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November 14, 2018


Richard Campbell



Nice job, Mr Campbell!
Welcome to JOM


No shit Sherlock.

Captain Hate

Dimwit scammers reviewing dimwit scammers. Only in academia...

matt - deplore me if you must

This is the study that the IPCC was using to raise the Chicken Little alarm a few weeks ago.

It seems there have been several studies debunking the AGW crowd. If the NASA solar minimum prediction comes true, what will the airheads say then?

It really sort of debunks all of their claims if suddenly the atmosphere cools and the oceans with it. We may have to worry about frost on the Great Barrier Reef and a new Ice Age.

Where's Al Gore when you need him?

Jim Eagle


What's that old trope, "there are lies, lies, and statistics".

Tokyo Moe

The Dems don't even have their meager control of the House yet and already their grand "ideas" are tanking the market. Keep those brilliant ideas coming Maxine, Schiff, Pelosi, Cryin' Chuck, Clyburn & Occasional Tardo!!!! The next two years will be fun! And Trump's second term even more fun!!


..why was he bypassed as Acting AG and stripped of his Mueller oversight?

And if Trump does that to him, then why let him keep his job at all? Maybe it's their arrangement that they won't blow each other up (and thus roil the country) with what they know about each other, and - big bonus!- they each get to keep their jobs. I think that might make as much sense as any theory, and doesn't require Rosenstein to wear a specifically-colored hat.

Captain Hate

Cryin' Shecky Schooooomer must really be worried about what Whittaker will do.


I was working from this:



DeNiro at it again with cursing out POTUS; I say give him something to whine about and have the Secret Service pick him up for threatening POTUS and question him for about 12 hours. As an Italian-American, it always galls me to see such dregs of humanity like DeNiro and Avenatti (and, unfortunately, quite few others) coming from "my group".

Eye Doctor .


You are a moron!


What is deniro up to now, yet another mob film, that's original:



You and me both, hrts. They've disgusted me since I was a little kid.

Dave (in MA)

You'd prefer Fockers VI or whatever they're up to?


I once had the pleasure of convincing an entire jury to convict a scumbag Italian who was directing a heroin operation from prison, where he was already serving time for drug dealing. (We didn't know the phone calls were from prison.) I was the only guilty vote on the first ballot.

And - believe it or not! - I was just handed a jury duty notification not 10 seconds ago. Coincidence?


No i prefer he retire, although ending up grabbing with alec Baldwin in a rough equivalent


Turns out it's just a questionnaire.

Frau Wissenschaft

If the conclusion fits the favored narrative it slides more easily through the peer review process.

Must be New-school science.



You have used two dates in your reply to me so I am confused.

Please clarify.

Miss Marple, My mistake.

The 29th, between about 10 or 11 AM and 3 PM. Sorry to cause confusion. Typo.


So acosta suing the secret service agent, that removed him.


After, narciso, filming himself telling the agent, when he gave up his badge, "I know you're just doing your job".


Yeah, narc. The guy who Acosta said on video was just doing his job. I assume Fox is on board.


DOJ Releases Legal Opinion Defending Matthew Whitaker Serving as Acting A.G.

Department officials had previously advised the White House that Mr. Trump could designate Mr. Whitaker as acting attorney general, a senior Justice Department official said Wednesday.

“As all three branches of government have long recognized, the President may designate an acting official to perform the duties of a vacant principal office, including a Cabinet office, even when the acting official has not been confirmed by the Senate,” the department wrote in its opinion.


Dem Sen Brown: ‘If Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Win in Georgia, They Stole It’

Brown said, “[W]e’ll never give in on voting rights. We have seen what — if Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it. It’s clear. It’s clear. I say that publicly. It’s clear. What they’re trying to do in Florida, to the gubernatorial candidate and to the Senate candidate running for re-election. What they tried to do in Ohio, with some success, by voter purging. What they did in Georgia, when they shut down rural precincts that were predominantly African-Americans, where many people simply don’t have transportation to get to the polls.”

Brown continued, “That’s what they do. They can’t win elections. Because there’s way more of us than there are of them. They can’t win elections fairly. They win elections by redistricting and reapportionment and voter suppression and all the ways they try to scare people, particularly people of color, how they make it hard for people on college campuses, especially community college, where there are more low-income people and more people of color. We know those despicable laws are often aimed that way. And we must make sure, obviously, that every vote’s counted in Georgia and Florida and everywhere else.”


