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December 13, 2018



France24 reports that the Strasbourg murderer is killed silenced by the police.

We may never know his true motivation.


Doyle takes over for Moynahan:

---On that note, we followed the money.

---We made extensive spread sheets of their revenues and their expenses

---We analyzed their Income statements

---We did a Macro review of all their donors. It's a very bar-belled sort of Foundation.

---Less than 1 /10th of 1 percent of the donors gave 80% of the money , so we followed the money.


Maybe this is already commented on:

Sara A. Carter
‏Verified account @SaraCarterDC
4m4 minutes ago

EXPLOSIVE: The Whistleblowers on Clinton Foundation ( highly credible non-partisan investigators, who conducted the investigation with their own funds reveal the #ClintonFoundation operated as an agent of foreign governments and should have registered under FARA ... more to come

Dave (in MA)
France24 reports that the Strasbourg murderer is killed by the police.

Posted by: daddy | December 13, 2018 at 03:58 PM

Now we'll never know his motive.


Ahem, Dave.

Dave (in MA)
It is true what they say--your gut is your second brain
I thought it was your third. Your second brain is your brain. At least that's what we always get accused of.

+1 on the peter well-wishes


Moynahan takes over:

---We further went and looked at consent decrees that were issued against the Foundation by various states

---We Reviewed the responses from all the states in which they operated, the specific questions about violations, consent decrees, or penalties that they may have paid to those states

---We did An analysis of that. The results are quite shocking


---In addition to that we sourced contracts, MOU's, interaction with Foreign Govts, including E-Mail exchanges between senior Foundation execs and Govt officials

---Additionally we did a review of all their Foreign offices and we drew a spread Sheet comparing the Clinton Foundation with the Global Fund and PetPar. The results were stark


---Our conclusion in the interests of time are this:

Foreign Agent---The Foundation began acting as an agent of Foreign Govts early in its life and it has continued to do so thru-out its existence. As such the Foundation should have registered under FARA. Ultimately the Foundation in its audits acknowledged this fact and conceded in formal submissions that it did act as an agent. Therefore the Foundation is not entitled to 501C3 Tax exempt priveledges as outlined in IRS 170C2

Misrepresentations: The Clinton Foundation did not comply with the requirements of 501C3 and that it far exceeded the purposes detailed in its original articles of incorporation filed in December 23rd, 1997, and subsequently reaffirmed in numerous other records across many jurisdictions, including with NARA. The Foundation did pursue programs and activities for which it had not sought nor received permission to undertake...such was the case even before the completion and transfer of the presidential Library in 2004....

Sorry, ran out of tape, but thats a bit. Not Doyle is continuing by going thru what was illegal.

Captain Hate

I have the same issue, but it doesn't seem at all benign on those nights you get up 4 times to take a wizz:)

Maybe I'm better off than I thought...


Doyle concludes that the Clinton Foundation Donors are now subject to the Taxes they owe that they did not pay when they gave these phony donations to the phony Clinton Foundation.

Both these guys were grads in Economics from Holy Cross if I heard correctly.

Dave (in MA)

It's always nice to find that one of the cats has left a land mine in the bedroom doorway in the middle of the night when you get up in the dark.


https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/europe/testing-the-resilience-of-europes-inclusive-growth-model just out certainly puts brexit, macron, and merkel into the true priority.

Dave (in MA)
Ahem, Dave.
That's what I get for posting at the bottom of the second-to-last page without peeking ahead.

Drudge has the flashing light going...

Trump inauguration spending reportedly under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors

Manhattan-based federal prosecutors are investigating whether some of the $107 million in donations to then-President elect Donald Trump's inaugural committee were misspent, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, said the investigation arose in part from the slew of materials seized in April raids on Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, by federal prosecutors.



Did you hear that about Huber?

Dave (in MA)


James D.

