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November 27, 2018



Yes DIPSHIT TREVOR NOAH.......some sort of Celebretard, got his little knob into a STIFFY, when he met BI-SEXUAL-TURKEY BASTER BOY OBAMA??????

Maybe Lil Trev, got a THRILL UP HIS LEG????

We're talking about the GAY TIGER BEAT MAG here.


The eggman misses a few things:


Like why are supported paramilitaries in the cold war, what happened with the more ruthless ones like Zetas recruited from the kaibiles (guatemalan rangera)




How DIVISIVE can it get????


Yes and if ERICK ERICKSON, cut down on his CHOCOLATE, MILK SHAKE and CHEESEBURGER intake, he could cut the NATIONAL DEBT by 12%!!!!

It's quite simple....FAT FAKE FUCK GOPe JUMBOTRONS like BIG BOY ERICKSON, simply need to reduce their FAT FUCK intake, and........NO MORE PROBLEM.

What fucking drug does fat boy ERICKSON snort???


I know it's like womprats in the t 16 back home.


Erickson, is seeking sources of income, to keep the SLOP coming.

The FULL COMMIE and DEMOTARD PARTY, invited an invasion of their own Country, in an effort to create HAVOC and CHAOS. Erickson and his fat ass, engaged in this, so as to keep HIS FAT SELF, in some way relevant. HE IS NOT. Anyone, who purposely attempts to enter the U.S. illegally, is not a victim, nor someone I have ANY PITY for.


Part of the problem, is the Peter principle has settled in even among school of America grads, we noticed that first with Panama where some officer actually allowed Noriega a phone call, after he had been captured, about 15 years later they did made the same mistake in venezuela.


Narciso, Erickson, is a fat loser. He is trying to conflate......DESPOTS and some long gone relationship or foolish mistake, with a situation that is OBVIOUSLY a CLOWNISH COMMIE.......put up.
Are you and I, to believe that ERICKSON is seeking some righteous outcome that makes amends for SOUTH AMERICAN DICTATORS actions from decades ago?????


The FULL COMMIE is throwing MONKEY SHITE at the wall,and expecting results that PAY THEM.


Now take general asiri, he's resourceful but he takes a few shortcuts no. 1 let your team get caught on camera no 2. Employing just two many team members to prevent suspicion


If we had anything resembling journalism


ONCE AGAIN. The EXTREME EXTREME BIAS is so obvious that even a FULL COMMIE LIBTARD should see it.
This LIBTARD DRIVEL is SOLD to you and I, and the IDIOTS that love this nonsensical CRAP, and are far too stupid to recognize their own DELUSION............

Barbra Streisand expressing her democratic views should come as a surprise to very few people, but some new comments she made have riled Trump supporters — and now she’s being called “sexist.”

Expressing her "own" democratic views??????? Garbage. FULL COMMIE/LIBTARD OPINION.


She's striving for relevance back then shed be on the gong show



Had to be said


I checked WebMD and it says you either have brain cancer or hemorrhagic fever.

Posted by: Gentlejim | November 27, 2018 at 08:32 PM

Or I fried my processor.


Since cold and flu viruses are spread across the mucous membranes does it stand to reason that if you have no mucous reaction or overproduction that you are not suffering from those viruses?

Why is it that you can take the polio vaccine once as a kid but you need a tetanus booster at least every 10? Why doesn't the nail in your foot cause the same immune reaction as the booster shot?


I don't know that any of this is helpful or even makes sense, but it is what it is.

Posted by: boatbuilder | November 27, 2018 at 09:16 PM

I've had the whole chills thing before. Usually I just have to sleep it off. It's kind of the opposite of the paradoxical undressing that happens to people suffering from hypothermia. I feel cold and I wear layers of clothes under the covers while still shivering. All in all we are truly blessed to be living in these times.


I guess jim is still fighting the WIFI power

jim nj

Another Bob,

When I was talking about general assignment news photography and the idea about thinking how you're going to photograph it before you get there it isn't bias, per se.

I wasn't taking sides or injecting my biases ahead of time, just thinking.

