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November 18, 2018







Wallace said he was going to go aftef trump about journalists not being the enemy of the people, according to Howard Kurtz.

I replied to Kurtz:

Is Chris Wallace a #journalist or an opinion writer? -- If he presumes to be a journalist who makes it clear to @realDonaldTrump "enemy of the people attacks go to far" he lost credibility as a journalist, is mislabeled, and may just be an enemy of the people. #FakeNews defined.


Real #Journalists approach a story with all their skills and little baggage.


Really enjoying the Final Table at the 2018 World Series of Poker. The last 2 players are a German and an American, both young guys, and exchanging huge pots back and forth each hand. Winner takes home $10 Million.


Brutally cold temperatures could stifle Black Friday sales

Maybe fewer trampling deaths?



Ocasio-Cortez was asked what her password was and she said...

When asked why such a long password she replied..
"Well, it has 8 characters and at least one Capital..."


VDH is on live with Mark Levin on FOX all Hour. He's excellent, and it's only 4 minutes into the show. Come on over.


From last thread:

daddy - I read that article that Iggy posted about the fires. It made my heart rate increase to think of those people trapped with wind whipping the smoke and flames all around them.

One of the commenters posted this which I found outrageous in a "how stupid can you be" sort of way.

The Forest service has prevented people from collecting firewood from its lands for 40 years. It stacks dead wood in piles 20 ft high and 40+ feet long. sometimes there are multiple stacks of firewood every 300 ft.
When firewood is saved for forest fires, it makes big hot fires.

Captain Hate

Since this is the earliest day Thanksgiving can be, there should be plenty of shopping opportunities.

And fuck that pinch faced scold, Chris Wallace, who headed up the bandwagon to badger the DJT people in 2016 to drop out of the race to prevent a horrible landslide loss. Some of us remember that, Chris; so fuck you in particular.

Beerstock 2018 Autumn Edition officially ends with this:



Kinda random but scenes from the construction of the Mackinaw Bridge (note: no sound).
What a tremendous project!


Sounds like the Park Service is managed by Cotton Mather.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--A video from another angle showed she had a pretty bad collision on the track just before flying through the air.--

Yeah jimmy, another driver said a guy in front of her braked early for the turn they were approaching and she had nowhere to go, which is what turned her around in the first place.


Yes this jhavala character seems to have screwed up, any fool knows you don't break excessively in a turn like that right. You decelerate.



Park Service has been operating under restrictions which were passed during the Clinton Administration.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The Forest service has prevented people from collecting firewood from its lands for 40 years. It stacks dead wood in piles 20 ft high and 40+ feet long. sometimes there are multiple stacks of firewood every 300 ft.
When firewood is saved for forest fires, it makes big hot fires.--

This whole fire thing is one of those cases where you realize how bad the press is and how little people know when it's something you're familiar with.
What she's complaining about is actually the very thing people are screaming to be done. It's not firewood. When the forest service does a thinning job nowadays the trees are brought to the landing whole and the tops and limbs are stacked in huge piles which are later burnt in the fall, winter and spring. They drag the whole tree out of the woods to reduce fuel loads by leaving the tops and limbs where the trees fall. Moreover piles of dead wood don't do much to advance a fire. Research actually shows dead trees are less of a fire hazard than green ones. That's because their needles quickly fall off just leaving a bare tree to burn. What spreads a fire are the embers from green needles that are carried hundreds of feet n the air and up to a mile ahead of the flames to start spot fires ahead of the main front and often behind containment lines.
The intensity of some of the fires could be reduced with enough thinning but more importantly prescribed burning, but the effect would not be as great as some people think.
The real problem is people. People cause most fires. Three times as many people cause three times as many fires. Three of four times as many people living in the woods means firefighters standing around trying to save houses or people rather than containing the fire.
Many more firefighters and rapid response, all weather air assets to hit fires in those first few critical hours would make the most difference IMO.
There are just too many acres to treat effectively.


The IDF is issuing leather free combat boots and wool free hats to soldiers who register as vegan so they won't be harming any living creatures. I don't know what a vegan assault rifle looks like.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Park Service only manages National parks. The Forest Service manages many times the area the Park Service does.
The Park Service is actually much more likely to let low intensity fires burn, because they have so few residents to worry about. Yosemite very often let's lightning strike fires burn themselves out if they're not threatening the Valley and aren't too, too hot.
The Forest Service doesn't have the resources to manage the amount of land it has.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Do they issue them blanks so they don't harm any living Pali creatures?


