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November 20, 2018


Account Deleted

No need for that, Kev.
Says you.

”As long as you don't accuse me of undermining our chance of victory in the fight, I won't accuse you of tricking our side into assuming some rosy outcome so why worry.

The tentative ever-lurking straw man—again. That is an interesting rhetorical device, I must admit.

But I’m calling it out as b.s. No one implied anything of the kind.

That is your way of revealing how you took my exception PERSONALLY, then insinuate a motive on my part--- inflicted on “our side” at your expense. So there’s that.

What I said, and what I meant was this (in my own words):

“it's better for *YOU* to feed that doomsday view to your subconscious on a daily basis.”

Your words on that specific subject, and the view those project as “better” don’t resonate with me, nor do they compel me to valuate them as “better”.

I said I’d want to be in a different foxhole because I wouldn’t want to be in one with an Eeyoresque individual when the chit hit the fan.

I know what I need when in conflict from the man/woman fighting next to me. The “all is lost” meme, or “this is not how I think it should go”, isn’t USEFUL to me.

I’d kill for you. Don’t get me wrong.

but that wouldn’t stop me from changing holes.

You did just that by moving the goal posts we all moved all last year about exactly when the 4D bomb would be set off, decimating all of our enemies, suggesting that now Trump will do it Christmas Eve.

You wish.

But I didn’t move anything.

You might have missed my prediction 30 days before the mid-terms when I conceded on two positions--- that Sessions was a white hat-AND the POTUS was not going to declassify before mid-terms.

Declassification might’ve been appropriated by the 4D choir. But in the real world it is an Executive Branch prerogative, legal as hell, with no 4D thinking required.

So, instead of it being a goal-post shift, which doesn’t apply in our peasant world of known unknowns, it is my prerogative to ASK A QUESTION Will POTUS declassify on Christmas Eve?

That’s a what if.

”You obviously don't like my observation that by this time I might rather assume it was never there in the first place.
So what?”

You obviously missed my point: what makes your “observation” (now couched in a deeply personalized but faintly played straw man) “better?”


Perhaps if you would, rather than say "we don't need your Doomsday view" (which, when I express it is almost always predicated on an event, or fact, or a result, or some new threat to which I am calling attention) if you might explain what about the thing I am referring to is wrong, I would be all ears.

Re-presenting my original statement, you will have the opp to see what I actually said. You reacted to it disingenuously, when you said “rather than say ‘we don’t need your Doomsday view.’”

Show me my words, exactly, in your rather than assertion.

Never said it.

Never will.

I did say, in so many words, with my "hill" example, that your view doesn't work for me.

I do not accept your view as “better.”

There is no basis for me to accept it as so.

By contrast, i implied that you can continue to feed such views to your subconscious but i'll refrain.

You and I get crossways, not when we see things differently, but when you attack the messenger rather than the message, and when you assume some higher standard of speaking with the group here than I might be using.

So says you.

Here’s why i think i get crossways with you, Old Lurker: you relentlessly presume that the way I want to be engaged in discussion with you is seeking “some higher standard of speaking with the group.”

I do not care how you interact with the rest of the group. That's none of my business.

I care only how you and I interact, and, more precisely, how you interact with me.

The “it’s better” statement is a head patting technique that resembles Tom R (even though you have whiskers Tom R might never have).

I’ve been in enough hoity toity academic elite/intellectual elite/business elite circles to KNOW when a “because I say so card”, like the one you played, followed by the tentative straw man defense, when these are played, the players got nothin and I will contest that every single time.

Otherwise I am conceding to the player, you in this case, territory they haven’t earned. So… anything else?

As Cap'n might say "I yam what I yam...hush me if you like but don't lecture me on what I think." Or on what I say unless I make a mistake (which I have) or when I cross some line of courtesy (which I have but less often than when I say something wrong).

First, I’ve met the Captain. This is your Lloyd Bentsen moment, OL. :D

Second, I specified to you that what you say TO me is, in the matter of this discussion, not useful to me.

Third, you have next to no idea how you cross lines of courtesy with me because a) I’ve never said (wouldn’t seem worth the time and energy to explain any of these cultural disconnects with you in depth; b)factually incorrect statements aside, it’s the headpatting I can live without.