That was Sherrod (D-OH), btw.


Otherwise known as restraining order,


Michelle Obama Tells Oprah She Cried for 30 Minutes After Trump’s Inauguration

Former First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey she cried for 30 minutes after President Trump’s inauguration. Obama, who is currently on a 12 city book tour, told Oprah Winfrey she broke down crying on the plane after Trump was sworn in. She says it had nothing to do with Trump.

“When I got on the plane, I sobbed for 30 minutes,” she said. “I think it was just the release of eight years trying to do everything perfectly.”

“I said to Barack, ‘That was so hard, what we just did. That was so hard.'”



It's incredible that Dems try to portray the Republicans as the voting cheats; Dems have a long, glorious history stretching back at least to stealing the Presidency for JFK. After Trump gets the House back in 2020 would be a great time to back a Federal voting guideline that tells each state that, whatever else they want to do in their individual states, they must insist on voter picture ID and they must have a paper back-up to all votes, or else just paper ballots.


I can sort of relate to Moochelle here - I laughed for 30 minutes after Hillary's loss.


I was just handed a jury duty notification not 10 seconds ago.

Jury Duty---All the cool kids at JOM are doing it!


I was the only guilty vote on the first ballot.

12 Angry Extranei


That can't be a real name:



DOJ Releases Legal Opinion Defending Matthew Whitaker Serving as Acting A.G.

Just a question.

Does the apparent pushback from the White House in support of Whitaker's appointment indicate to you guys that Trump really wants Whitaker and that therefore Whitaker is part of his strategy, or do you think they are just pushing back because they have to push back against the Media/Lefty attacks and they really don't care if it's Whitaker or somebody else?

I think it can be read either way, but after reading Sundance I think Whitaker is crucial to Trump's planning, since I consider Rod Rosenstein a corrupt defender of the Deep State.


Thank you for your post!
You have made my day.
So happy to see that Kemp beat her decisively and now we just have to wait for the slowpoke media to call it.
I will never forgive FoxNews calling the House while people were still voting in California.
I am sure that made a difference in all those western House races and really screwed things up in California.

Eye Doctor .

Tommy boy

The dems scream protect Mueller and Rosenstein.

You scream trust Mueller and Rosenstein.

What's the difference?

Posted by: Eye Doctor . | November 14, 2018 at 02:59 PM

Tommy boy

Was/is Eric Holder Corrupt? Loretta Lynch?

Posted by: Eye Doctor . | November 14, 2018 at 03:05 PM

Tommy boy

Is it not the dems that are selling the nonsense that Rosenstein was just being sarcastic about wearing a wire on Trump.

You repeatidly push the dems talking points here.

Posted by: Eye Doctor . | November 14, 2018 at 03:12 PM


I think President Trump welcomes a man of strength after let us face it, two lightweights at Justice in the AG role.
The howling by the Left is our proof that this changes the dynamic in a manner that is going to hurt their narrative and the ultimate result of this complete waste of money , time and manpower.


So Mueller is going to use the excuse of witness intimidation, to justify indicting roger stone, see how this works.



Excellent post. Really enjoyed reading the 2 linked stories.


That is a lot of stolen SSNs:

Charlie Kirk
‏Verified account @charliekirk11

A Yale study finds there are more than DOUBLE the amount of illegal aliens in our country than we previously thought

Up to 29 MILLION!

That means up to 18 million have been living in the shadows and HIDING from the US government & draining our economy

Build. The. Wall



The peace negotiating racket is the biggest business:



When will they finalize the Georgia governor’s race?
Kemp has declared victory and has resigned as Secretary of State.
Abrams and her gal pals are whining in a press conference.


Good news the judge’s ruling allowing Palm Beach extension until November 20th has been referred to a federal court.
If unsuccessful they should be forced to work the weekend , both days to get this completed.

Old Lurker

Henry, combine your 3:26 with the recent Powerline story about the number of illegals casting votes, and please explain to me why we think this is a Constitutional government.


Illegals are everywhere.
They are draining financial resources and overcrowding our schools and bringing disease if they come through illegally.
This has to stop as American citizens are the ultimate victims.


