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November 26, 2018





Wrong link:


Jim Eagle

Gillibrand is Schumer's lap dog. Believe me, she wouldn't go pee if Chuckie say to stay for a while.

Franken stole his election. So, he was illegitimate to begin with but I have to give him balls for putting McCain back in his chair when he was holding the gavel one day in the Senate. One Schmuck, cancelling out another Schmuck.

It was a CSPAN special moment.

Buford Gooch

If they were going to sacrifice someone, I'm fairly glad it was Al Franken. The guy is a pompous ass with way too high an opinion of himself. Plus, they had to cheat a boatload to get him over the line in the first place.


I thought that story of Moore being banned from the mall was refuted.

Captain Hate

Kirsten Jello-Brain

Jim Eagle


What's that old saw about a rumor or falsehood being half way around the world before the truth comes out?


It was fwiw:




President Trump should be there momentarily.


Yes he's a Democrat but it's worth considering

Account Deleted

Manipulating American consumers with fake science.


Account Deleted

So who hired the squirrely bastard and why would you pay your money to the responsible party?

C'mon, SON!


Account Deleted

Still missing The Rat, fake mexxykin dude?

Violent Migrant Border Incident Exact Replay of When Obama Used Tear Gas at Border

Account Deleted

Eating their own supplements the "abortion" politics diet:

Left Attacks Justice Jinzburg

Buford Gooch

Thanks for that Ginsburg article, KK.


So the canadians spent nearly 10 billion to hold those gm plants, about 250 k per job


The details:



Useful factoid of how gov't gooses the numbers for wind power.


If you are on Twitter, the Mars Insight has an account and just posted a picture.



TC, world record 12 draws in chess World Champ match.
No decisive results at all.
A day off, then they'll decide with a series of tie break games on Wed.

Account Deleted

choogottit G-man!



I don't really follow Kaus, though I like him, and didn't realize he voted for Trump. He always seemed like one of those relatively sensible moderate liberals who you might think would reject the likes of Hillary, but who somehow always end up pulling the D lever.


Sorry, meant to add that I got that about Kaus from this:


via Althouse.


I like Kaus too. An old fashioned Dem in the sense that I felt like he was American first and Dem second.
I never felt that he hated Repubs more than foreign enemies. Or that he hated American allies more than foreign enemies.



This is a thread by a Brooklyn attorney complaining about the gund and other equipment in his son's Playmobil police play set.

I am not making this up.. The guy is serious.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So what do the polls [not the pols, nor the Poles] say about the Mississippi race?



I think Hyde-Smith is ahead but I can't swear to it.


Buford Gooch

Polls say Hyde-Smith will smoke him by 10 or more points.

Buford Gooch

Even CNN is pre-calling it for Hyde-Smith.


Mickey Kaus has been the most sensible voice on immigration (and on other things as well).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Mickey Kaus has been the most sensible voice on immigration--

After Trump.


So as I understand it, the dems aren't upset with a star chamber, just who was thrown in it this time, in fact they will readily absolve someone who has a clear violent streak.


Oh so there's this:



Well we've had quite the blizzard! DrF's student who got off the interstate and headed in the direction of totally deserted -- got rescued in the wee hours of the morning. A bunch of the folks who got off the train into the howling blizzard ended up across the street in the local community theatre for the rest of the night. I worked from home today as the roads were impassible. I got the driveway and the front walk and sidewalk down to pavement -- since the storm started as rain the snow was really heavy, so I got my workout for the day. I measured 10 inches, although there was enough drifting that I'm not totally sure...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why does anyone to the right of Mao or Pelosi [but I repeat myself] think you can interact rationally or logically or even honorably with scum like the creeps who hung [hanged?] those fake nooses and their Izvestia media counterparts who said it was Reps?