For instance, you're assigned to cover a labor strike. It doesn't natter to me who's right or wrong. Should I favor management or the workers, no, I just want to show what's going on.

So do I take a wide angle shot to show everything that's happening in a dispassionate manner? No. Reporters, photographers, TV news crews, etc. are roaming around. That the event is being covered well isn't the story. Do I use a normal lens for a tighter focus on what's going on? Maybe.

What's happening in my mind, and reality, is that I'm taking photographs so I'm covered. I've got something to turn in that meets the basics of the assignment.

Maybe I start moving around to get a better angle. Maybe I can get a shot that includes strikers and a company sign in the same frame. That tells the story a little better, you don't even have to read the headline to see the conflict.

Depending on the time of the next assignment I have nothing else to do but explore other ideas. For my purposes, back then, film is cheap and I can use as much as I want 'cause I'm not paying for it.

Maybe, in the end, the best way to illustrate the story is with a mild telephoto portrait of two strikers featuring their faces and signs. Get their names, talk to them, see what their story is and tell the reporter that that is what I'm going with.

If you will, I'm an illustrator with a camera. I'm there to tell a story as best as I can capture it.

Now if violence broke out, I'd focus on that because it is more dramatic.

In fact, that would be a case of "general" news breaking out into "spot" news, an unplanned event.

And in "spot" news photography you're trying to capture the drama of the situation.

What you print and turn in for publication may suffer from bias, but they are the best shots you have because you want the adulation of other photographers.


It's real and it's spectacular


jim nj


Yes, I have to move my laptop to an uncomfortable position closer to an exterior window. And Optimum wifi goes in and out.

If I want to type something I move it, lose the connection, and when I'm done typing I put the laptop up against the window again and post.

jim nj


jim nj

Gee, ya think this might have to do with something recent


Might not meet with Putin

jim nj


Good article

jim nj


jim nj


I think Chitown Lurker is right about a December increase in the Fed rate. March? I dunna know. I'm not sure either is warranted.

Years ago I would have said follow the Fisher equation. A mechanistic way of setting interest rates, but the inputs have been distorted by an economy that hasn't been "normal" for the last 10 years.

I don't think the inflation we are seeing is a problem yet, especially since the markets have corrected.

jim nj

How should the Fed evaluate the GM lay-offs and possible retail bankruptcies after Xmas?

Lay-offs don't occur in over heated economies.

jim nj
jim nj


I think the problem with Campbell soup is that they ignored their customers and re-formulated their soups to please pressure groups.

"New and improved" is code for "no longer tasty."



jim nj


Interesting. Endangered species must inhabit protected environment. Suitable to accommodate them outside of their existing habitat is no good.

jim nj


New pro football league?

jim nj


Senate results including today.

Dems and Inds 47, Reps 54. What? That's 101 senators? Well I can live with that.

jim nj

Nytol, I'm still trying to digest 101 senators.


I didn't hear Mia Love's concession directly but if she is saying that she went down because Republicans don't embrace black people enough she's just part of the identity politics grievance gang.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
8h8 hours ago

Congratulations to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith on your big WIN in the Great State of Mississippi. We are all very proud of you!


II think "voting tactician" was genius-level snark, myself. Pinandpuller screen-capped the tweet, but I am going to re-post it since it was hard to read:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
8h8 hours ago

Brenda Snipes, in charge of voting in Broward County, Florida, was just spotted wearing a beautiful dress with 300 I VOTED signs on it. Just kidding, she is a fine, very honorable and highly respected voting tactician!


Does anyone remember when Philippe Reines went after CNN (I think it was Anderson Cooper_ because they found AMbassador Stevens' diary in the ruins of the embassy a week after the Bengazi disaster? He accused them of passing it around the station and reading it. Very unhinged.




Treasury Department
‏Verified account @USTreasury
16h16 hours ago

Treasury sanctions Nicaragua’s Vice President/First Lady Rosario Maria Murillo De Ortega & National Security Advisor Nestor Moncada Lau under new @POTUS EO addressing pervasive corruption, serious human rights abuse & violence in Nicaragua. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm554


I think this is very good. https://theothermccain.com/2018/11/28/what-david-french-wont-say/



It's not behind the paywall, which means the Post wants everyone to read it.

