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November 07, 2018



That time Obama threw a reporter out of "his house" and the other reporters cheered.

Exhibit # 99,999,999 prove biased media = #FakeNews

Recall reporter insistently interrupted Obama:
1. removed from "his house"
2. press claps wildly
3. Press chants “Obama”
4. Reporter while forced out yelled
(Deporting now racist)pic.twitter.com/q71fpVV4yS

— Manny_Ottawa (@manny_ottawa) November 8, 2018

Not sure where everyone went. But there's something fishy going on in AZ to steal the election from McSally. 600,000 early votes "discovered"? Looking for a link.


Here's the AZ story:


Bernardi Dr la paz

The elections being stolen like a stage coach in a John Ford film

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

I wish I had photoshop... Sessions head superimposed on a Keebler Elf making cookies would be awesome


Sessions head superimposed on an Elf on the Shelf with various poses of him ignoring crimes


openly stealing elections ... the Dem way.

tell me again how good early voting and vote by mail is again?

Bernardi Dr la paz

I thought the sheepdog from the old Warner bros cartoons.

jim nj

Wow, lots of comments, lots of news for one day, even if it is after the election.

I've had time to digest the news and all the comments, and while I am disappointed at losing the House, overall I feel quite good.

I'm with Derwill, though I thought the number of R congresscritters retiring was 30, not 45, if Derwill has a source I would appreciate that, but when you have that many incumbents, whatever the number, leaving open seats you lose the value of incumbency.

I remember looking at the list of retiring Republicans and thinking that I didn't see any heroes on it. Maybe I missed one.

Sessions gone - fine by me
Acosta gone - fine by me

Captain Hate

Levin just accused Eric Cantor's establishment supporters of actively working against Dave Brat.


>>>Now the new guy needs to go after the Dem/Deep State traitors with sharp knives and blowtorches.

Time for the reckoning to start. Or really, far, far past time.

Posted by: James D. | November 07, 2018 at 03:42 PM<<<

it's pliers and blowtorches ...


Posted by: Captain Hate | November 08, 2018 at 12:14 AM

wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Bernardi Dr la paz

I believe it,

Skurge with the m 16s

Bernardi Dr la paz

Yes its war, or rather gwar!!

Texas Liberty Gal

“All in all a good day😀. And it’s not over yet”....one of my earlier comments today and am so happy that the other great thing that happened was Acosta getting tossed from the WH press room.


one good thing about this election is that piece of shit Ryan can carry on with his cabin boy on board the SS Cuck ...

Bernardi Dr la paz

Just adding a little frisson to your theory who survived the abattoir in central Texas well fmr?? Company operative will hurd, who happened to have been hanging with beto.

Dave Seville

Retiring chickenshit RINO pussy whines;
'Angers Me to My Core' for Trump to 'Piss on' Defeated Republicans
Sod off, loser.


Such chutzpah from Marvin the Martian,


A belated one:



>>>He has power, he'll abuse it like he'd abuse a plate of bonbons

Posted by: henry | November 07, 2018 at 05:11 PM<<<

never trust those New York Hutts, they give all Hutts a bad name.

jim nj


Still there, still updating. My source for comments.

16 house races not called, still lean red or blue, all of them with margins under 10%/

1 Senate race still open, Mississippi Special going to a run-off in 3 weeks. McSally presumed winner in AZ.

Expect to see some requests for re-counts.

Whaqt's interesting about the site is they group winners and losers as by more than 10%, or less than 10%, it's thought provoking.

I've been looking for something that would show me only the rrsults of open races but haven't found anything yet.


Posted by: Bernardi Dr la paz | November 08, 2018 at 12:37 AM

they'll have enough for a caucus and won't have to worry about unstable cutouts like Awan ...

jim nj

Where did the idea arise that if you're a reporter that you are entitled to debate the President for as long as you wish?


