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November 25, 2018



The rest of the story:



Yes he blows hot, like with the swift boat and cold like JFK assasination, but this convoluted cats cradle where he is the third or fourth man in the totem pole.


is the pending Mars Landing getting any publicity over there today on the regular networks?

Sure, CNN has the countdown.

Oh no, wait, that's the countdown until Mueller indicts Trump for failure to file some tax form in 1987.



Thanks for that link from Security Studies. I have noticed the Post's efforts as well. I am beginning to wonder if they are Iran backed.



This landing is so complex that their discussion of it is making me nervous!


Captain Hate,

I understand perfectly about not making the trip. The weather IS squirrely.

Maybe in the spring.

Manuel Transmission



Iran is routing it through Qatar which has a fair number of Saudi dissidents and through Turkey which is the principle venue

Captain Hate

Does anyone here shop at Whole Foods? The reason I ask is that I was talking with a lib friend last night who does and he said that since Amazon took it over that the quality declined by a significant amount and that he has had to throw out much more due to spoilage than previously.

His comments are anecdotal, obviously, but I was wondering how others felt.


I mentioned yesterday that ZERO NEWS OUTLET can be TRUSTED. NONE.

Todays NOT LATIN phrase. "Public Hanging"



bummer u r not coming but fully understood. i was contemplating wearing my yellow vest to Shapiro's in solidarity with the protesters so you'ld recognize me:(

Miss M,

Odd how with the unexpected popularity of "The Martian", both book and movie, you'ld think the MSM would have a clue how interesting this stuff is to the Public, yet from where I sit it seems to have been completely ignored/overlooked since it doesn't contribute to their 24/7 "#HateTrump" meme. If it lands successfully they will probably praise Obama, it if fails they will probably blame Trump.

Old Lurker

MM "This landing is so complex that their discussion of it is making me nervous!"

Perhaps. And I am not following it closely, but it seems to me we and other countries have been soft landing payloads on Mars, Asteroids, the Moon and even barges floating in the ocean for decades now.

So either NASA is looking for fake * "atta boys" if it lands safely, or they are lowering expectations in case they blow it.

* I place NFL players who make a catch, a tackle or wow even a touchdown into the same basket of incredibly well paid people who are paid to do a job well. Save the happy dances fellas.

Old Lurker

Then again, they do have to do those Metric Conversions carefully.

Old Lurker

My 2:19 was Grinchy even for me!



If you are on Facebook you can watch the landing here: https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/videos/719458265093646/?notif_id=1543258775417301&notif_t=live_video

It's also on the Science channel.



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