USA Headline from catch-up: Sperm don't like heat, so climate change could damage male fertility, study says

Then the Left ought to be celebrating, because they won't have to perform so many abortions, and Ted Turner won't have to kill 5 Billion humans to get to his number that he thinks is the correct amount of humans on the planet.


Trump absolutely wants Whitaker. Bigtime.

* * *

On the question of white hats or black hats, I readily admit I could be wrong and that I have faith in Trump and his decisions to sort it all out.

I just don't get the sense that some of y'all, in all of your certainty, know how to admit the same -- especially that "faith in Trump and his decisions to sort it all out" stuff.

* * *

RG states that Rosenstein knew the duplicity of Congress.

There is nothing duplicitous about Jordan,Meadows and Goodlatte and Gaetz and Radcliffe.Rosenstein was covering his rear/ end and protecting the corrupt DOJ from embarassment and having their criminal activities exposed.

How in fact do those actions help our President?

Posted by: maryrose | November 14, 2018 at 12:14 PM

MaryRose, do remember this: when it comes to Congress, our problem quite often is much more with the staffers as opposed to the members.

This is not an inconsequential point. Democrats are experts at exploiting their advantages with staff or . . . those in relationships with staff.

Jim Eagle


Half of them are here in The Hamptons mowing lawns, trimming hedges, driving recklessly, and living 30 to a house in Hampton Bays.

BTW, I do not believe Trump when he says "[he] doesn't know Matt Whitaker." When is the last time Trump promoted someone in his organization or in Government, he didn't vet or know first hand? Of course, he knows him, and thinks highly of him because he is a lot like Trump but a modicum of gentleman's manners.

Just follow the guys career from high school to today. Takes no shit off anyone, and can break your neck in a nano-second. We need more Whitakers, Zinke's, and Crenshaws to shut the left up.


Trouble in Florida

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Update:Have now heard audio of a @FlaDems volunteer in Palm Beach County calling voter who needed to fix mail ballot. Message clear that call came during recount, which is after they can be fixed

“we are now doing a recount, so we want to make sure you let your vote be counted”
Quote Tweet

Matt Dixon
Without telling anyone publicly, last Friday Florida election officials sent examples of election documents with altered dates


Full story

Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats



He knew of him because of grassley and clovis, yes his the Jason statham of the justice department.

Eye Doctor .

Gibberish RG


I was on standby for jury duty today but learned at 5 yesterday they were only taking groups 1 - 3 today and I was 4. Hooray!

Posted by: rse

As I was saying, Jury Duty---All the cool kids at JOM are doing it!

Eye Doctor .

Yes, you are wrong RG

And your wait and see cheerleading is aiding the Deep State!


As well as can be expected:



Then the Left ought to be celebrating, because they won't have to perform so many abortions

Wrong, the Left thinks abortion is something to shout about.

Jim Eagle


I was only called once for jury duty, when I was living in San Francisco. It was an asbestos destroyed my lungs case. I was like No. 56 for the voir dire. Judge was a lady that I happened to know. I get in the box, and the first question is about asbestos, and what do I know. Well, it just so happens that my first job in the field on a power plant with Humongous Engineering and Construction was to manage the Insulation Contract which was still using asbestos.

As soon as I opened my mouth, the Judge must have been reading my questionaire and yelled out "thank you Mr. L, you are excused." That was like in 1998, and I haven't been called since then.


Once again you have the news I want to hear.
This direct violation of election law.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It's incredible that Dems try to portray the Republicans as the voting cheats;--

The head shrinkers call that projection.

Miss Marple

Posted this at the end of the last thread:

New twist on Florida heard on the radio while I was out getting a few things ahead of the SNOW AND ICE we are to get tonight:

Federal prosecutors are investigating absentee ballot instructions on 2 counties in the Panhandle (GOP friendly and hit by the hurricane). Instructions said the deadline for receiving them was the Thursday after the election rather than the Monday before. Apparently this alteration of ballot instructions is a federal felony.

So, it looks to me like they were all about allowing Broward and Palm Beach votes while depressing or negating Panhandle votes. They apparently have the instructions voters recieved, so there is a clear case for investigation.

Eye Doctor .