I hope I don't sleep through The Day of the Rope:

Progressive organizations have announced coordinated protests to take place in cities and communities nationwide on Thurdsay, November 8th at 5 PM (local time) in the wake of President Donald Trump's firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Right after Trump forced Sessions to resign, the White House announced that Matthew Whitaker—a DOJ official who has shown open hostility to the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller—would now serve as acting AG and be put in charge of the ongoing investigation.

"Trump just put someone who has openly trashed Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation in charge of it," Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, one of the advocacy groups behind the rapid-response demonstrations, explained in an emergency email Wednesday evening. "Trump thought that by waiting until after the polls closed on Election Day, our voices would be silent. He was wrong."

Anna Galland, executive director for MoveOn.org, said: "This is a red line crossed, an attack on rule of law."



I think we found the culprit


Republican Denver Riggleman — a man who once wrote a book titled Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him — just beat out Democratic challenger Leslie Cockburn (Olivia Wilde’s mom) for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District seat. The district has historically voted Republican. In what has to be the strangest race in the midterms, Riggelman beat Cockburn by seven points, according to the New York Times.

We learned about Riggleman and his Bigfoot book in July, when Cockburn tweeted out a screenshot from Riggleman’s Instagram. The post showed a buff, naked drawing of Bigfoot, with a very large censor bar covering Bigfoot’s privates. “Don’t erase the censor box…” Riggleman had captioned the post.

Cockburn’s tweet contained two damaging pieces of information about Riggleman. She wrote that he “was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist. Now he has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”


jim nj


Another protest? Got to keep in practice. For Sessions? They want him back?


Are you voting for Trump/Pence 2020 Florida Man?


>>>Ah elliot for a minute I thought you were going to vote a song from a local band in Miami in the 80s.

Posted by: Bernardi Dr la paz | November 07, 2018 at 09:43 PM<<<

marilyn manson and the spooky kids?


Independent investigation does not mean indicting the President's son on some bullshit charge. Right jim?

jim nj

Kinda funny.



I don't see why that would be a problem:


Rumors that ICE is at polling stations in Virginia. Please be careful if you have questionable status... #VAGovRace #VAGov #ElectionDay


when i look for the post-election entrails my go to is a creepy porn lawyer ...

jim nj


Was that directed at me? I have no clue why they might go after Trump, Jr.

I know that Chris Christie won't appear in the administration. Trump's son-in-law hates him for prosecuting his father.

jim nj


I tried to post this twice without it working, so the Tinyurl.

Violence, by women, directed against men. Large study.


Posted by: jim nj | November 08, 2018 at 02:54 AM

he was important in the campaign and 2 specific events come to mind: the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer et al and an interaction he had with someone at a NRA convention. but mostly it is the sort of protofascist thing that Mueller does to people he finds distasteful.

what does the fuel tank gauge read that at a minimum the FBI has a full transcript and audio recording of the entire Trump Tower meeting and they have been hiding it? I'll open bidding at "why isn't she 50 points ahead?" ...

jim nj


"New Jersey voters once again agreed to borrow money, this time to spend $500 million on cleaning water supplies, improving school security and boosting vocational schools."

Crap! Almost every bond issue passes in NJ. So we're going to borrow $500 million. After interest that's like one billion. NJ has $46 billion in bond debt obligations already.

It's like bonds aren't real money, so if you word them right, they pass.

Never mind that we spend $4 billion a year paying off the principal and interest of past bonds.

My sainted father taught me to never vote for a bond issuance, no matter how noble it sounded, because it was a disguised tax.

It's how the legislature funds things without having to vote for it directly and cut funding elsewhere. No tough choices, democracy at its' worst.


and I read that piece at Wrechard's ... yikes is all i can say.


>>>It's how the legislature funds things without having to vote for it directly and cut funding elsewhere. No tough choices, democracy at its' worst.

Posted by: jim nj | November 08, 2018 at 03:25 AM<<<

right on.

jim nj


I understand what you're saying. I just don't think there is a there there.

Too much of a stretch for me. Mueller could do that, but he'd have less luck than he'd have against the Russian company push-back in NYC.

