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November 29, 2018





Obama yesterday: "Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people ... say thank you."

Trump Administration today: More Arctic drilling? Interior Department may undo Obama-era set-asides

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — Federal land managers are reviewing Obama-era decisions that protected large swathes of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska from development.

The redos won’t necessarily reduce the previously set-aside rules — but nearly everyone, from environmental activists to oil company officials, believe that will be the result.

The reserve is huge — at 22.1 million acres...the size of Indiana...

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which manages the reserve, is inviting public comments through Jan. 7 on its plans and will hold public scoping meetings at six North Slope Borough communities, in Fairbanks, and in Anchorage at the Campbell Creek Science Center on Dec...

..."that was me Trump people ... say thank you."


the defending world champion was content to play for a draw in the conventional format and take his chances in the speed chess tie-breaker.

Maybe Trump ought to make him our new 3-D Chess Attorney General.


Maybe Trump ought to make him our new 3-D Chess Attorney General.

He might play for a draw through the conventional length of Trump's term... just like the last guy.


Now going live:

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BREAKING NOW: @ABC Special Report on breaking news in the Mueller investigation imminent.


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BREAKING NEWS: Michael Cohen, President Trump's ex-lawyer, is making a surprise court appearance before a federal judge in New York.

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Cohen expected to plead guilty to lying to Congress in collusion probe.


Lying about what is not clear.


here is the gotcha (if true):

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According to the information which is being read out in court, Cohen made a false statement regarding the Trump Tower deal in Moscow that he was working on in 2015. He had discussions about the project as late as August 2017. Previously said the deal was stopped in January 2016.


I have an odd question (reposting from the last thread).

I use a landline for most of my telephone calls. Invariably the person with whom I'm speaking is on a cell phone. Uniformly the voice on the other end of the call nearly is unintelligible -- the volume goes up and down, and the signal is terribly distorted. This happens with people all over the country. Often it is better if I use a cell phone too, but not always.



DrJ. Get out of the house. Those people you are speaking to.....ARE IN THE HOUSE!!! GET OUT...SAVE YOURSELF.


Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Trump turn the operation over to his son fairly early in his campaign?


NSA is punishing you for using a device they can't legally tap.


Miss M, my first question was which Trump person or corporation he was working for on which project.


So prince talal owned?? Three percent of Deutsche bank stock, a victor kiam deal.




This is in exchange for them financing his vanity skyscraper over jiddah.


A further question:

How do we know Cohen was doing this at Trumpp's behest? Given the lawsuit Stormy Daniels has filed against Michael Avenetti, how do we know Cohen wasn't doing this to see if HE could make some money off his connection to Trump?


So Trump is going along with all this? Rope-a-Dope in 4D? Or does he lack anything to hit back with (well not played Sessions).


So basically, from what I'm seeing so far, Mueller just got another process perjury conviction, this time Michael Cohen, for lying about email Felix Sater about a real estate deal in Russia that never happened & had nothing to do with the 2016 election.

Okay then....


Broken clock Judge Nap tends to think this Cohen plea may keep the Mueller investigation ongoing into the year 2020.

My bet was always that it will conclude on 19 Jan 2019.


Stormy Daniels Claims Avenatti Sued Trump for Defamation Against Her Wishes

"He has spoken on my behalf without my approval. He filed a defamation case against Donald Trump against my wishes. He repeatedly refused to tell me how my legal defense fund was being spent. Now he has launched a new crowdfunding campaign using my face and name without my permission and attributing words to me that I never wrote or said," Daniels wrote. "I’m deeply grateful to my supporters and they deserve to know their money is being spent responsibly. I don’t want to hurt Michael, but it’s time to set the record straight. The truth has always been my greatest ally."

Avenatti responded to Daniels' statement by providing his own to the Daily Beast, where he pushed back against her characterization of their agreement.

"I have always been an open book with Stormy as to all aspects of her cases and she knows that. The retention agreement Stormy signed back in February provided that she would pay me $100.00 and that any and all other monies raised via a legal fund would go toward my legal fees and costs," Avenatti said. "Instead, the vast majority of the money raised has gone toward her security expenses and similar other expenses."