Obviously any media indulging in this kind of blatant partisan propaganda have no desire to be seen as anything other than propagandists so why pretend they are a free press? They're as free as a Chicago street corner ho is from her pimp...not to mention less honorable and immensely more expensive.
The 1st and 2nd amendments were both created to be used by the people to defend ourselves from servants of tyranny like these scum. not to protect their right of scum to establish tyranny in the land.
The tree of liberty is fading under drought conditions.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Glad to hear they're safe Cathy.
We have several more days of storms coming starting tomorrow so look out for more later on.

And good night.


their Izvestia media counterparts

who tomorrow will no doubt publish pictures of barefoot women and children at the border being used for propaganda, not the masses of prime-age men that make up the bulk of the hordes trying to break through the border.


Jeez, ManTran, your Graham Hancock is quite the unorthodox loose cannon. I note with approval, though, that his TED talk was removed from their archives.


Happy to hear all are well. We just got our power restored after 17 hours. Not much in the way of snow, but the combo of very heavy/wet snow and wind made things a mess this morning.

That douche Brooklyn attorney is protecting his kid from reality. He’ll be a great client for his old man in a few years.

Manuel Transmission

Jim, I never learned much from the dudes standing on firm ground in the comfort of their home base. ‘There be dragons’ on the edge of the map was always a taunt for my heroes. :)


Well I hadn't read past his ark book, has anyone taken up his hunch to dig in Ethiopia,

Manuel Transmission

It’s been blowing 40 gusting to 50 kts here for over a day with maybe another day to go. Fortunately, the temps are in the high 40’s and the rain is only light to moderate. Hope to never shovel snow again.

Manuel Transmission

Narc, I’ve never run across a follow up to S&S. I’m guessing that the careful protective state of things there would preclude any outsider getting further than GH did.

jim nj

Almost caught up,

Man Tran,

Got Hancocks's "Fingerprints of the Gods" from the library today.


To whomever posted the above, thank you, very interesting. The origin of Judaism fascinates me. It just seems very nebulous to me. We know who caused Christianity according to the New Testament. I don't know if the Jews were a people or a religion, or both when they first formed. Or for that matter if they were several peoples who coalesced around a thought or self-identification.

jim nj

Kevlar Kev,

Thanks for the shout out. I've always been curious and somewhat of a skeptic so I try to think for myself.

So when I post at night it's something I've been thinking about for a while or a brand new thought because of something I've just stumbled across.

The later it gets, the beer may start speaking for me, or reduces my inhibition to propose something.

People who post here are often my inspiration for writing something. A little spark goes off that gets me thinking in a new way.

I propose, others can dispose, but I listen to critiques, because I want to learn. I want to be shown my errors, if any, or alternate ideas.


I found the replacement for Dr Snipes

jim nj


I used to use a ruler to measure snowfall and always wondered why my ruler showed less snow then the forecasters reported as having fallen.


Data gathers use "snowboards" plywood painted white so as to not catch any heat. The most accurate method of measuring snow means checking the snowboard on a regular basis with a ruler and then cleaning off the snowboard. You can do it once a day, but doing it more often, say every 3 hrs., means that compaction and other issues don't effect the true amount of snowfall.

Snowfall and the amount of snow you measure after it's done will always give different results. The upper layers of snow are compacting the lower layers.


This one is pretty good


Nice comment at Kevlar's 09:34 link about the Left being angry at RBG for not stepping down from the Supremes earlier:

AnonymousNovember 26, 2018 at 11:58 AM
Chief Justice Roberts had his panties in a wad over President Trump's comment about there being Obama judges. Now the Libs have their collective panties in a wad because RBG did not step down to be replaced by an Obama judge.

jim nj

Extraneous, and others, long post

As a photographer for the media, or a photojournalist, if you will, you will arrive at a site with a pre-conceived idea of how to illustrate what you were sent to cover only because it's smart to think ahead. Your prime camera will be ensconced in the passenger seat with a calculated correct exposure and set at f8 for depth of focus. The phrase f8 and be there is a truism. You never know what you will come across in your travels so you want to be able to shoot a "grab shot," something immediate. You can focus and correct the exposure later, but some things don't last long.