Manhattan-based federal prosecutors are investigating whether some of the $107 million in donations to then-President elect Donald Trump's inaugural committee were misspent, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

So much for having a Trump appointee in charge of the SDNY, I guess.


Let’s not do a shutdown, Democrats - do what’s right for the American People! pic.twitter.com/bZg07ZKQqo

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 13, 2018

Video at link. BOOM!


They have to be worried about his statement that the military will do it if they won't pass the $, because that means no DACA deal. All their leverage for their precious Dreamers will be gone.


Cucky Schemer is tweeting furiously about the Trump Shutdown...en espanol. Como se dice pander en espanol? What a POS. But you already knew that.

Ralph L

Daddy, have you digitized the rest of your collection?


Maybe we can replace Congress with robots:



For the Brave users out there, I noticed that some sites just won't play video unless shields are down. Fox News, for example. Similar to Chrome + AdBlock, but it seems worse.

Dave (in MA)

I find that a lot of the TV sites that permit streaming if I log in through my ISP won't work unless I tell AdBlock Plus to permit popups on that page. It's not unique to any particular browser.


Supposedly Mueller is investigating the Trump Campaign and its ties to Saudi Arabia. I'm no expert on geography but that's a ways from Russia.

Dave (in MA)
Turns out it's ten 1-foot-long spikes, but...


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Journalism metric conversion fail, Dave.


Good point Dave. He fought 10 duck sized horses.


Grahamnesty strikes:


Senate passes resolution to withdraw U.S. support for war in Yemen



I guess the Otisville Prison that Cohen is going to sounds more like one of those Swedish prisons. They have a bocce ball...lawn?

Michael Cohen sentenced to prison


Old Lurker

Guess SDNY has to start in on Trump while Latisha gets her AG office up and running.


Wait, a prison camp that caters to Jews. Where have I heard that before?

Old Lurker

Not sure what that Yemin resolution means in reality.

Old Lurker

Dave, maybe we could get some of those robots and send them to Congress as pages. How many 1' spikes can they hold at one time?


WSJ retweet:

The probe of the inaugural fund partly arises out of materials seized in the Cohen raid. Prosecutors obtained a recorded conversation between Cohen & Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, an ex-FLOTUS adviser, in which she expressed concern about the fund's spending.


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I stand with James D in general but also very specifically and emphatically on this!

James D. | December 13, 2018 at 01:00 PM


Maxine Waters’ Campaign Debt to Daughter Jumps $90,000

The operation has proved profitable for Karen Waters, who has collected $800,000 since 2004 when the Federal Election Commission granted Waters permission to run the mailers from her federal campaign committee.

Report: Federal Prosecutors Investigating Trump Inauguration Spending

The Wall Street Journal states the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office is in the beginning stages of probing whether the committee’s most prominent donors made sizable contributions “in exchange for access to the incoming Trump administration, policy concessions or to influence official administration positions.”

LOL. Is that the new standard? No more "access" to big donors?

Old Lurker

I guess those NY-USAs finished all their investigations of the Clintons and Obama?


Trump Considering Jared Kushner For Chief Of Staff

...according to the Huffington Post.


Ext, the Cohen tapes are the SDNY hook into this. Can’t imagine his other clients letting him get to camp bocci in one piece.

Account Deleted

from my FB 'On this day' one year ago -

FTA - "The same FBI agent who had to be dismissed from the Russiagate probe for criticizing the president privately was part of the all-important January 24th interview that produced the false statements that ended up flipping Mike Flynn
Bear in mind that FBI interviews infamously aren’t recorded so the credibility and objectivity of the interrogators is crucial in proving that the subject lied."


a bit of a comment from daddy -

"As you read the messages, Strzok's comes off less like an incorruptible G-Man of old, and more like a drunk guy on FaceBook...

---"OMG. Trump's an idiot!...

---America will get what the voting public deserve...

---Congrats on a woman nominated for President in a major party! About damn time!...

---(Hillary should win the Election) One Hundred million to 0...

