuses and they leave like heroes like Hillary Clinton.

But that's your suffering.

I'm not Tony Robbins, I'm not here for an inspirational speech, I'm just here to tell you, whatever your religion, Jewish, Chrisitian, whatever, the lesson from Jesus Christa nd just about everyone in the old Testament is the only path to salvation is suffering.
You're here fighting for a cause you know in the end is probably not going to work out for you.
But one day, you're going to be standing next to Hillary Clinton at the pearly gates of heaven, or wherever you may go, and you're going to be able to say
Dammit, I did the right thing and stood for what was right, while this joker scammed the entire time.
Know that your life meant something, and theirs are meaningless.
And one more thing: though we may not get actual justice out of this, you will get Cosmic Justice, and cosmic justice is this: History eventually tells the real tale, every single time...

When the truth comes out, Hillary Clinton's legacy will forever be a stain on this country. And forever in textbooks, kids will read her as a cautionary tale of what never to do when you get power. And that will never happen to any of you.
That's the justice you're going to get.

We fight the good the good fight.

Guess everybody is pretty much at the same place here, as winter is coming.


One for MissM. She has frequently made this point, then is a nicely terse and ironic way of expressing it


Is this the Jim Garrison Gambit:

Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller is accused of framing a man on gun charges — a case that is officially under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

Writer Jerome Corsi, who rejected Mueller’s plea deal in the Russia collusion case but is still under Mueller’s microscope, actually knew about the case in question years ago, before the criminal investigation opened in Tennessee. Mueller as FBI director was accused of working with a blogger who wears a hammer and sickle Communist hat to build the law enforcement presence that led to the man’s arrest on gun charges.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirms on official letterhead that a criminal complaint regarding Mueller’s conduct as FBI director is stored in an investigative case file at the Bureau. The Department’s policy is not to release this information in the course of an investigation.

Big League Politics has reviewed police audio of a conversation between Walter Fitzpatrick, witness in the case against Mueller, and TBI special agents Jerry Spoon and Mark Irwin, plus another TBI officer.


I suppose the first thing you have to do is pierce Sovereign Immunity.


Interesting piece on Brave and Eich and the whole story of what he's trying to do.


Tom R

Good Lord, do you still honestly believe Podesta will ever face a judge?

I mean, there's optimism, and then there's flat-out delusion, and I think this is the latter.

You are more than welcome to believe that Manafort’s “lies” have something to do with the bogus Trump/Russian collusion allegations. I’ll stick with the belief that his plea bargain deal requires him to provide evidence related to the crimes he was actually convicted of, which in this case involved his business dealings with Derispaska and the Podestas.



I'm not looking for free medical advice but I am curious. What would cause chills, aches and general malaise with 100% clear sinuses? I'm just getting over that with a lot of sleep.

Can you get a cold without the whole runny nose and upper respiratory tract symptoms? Is it more likely a bacterial thing?

Tom R

Has this extensive Jeff Carlson article been linked here yet?


Jim Eagle

I am on a Bosch binge. Episode 9 Season 2 now on to 10. I mean how can you not want to know what happens next with Harry?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The fact that California is still counting votes almost one month after election day should alarm every American.--

Well the half that aren't crooks and leeches, anyway, although I suppose even they might be a little alarmed at how inefficient their fellow crooks are.


Pin, from WebMD:

What Are the Symptoms of the Flu?

You may feel very weak and tired for up to 2 or 3 weeks. You'll have muscle aches and periods of chills and sweats as fever comes and goes. You may also have a stuffy or runny nose, headache, and sore throat.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Atlantic;
The Case for Getting Rid of Borders Completely.
The author fails to note whether he has a front door on his house.
Comically the rummy article is illustrated with a nighttime picture of future Europastan, except that in a couple of decades when it is truly islamified the lights will have gone out all over Europe.
Progism is a suicide pact.

Account Deleted

The levee will break.

Politics has its own physics--- and that will make bitches of them all in the end. And many of us will be injured in the flood, lost to all.

i understand deprivation and suffering. But...

i'm not one for "afterlife" rewards. i'm not into the traditional "Jewish Lament" school of thought--- being angry with God etc etc.

We weren't intended to live in hell while given Paradise...even with our obvious collective inanities, assing our way through millenia.

We weren't intended to live in hell.

It's time for me to divorce myself from *DESIRING* an outcome to which i weld my psyche "because it's the way it oughta be" or the opposite conjectural extreme.

Screw that.