Projection is the the tool used to start the Mueller "investigation"

Jim Eagle


Half of those shouting are trannies, doing some batshit crazy projecting:)

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Not seen in many years, America’s steelworkers get a hard-earned raise because of my Administration’s policies to help bring back the U.S. steel industry, which is critical to our National Security. I will always protect America and its workers!

Old Lurker

MM, pardon me if I am somewhat jaded when hearing that something provides a good basis for investigation by Federal prosecutors.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Was just briefed by @FEMA_Brock and @SecretaryZinke, who are in California. Thank you to the great Firefighters, First Responders and @FEMA for the incredible job they are doing w/ the California Wildfires. Our Nation appreciates your heroism, courage & genius. God Bless you all!

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Just spoke to Governor Jerry Brown to let him know that we are with him, and the people of California, all the way!


It must have killed Jerry Brown to take that phone call.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

I understand, but Whitaker is now in charge and there is clear evidence. We will see. I am hopeful.

Miss Marple


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--And now the original authors are admitting that there are problems.--

As I pointed out in the last thread they were only copping to Lewis's minor point that they're uncertainty calcs were off.
However the comment below at Nic Lewis's second article indicates one of the main authors has agreed with both of Lewis's corrections;

Keeling has a guest post at RealClimate. He agrees both the trend and uncertainty calculations were wrong. Absent another change (a reduction in the “oxidative ratio of land carbon” from the original 1.1 to 1.05), the corrected trend result (0.9)would have matched Nic’s calculated trend almost exactly.

Keeling a clearly a stand-up guy, and I applaud him addressing the issue directly.

Obviously this Keeling dude doesn't know how to Mann up, climate scientist style.

Jim Eagle

Since Marty is here: Chapter 22):

Where we left off].

“Well, Caprice, Richard and Director Fay, it is not the President, at least not this one, but his predecessor, and a number of his former staff, “ the Judge said to 3 sets of wide-open eyes.

“In fact, I have distilled the threat down to one powerful force, The Open Border Society, its financial clique, Mr. George Scurrilous, Tom Speyer, and their agent inside, Valerie Ferret (pronounced ‘Fur Eh’}.” The Judge then turned to Mike Rogers and asked for him to begin the briefing.

But before Rogers could start, the Judge’s cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and said, “Sorry, this is important, I need to take it, make yourselves comfortable, I’ll be back shortly.”

The Judge walked into his office and said into the phone, “Yes, Director Pompeii, I am in my SCIF equipped office, you may talk in confidence.”

In the following years, in the United States, it’s 350 million citizens, will never know how close they came to witnessing a coup against its President. But the Judge knows and soon, his guests will know how close.

Ernie Souchak finished his beer and pizza and continued to wait for the return call.

He wondered what this was all about, and soon he would find out, as soon as the Judge finished his phone call.

Returning to the room, the Judge, slowly walked over to the bar, and poured himself three fingers of Balvinie single malt scotch, turned to his companions, and announced quietly, “game on”. Caprice, and her friends could only look quizzical as the Judge walked across the room to a panel on the wall that revealed a hidden screen. As it opened, he murmured, “our last hope”, and with that a video came on of a strange little bedraggled man sitting in what appeared to be a bar with a pizza parlor.

“Only Souchak, can help us now.” The Judge said, suddenly agitated.

“It has come to this, because we have lost our ability to confidently ferret out the coup participants.” A startled Caprice Mellman, stood up, and said, ”what the hell are you talking about, Judge?”

But before he could answer, Admiral Rogers, rose, and said, “They have covered their tracks by leaving false flags, like the recent OpEd in the Times. It was a ruse to divert from policy, accomplishments, and the MAGA agenda, the mid-term strategy. Nothing but a ruse.”

The room was silent, as 5 sets of eyes looked at each other in a Fibonacci sequence, one after the other. “Who do I trust?”, the great strategy of all inside conspirators, “who is with me and who is against me?” Working its magic in Poolesville, until the Judge, said “We need to start planning our counter, and now.”

All eyes were now on the distinguished guy by the bar with a full two inches of scotch left in his glass. A rush by four to make another, and then the confident look of patriots about to embark on the most daring mission to save their country, while still keeping a trust that the great American people will understand and support them, once successful.