"The most recent campaign was simply a refresh of the prior campaign, designed to help defray some of Stormy’s expenses," he added.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
3m3 minutes ago

.@SpeakerRyan also said former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen "should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" for lying to Congress.


ANyone got quotes from Ryan about prosecuting Comey? Huma Abedin? Cheryl Mills? Clapper? Brennan?

James D.

Or does he lack anything to hit back with (well not played Sessions).

I think he lacks ANYONE he can trust to actually got back. Anything he can do has to be actually carried out by someone, and if there are enough trustworthy people in DoJ to count on one hand, I’d be shocked.

Which, yes, can be laid at Sessions’ feet for failing to do one goddamned thing to even begin to clean up the corruption there.


Catherine Herridge says she thinks the Cohen plea has to do with a proposed Real Estate deal to build a Trump Tower structure in Moscow that was in the works in 2015. She believes that Cohen's false statement may have to do with him testifying falsely that there were no continued talks about this deal after the year 2015, but him now saying there were continued talks to Russians about that proposed Moscow Real Estate Deal later than 2015. Can't transcribe, so that was the gist I took away from her remarks.




As julie Kelly reminds us, wittes and Richman lied about the substance of the Comey memos, hence triggering a special counnsel.

Thomas Collins

The kibitzers may have thought Carlsen had a winning position in game 12. But they weren't across the board from Caruana. Given Carlsen's historical success in speed chess, I think Carlsen made the correct move, so to speak, in offering Caruana a draw in game 12.

Someday I hope the chess championship needs to come down to Armageddon, the final ultimate tiebreaker. Lots are drawn for white and black. White has five minutes to make moves, black has only four. However, if a tie results, black is declared the winner. It may sound odd, but it's better than deciding the soccer World Cup with penalty kicks.


The gist of it:


Guess how the labeled the hate driver in la, Seattle man.


Getting into the season
Heads on pikes, Christmas edition :)


Speaking of Blasey-Ford, has anyone managed to get a microphone in her face since the hearing? Maybe a student recording one of her lectures to verify whether or not she still uses the little girl voice?


wittes and Richman lied about the substance of the Comey memos, hence triggering a special counnsel.

My political alzheimer's makes it so II can't remember who wittes or Richman are and how they fit in to everything, but here's Julie Kellys latest at Am Greatness: The Incorrigible Mr. Comey


I can't yet tell if this Cohen thing is a Bombshell, a Game Changer, or the Beginning of the End.

Let me know if anyone can figure it out.


Vicki McKenna
Senate Judiciary Committee cancels votes on Trump nominees amid outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake's refusal to vote for any



Let me know if anyone can figure it out.

tells me the Sessions / Hhorowitz / Huber nuclear triad didn't produce so much as a cream pie for Trump to toss back in defense. Thus the Schiffs run wild.


It's mostly men In my book.


So Lanny Davis was also atty for firtash an even bigger player than deripasha he gets to stay nice and cozy in Vienna because the latter bribed the right people.

Tom R

I can't yet tell if this Cohen thing is a Bombshell, a Game Changer, or the Beginning of the End.

This is a good time to remind everyone of how the Obama administration was able to spy on everything Cohen did. We can thank the Twitter sleuth Tracybeanz for publishing this information months ago.

Felix Sater sent Cohen a blatant over the top email saying something to the effect he would help broker a meeting between Trump and Putin to enlist Putin's aid in helping Trump win the election. What you never see reported in the leftwing media is that Felix Sater was a convicted felon and Mafia informant under the control of Loretta Lynch when she was a US Attorney in SDNY. In other words, to stay out of jail Sater was still under the mercy of the Lynch DOJ. Put 2 and 2 together and its extremely plausible that the email Sater sent to Cohen was always intended to be used as evidence to justify a warrant to spy on Trump and Cohen.

Jack is Back!

Trump in his Christmas Tree Lighting remarks, paid notice to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, of Ann Arbor, MI. They have a number of Christmas albums but my favorite is "Jesu, Joy of Men's Desiring". It could have been the song they sang last night at the lighting.



My memory of Solyndra, the defunct Obama era Solar panel maker, was that it was a tad over half a Billion in Taxpayer funding down the drain---$535 million.

