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November 01, 2018



Roger Stone? He runs with Alex Jones in the land of make believe. The true cutout was Sasquatch... (or Stone’s mother, they can pass for twins).

If Mueller and the Dems are counting on Roger Stone as their big get.... all that comes to mind is Charley Brown at Halloween, “I got a rock.”

Bernardi Dr la paz

The problem with this theory. Is everyone got a copy of the Wikileaks, but that is real compared to that apocryphal Turkish tape out of saw.


While you are here, canI ask you again please to keep us posted on election night as I am not certain when we will finish at the polling place.
You have been so gracious in the past and your state is so important.


Maryrose, I will try to keep you posted on WI elections Tuesday... but may punt if it is a long night. (4 am wakeup).

Whether Mr. Stone was, in fact, a trusted intermediary to WikiLeaks — or simply a master of puffery that made him appear so — remains a paramount question for Mr. Mueller’s investigators, who are examining Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential race and whether any Trump associates conspired with Moscow’s effort.

What effort was that? Russian efforts to buy Facebook ads in Russian? To organize inauguration protests? To provide disinformation to Steele?

So far, we haven't seen any evidence of any "Moscow" effort to interfere with the election, and as the indicted company's lawyer has mentioned, there's no law against it even if it happened. We've interfered in dozens of foreign elections.

Just silliness.


The Times wonders with the rest of us

Who is this "the rest of us"? It doesn't include me.

As always, one must ask: What exactly is the crime that is being investigated here?


Not possible. Mueller and Rosensteeeeen are both white hats. I've been told this.

MUELLER is dirty. He's now ignoring RODHAMS ties to RUSSIA including MASSSSSSIVE payments to RUSSIANS for GOLDEN SHOWERS FANTASIES
Mueller must not be aware of this, but soon he'll find someone to charge with something.

HELLO!!!!?? MR RAPIST MUELLER. Check out RODHAM, you'll find plenty of criminal action.

Jack is Back!

One of the problems with these omnibus kind of investigations that gone outside their envelope is they may turn over something some deep staters have been hiding.

Like Seth Rich's murder for example.

I just have this funny feeling that Mueller is leading us to a Black Swan event without knowing it.

Just too many players, scenarios, complexity, etc. Its like walking in the dark, knowing your way, but you still trip over something you didn't know was there.


Also, about half an hour ago I asked in the comments section of the NYT article my question above: "What exactly is the crime here?" My comment hasn't been published. They did publish a couple of critical comments, though, along with the usual moonbattery.


Meanwhile in England

Meet the new lord mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid.

Ja say ya canna keep GEOTUS outta Sheffield mon

Eye Doctor .

If Jerome Corsi was smart he would release the recorded interview he did with Rezko associate Daniel T Frawley.


Corsi is a swamp critter along with Stone and Jones. Don't trust any of them at all.


Meanwhile in Canada

Plenti Nigerians don run go Canada from America
Canada wan deport illegal Nigerian migrants

Eye Doctor .


But they make mistakes along the way.


The Democrats might capture the House this year, but every GOP pickup makes that prospect less likely. Here in Minnesota, we have two very strong pickup opportunities, open seats in the 1st and 8th Congressional districts, both of which went strongly for President Trump in 2016. I am pretty confident that the Republican candidates, Jim Hagedorn and Pete Stauber, will win those races.
Until now, hardly anyone has taken seriously the chance that Republican David Hughes can upset longtime Congressman Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s 7th. But, in a stunning move, Real Clear Politics now rates the contest a tossup.


Oga Alkali wey be Nigeria Airmy Chief of Administration, retire few weeks before dem declare say e dey miss on Monday, September 3, 2018, a day afta gunmen kill about 13 pesins for Dura-Du District, Jos, Plateau state, north central Nigeria.

Him say,"I'm getting too old for this shit."

Jack is Back!

Even if you are a Democrat of generations, I fail to see how this cannot influence your vote to continue the progress:


But then you have a long history of "cutting your nose off despite your face."


Hey how come progressives never talk about China colonizing Africa?

Bernardi Dr la paz

Good question, pin, yes Sudan Zimbabwe the Congo all the touristy spots.

Jack is Back!

Not funny Pin. My son's confirmation sponsor is Nigerian. A kidney doctor in Manhattan, and a classmate of Mrs. JiB in college. He and his family don't talk like that but most of them have advanced degrees from English speaking universities.

Maybe that is the way they talk in Nashville but I have never heard it that way.


Local gun shop owner offers rabbis free weapons

COLORADO SPRINGS – Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last Saturday, numerous people and organizations have stepped up to raise funds and offer assistance to the families of the victims.

