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December 15, 2018


Another Bob


"explain why Mueller would intentionally disobey the judge"

Jesus Tom, are you this dense?

Mueller's choices: 1) Turn over evidence of the corruption of his investigation. 2) Not turn over evidence of the corruption of his investigation.

At this point Flynn is the least of Mueller's problems.



Nearly first!


The Deplorables is, somehow, a French band formed in 2016. I say the NFL should just book them sight unseen.



Why did Flynn plead guilty? Will the fate of the nation come down to Trump having a big pile of bombshells on the Dems than vice-versa?


Today's "disapprove" number at RCP is 51.1 pct; last time it was lower than that was in April of last year, 20 months ago. Could the naysayers be getting tuckered out?

(Speaking of Tucker, he's dead to me since not walking back his comments about Trump knowing nothing and not wanting to learn anything.)


bigger pile, not just a big one, natch


Pin, the lower deck is great for a cold beer on a hot July day— after putting a new roof on. The upper deck is nice for evenings when the mosquitoes are out... they tend to stay low.

As far as the view goes... I was trying my new telephoto lens today. Superb reach to the field edges. But no Russian collusion in sight. Just squirrels.


First you go get the bribers (Soros, etc.),

then you go get the bankers & lobbyists (Podesta, etc.),

and next will be the politicians (Clinton, etc.).

Posted by: RattlerGator | December 15, 2018 at 09:13 AM

So you're a lawyer AND a German Lutheran Pastor from the 1940's.

Posted by: Pinandpuller | December 15, 2018 at 03:57 PM



I think your weather vane may have been pointing towards Mecca...


What channel is the bag-of-dicks Bowl on? I can't find it.


Yes you need to look at it in the totality of his record which is not easy, pericles didn't get this good a press.

Tom R

Jesus Tom, are you this dense?
Mueller's choices: 1) Turn over evidence of the corruption of his investigation. 2) Not turn over evidence of the corruption of his investigation.

Looks like you missed my post spelling out that if jimmyk was correct and Mueller was trying to protect his FBI pals, he would have never indicted Flynn in the first place or dropped the charges once he was ordered to turn over exculpatory evidence.

I'm thinking some of you are having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that Mueller helped Flynn yesterday.


There's a bunch of songs by The Deplorable Choir. It's a pro-Trump band.
Cute blonde girls wearing MAGA caps.
The NFL could choose them as SB HalfTime show to provide much needed diversity?

"Hey, there, Melania"

"Proud to be Deplorable"

"The 'Vote Republican' Song (Trust in God but vote Republican)"

"No Smokin' Gun"


Bring your fake kid to work night...


From 4Chan:

I work at DC Federal District Court

I'm not an attorney or judge but I have wide access to most of the complex somewhat similar to how a janitor would have access to a building. I am an unimportant cog that is seen but overlooked.

What happened today?

There is an issue that is being addressed about the Manafort trial. The court has found out the special council has been manufacturing evidence and it's like a rabbit hole.

The other item and why the entire floor was cleared is more interesting but something frankly that is above my knowledge as I don't understand some of it.

There is apparently a secret court similar to FISA that operates on very high level intelligence issues intra government as different parts of the government spy on each other and disputes/concerns are resolved in this court.

An appeal from this court is rare but it goes to 1 of 2 judges in DC court for first appeal level (and then jumps to second appeal to a single SC judge and finally the full SC). It is a very tight system and the security is insane. I know nothing about the actual happening other than its intragovernmental at a super high level e.g. CIA/DOD.

Another Bob

No Tom, you're having a hard time coming to grips that you're incapable of rational argument and probably pretty unmoored from reality.

Tom R

Some Flynn comments by Brian Cates.




New Thread, who knew?

And did any of you guys know Donald Trump used to hang out with Playboy Bunnies?


WASHINGTON – The court staff at the D.C. federal courthouse were doing everything they could Friday morning to make sure a secret case believed to be related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe stayed secret. And it’s worked … so far.

