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November 12, 2018


Bernardi Dr la paz

No, the lesson of world war one is don't engage in alliances that commit one foolishly to war on behalf of russia.


It's just semantics, and when Trump declares he's a nationalist, he's saying if loving border security is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Lefties can't think of any kind of nationalism except white nationalism, realists know that nationalism and patriotism look virtually the same and neither are bad.

Jack is Back!

He [PM Trudeau] added: “When people feel their institutions can’t protect them, they look for easy answers in populism, in nationalism, in closing borders, in shutting down trade, in xenophobia,” reports Canadian broadsheet the Toronto Star.

Spells out the Dems/Progs/Leftist view of the world:

"Institutions can't protect them" = Big government cradle to grave

"Populism" = Versus kneeling before the privileged elite

"Nationalism" = Versus Globalism

"Closing Borders" = versus Protecting sovereignty

"Shutting Down Trade" = Versus fair and Equal trade

"Xenophobia" = Versus group think culture of acceptance or individual rights.

All right there for Hillary, Spartacus, Kamala, and Beto to put in their campaign speeches.

Old Lurker

I am ready for Trump to squash Macron and Trudeau both, the little creeps. And May too, if she doesn't Brexit PDQ.


Must be quite reassuring for Euro, Canadian and Dem officials to bask in their moral superiority.
Something to hold on to when their programs don't work.




Note the red data point from the Spengler link Clarice posted in the last thread, France has neither nationalism nor patriotism (nor a survival instinct):

(Click to open.)

James D.

JiB @ 9:44

Idiot Trudeau says "when people FEEL their institutions can't protect them."

Well, what about when people SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES that their institutions REFUSE to protect them?

Jack is Back!


They don't have to fight for their country because they think we will for them.


Per the atlanta paper this morning. Makes sense.

"But Kemp’s hostility does have much to do with Stacey Abrams and whether she continues as a cause celebre among Democrats.

There is the longer-term threat she might pose to U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., who is up for re-election in 2020.

But more immediately, there’s the question of whether Abrams and her turnout machine can dispense with a Democratic jinx and help John Barrow win his statewide Dec. 4 runoff against Republican Brad Raffensperger.

Clearly, Abrams recognizes the importance of controlling the office of secretary of state. And Republicans are very worried about their misfire last Tuesday in the populous northern suburbs of metro Atlanta. One of your Insiders has more details here.

Kemp’s not trying to persuade Abrams to concede. He’s trying to make sure that his own people don’t stand down -- and that hers do."


We and Britain saved their pussy asses in 2 World Wars.
Fucking strawman is ridiculous.
No one has EVER said your interests don't matter, we've said OUR COUNTRIES interests are OUT interests.

MACRCON. "How about Fuck you, and the TEACHER your rode in on."

Old Lurker

Jim "when their programs don't work"

WHEN? So me one single program that has worked in Europe in X number of decades. One single one that you would like to see here. One single one that has not rested on US dollars.


The Left is hard at work destroying the social contract. Once that is destroyed, power and control can only be achieved at the end of a gun. The old Leftists understood that and prepared accordingly. Today’s Left on one level grasps it—hence the push for gun control—but also seems to think that they will can still prevail without disarming the other side first. We’re too a big a country for that to work, I think. The more likely outcome is the country breaks apart and this time there will be no Lincoln willing to fight to preserve it.

I guess I should try to register with typepad.

Old Lurker

James "Well, what about when people SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES that their institutions REFUSE to protect them?"

Please take out the word "REFUSE" and insert "Are weaponized to be used every single day AGAINST the people and the compact they thought they had with each other."

Start with Lois Lerner and work around the table.

Buford Gooch

Macron seems to be the Chief Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey.


Europe seems willing for US to fight to save their bacon over and again.



California Gov. Jerry Brown said “those who deny” man-made global warming are “definitely contributing” to the deadly, devastating wildfires forcing thousands of residents out of their homes.

Brown made the comments during a Sunday press conference where he warned that global warming created a “new abnormal” for the state, including fueling deadly wildfires. The Democrat said better forest management was only a partial solution to the problem.

