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December 20, 2018



Yemen, Syria... Saudis, US... what difference does it make which war somebody pulls out of?


Carrying over for henry about evers--

henry-maybe he attended this program at the Garrison Institute. They do a lot of Mindfulness ed for educators. https://www.garrisoninstitute.org/blog/climate-change-for-aliens/

Senge used to be on the Board there and may well still be. I think it is how it got on my radar.


A tranni running for the D's in 2020:



rse, Evers has been funding the "whiteness" seminars for teachers across WI for the past 20 years. This isn't new behavior for the jerk.


Get yer popcorn here!


House GOP cancels news conference as potential for Trump veto increases shutdown fears


Hmmm. A Trump bashing NYT article that has no paywall. Convenient.

Screw Syria, IMO.


By Glenn Singleton, henry?



Wasn't this database a non reported in kind campaign donation by Goolag & FB? Per Cohen rules, if $3 years for $140k in improper campaign donations... how much for the couple $ billion of private consumer data?



from Chitown Lurker:

Could you repost this for TK that not all Syria looks like Raqqa. Things have changed quite a bit::



Marianna Sotomayor @MariannaNBCNews

BREAKING: The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release documents regarding Roger Stone’s testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Jim Eagle

General Jack Keane has a different opinion on withdrawing from Syria in a historical perspective. Worth listening to, and appreciating the other side of the strategy/tactics argument.

I heard on Varney yesterday before the Fed decision the prediction they would not raise the rate based on Powell's congressional testimony. In it he was asked what is the main factor you look at with making that decision. He said it was the movement of the 10 year tresury note. The financial pundit on the show noted that it had already dropped 40 basis points, and based on his testimony he would keep status quo. Looks like false flag testimony.



It can be hard to explain to young people that just because they do not hate and have accepted the PC rhetoric directed at them does not make them safe in dangerous areas.



James D.

Janet will know about this already, and it will probably surprise nobody else here, but they are renaming the high school in my neighborhood.

It's currently called Washington-Lee, but of course we can't have that anymore.

Anyway, via the neighborhood listserv, here's the presentation that the School Board has prepared and the proposed new name:


I find it horrifying on every level, but that's Arlington for you.


James, was Mao HS taken? Or are they opposed to truth?

James D.

Henry, they wouldn't know truth if it it jumped up and punched them in the face.

(which leads us back to rse's post @ 11:03. Synergy!)

matt - deplore me if you must

The tactical situation in Syria is complex. The Kurds are basically, once again, screwed.

The Turks want to go in after the Kurds and the US has been supporting the Kurds. I don't think Trump wants to inflame the situation further by risking direct conflict with Turkey. Things are bad enough already.

Syria is a complete mess and most of the country from what I can gather is rubble. We have control on the Iraq border and can always reach in if we have to.


James-it's part of the supposed necessity of 'thinking and perceiving anew'. http://nextstepintegral.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Integral-Education-Esbjorn-Hargens.pdf

These things pop out when I recognize whose theory Bill Kristol was spouting in that verbiage yesterday on his role as a visiting ethics prof and start doing searches accordingly to pin down the resulting insight.


Laura Ingraham
‏Verified account @IngrahamAngle
3h3 hours ago

After 17 1/2 years, 4 presidential elections, 3 adoptions, countless live shows from Iraq to Indiana, I hang up the radio headphones at noon today. Thanks for being my extended family all these years. Find me at @PodcastOne in January for something new.


Tornado 9 miles south of Sarasota!!!

James D.

How do you keep your sanity or any sense of humor, rse?

Everything you find is more horrible and insidious than the last thing.


like to cook, drink wine, walk about 15 miles a week now, and am quite relieved at this point that there is someone not conflicted out or subject to an NDA that understands all this stuff.

At this point it all fits and I know exactly what is intended. I have protected my own kids from it and now it's time to try to help others.

It is what it is.



Almost Home by Salena Zito.

Account Deleted

No vote on whether Arlington citizens WANTED the name changed....
but there will be a vote on what it will be changed to.


One injured with possible tornado & roof damage in Polk Co., FL, which is now under another Tornado Warning. #flwx pic.twitter.com/hRYhqGNet1

— WeatherMatrix (@Accu_Jesse) December 20, 2018

Map at link.


Janet, write in Mao or Che.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A-Bob from previous thread: "I hope it isn’t the JOM view that ZIRP should have lasted forever."