---Turn it on, turn it on! The Douchebags are about to come out!...

Keep in mind this is the man who the NY Times described as "one of the most experienced and trusted FBI Counterintelligence Investigators."...But when you read his texts, he sounds like the 6th Host of The View. That's not good news for Mueller's Investigation. ...That Russian investigation depends upon the impression that the Investigators are capable of high level thought...

Sorry, ran out of transcription tape, but Tucker continues his excellent point as the show rolls on." ~ daddy

James D.

the committee’s most prominent donors made sizable contributions “in exchange for access to the incoming Trump administration, policy concessions or to influence official administration positions.”

Isn't that expressly why ALL major donors donate to ALL political candidates?

This just gets more and more ridiculous every day. The progs and their MSM and bureaucrat allies are out of control, and it's FAR past time that - if the President has any actual ammunition to fight back with, that he starts to do so already.

Because this endless crap damages his existing allies, chases away potential allies, emboldens his enemies, hardens the attitudes of people who only get their news from the MSM, and demoralizes his supporters.

And we never, ever EVER see anything happen to the endless list of Democrat/prog/MSM/deep state criminals, even when they openly brag about their crimes (as Comey has been doing lately, for just one example).

This crap has been going on for two years. It's time to strike back already.


I watched the entire hearing with Doyle and Moynahan and Meadows and by the end Meadows was enormously pissed with the 2 witnesses because they refused to reveal some names and all their evidence to the Committee. Also pissed at the witnesses was Vice chair Jody Hice (R from Georgia). He was pissed and said he thought the 2 were using the Committee for their own advantage and the 2 replied that the Committee invited them, they did not invite themselves, and when they were invited they told the Congressional staffers that they would not reveal all their stuff. It wound up with Meadows praising his good friend Eleanor Holmes Norton who was also pissed at the 2 guys.if these were the 2 witnesses that were supposedly the Whistleblowers Meadows thought would be great, it blew up in his face. He was really pissed and exasperated by the end.

BTW, the reason the 2 would not give everything was 2 fold. (1), they had confidentiality agreements with some of their sources in the Clinton Foundation who are rightly worried about repercussions and (2) Moynahan and Doyle hope to gain hugely in terms of money if the IRS deems the Clinton Foundation to have acted illegally outside their Tax Exempt status, thus millions if not billions in unpaid Taxes will have to be paid and whistleblowers get a healthy chunk of that.

These 2 also think that if the IRS does not declare the Clinton Foundation to have acted criminally outside their Tax Exempt authorization then they have other documentation/other ammo they will use to try to encourage some other Govt Agency to declare the CF illegal and then maybe they can get their whistleblower payoff. When Meadows said over and over again why don't you give us that info they replied "because you are not a Law Enforcement Agency so you cannot examine the CF and make a declaration of illegality. We give our info to Law Enforcement Agencies that can do that. " That lit up Meadows.

Overall very disappointing. The 2 guys had given their info to reporter Jon Solomon and he had leaked that info to some Repubs, which allowed Dem Eleanor Holmes Norton to claim partisanship and try to get them in a perjury trap for them saying under oath that they had not given it to Committee Republicans. They replied they gave it to Solomon and had no idea he would hand it on to select Republicans.

The media takeaway in my view will be the fireworks and that these 2 are money grubbing fringe characters of no relevance. It is valuable tho' to get a look at Jon Solomon's sources. YMMV.

Captain Hate

The SDNY is a lawless rogue operation, just like the rest of the DOJ that Jeff Sessions had no stomach for cleaning up.


They should call Charles Ortel as their witness.


Dr Savage is breaking down the Otisville story.


Clinton Foundation Witnesses Say Huber Team LOST THEIR Evidence — Had to Send It THREE TIMES — Only Interested Cuz of Today’s Hearing

Witness John Moynihan and witness Doyle accused the Clinton Foundation of using funding in the Clinton Health Initiative for trips, expenditures for personal use.