What we know about the case is that it is a grand jury dispute that was originally in front of the chief judge of the U.S. district court, Judge Beryl Howell, who has decided other Mueller grand jury issues.

The sealed case has now been appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

We can see when court documents are filed in the appeals case, but we can’t open the filings, nor do we know who is even involved in the case — the two sides are referred to in the docket only as “appellant” and “appellee.”

We also know that there was an oral argument scheduled in front of a three-judge appeals court panel Friday morning.



""I'm thinking some of you are having a hard time......"""


What will the little guy say next??? Stay tuned.

Another Bob

Pin, I for one have never heard of such a court.

My assumption is it's pretty ordinary court that happens to sit inside a SCIF for ordinary sorts of hearings that happen to include highly classified info. The "special judges" may simply be judges who have been cleared to see that info for purposes of such proceedings.

Just a guess tho'.

Tom R

No Tom, you're having a hard time coming to grips that you're incapable of rational argument and probably pretty unmoored from reality.

I'm fine with you trying to convince yourself that is the case.

BTW do you disagree with me that Mueller helped out Flynn yesterday? Based on comments I have read at CTH and AoS, its almost a consensus opinion that thanks to Mueller disobeying Judge Sullivan that Sullivan will throw out Flynn's case next week.


OK. I am home! We were ata restaurant with good food but WAY understaffed so it took forever to get our orders.

First of all, the graduation was in Assembly Hall where the IU basketball games are played.

View of interior here:


We were om the nosebleed section, and I am afraid of heights! Plus, it has been pouring down rain all day and it is in the 40's, so my knees were killing me.

We got our seats but couldn't see very well.

THEN, first an honorary degree to some guy who just retired from the Santa Fe Opera, then the medal to Lee Hamilton who was on that lame 9/11 commission, then the speech by Rubenstein who bragged about all the dems he had worked with, including Birch Bayh who wrote the 25th Amendment and which he made a point of saying how it is in the news a lot now. My daughter thought he wasn't very political, but I know leftists and his snark about the 25th Amendment confirmed it. Then the university president (who is from Australia for reasons unknown to me) made a big deal about how we are in the post-truth era and all of the graduates should strive to bring truth back. THAT pissed me off because I knew he wasn't talking about Fake News, but was hinting that Trump doesn't tell the truth and also the entire global warming hoax, which we are supposed to believe.

I am glad I went but wish my university hadn't insisted on trying to brainwash people at commencement.

We did sing the National Anthem. The Invocation was done by some sissy Unitarian-Universalist pastor who said that we were sanctifying the space by our presence.

I am going to make a martini. My knees are killing me and I have been up since 5. My grandmotherly duty is done and I am going to relax this evening. Back after I make a drink and put on some comfy lounge wear.


Pin, the entire notion of FISA COURTS was DESTROYED by Bisexual-Barry and his Syccophantic Sophomores.

How can a FISA COURT application EVER be taken seriously, when all those 4-D WHITE HATS, have shit all over the process in an attempt to FRAME TRUMP???
When the ENTIRE CABAL at the FBI 7TH FLOOR is doing time in FEDERAL PRISON, OCASIO-CORTEX can write new laws and sign them into LAW.

What could go wrong?? Maybe LITTLE MAN'S hero MUELLER hasn't noticed the CORRUPTION at the FBI yet.


Yes SMALL MAN, we're all working 24/7 to convince ourselves that your EXTREME BRILLIANCE isn't real.

Right on right on right on.

Another Bob

Tom, people have tried to explain this very basic point to you before. You simply refuse delivery of the message.

Whether Mueller "helped" Flynn is entirely beside the point. The point is did Mueller *intend* to help Flynn.

And you couldn't find your ass with two hands and a GPS on that question.

Another Bob

And BTW, I'm long past the point of convinced that you've lost the plot. A long, long time ago.


At the last France24 commercial break they told us that they will shortly be running a segment on Iceland's shifting gender balances. I'll keep you posted on that Breaking story if and when it hits.