Even the leader of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh announced that the Muslim community has raised more than $70,000 for synagogue attack victims and their families. There’s been an outpouring of support at many vigils held across the nation.

Just outside of Colorado Springs, the owner of Dragon Arms is offering a different type of support. Mel Bernstein, the owner of the store, is offering to give rabbis a free AR-15 or a handgun. He’ll also include training and ammunition.


Meanwhile in the Brazilian Embassy antisemitism wins again

Miss Marple

The Chinese are in Africa for minerals. They have been there for at least 10 years, as my husband had problems with them in Ghana.

They also will do illegal mining - just find a likely place and start digging, without permits. And they treat the Africans terribly.



President Donald Trump pledged to sign a comprehensive new executive order which would force asylum seekers to go towards legal ports of entry and to end the policy of catch and release, in a major Thursday afternoon immigration address.

Trump noted that the U.S. military would be erecting major tent cities along the U.S.-Mexico border and pledged that anybody detained seeking asylum would await their adjudication procedures while in custody. The president did not offer specifics on the plan but noted that he will try to circumvent current loopholes which allow illegal immigrants to claim asylum and gain entry into the country.

The president also noted that he had deployed 5,200 troops to the U.S. border to harden ports of entry who would assist in border enforcement. Trump warned the migrants that “anybody throwing stones, rocks, like they did to Mexico and the Mexican military, Mexican police, where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico, we will consider that a firearm.”


You German speakers might appreciate this song:

On one of my numerous hitchhiking trips I met "Poinariu" (name changed...), a then 40-year-old Romanian who fled from Bucharest via Paris (the place where I met them) to Berlin before her violent husband with her young German lover. We hitchhiked back to Berlin together and there I supported "Poinariu" in her attempt to free herself from her repressive husband. At our meetings I saw how she blossomed and began to live her own freedom. And yet, as it went on, I had to watch as she was gradually being haunted and captured again by the "Spouse Demons" from within. One day she didn't come to an appointment and left me only a text message that she would return to her husband. I never saw her again.


Tom R

Trump fired Roger Stone in August 2015. Stone claims he resigned. Regardless of whether Stone was fired or resigned, anything he did in 2016 relating to WikiLeaks had nothing to do with the Trump campaign.



Jack is Back!

Jesus, John Gruden really is Chuckie!


O'Keefe gets results. (Gillum responds to the cracker video.)

CANDIDATE RESPONDS: Staffer made "deeply regrettable" comments, "immediately" severed ties to campaign staffer who said "Not for voters to know" programs won't happen, Florida is a "F***ed up" "cracker state" pic.twitter.com/6NBjBgGFz7

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 1, 2018

Video at link.


The UN is demanding we let the Caravan in America? I demand we move the UN to Atlantis and rent out the office space.

Miss Marple

Illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans. Illegal Immigration hurts American workers, burdens American taxpayers, undermines public safety, and places enormous strain on local schools, hospitals and communities...https://t.co/eN1IqPNBJY

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 1, 2018

Link goes to video of his statement on illegal immigration and how he will be handling the caravan.

They will be held there at the border in a tent city until they have their asylum hearings, and then sent back if asylum isn't granted. No catch and release.

Also, he said rock-throwers will be treated as if they have rifles.

Tom Maguire
So if you've been critical of Soros for years and only recently found out that he has a Jewish background, I guess that makes you a Retroactive Anti-Semite.

That's me! I was at a British bank (sitting next to the FX guys) when Soros broke the pound in early 90's. Back int the day I linked to the New Yorker piece in 2004 that described his Billionaire Boy's Club targeting Bush (which mentions his being Jewish).

Si I know I have been exposed to that info. Just in one ear and out the other because who cares?

But obviously some nutters care for real and now libs care that I don't keep score of every possible affront to every possible sub-group.

I would say to them "If you hear the dog-whistle, you're the dog" but they'd fall down sobbing that I had erased their humanity and then waterstains everywhere... who needs it?


PDJT talked about Oprah and the D candidate for GA governor. I wonder what Don Ilyich Lemon is going to say about that?

James D.

but they'd fall down sobbing that I had erased their humanity and then waterstains everywhere

You make that sound like a bad thing.

James D.

The whole criticism of Soros = antisemitism is such utter crap.

Are we not allowed to criticize terrible people who do terrible things because they're Jewish?

So if it was discovered that Jeffrey Dahmer had converted to Judiasm somewhere along the line, we suddenly wouldn't be allowed to hate the fact that he chopped up his neighbors and ate them?