A bit of transcript between VDH and Mark Levin. The particular topic being addressed is today's Journalism:

Levin: ...could it be his very existence, (Trump) he fights back, he calls them out by name? He'll go after the media outlet. he'll say "Fake News" and ""this particular organization is the enemy of the people?

VDH: I think so. We're accustomed to "sources say," and "an anonymous and unnamed person said" and we know in a lot of those cases that just didn't happen. A person writes a creative story and calls it Journalism. Then they hide behind this facade that we are Journalists and we are professionals and we are from a hallowed Edward R Murrow tradition which is true, but it's like a chain and the weakest link destroys it. They haven't done anything in their generation to honor the people who gave them that generation, and they are actually traitors to that tradition. A guy like Jim Acosta goes to those Press Conferences with Sarah Sanders and his point is "How can I virtue signal to the people in the room that I'm morally superior, how can I make her stutter , or make her pause, or how can I tell my bosses that I'm part of the Resistance, or how can I get the CNN brand name out there up front." It's not to say to the American people "I've got to clarify, I've got to find out what the President of the United States wants." That's not the purpose of why he's there.



Buckeye, I’m pretty sure that the result of next Saturday’s game will be the same whether you go or not. 😁




If Passive Progressives really think words are violence do they know the old joke about the difference between a Harvey Weinstein pitch meeting and a roast beef sandwich?

Captain Hate

Btw I finally got around to watching "Hail Caesar" tonight. Masterful job by the Coens to get Clooney to self destruct. I'm sure in his body permed hilljack mind he rationalizes it in a way that a third rate dolt would. Just STFU and entertain me, pretty boy.


Yes its surprising that film was greenlighted, I was in a total wine and more the other day and I couldn't see any of the brews you recommended.


Isn't that the plot of Freejack?


Ah you saw that film too, Anthony Hopkins slowly reveals he's the villain even though on point of fact he's not conscious.


More Levin/VDH:

Levin:...in these Universities. We have people who want to speak at these Universities, who are shouted down, who are attacked, who have a different viewpoint. It's like the last place of the Soviet Union. You know these are supposed to be the last places for Academic freedom and Free Speech. It's the opposite of that.

VDH: Well they believe that the family, the religion, the institution, the corporation, whatever, is all biased, so they have you for 4 to 6 years, so they can be biased to counteract the larger bias. But the fact is that these institutions that are supposedly biased as you know, are becoming Progressive as well... I was a Classics Professor. It's very hard to teach Latin and Greek Grammar, or History of Western
Culture, or Thucydides, or Aristophanes, versus "let me just tell you about myself and what I had to put up with today, and what George W Bush did to me, or what Donald Trump..." That's easy. We kind of make it too difficult. A lot of this watering down of the curriculum are people who
are not educated, they are not trained well, and they just want to vent and rant, and I'm getting to the point where I think that Tenure is really a questionable institution.

Captain Hate

Not sure how much of what I pimp makes it down to Florida. Keep your eye open on Friday for Goose Island's Bourbon County Brand Stout and its variants. I got a heads up from a guy at the local grocery store to be there. Last year's batch was just outstanding and it's surprisingly affordable with ABInv underwriting things.


After hearing Owen Benjamin reference it I need to watch The Edge.


Looks like Imperator Rex's brand new Twitter account MAGAREX1 has already been singled out for censoring: @MAGAREX1

Caution: This account is temporarily restricted


Dangerous crime think daddy,


It was kind of a silly film, but they didn't screw up the timeline like what rian Johnson is doing with star wars.


Or whatever they did with the fantastic beasts films looks like they hired the scriptwriters from justice league.


I'll try that one, I don't think you'd mentioned that other evelyn Waugh tale before.


As to from here to eternity it's a much more brutal story than the film

jim nj


jim nj


Prison inmates trained to Cal Fire standards get $2 a day and $1 per hour fighting wild fires.