Yet, when I post in a manner that counters your view, you use statements to refer to my rebut or my opening statement such as: “It’s better to (think, frame it, etc)”; “It’s not like that (KK’s view)”; etc etc.

Next time: stick to my words, then ask yourself, why is he responding to me in this exact way?

Followed by asking me what i mean by what i am doing my best to assert with clarity (showing some curiosity instead of more condescension, strawman making, and recasting my words into some false impact on you which exempts you from even understanding what this discussion is actually about.)

Please feel to take this discussion onto private email. Henry has my email.

I suggest it because I know how quickly JOMers fatigue over exchanges such as ours.



BREAKING: President Donald Trump has submitted his answers to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller.


Jack, Howie Carr agrees with you after reading a release from the White House

Howie: Reads this:"President Trump has submitted his written answers to questions related to the Russia Investigation to special counsel Robert Mueller, the President's Legal Team announced today...Rudy Guilianni said "The President decided to answer written questions even though his Legal team believes much of what has being asked raised serious Constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a Legitimate Inquiry." Then adlibs:

What are they inquiring about BTW? I mean nothing happened. There is no evidence despite the fact that 42% of the American People believe somehow that the Russians tampered with the Votes. Thats a shocking number to come out of a poll but i guess it's true. It's the big lie.

Howie Continues reading: Guilianni said the President has none the less, despite the fact that there is nothing to it, provided unprecedented cooperation. It is time to bring this Inquiry to a conclusion. Guilianni said Mueller's Office has been provided with more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of material, and now the President's written responses to questions.

Howie shakes his head and takes another toke.


"Hey, science and stuff! I'm in favor! People call me Spock! Because I'm really smart, and logical and stuff. Everybody who doesn't believe that is a racist, with mommy issues. I don't have mommy issues--I wear her jeans, throw like her, and ride her bike!"


Account Deleted


at the risk of triggering an involuntary pucker might i suggest striking while the iron is hot?

a good two gallon "emena" would do you good now that the gate's been C4'd by the Mrs. ;)



So lack of indictments is wholly on Sessions:

Trump deserved to have a loyal ass-kicker as AG all along.

So who will he appoint? As soon as he does, all the Whitaker whining will stop.

"Oh, you don't like Whitaker? Then do your job and confirm ______."

"No! We don't like _______ either! Resist! Resist!"

That's when Whitaker starts kicking ass.

Account Deleted

The Rat knows ZILCH about all that "good stuff."

That qualifier he reserves for his cheeba and whatever other orifice fixation he satisfies daily.

He sounds addled *ALL THE TIME.*

I still say he's on Fentanyl.

Account Deleted

All right then. Night shift at the Salt Mine.


Time for a second martini.

Old Lurker

No need to continue on or off line, Kev.

You win on words.

Write away and I will leave you alone.


Is anyone more deserving? Anyone at all?

Report: Michael Avenatti’s Accuser Mareli Miniutti Claims 2nd Violent Incident

Miniutti alleged Avenatti became angry at the actress in February while drinking. She then claims he pushed her into a hallway, which caused her to hit her head against an object. The actress says Avenatti then threw her own shoes at her, striking one of her legs.

The incident is the second allegation of domestic violence detailed Miniutti’s application for a restraining order.


The actress claims Avenatti possesses a “history of being verbally abusive and financially controlling” and is “vehemently opposed my desire to earn a living outside of Hollywood.”



I know there's a name for the shots actors get showing them playing tennis or a sax or whatever. Not just head shots though. I can see Miniutti getting some updates. She's got a method acting sizzle reel coming our way.

Jim Eagle

When you watch the Bosch series you will understand why LA, and all of the liberal cucks will never protect you or your property but will like to steal it if they can.

Captain Hate

It's almost like Avenazi, after wining and dining the sweet skeez in question with money he really doesn't have, wanted a Cleveland Steamer and she couldn't pinch one off. Trigger time...

Dave (in MA)
Well, Mrs MT whipped up her first Caesar salad in, like forever and I had a fairly thorough cleansing overnight. :( Never happens to me, so I was a bit surprised. She bought it a Costco Saturday.


Trump pays attention.