Meanwhile, it must be Winter, since the Sierra Club is suing the EPA for air pollution from firewood burning in sub-zero Fairbanks.


the NFL is scuffling to book a half-time act for the Super Bowl.

TM left off the subhead:

"Wardrobe Malfunctioners hardest hit!"


Lovely Miss M, when the University President said "we are in a post truth era"
You should have shouted that you were offended and asked for a SAFE ZONE and A PUPPY to keep you comany.

Or you could have responded. "Yes Mr University President, YOU ARE, in a post truth era."
"How does a man change his chromosomes to become a WOMAN?"


Given team Mueller had the option to file under seal, and the unknown docket records from Friday, I cannot concluded team Mueller failed to comply with Sullivan’s order. (I can’t conclude he complied either). It’s fine if Cates and team clickbait on Twitter want to run around with their hair on fire, I only ask for more popcorn.

James D.

I'm thinking some of you are having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that Mueller helped Flynn yesterday.

If Mueller wanted to help Flynn, he could WITHDRAW THE EFFING CASE.

He could resign from his job as special counsel.

He could call a press conference and admit that his whole operation has been a two-year long waste of time that's served only to rile up the already-rabid leftists who despise the President.

He could do a lot of things that would be honest and above-board, but he's not, and if he really is a "white hat," he's a piss-poor one, because generally white hats don't spend tens of millions of dollars to trash the reputation and destroy the careers of people on whose side they are.


Daddy, when did the burning of the most RENEWABLE resource on the planet.....WOOD....from TREES.....become AIR POLLUTION. That's like calling OBAMA'S BAD BREATH "air pollution".
Smoke from wood fires, dissipates and returns to the ground as particulate matter. It similar to calling LEAVES falling from tall trees air pollution.


Didn't anyone in the EPA learn about how we consume oxygen and give off CO2 (along with all other land animals) while plants consume CO2 and give off oxygen?

I have puzzled about this for years, and can only conclude that science education isn't what it used to be.


This NFL halftime show problem is easily solved.

A week ago today, I was giving PIN a tour of Milwaukee. During Harley Davidson's 100th anniversary celebration, a couple hundred thousand people came to a free concert on the grounds of the WAR MEMORIAL and other PARKS on Milwaukee's Lake Michigan front, and were entertained by the BIG 100TH ANNIVERSARY SURPRISE CONCERT. Bruce Springsteen?? NOPE, Bon Jovi?? wrong, AEROSMITH.....not this time, GRAND FUNK!!!!!!!! Nah.

ELTON JOHN. Yep, surprise surprise surprise...........SHAZAAAM!!! Gooo-oooo-lie!!!!

Sir Elton and his errrrrrrrr HUSBAND......live in ATLANTA!!!!



I assume Trump hypnotized Melania so that she didn't know about the Playboy Bunnies, either.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
5h5 hours ago

Wow, 19,000 Texts between Lisa Page and her lover, Peter S of the FBI, in charge of the Russia Hoax, were just reported as being wiped clean and gone. Such a big story that will never be covered by the Fake News. Witch Hunt!


its almost a consensus opinion that thanks to Mueller disobeying Judge Sullivan that Sullivan will throw out Flynn's case next week.

Therefore if Sullivan does not throw out Flynn's case next week what then becomes the consensus opinion?

Tom R

Whether Mueller "helped" Flynn is entirely beside the point. The point is did Mueller *intend* to help Flynn.

Whether Mueller helped Flynn or not is besides the point only if you are in evasion mode because you don't want to admit Mueller helped Flynn.

As to the point whether Mueller intended to help Flynn, that is strictly a matter of opinion based on every person's assumptions, confirmation bias, etc. Neither you nor jimmyk have any proof that Mueller disobeyed the judge's order because he was trying to protect his FBI pals. It is possible that jimmyk is correct about that, but there are other possible explanations for Mueller's actions yesterday.


