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November 15, 2018



NBC News
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The number of people unaccounted for in the Camp Fire of Northern California more than doubled, rising to 631, officials said Thursday night.

The death toll in the deadliest wildfire in California history rose to 63


I read somewhere the other day that California spends 10x as much on electric vehicles subsidies as they do on fire control/prevention.

I then read somewhere else that CalFire's budget this year was $433 million and was exhausted.

I don't have the time to do the sleuthing but...

If California were to spend less on the social signaling of EV subsidies and more on the practical and useful activities of brush clearing/timber thinning AND spending more on equipment and personnel to fight fires, billions in property costs and many lives saved.

Just shift a billion or so from EV subsidies to CalFire for a decade or so and the situation would be vastly improved.



He is going to California on Saturday.

jim nj


Mattis and the Chinese seem to be trying to not turn the trade war into a military conflict. A good military to military relationship would seem to be a good thing.





jim nj

I enjoyed the story about the EPIC medical software system.

Seems like a monopoly. More than one system would compete for the user's attention.

It seems like the ultimate user imagined weren't doctors.

In software design "system analysts" define the wants and needs for the coders. They talk to the users and codify what they want. Seems like they didn't talk to the doctors.

In a competitive environment, users would have more impact on the design of the software. Any company that failed the feedback loop would fail.

So doctors are, apparently, being pushed aside by other, more powerful, interests.

In my years as a software trainer you passed on user comments, if you didn't, someone else would hear them and capture your clientele.

If Epic can't learn from it's users it will become the target of a better system, no matter how much money it takes.

You either open your system to innovation, or somebody will do it for you, and eat your lunch.

Epic could face a rival, it would take billions to rival them, but if they win, all of Epics revenues become theirs.



They are doing more than that. If you read the article they are pretty much trying to use AI to perfect their social engineering goals.

I find it fairly creepy, myself.


jim nj,

First you posted your thoughts on Epic's lacj of innovation due to ignoring the wants of its users.

Then I posted the article on Facebook's censorship and attemps at social engineering.

And then this article popped up on Twitter, posted by Fox:


jim nj


If the EU wants to expand automobile tariffs to other products we can do the same.

If our tariffs on EU vehicles are not met with only tariffs against US vehicles, we can do the same thing.

Since most of the cars come from Germany, we can impose a tariff on French wine.

Why hit France when our target is Germany?

Because it's fun. We won't have to direct our anger at Germany, when the French will do it for us.

Do you catch my drift? If we're annoyed with the EU we can go after any other EU country, even if they are innocent, but they support the other EU country.

Guilt, by association.

Captain Hate

In tribute to Roy Clark, here's an lp he did with Gatemouth Brown in the late 70s just called Making Music. I remember it got a five star review in Downbeat and I thought "I didn't think they covered this type of music". Frankly I didn't even know Roy was still alive because I don't think he's played around here for a long time. Glad to read that he was still playing up to the end.





How odd. I got logged out with no warning. Just all of a sudden I wasn't logged in.

jim nj


When a need arises, and there is a possibility of an economic profit, you can expect someone to take the opportunity.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as powerful as they are are vulnerable to disruption.


jim nj,

You made a very good point. It was just striking to me how your post, followed by mine on Faceboook's social engineering, and then a NEW Facebook type place for Trump supporters, all occurred one right after another.

jim nj

Snowing again in north Jersey. Just in time for the morning commute.

Glad I'm retired and don't have to do that commute anymore.


jim, there are more medical systems than Epic... it just got press and market share. The Epic end user is the hospital billing department, with an ACA government data collection add on. It is not for doctors or health care.


I actually see some sun peeking through this morning.

I think the thing I hate most about winter is the lack of sunlight. Here in Indiana we often go days and days with gray, overcast skies.


we got an inch of snow overnight... just enough to make the idiots on the roads obvious.


a look back at pre-Facebook virtual communities:


Another Bob

MM, of course some reporters think Acosta is a clown. But their loyalty to their guild exceeds their loyalty to their supposed journalistic principles.

He confirms Trump’s “fake news” diagnosis every time he opens his mouth.

Hear the latest on Acosta? Libs are floating a story that the woman he manhandled was not an intern as someone had claimed, but supposedly is a $130k/yr assistant press secretary. So TRUMP LIES AGAIN!!!

As if that makes Acosta’s behavior somehow OK.



That was interesting.

I had completely forgotten about Geocities!


As they move into manual recounts:

Phil Kerpen @kerpen

Rick Scott gained 779 net votes in Broward and 146 in Hillsborough in completed recounts.

Both of these Dem counties then ditched their recounts and resubmitted their original counts instead. Blatant.

jim nj


That wouldn't surprise me, the billing centers need more information than they needed before in order to bill for the highest amount possible.

And that may have been the impetus for the software. Who would be most willing to pay for the software? Someone who could profit from it.


MissM, also shows that Zuck did not have a single original thought.


Fascinating thread, Richard Epstein on regulation:



Abrams wants a do-over:

The Associated Press

#OnlyOnAP: Stacey Abrams campaign and legal team is preparing an unprecedented legal challenge that could force a court to rule whether another election is needed.


jim nj



Good Morning! The air is cool and clear this morning. It has been hot and humid since we arrived in October,even the locals were complaining.
So,a manual recount in Florida for Senate.