Quick back of the envelope calculations on this new defunct Solar Panel company highlighted in NJ Jim's WhatsUpWithThat link, is that it's only blown $233.8 Million in Taxpayer funding. I do think though that they are really lowballing the clean up costs of only $500,000 what with all the Toxic Waste involved:

Toxic Waste Site:

In an audit of the company Oregon’s Secretary of State pointed out although “Multnomah County had the legal right to seize the borrower’s equipment for delinquent taxes,” it was unlikely to do so because the plant was heavily polluted with cadmium and hydrochloric acid.

Seizing the equipment may not be an option given the level of pollution at the plant.

This stuff is very caustic,” Michael Vaughn, Multnomah County accessor told Oregon Live. “And there’s lots of it. It’s one big mess.”

Cleaning up the plant is estimated to cost more than $500,000.

Related: Obama clean energy loans leave taxpayers in $2.2 billion hole

"that was me people ... say thank you."

Account Deleted

So Cohen pleads guilty to a lie. Was he lying about the 2015 date? Wonder what the proof looks like?

Did Mueller's zealous prosecutors figure out a way to coerce the new date, more suitable for them to justify more diggin, out of Cohen?

"Confess that you lied or else..."

To even have to ask these questions--- IHTFP.

Tom R

Trump on Cohen:


Account Deleted

Tom R: your mastery of those details leaves me no choice but to say "it's quite plausible" to the point of being "highly likely."

How's that for a "definite maybe?"


There are inconsistencies in the motivations of the entire Russia thing.

A lot of this spying on the Trump campaign seems to have been initiated early in 2016.

Hillary was expected to win. SO why all of this spying?

I STILL say it was for nothing more than revenge. Obama and Hillary were going to frame him and then confiscate his business, imprison him, and maybe his sons.

I have yet to see anything to make me think differently. Obama wanted revenge for questioning his birth circumstances, and Hillary wanted revenge for his insults.

I still remember the "not merely defeated but destroyed" comment from one of Hillary's minions.

Account Deleted

So will this stunning revelation by the Mueller Investigation result in Rachel "Ratings Trollop" Maddow giving birth to a triceratops on tonight's broadcast?



“Hillary was expected to win. SO why all of this spying?”

One could ask the same about Nixon and Watergate. The short answer is that politicians are crazy.

Account Deleted

What was the alleged crime for which Cohen's attorney-client privilege was breached by the White Hat Mueller?

And "lying to Congress" (a Clinton standard) is all they got?

Why isn't Cohen able to claim the "i remembered incorrectly" defense?

Shoulda used a cloth better, Mr. Cohen.


Pretty good article

Welcome Back to the Big Bully Boy Scout Show: (link: http://bit.ly/2zxLrfM) bit.ly/2zxLrfM #MAGA #tcot

Like a long-running entertainment, the Boy Scout Show, starring the lugubrious Robert Mueller as the big bully himself, is back. Off the air for some months as the people who brought you “Senator Spartacus Battles Brett Kavanaugh” and “Midterm Mayhem,” along with a special workshop on “How Democrats Can Manufacture Ballots at the Last Moment to Steal an Election,” the Big Bully Boy Scout is once again entertaining thousands across the fruited plain.

Well, it’s entertaining the media pundits in Washington and New York, anyway.


Trump saying Cohen is lying isn’t a good look. (As weak as “I am not a crook). He needs to punch back or fold.

Tom R

Should Trump be taken literally or is there some kind of misdirection going on?


In an interview with the New York Post, Trump was asked about the photoshopped image, which depicted targets of Trump attacks like former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Huma Abedin and James Comey overlaid with the text “Now that Russian collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?” Tucked just above Obama's head in the photo is Rosenstein's, smaller than almost all the other individuals in the image.

Rosenstein belongs in jail, Trump said, because “he should have never picked a special counsel.”

If Trump truly believes this about Rosenstein, once again this begs the question "Why didn't Trump fire Rosenstein when he fired Sessions?"


Well does substance matter any more Henry, the mid terms suggest not.


What do you think this Whitaker business was all about tom?

James D.

I think nothing short of a bloody and apocalyptic revolution that ends with every single government and Big Tech employee beheaded will suffice at this point:

A report from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology — “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century” — discusses how technology can be used in classrooms to monitor student behaviors using cameras, skin response, and sensors in chairs.