With the AG out, an acting AG taking over who will oversee Mueller, and Rosenstein out of the line of overseeing this, I expect Muller having to explain himself to a new overseer who won't tolerate his BS.

I expect Mueller coming under overwhelming pressure. Legal equivalent of shit or get off the pot.


Ughh: Mass shooting reported at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, authorities say

jim nj

Rich, we're a republic, not a democracy, we elect people to represent us and vote in our best interests.

Yet whenever we try democracy with bond issues, or referendum, the big money comes out and lies to us with clever ads and editorials paid for by special interests.

No wonder why California is so screwed.

Further, I'm sure we had voter fraud this year. Why? Because we've had it every year that I can remember and that history books have documented.

jim nj

nytol, I'm tired after staying up late last night. I suspect that's why everybody else is gone.


More depressing news (sorry) but it appears that the probable fault for that Indonesian 737 that crashed last week was probably due to what we've been discussing all week---erroneous electronic data from faulty sensors in either their pitot tubes or their Angle of Attack gauges, thus producing bogus airspeed and attitude info: Boeing jet crashed in Indonesia after key sensor replaced

The jet's airspeed indicator malfunctioned on its last four flights, and that problem was related to the sensor issue, said Soerjanto Tjahjono, chairman of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee, on Wednesday.

Lion Air's first two attempts to address the airspeed indicator problem didn't work, and for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane's second-to-last flight on Oct. 28, the angle of attack sensors were replaced, Tjahjono said.

On the Oct. 28 flight, from Bali to Jakarta, the pilot's and copilot's sensors disagreed. The 2-month-old plane went into a sudden dive minutes after takeoff, which the pilots were able to recover from. They decided to fly on to Jakarta at a lower-than-normal.

The next day, during the deadly crash, the plane hit the water at very high speed just 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta. Its flight crew had requested permission to return to the airport several minutes after taking off.

Back in Thousand Oaks sounds like there are at least 11 casualties including a Security Guard, and the gunmen is unidentified and possibly still in the building.


Good Michael Goodwin column on our despicable White House Media: Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism

There was a time not long ago when young journalists were taught not to become the story. Apparently, many news organizations have flipped that lesson on its head.

But we are witnessing something more insidious here than media trash talk. Plain and simple, we are watching expressions of personal hatred.



I see the WSJ editorial backing Sessions wounded pride or something. Makes me happier he’s gone.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

From November 4, but I am not sure it was posted here:


Miss Marple


Miss Marple

The article I posted abive by Gregg Jarrett is excellent. Having read his recounting of all that Sessions did and didn't do, I wish he had been fired 18 months ago.

Miss Marple


Notice how they drag in the bogus sexual assault of women by President Trump towards the end of this article.

Miss Marple


Good wrap up by Andrew Malcolm, whom I find to be pretty reasonable.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

LB #Truth
‏ @LaofVa
39m39 minutes ago

@FoxNews @JudgeJeanine @ChrisStirewalt @seanhannity @BretBaier

NeverTrumper Stirewalt thinks CNN incident and related FakeNews concerns Americans and POTUS have is “pointless bickering”.

🐿 Congrats, Chris. You are now #12 on the list of REASONS WHY I STOPPED WATCHING FOX
Stirewalt is why I quit listening to Fox after 10:00 AM. I have now quit them entirely. If there is something important on in the evening, I can watch a video later. And if there is breaking news, there are live streams from various newer outlets.

Miss Marple


Gunman is dead.


The Murdoch boys are screwing the pooch with Fox.


No description of the shooter... I suppose we should wait 24 hours.

Miss Marple

Jordan Schachtel
‏Verified account @JordanSchachtel
9h9 hours ago

I remember when the whole WH Press Corps denounced my fmr colleague Neil Munro for merely daring to ask Obama a question about immigration. Their current behavior is so unprofessional & rude that many more hard passes should be revoked. Trump WH is going quite easy on them IMO.
Reporter for CRTV and alum of WaPo.