I'm sure most or all agree. There is some grumbling, I bet, from the perception that the Fed has coincidentally raised rates and flattened stock prices timed to create a perception of shortcomings in the Trump economy.

Account Deleted

I will still call it Washington-Lee no matter what they do.

They're mired in evil nonsense.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

TM: "Trump announces a US troop withdrawal from Syria in exchange for... beats me."

There's no actual benefit from being "in" Syria, yes?

So removing our guys from danger and reducing our spending is absolutely a positive.

The downside would be if currently tattered ISIS forces were able to eventually regenerate themselves. We're letting other forces take responsibility for handling that.

Seems like a legit decision.


Jake Sherman
‏Verified account @JakeSherman

I am now told that the following people are going to the White House:

Paul Ryan
Kevin McCarthy
Mark Meadows
Jim Jordan

Also Scalise.


You know I would take general mccryatals comments under advisement if he hadn't buckled under, it was striking in his memoir what he didn't understand about what was going on.


James-when I follow these ideas and it pulls up analysis and plans like this https://www.springerprofessional.de/en/transforming-political-cultures/10259034 and names like Michael Lerner I recognize as tied to the clintons and Obamas and titles like Integral politics, it is clear yet again that this is not really a story about education.

It's simply the tool for much broader plans that deserve to be written about.



Sen. David Perdue said that he's not in favor of a continuing resolution that would fund the government through Feb. 8. "This is the time we should force the Democrats to negotiate."


Note, this is after the Senate surrendered and passed continuing resolution for funding.


Ah Michael Lerner ex sds tikkun astroturfer. It's like Jason voorhees they never go away.






Steve Herman
‏Verified account @W7VOA
3m3 minutes ago

Very strong #quake off Bering Island, #Russia. Initial estimated magnitude between 7.3 and 7.8 per various seismographs.


JUST IN: DNC announces it will hold 12 presidential primary debates for 2020 cycle, with 6 debates in 2019 and 6 in 2020. https://t.co/gu4bBAyQGk pic.twitter.com/LeDNR1FHDg

— NBC News (@NBCNews) December 20, 2018

Link goes to screen cap of details.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

ASOFB: Friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like a 1970s glam rock drag queen in a yellow housecoat.




I got a text from a friend in California about that outfit! Plus the photo makes her look like her thighs are the size of sequoia's and Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a tiny person next to a hulking giant!


The weather is wild. During a break in the rain,I went to get a pedicure. (priorities) By the time I drove back,it was raining buckets and the wind was howling. Interesting observation...the water doesn't drain here,no wonder it floods. The drainage ditches fill up and spill onto the road,creating flooding.


Wouldn't it be great if the meeting with the House members and Trump got the Chuck and Nancy transparency treatment from last week?


MM, you are evil

Account Deleted

"The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release documents regarding Roger Stone’s testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller."

So to be clear: 1) Stone gave testimony to HIC and HIC voted unanimously to release docs TO the SC;

or, HIC is releasing docs of testimony Simon gave to the SC--- releasing them to the public?


and, why is Simon important in all of this?


Marlene, it's ridiculous. Rain, thunder, wind, dark and a bit scary. And now it's cold suddenly. Maybe we'll have snow by 4:00.


Kev, option 1. Stone is important because he somehow connected to the Trump campaign for a while and boasted about Clinton email releases (after wikileaks said they had them and would release them) along with Corsi and some lawyer friend of theirs. This done in text messages.

Mueller needs fodder for his pending #ImpeachTrumpNow!!! report, and these clowns are it.


Jane, hail is more common with tornados in warm climes.



You have to admit seeing Ryan stammer around about why there shouldn't be a wall would be highly entertaining!

Plus maybe Jordan would get steamed and put him in a headlock while Trump cheered, just like in those WWE shows with Vince McMahon


I assume the error was allowing a non "special" person to use the eavesdropping feature:


A "human error” by Amazon allowed an Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home.


Comanche Voter

One thing for sure. If the NYT editors go marching as to war, it won't be as Christian Soldiers.


more sideshow:

Chuck Ross
‏ @ChuckRossDC

Update: Roger Stone has sent letter to House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes requesting that a transcript of his testimony also be made public.


Account Deleted

tx henry.

cursory search (prior to the release vote) yielded this background. yeah. i know. it's Time. but...



Everyone got the material, they were a little more reticent to publish at the times the post and the guardian


if you though snakes were bad...