💐 Retweeted
❤ Lady Vi
❤ {
‏ @Lady_Vi_2U
7h7 hours ago

Would be nice if we possessed this button! @POTUS has his finger on the button and soon we will see that reset! If y'all think he spent $500 million on GITMO for his health.. think again. His strategy for the past two years has been methodical and deliberate. Bring on the PAIN!

This is accompanied by a picture of a reset button.

Question: Why DID he spend so much on GITMO?


The French are hurling manure at government buildings - classic. #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes pic.twitter.com/vDgJ4RoR9Q

— Based Monitored🎄🎅🏻 (@TheRebootX2) December 15, 2018

Link goes to a video.

Tom R

Therefore if Sullivan does not throw out Flynn's case next week what then becomes the consensus opinion?

A lot of Trump supporters turn out assuming wrong.


You ever written a crime thriller novel, RG?

You’ve got enough plot twists to make Sue Grafton blush, bro. 😉

Posted by: lyle | December 15, 2018 at 11:16 AM

I likes the way you think, Lyle. And when I finish my book I'm going to pay you a visit (if you'll have me) for one of those scrumptious meals -- deal ???


So 10 year olds can work for tips in NYC gay bars...

Isn't Cuomo trying to indict a kid for hanging up a poster from The Producers?



Good column.


The PROCESS. Being stupid enough to BELIEVE in the "PROCESS", that created this RIDICULOUS "SPECIAL COUNSEL" is EPIC. When the entire GENESIS and every step thereafter, has been COMPLETELY TAINTED, created and cheerled, by BIASED FULL COMMIE LIBTARDS, starting with WEASEL MOVES JIMBO COMEY, personally handing over his very own, self serving nonsensical, ass covering, FBI OWNED and GOVERNMENT property MEMOS.....to a friend and Fordham Law School LIBTARD Prof (Daniel Richman), whom in turn was charged with the duty of LEAKING these fake documents to the NEW YORK SLIMES, for the purpose of FRAMING TRUMP and establishing a SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate MR TRUMP FOR???? Then going forward WEASEL MOVES JIMBO claimed that this FORDHAM LAW SCHOOL TEACHER/HACK was both a non-paid FBI EMPLOYEE and COMEY'S own PERSONAL ATTORNEY.

What kind of idiot, debates any of the outcomes of this charade??

Who is a completely vaccuous dumb fuck, to believe that BOB MUELLER didn't notice any of the CORRUPTION involved.

If the UMPIRES, responsible for UMPIRING my son's COLLEGE BASEBALL games, were wearing patches from the other teams UNIES, and they cheered when the other team scored. I'd get it.


New York does have on its books a prohibition against "promoting the sexual performance of a minor" Penal Law section 263. Not sure if the facts satisfy all the requirements of the statute, but some prosecutor should give it a shot.


Steph, I look forward to meeting you!

* * *

The 4D meme, as entertaining as it is, instead reminds me of the 5th Dimension....

"...up,up, and away-ay-ay in my beautiful, my beautiful, BAH---loooooon! BAH-looooooon!!!!"

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | December 15, 2018 at 11:41 AM

Damn, KK, you know I love me some Marilyn McCoo. I used to do some real work on that woman in my teenage dreams.


By the way, to return CH's favor many months ago, in recommending The Great Upheaval by Jay Winik, I would like to recommend The Lives of the Constitution by Joseph Tartakovsky, which I saw recommended on the Claremont Review of Books by way of Powerline blog. Great reading.


and if he really is a "white hat," he's a piss-poor one, because generally white hats don't spend tens of millions of dollars to trash the reputation and destroy the careers of people on whose side they are.

Golly, James D,

It almost sounds like you're saying that the process is the punishment. What a novel concept. I wonder if White Hat Bob's ever heard that?

Jim Eagle

I Made A Snowman

It snowed last night. [In Florida, but RG will deny it]

8:00 am - I made a snowman

8:10 am - A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman.

8:15 am - So, I made a snow woman.

8:17 am - My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman's voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere.

8:20 am - The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead.

8:22 am - The transgender man...women...person asked why I didn't just make one snow person with detachable parts.