Some call it slave wages, but I love this quote from one inmate, now out of jail: ""I never felt like, 'I can't believe I got myself into this, what was I thinking,' " said Erickson, who now works to install redwood fences. "Was I scared at times? Yes, but I've been scared in the regular prison setting more so than on the fire line."

jim nj


"China hoped for a soft power win at APEC, instead Xi Jinping left dissatisfied."

jim nj

Should I, shouln't I, oh, WTF.


Who knew Wombat scat was cube shaped?

jim nj

This is interesting even though the sample size is too small for me.



Jim nj,

Whats that old saying about "Square Pegs and Round Holes?"

Scientists have always been uncertain how wombats – which have circular anuses – fashion their faeces into their unusual shape.

As to why, here's the explanation from Scientists:

Wombats’ distinctive defecation has an important function, allowing the animals to pile their faeces high to mark their territory and communicate through scent.

The pellets’ flat sides mean they can be placed prominently on logs and rocks without rolling away, making them more likely to catch the eye of a mate.

Anybody buying it?

jim nj

CLarice's article is on display at Realclearpolitics. That's like the 4th time, if my count is accurate.

The VDH on Levin from Daddy. You know it does seem like some reporters engage in wishful thinking, or fiction, if you prefer.

I don't mean columnists who do that on a regular basis, I mean people that are supposed to be "straight" news reporters.

Let's call them "bent reporters" since they can't write straight news.

jim nj

Daddy, they look like miniature Mayan building stones.



Clarice also got launched at Instapundit a few hours back. Excellent.

jim nj


I agree with him that judges are obstructing Trump, but did he really need to add some snark on Trump at the end?

From my local paper an article on the California fires absolutely needed to include this shot at Trump.

"Sadly too, there are the politics of this tragedy - especially the cruel finger-pointing from President Trump and his windbag Twitter feed."

Based on the tweets from Trump that we have all seen, what, pray G-d, is political about them? That he thinks the present forest management policies cause these fires? That he wants to change them?

Call the new change in policy a "Carbon sequestration" scheme. What we do with forested wood products can be used to build structures that will stand for hundreds of year without putting carbon into the atmosphere.

How many of us remember President Reagan looking out the window of Air Force One at a forest and commenting "killer trees.?"

He was, of course, in his zany way, wrong about pollution from trees, but if you don't have a more reasonable management plan for these forests, they are killer trees.

As some sources (had to do that in the context) say, "You can harvest trees or just let them burn."

jim nj


Instapundit and Realclearpolitics just recognize q
quality writing.

It's really cool to be on a site with so many published authors. Clarice, RG, RSE and some I'm probably forgetting.

We take inspiration from them and they, in turn, listen to us and we germinate some of their articles with full credit offered.

And the quality of links here is amazing. I learn so much from them and hope to add to the conversation with my links.

jim nj


John Schroeder

You'll notice I post his stuff often. He just inspires me. His spirituality is so much deeper than my own that I aspire to be more like him.

Hate less, forgive more, even though what I despise is righteous.


I'd say being a huge whore ruined you

jim nj


Hate less, forgive more, even though what I despise is righteous to oppose.

I did a double-take as soon as I posted that. Huh?

jim nj

Whoa, via Insty


Chipotle fired a manager after she asked if black customers could pay for meal up-front.

Racist, right?

Turns out the customer makes a habit of not paying. Even notes it on rapidly disappearing website.

Manager was offered her job back. I wouldn't take it without a raise.


Did you guys ever try freeze dried ice cream? Just like that.

jim nj

When I was working at Quotron as a software trainer word came down that a trainer slot needed to be cut. I had the least seniority and that's why I was let go.

A week later I got a call from them, would I be interested in a job offer? Doing what? Same as before.

It turned out that another trainer had been looking at a job offer and took it. Now they were short a trainer.

I went back for the interview. I have no hard feelings, stuff like this happens, but you know I'm going to stick it to you so you don't do this again, right?

Got a 10% raise in salary and a written commitment that they would pay for a Novell CNE certification. And they did.

jim nj


Do you have to add water to it to re-constitute it. Is that like Idahoan mashed potatoes?


The Walkway of Shame

jim nj


The explosion of Kosher food. I have no problem with that, other than that other religions have to absorb the rabbinical fees involved.



jim nj

via Insty


I am glad I am not a young boy in today's school systems.

OTOH, that video posted earlier of a young girl building an airplane was awesome.

jim nj


This might be he.


Hedge fund manager


No, it reconstitutes in your mouth. It's great.