Katherine Herridge says the lie was that the talks continued until June 2016. He earlier lied and said the talks ended in January 2016. Cohen also says the deal had nothing to do with collusion. Sorry I can't transcribe it.

She sites Felix Sater's name in a few times in passing E-Mails back and forth to Cohen about this proposed Moscow/Trump deal.

Katherine Herridge is great. Keeps trying to figure out if there is anything in the 2 page summary of Cohen's pleas she is reading (that I assume will be posted here shortly) that shows any conflict between what Trump has publicly stated about the Moscow Deal previously that could be interpreted as a Lie, and she doesn't see anything that could be unambiguously perceived as a Lie though she thinks one line could raise questions, which obviously means it will raise questions.


Has anybody been deeply looking at BRI …

Unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the fall of 2013, what has since become known as the Belt and Road Initiative (though still sometimes referred to as "One Belt, One Road") is a long-term effort by Beijing to link together parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe through building ports, rails, roads, pipelines, and telecommunications networks, and other types of infrastructure.

Apparently, it appears to be a hegemony thru infrastructure scheme.


AIR FORCE ONE is wheels up to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the G20 Summit. Flight time 10 hours. ETA: 8:05pm ET pic.twitter.com/EQwJT7OfCS

— The TRUMP PAGE (@MichaelDelauzon) November 29, 2018

Photo of AF1 taking off at link.

Tom R

What do you think this Whitaker business was all about tom

You tell me.

My comment was about Rosenstein. Why in the world would Trump say that his own Deputy AG belongs in jail yet does not fire him?


Whittaker removed sessions and was on TBD way to neutering Rosenstein hence the snowstorm of carp thrown his way.

Tom R


I am well aware that Trump fired Sessions, appointed Whitaker Acting AG and gave him control over the Mueller SC. That is common knowledge I think everyone here knows.

I suggest you read the article I linked that quotes Trump and then focus on the actual point and question I raised directly related to that article.


Maybe that Chinese loan sharking infrastructure thing will be one of the policies discussed:

Real Time Economics
NEW: The U.S. and China are exploring a trade deal in which Washington would suspend further tariffs in exchange for new talks looking at big changes in Chinese economic policy, said officials on both sides of the Pacific


At link a copy of Cohen’s signed agreement with SDNY

Daniel Goldman
So SDNY will notify judge of cooperation with SCO but will NOT file a 5k letter for Cohen requesting a reduced sentence for cooperation. This means SDNY will not use him as a cooperating witness for additional cases, which would include anyone in the Trump Organization.



Like I say it's a mine field with trip wires like those bombs with secondary triggers. Yates Rosenstein are just two that come to mind, trump appoints a us atty but khuzaimi gets to steer the cases, as James d points out who will do the deed for trump.


Horowitz still has to work within the parameters of the DOJ and the FBI, with all the tripwires they left behind, what Huber is doing your guess is as good as mine.

Jack is Back!

I wonder if DJT will be staying at the Embassy in BA? Nice digs.

That is where I met Bill Butterworth, aka W.E.B. Griffin at a Fourth of July shindig in 1994 for the American expatriate community. He has a nice ranchero out in the far reaches of BA province, plus a fishing & hunting lodge down near Bariloche.


A response to DrJ on the back thread.
I don't see any useful tips to explain garbled cell/landline connections but this article notes that cordless phones used for landline can sometimes degrade so that the problem is a poor connection from the handset to the base.

Possible diags to try:
1) after the call, call back with a cell phone to see if it also has a poor connection. If so, could be the other end
2) borrow another landline phone to see if the phone itself has a problem



Looks like my son and I were right about the weather. There have been 25 accidents on I-65 just south of Indy due to black ice.

Morning, Miss Marple.

Earlier today, following Chris's explanation of the proposed new Cargo Runway at Indy, I clicked on a few links and got a decent understanding of the long open space on the south side of I-70 that fits as to where it will probably be built if they go through with the project. Proposed Runway site

In the pic linked you can see the highway and just to the north of it a current Runway. I think building a few bridges over the Highway would work perfect for us. I'd have to ask Jack and Manny T how the bridges would go but probably have the bridges at ground level and just lower the Highway to tunnels beneath would be the solution since we heavy's are lousy at climbing and descending sloped taxiways, especially in your icy weather.