Michael (fpa P4F) Stop the WitchHunt-Stop the Coup

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Another Bob

It’s crazy Henry. They’re not even pretending to respect the process anymore.

The second civil war has already started, They’re just using asymmetric warfare since they don’t have an army to send to the capital to take power.


They can send Antifa... the Marines might die from laughter if they do.

Robin, eff 'em all

Just dug out from a foot of snowfall - blargh. Heading out today for Edisto Beach in SC to see family for Thanksgiving and spend time in Charleston. Let’s hope the weather is southern hospitality.

Another Bob

Problem is they’ll never deal with Marines, just local cops. Who will be oh so mindful of their rights, or likely ordered to stand down.

Account Deleted

((We had a response prepared for the snowstorm, but the forecasters lied to us.

We would have won the election, but we didn't create enough fake ballots, because the forecasters lied to us.))

yet they believe, without question, the AGW forecasters.


Possible key to insulin resistance, leaky gut, and inflammation.

Move over Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. There’s a new health-promoting gut bacterium in town, and it’s called Akkermansia muciniphila.



Lizzy @lizzie363

This doesn't just define FB.

IMO, this defines "21st century progressives". They are ruthless authoritarians, who use intellectual supremacy to force their amoral ruthlessness on whole populations.

Emanuel Derman @EmanuelDerman

Not usually a fan of Goldberg but yes, “a globe-bestriding company whose veneer of social progressivism hides amoral corporate ruthlessness”.



More Abrams shenanigans - pretending there is a run-off!






Clear and cool? Where the hell are you. I had to wear long pants and a heavy shirt to survive this artic blast at the poopy park.

Is it possible I've become a wus?


Jane,okay a bit chilly. :)


Hubby is going to kayak on the Myakka River this morning. I said,be careful because the gators lurk under the water when it is chilly. Ha.


I can sign in from the PC at work....


The census could get interesting:



Real Time Economics @WSJecon

Manufacturing production continued to grow at a solid pace for the fifth straight month

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I blame screens and kids not being outdoors--

How do you keep the flies out?


So doctors are, apparently, being pushed aside by other, more powerful, interests.

It was designed to be a billing platform, not a user-friendly medical record.

We doctors are doing a GREAT job "capturing the charges" for the hospitals.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Just shift a billion or so from EV subsidies to CalFire for a decade or so and the situation would be vastly improved.--

That would actually make a bigger difference than thinning and prescriptive burning.
There are large numbers of CalFire stations all around the state and locals who join them. But the number of local units and dozers [and air assets, which are less effective than generally presumed] that can be brought to bear in those initial hours when a fire is either contained or explodes is very often not sufficient. It's hours and days sometimes weeks later that more distant resources get there after a fire is already a monster.

Moreover, as the numbers of residences in the path of wildfires has increased the number of assets available to contain the fire have shrunk. That's because the #1 priority is always structure defense, so you end up with guys pouring water on houses that are burning down anyway while the perimeter of the fire where containment occurs has less resources than it should.


Where's BoE?

MM2, what is this "sunlight" thing you speak of?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A belated Happy Anniversary to the lovely Fraulein.

And I also appreciated her correcting me that Charles Martel was actually a Frank.
Got it. It's Frank Martel.
Can't believe I've been saying it wrong all these years.

Dave (in MA)


Taqiya in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.



The city’s appeal says U.S. District Court Judge John Keenan erred in dismissing the suit with prejudice, arguing the judge “erroneously concluded that various federal law doctrines barred the city’s claims.”

“No federal policy or statute regulates the relief sought in this suit — compensation for local harms resulting from the effects of climate change — or purports to prevent state-law tort suits seeking such relief,” city lawyers wrote in the appeal filed last Thursday in a federal appeals court.

New York City was one of at least four other localities to bring suit against ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips over the alleged damages wrought by man-made warming.


We're gonna need moar popcorn:

New York Post @nypost

Avenatti still considering run for president despite domestic violence arrest nyp.st/2DHKaGr


Why is sheboygan losing population henry?


compensation for local harms resulting from the effects of climate change

they have to prove actual harm, not model based future harm? (as if the models are defensible anyway)


Narciso, have you ever been to Sheboygan?

I assume because it no longer has any industry. The lakefront port is now a condo development.


Acosta cannot be stopped, he can be an asshole at the White House because...? Where is my press pass... I demand equal rights!!!

ErikWemple @ErikWemple

Judge says that CNN has demonstrated a likelihood of success that it will prevail in showing that @Acosta was denied due process in credential revocation


Bezos must know AGW is nonsense:


Amazon's HQ2 in Queens will be located in a flood plain. By 2050, extreme projections of sea level rise have low-lying buildings under water.


Jim Acosta's White House Credentials Restored Temporarily After Friday Ruling


you can use a fake Email if you want

Am I the only one who thinks this is a problem?


No, Jimmy.


Oh my, Sandberg blames staff at FB (after Zuck blames her):

Tim Stenovec @timsteno

Wow...Sheryl Sandberg is quick to throw the Facebook communications team under the bus here



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