Miss Marple


I have looked at several articles and none has a description.

Regarding Fox, I can remember when it would be on in my house as soon as I got up. The Megyn Kelly incident was my first strike against them (that first debate) and it has only gotten worse.


The ballot initiative for Amendment 4 to Florida's Constitution could majorly affect future elections in the swing state, which has been known for its very tight voting outcomes. Florida's most notable tight race was the presidential election in 2000, when George W. Bush narrowly won the presidency.


Apparently a judge called the FL appeal to gov process unconstitutional. Part of lawfare, as NPR is drooling over “majorly affect future elections.” This is the big loss Trump is not acknowledging.

Miss Marple

Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by the Press Secretary on President Donald J. Trump’s Upcoming Travel to France pic.twitter.com/bAECEnTD7x

— POTUS_Schedule 🇺🇸‏ (@POTUS_Schedule) November 7, 2018

Statement at the link.

Miss Marple

The President and First Lady will go to the Supreme Court this morning for the investiture of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This should further inflame the left.

Captain Hate

Retiring chickenshit RINO pussy whines;
'Angers Me to My Core' for Trump to 'Piss on' Defeated Republicans
Sod off, loser.

The whining RINO had a Conservative Review rating of 28%. Good riddance.

Miss Marple


This thread is how I pretty much feel about the white hat/ black hat argument, as well as the 4-D chess.

The issue is settled, as far as I am concerned.

And unseen1 makes a very good point: the issue was dividing Trump's base (at least on Twitter).

Captain Hate

So when does Sleepy Jeff go on Colbert's show and trash DJT? Exhibit A on how being in the Senate too long ruins people. Again, good riddance.

James D.

From the twitter thread MM just linked:

He was just a man who when faced with a very hard choice decided the best course was to not make a choice and that decision cost him his job.

The thing is, and this is why I can’t let it go, making hard choice is part of the job, and Sessions knew that going in. He was the chief law
Enforcement officer in the country. There is a price that comes with the job.

I don’t like making hard choices, either, but I never asked to run the Justice Department. If he didn’t want to face those choices, or take the heat for them, or get down in the ugly mid, he could have refused the job with no shame or dishonor.

Instead he took it, made promises and swore an oath, and then decided he couldn’t bring himself to pay the price he’d agreed to, but wanted to keep the job anyway.

I’m not OK with that.

Captain Hate

Levin said last night that the circle the wagon MFM will never admit this but most of them hate Acosta for his look-at-me actions minimizing their air time.

Miss Marple

James D.,

If you read the Gregg Jarrett article up above, you can see plenty of reasons why he should have been fired months ago. I didn't realize how much he had done and not done to make the situation worse.

Some people are unable to manage or take action when hard choices come, and that might be the case with Sessions. I am not going to waste time on trying to figure out whether he was actively trying to make things worse, or whether he was incompetent or heading towards senility. It's pointless.

I am very pleased with the appointment of the acting AG, who seems to see exactly where the problems are.


rich's 3:22 about Trump Jr. and this bit from P&p - "She wrote that he “was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist."

...notice that the Dems are frequently attacking Republicans by just who they spoke to, or if they were in the same location as "evil X".

So many of those moments seem to be set-ups from Democrats.

They tried that too at the beginning of the Russian hoax. The MFM stories were about who had been in the same room as the Russian ambassador. That point kinda died when lots of pictures of Dems with the Russian ambassador came out.

It is like a 'guilt by proximity' ploy.

Miss Marple


This is the head of Peru's national police.

There seems to me to be huge uptick in arrests for child trafficking.

Miss Marple

Our daily reminder that Mitt Romney is a pompous prick:

Mitt Romney
‏Verified account @MittRomney

I want to thank Jeff Sessions for his service to our country as Attorney General. Under Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, it is imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded.

Tom Maguire

OMG, Jessica Savitch! We're dusting off tasteless, too-soon broker jokes from the 80's with this one, but...