It usex to be in the old bank of Boston building if I remember the honor series.


Strange things happening in Chicago:




Alderman Burke raided by Feds. It is a monster event for the Chicago Machine. (per Chitown Lurker).




I have tried two separate handsets -- one new and one old -- on the landline and the problem is the same. Also, I use a corded headset (new), so that eliminates the handset audio.

Where's the link?


Burke for those of us outside the kleptocracy of IL:



He's been in office for nearly 50 years.

James D.

I don't think I can watch or read any more news at all.

It's all horrible.

Our President is going to be, at best, neutered, and possibly forced out of office.

All the progress we've seen over the past two years will be thrown right in the dumpster.

Our government and virtually all its employees view us citizens as enemies to be oppressed and abused at their whim.

Half, or more, of our fellow citizens are not just OK with this but actively cheer it on.

I don't even think The Ledge is a safe place. I feel like we're living in the End Times. It feels like God has abandoned us and left the Devil to run free and do as he will with all of us.

Someone please give me a reason to believe otherwise, because I can't see any myself.


sorry... don't know how to link that one.

from Chitown lurker:

It also implies they’ve got Madigan, and by association, JB



I think the Cohen thing is a nothing burger. So far all of Mueller's witnesses against Trump are admitted liars.

Trump talked about dealing with Russia during his campaign because he was still working. Never went thru with the deal. Said once he was inaugurated that stopped. Nothing illegal there.


try this link for who Burke is:



DrJ, off the top of my head I would guess that it has to do with the home line being an analog 48v DC system (assuming you haven't been "upgraded" to a digital service that operates over COAX) and that analog system's conversion to the digital cellular's system.

Lately I have found that the techs that repair the analog stuff don't give a crap. I think they are letting the old technology die on the vine. Research "POTS" and the anomaly you are experiencing. Maybe there is an answer.

I have to run.


Burke's wife is on the IL Supreme Court. This is a MOAB aimed at a blue hell. Chitown credits Sessions for teeing it up. (I'll wait & see).

Account Deleted

((Well does substance matter any more Henry, the mid terms suggest not.))

I agree. I don't know how ANYONE could overcome the hatred & lies vomited out 24-7-365 by the Democrat-Media Machine.
They cover for Dems & they hunt down anyone that opposes the Dems.

Why even have elections? Just let the media class pick who is "worthy". :(


Also, DrJ, on the outside of your house is the telcom box. If you open that you will see the modular plug where the providers wires end and your house wires begin. You can unplug that connection and plug your corded phone in there directly.

If everything works well then you isolated the problem to the household wiring. If it is still flawed then it is a telco problem.

I hope that helps.

Manuel Transmission

DrJ, here’s my take:

If I were designing a cellphone, I’d put an AGC circuit on the ear speaker signal. That would have the effect of evening out the fluctuations in incoming signal strength. Your land line doesn’t have that. The reason I think there is one in cellphones, is that I notice that sometimes background noise like wind will swoosh in and almost drown out the voice in a manner that doesn’t fit the other person’s circumstance. ie, not in a windstorm. I also suspect there is an AGC on the other end that may be modulated by motion of the cellphone that may also aggravate what you hear.



Katherine Herridge spotted one line in the released 2 pages that might conceivably be construed as a problem for Trump due to Trump's earlier statements. I suppose she will repeat it a few times today, so we shall see. I see Danang Dick Blumenthal is already up saying this is "another piece of the mosaic", using Comey's language as red meat for the ravenous Left.


Rush is up , so here's his take.

Account Deleted

Yeah, James.
I hear ya again. :(


"Hillary was expected to win. SO why all of this spying?”

Maybe they spied everyone, likely or not.
Heck, they probably kept tabs on Bernie since he was a direct competitor while Repubs were only potential opponents.


Did I forget the link? D'oh!


Account Deleted

Where's Rudy?

Account Deleted

Chicago raids by Feds.... Wray announced anything about it yet?

Account Deleted

The Twitter comments are unbearable. The "now we got him" cockiness verges on comedy. One said that the Watergate investigation hadn't netter nearly as many indictments as the Mueller investigation.

How many indictments do the Rachel Maddow fanboys believe Mueller's got in his vest pocket?