As the Poolesville contingent were taxing their considerable talents to come up with a plan, Ernie Souchak was enjoying his second pint, waiting for a return call but gladly enjoying the air conditioning, and the ambiance of DuPont Circle. That was about to change.

Jack Isbaic, was waiting patiently at a gay bar, called The Fireplace, down the street from Pizzeria Paradiso, , trying to pretend he was not interested in mid-day pickup conversations. Nursing a beer until he got his instructions from The Judge. It couldn’t come soon enough for Jack. He had been waiting to make the move on the cabal he helped uncover. And it was so deep and wide that only a nuclear solution (as a metaphor) would work. That would be indictments, frog marches, major media coverage, and full-throated outrage by the American population. But Jack knew that was reaching far in anyone’s imagination. This was Washington, D.C. the center of the so-called Deep State, which of course, was a misnomer, since it was monolithic not just deep.

Now, we have a social “asshole” as POTUS , who doesn’t “give a shit” because he wasn’t in the job for political brownie points but because he was a patriot who wanted to put America back in its exceptional leadership role, plus grab the socialistic policy moves away from the unelected bureaucrats and instill competent management. That was a declaration of war to the “eastern elitist establishment, and their sister faction, “the Globalists”. This would be a multi-front war. But war it must be. Every other tactic had failed.

When Jack’s phone rang, he was getting ready to order another beer, but this was more important than sucking on a Mic Light. The voice on the other end was a familiar baritone with a touch of single malt scotch.


“Yes, Judge, I am here. What’s up?” more curious than flippant.

“You remember our friend, Mr. Souchak? Of course, you do, silly question, but he is around the area, and I need you to restart his mission application. You do have your code with you?”
“Judge, I have everything. Give me the particulars, and your directions.”

“Very well. He is sitting on a bar stool at Pizza Paradiso, up the street from you. He will be anxious, nervous, and most likely leaning toward inebriation.”

“Yes sir. And you want me to re-activate him via his chip?” Jack was getting his warrior senses on high alert.

“Jack, I need Ernie to infiltrate a local firm known as GSM Futures, as an applicant for a position they have posted as a Political Analyst. Is that possible in your program?”

“Judge, yes. Consider it done.”

It took Jack about 10 minutes to walk to the Pizza joint, while all the time calling up his program app, and figuring out the best way to deploy it on Ernie. Actually, I would love to have a beer, at least a craft beer, with him, Jack was thinking. But, if I do then I could risk the mission, if he recognizes me from prior encounters.

“Hey Ernie”, Jack said as he walked in to Pizza Paradiso, and saw Souchak at the end of the bar. Ernie Souchak, who had finally dried out his shirt, started to sweat again.

“Do I know you?”, Ernie said with a touch of fear.

“Yeah, we met back at the Comet Ping Pong Pizzaria, remember?”

It was then before Ernie’s memory could lock in, that Jack pushed the button on his app, and Ernie started to sit up, smile, and say, “Hi Jack, good to see you again, What’s up?

So far, good, Jack thought. Now what the hell do I tell him so that he goes to work and doesn’t spill the beans? Well, how about being direct.

“Ernie, how you doing?” That was easy.

“I’m fine. What are you doing here? Something for me to do?”

“Ernie as a matter of fact, yes, we have another mission for your unrivaled skills in asking questions but offering nothing else in return. My boss thinks you are a one of a kind and so special, that you are perfect for this next insert.” Jack was getting to the point of delaying any information until he could order one of Pardiso’s many craft beers.

“This time I am choosing the “Corruption Nitro” 6% IPA, since I need to be a sober as possible”, Jack was thinking.

It was then his thought was interrupted by the bartender, and he resorted to the automatic reply, “just a house draft, please”. Damn why didn’t I take my time, he admonished himself.

Ernie was still smiling when Jack told him his mission. “You apply to GSM as an accomplished political investigator. Your bona fides and CV have been created. Just go to your personal home page in Word. You’ll find them.”

“We need you inserted tomorrow. Here is the ad in The Hill, from GSM. Just go there with the docs., understand?”

Ernie was happy. He was on a mission again. But this time not at his direction but that of a happy bunch of scotch drinkers in Poolesville, MD.

[To Be Continued]


From catch-up: Sedated tiger cub found at Mexican airport in plastic container intended for air shipment.

daddy, Are you guys having to check for this type of thing?

