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December 24, 2018



President and First Lady's Christmas greeting.



No surprise Miss M. Lefties spend other people’s money. They don’t donate their own stash.



I have become convinced that there is a coordinated, active campaign to brainwash the public making people afraid to support the President.

As that post from Jack indicated, he is a man who stepped forward to do his best to save this nation, risking his business, his family, and his own life.

As clarice pointed out, the value in that Border Wall fund is showing how many people support it and will put their money where their mouth is. I donated for that exact reason. The left will not, because they only want to complain.

One of my New Year's resolutions will be to speak out more to people I know. If he can risk that much, I can at least do that.


Merry Christmas to everyone and blessings and thanks to Mr. Maguire for this wonderful site.


Great New Year's resolution idea, mm.

Jim Eagle

So, now, I am conflicted as to whether I steam up the Christmas pudding which has been resting since Thanksgiving, or serving up my Mince Meat or Pumpkin pies? I can always do the pudding for Boxing Day, tomorrow.

Mrs. JiB, and Frederick want to play golf. But Chelsea plays Watford tomorrow, and I am pressed on not watching. I think we watch Chelsea with a dollop of pudding, then go play golf.

The roast beef with the port sauce was terrific. The wine superb. The company uncomprable.



Charlie Hurt.



Your Christmas dinner sounds wonderful!

My kids wanted smoked sausage and hash brown, a plebian dinner if ever there was one. However, they voted and that is what I am cooking in an hour or so.

Jim Eagle


Ask them if they want to eat outside. We did. A little chilly wind but everything else was perfect. Ocean view. People walking the course. Beagles staring at us. Perfect:)



Although it is sunny, I am not going to suggest eating outside, as the current temp is 45.

Manuel Transmission

Boris, elegant stuff!

MM, that LI link you posted had a comment with this link:


JimNorCal, you need to listen to the young guy embedded in that link. He does a wonderful job of conveying Hancock’s work in bite sized chunks. Also takes a shot at TED for stomping on their own work just to snark at GH.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

If I haven't already, Merry Christmas to JOM and a special Thanks! to TM for hosting this site.


#MerryChristmas to all the haters and losers that said @realDonaldTrump would NEVER be POTUS.

And since it is the season of giving — allow me to share with you my fav. video of all time. (@DavidJHarrisJr is credited for this beautiful creation.)

Much love to my MAGA peeps 🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/EgaVroHTDG

— Matthew Handy (@Matthew_Handy) December 25, 2018

Video at the link, which is really a "must watch."

Jim Eagle

Just watched the Queen's Christmas message followed by the King's College Choir (all boys who have not got husky voices:) absolutely beautiful. And she may be a royal, but she is a real deal, and from her vantage point sees all the bullshit and good in the world. She prefers the good in the world and must living in horror with Chuckles, Harry's new bride and a few other odd ball royals.

Poor lady. Now hand over your jewels and I will show you happiness.


Good afternoon! Hope you are all enjoying the day. We went to the beach earlier for some beachcombing. Last week's storm churned up the surf and deposited lots of shells on the beach. The beach was full of people. Christmas in Florida is *interesting* after 60+ years of Christmas in New England.

Jim Eagle

Frederick and I, are watching a Charlie Brown Christmas movie, don't know which one but it perfect for winding down Christmas dinner. Oh, and it is better with a good wine.


$17,014,249 of $1.0B goal
Raised by 280,020 people in 8 days

Some one mentioned what the anti Wall people are doing. As far as I am concerned, I have no interest. I feel they are WRONG and stood be condemned at every opportunity. IMO, if the Wall were completed tomorrow it would be great.

James D.

JiB @ 5:01

The one with the spelling bee at the end?

Remember, it’s spelled B E A G L E, not B E A G E L.


1990 Chateau Angelus. Second to the last bottle. Sad. ;-)
Chance purchase at the liquor store just over the state line.

That Queen. Nails it!!!

"we would not grieve, if we did not love..."

"Faith, family and friendship...a constant.. a source of personal comfort, and reassurance..."


Wise woman!

James D.

Here in Great Falls we’re playing scrabble and waiting for the beef to finish booking for late Christmas dinnner.