“Managing the forests in every way we can does not stop climate change, and those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years,” Brown said.

“The chickens are coming home to roost. This is real here,” Brown said before saying he wanted people to “pull together” to tackle the problem.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"But Brennan and Clapper classified the notification. It was like a taunt. “Sure, I’m spying on Congress, which is illegal. But it’s classified, so what are you going to do about it?”

Should have been done long ago, IMO.


He was one of the sane ones at tepid:

Bernardi Dr la paz

Summing up:


Math ruins everything again:


The peanut gallery:


Good morning, that Sundance link posted on the previous thread doesn't paint Rosenstein in a very good light. He's basically saying that Rosenstein controlled the narrative and can no longer run interference for the deep state.


Owned lock, stock & barrel:

Organized labor was a top contributor to Evers’ election campaign, pumping in at least $1.73 million, according to data from The Wisconsin Education Association Council contributed $112,000 to the cause, tied for third on the list of Evers’ most generous donors. Nine of the top 11 donors to the Democrat’s campaign coffers were unions.

Miss Marple


For tablet:

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
34m34 minutes ago

The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches!

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1m1 minute ago

The California Fire Fighters, FEMA and First Responders are amazing and very brave. Thank you and God Bless you all

Janet 🚬

narciso's 10:36 link is good. Scroll up to the first tweet.


Macron in contradicts himself at the same time as he insults his guests - primarily the President of the United States of America, the country whose citizens gave their lives not once but twice to preserve his nation state. That he did this during the centennial celebration of the end of World War I, shows an extraordinary lack of courtesy and historical perspective.

Buford Gooch

Barbara, it also shows him to be an ass of the first order.


Yes! That, too, Buford.

jimmyk on iPhone

“an extraordinary lack of courtesy and historical perspective.”

Agree 100%. I actually didn’t have such a problem with what he said about Petain, since this was about WWI, and Petain was a hero. I think he did follow that up by acknowledging that he was a traitor in WWII, though I haven’t seen his exact words.

Dave (in MA)


Comanche Voter

Macron the Moron contrasts nationalism with patriotism. The French Army practiced nationalism in WW I. They fought and died for three bloody years (until they mutinied in 1917). But they bled and were maimed--and a generation of young French men died in the trenches.

The French Army practiced patriotism in WW II--they mostly dropped their rifles and ran. That's what Macron wants.

Account Deleted

"“Managing the forests in every way we can does not stop climate change, and those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years,” Brown said.

The chickens are coming home to roost. This is real here,” Brown said before saying he wanted people to “pull together” to tackle the problem."

The usual load of pfui hui from the world's top bureaucrat. "Pull together"? That means "tax the serfs and POOL the monies together so "we can steal it and build a bullet train to Ventura" (yep! Ventura. who needs to go there in a hurry?)

The climate has engaged in cyclical patterns since time immemorial.

Bottom line: if one does not groom one's woodlot in lush times and in droughts, then there is hell to pay.

Climate change. That's like saying water is wet and that presents an imminent danger to humanity. Hint: keep your beak on the shallow end and live to a ripe old age--cabron.


Miss Marple

Here's a 5-minute talk from Thomas Wictor:

Wictor pays attention and understands how Trump thinks, as far as I am concerned.

Captain Hate

Whoa! Saint Woody taking some major pipe:

Bernardi Dr la paz

Much the same would go for saint Delano by proxy.

Captain Hate

I watched Wictor and think he's right except about Sleepy Jeff returning law and order to the DOJ. If by that he meant Sessions wasn't as partisanly corrupt as Holder or Lynch, well yeah. But the problems plaguing the integrity of the FBI haven't been resolved and anybody claiming otherwise is viewing things through rose tinted glasses. There's a huge gap between when Beasts saw Sessions speak, unexpectedly, against the perils of the Deep State and what he did when in a position to drop the hammer on the main actors.


Totally agree. No progress that is visible to me.
One way to stop all the Hillary for president talk is to indict her.
Even Dems should want that at this point to get her off the stage.