Posted by: Miss Marple

Miss M,

I thinks so. We just got an internal notification of this 2 nights back which I see has now hit Captain Hate's home paper: Hazmat, bomb squad respond to Cleveland Hopkins Airport for suspicious package

CLEVELAND -- Hazmat crews and the bomb squad responded to a situation at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport early Tuesday morning.

Cleveland police say multiple law enforcement agencies were called to the 5000 block of Postal Drive for a suspicious package around 7 a.m.

"The preliminary information indicates that an employee of a delivery service [FedEx] came into contact with the suspicious package," according to Cleveland police. "He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation."

Company generally does a good job of keeping us in the loop, especially since they know that rumor's will rush through the crew force faster than a California brush fire.


The head shrinkers call that projection.

That would give them too much credit. They know who is doing the stealing, and are just blowing smoke. I would call it "The best defense is a good offense," or "Preemptive accusation." Or maybe "Look, squirrel."


You guys who are caught up probably already know this but FOX reporting that McCarthy defeats Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader.

Captain Hate

I just don't get the sense that some of y'all, in all of your certainty, know how to admit the same -- especially that "faith in Trump and his decisions to sort it all out" stuff.

Like the multiple times I've told Tom there's a lot that I don't know but I'm sure Trump knows everything?

Old Lurker

Yes we do, Daddy. It already has been called Failure Theater, Act II.


pardon me if I am somewhat jaded when hearing that something provides a good basis for investigation by Federal prosecutors.


Don't tell me you don't you think the exoneration of Mrs Bernie Sanders yesterday wasn't on the up and up?


Sperm don't like heat, so climate change could damage male fertility, study says

Yeah, fertility in hot-weather countries seems really on the decline lately. Eyeroll.


The deadline for ballot totals is still tomorrow at 3:00pm in Florida.
I am sorry but this story and Georgia and California are the only ones I can get my head around.
The last time I had to go through this madness I was a much younger 50 years old.
Good thing I don’t have a heart condition.


Is Paul Ryan out of the House Speaker position yet? I am desperate for something to celebrate.

Tom R

BTW, I do not believe Trump when he says "[he] doesn't know Matt Whitaker."

I did not believe Trump when he said all the things he said about Sessions recusal.

How are Trump supporters supposed to know when to take what he says literally and when not to?


Mrs Sanders getting off scot free reminds me of Awan getting off free and clear.
If a Dem, do whatever the hell you want.
One step further.
No charges will be filed in Florida against the criminals trying to throw the election to Nelson.
Because Nelson has no conscience he should not be in the Senate any longer.


...why was he bypassed as Acting AG and stripped of his Mueller oversight?

Posted by: Old Lurker | November 14, 2018 at 12:58 PM

Probably because that was the plan all along. Why the heck do *you* think Sessions hired Matt Whitaker as his Chief of Staff ???

Do you have any idea how closely Chiefs of Staff must work with their agency heads ???

You do know those transition landing teams had a purpose, correct? That Trump (and, ahem, Sessions) are capable of putting together a . . . plan, right?

Until proven otherwise, the better bet to me is to acknowledge they are proceeding forward with their plan.

And . . . that it is working remarkably well.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, I don't accept for a moment that Trump knows everything. a) he couldn't possibly even if the organization wanted him to, and b) much of the organization is hiding the ball from him on purpose all the time and hope to pop it on him at the worst possible time so that he will fail.

Not sure who you were quoting, but "y'all in all your certainty" puts us in a position of knowing with certainty and we all have admitted often that we do not...but that makes a nice straw man to blow down. Further "faith in Trump and his decisions to sort it all out" is unsupportable unless one inserts the words "to try" before to sort it all out. Having faith in Trump to actually accomplish all that rises to the level of "God will provide" and while He might, I don't place Trump at that level.

Eye Doctor .

There it is, Tommy did not believe him

Those are the kind of cold hard facts that drive the wait and see movement.

Good stuff, Tommy

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

An example of government efficiency;
If you want a copy of your DD-214, your discharge, you fill out an online form that should speed things up, right?
Except you still have to print out a form and mail it to them before they can do anything.
And then they tell you not to even contact them before 90 days are up as a follow up.


Sperm don't like heat, so climate change could damage male fertility, study says

I thought Costanza already settled the science on sperm and their preference for hot versus cold:

Eye Doctor .