Manuel Transmission

Out here in the People’s Republic of Western Washington, we have a corrupt POS State AG (probably a Soros implant) who has been trying to destroy a gadfly citizen we’ve met.

This letter just came over the transom this morning:

My dearest friends:

For 6 long years, I’ve been slammed with the most intense, soul-crushing government litigation against a private individual in state history. While the AG has had unlimited resources to assign teams of taxpayer-financed lawyers to bury me and my attorneys in an endless maze of motions and procedures, my legal costs have had to be funded privately (from my family’s limited resources and from financial support from folks like you). I was doing the best I could to keep up.

But 2 things happened recently that brought me to the breaking point:

1. The AG decided to go after my wife, a full-time mom with no connection whatsoever to my political efforts. My wife is a very private person with serious health challenges and the stress and strain on her was literally unbearable.

2. After 6 long years, the trial was finally going to be heard on Nov 26 of this year. But the AG saw how costly the investigative phase was for me so they decided to pile on, asking the court for 3 additional months to investigate. My attorneys warned that meant losing the trial date. The judge nonetheless granted their extension, causing a massive delay. The trial was reset ... to Jan 2020! Here’s why an extra 14 months was so devastating: last month’s legal bill from just one of my attorneys was $80,000!

Bankruptcy was my only option.

What’s bankruptcy going to cost me? The amount that the government, the lawyers, and others are going to take from me is the value of all my assets on the day I filed for bankruptcy. That includes our home, cars, furniture, savings, etc. And it will be the bankruptcy judge, not the AG, who will decide how much I owe. I’ll then have years under a payment plan to pay that amount using future earnings and/or the sale of assets, like our home. It’s going to be the most difficult financial challenge I’ve ever faced. But again, I have no choice.

The end of a 25-year marriage. When my wife met me, I was living a normal, quiet life. I had a small mail-order company marketing fraternity watches that I ran out of my Bellevue apartment. We met at a friend’s birthday party on May 14, 1993 and got married 12 months later. For many years, it was just the two of us living a normal, quiet life. That changed dramatically when political activism became the passion of my life. As you can imagine, it’s far from normal and certainly not quiet. Even so, she’s always been completely supportive. But recently, the stress and strain and intense pressure from the escalating litigation became unbearable.

First and foremost, I ask you to keep us in your prayers. As you can imagine, this whole thing has been and continues to be too overwhelming to fully express. We wish there was another way. Please know that we have talked it through, prayed about it, and firmly believe this is the only way forward.

It is my life’s mission to do what I’m doing. My family understands that, respects that, and supports me in that. They realize it’s important work. But even more than that, they know – because they’ve seen it all their lives – that there’s nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than being a political activist and working with all of you to help our fellow citizens. It’s what I was meant to do. For 20 years, I’ve done the best I could, fighting for taxpayers and being the best husband and father I could. Even though the path I’m following has resulted in significant sacrifices that I still have not fully absorbed, I’m going to keep at it because our work together is needed now more than ever.

And I’m going to keep going for another reason: there’s simply no way I’m going to let the government get away with this. If they shut me down, who’s next?

I want to thank you all for your friendship and understanding during this very difficult time. The challenges before me – the costs to continue fighting together to protect the taxpayers, raising enough so the $500K that Karen and I loaned to the $30 Tabs Initiative is repaid, fighting the government’s litigation against me during bankruptcy, providing for my family after the divorce, earning a living – are much too great to handle on my own. I hope you’ll help me and support me in the years to come.

Regards, Tim Eyman

So, it ain’t just at the Federal level.


Kevlar, nobody is saying nothing. More ominous that way. From what Chitown Lurker says, Burke is the top crook of IL. CL does not expect Burke to be alive more than a week after an indictment is announced. Hopefully Wray has him stored in a safe place, and can get him singing. Meanwhile Madigan (state majority leader), Madigan’s daughter (state ag), JB Pritzger (gov elect), and Dick Durban (plus the rest of IL in Congress) are filling depends and shredding documents at lightening speed.

Old Lurker

Jim re DrJ:

3) Try to plug the borrowed (or even existing) landline phone into a jack right at the TelCom incoming terminal block (often there is a test jack already in place, if not install one it is only two wires), and disconnect all the downstream wiring from that block.