The witnesses told the committee today they had to send their evidence to the Huber investigation THREE TIMES because they kept losing it.


Trey Gowdy Warns ‘Forgetful’ James Comey After He Shoots Off His Mouth — “See You on Monday.”

After a Twitter skirmish.

(Click to open pic.)


It almost certainly part of 4D Kabuki Chess, Ext.

Until Huber publicly states otherwise the Faith and Patience imaginary tale remains undisproven.

Captain Hate

I'm torn. On the one hand, a tactic of the Arkancide Mafia would be to make Huber look like a bumbling buffoon. On the other hand, it's up to him to prove otherwise.



Did you hear that about Huber?

I did Miss M,

For those who missed it Meadows speculated that maybe Huber did not show up because there is an ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation ongoing in Little Rock at this moment, and /or because these 2 guys are testifying today. Did you hear it somewhat differently than I did Miss M? It was hard to figure it out. I started out optimistic about that hearing but finished thinking nothing will come of it at all.

And I don't know if Koskinen is still head of the IRS, but if it's him or some Lois Lerner acolytes I think the Clinton Foundation is free as a bird.

Captain Hate

Obama is getting the RFK Human Rights award. I can't decide if it was for his bombing of families with drones, his running guns to drug dealers in Mexico, his abuse of power by multiple agencies like the IRS and EPA to persecute political enemies or what.

Posted by: Christopher R Taylor at December 13, 2018 05:58 PM

Drone killing a US citizen in a foreign country? I usually think of Robert F. Kennedy at moments like that.
Posted by: Newest Nic at December 13, 2018 06:02 PM (jYje5)


Who didn't get prison time yet?

Hint: she's neither Jew nor Greek.


“ I started out optimistic about that hearing but finished thinking nothing will come of it at all.”

Nothing coming of a Congressional hearing run by Republicans? This is my shocked face.


Drone killing a US citizen in a foreign country? I usually think of Robert F. Kennedy at moments like that.

And the difference between Obama and Salman is exactly what???



Thanks for the transcription, Happy hour interfered.

Peter, I'm glad you are okay. I hate medical stuff because I never understand it, but it sounds like you do. How long before you get back to normal?

Well I'm pretty disgusted, which if not abnormal but Trump needs to intervene and release all that secret stuff. We need something to cheer about.


Buckeye, Salman is competent


I will say every muscle in my body aches. I must have fought back quite a bit when I was under.

Jane, y were likely intubated using a muscle relaxant that works by stimulating your muscles til they go limp. Motrin would help, but if your nose is bleeding, you shouldn't take it.

It'll get better.


Salman hasn’t won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Texas Liberty Gal

NBC reporting so take it for what it’s worth.



Nigerian President Denies Report He Died And Was Replaced By A Clone

I think Trump should declare that he has died and been replaced by a Clone so that all these Lawsuits and Impeachment moves don't apply to him, they apply to the dead Trump.


French24 tells us the dead Strasbourg perp was an immigrant from Morocco.

Morocco, Morocco, now now where have I heard lately that Morocco is home to the worlds finest immigrants?



Twitter opinion seems to be evenly divided between those who think the Clintons are caught and those who think they are being shielded.


Trump says he hopes John Kasich runs against him; Kasich adviser warns, 'Be careful'

“Be careful what you wish for,” John Weaver, a chief political strategist, told CNBC after the president said he’d welcome a run by either Kasich or outgoing GOP Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake.

Trump's comments came during an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on Thursday.

“So you mentioned Ohio, so I'm going to bring up John Kasich and I'm going to bring up Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Because they say they may run against you in 2020,” Faulkner said.

“I hope so,” Trump replied.

Kasich is “open-minded” about potentially campaigning as an Independent versus within the GOP, Weaver also told CNBC, before noting that Kasich “is a Republican.”