Account Deleted

a few incoherent ramblings about las ranas de Francais:

I can tell you this much: i would not send my 20 year old to die for "Paris." Yes, it's a "great" city with all the feralderall etc etc. But if it is worth defending, then pay for it and get your ducks lined up now.

the French need to get over their "revolution" and "napoleon", along with their failed imperial adventures around the globe. (So sorry about Trafalgar but the all or nothing plan failed you...)

very grateful to them for Lafayette, but our debt was paid in blood on your soil.

no mas, pinche ranas.

Captain Hate

Is this how schisms start?

Roman Catholic bishops from around the nation have been ordered by the Vatican not to take any actions at their annual meeting to address the sex-abuse crisis that has rocked the church this year.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, announced the news in his opening remarks at the conference, surprising many attendees for whom the topic was a top concern.

Jack is Back!

Dave (inMA)

? The red sphere?

Captain Hate


The voice of HAL RIP.


JiB, The voice of HAL (the computer) in the movie 2001 has died.

Bernardi Dr la paz

Of course the French communists stood with Hitler till 41, dalton Trumbo was objectively so even before 39, with Johnny get your gun.

matt - deplore me if you must

We are battling the liberal mutameen; their religious purity police. Racism and discrimination are what is happening in Pakistan, Myanmar, China and elsewhere.

I worked with a lot of 3rd World Olympic Committees for a long time. The paler you were in those societies, the higher your caste. It is what it is.

In India, women are raped and murdered without a thought. In Pakistan Christians are murdered; burned to death, stoned, torn apart.

In the Ummah a man;'s word counts 2 times more than a woman's. Slavery persists in many countries.

In China tens of thousands of Muslims are in re-education camps as Emperor Xi now limits even celebrities to 5 minutes of fame.

And we are up in arms about slang words and Trump the insult comedian.The proximate eruption of self righteousness started in Charlottesville when a bunch of progressives wanted to tear down a statue of Robert E. Lee because he was a great Virginian. This has spread to other college towns where the vice police now target defenseless 150 year old monuments with impunity.

Now they are actively trying to overturn the electoral process. We need to implement voter ID immediately. The Florida debacle only puts an exclamation point on that necessity as do the screwy results in other states.

The nation has gone insane. Tucker Carson's daughter was verbally assaulted at their country club, for Pete's sake and Antifas are harassing conservatives all over the country.

Neil Young, for whom I lost all respect years ago, is railing at Trump when Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that was unanimously passed by by the California legislature in 2016 to help reduce wild land fire hazards.

They really are that nuts.

Bernardi Dr la paz

And Asia bibi cannot be admitted to the UK because it isn't safe, and there are probably thousands that are in the same boat.


I hope Neil Young will remember, Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

Did he move back to Canada with botox Betty??


Is Facebook down for anyone else? Or have I been banned?


from Twitter, it is down everywhere.


seems global:

Jack is Back!


Silly you. You don't need a forest management plan like that when is global warming causing all the fires.

Dave (in MA)

This is definitely the funniest thing I've seen so far today:


Yell you have to dance with the one thAT brung you and hamas and Islamic state isn't in that circle:


This was the last post:


From a certain point of view:


The times can't read maps or photographs:

Captain Hate

Tammy is skewering Lex Luthor for not having addressed the Snipes situation earlier.


I can't disagree captain, I just try to keep the wrong lizard out:

You can see how the new worker is trying to paint alejandro like rouhani the moderate


No names on sources, no actions taken that can be pointed to.

"So many controversies have bedeviled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — culminating in her office’s troubles in the aftermath of Florida’s chaotic 2018 elections — that her days in office are now numbered, insiders and lawmakers say."


I don't think they plan on helping fight the fires.

But rather than taking the shorter route toward Texas, they are opting for the longer and more dangerous route to the northwest, heading for Tijuana and presumably the Cruce Peatonal Hacia México border crossing near San Diego. (Associated Press)

Bernardi Dr la paz

She should have been gone last year, oh btw the Yorkers source was keen on pointing out there were three company operatives at the embassy.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Trudeau told the audience of leaders: “Attacks on the media are not just about getting your preferred political candidate elected, for example, they are about increasing the level of cynicism that citizens have toward all authorities, towards all of the institutions that are there to protect us as citizens.”