On Avenatti, Howie reports that Dana Loesch says Avenatti is now no longer allowed to carry since he has been charged with that "Donestic Assault" charge.

Anybody here know the Law? I would have thought the standard remains innocent until proven guilty. When questioned, Trump wished Avenatti "Good Luck" at the impromptu presser.

I also enjoyed Trump responding that "Ivanka was a big girl and she could take care of herself," in regard to the E-Mail charges.

Now Howie playing audio of Obama telling us he is "Spock." Obama can hardly speak English. What a moron. It pains me to listen to him. If his speech pattern was equated to driving in a 65 MPH area, he'd be poking along at 35 MPH in the Left lane and constantly stepping on the brakes. No wonder he couldn't play basketball---he has no rhythm at all. None.

Captain Hate

The CDC can bite my crank. I'm halfway through a bag of three romaines with nothing negative happening; so did Mrs. H and her system is significantly more sensitive than mine. So I'm supposed to toss the rest on the say so of some government humps? Not happening.

Jim Eagle


We will wait for you to sign in tomorrow:)

Slaap Lekker, tot morgen!



Do you eat meat sometimes or do you just prepare it for other people like my Hindi friends? Sorry if it's been asked before.

Do you think you could be a chicken assassin for the mob if the money was good enough?

Captain Hate

Wasn't the CDC the gaggle of rocket surgeons who wanted people with West Nile Virus let in the country?


They don't call Preeezzy cockswallow SPOCK, they call him MR. TURKEY BASTER.

Because he's all SCIENCY and SUCH.


Miniutti is still married to another guy? What kind of slick lawyer is Avenatti, or does CA have that rule that you have to be estranged for a year?

If you don't have kids with someone and they sling you around the room why do you give them a second chance?


Ext’s 5:13 link beggars belief. Astonishing, really. Jiveass mofo.


I've said it before. Avenatti ends up floating with a bullet in his head.


I heard they closed the interstate on the news


Anybody here know the Law? I would have thought the standard remains innocent until proven guilty.

Well, I guess I know what happens in a certain state, because I had a restraining order put on me without any due process or even notification, then a visit from a sheriff's deputy asking if I had any guns, who took what I had into custody, and I was only able to get them back after my ex wrote a letter begging them and attesting to my good name. (It was her f'n lawyer who did this all without her permission, who btw she fired and then we ended up seeing this bitch at every grade-school and junior high parent meeting for the next several years - she alone and me and my ex together for the kid stuff as always.)

So yeah, it doesn't require a guilty verdict for your 2A rights to be hosed for a domestic dispute in at least one state.


Weird from Popadopolous

Can’t forget this: Joseph Mifsud was on Khashoogi’s payroll. This was no ordinary “journalist,” just like Mifsud was no ordinary “academic.” That Mifsud-Khashoogi connection is much deeper than many realize. I witnessed it in London.



Wasn't the CDC the gaggle of rocket surgeons who wanted people with West Nile Virus let in the country?

Probably Captain, tho' I just transcribed this not 1 minute ago from a report on FOX News about Venezuela:

...Under Maduro Venezuela has suffered Hyper-Inflation, food shortages, and a devastating Measles outbreak which, because of Emergency Migration, has now spread into neighboring countries Brazil, Columbia, Equador, Peru and Argentina.


Mommie issues?? C'mon Spock, come up for some fresh air.

I guar-an-DAMN-tee you, that OPIES MOMMY, didn't need a TURKEY BASTER, if you smell what I'm cooking!!!!

Captain Hate

According to a WSJ alert, it looks like MeAgain will be compensated in full for the whole amount on her contract with NBC. My feelings about her notwithstanding, I don't see why she shouldn't get every penny she signed for.


Good news for Miniutti, CAA fired Megyn Kelly. They need another dumb blond with blood coming from her...whatever.


Thnx, Jimmyk. HI is just beautiful .

Dave (in MA)

Howie played Zippy O'Jugears' "mama issues" clip as counter-evidence to the notion that weed doesn't adversely affect one's brain.


Clarice, why can't you adopt me??

Dave (in MA)

Hopefully the CH lettuce doesn't carry the bonus feature added by an illegal alien crapping in its vicinity.