There is so much insanity out there, rage, greed, avarice, lassitude, sloth, fear, self-loathing-- and a host of magnets on other peoples' compasses, that I'd be a fool to BELIEVE i can explain jack diddly (sorry JiB- a time honored invective) about anything happening within an asylum for the spiritual syphllitics who are insane, trying to live on blue blood.

With all this distraction, diversion, deception, and sleight of hand-- even outright violent "persuasion", reminiscent of the beatdown by cane in the House of Reps in the runup to the American Civil War, i view most of the people of our fair land i come into contact with as sitting ducks inside a "safe bubble", bobbin along in the face of an emerging cataclysmic event they cannot sense, see, or intuit: be it war, famine, pestilence, economic crisis, or some attributable Act of Big Ernie Hissef.

Yet, our enemies within BELIEVE they're RIGHT. Pimping Malcolm X's directive "by any means necessary", foisting it to mean "do any stupid shit you can to f*ck shit up", as the Democratic Socialist government employees are fond of saying on camera.

I will not make the same hubristic mistake. I will however be prepared for them to show at my door when their Sodom moments befall them.

Double taps at close range. It will come to that soon enough. It will not end quickly. But they have planted those seeds back in the 60s.

McCarthy was right (not Clean Gene either!).

The garden was prepared by Saint Delano during the Great Depression. Maybe even as far back as the birth of "progressivism" and election of Comrade Wilson to the American White House.

Who can know for sure. I don't bet because it is every gambler's secret desire *to lose.*

All i know for sure is that i *will* fight to defend what i have. But i will not live as a slave, serf, or lemming who believes that we're here to collectively sacrifice to "make the world a better place."

My purpose for being here does not INTERSECT with that Hell.

That's all.

All right yo. Yoga in 45 minutes. Then, daily denouement---- sweet surrender, baby, so i might live to fight another day.

Kev out.


This mom is a gd Pediatrician named Anne Georgulas:

Six-year-old James is caught in a gender identity nightmare. Under his mom’s care in Dallas, Texas, James obediently lives as a trans girl named “Luna.” But given the choice when he’s with dad, he’s all boy — his sex at birth.

In their divorce proceedings, the mother has charged the father with child abuse for not affirming James as transgender, has sought restraining orders against him, and is seeking to terminate his parental rights. She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.



Has this extensive Jeff Carlson article been linked here yet?

I think I linked it a few days ago from Carlson's themarketswork.com.


I like Carlson better than most of the others in the genre. More careful in his conclusions and way deeper in his research.


According to new research by Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, white liberals tend to downplay their own verbal competence in exchanges with racial minorities, compared to how other white Americans act in such exchanges. The study is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.



Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
27m27 minutes ago

The Mueller Witch Hunt is a total disgrace. They are looking at supposedly stolen Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails (even though they don’t want to look at the DNC Server), but have no interest in the Emails that Hillary DELETED & acid washed AFTER getting a Congressional Subpoena!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The great George Neumayer, a steadfast Catholic, on the sodomite stench in the Catholic Church.


pin, as sbw noted, flu can do that, as can any bacterial infection anywhere--UTI, cellulitis, diverticulitis, cholangitis, bronchitis...
Early stages, you may not have any localizing symptoms.

If it's any consolation, my husband experienced that Friday for a couple of hours, but nothing came of it. He did get a flu shot last month--maybe it was him "fighting it off"???


boatbuilder@6:12 Ha!


I wonder if calcium carbonate could act as a nucleus for a rain drops or snow:

A longstanding idea to fight the catastrophic predicted effects of climate change is to release a compound into the stratosphere that would reflect some of the Sun’s energy back into space. Last week, a new report estimated that a sunlight-dimming program could cost as little as $2 billion dollars per year.

Now, in a first-of-its-kind experiment, researchers from Harvard are preparing to release calcium carbonate into the stratosphere in 2019 — a small-scale trial that could provide crucial data about the potential risks and rewards of a larger-scale geoengineering effort.



you can get cold and flu like symptoms from food poisoning.


I don't buy it, for a host of reasons one Deripaska is being represented by David Vitter, with mercury partners they just switched out their lead batter, Weber for vitter. I still 5hink this was a revenge
play on Deripaska part against Manafort which went pearshaped as Craig pierrong has pointed out he was a midlevel oligarch he wasnt like the dissenting crew like berezovsky or glushkov but he isn't close to czar Putin either.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

(Click to shrink)


I got over it just in time to step on a nail.


In reference to that Bongino video (well worth watching) at CTH, at this point in the Watergate scandal, Nixon had resigned, and Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell et al were all on trial.