That usually doesn't work when you meet up with reality. For many types of press photography you have to manipulate to get what you want. If it's a typical fund-raising you get the hated (for photographers) of a "grip-and-grin" a check, a handshake and smiling people. A society event? You have to pose who is suggested to you by your contact.

You hate those things until you learn haow to corral people and put them at ease.

I mean some papers cover so much of that stuff, for all kinds of reasons of community, but also because they expect everybody pictured to buy 10 copies of the paper tomorrow.

In news photography there are many different categories - sports (got to pay attention and keep your head on a swivel), spot news (things that you chance upon, accidents, fires, police actions, etc.), general news (usually pre-planned events), portraits, feature (illustrative of weather or a photographic story), etc.

Back when everything had a negative or slide, and before Photoshop, you could be reasonably sure that what you saw in print was objective reality. It might display a bias, but it wasn't fake.

Nowadays, you really have no idea. No reputable organization would knowingly allow a Photoshopped image. But a "staged" photo might appear.

A "true" photojournalist would cover "spot news," an unfolding event, like in Mexico, as realistically as possible. That's not easy to do. The more experienced you are, the better you can anticipate the action. You just don't reach the level of, say a Getty, photojournalist without having a very good "eye" and a near surreal sense about how things are going to play out.

But "dramatic" photographs sell well, even if you have to set them up, or depend on an "organizer" to show you where to stand for their "play" to be enacted.

Oddly enough, some of the best photographs appear later. Why? Photo editors. Most of them aren't big on nuance, so they make easy choices. What looks most incendiary or dramatic. Not which explains most fully.

Personal story, when I first worked for the newspapers, trying to be accomodating, I'd give more than one photo for a story. Invariably, they would pick the lesser of the two. I complained to one of the other staff photographers about that. "Oh, that's easy to fix, just give them one." And they'd still crop it wrong to fit the allotted space.

Long story short, if you doubt some "photojournalism," so do I.

jim nj


jim nj


What to do with empty churches? Some are re-purposed for housing. In the early 90's I visited Minneapolis and found one turned into a gentlemen's club.

We had dinner at Morton's and the group leader walked us a couple of blocks away to the church. Me, "Why are we going to church?" Him, "you'll see."

Boy, did I get an eyeful.

jim nj

This is something I've already commented on:


If you're following the advice of a paid "influencer" on Instagram, you're not living your own life.

jim nj


Sheryl Atkkinsson

jim nj


I think this may have been posted before, but I like it.

jim nj


Interesting. Tracking radars can use various methods to get a "glimpse" of stealth aircraft, but when they transfer that data to "targeting" radars, they can't acquire targets.

Apparently (this is my assumption) the "targeting" radars are, in effect, still looking at "too much sky."

If I understand this correctly, a sophisticated, networked detection system has to hand off to a "targeting" missile system designed in an earlier iteration as a general detection system. It's looking at "too much sky" when it needs to be pinpoint.

That really makes me re-think "stealth" aircraft. They may be possible to find, in general terms, but defensive systems can't acquire them as targets?

jim nj


Too funny.

jim nj


At this point only California Romaine is suspect and their harvest season is over.

jim nj

Where'd everybody go?

jim nj


Account Deleted

Good morning, jim!

Account Deleted

glad to see you got my shout out. i ordered two Hancock books yesterday. Gods and Ark. digging deeper.

would also seem to need a good read on the various forgery controversies about the Jews, Jesus, and other matters. :D

Account Deleted

thanks for the Atkisson link.

the propaganda mills have become extremely dangerous.

i wonder what percentage of the American electorate understand my opinion? LOL

Account Deleted

have great days everyone!

time to train. reverting back to a pattern of behavior established when i was 14 and abandoned once i started drinking at 18: training the body first thing in the morning.

blinked on at 2 after falling alseep in bed at 7pm or so. yeowsa. this new routine is pushing my envelope. kinda like it. :D

later on down the road, then.



Love your 05:20 Jim.