He added: “When people feel their institutions can’t protect them, they look for easy answers in populism, in nationalism, in closing borders, in shutting down trade, in xenophobia,” reports Canadian broadsheet the Toronto Star.--

Funny how the "question authority", "don't trust anyone over 30", antidisestablishmentarians are all for obeisance to authority and can't get them enough establishment once they have infiltrated the institutions and made themselves the establishment.

Captain Hate

Although my Goodell Football League boycott is still in place, the Bengals became the first team to give up 500+ yards in three consecutive games. And Marvin Lewis remains the head coach. I think owner Mike Brown is trolling the fans.

Bernardi Dr la paz

You didn't think the free speech movement by aavio was about free speech did you

The Infamous Ignatz

I have never heard it plausibly explained just exactly how global warming has contributed to CA fires.
Supposedly it will make for drier climate. But last year featured normal rainfall and the year before record rainfall and terrible fire seasons.
The two years before that were record dry years and produced many insect killed pines but that doesn't actually increase fire danger and the bad fires haven't been in the worst bug kill areas and the fire seasons were more benign than the wet years.

So, cause and effect; please show your work, Jerry.

The Infamous Ignatz

I think it was about everything progs do; ______ for me but not for thee.


The Browns still have to play them twice after their bye week.


Somebody wants more time to manufacture ballots:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Stacey Abrams’s campaign files a federal lawsuit as she trails Georgia governor’s race


Like replicators you never get rid of them:

Texas Liberty Gal

We and Britain saved their ***. Gus you do have a way with words 😉


Stacey thinks by playing the race card she can win.
Anyone this delusional does not belong in any office representing anyone.


Oh this about his league of superfriends in his own mind:

Jack is Back!

Did you know this?

United States Soldiers pay tribute to the 8 million Horses, Donkeys, and Mules that lost their lives during World War I, 1918.

...Supposedly it will make for drier climate. But last year featured normal rainfall and the year before record rainfall and terrible fire seasons.

Not to take up the link to climate change with CA fires, but the link to rainfall is tricky.

IIRC, some recent article said that rain in the spring produces lots of new growth; a dry summer turns the new growth to fuel, et voila - big rainy season, big fires.

I'd still bet on forest mis-management as a major cause. And people moving into wilderness areas. Some of the biggest fires have the smallest causes. Going from memory again, but one huge fire was started by a guy banging fence posts into the ground. His hammer hit something hard, sparks flew, disaster.

Another big fire started when a guy drove his vehicle into a pot hole or onto the shoulder - hit some rocks, sparks flew, boom.

It's hard to say either of those were even human stupidity. Just people being people in a spot they don't really belong.


So the Dow is down but all the other indexes are up:


Hollywood Reporter
Breaking: Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' real-life superhero, dies at 95

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

IIRC, some recent article said that rain in the spring produces lots of new growth; a dry summer turns the new growth to fuel, et voila - big rainy season, big fires.

Which is why controlled burns/cutting the new growth back are necessary for the new growth to be controlled BEFORE it turns to tender. Just letting it grow uncontrolled is NOT good forestry habits.

Bernardi Dr la paz

I guess that's not so surprising he was in Ill health

Jack is Back!

Didn't Stan Lee play himself in all the Spiderman movies, or was another movie?

Bernardi Dr la paz

Except for the Andrew Garfield ones I think.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

American Cable Association has big problems with Comcast. They say that Comcast routinely violates Antitrust Laws. “These guys are acting much worse, and have much more potential for damage to consumers, than anything AT&T-Time Warner would do.” Charlie Gasparino

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Hopefully, Saudi Arabia and OPEC will not be cutting oil production. Oil prices should be much lower based on supply!


The left is only creative about cheating... not solving problems.

By law, early voting is supposed to end on the Friday before Election Day, but the law also provides for the emergency voting centers that may be created after. Ambiguities over the "emergency voting" statute—including questions as to what constitutes an emergency and whether or not a voter should have to prove their emergency—are the points of conflict.