Got a couple of great music gifts - the complete Solti Wagner recordings (not including his Ring, which I already have) and the Karajan 1980’s box set (76 CDs of all his recordings from the 1980s, including the complete Beethoven and Brahms symphonies). So I can keep right on living in the past, music-wise.

And I’m off work the rest of the week, and I already spent the $300 in Amazon gift cards I received, and my Mom seemed to have a good day (although it’s hard to tell with her)


IMO, not a single one of these anti's have any respect for any Americans.


Jim Eagle


Good choice. Haven't got to the Certan yet, Cork broke. Mrs. JiB, and her certifiable surgeon's fingers will remove it so we can enjoy later with the pudding.

I was really impressed with the Queen's address. She has lived a marvelous life, seen it all, met everyone, yet remains herself, in her skin, not troubled by all the crap, Charles brings (and he is a fart in a bottle).



Thanks for the Queen's address. Beautiful music and wise words.



Thread: The stock market crash as a political weapon.

James D.

That’s exactly what I think the Fed is doing, MM. no doubt in my mind.


James D.,

You are not the only one. I have had 2 friends call me with this exact same theory this week. I also agree.


James D. Also completely agree.


The stock market crash as a political weapon.

Don’t worry, all the smart people are blaming it on Trump’s tariff wars. Mssrs. Smooth and Hawley to the white courtesy phone...


I notice that Mnuchin is being criticized for scaring the markets by merely inquiring into banks' liquidity. So the argument seems to be that taking preventive measures causes the markets to panic. Yet somehow all the crazy things that were done back in 2008-9 (TARP, the AIG bailout, guaranteeing money market funds, the stimulus, bailing out GM and Chrysler, QE1, 2, and 3, etc., etc.) saved the world. Why wasn't the NYT up in arms over all those things panicking the markets?

It's a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is that Democrats were (essentially) in control, and Trump wasn't President.

Old Lurker

Maybe if somebody had put all the Deep State cronies who employed the entire Justice Intel apparatus of the government to cook the election of 2016 into severe legal jeopordy, you guys wouldn't be so worried about something similar in 2020.

Jim Eagle

Fire Powell? Not a real option even if all you get is Rand Paul's endoresment. What he needs to do is promote the strong economy, and reel in the Mnuchins. He knows what investors respond to and it is not the Bear philosphy of dread, recession, and lost capital.

Bears make money on other peoples weakness,naivete and fear.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

I hope everyone, even the Fake News Media, is having a great Christmas! Our Country is doing very well. We are securing our Borders, making great new Trade Deals, and bringing our Troops Back Home. We are finally putting America First. MERRY CHRISTMAS! #MAGA




Did everyone snuggle in front of the fireplace and go to sleep?


Evening all, re Powell if I hadn't seen this pattern of dialing to eleven re rate hikes particularly in 99-00, but also 04-06, I would suspect an ulterior motive, but this is powells m o operandi isn't it.


Jane, yes.


Well we have one of those artificial space heaters that yogis likes to lie in front of.


Something of note:



The first of the entries:



Brian Kolfage
‏ @BrianKolfage
28m28 minutes ago

We believe we have secured a way to fund the wall with our gofundme and bypass the government entirely ensuring 100% of the funds go right to the build. Speaking with lawyers on Thursday in DC to finalize. WHO SAID ITS NOT POSSIBLE?!



jim nj


That was beautiful. My first conscious thought on awakening today was, "Thank you Lord for all of my memories, even the painful ones."

My girlfriend is off visiting with family, so I was alone and pondering my past. The good and the bad memories.

Emily Remler was both. Yes, Buckeye, we were best friends until she went off to Berklee in Boston. I had a school boy crush on her that wasn't consummated, but she was just so much fun to have around.

When I heard of her death it just about knocked the wind out of me. Just too short a life for someone with so much talent.

And, no, the cause of her death didn't surprise me.

CH, thanks for the link to the article. It describes her very well. She was her own worst critic, which may have led to her self-doubt, yet she powered through that with hours and hours of practice.


jim nj,

People here should never be alone. One of the blessings of this site is that we can long on and talk to friends.