8:25 am - The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

8:28 am - I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

8:31 am - The Muslim gent across the road demanded the snow woman wear a burqa.

8:40 am - The Police arrived saying someone had been offended.

8:42 am - The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role.

8:43 am - The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

8:45 am - TV news crew from ABC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied, "Snowballs" and I am now called a sexist.

9:00 am - I was on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

9:10 am - I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services

9:29 am - Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be beheaded.

Moral: There is no moral to this story. It is what we have become!


Yes Pin, I think 9 year olds are prohibited.
Your age must be in double digits.....and speaking of DIGITS........


I must say, I love these descriptions y'all are coming up with for the various JOM psychological habitats.

And . . . I see you, Thomas Collins, I see you bwah!


IDK about the constitutionality of all that:

New York State University Police arrested Hassard and charged him with Aggravated Harassment, a hate crime which specifically states a person is guilty of this crime when one "Etches, paints, draws upon or otherwise places a swastika, commonly exhibited as the emblem of Nazi Germany, on any building or other real property…"

Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Adimari, Chief of the Westchester District Attorney Rye Branch, is prosecuting the case.



This whole persecution of Trump is a hate crime.


Jack, you must have been at the INDIANA graduation with Lovely Miss Marple.

We are in a "POST TRUTH ERA".

When you say something demonstrably true, you are shouted down.


when the University President said "we are in a post truth era" I hope Nate rolled his eyeballs.

Miss M,

Now that Nate is a grad is he still "true blue to IU" or is he OK with watching the Butler Bulldog's beat his Hoosiers like step-children?


RG, My friend!!!!!

I am a very FAITHFUL man.

RG, do you have FAITH in BOB MUELLER?

Another Bob

MM, we were in France in 2005 I think it was. Truckers were striking. The tactic was to close interchanges on the major highways by using trucks to blockade and by starting tire fires at the interchanges and entrances/exits.

Massive inconvenience of course, but the French didn’t care. Gendarmerie showed up, looked officious but did nothing. Waited ‘til the truckers decided to leave, and the fire companies put out the fires.

The American solution would have been to drag the truckers out of the trucks, rough them up, and someone would have gotten in and moved the trucks.


I agree with my friend PIN. Hating and attacking a man of COLOUR.....ORANGE.....is a hate crime.




MUST WATCH: Italy's Salvini doesn't play games...one of his best interviews

Italy's Deputy DM Matteo Salvini says anyone celebrating the Jihad Christmas terror attack in Strasbourg France will immediately be sent to prison. The shooter killed 3 and injured 13 people. pic.twitter.com/hjGHSzT9Nf

— Jennifer 🔱🇺🇸🔱 (@Jenn198523) December 15, 2018

Video at link.

Another Bob

“you are in evasion mode”


We’re done here.


Another Bob, the FULL COMMIE VIOLENT LEFT, surrounded the ICE office in PORTLAND, harassed assaulted threatened and scared countless non-LEO employees and citizens on the street.

PORTLAND POLICE did nothing. What message did that send to these SHIT STAINED LIBTARDS who call themselves ANTI-FASCIST????

The only recourse for you or me, would be to be CARRYING, LOCKED and LOADED and willing to put down, the first stanky assed violent LIBTARD FULL COMMIE, that assaulted us our the ones we love.

Account Deleted

Tom R:

"Mueller helped Flynn."

why has Mueller waited until garbage time in the case's fourth quarter?

goes to motive, yer Honner.



What do you think of the concept that National Socialists conquered Europe with treaties after being defeated in war?


We've had two Presidents of Color in a row.

One mocha, one pumpkin spice.


I would like to recommend The Lives of the Constitution by Joseph Tartakovsky, which I saw recommended on the Claremont Review of Books by way of Powerline blog. Great reading.

Dammitall, Peter@#$ Another one to add to the stacks:)


Gus, remember my thing: optimism costs me nothing as long as I remain cautiously curious. As a military man, my mindset tells me that Mueller -- as a Marine and Paratrooper -- commands a certain amount of respect and I will give him *more* benefit of the doubt than the ordinary non-military man.

