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November 18, 2018


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Captain Hate

I used to think Kirsten Powers was smarter than a dimwit. I was wrong.

Buford Gooch

Captain, Powers doesn't even make it to nitwit level


Didn't she date Weiner, or someone equally odious? That should be sufficient grounds for dimwit status.

Old Lurker

Cap'n "I used to think Kirsten Powers was smarter than a dimwit. I was wrong."

That dog in your avatar is smarter.

Account Deleted

Powers had some column about how awful Gosnell was, so she got a lot of kudos for that.

She just stated the obvious.

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: White Women Who Support Trump Are All ‘Racist’

Well, she didn't say anything mean about Valerie Jarrett, so she can be on TV.
YOU & I can be slandered & called racists.....but somehow, Valerie Jarrett merits a special protected status.


Kirsten Powers was said to be a born-again Christian in 2006.

"She has said that the biggest impact her new-found faith had on her political beliefs was that she came to "view everyone as God's child, and that means *everyone deserves grace and respect"

(Forgot to add the *except white people caveat)

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Will Cuppy's take on the wombat and other creatures.

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