Blessings for you and Merry Christmas!


Florida Guy
‏ @floridaguy267

AFSCME lobbyist press Democrats on giving Trump the Wall. Union workers lose an estimated $150 million per day of Shutdown.


A fine story... true or not. Moderate alcohol and coffee lead to long life:



That's just crazy talk Henry, only the most extreme diets are clearly effective.


So the times is flacking for Hezbollah on Christmas, it's like they need to flattened by the kraken/squid creature from aquaman

Account Deleted

merry christmas!

settled in here at the beautiful Westin Resort...celebratory dinner tonite at LULU in Palm Springs..G-Paw's 5 star restaurant.

the man of the hour is son, Levon, and his 4.0 semester at Macalester. aced his Macro final in a codger's class "who doesn't believe in giving A's."

he found out yesterday. so here we go.

Hope your Christmases have all been merry.

let's make 2019 the greatest in Republic history.

"Know that I Am God." (the Psalm)



The Pepperdine Christmas song at Insty is amazing.


Congrats kev.


Which is called the karathen. Yes it liberally borrowed from clash of the titans, thor and black panther, thr latter borrowed from the second.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I am not going to complain that Trump appointed a Fed head who is finally trying to return monetary policy to sanity.
Nor do I think Trump is either surprised by Powell's sanity or particularly sincere in his tweets.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We had two kids do a reading at our Christmas eve service last night. The second little dude was a real natural and could very easily have starred in a Charlie Brown Christmas.
I though seriously about yelling "Linus!" but gave the kid a break.


He did pick him who came up with the Powell rule, I guess its like that line about making sausages

jim nj

Manbij seems to of interest to lots of forces.


Turkey backed Syrians heading down.


Russians and the Syrian army moving that way too.


More here.


Confusion seems to abound as these movements are not coordinated. If the SDF leaves Manbij as expected will there still be a fight over the town?


Like heisenberg's cat, its unclear what's going on.

Account Deleted

Thank you, Narciso. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


So Maggie Salem khashoggis minder for khashoggi used to work for Albright and Martin indyk (the latter also received heavy coin from qatar


Well amn is resolutely pro ayrian regime whereas middle east is al Jazeera (qatari) on steroids.

jim nj

Let's not forget the Israelis.



He follows the wurlitzer but unlike most he considered an alternate possibility.


So we know Flynn didn't pen that Turkish op ed, neither did khashoggi do much of his work

Account Deleted

We had a wonderful Christmas today. My kids & 3 of their friends spent the day here.
Presents, games, laughter & eating too much. It was a wonderful, long day.

One present from my husband was pretty neat. He got me a lighter with "Carry the Fire" engraved on it (from the book/movie 'The Road').
It's a super grim movie, but I LOVE the father/son story in the story. I must have mentioned it more than I realized....so he got me the lighter.

Here's the article that he gave me too. It's really good. - https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/carry-the-fire/

Account Deleted

((So Maggie Salem khashoggis minder for khashoggi used to work for Albright ))

Albright was Susan Rice's mentor.


Neat story. I loved Tootsie Rolls as a kid.



So its begs the question who's pulling whose strings, is Albright also on Doha payroll, we know Cair certainly is, after the UAE stopped picking up their tab.

jim nj


There are multiple articles on Manbij from various sources. The PR battle for Manbij has already broken out.

I'm thinking of Manbij along the lines of "A Bridge too far", if the SDF can't hold it and should make a tactical withdrawal, there is no guarantee as to who gets it next.


So when nick kristof had dr. Hatfill sicced o n by Mueller, he was just repeating someone else's script


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David Burge

Dec 23
David Burge Retweeted Dana Milbank
We also don't need an alt-history TV show to imagine the John Birch Society taking over the Washington Post
David Burge added,
Dana Milbank
Verified account

The TV series “The Man in the High Castle” imagines a world in which Nazis won World War II. But we don’t need an alternative-history show to imagine a Soviet victory in the Cold War. We have Trump. https://wapo.st/2EFI9KW?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.43806940d53a


Yes it's been the bushkazi ball first regular rebels, then Islamic state then sdf but this was all before trump came into office


There must be a bearded spock universe where milbank makes sense but it must be earth 38.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'd prefer the bearded Spock universe where Kirk feeds Milbank to the Gorn.


