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December 24, 2018


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About that simpler time--- the anthem that changed a world one afternoon in that park:

giddy up.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Found out this AM when I leapt out of bed that a CO detector is also a smashed snow globe detector. Thanks 🐱. Feline emesis on the carpet fringe was nice, too.

Get that cat to a vet asap.... many snowglobes have antifreeze as the water in them!!!!!


Round up of border wall construction so far:


(From October).



Thomas Wictor column. Includes photos and videos.

Account Deleted

MM: there was so much in the air out here. Put it this way, Sister Mary Psychosa had her hands full by the time we hit the fifth grade.

by end of the 6th grade the school discipline policy was folding like a sack of wet groceries.

i remember late spring watching the Smothers Brothers with my sisters, Maw and Paw. they loved Sonny and Cher and the Beatles. but that nite they were speechless about the "musical guests". they dint quite know what to make about Amazing Grace and the fellas. (they'd been on AM radio since late 65. :D -Kev

Down the Rabbit Hole

PS: Christmas of 1967--- the year Christmas got weird for about 23 years.


: me showing where my head is ...

From your brief comments about work, I'd guess they'd have plenty of trouble without you LOL


Very impressive PD.


A Grace story for kk.

Account Deleted

love it, JimNorCal.

still have a connection to her. She's in rough shape these days. her daughter Chyna recently came into our orbit. we attended an ordination of some modern day order of divinity grads. Chyna was one of them and has become a friend. tough trail for that mother/daughter duo. but in the end, Chyna's made it through.

who knew where these "trails" were going to lead.


Merry Christmas to you, JimNorCal. let's figure out a meetup. :D



Thomas Wictor column. Includes photos and videos.

mike in houston

A little Christmas eve music


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Congrats on 29 years, PD.
God is good.

Account Deleted

Food for thought:


Account Deleted

But, but, i'm Kaiser Sozay...



Good Morning!

It's Christmas morning over here and Conrad Black delivered me a new word as my Christmas present---"stertorous"

ster•to•rous (ˈstɜr tər əs)

1. characterized by stertor or heavy snoring.
2. breathing in this manner.

At a Christmas Breakfast Buffet in a fancy hotel in Guangzhou. Always fun, because Guangzhou remains the center of the "adopt a Chinese baby girl" racket, so there are a handful of foreigners sitting nearby with brand new wonderfully cute little Chinese baby girls, wide eyed at all the festive opulence. Everybody is dressed Christmasy and nobody is "stertorous."

BTW, the spelling of Stertorous in Conrad Black's headline is incorrect, so maybe Santa will deliver him a lump of coal tonight. Ho ho ho!

mike in houston


Remembering a Farm Christmas


Dave (in MA)

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma | December 24, 2018 at 08:01 PM I think we're OK. I don't think they had any time to ingest anything.

matt - deplore me if you must

Not to be con fizzled with stentorious, daddy. Have a cake while you're there. Never figured out how and why they celebrate Christmas.

Christian God enemy of state.


Mike in Houston, very nice VDH at 09:22. This bit rings very true from what I remember as a young kid visiting my Granddad's farm outside Goochland, Virginia and seeing all his substantial farm hands doing their mysterious, unfathomable jobs:

Educational pretension was taboo. Degrees meant nothing if you could not do farm work and fix things. The onus on the college graduate was to prove to others that you were as good as farm workers, not for them to prove that they were as wise as you thought you were. Stupid was not knowing how to weld or to disc 20 acres; smart did mean having read Camus.


Musings on this years Christmas:

I found when I watched the beginning of the ballet I remembered my mother's 78 RPM of selections of The Nutcracker and found tears welling up. It was unimaginable in the late 1950's that the Moscow Ballet would perform in Indianapolis.

I then remembered the years where my parents scrambled to provide Santa gifts for us (5 kids) and how happy I was to receive a Winnie the Pooh book, a Mattel Larry the Lion (still have him) and an electric train (I was the oldest and I am pretty sure this was my dad's idea. My brother wasn't born until I was 8.)

Those memories are precious to me, and I relive them every December. Families are so precious, as well as our memories.


Helping children across the country track #Santa is becoming one of my favorite traditions! @Potus and I enjoyed working with @NORADSanta - #ChristmasEve pic.twitter.com/CYNkARbFaI

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) December 25, 2018

Pictures at link.


Merry Christmas Eve from South Florida! Last Christmas in this condo (after 18 years); my folks sold it. Almost 30 years in the same complex. *sniff*

Love to you all. Hope to catch up tomorrow!



This seems very odd.