Raises a question... is Roger Stone Jewish? (seems everyone is these days).

Miss Marple

On my way to Columbia, Missouri for a #MAGARally. Look forward to seeing everyone soon! https://t.co/0pWiwCHGbh pic.twitter.com/oD6v3E13bk

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 1, 2018

Photo at link.

jimmyk on iPhone

“Are we not allowed to criticize terrible people who do terrible things because they're Jewish?”

You get an exemption if you’re a Democrat. So Dem criticism of Kushner, Adelson, et al is just fine.


Sad, discouraging story: last Hong Kong bookshop selling titles banned in China shuts:

High on the best-seller list of forbidden books were taboo topics such as politics, religion, and sex. From the private life of President Mao to the history of the cultural revolution, mainland customers could leaf through books supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square movement or essays on the struggles within the Communist party, as well as bluer topics such as oral sex bibles and sadomasochism guides.

When the Chinese government increased its pressure, “the industry experienced a significant turndown and banned book are not published any more,” said Malinda Ye, Acquisition Editor at the Chinese University Press…..

The closure of the shop leaves Hong Kong with no outlet that challenges censorship. Albert Cheng, renowned Hong Kong political commentator, said the concern was that “the ‘one country, two systems’ principle will gradually fade, while Hong Kong will become simply another Chinese city.”

That, of course, is the government's plan. I suspect the owner is hoping go avoid being disappeared like 5 other Hong Kong booksellers, whose fates in Chinese custody remain unknown, I believe.


So Dem criticism of Kushner, Adelson, et al is just fine.

Boy do they hate Kushner. That day you and I both got stuck in DC due to the wind I got to listen to local radio in a taxi. It was wall-to-wall about the security clearance, and they were salivating over it being denied.

Very antisemitic, actually.

jimmyk on iPhone

“Raises a question... is Roger Stone Jewish? (seems everyone is these days).”

Heh. It’s like a get out of jail free card if you’re a Dem. A lot of Stones are Jewish, but not Roger. He’s Catholic.


A lot of Stones are Jewish

I'd bet most of those are the former Steins.


It is weird how the Dem-Media machine pick which aspect of a person they want to amplify, depending on if they want to inoculate them from criticism or if they want to ruin them.

Why isn't Soros a evil white man? ...or an evil 1%er? What happened to that whole evil 1% crap? Steyer, Soros, & Oprah seem to be exempt.

If I got in trouble, would my 'woman card' carry any weight?...No way. I'd be a Trump supporting, rabid Christian.


The release of the planning docs just shows how f'd up the deep state is. That information was probably in the hands of the march organizers before the press got it.

Sounds like some of those Resistance A-holes again. O'Keefe better get a mole into DOD and some of the other organizations involved.

As to Soros he may be ethnically Jewish but is so far left that he wants to bring Western Civilization down.

Miss Marple

‏ @pollreport
24m24 minutes ago

Ned Lamont (D) 38%
Bob Stefanowski (R) 40%
Oz Griebel (I) 9%
(Sacred Heart U./Hearst Connecticut Media Group, LV, 10/29-31/18)
8 replies 17 retweets 27 likes

Jack is Back!

When Soros had his big estate in Southampton on Old Town Road by the beach access he used to walk the beach down to Little Plains where I would see him. He is small, wrinkled, clumsy, and unapproachable.

The ordance inspector spent a lot of time citing his estate for wasting water by having his irrigation system water Old Town Road. His ex wife still lives here on Cooper's Farm Road. His son was staying in the old Ave Maria Convent on Mecox Bay. No longer a convent but a pricey mansion.

George didn't like Southampton. Too conservative.

Jack is Back!

...Cooper's Neck not Cooper's Farm....


Record Scratch

I question her commitment to anything but a mental institution


Traffic backed up for miles before the MO rally tonight

Miss Marple

Once again our amazing @POTUS is all prepared for the legal issues associated with the MOB INVASION. pic.twitter.com/cGlqT4S1vt

— PitchFork Radio (@LillyMunster3) November 1, 2018

Link goes to a screen cap of an analysis by a lawyer. Basically. asylum law says you have to take the first country which offers asylum. That would be Mexico.

Beasts of England

'He is small, wrinkled, clumsy, and unapproachable.'

I hope you called him nouveau riche... :)


Heh. It’s like a get out of jail free card if you’re a Dem. A lot of Stones are Jewish, but not Roger. He’s Catholic.

Posted by: jimmyk on iPhone | November 01, 2018 at 06:39 PM

Keith Richards was dead for three days in 1978.

He got better.

Miss Marple


Yikes! I am afraid my sister and I won't get in.