My house has "miles" of internal wiring from 45 years, and every time I have DrJ's problem it is interference from one of the branches and sometimes from a defective device connected in another room. Every single time I think it is a bad incoming signal, it turns out to be on my side of the Terminal Block.

Old Lurker

Having said that, I do know of one neighbor who did have a bad connection from his neighborhood's TelCom distribution box to his own Incoming Terminal Block. Verizon was trying to convert us all to FIOS and were not supporting their copper customers as well as in the past.



Good suggestion. My telephone is on a comparatively-recent copper line from the main box; it does travel about 30 yards to reach the telephone. I'll try it at the junction box.

I did get another odd problem solved. After about a half hour on the telephone, the volume would decrease to near zero, making the calls worthless. The AT&T tech switched lines, and that solved it.

Now to fix the other!

Old Lurker

DrJ be sure to test after temporarily disconnecting all other wires from the block so it is "just you and the incoming line".

If it is still bad...bitch to the phone company again.

Also this "The AT&T tech switched lines, and that solved it" says a lot about the problem being on their side, not yours.


Sun Times on the Burke raid:


TL:DR. Lots of Feds, no comment from any Fed office. More Feds piling in throughout the morning.


Dr J - Not sure if you are using a wireless phone or an RJ-11 physical connection and if it is a direct landline or provided across the Internet (DSL, Cable Modem, Phoneline Router, etc).

Many home wireless phones operate on 2.4 GHz spectrum, which is affected by usage of a microwave or WiFi Router or even Bluetooth devices (they all use 2.4 GHz). These phones do break down over time and the reason I went with 5 GHz as the connections and devices seem to be "stable" longer (but do not go as far).

Many cell phone/network providers are setting the phones for WiFi Calling now as a default, which can include connecting to WiFi locations outside the home offered by the cell phone/network providers or any saved on the phone by users. My wife and I both experience the type of issues you are describing with this setting on. If you are connected to a WiFi Router, then all calls route through WiFi instead of cellular networks. If one is in an area that does not get good/stable cell coverage, this setting can use your locations WiFi Network out to the Public Internet.

In Android Phones (8.x), you can go and turn this off at Settings->Connections->Advanced Calling->Wi-Fi Calling. I have no need for this feature as there are multiple towers nearby, including a brand new 5G tower about a mile away.

I hope this helps!

Old Lurker

Had to turn Rush off...a very rare event.

His high volume repetitive explanation about how this Mueller "A Bomb" isn't just wears me out.

Trump is on defense, and will remain on defense, solely because he failed to execute Equal Justice upon arriving in office. Related to that failure was his failing to immediately, that very day, asking Sessions to step down because with the recusal he could not do the job.

All his problems since and now for sure with a Dem House, stem from not delivering on that one campaign promise "she would be in jail".

Manuel Transmission

Lots of comments that may help DrJ, but his original request was for his landline receiving calls from (all? many?) cellphones.



Thanks for that Sun Times article. Many of the ignoramuses on Twitter think that "Burke did Trump's taxes for 12 years."

Obviously, they think income taxes whenever they hear the word tax. Unbelievable.


Rush's overall take is that this is about nothing other than Impeachment, and Mueller's push is that he will charge Trump with having lied about having advance knowledge about the Meeting at Trump Tower with Veselnitskya, that meeting allegedly having taken place to get dirt on Hillary from colluding Russians. Rush is saying that Mueller's aim is to insinuate that the intent of that meeting was "collusion," which BTW is not illegal. Rush says that Don Jr and maybe Son-in-law Jared and Manafort said that Trump did not know in about the meeting in advance. Rush says that now Cohen has said that Trump did know about it because Cohen says he told Trump about it. Rush says Manafort and Corsi have both said that Mueller has been trying to get them to swear that Trump knew about the meeting in advance, but both of those 2 according to Rush have said Trump did not know in advance and they will not swear to what Mueller is badgering them to swear to since it ain't true.

Now with Cohen saying it did happen, Mueller, in Rush's opinion, is poised to push this as Trump knew and therefore Trump lied about it because Trump wanted to hide the "collusion," even tho' "Collusion" is not illegal, but supposedly lying about it is illegal and impeachable. That's what I heard as Rush's take, so that is what we are looking forward to in the months to come.

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