Free Beacon @FreeBeacon

LATEST: ‘Emergency Voting’ Centers Opened by Dem Recorder Raise Questions #AZSen


A different angle on things:

Man Tran

The mention of Neil Young reminds me to tell you about an old rich guy out in Solvang who has a big barn/museum that may contain the world’s largest collection of ancient recordings. He’s promised them all the UCSB, if they build a proper facility to archive and display them. Neil is a frequent visitor due to the player pianos and other obscure musical memorabilia.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

SL played a character in every Marvel movie. Security guard, chess player in the park, party going WWI/II vet...

He was big into making cameo appearances.

matt - deplore me if you must

RIP Stan Lee. He let loose a whirlwind that I am somewhat ambivalent about. Going to have to do a Marvel marathon now. He was in every Marvel movie somewhere, usually with a great cameo. Now they are going to have to draw him in.

Forest mismanagement is a given. I spent Saturday digging out the ashes with several others, including the incredible Querida, of a neighbor's cabin that was burnt to the ground in the Holy fire several weeks ago. That one was pure arson. The perp is in jail waiting on his 3rd sanity evaluation. I'm still aching in muscles I haven't used in 20 years. It really brings it home.

The last fire here 2 years ago was another big one. The underbrush was so thick and so dry that it burned under the top layer for days at extremely high temperatures, killing any microbes underneath. It may have completely sterilized the soil so that nothing will ever grow again. We had the first smokejumpers in OC history on that one and in both cases it was an air show of every imaginable flying tanker and helicopter.

Our county policy is now to jump on fires immediately no matter how small in our canyons. The 2007 Silverado fire caused immense devastation and so policy changed.

We live in a forest, so that is ways the risk.

We have a USFS fire station less that 1,000 yards from the house along with one of the biggest county fire stations which includes several of the F-350 4 man trucks and two 20 man wild fireteams. One of those crews, along with a lot of our other county firefighters, is at the Malibu fire.

Between the environmentalists and the sheer incompetence of the USFS proper fire prevention and environmental management has taken a back seat to "environmentalism".

The bravery and dedication of the first responders is amazing.But the leadership at the top is a frigging disgrace. It is Washington special interests controlling local wild land policy. Ask the ranchers and loggers.


Well he could have been wiped out by the snap, why can't the bureaucracy show anything other than feral incompetence.


Mueller's report is not the only missing action.

Seth Barrett Tillman @SethBTillman

The election was a week ago. Where are the new Mueller indictments? Where is the report in lieu of prosecution? He has nothing.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

One of my VAs in New Dehli, just met his fiance (arranged marriage), and I have been invited to the wedding next fall. No firm date, yet, but anyone have any suggestions on hotels in New Dehli?

Googling shows "Good" hotels in ND starting at $10??? nope. Ya think I can get Daddy to stow me away on big purple to save on airfare?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

BTW the fiance is stunningly beautiful.

Traditional dress and henna tats. I think he could retire and let her go to Bollywood and support them both!


And this where I exclaimed out loud. Taking observations every few minutes, they could physically see the source of this infrared light moving around the black hole! They were able to get enough observations of each flare to trace the orbit of the emitting dust blob more than halfway around the black hole.


LATEST: ‘Emergency Voting’ Centers Opened by Dem Recorder Raise Questions #AZSen

henry - I would venture to say the "emergency" is that the Dems need more votes! This is an outrage.


Stan Lee RIP

The man is dead
The man is dead
This is no joke
The man did croak
And now he’s dead
He’s breathed his last
He’s in the past
He’s lost his lease
So rest in peace
The man is dead


Dave - your 1:08 is priceless! I watched it 3 times!

Captain Hate

anyone have any suggestions on hotels in New Dehli?

The Imperial in Connaught Place.

Miss Marple

Stan Lee's comics first debuted when I was a kid. I can remember when my grandad brought home Spiderman instead of Superman. I liked Spiderman better.

Thinkin back on that, Stan Lee must have been about 35 years old then. Goodness!


A slow let down?


Democrats are waiting for a Mueller report before talking about impeaching Trump, but that report may never come.

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