Beasts of England

Ten more Trump rallies before the midterms. Can't say the guy ain't tryin'...

jimmyk on iPhone

Unfortunately Sharon Stone is not Jewish.


I checked. None of the STONES are JEWISH.

MICK JAGGER does like GEFILTE FISH on rye toast.


White Men and Black Coffee: GTFOOTW

Miss Marple

I found a news site with more information, like street closures.

Of course, it's Fox 59. LOL!


Sharon Stone tastes like Komodo Dragon.

Jack is Back

Black coffee? That be me and every damn USAF flight crew who ever drank the stuff.

One time in the alert barracks, a young, newly commissioned EWO came in, dropped his gear, went to the coffee drip and asked where the cream was:)

Talk about embarrassing ones self.

Beasts of England

'Sharon Stone tastes like Komodo Dragon.'

Thread winner.

jimmyk on iPhone

I drink black coffee. That’s my entire breakfast. I’ll leave others to judge the psychopath part.


I drink black coffee. That’s my entire breakfast.

Same for me, but I add too many cigarettes for my own good.



The Department of Justice (DOJ) will support the Trump administration’s efforts to counter China’s unfair trade practices by establishing a unit focused exclusively on the prosecution of economic espionage by Chinese agents, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday.

Sessions unveiled the program, dubbed the China Initiative, during a speech in Washington, declaring Beijing’s alleged theft of American trade secrets a “real and illegal threat to our nation’s economic prosperity and competitiveness.”

“This initiative will identify priority Chinese trade theft cases, ensure that we have enough resources dedicated to them, and make sure that we bring them to an appropriate conclusion quickly and effectively,” he said.

This follows the news about Chinese theft of trade secrets from Micron Technology. As some here know, I've been in that business for a fairly long time.

In the 80s, we used to worry about the Japanese, Hitachi and Fujitsu in particular. Believe it or not, in the men's room at a bar close to work there was a sign above the urinal with a "loose lips sink ships" type of message.

Ten years or so later, I had the opportunity to hire some PhD engineers, and the stack of resumes I got from HR was dominated by Chinese green card holders, but also included some Indians (from India) and a small number of Americans, several of whom I hired. (Pretty sure I violated a non-discrimination rule by giving preference to Americans.)

It was obvious at the time that the Chinese would soon learn everything we knew about how to make semiconductor chips. Sessions is closing the barn door after the cows got out, or whatever that metaphor is.


I like my tea like I'd like my George Soros:

Thrown into Boston Harbor.


Black coffee = the sign of a true coffee lover! Adding cream to really good coffee is like putting A-1 on a Kobe steak.

This is simply the MSM giving her free advertising 5 days before the election. If anyone would vote for Abrams because of Oprah Winfrey, they need to have their voter card revoked! GO KEMP!!!



I won't do business with Chinese firms like BGI. There's too much risk for the lousy quality and their admittedly low prices.


Still catching up from earlier threads!


"A diminished fifth interview was called a Tritone or "The Devil's Interval" but Brett Kavanaugh pretended it was a drinking game."

Thanks! I didn't know that when I linked to the Tartini Devil's Trill Sonata.


Doesn't a person have to apply for asylum in the first country they come to?


Miss Marple maybe you can stay overnight with you DIL. You could bring her supper. Then you would be there to get a good spot.


Adding cream to really good coffee is like putting A-1 on a Kobe steak.

1. I love A-1 on steak.

2. I have the birth certificate, complete with nose-print and family-tree diagram, of a Kobe steak's original owner, which they gave me after I chose from big tray of cuts offered at a privately reserved bar in Japan, where I was feted by people who mistakenly thought I was in the decision loop for $3B worth of semiconductor equipment purchases.

I visited multiple cities over a period of three weeks on that trip. Try to imagine. I had nothing to do with the equipment purchases. :-)


Meanwhile somewhere in the Ferris Mountains...



OK before I go to dinner (supper?) I have to ask about something Styxhexenhammer said. He lives in Vermont, I don't know if he's from there.

He made a comment about people from Maine hating it when people put ketchup on baked beans. Um, what? Is that some Heinz Masshole thing? Why would someone do that?


Beasts of England

I lived on Okinawa c. 1971 and they had sho nuff take-your-shoes-off teppanyaki restaurants that served only Kobe beef. You could add a whole lobster for $1.50. I remember my parents saying to enjoy it while we could... lol


I'm a native Vermonter. Lotsa B&M baked beans growing up. Ketchup?

Frau Alte Dame

Dr J - I proposed the Prokofiev bit (Romeo and Juliet ) as scary Halloween music.