I *want* to have faith in Bob Mueller. I *have* faith in my President. And until he sends Mueller packing, I'm okay giving Mueller the benefit of the doubt -- especially because I know Rosenstein appointing Mueller rescued the "collusion" probe from McCabe, and I know damn well McCabe is a sorry sap-sucker who desperately wanted to impeach the President in an entirely partisan manner.

Those of y'all with no faith in Mueller or Rosenstein are totally missing this aspect. McCabe would have forced Trump to fire him and that would have been the obstruction drama they desperately wanted.

Account Deleted


all i can say is "one less egg to fry....one less egg to fry.... how could he leave....meeeeeeee????????"

(i'll close with James Brown "HAAA!")



Jennifer Jacobs
‏Verified account @JenniferJJacobs

Trump is at Arlington National Cemetery for an unannounced stop on this rainy Saturday in DC, @ariellaphillips reports.

Thread here, with a picture:



I learned that POTUS DJT'S mother told him that he had JACK O'LANTERN features since birth. She was from Scotland (just like mae wee mommy) and her cookbook was ORANGE SCOTS HAGGIS CHOW.

Account Deleted

it's cawled "Winnin da Peez", Pin.

i think some socialists here in Amerka would say that the fall of the Wall in the 80s "helped" the West by releasing a free-flow of communist idelogy and its fleas into the West where they've infected the key institutional supply chains that inject policy into the national bloodstreams.

i give you the Amerkin regulatory state and the European Union as exhibits A and B.

that's all.


Throw another sod on the barbie.


Fuckin' W, ruined a 4 in a row. We had BILLY the RAPIST, who was our first black PRESIDENT. Not because he raped black ladies, he preferred the "breast meat", but because, as a CON MAN, and a POLITICIAN, he pretended to be the POLITICAL PATRON of BLACK AMERICANS', like JESSE JACKSON.


Yer on for dinner, RG. 👊

Tom R

why has Mueller waited until garbage time in the case's fourth quarter?

A few possibilities but they all require you to have an open mind and consider the possibility the Flynn case was a sting operation against the Deep State and it was hugely successful.

I suppose if we knew the reasons why Flynn plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit and why he kept agreeing to extend the sentencing date then your question could be answered with facts instead of speculation.



You are all nuts!

Tom R

RG @ 5:38

Welcome back and well said. I've been having a lot of fun here lately and more than willing to share it with you.

Account Deleted

but that's why the Ream-a-crats want to let in all their frijole y pupusa eatin brethren into the Republic--- because somewhere in all that disease infestation, birth defects, brain deformation, incest, and human trafficking proclivity, COULD BE OUR FIRST "Brown" presidente.

that child, might already be born. and the Ream-a-crats need to get bizzy changing the Constitution so he can run for office. preferably at age 18 to empower an entire generation to LEAD THIS NATION. /SARC


I was talking with my grandson's maternal grandfather today at lunch. He is from Germany. We were discussing my son's birth in West Berlin, the differences between East and West Germany, and the fall of The Wall.

I remembered riding the Duty Train out of West Berlin through East Germany and seeing a farmer plowing a field and HIS WIFE WAS PULLING THE PLOW. He remembered going back with a friend and seeing East Berlin, newly open, with buildings and vehicles like it was the early 1950's. Both of us agreed we hadn't ever expected to see The Wall come down.

I therefore have trust in President Trump, who is way smarter than people think and has more intelligence than we do. I voted for him because I believed he would do the right things for our country, which he has demonstrated many times over the last 2 years.

Whether it is 4-D chess or simply his killer instincts learned in New York real estate, I don't know. What I do have is confidence in him as a president who knows what he is doing.