Why couldn't Jessica Savitch swim to safety when her car crashed into the river?
Because - I can't believe I remember this but how could I forget? - because she was an anchor woman.

I'll be here all week, but on a new thread.

Miss Marple


Captain Hate

Has RG tweeted anything about how 100% wrong he was about everything having to do with Sessions?

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I haven't seen anything, but I follow 1000 people on Twitter, so I could have missed it.

I really think we should let people have more than 24 hours to admit mistakes.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

"Mr. Trump says he wants to negotiate a new deal with the mullahs covering more than the nuclear program. If he is serious about that, he will have to alter his approach."

Once again, WaPo becomes a mouthpiece of #Iran's regime.https://t.co/4haTOlWoQB

— Heshmat Alavi (@HeshmatAlavi) November 8, 2018

Link goes to WaPo article.

Miss Marple


Captain Hate

I like to admit my mistakes promptly so people won't think I take myself too seriously. In RG's defense, I think he tried getting on this trash software yesterday.

Miss Marple


Some in the Borderline mass shooting last night were survivors of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Old Lurker

"And unseen1 makes a very good point: the issue was dividing Trump's base "

Imagine the objections when some poster here said exactly that.

Old Lurker

Cap'n "being in the Senate too long ruins people."

You and I have both concluded that being in the Senate should disqualify one from ever serving in an executive role in government.

Old Lurker

James, the Gen McClellan parallel is spot on.

Captain Hate


The lack of understanding about what an executive does, and what a thoroughly unsuitable training ground the Senate is, is a huge myopic spot by so called journalists. That's why in 2008, Sarah Palin was the only qualified candidate.

Old Lurker

Cap'n. if there were such a thing as an "Anti-MBA", it would be service in the Senate.

Captain Hate

the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Another Sessions fuck up.

Miss Marple

Stolen from Twitter:


Old Lurker

I can be fair and balanced.

The last good thing Jeff Sessions did for the cause was support Trump before the election in 2016.

Miss Marple

One of the problems I have is confirmation bias, which I am working hard to overcome.

I try to avoid it, and also recognize I am probably TOO optimistic.

However, it's a danger to all of us, and while I think postulating theories is entertaining and a sometimes useful exercise, I think it's important to not get too vested in any one theory.

There is a LOT we don't know and probably never will.

Old Lurker

New Thread

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

I still can't get over all of that stuff in Gregg Jarrett's article which I posted at 5:38 and will re-post here for reference:


I wish I had seen this months ago. I wouldln't have entertained much of the "stealth Jeff" theories had I seen it laid out like that.

A few months ago I realized I just couldn't follow all of the legal stuff and names in the Mueller/Rosenstein/FBI mess and chose to just observe. I didn't want to become obsessive and I realized I just didn't have enough information.

Sessions hadn't worked for the DOJ for many years. Perhaps he didn't realize how politicized it had become. Maybe he just was too timid and unable to deal with all of the problems. Who knows?

At any rate, President Trump made the right decision, as far as I am concerned.

Kevlar Kid

The President is the chief executive of the United States government. He was duly elected to the position.

POTUS has the obligation and RIGHT to manage the affairs of the country according to the due process of laws passed by the US Congress.

Say goodnite, JB Sessions. YOU served at the pleasure of the President.

Your exit, lacking grace a righteous man might show under these difficult circumstances, says more about YOU than your BOSS.

End of story.

Kevlar Kid

Jeff Sessions is a politician first, and a public servant, well who knows how far down the line that is on his list of priorities.

Sessions might be a moral upstanding man. He might be seated in the divine choir loft of earthly saints. Who gives a sh*t?

He was Attorney General of the United States and opted to insert himself in a miasma that was non-existent over in Homeland, where he was wanted in the first place.

Just because you can, don't meanya should, JB.

That's all.

PS: Yes, i remember i gave him the benefit of the doubt some months back.... then came the Manafort boondoggle.

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