Oh shit, Paulie No Nuts is going to the WHITE HOUSE.
Do you think he'll give us a "That's not who we are" speech from the LINCOLN BEDROOM?


Gus, do they have valet parking for the Wienermobile?

Frau Edith Steingehirn

KKid - thanks for asking about me. I have been lurking mostly unless the atmosphere is unhealthy. Sometimes the bickering, pile-on stuff is too much. I always came to JOM for the wit and heated debate.

Insty recommended this book and I really enjoyed it.


Fox reporter:

Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
3m3 minutes ago

Not much info coming out of WH as mtg continues with Hse GOP ldrs on way forward to fund gov't and perhaps border wall.

Old Lurker


Frau Edith Steingehirn

Here's one for narciso - it's on Amazon.


Heartwarming as children sing to their teacher after they find out she has cancer... ❤❤❤

— Kevin W (@kwilli1046) December 19, 2018

Video at link.

Old Lurker




BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says Trump will not sign Senate-passed bill to avoid government shutdown


It's not just us:

‏ @catturd2
20m20 minutes ago

Raise your hand if you want to see President Trump stick his foot up Paul Ryan's ass on his way out the door.


Henry, was that supposed to help?


Jane, hail? just keep your car under the carport. you'll be fine.


I was referring to the "hail" thing. Boy have I become a wimp.


‏ @RightWingLawMan
5m5 minutes ago

BREAKING: Trump will NOT sign the short term spending bill unless the border wall is built.

Paul Ryan just got drop kicked! 🥾💥

#ShutDownTheGovernment 👍🇺🇸


Steven Portnoy
‏Verified account @stevenportnoy
3m3 minutes ago

From @PressSec stmnt: "We protect nations all over the world, but Democrats are unwilling to protect our nation. We urgently need funding for border security and that includes a wall."


Oh I'm fine. My Christmas decorations are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


from rain & wind? sorry to hear that.


Frau! Muchas smooches

James D.

From an email on the neighborhood listserv, re: the high school naming:

If the cost of renaming W&L comes to as much as a million dollars it would represent a one-time 0.15625 percent (16% of 1%) increase in the FY 2019 Adopted Budget of $640 million, or an increase over the current annual average cost of $19,348 per pupil of about $30 each.

Whether or not that represents a reasonable amount depends largely on one's assessment of the non-quantifiable impact, pro or con, of continuing to celebrate a hero of the slaveholders' rebellion in the Arlington of the 21st century.

No rational communication is possible with people who write things like that.


Good plan:

Instead, because of a permissive regulation that allows states to grant waivers to wide swaths of their populations, millions of people who could work are continuing to receive SNAP benefits. The president has directed me, as Secretary of Agriculture, to propose regulatory reforms to ensure that those who are able to work do so in exchange for their benefits. This restores the dignity of work to a sizeable segment of our population, while it is also respectful of the taxpayers who fund the program.


James D.

Oh, and Janet, "Arlington" (as in the full citizenry, who pay for the school and will have to pay the $1,000,000 to fund the renaming) will not get to vote on it at all.

Just like we didn't get to vote on whether we wanted to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Jeff Bezos so he can bring 50,000 scooter-riding hipster tech bros to Crystal City.


Trump tells Rush he is either getting funding for the border or shutting the whole thing down.

Jim Eagle

JamesD & Janet,

After 8 years of being on the USG payroll under Zippy, you get letter writers, school administrators, and Arlington County citizens like that. Its surprising to me that they haven't voted on renaming the Lee House at the cemetary.

matt - deplore me if you must

Good for Trump!

Moochelle is now a Marvel super heroine; Angry Black Woman.

Her superpower is her glare; strong enough to burn Barack's nuts right off.



I vote for the eyepatch guy.


The White House @WhiteHouse

President Trump just met with House GOP Members. They feel strongly about Border Security–stopping the flow of drugs, human trafficking, terrorism. We protect nations across world, but Dems won't protect our nation. We urgently need funding for border security, including a wall.



Seems like Comey should be in big trouble. Oh wait...


Trash Ryan all you want.
I heard his farewell speech and he remains the same person he has always.
Not corrupted by Washington.
Not just us MM.
Please don’t include me in your sweeping generalization.
See Politico article today about how Ryan spent most of the last two years biting his tongue while Trump never hesitated to team him.
In farewell speech no mention of President Trump.
Said nothing negative about him.
Beating a dead horse at this point to continue the hate fest.
Just my opinion.
Going downtown to see the Christmas lights .
Won’t be here to respond.