Palm Beach County Sheriff's office:

‏Verified account @PBCountySheriff

Our hearts are truly broken after a suspect shot and killed our K9 Dog tonight, on Christmas Eve. “He did his job, giving his life to save and protect our own” - Sheriff @RicBradshaw
5:07 PM - 24 Dec 2018


He will be up there with matt's pip.

Captain Hate

It can't be Christmas without Roy Wood:



Merry Christmas to all JOMers and Happy Hanukkah.
So sorry about your dog.Good information about AA and you and your wife are doing God’s work.
Glad to hear Peter, PD in Detroit( congrats on 29 years) JamesD and Jane are improving health wise.
Still praying for Mrs SBW and others who face health challenges every day.
Wonderful day with Mass and baking as well as 2 Movie classics A Wonderful Life and Meet Me in St Louis.
Best Wishes to all!
Daddy :
You really lead a wonderful life!

Account Deleted

Just finished Victor Davis Hanson's introduction to E.B. Sledge's "With the Old Breed", the Marine's celebrated account of war in the Pacific battles Peleiliu and Okinawa.

Tom Bowler

>>>Expect redundancy tomorrow.

Posted by: Tom Bowler | December 24, 2018 at 04:53 PM<<<

??? getting the ax as your christmas bonus? think i'll get mine just after the new year ...

Posted by: rich | December 24, 2018 at 06:06

Geeze, no, sorry Rich. I only meant to say I would be repeating myself by wishing you all a Merry Christmas again tomorrow.

Actually, I got my surprise retirement a couple of years ago. Sorry to hear you might be getting yours soon. Mine has worked out rather well for me, though. I hope yours works out for you.


jim nj

Wow, what a bargain 20% off on all stocks, now through the end of the year. Watch what happens in the new year when every starts using their stock market gift-cards.

jim nj


The Venezuelan Navy shooed oil exploration ships out of Guyana seas claiming they were actually Venezuelan seas. They're not.


JAMES LOVELL is a MILWAUKEE guy. I took Pin to a pub on Lovell and Wisconsin, in downtown Milwaukee for a beer and a burger.
In the APOLLO 13 movie, they show LOVELL'S son at ST JOHN'S MILITARY ACADEMY, less than 1/2 mile from me.

Account Deleted

Pin raved about that boigah, GUS!

Merry Christmas!



Pretty well studied in the European Theater of Operations. On American/Brit, Soviet and German point of view.

When 'The Pacific' came out, I bought the whole series.

Pretty good sh*t.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Three versions of my favorite Christmas hymn; O Holy Night;
Placido and Luciano.

Mahalia Jackson.

And my favorite;
Jussi Bjorling in Swedish.

That note on the penultimate "divine" always gives me chills when done right.

mike in houston

How about this OHN Iggy


Norwegian I think


Glad you enjoyed the ballet.
Loved seeing the Nutcracker and Swan Lake over the years.
Love seeing all the young girls dressed in their finest.
So cute when little ones are all decked out.
Have a truly Blessed Christmas everyone.
So great to see so many posters.
Thanks again TM.
I wish you and your family all the best,


They performed Oh Holy Night at Mass this evening.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, mike.


.@realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS receive communion at National Cathedral Christmas Eve service. pic.twitter.com/eHJGXU8RwE

— Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) December 25, 2018

Photo at link.


Maryrose, Oh Holy Night is my #1 all time favorite Christmas hymn/song. The music director at CHRIST KING CHURCH in Wauwatosa, where I grew up, was masterful. His wife sang Oh Holy Night, every Christmas (Midnight Mass). Even as a BOY, it gave me goose bumps. It has such a buildup, and it's written for a Soprano. "Fall on your knees, oh hear the Angel voices" Merry and Blessed Christmas to you Maryrose, I'm sorry to have disappointed you.
Young GUS, leads the upcoming KAIROS starting in 2 weeks. He is quite excited and had to give a 15 minute speech for the High School teachers who chaperone. He is GREAT speaking, and speaks better in public extemporaneously, so long as he has a frame work and complete grasp of the subject matter. I'm quite proud.


Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone, and Merry Christmas!


Kev, Pin is not a hard person to please. He is , easy going but he does however, have a rye and devilish sense of humor. One thing about Pin, is that he is in NO WAY phony or conceited. He is a treat.
Merry Christmas to you Kev. I don't always respond to your texts, but I love them.


Ig, the last "DIVINE", is about as good as it gets.
As I mentioned earlier, it's written for a Soprano, and the build up, brings the last "DIVINE" to the highest note in the song. If that note is hit on key, and with a strong throat, it is MAGICAL. Then the song ends. The church is completely SILENT after just being at a crescendo of bliss.




JimNorCal. We have no snow in OCONOMOWOC WISCONSIN.


No snow perhaps, Gus, surely you agree that it's a bit nippy outside?


GNU THREAD and Merry Christmas

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