It's easier to imagine mono-chromatically


How does a trial lawyer bring someone to justice? Slap him around?

jim nj

via Insty,


He suggests that the best and brightest have left the literary field and that authors with contrarian ideas face headway.

jim nj


India joins the nuclear triad nations with a submarine launched nuclear missile. The triad is air-launched, land-launched and sea-launched. We shouldn't be concerned about this. India is an ally. Pakistan and China should worry.


Somebody wants Suicide by Cop

jim nj


That, to my mind, means Avenatti is a raving lunatic.

But I repeat myself.

Nothing is ever Avenatti's fault. Bankruptcy, eviction, referral for prosecution, etc.

He's a Hillary-class politician.

jim nj

Wow. Two NY Giants wins after the mid-terms. What's the connection, if any?




Looks like a bowl of wombat poop dipped in food coloring.


I guess I have a constant game of matching things going on in my head at all times.

jim nj


jim nj


We love you, but you're outnumbered.


His documents are in Spanish. He's just illegal.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — An undocumented immigrant who returned to the United States after being deported for dealing drugs, has been sentenced for a rape he committed 22 years ago.

In October 1996, Jose Abarca, now 43, crawled through the window of a Colesville, Md. home and raped a deaf woman asleep on a sunroom couch. Abarca pointed a handgun at the victim and motioned for her to stay silent before he vanished into the autumn night.

The victim had a basic suspect description, and reported seeing a suspicious white work van in the neighborhood the day before, but with no solid leads, the case went cold.

In 2008, Montgomery County Police arrested Abarca for dealing cocaine. He spent less than a year in jail, and was then deported back to his native Mexico. Only days later, authorities linked Abarca’s DNA with the evidence collected from the Colesville rape scene. However, Abarca was long gone with no forwarding address.



American interests are what exactly?

jim nj



Good morning!

Herer is a surprisingly positive story about President Trump's visit to California:


From this I learned that while out there he also met privately with some of the relatives of those killed in the Thousand Oaks bar shooting.


Two related stories:



The Twitter intro to the second story also says he is being questioned by Japanese prosecutors.

jim nj


I don't want us involved in Haiti.

The Haitians, a former French colony, are opposed to the fuel price hikes imposed by their government, just like the French are opposed to their own government's raise in fuel prices.

Not our fight. Not our dependency.


As far as I am concerned, the only reason for the military to be there is to evacuate American citizens. Period.



jim nj

WP article I can't link to says Jim Acosta's credentials will be revoked at the end of the TRO period.

That's less than 14 days.

jim nj


Agreed, if we need to evacuate Americans from Haiti that's legitimate. Make all the Clinton friends cop a plea before they let them on the plane.

jim nj


I don't like Bloomberg, but approve this. He's donated 1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins to subsidize medical education.

That fits my idea of going after foundations for student aid rather than policy development.

Let's question all the foundations as to why they don't follow Bloomberg's actions.

Let's make the foundations evil for for not supporting students.

Let's make the foundations unpopular with the younger generation. We need sit-ins, etc.

jim nj


US Navy hospital ship off the coast of Columbia is accepting Venezuelan refugees.


Jim, I read that as setting up the undergrad college as “need blind.” Not the med school.

jim nj

nytol, I'm feeling burnt out

jim nj


Ok, one more comment. You may be correct on the specifics of Bloomberg's gift.

But can you give me a "Hooyah" about going after the foundations to re-direct their funding to students instead of policy.

I don't think they can withstand the argument.

nytol again


Jim, you get a hooyah! The foundations will go to thier safe space and ignore that argument.


So what in the heck is Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff going to do with Time, the nearly 100-year-old magazine he bought for $190 million cash back in September?


Another Bob

Simple exercise in ego Henry.

Account Deleted

on topic...

Fox News host Chris Wallace tells President Trump - "But you’re seen around the world as a beacon for repression," Wallace said."


Really, Mr. Wallace? How do you know what people "around the world" think? WHO specifically can you name?

Maybe Mr. Wallace's friends "around the world" think that because Mr. Wallace & our lousy media vomit out their personal hatred of President Trump & the American people that voted for him all day, every day.
I know individuals "around the world" that admire President Trump & that wish they had a leader that would stand up for the citizens of their countries.