At this point in FISAgate, the victim, his family, and everyone associated with him are under investigation, and no one has been indicted for the scandal.


I love the Bosch books and series. They’ve done a fantastic job adapting the books. Titus Welliver is great as Harry.

I checked WebMD and it says you either have brain cancer or hemorrhagic fever.

Back to catch up. Went out for tasty may-hee-kan foods.


I also seem to have been fighting off something over the weekend. Just a bit of achiness at night, and some sort of mild skin inflammation like hives that I often get when my immune system goes into overdrive. The fight seems to have been successful. Got a flu shot a month ago, maybe that helped.


And sbw, if you're still here: How is Mrs sbw? She was having a rough time of it a couple months ago; if there was an update I must have missed it. Hope she's doing better.


Jamie Dupree
‏Verified account @jamiedupree
4m4 minutes ago

First big results from Mississippi are from DeSoto County (suburbs of Memphis). Hyde-Smith up 53-47% there over Espy



ChiTown wants me to tell you that the Fed will tighten again next month. 0.25.


Was there any legitimately awarded contest


Another Bob

Not sure I’ll get an answer to this, and I understand if I don’t.

Is ChiTown Lurker someone I’m likely to know?



ChiTown also says if he had to guess another 0.25 in March.

He aaalso says the curve wil invert. Significance being it signals the Fed is near done for this phase, "The Return to normal" (whatever that means).


Another Bob,

No, you are not likely to know him. He is very smart in financial stuff which is how he makes his living.

He guards his identity because of ChiTown being his location.


AB, you'd know him if you were posting here more than five years or so ago.


The Doha post getting things upside down:



I believe PIN posted the link to the PROGTARD "teacher" telling his student that wearing an UNPOPULAR BASEBALL CAP was "purposely antagonizing" the other students. That stupidity sends a chilling message to any other student who would dare part with the PROG ORTHODOXY.
I have a H.S.SENIOR. If any of his teachers treated him that way this fucking pussy treated this kid. He'd know me and he'd know my fist in his mouth. Called the student an "ass-hole".

He'd get a beat down from me.


Do these pinheads 7nderstand what a 1 basis point increase does to 20 trillion dollars in debt


He also says the curve wil invert. Significance being it signals the Fed is near done for this phase

If the curve inverts, were are probably "done for" too. (Meaning a recession, and trouble for Trump's reelection, though he can justifiably blame the Fed.)

("curve inverts" meaning short-term interest rates are higher than long-term rates)

Another Bob

Jimmy, I was. (I go back to the Plame days.). I recall his/her previous nic, and (broadly) the reason for his/her departure.

My question is am I likely to know him/her IRL?

Tom R


Get to (Assange) [a]t Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending (WikiLeaks) emails," read the email to Corsi dated July 25, 2016, according to the draft court documents.

FWIW the DNC server emails were published by DCLeaks during June and July 2016 timeframe. Seth Rich was assasinated on July 10, 2016. WikiLeaks published the DNC server emails on July 22, 2016 three days before this alleged email between Stone and Corsi.


Hey Chi-town, are we allowed to post your former Nom de Keyboard? I'm sure Another Bob knows you from those days.


jimmyk, thanks for asking, we will never, never, never get into a NYC taxi the same. Some of the Yellows nowadays are so short the wheel well metal shows where you first sit down. She came down on it hard.

Our best guess is a damaged piraformis muscle-- the one in your butt that allows you to rotate your core. And more seriously, just diagnosed, a bulging disc at L4-L5 pushing on the nerve that goes down the side of the left leg.

PT, Pain meds, injection, and because the sharp pain persists, perhaps the need after Christmas for overnight surgery to shave the bulge for permanent relief.

She bears the burden gracefully but never knows when the hot screwdriver feeling will reappear, which it does several times a day with the dull pain there all the time. Tough to work with kids like that.

[Didn’t expect to write so much, but it is what it is.] Again thank you for your concern.

We are grateful, nevertheless, for what we have, which includes each other.


So proud of these strong, beautiful women! 💗 #GirlPower@DiamondandSilk pic.twitter.com/LYPrryi9hz

— Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) November 28, 2018

Picture at link. GGlad to see Nikki is on board with the Trump supporters!

Another Bob

No need for that GUS. I remember.

Like Ballard, I was sorry to see his/her departure.


Except those emails went to everyone with a modem, no one got preferential notice.

I wouldn't advise it Gus, let it stay on the qt.



