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December 06, 2018


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Showed this to our 13 year old, she was outraged that controversy could used to dim the luster of an ancient classic. Go SJWs! Turn the youth against you!

Kiss The Girl from The Little Princess dropped by Princeton a capella singing group
Little mermaid song stirs up controversy at Princeton ...

jim nj

Coal and the UK. Margaret Thatcher, the 1984-5 coal miner's strike and global warming.

It was always my recollection that she used the carbon argument during the miner's strike. The link below shows that she first used it after the strike.


The article says she soon turned into a skeptic.


A little history on that strike.


Another take on how she crushed the miners.

The miners bargaining position was very poor, the mines all operated at losses paid for by the government.

I think Thatcher crushed them, not because of the economics, but because of the union leaders.

Sounds like a UK version of the 1981 Patco air controllers strike.

jim nj


“Everyone’s for Sale”: A Generation of Digital-Media Darlings Prepares for a Frigid Winter
Vice, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among other companies that once heralded the dawn of a new media age, are now grappling with decidedly old-media problems.

I don't remember visiting any of these sites. I assume they are left-wing. How many left-wing outlets can be profitable if they are just clones of other left-wing sites?

jim nj

While I have spent some time reading about stock market technical analysis and know most of them, I never heard of this terminology. 50 to 200 day averages yes, but not this term to describe what happens when they cross.


Death Cross? Is he, like, Alex's brother?

jim nj


Kevin Hart is out as the Oscar host. That was quick. Less than 48 hrs. for the SJW crowd to take him out.

Apparently, the QWERTY groups found him insensitive. Gotta put that black man in his place.

jim nj

I'll be here all night, bud-a-boom. Thank you. Thank you.

jim nj

In other unimportant Hollywood news


Yet, "Vice comes out of nowhere to dominate."

Why am I not surprised?


Acerbic review of "Vice."

jim nj

Junk mail, we all get it, it's G-d's way of letting us know that the the mailperson has been by for a visit. The system is working.

But I get stuff addressed to me, to occupant and about a dozen other people. Who are these people? Former residents? Yeah, I recognize the name of the last occupant of this apartment, but that was 5 years ago. Prior residents to that? I have no idea. People using my address for some unknown reason? Don't think so.

It's weird. The internet can scoop up tons of information on us, but mailing list providers don't know who's living where?

I've gotten used to it over the years, but today, I got a new name - Christopher Steele - never saw that one before.

I hope nobody is looking for him. It sounds like a spy name.

Knock. Knock. "Are you Christopher Steele." Me, "huh." "We have a warrant for Christopher Steele, may we come in?" "Hell no."

"So you're refusing to cooperate?"

Here's the tricky part - anything I say after that is subject to a perjury charge.

"No speaky English poppy."

jim nj


I'm not paying much attention to NFL action, but this, from the Thursday night game, is too good not to show.

99 yard run, 4 straight-arms:


Derrick Henry of the Titans.

jim nj

Nytol, I may pop in if someone else arrives, but I'm running out of comedic material.


Was there a New York City meet up last night? I got out of work too late to attend or even look for it--

James D.

The ecommunist thinks the problem with Macron is about presentation not policy, sacre bleu.

Of course it’s about presentation. It could never be that leftist ideas are bad, harmful and unworkable. That’s unpossible!



Merry Christmas