I remember the march from the "Love for Three Oranges" used as theme music for the radio show "The FBI in Peace and War."

Texas Liberty Gal

Mary Ann. Thanks I had a delightful day with 16 kindergartners They kept me very busy and the day flew by. I’m looking forward to
spending the day with them tomorrow. The only downside is having to get up at 6:00 am.

Beasts of England

That's awesome, Pin!! :)



If you have the time, do you think you could open a "Help Ticket" with Typepad and let them know that most people cannot sign into their Typepad profiles for commenting? It looks like you've signed in, but when you get back to the thread you're still logged out. It wouldn't be that bad, except that so many of us now have to fill out the name/email/url boxes for every comment we make, because the info won't "stick" any more.

I've written to Typepad, as have many others, I believe, but have not gotten much of a response. If you lodge a complaint as the Typepad owner of the blog, they will have to address the problem. I know it would be much appreciated.

I enjoy scrolling back through the threads after you have swept through! And it's great to see read your comments here and there too.

[I will give it a shot. Here's hoping! - TM]





Trump is on the ground in Columbia Mizzou.



I assume you're related to the justifiably delighted Mija?


Pin sent me that picture last night. I named that BAD BOY........GEORGE FOREMAN.


I remember the march from the "Love for Three Oranges" used as theme music for the radio show "The FBI in Peace and War."

Wow, there's a reference I don't know. As a kid I thought the radio was useful mainly to listen to George Kell and the Tigers.

Beasts of England

That's not one of the two 747s is it? Looks like Pelosi's former ride...

Jack is Back!

Trump lands in Columbia, AF1 taxis up perpendicular with the potable jetway, he gets off and gets into The Beast but he only had to walk 50 yards to the podium. Instead they drive around (the Beast and the two security SUV's) as if the venue is 10 miles away. WTF?

Miss Marple

Consultation with my sister: We are going to try to get there at 2. Doors open at 4.

She has folding lawn chairs. I will call her tomorrow about throwaway umbrellas and other arrangements.

The high school is closing at 12:30 because the Secret Service has to do a sweep of the entire fieldhouse. (It is the 12th largest in the entire country for high schools.)

Streets around the neighborhood will be closed, so no chance of being dropped off.

2:00 is the best I can do. I have bad knees and hips. and more than 2 hours on my feet is impossible. Plus the weather is going to be bad, which will make my arthritis worse.

Also, I discovered a bunch of asshhole dems are claiiing to be Southport alums and carrying on about the school being used for a rally. Also, there is a protest demonstration planned. I may get arrested.

I cannot access JOM from my phone anymore. I will post updates on what['s happening on my Twitter account, which is @MissMarple2.

Further information as available.

Texas Liberty Gal

So excited for you MM.


Here's an interesting detail:



The crowd is going crazy for Trump.

It is so great to have a President of the United States that is working for America, Americans, & American businesses.
What a concept.....a POTUS that cares about our country.


Captain Hate et al:

White Blackbird Craft

Abita Turbodog

The Poet Oatmeal Stout

Asgard IPA

Dragon's Milk

My wife might take my phone away

Miss Marple


You are so right!

Miss Marple

Ha! He's going after Antifa!

Clarice Feldman

Go for it, girl (MM)

Tom Maguire
Doesn't a person have to apply for asylum in the first country they come to?

I thought so too, and I remain confident that that is the rule in the EU since they are under one treaty.

However, for US/Canada/Mexico it seems to be different.

EL PASO, Texas, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- The migrant caravan of Central Americans headed toward the United States has provoked an increasingly frustrated President Donald Trump to tweet "people have to apply for asylum in Mexico first."

But for that to happen, there would have to be a "safe third country" agreement between the United States and Mexico. There isn't.

Canada is the only country to have such an agreement with the United States, signed in 2002.

The Trump administration has been trying to secure such an agreement with Mexico for months. With the Honduran migrant caravan headed to the U.S.-Mexico border, two Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee have urged the administration to do so, to "send a message to our partners across Central America that they, too, must share the burden of unsanctioned mass migration."


Pin, Dragons Milk is my brother's favorite concoction.


Pin, also very nice hunting result!


MM, you can bring folding chairs! You don't have to stand in line!

I don't think you will get in if you go at 2. Especially a small venue. I'm afraid you won't get in if you're not there by late morning at the latest. :(

Lots of people will bring seating and stash it back in their cars before entry. I've heard they even have places to put them outside and then retrieve them afterwards.


So theccompany was monitoring congressional emails on whistleblowers

Clarice Feldman

I don't understand, TM. Mexico has offered them asylum.

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