So sorry to hear that. Mrs. SBW was a lovely woman when we met a few years ago,

I will keep her in my prayers.


Sorry to hear that sbw.


A cheerful video at this link. Take a second to watch - it will cheer you up.

Baby Sees Mommy For First Time With New Glasses.

So Precious 😭

RETWEET THIS 💗pic.twitter.com/Gf3r5MNtZj

— Israel & USA forever (@IsraelUSAforevr) November 27, 2018


Sorry, sbw, give her our best wishes.


For those with a copy of the home game that's a 200 billion increase in the debt monthly

Account Deleted

P&P's 7:45 is SO sad.
It is child abuse.

I was such a tomboy as a kid that if anyone had asked me, when I was in elementary school, if I wanted to be a boy I woulda said YES.

What an awful society we've become.

Another Bob

Kev and GUS referring to war?

Here’s one way it starts - deliberate incitement...



Pin--Earlier this fall I had a spell of chills, aches and general malaise--without cough, congestion or sinus issues---for 2-3 weeks. Not bad enough to keep me in bed or out of work but I just felt crappy and really achy and took a lot of aspirin and it wouldn't go away. Until it did, for no apparent reason. I typically don't get sick for more than a day or two.
It was bad enough and persistent enough that I told my wife I was going to get checked for Lyme Disease, which is pretty common here in CT (where Lyme is). If you knew me you would know that it would have to be pretty bad for me to seek medical help (I didn't, it went away).
One odd thing about it was that it started on the day they were giving flu shots in my office (I didn't get one but most of the people I work with did).
I don't know that any of this is helpful or even makes sense, but it is what it is.


Richard Baris
‏ @Peoples_Pundit
3m3 minutes ago

With 14% of precincts reporting, Cindy Hyde-Smith now leads by 11 points over Mike Espy. I'm comparing her to Wicker. But it's important to remember that he won by 20 points. That's incumbency.


She had a brief moment of lucidity:



Has anyone called Cindy Hyde-Smith a NAZI-WHITE SUPREMECIST-WHITE NATIONALIST so far today???

This is what THE FULL COMMIE has devolved into.

We are all RACISTS, RAPISTS etc etc etc. The MFM stood by as Brett Kavanaugh was savaged, and the MF'ing MFM amplifies and dignifies the FULL COMMIE LEFTIST smears without question.

Rodham smears US and anyone who is in her way, with the most vile lies imaginable. Yet we have pictures of her kissing ROBERT BYRD.

There is nothing to debate any longer. This is why PAUL RYAN now makes me SICK.


That's not who we are. Gus but as roger daltrey rather clearly inquired 'who are you'


Thank you all for your prayers and concern.


SBW, I am suffering from a similar disc problem, only it effects my right side.

Never know exactly where the pain will show up, anywhere from my butt to my ankle. Certain motions, and lifting heavy objects seems to bring the pain on.

Unfortunately our recent move has required that I do both. Been hitting the Ibuprofen pretty hard.


Shout out to this Fishers Police officer who rescued this hawk! The hawk was stuck in the grill of a truck.
(Cred; @Fishers_Police ) pic.twitter.com/pNrqXrSaHb

— Lindsey Eaton (@LindseyEatoNews) November 28, 2018

Fishers is in the county just north of me. Photo at link.


Check out this entire page of images.
This is ONE SIDE of the CHARLOTTESVILLE incident of last year.
Here is the other side. Both evil both sides LOSERS. Rag tag bunch of losers. Which images are violent??


I am heading to bed early.

Will meet up with daddy (and anyone else who shows up) at 11:30 at Shapiro's tomorrow.



It would be charitable to say she is clueless



Wonder how many mail-in tickets are held back for the Democrats in the Mississippi election?


Click on for the picture of Reines, lol

Harlan Z. Hill@HarlanDebated @HillaryClinton’s former senior advisor
@PhilippeReines tonight...

1) Afterwards he came at me screaming like a maniac (I thought he was going cry)

2) He told me to “clean the pubic hair off my face.” Whatever that means?

3) Best part, he had no pants on



Reines is not well:


Yet you don't understand existential threats to be fare the UK didn't till 1947

Another Bob

The shorts thing is something behind-a-desk TV anchor people have been known to do.


The check-mark means it has been called, right?