Dave, it has always been obvious and CLEAR to me, that Bi-Barry was/is a COMPLETE FRAUD. From the first time I saw him, then heard him speak, OBAMA was clearly a very very low end CON MAN. His mannerisms, or WOMANerisms, were calculated and not worthy of a Jr High School play. The LEFT, the FULL COMMIE PARTY, and specific others who sought to FOIST Obama into the limelight for THEIR OWN PURPOSES, created a PERSONA, that has crumbled to dust, since the LIGHTWEIGHT (literally) CLOWN, has no longer had the POWER and the PUPPETEERS. Obama came to believe, that he IS/WAS somebody. He is a psychologically damaged BOY narcissist, and having been MADE into the WONDER BOY, that he never was, he is not doing well as a HAS BEEN. It's quite obvious to anyone paying attention, that OBAMA is lost.

Account Deleted

Just found my nephew Nate got in on the concrete pumping contracting to pour the next phase of the new Raiders Stadium in Lost Wages.

Nate is an Iraq war combat veteran. He was a rifleman in the battle for Najaf. The only one to make it home from his company.

He's healed up as best can be expected. Owns his own operating engineering company. 8 trucks.

So proud o him. :D

Account Deleted

Barack Hussein Obama had to change his name from Barry Soetoro. Them initials woulda been a dead giveaway.


Mitt Romney: The President's and Secretary of State's Khashoggi statements to date are inconsistent with an enduring foreign policy, with our national interest, with basic human rights, and with American greatness...

says a moral scold who's Church denied Blacks the right to be Priests until 1978.

Dave (in MA)

Speaking of the CON MAN, the intelligentsia seem to be considering pushing out his Beta Test prototype for the '20 model year.

Smug little Peewee POS could sure house a lot of illegal aliens at his sanctuary if he wants to try living up to his sanctimonious words.

Dave (in MA)

Huzzah, Kevlar Nate.


Dave, up until Trump beat Rodham "like with a cloth", the FULL COMMIE, was still trying to pretend to be Patriotic, and concerned about our sovereignty. It was ridiculously transparent.
I have said for well over a decade that.............."THEY WANT THEM HERE". The issue got spun and spun and the FULL COMMIES would snivel that BEEEEEG BEEEEEZNESS is responsible for the illegals, needing labor. Then it was THEY DO JOBS AMERICANS won't. Then it was SANCTUARY CITIES, COUNTIES etc. Then we all became RACISTS AGAINST BROWN PEOPLE just coming here with Wee Miguel and Maria for LOVE.

And fuktards like JEB BUSH WHOSE wife is MEXICAN, aid and abet those who seek to destroy our sovereignty vis their pathetic virtue signaling.


Who Are These PEOPLE???

Account Deleted

Some useful infographics on e.coli contamination of the agro-food production and supply chain.



Dave as I was typing about Obama, I did think of BEAT OFF. To call the guy a clown is unfair to BOZO. What has changed, is that OBAMA was brought to power by the CHICAGO MACHINE. Obama was manicured, and polished as if he was David Cassidy.
Beat off, illustrates how the MONKEES were not the BEATLES.



So Romney is already calling out Pompeo, too?

I'm not believing it until I hear from maryrose.

Account Deleted

Human handling of produce is a definite factor in e. coli contamination.

but the larger culprit is irrigation water supplies (think sweaty pickers swimming in irrigation ditches to clean off) which run on or near steer feed lots. that irrigation water doubles as a "washing" source for produce before processing into "fresh cut" processing pre-packaging phase.

of course, any number of bathroom hygeine chokepoints exist along the way. but it's the water and gut toxicity of manure producing cattle (from the genetically modified feeds-digestion toxicity; the genetically modified seeds; and the crop sprays) that are larger volume infusers of e.coli pathogens into the system than "dirty hands."

who really knows?

James D.

So lack of indictments is wholly on Sessions:

So, so much is on Sessions. How much progress was lost, and damage done, thanks to his recusal and his refusal to do his freaking job?



It pays to be the king


Imagine the temptation?

"Senator-Elect Romney would have had all the right in the world to expound on foreign policy matters if he hadn't lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama," Trump could say. "The American people obviously decided against his counsel."

Dave (in MA)

Obama's speeches were sometimes recycled versions of what Axelrod already used with Deval.