Yeah RG, we get it. Wait and see.

What a great idea. Did you come up with that?


Common sense.
After firing Sessions it looks like Trump meant what he said about the recusal.


I remember that Seinfeld episode.


Reading back a little further, to last night in fact, and hearing "You're so vain" playing loudly deep in the recesses of my brain . . . Iggy? KK?

Billy Dee or Lou Rawls? This black man is pleased to be linked to either, *including* the Budweiser or Colt 45 discussion. Just gimme a cold one!

* * *

I think the Florida vote situation (if the unlikely theft event suddenly *becomes* likely) will eventually lead to all of us having a greater appreciation for Chief Justice Roberts.

Why, you ask?

I've always respected how he bent over backwards to defer to the political process, and said the ObamaCare debate should be settled -- if at all possible -- in the political arena. And he did that as an explicit acknowledgment that first among equals in our governmental structure is the legislative branch of government. For me, if there must be a third among equals it is the judicial branch -- as the branch *most* removed from the people.

The progressive regressives, however, and to the detriment of the country, have turned this upside down and slavishly made the judiciary first among equals. Most of their social and cultural advancements could not have been secured via the prescribed routes, requiring popular support. No sir, buddy. They did it through the courts.

Trump is leading a national re-set back to the norm. That action was prompted most beautifully by Chief Justice Roberts not taking the politically expedient course to shoot down ObamaCare but, instead, showing severe restraint. The political explosion that followed brought us the right man for this most important moment.

History may shower Justice Roberts with some well-deserved praise for that controversial decision of his.

So, his restraint re ObamaCare leads me to believe it is highly unlikely these elections can be stolen in Florida where a highly partisan Supervisor of Elections, in contravention of a law explicity written by the Legislature to specifically avoid partisan nonsense, dares to crap all over the sanctity of the voting process in an all-out effort to benefit her political party.

Nope, nope, nope. If necessary, equal protection will be trotted out once again from the United States Supreme Court to slap down this attempted theft.

Once Governor Ron DeSantis is in office and Senator Rick Scott is in DC, I fully expect the Trump Administration to start rolling out some data mining work-product from the DHS vote fraud investigation (hopefully in conjunction with some undercover work around the country).

Good times, ladies and gentlemen, good times.

* * *

Okay, I've overdosed for the day (week? month?). But I'm anxious to hear what the board thinks about all of this Florida / Justice Roberts stuff -- especially our legal beagles. The Soros crowd hand-selected Andrew Gillum circa 2012 for the role he just played. They likely did the same with Stacey Abrams in Georgia. And all of it was supposed to play out while President Hillary Clinton was in office.

The audacity of it is impressive as hell. And they almost pulled it off.

Eye Doctor .


You are probably one of those bad machines that believes your own eyes.


Prison reform presser with President Trump presiding.
Praising House and Senate persons and chuckling about the word bipartisan in the new bill.



If you're getting your DD-214 see if you can get one for John Kerry.

How many days has it been now Rich, since Kerry promised us he'd release it? 4,000?


Nice to see Tim Scott front and center.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He's prolly just still waiting on the National Archives, daddy.
Told you they were slow.

Old Lurker

Hi there RG, hope you are recovering. Nice to have new people to piss off. :-)

I had to chuckle at your smack down of me at 4:31 and wish I had the JOM Archives search skills that Hit & Run used to have because you just used a tone almost word for word of the tone you used a year ago with me when you asked me, derisively, "have you even read the new law that empowers the new DoJ IG to get to the bottom of all these crimes and see how much more powerful it is than the old law...don't you know that Sessions and Trump have read it and that is obviously part of the plan you refuse to acknowledge?"

Sorry. Heard that song a long time ago and do wonder how that Trump-Sessions plan is working so remarkably well as you say? Joke, right?

I wonder how many previous federal crimes are no longer within the Statute of Limitation that were when your plan was cooked up?


Excellent post and your article in American Greatness was top notch.

Eye Doctor .


So we should wait and see on Roberts?


Sperm don't like heat, so climate change could damage male fertility, study says

So sperm counts and fertility are lower in hotter countries?


Old Lurker

Maryrose, don't be nice to RG when I am in the process of beating on him.

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