Jim nj,

This story from the Japan Times fits in with what you've been flooowing lately: Japan eyes introduction of multipurpose aircraft ‘mother ship,’ purchase of extra 100 F-35 jets

Japan is considering transforming a helicopter destroyer into an aircraft carrier that can accommodate fighter jets, a government source said Tuesday, in what could be seen as a departure from the country’s strictly defense-oriented policy under its pacifist Constitution.

The remodeling of the helicopter carrier Izumo, operated by Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, is seen as indispensable if the country is to beef up its defense capabilities in the face of China’s maritime assertiveness in the waters around the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea....

The government is now mulling the procurement plan partly because of U.S. President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for Tokyo to buy more American defense equipment, the Nikkei reported.

jim nj

I'm feeling burnt out, so nytol.

But I do love this stuff that challenges us to re-think what we think we know. Christianity, Judaism, etc.

Some have evil intentions, of course, all religions are to be questioned, because they are foundational, I just wonder if some prior civilization engendered these religions.

All the common religious sects seem to have basic truths at their core, east or west, where did they come from?

jim nj


That does fit with my thinking. Japan can have a fleet of 3-4 aircraft carriers without building new ships.

Multiplies their force projection big time.

And if as I posted above that "targeting" systems against "stealth" aircraft lags that badly. Those F-35s on Japanese carriers may be near invulnerable.


So, here I am in my bedroom at my computer when I get an indignant text from my daughter at the other end of the house, with cropped pictures of the children in Tiajuana supposedly overcome with tear gas and a note that it isn't acceptable, that she heard me listening to the rally last night, and that she doesn't think we are respected around the world and she doesn't believe the job numbers, either.

I just told her I wasn't going to argue.

What a way to start the day!



Canada will be wishing they had withdrawn from the Paris Accord like President Trump did.




The article at 6:15 points out that Jews feel safer in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Rumania) than in Germany, France, and Britain.


Cathyf, good to see you found all the wayward travelers.


JimNJ, Japan’s F35s might be invulnerable... but that makes the carriers a bigger target. ASW gets very important now.



This includes background on Honduras.


The President must have been tweeting on Air Force One on the way home last night. I will post the tweets before he starts in for today.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
16h16 hours ago

On the ten-year anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, the U.S. stands with the people of India in their quest for justice. The attack killed 166 innocents, including six Americans. We will never let terrorists win, or even come close to winning!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
16h16 hours ago

While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition. Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair...

....and false way. Something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
15h15 hours ago

Brad Raffensperger will be a fantastic Secretary of State for Georgia - will work closely with @BrianKempGA. It is really important that you get out and vote for Brad - early voting....

....starts today, election is on December 4th. @VoteBradRaff is tough on Crime and Borders, Loves our Military and Vets. He will be great for jobs!


henry, do we know what happened to the kid in the car?



cathyf said he was rescued in the wee hours of the morning.


Anonamom, he got rescued after a couple hours from cathyf’s report.



This happened in the Big Bend area of Texas.

Another Bob


“pre-conceived idea of how to illustrate what you were sent to cover”

There’s your problem right there.



This has a fair interview with Senator Tim Scott about the Opportunity Zones that were created in the tax bill, and what they could do for depressed areas of the country, noth urban and rural.


Pres Trump got back to the WH overnight at 1251AM, from 2 political rallies in Mississippi to try to help @cindyhydesmith win today's US Senate runoff and keep the seat to which she was appointed when @SenThadCochran stepped down. Always like Marine One night landing. pic.twitter.com/cclPSJhbOO

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 27, 2018

Photos at link.




Also today, Pres and Mrs Trump host the first two WH Christmas receptions, including one for the @SecretService. WH all decked out in holiday finery. pic.twitter.com/U1LBS3YdQI

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 27, 2018

Photo at link.


He's up and on the job!

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
17m17 minutes ago

The Phony Witch Hunt continues, but Mueller and his gang of Angry Dems are only looking at one side, not the other. Wait until it comes out how horribly & viciously they are treating people, ruining lives for them refusing to lie. Mueller is a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue....