I'll miss Ingraham's show. She annoys me on the regular but she's upbeat and has good guests, for the most part. Not sure who they're putting in for that slot.


Stephanie!!! A comparison!!

I'll Let The Photos Tell The Story! #JustSaying @FLOTUS #MelaniaTrump @realDonaldTrump #Cody45🐯 pic.twitter.com/cy6YhDwH6v

— Cody (@buzzman888) December 20, 2018

Photos at the link!


Relinking from the end of the last thread:


Maybe the lawyers here can fill in the gap: Assuming Flynn had to say "No" when the judge asked if he wanted to change his plea, or to claim that there was misconduct involved, in order to stick to his plea agreement, what happens if Judge Sullivan tosses the case? Would that void the plea agreement and subject Flynn to other prosecution?

And a separate question: do we think Mueller would actually try to prosecute Flynn for other crimes if for whatever reason the plea agreement was voided? If the reason for the very favorable deal to Flynn is that the FBI misconduct gets swept under the rug, maybe Mueller won't want to shake that hornet's nest?

And, finally: Can't the FBI misconduct be prosecuted anyway, and if so who would do that? Huber? Whitaker?


Welcome back Frau!
Comey will get his eventually.
I hope you start to feel better soon.



I didn't mean that to include EVERYONE, since I knew you wouldn't agree.

However, I know it includes Captain Hate.

Enjoy the Christmas lights!


And more on topic, Althouse had a surprisingly good analysis of the NYT's reportage of the Syria pull-out, showing how it was designed around the idea of somehow criticizing Trump (even if his decision seems similar to Obama's) but shielding Obama from criticism over his pull-out. Heads Obama good, tails orange man bad, in other words.



Someone on Laura Ingrahamsaid that so far Huber appears to be missing in action.
I concur.
All agree no report from Horowitz or ZHuber this year.
Love that President Trump is sticking to his guns.
Take that Democrats!


And nice to see you, frau!

CH, did you see my question from last night about the J. Edgar Hoover cross-dressing allegation? I claimed it was either unfounded or maybe outright slander, but I recall you commenting on it.


Austin news

1. Mr. Richard Overton, American's oldest living man and also our oldest living veteran, has been hospitalized for pneumonia. He is 112.


2. School district renames Fulmore Middle School after a still-living teacher. Originally named for Zachary Taylor Fulmore, Austin judge and all-around general good guy.

He donated the (now extremely valuable) land for Fulmore Middle School to the city under the provision that it be used for a public school in perpetuity.



BUT he enlisted in the Confederate Army and was a private for less than a year before being taken prisoner, SO we can't have any schools named after this guy.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Another econ data point to put on your radar, gold is inching up.


Sebastian Gorka DrG
‏Verified account @SebGorka
6m6 minutes ago

Getting ready to take the stage with @DonaldJTrumpJr,
@jordanbpeterson, and @JesseBWatters at the BIGGEST Young Conssrvatives event in the US: #SAS2018.
I hope there is video of this available later.

Old Lurker


Captain Hate

jimmyk, I saw it and responded with a link. Complete rooski disinformation which has become a staple of conventional wisdom, like Disney's fabrication about lemmings. Or belief that Paul Ryan is smarter than Biden or Patty Murray.


I heard his farewell speech and he remains the same person he has always.

I tried to listen to the sanctimonious sh*t several times but each time I tried, after a few sentences, I left because I was unable to challenge his fantasies.

I might like the man, I might honor his commitment, but as far as beliefs go, he seems at right angles to what is required for sound and principled government.

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham was my gateway to Tammy Bruce, so I owe her for that. Since it's the Christmas season I'll hold back on my description of what type of woman dates Bathtub Boy.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
12m12 minutes ago

Returning to the Capitol from WH meeting with @POTUS, GOP Majority Whip @SteveScalise says House Republicans will move today to add language to the Government funding bill that includes $5-billion "for the wall" as well as more funding for disaster relief.


The situation reminds me somehow (since I follow these things professionally) of December 2000, when markets were jittery and tanking, and the Fed stuck to its guns (in that case leaving rates at a very high level like 6.5%. Within a month or so the Fed had an emergency conference call and cut rates.

If markets keep crashing the Fed might do something like that, but they don't like to admit error. I don't think their mistake was so much in raising rates, but in their statement which pretty much ignored the negative signals from the markets.

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