RG, God bless you. I mean that. My family history is chock full of service, death, severe injury and POW status, WWI-Great Grandad killed (I and my son are named for him) I have ALL of his WAR MEDALS and memorabilia, including a NEWS PHOTO of him MARCHING thru Paris the year he died. My Grand-dad, Scots Black Watch, severely wounded El Alemein, prisoner of NAZI Germany. My late Father, wounded Korea, My brother, USAF Private, paratrooper Spec Ops, then Officer, Fighter Pilot, OFFICER of the YEAR, Europe, 2 years in a row. Marine Corps (CORPSE) FOX CO, 2/24, wounded ANBAR, 2004, returned for second tour 10 months. PURPLE HEART.

You were discussing MUELLER'S bravery and SEMPER FI????


French24 finally got to "the shifting gender balance in Iceland."

Companies must hire women and pay them the same as men or risk getting fined. For 9 years now Iceland has topped the world ratings of woman equal to men in economics. Iceland is leading the way in empowering women. Everybody clap for Iceland!



IU wins at the buzzer with a long, long 3.


Lovely Miss Marple, I agree with your. I have FAITH, in Mr TRUMP. I have faith in those who have shown me their decency and resolve.

MUELLER has NOT shown me, intelligence, honesty, intuition, decency, he has not shown any sense of a BULL SHIT DETECTOR.
Yes he was a MARINE. Didn't DAN RATHER tell us he too was a MARINE. Wasn't McCain a NAVAL OFFICER, wasn't McCain a disgrace as his EGO left this planet. Wasn't JOHN EFFING KERRY KOHN HEINZ a "war hero" with several dozen PURPLE HEARTS thrown over the WHITE HOUSE FENCE, only to re-appear on his SENATE WALL ...."framed".
Wasn't DICK BLUMENTHAL... shithead CT a VIET NAM hero. Rattler-Gator has put FAITH in MUELLER, and R-G has made the case that MUELLER was a MARINE and PARATROOPER. I respect that, but, what I've seen vis a vis this WITCH HUNT, is PATTONLY.....pun intended......ABSURD. Mueller was a MARINE. God bless him. He has embarassed the CORPS (CORPSE) by his unbridled and biased HUBRIS.


Fuckin' W, ruined a 4 in a row.


I thought the Bush's were Hispanic?

Account Deleted

Tom R:

"A few possibilities but they all require you to have an open mind and consider the possibility the Flynn case was a sting operation against the Deep State and it was hugely successful."

i am asking you to mount an argument. make your argument, please.

"...all require you to have an open mind." that kind of statement said to someone other than me, in my reformed state of deep tolerance :D, would get you what you've been getting from many here this morning (understandably so)--- unwrapped boxes of Turdelini.

the sting op. the success of it. one is a premise. the other an unfounded conclusion?

please proceed (adjusting my powdered Brit wig.)


Account Deleted

Tom R: further then, if we must have more facts from Flynn to avoid speculation, then how do you "lean" toward the possibility that "Mueller helped Flynn?"



Do you even know how to play Chess, Jane? Do you? Well do you?

I rest my case.


Daddy, I'm WAY BEHIND. If JEBBIE says he is HISPANIC or even HER-SPANIC, we MUST BELIEVE him.
He once TOLD ME, that those who VIOLATE our LAWS, our SOVEREIGNTY, our BORDERS, our LABOR LAWS, who steal, lie or manufacture SOCIAL SECURITY #'S, who crossed our borders illegally or who over stayed visa's we once required, or who had BABIES here, in an effort to ENSURE, their own ability to stay.........Did so........FOR LOVE.

That is not a starting point for HONEST DEBATE or POLICY.

Tom R


Don't you think people whose minds are made up and treat their assumptions as facts can correctly be labeled "close minded"?

Captain Hate

On Topic:

Who is the biggest Shit Midas: the Bathhouse Rat or King Roger the Pudgy?

Captain Hate

Nancy Wilson RIP

Another Bob

Not the Heart Nancy Wilson FYI.


Daddy, I'm WAY BEHIND. If JEBBIE says he is HISPANIC or even HER-SPANIC, we MUST BELIEVE him.