One source of the latest E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce has been traced to the sediment of an irrigation reservoir on a Californian farm


I guess there's the federal prison at Otisville and The Camp at Otisville-A Rockefeller Resort.


If Judge Sullivan was going to toss Flynn's case, wouldn't he already have done so, or couldn't he?

I know Team Mueller was ordered by Judge Sullivan yesterday to provide something by tomorrow (14 Dec) to Team Flynn. I forget what it was exactly but that simply tells me there is some time-line process this is adhering to.


Also heard a lefty view that the judge asked for the 302s to see how flagrant Flynn’s lies were.

The world is insane, enjoy the popcorn.


I think the order was for their response to Flynn's sentencing memo plus all 302's and all other notes related to Flynn's interview. By 3:00 tomorrow.


This crap has been going on for two years. It's time to strike back already.

I agree with James. The powder has been kept dry long enough. Start blasting these MFers already.


Thinks Ext.

Here's a PJ Media story on that: Federal Judge Demands Exculpatory Documents in Flynn Case

Flynn is set to be sentenced next Tuesday -- but Sullivan's move might delay that date, or lead to other dramatic and unexpected changes in the case. Sullivan even has the authority to toss Flynn's guilty plea and the charge against him if he concludes that the FBI interfered with Flynn's constitutional right to counsel, although he has given no indications that he intends to do so...

The judge is likely interested in finding out why the Flynn 302 is dated August 22, 2017, seven months after the interview took place...

Inquiring minds want to know why the 302 of Flynn's interview -- in which no one thought he was lying -- was written seven months after the interview, and only after Roseinstein's new investigation guidelines.


Women's March Fumbles With Bizarre Media Blitz After Anti-Semitic History Exposed


Headline: Florida Senate Rules Brenda Snipes Cannot Rescind Her Resignation.


Summon the planet killers, or conversely mollari when he blew up the shadow island.


Meadows Furious After Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Refuse to Turn Over to Congress 6,000 Pages of Evidence

Congressman Meadows became angry with the two Clinton Foundation witnesses, Mr. Doyle and Mr. Moynihan, after they refused to hand over to the Committee the over 6,000 pages of evidence they gathered on the corrupt foundation.

Lawrence Doyle of DM Income Advisors and John Moynihan of JFM Associates told Meadows that they handed over the thousands of pages of evidence to the IRS and FBI but refused to give the Oversight Subcommittee the documents.

I don't remember how or by whom, but just a few days ago we were led to believe that these "whistle-blowers" also provided their documents to Congress. Apparently that was b.s.


Thank God for the sanity of the Florida Senate.
Agree with OL and Iggy wrt JIB.
I scroll on by Pin KK and JimNJ because the latter I believe has killfiled me.
I agree with JIB that the tone and the language has changed since these three have come on board.
I post less because like Matt some of the fighting and weirdness is not enjoyable.
JIB and Matt I enjoy your posts so please come back and post more respectively.
Glad you are ok .
I was praying before you posted the news but read this blog to the end before posting.
Clarice :
Yours posts excellent.
Daddy: thanks for the recap of the hearing.

James D.

Narc @ 7:23



Agree completely.
Get all the incriminating evidence on these thugs out pronto.


I don’t watch the hearings anymore because of the disappointment and lack of action that always follows.


I hope the back taxes and penalties of the Clinton Foundation bankrupt the 2 grifters old Hill and Bill.
They already will never be as rich as the Obamas,a fact that probably infuriates both of them.
I recently read 2 really good books
Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale and Louise Penny’s
The Kingdom of the Blind.

Tom R

I don't remember how or by whom, but just a few days ago we were led to believe that these "whistle-blowers" also provided their documents to Congress. Apparently that was b.s.

I think there were three different whistleblowers identified. The one who turned his documents over to Horowitz who then turned them over to Congress was the same one whose house got raided by the FBI.