I wonder if "I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money" was originally "I mean, I do think at a certain point you have enough bathrooms"?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

When they report potential E Coli in Romaine lettuce, does that suggest 1 out of 1,000 lettuce heads are contaminated?

I'm guessing it's not, like, 50% or so.

Manuel Transmission


Actually, we’ve been on Gundry’s prebiothrive (whatever that is) for a few weeks and that seems to stabilized things in a new mode. I’m speculating that that may have minimized the effects last night. Losing a little weight, but mostly coming from the gut which is about all I have left to shed.


A guy on Lou Dobb's Show makes the point that regarding Saudi Arabia the Left wants us to do to SA what Jimmy Carter did to the Shah of Iran---abandon him and the Saudi's to the bad guys which in the case of Iran might have felt good at the time but wound up giving us the radical terrorist regime still in power there 40 years later.

Account Deleted

with the American food production system being as gargantuan and efficient as it is, it's no small wonder there aren't more toxic outbreaks.

of course, of the statistically few that do happen, only "climate change" gets such a promotional chicken little shout out by Big Media.

i see very few produce handlers in stores wearing latex while building those beautiful mounds of fruits and vegetables.

i stopped shopping at whole foods for veganically grown produce after seeing six produce handlers (females) pulling their slacks and thongs out of their hind parts and proceed to continue handling the food. no gracias. there were 4 males taking at work liberties scratching their frontal area below the belt.

different caliber of mainstay employees at my Safeway store here in North Berkeley. i talk to the super about his crew, their work, the inventory, and the quality of it all.

makes a diff.

who needs it.


Katshit is live on CNN! Laughs all around. Tune in or regret the loss of a good laugh!


Kev, your irrigation model makes too much sense. I was hoping robots would save our lettuce, but it seems not.


I’m still slightly behind so I don’t know if the Avanetti question has been answered. Avenatti’s Brady disqualification (can’t carry) likely comes from the issuance of the protective order. It’s the issuing judge’s decision. The disqualification will remain in place until the order expires. He will be disqualified if he is convicted until he seeks and gets a sentencing modification reducing the conviction to a non-disqualifying charge.


JamesD, I don't know who asked whether the lack of indictments is "totally on Sessions", and I really don't care. I'm not interested in SESSIONS having something "totally on him". It's useless ASS COVERING BULLSHIT.
Awesome!!! What the fuck does that mean, and what PRICE does she pay???


I'm so fucking sorry, but JEFF SESSIONS, took the JOB, and took the RESPONSIBILITY to protect the AMERICAN PEOPLE. And JEFF SESSIONS was 2 balls short of a pair, when it came down to doing that.
He had ZERO reason or cause to RECUSE himself.

Sessions abandoned his job and his duty, because he like MANY HERE, bought into our ENEMIES rules of play. He sought to keep his CLEAN TOGA.........CLEAN. He had ZERO REASON to RECUSE, and he abandoned his BOSS, HIS NATION and his own CAREER by being a VIRTURE SIGNALER.

I hope this makes sense to all of you, BUT.......given the options available, I would have BOMBED JAPAN back to the STONE AGE, and I would not have owed an apology at any later time in HISTORY. BE A MAN or get the fuck out of the game.

Account Deleted

i'll refrain from chastising Mitt Romney as he isn't even in the Senate- yet.

That Graham and Corker are taking an opposing position to Trump/Pompeo appears to me as kabuki.

"You condemn it and we'll soft pedal it."

POTUS and Pompeo don't mind being lightning rods.
And if Graham/Corker opposition leads to some nadless lukewarm "you'll be sorry but not really" consequences" for the Prince et al.... WGAF.

the Saudis are enriching this country, it's political leadership, and all the virtue signaling elites who wake each day happy their businesses are pro-Saudi.

it's all for show.

the Iranians want the Republic's attention off of them and their political and military malevolence. Period.

End of story.



Account Deleted

Man Tran: all jests aside, that is great news. once i started supplementing for leaky gut, my own healing jump started to new highs.

happy thanksgiving. regards to Mrs Tran!



"Senator-Elect Romney would have had all the right in the world to expound on foreign policy matters if he hadn't lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama,"

The 1970's are calling, they want their Foreign Policy back, but Trump say's "Hell No."