Correct, GUS. And since Jeb is Hispanic that means W and Poppa Bush are also Hispanics, which means we've had nothing but ethnics in the White House non-stop since Dutch Reagan.

And I think Jimmy Carter's now declared himself a woman.


Where oh where is all the news this morning about "Squaw" Warrens self dis"Squaw"ilfication?

If we can't find humor in Tomahawkin' that humorless Cigar Store Injun' in the sky, where are we going to look for laughs, Great Spirit?


Why expand Gitmo? Maybe thinking of it as a place to stick border jumpers or those who we deported and no country will take--kinda like a new Ellis Island, because technically it is not US territory, I think.


Okay, I'm multi-tasking my ass off and I don't think I posted this but forgive me if I have.

* * *

Gus, Obama will never live down that Navy corpse-man gaffe. Never!

* * *

Their goal is turmoil. Ours should be the rule of law and common sense. Hold them accountable. Expose their lies and follies. Venceremos!

Posted by: matt - deplore me if you must | December 15, 2018 at 01:01 PM

Matt, the good guys are skillfully using chaos (and creativity) against the leftwing grifters & globalists. Yes, some money will be lost on the front end for people who have willingly signed off as participants. No one is losing money who doesn't understand the larger cause. That's my opinion. For instance, I've known Carter Page was an intelligence asset from the very beginning; he was clearly playing a role.

Every charge applied to the good guys is far, far more damaging when later applied to the bribers, the lobbyists, and the politicians. Giving him the benefit of the doubt *or* simply recognizing he can't do damage to the President, the effect of Mueller is that he's clearing Trump from future BS charges of collusion or wrongdoing in office and precedents are being set as established by the media whores who are cheering on these relatively low-level punishments to a select few.

Think about it; apply a grid. The picture, IMHO, begins to become much more clear. The majority here find it very hard to believe. Because it is. But it is also the sign of a damn good Op.


Here's my fav Charlie Parker version of that great old Jazz standard Liz Warren errr Cherokee.


Capn. The BI-SEXUAL RAT will always be, the biggest SHIT BAG in history. A complete and utter PUT UP, and EMINENCE FRONT, as I linked yesterday.
IT'S A PUT ON. Obama is and was NOBODY. Whether or not OBAMA succeeded in being a CLOWN, created by AYERS/AXELKNOB, and a cast of thousands, is not relevant. OBAMA'S clown glory, was in the willingness of MORONS and PROPAGANDIZED JR ACHIEVEMENT FOOLS, to WANT TO BELIEVE in HOPE and CHANGE. Obama was the WET DREAM of FOOLS. His RACE is the biggest reason that he was FOISTED upon us. The FULL COMMIE HANDLERS may have known this, or they may have thrown a TON of SHIT at the WALL. IT STUCK.
The FOOLS that accepted and aided this CRAP, did not, nor do they NOW, ....KNOW BETTER. Stupid, mis-educated, easily fooled SIMPS. Wild eyed, virtue signalers, emotional clown FOPS. CRYING and BARKING at the MOON, as they SAW SOME SOCIAL JUSTICE VICTORY, that would set back SOCIAL JUSTICE decades.

I have zero issue with BI-SEXUAL BARRY now that he is irrelevant today. I do enjoy thoroughly the MESS, that this skinny bi-sexual, psychologically DESTROYED, man-boy has devolved into.
Uh, uh, uh, errrr, uh, y'know, I was responsible for the BOOM in OIL PRODUCTION.....Errrr, uh uh, uh, THEY should THANK ME........ UH UH UH UH.....

Errr, y'all know why THEY CALL ME SPOCK........
(No FORMER PRESIDENT TURKEY BASTER...NO ONE CALLS YOU SPOCK). Errrr, ummm, uh,,,, it's because I'm LOGICAL!!! (loud and stupid). I only use FACTS!!!!! (again, loud and stupid).

Bisexual Barry, is like a one hit wonder boy band. HE WAS SO SO SO SO LOVED. Until his uselessness became obvious.

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