Back in the day, just out of high school, I delivered auto paint to the motor pool at Otisville. Had to drive over the trench where they look at the undercarriage and everything. They would lock the van in on both sides. Freaked me out a little, but I thought it was cool. Very nice grounds anyway.


I noticed a telegraph piece where the number of reported Islamist incidents and the number of alt right incidents are up, I wonder what that's about.


Good to see you!
How is your son’s heart condition now?


Oh, you're right, Tom. Thanks.


I wonder if the whistleblower's data is going to get the Breaking Bad electromagnetic treatment.


Hi maryrose, he's 100% cured, if that's the right word. It's a pretty common thing among teen boys I guess. But they go into his heart thru an artery in his thighs and cauterize something or other that's causing the irregular heartbeat. He had two paths that needed a weld and that's less common we were told and even thougn it's a fairly common procedure, it's still alarming for a parent knowing they're in his heart. I was just trying to compliment Boston Childrens Hospital, it's the best in my book!

jim nj

D, I forget what name you used to post under, but I don't have you kill-filed.


thx, maryrose.


And I was yelling at the poor kid to hustle...jeesh!


That's about the best abstract of the Immigration/Climate Change Debates I've ever seen Miss MR.



Mrs. Buckeye had a two path ablation done about 25 years ago.

Worked perfectly, as she is still around to keep me in line:)


Meadows Furious After Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Refuse to Turn Over to Congress 6,000 Pages of Evidence

I think we make a mistake when we use the word "Whistleblowers" for guys like these 2 today at Meadows Hearing. To me a Whistleblower is a guy who worked at some place and saw corruption at that place of work and blew the whistle on the corruption. For example, Agent Chad Joy was the Rookie FBI Agent in the Ted Stevens Case up here and he saw senior FBI Agents breaking all the rules, so he blew the Whistle and sadly he suffered the consequences.

Same as multiple other guys imbedded in an organization, The Military, the DOJ, Google, etc, that were there on the front lines and saw the corruption occuring within the organization first hand---those are Whistleblowers.

What these 2 guys are are 2 Forensic Analysts who decided to do a Forensic Analysis of the public documents related to the Clinton Foundation, hoping to get a payoff in the end as a consequence of some Government program that pays "Whistleblowers" a percent of the proceeds, if they identify criminality in some organozation that results in money or fines coming back to the US Treasury. These 2 guys have no more connection to the Clinton Foundation than you or I do, and if you or I did the Forensic Analysis of rhe CF then Meadows and the Press would be calling you and me "Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers."

False. it is a false impression that sets us up for disappointment when they show up at a hearing and we find out they ain't whistleblowers, that they are simply 2 guys out to make a buck from the governments "Whistleblower" Program.

The people they have been supposedly talking to who do work at the Clinton Foundation, if they stood up and blew the whistle, they'd be real "Whistleblowers" and sadly they'd suffer the consequences, which is part of why these 2 fake Whistleblowers refused to give Meadows all the info he wanted today. They had signed Confidentiality agreements with these insiders who will suffer the consequences if found out.


Buckeye, were you yelling at her to hustle too? I feel so bad when I think about it. Luckily my wife stopped the car on the way home from a game and his pulse was 250-270, about a half hour after the game. That was scary.

May she have another 25 Buckeye!


Dammit jim! You're a doctor, not a punching bag!

jim nj



Well at this point, we'd take any evaluation of the Clinton foundations assets and liabilities


MrPnp, I enjoy the stories about your travels and it often reminds me of my cross country hitch hike trying to escape my girlfriend who had mentioned the word "marriage".

Now I call her my wife, The Warden!


They aren't whistleblowers then, they're 'buffas .'


VEconomists report that workers are starting to act like millennials on Tinder: They’re ditching jobs with nary a text.

“A number of contacts said that they had been ‘ghosted,’ a situation in which a worker stops coming to work without notice and then is impossible to contact,” the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago noted in December’s Beige Book, which tracks employment trends.


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