What did the gorn do to deserve that?


Now Egypt might have been in partial denial here:


Then again the latest Christian bale is probably as accurate,

matt - deplore me if you must

A very nice Christmas in Temecula. Brother served a Tempranillo from his first crop, a 2017, and it was very nice.

Am not a big fan of Temecula wines in general but his was quite satisfactory. Between Querida and her magic and his wife's incredible skills we had a wonderful time. Kids, family; what Christmas is all about.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful time as well.

jim nj


Air strikes supporting SDF forces continue.


I'm a little surprised since they were close to famine before:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--What did the gorn do to deserve that?--

Pretty sure that dude had a cast iron stomach.
"I will be merceefull, Dana".
Heh...no he wouldn't.

jim nj


Reuters is reporting that the Syrian and Russian moves toward Manjib were coordinated with the Manbij Military Council.

A move to keep Turkish forces locked out?

Manuel Transmission

Can’t believe I never ran across Emily Remler, but that article mentioned how she was playing with Herb Ellis. We had a couple fun evenings with Herb back in the late 80’s. While doing our usual Navy football weekends in Annapolis we would hang out in the Treaty of Paris pub in the basement of the Maryland Inn. Herb was buds with the proprietor of the pub, who was also a jazz guitarist. There were rarely more than a dozen or so people huddled around the stool Herb sat on. Huddled as in about 6’ headroom in the pub.

Captain Hate

One present from my husband was pretty neat. He got me a lighter with "Carry the Fire" engraved on it (from the book/movie 'The Road').
It's a super grim movie, but I LOVE the father/son story in the story. I must have mentioned it more than I realized....so he got me the lighter.

It's a very atypical work by McCarthy and quite enjoyable. Glad you liked it.

This Lakers game is like an extra Christmas present.


Merry Christmas!


Yes Turks are still considered interlopers in that region, there is no love for the kurd, but they dont want the sultan to claim credit or territory.


Well it's a vivid illustration of what a nasty Brutish and short world would look on the modern context, so is book of eli.

jim nj



Heading to bed.

Merry Christmas to all.


jim nj

Funny moment with Emily, the budding guitarist, and me, the budding photographer, driving in my car.

Her, to me, "Did you here that?" Me, "No. Did you see that?"

It became a running joke. I noticed things she didn't. She heard things I didn't.

Man Tran,

If she had lived longer everyone would have known of her.

Dave (in MA)
Moderate alcohol and coffee lead to long life
Oh, crap. I have to cut down on coffee, then.
jim nj


Who in his right mind would build a dam near an active volcano?


Lol dave.

You asked the right question. Jimnj.

I didn't realize Emily had passed so young.

jim nj

A feel good story


Dave (in MA)

I recall my 2nd grade teacher reading us an old book the last week before Christmas vacation. It was the story of how St. Nicholas came to be Santa Claus 🎅🏻, and I remember it had a very bittersweet ending and she was dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief when it was over. Damned if I can remember what the book was, though.


Dont know the book but this is the story:



Deja vu all over again



Ah morning joke:



More of this category error:



Your move New York times, as well the spirit of Helen thomas:


jim nj


That's one of the things I like about Realclearpolitics, they give you not only the headline link, but the author as well. Saves countless neurons being able to skip the usual liberal pundits

So with T+2 settlement we should see the end of tax loss trades in the stock market end Thursday since they will need Friday and Monday to settle. A tax loss sale has to be completed before the end of the year. It's not the day you sell, it's the day the trade settles that counts.

Going out on a limb I think the market will stabilize before the end of the year.

Then we'll see how the "January effect" goes. For those unfamiliar with the term many people believe that January trading, up or down, presages the rest of the year.

If bargain hunters show up in January it should shore up the market.


Yes I think so, to, I dont think the modest rate increases make that big a difference, its other factors that come into play.


Yes you have to cut through the chaff:

jim nj




Both reports sourced to a US Defense official.

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