Ext. Romney is the Romney scorpion. He is going to self promote and preen and make us puke.

Maryrose is a great soldier for the GOP, and she means well. Maryrose isn't even naive. She backs those who represent those that we support.

Dave (in MA)

Just tried ordering some takeout and was told that anything from the menu containing lettuce is unavailable until further notice.

Account Deleted

henry--- agro-industrial food production water issues are coming to a head. there is a mechanism for solving the water purity system problems.

birth control hormonal residues, chlorination, flouridation, psychotropic drug residues, 18 and increasing human disease signatures.... all problems with treated water can removed effectively without "distilling" the water. the technology exists. we use it here at home.

but it can be scaled up and has been to help communities clean up neglected super fund sites.

Communist China just ordered 50,000 units from the same manufacturer we buy from.

how long it will take local processors here in Ameddyka to buy in is anybody's guess.

our pets and our medicinal plants love "Light Water"...smells like ozone and tastes like a rainstorm.

Happy Thanksgiving, henry.



Congrats to Nate.

Have we heard from TK recently?

I hope Beasts is enjoying his sabbatical.


Thanks GJ,

Ext gave us his take from personal experience. I guess Dana Loesch was right, at least in regards to California and depending on the Judge.


Just because the #MSM media lens focuses on Romney doesn’t mean anyone with good sense has to pay attention.

James D.


It pays to be the king

Oh yes, by all means, let’s turn a $20 trillion economy over to a 29 year old bartender who can’t figure out how to secure an apartment when she’s starting a six-figure job in a few weeks. What could possibly go wrong?


Now I’m curious ... here on well water in an ag (dairy cattle) zone. What they put in feed that passes through? It makes raccoons giant monsters... gotta wonder what water filtration I really need. Eep.

Account Deleted

By this season's end, the IRISH have defeated 4 of the top 25 teams according to this week's rankings.

GO IRISH! Beat sC!


This LETTUCE thing is clearly TRUMP'S fault.


Good information

Outbreak of E. coli Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce | E. coli Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce | November 2018 | E. coli | CDC


Account Deleted

henry--- them coons benefit from the high octane protein sources in conventional dairy feed. very concentrated to help cows move in and out of estrus and remain (somewhat) healthy during their milk production cycles.

buy bigger buckshot. it's a vicious cycle.

Account Deleted

the coons get into feed supplies.

but the water runoff has heavy sources of rBHT growth hormone. so, them furries might be getting "roided" big time :D

Account Deleted

later, Taters! :D


Yes about corker;



That was about his part in the Iran deal.

Manuel Transmission


When I was a kid, I headed off to the wilds of Montana every summer to work for my oldest BIL on his ranch. It was pretty primitive. The only electricity was to run a pump from the well and a couple lights inside the log house with a sod roof. Outdoor privy, of course. The well was well away of any obvious runoff from livestock areas and a fair distance from the Judith River adjacent to the house. However, every summer, I cringed at the hit my gut would take after about a week when all hell would break loose. No one was immune, but once you took the hit, you were good to go until you left for some extended time. Prolly not much different the Montezuma’s revenge south of the border.


Oh that sounds like haditha doesn't it:



I figured on the coons, added angle iron to the have-a-heart to keep them until “tag and release”. I was worried about human (ie me) consumption of the well water.


Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, others slam Trump on Saudi Arabia: This is 'not America first'

Lindsay gets into the act, for some reason.


And there's another homelandish situation, this time with ncis,


Man Tran, after iron precip and water softener it seems ok. But areas where too much manure is spread have funky stuff in the water. And my filtration would not remove hormones (boiling would concentrate them).


Rubio hould listen to his former advisor Mike doran


JAMESD, that's the thing. The FULL COMMIE LEFT, no longer ranks their soldiers by what they bring to the table vis a vis policy, intellect, experience or ability to herd the cats. It's all emotional and TEEEEEEEEEEE VEEEEEEEEEEEEEE related.
I have a theory that is irrefutable.
THE MFM is changing the course of AMERICAN HISTORY by virtue of it's bias and out of control EMOTIONAL DYSFUNCTION.