Captain Hate

Hiring Chris Wallace was a Shemp level mistake by Ailes.

James D.

I have to disagree on the Bloomberg gift.

It’s actually very harmful from where I sit, because it subsidizes all the poisonous prog things that I fest out universities already.

It allows JHU to keep its tuition and fees high (because now they have all that free cash to hand out to students of certain groups - while middle class parents will still be expected to take out a second mortgage to pay the bills).

Worse, it allows the school to continue to pay the army of administrators for Diversity and Inclusion and Social Justice, and the Title IX witch hunters, and the gender and race studies mind arsonists, and probably even hire more.

It would be far better for the school to be forced to a reckoning due to declining enrollment and families unwilling to pay $60K a year for their kids to receive four years of socialist indoctrination and zero usable career or life skills.

In terms of societal impact, the country - and, honestly, most of the students at JHU - would be better off if that $1.8 billion had been taxed away, printed up into $100 bills and set on fire.

Account Deleted

A reminder about Bloomberg -

How Bloomberg Embeds Green Warriors in Blue-State Governments

"A New York University School of Law program funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is placing lawyers in the offices of Democratic state attorneys general and paying them to prosecute energy companies and challenge Trump administration policies on energy and the environment."....

"Some of the fellows from the NYU program developed their legal acumen at progressive advocacy organizations such as the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council."...

About Virginia in the article - "The fate of the program in Virginia is uncertain. Hayes announced in a December 2017 press release that the office of Attorney General Mark Herring was awarded a grant and “will soon hire” a Bloomberg-funded fellow."...."Bloomberg donated more than $2 million to Herring’s 2017 re-election campaign via two political groups Bloomberg controls and through a personal contribution."

If he runs for President, will THIS be allowed to stand?...Bloomberg funded "fellows" embedded in state governments.

Makes me wonder about Ellison stepping down from Congress & running for the AG position in Minnesota.
......I bet he'll be up to no good.


For sure, Janet, now that the extortion racket is no longer getting run out of the US DoJ, they've taken it to the level wherever they can.


That was supposed to say "taken it to the state level."


Zoe Tillman @ZoeTillman

NEW: CNN has filed a status report asking the court to once again intervene after the White House told Jim Acosta late Friday that it had made the "preliminary decision" to suspend his hard pass, notwithstanding the judge's TRO that morning


janet and jimmyk - they are doing that in small district attorney spots, too. Soros dumped so much $$ (and probably uncovered some sort of scandalous threats) into one local race that the Republican candidate dropped out stating he could not compete with the Soros money machine.



From that Downer fellow:

Khashoggi had always been close to the Muslim Brotherhood, the people who took over Egypt under Morsi following the so-called Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood is a hard-line Islamist organisation dedicated to the introduction of Sharia and the creation of an Islamic caliphate. These people are no bleeding heart liberals. Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed as a terrorist organisation in a number of Middle Eastern countries and is part of the Hamas support group. They have been implacably opposed to many of the more liberal reforms of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).


Account Deleted

Our AG, Mark Herring, came in with Terry McAuliffe. He won by less than 200 votes.

One of the first things Herring did was refuse to defend Virginia marriage laws.
Redefining marriage was done through the courts with Democrat AGs refusing to defend their state's laws.

Actually 'We The People' said NO to redefining marriage. Even California voted NO.


AG flipped here too. Last D AG we had got caught driving drunk in her state vehicle.


CNN’s Powers: All Trump Supporters Are Racist

"They’ll say, ‘Well, I’m not racist. I just voted for him because, you know, I didn’t like Hillary Clinton,'" the former Clinton administration official said. "And I just want to say that’s not—that doesn’t make you not racist. It actually makes you racist. If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist. So, I just want to establish that.

"As for why white women do it, I think we have to recognize that white men are doing it as well, but I think sometimes we would hope that we would get better behavior from white women, because white women are themselves oppressed and that they would, therefore, be able to be aligned themselves with other oppressed people," Powers continued. "But, I think we have to remember that the white patriarchal system actually benefits white women in a lot of ways, and they’re attached to white men, who are benefitting from the system that was created by them, for them, and their fathers and their husbands and their brothers are benefitting from the system, and so they are also benefitting."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--...this conspiracy to impune my character.--

Does anyone think that deranged dope accidentally committed a typo?
Me neither.

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