....The Fake News Media builds Bob Mueller up as a Saint, when in actuality he is the exact opposite. He is doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System, where he is only looking at one side and not the other. Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller and his...


I think there is one more part to this tweet but I have been waiting and so far it hasn't shown up. If it does, I will post again with all 3 parts.


The latest US climate scare report was a setup from Steyer and Bloomberg.


James D.

MM @ 7:38


It's amazing that President Trump has accomplished as much as he has, with so many in his own administration sabotaging him (and the country).

James D.

Boy, henry, that's a shock. Steyer and Bloombery lying in order to try and usurp control over the economy and our lives.

It's difficult to find the words to express how much I loathe them.


half a million armed people in the woods last week... I suppose the Dem's new "Rural outreach" person will need a flack jacket:

Jay Weber Retweeted
MilwSpinny's avatar
Steve Spingola @MilwSpinny

Wow @davidhogg111, 570,000 high-powered rifles & shotguns out & about and "safest" hunt ever. Could it be guns are not the problem, but felonious thugs - the ppl Democrats want to offer restorative justice to - are the problem?


James D.

Speaking of people I loathe, I will never understand why TM (or anyone else with functioning brain cells and even the tiniest shred of intellectual honesty) reads Vox, let alone links to that dishonest, slanderous, poisonous site and its shitty little Juice-Boxer writers.

There is not a deep enough pit in hell for Ezra Klein and his lackeys.


MM-to the right of that picture is the front door with the portico above. In March 2001 we took the kids to dc for spring break and arranged with the us senator office to get what were called vip tickets for an early morning tour.

It was freezing and windy in dc and when the tour was over the diva, who was three, did not want to leave the comfort of the WH. We were the last of the group to depart as the kids were eyeing the big grand piano. Then she had a crying fit in the doorway at the suddenly cold air and the secret service is looking on with bemused looks. She was not a national security risk, but the tour was over.

And that's what that picture reminds me of. That was the lobby she did not want to leave for good reason. I think we went over to OLd Ebbits Grill after that to warm up.


interesting thread on political donations by Wall St banks:

Richard Baris @Peoples_Pundit

Updated URL for Wall Street Donations to U.S. Congress By Party (2000 to 2018)

Total congressional campaign donations from Securities & Investment Industry.

(Note: We're breaking it up by chamber and party for the same period and will update this.)


Account Deleted

((I just wonder if some prior civilization engendered these religions.

All the common religious sects seem to have basic truths at their core, east or west, where did they come from?))

From God. Read Genesis.

You also might find 'Mere Christianity' by C.S. Lewis interesting. The front half of it covers God - is there a God, many gods, good/evil,...How can we know? Using logic & looking at common beliefs among all civilizations.
The last half (or maybe 1/3) covers Christ.

Adam & Eve physically walked with God before the Fall...so they knew the truth of Him. As generations rolled on that knowledge faded....
God called out Abraham to be the father of a new people. God chose them. Through the Jews we ALL would get the written Word of God & the Messiah.

Account Deleted

This is a good point - "All of this rending of garments came despite the fact that the tear gas was directed at the adult males who led the charge. Never mind, too, that similar crowd-control tactics were used at the border during the Obama administration, and cops use tear gas during disturbances involving US citizens all the time."



Account Deleted

Something i especially enjoy about JOM is the frank presentations by others professing articles of their faith in the Divine.

Thank you!



Canada will be wishing they had withdrawn from the Paris Accord like President Trump did.

Miss Marple,

Just watched a BBC News segment discussing Macron and they said in a just concluded speech on his new efforts to battle Carbon he has decided to take France entirely off Coal but has also concluded that France is way too dependent on Nuclear and he wants to whittle away their reliance on Nuclear down towards equivalency with his European neighbors. How reducing Nuclear is going to do anything to reduce Carbon beats me, but it's sure going to make energy more expensive for the French. They are only about 5% Coal, 75% Nuclear.

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