The CONSPIRACY of the FULL COMMIE LEFT and the MFM and RODHAM and OBAMA has been packaged and SOLD to AMERICA. Nothing, NOTHING could be farther from the TRUTH. Yet even SESSIONS took the bait.



Lou had on Gen Jack Keane discussing our troops on the border. Heres a bit of back and forth about that. I guess earlier some 3 Star had blabbed incorrectly about when we would be withdrawing the Troops. (My transcript)

Lou: ...one would think that an experienced General would have the judgement to not get in the way of a White House Communications Department.

Gen Keane: That's absolutely right. We had a 3 Star General who spoke about Departure (of our troops from the border) and a 4 Star General who shut that conversation down and then declared it is indefinite, so I think that's where we are. Listen, They're going to keep Troops there and they actually have other Troops in the queue if it's necessary, based on what's going to take place on the Border.

Lou: The reason I'm harping on this event is that we had the extraordinary statement that the Military would not be involved whatsoever in Border Security, not actually apprehending illegal immigrants, which was an unnecessary statement, and they have come out a number of times, the PAO (Public Affairs Office) at the Pentagon, in seeming opposition to the White House, it has been unseemly it seems to me and I just wonder what you think of it all?

Gen Keane: No, I don't think of it as opposition to the White House. What I think they are always trying to do is clarify the limitations that are imposed on them by Law. As you know Posse Commitatus says they cannot exercise a Law Enforcement Duty inside the United States, dealing with largely American people or others trying to enter the country, and so the Military is fairly serious about that because we don't want to grossly impact the American People. Now if we have a riot that is out of control, and it exceeds the authority of Police Officials and a Governor, and he seeks authorities from the President to have them come in and help control the American people in that capacity, Yes, because there are authorities that permit something like that. But something like this---I think the Military is very cautious about its role here, and they want to clarify that they are going to be in a support role only.

Lou wanted Gen Keane to agree with him that these conversations should happen behind closed doors, not out in Public, but Gen Keane disagreed strongly with Lou saying this

Gen Keane: Yeah but, Oh c'mon Lou, you're killing this thing alright. The Military is going to conduct an operation. It's going to the Southern Border, just like we'd be anyplace else, and the White House will always defer to the Department of Defense to answer the details of those questions. He'll actually say at a press conference, "Well, go ahead and talk to the Dept of Defense about that. They have an awful lot more information about all those kind of details." So they're always going to have their Public Affairs people trying to explain what aspect of this operation they are performing and what are the rules they are governed by in that execution.
Lou went against Lou's opinion and had no reply so he changed the conversation to something else.

This exchange also brings to mind the topic of the use of the Military at Waco by Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.
I guess since they were Democrats it garnered less objections and Lawsuits than if Trump did such a thing.


It is good To be the King:



"Names Ash. Houseware."


The missus tells me that some “analyst” was on CNBC yesterday attributing the stock sell off to the release of the upcoming Muler report. I call horse-faced shit. It’s more likely investors are assessing the crazy ass Ds chairing the new House committees.


"Hail to The King Baby."



Didn't they apples more selective roll out was partly responsible,

Captain Hate

Congrats to Nate.

Yes that's a cash money gig!

Have we heard from TK recently?

He's been in under the new world order. I'd be surprised if he doesn't drop by over the long weekend.


I'm sorry not to have been about--very busy this time of year with papers and reviewing things (research proposals, article manuscripts). I got started on the pies today (Craig Claiborne's Mississippi Mud, which he says is "rich as Croesus" and he's right), and look forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving--best to you all!

Choose the tree yesterday--I don't name things generally (like cars) but my daughter does and so this one will be Treodore (first named tree was Tresius). It's very large so that makes me happy. Also got the spray bottle filled with water ready for the young cat (to protect the tree from her tree-climbing desires).


Meadows will try to get Huber to explain what he has been up to in investigating the Clinton Foundation.



Congrats Nate

The NCIS case concerns a Syria who was smuggling people into the country.


Give my sugar baby!



"Yeah... Alright you primitive screwheads..."


Dave (in MA)

Do we really need a movie about a failed Presidential candidate from 30 years ago who didn't even last as long in the race as Patsy boo-hoo Schroeder?

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