LOTS of editorializing in the piece, but there is some good information buried in it if you read between the lines.


https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/cbs46.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/2/b0/2b0d543c-f282-11e8-941f-e7ea9fb3351f/5bfda7ac1dfb6.pdf.pdf is the complaint filed yesterday in federal court by the stacey abrams pac. The other group involved care in action represents domestic care workers.



"Saudi Crown Prince arrives in Argentina amid Khashoggi murder furor"


Interesting as the k&s partners are using their home address with no mention of their affiliation. If I had not met them years ago and known litigators they had trained, as well as their subsequent involvement in gitmo litigation, none of that would be obvious.

Fascinating in that brief is the mention that of the 4 million votes cast in the midterm, one million were first time voters. Abrams very nearly turned Georgia blue from new voters. No wonder she is so hostile to Ga trying to verify citizenship and using drivers' license to verify id.


Charles V Payne
‏Verified account @cvpayne
15m15 minutes ago

Biggest news yesterday Fed Vice Chairman observations which lifted market and were significantly different than Jay Powell's Oct 3 comments that triggered market selloff
Big takeaways
Fed should go "gradual"
Fed "much closer" to neutral rate
Inflation is running below Fed target


Sail Montes-Bradley has been suspended from Twitter. Here's his explanation:


James D.

rse @ 7:09

That is a great article.

I personally don't think French deserves that much time devoted to showing why he's wrong, and I absolutely don't think he deserves a fraction of the regard that McCain appears to have for him.

Account Deleted

Thanks to ChiTown for the FED 411, plus the ensuing viewpoints fr all y'all.

Day 4 of the new regimen has me sore from head to toe... two hours of yoga (morning + night) and one hour of speed walking with Anya the WunderHoont...and, one hour of "moving meditation" (martial art stances, side squats, dips, pushups, and shoulder planks)

with the soreness coming in places i've never been sore before, i attribute much of this to yoga--- Mrs Kid's Revenge (MKR) i now call it.

there is this one pose designed to pivot the spine (name has about 40 vowels in it)that "twists" the spine as if it were a towel being prepared for snapping. "Concentrate and breathe" into the forward facing area of the spine..... remember that sensation as a kid from pushing on a tooth that was about a day away from coming out? that pleasure/pain tingle that made your eyes water?

this MKR is releasing a river of stored pain from that surgery--- i am HOOKED!

all right. enough gushing about the wonder of me. (who loves ya baby?)

more media production today for the good of the order...powerpoint slides, schematics on our current scheme to fill coffers "in perpetuity".

I love this Country.

Keep the faith, Everyone! (Whatever that might be, OL!!!! :D )

Account Deleted

sbw--- some time ago, i selected a "wand" of dry GrandFather White Sage (salvia apiana) for your family. when the prayer fire gets lit each day, one leaf (or part of one leaf) gets placed in the abalone shell. at this news of latest developments with Your Beloved, I've picked up the pace a bit. Now there are two leaves for you and yours in the shell.

Be well, Brother. The future remains through it all. Peace!

With respect-



Another reason you need more popcorn:

Kevin Binversie @kevinbinversie

With GOP now at 53 Senators, this means Dems will have to jettison a member from most, if not all, Senate Committees. This could be fun to watch.


Pocket schedule for big events coming up:

For those who can't right click:


Add to this the President at the G-20 this weekend.

Account Deleted

A little travelin' music. Time to keep movin. My guitar hero, JJ Cale.

Travelin Light

(a flippin xylophone, bitches! simple but so outta control.)

Captain Hate

Yes, henry, and I think Shecky Schumer wants to remove Kabbalah Harris from the Judiciary Committee, probably on a seniority basis now that Leaky Leahy just ordered new Depends, rather than Willie Brown's jizz dumpster sounded drunker than Rodham in the Kavanaugh inquisition. MOAR FUN!


new thread


Kev, I will pass this word-for-word to Mrs. sbw.

She will be pleased and grateful.

Thank you.

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