Cindy Hyde-Smith (check-mark)


Well James bond would just take it back?

http //www.daily express.com/176/brexit-news-gibraltar-spain-pedro-sanchez-Javier-Maroto-peoples-party-withdrawal-agreement


The race was called about two hours after polls closed in Mississippi ... Hyde-Smith was ahead by about ten points, with 80 percent of the vote counted

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Reagan was well served by Volker and the Fed attacking the monetary nightmare of the Carter years early on.
Powell seems similarly concerned about returning to sane monetary policy. Unfortunately trump had to wait out transgendered lawn gnome Yellen to get Powell at the head of the Fed.
If we're emerging from a recession in 2020, Trump will be fine.

The difficulty of servicing 20+ trillion in debt with normalized interest rates is one of the reasons we have had insane interest rates which is also one of the reasons we have 21 trillion in debt. See how that works?
The Fed should never facilitate profligate fiscal policy. They shouldn't even pay attention to the business cycle except to keep the dollar as sound as they can with a pack of simpering, corrupt baboons with their hands on the pursestrings.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The twitter comments about Reines are hilarious;

(click to shrink)


Lol, I got the acdc vibe as well.


Ig, I don't think that fag needs to get clicked to shrink. REINES is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. And SMALL portions apparently.
Fuckwits like REINES, are completely unself aware of their own uselessness. REINES has the MFM trumpeting his horse shit, and it makes him feel like a REAL BROADWAY BIG SHOT. ABJECT LOSERS like REINES are still full HOLLYWOOD QUEER cock sure of themselves, and the MFM trumpets the horse shit.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Night all.


This is the right url:



Of course, I need to be DEPLORED, because FILL REINES is a case study on NANCY BOYS. FILL-UP REINES is a loooosy gooooosy true example of what a TRUE HOMOSEXUAL is. Fill-me-up Reines is a perfectly normal person, who merely has a DIFFERENT opinion on the political process than YOU.
And Cindy Hynes-Smith is an AGES OLD......WHITE SUPREMECIST, who loves NOOOOOOSES everywhere. No one who has a practical/political disagreement with the ANTIFA PARTY of VIOLENCE, HATE, and MIDDLE FINGER philosophy is allowed to exist. The MFM media merely propagandizes and spreads the disgusting, vile....GROUP THINK and SMEAR CAMPAIGN, that the FULL COMMIE demands.


Powell seems similarly concerned about returning to sane monetary policy.

I agree that policy needs to return to sanity (and needed to do so long ago). I just don't trust the geniuses at the Fed to realize that just because the unemployment rate is below 4 percent they don't need to keep raising rates until the economy is brought to its knees. At the same time, by waiting so long, and with the huge debt bubble, they may not be able to avoid inflation. In other words, returning to sanity may not be a smooth path given the inherited mess.

I'm encouraged a bit by Chitown lurker's claim that Mnuchin is helping China to slowly deflate its bubble.


Well there's no evidence it was working:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--In other words, returning to sanity may not be a smooth path given the inherited mess.--

"Returning to sanity" is pretty much by definition never a smooth path. :)
Certainly wasn't for Volker and Reagan.


This is the MFM horse shit and bias, that I JUST DESCRIBED. Each and every bit of it, is COATED and COVERED with EXTREME FULL COMMIE BIAS and broad non-sensical assumption of YOU, and ME, and Miss Hyde-Smith being GUILTY of some TOTAL BULL SHIT, that the MFM decides.

"""But the election was thrown into disarray after a video clip emerged earlier this month that showed Hyde-Smith praising a cattle rancher at a campaign event in Tupelo by saying if the rancher invited her “to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” To many, the comment invoked images of lynchings — vigilante killings, overwhelmingly of blacks, carried out by mobs as punishment or to terrorize. The NAACP counts 581 lynchings in Mississippi between 1882 and 1968, the most of any state."""

The LEVEL of this BIASED CRAP is beyond description.
"to many...blah blah blah blah"
Then these FUKWADS invoke the NAACP to finish their HIT PIECE.


No a public hanging is what that twit Cochran deserved after the last election, if he were any white he'd be a tapioca.

Texas Liberty Gal

Bad link Narcisco79 at 11:55


Yes, the LIBTARD CLOWNS who have ZERO IDEA, how money is created and how an ECONOMY grows....want YOU and I, to return to a SANE POLICY.



Well here we go:



So, tell me please which MONETARY POLICY, that POTUS DJT enacted, that has caused US/U.S. such overwhelming DEBT??? It's always, lies and distraction. All of the RETARDED LIBERALS FINANCIAL GENIUSES, who fucked us into submission, have an answer to a PROBLEM, that they NEVER EVER ACKNOWLEDGED nor took RESPONSIBILITY FOR.

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