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December 15, 2018


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What evidence did Mueller offer to corroborate the iPhones were "erased" to re-fit them for reissue?

Do the American People take him at his word?

I bet he has the SIM cards or whatever the gut processor is.

those texts represent a LOT of exposure risk. not that difficult for me to believe Mueller has all of those texts, the same way that somewhere Clinton's emails are stored.

and as for storing the texts digitally-- does the FBI really release phones without some kind of in house server backup, leaving Apple, Inc. as the only guarantor of investigative confidentiality and "integrity?"

maybe completely off-base. but the Cabal is likely choking on digital evidence it has to protect for the next 100 years. a what if. hopefully it won't incur the wrath of the frustrated.

in the meantime, keeping my hands at 10 and 2 hoping no one steals my kidney.

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weakening, if not outright destroying public confidence in law enforcement--- except the new converts of the American Left!, is a crucial plank in the Cabal's plan. not only to unseat the sitting President and overthrow the election--- but to raise the false flag "This form of government cannot protect you! We need a strong man!"

Chaos and disillusionment are lethal forces gathered against us.

i can admit to feeling frustrated and angry that the greatest nation in history has fallen prey to these jackals. but my faith prevents me from biting on their baited hook of angry disillusionment.

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back to slide media production. the decks are proliferating! :O

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((Megachurch pastor criticized for buying wife $200G Lamborghini))

FTA - "He also addressed the speculation that he used some money from the church to pay for the Lamborghini.

“Did this man use any money from the church to do this?” Gray asked. “And the answer is no. Absolutely not."...

"The pastor continued that the car was bought with money he saved from his second book deal and the fourth season of his reality show “The Book of John Gray” which airs on the OWN Channel."...

"Gray said he has put a deposit on the car but has not fully paid it off."...

He bought an expensive car...so what?

I'm looking forward to seeing critical articles on how the "green" ministers of the global warming religion spend their money.

or how the "preachers" that lead the thousands of leftist "charitable organizations" spend their money.

Apparently the churches of secular socialism get to occupy some special space where they get to preach their morality/religion/beliefs but are not required to live them.

If this guy is condemned for buying an expensive car, I want every leader of any "green" group to be condemned for their use of fossil fuels. I want every leader of any charitable group to be condemned for their big salaries, lavish lifestyles, & possessions.

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i respectfully agree, but disagree, Janet.

i agree that the "Green Gaia Elite" should be scrutinized and be forced to live up to their mouthy "convictions."

where i politely disagree is that the Lambo Pastor is swimming in that same kettle of fish.

Leveraging his association with a "congregation of the faithful" to indulge himself materially-- he's not the only one.

A Lambo isn't just an expensive car. It's an "in-your-face" car. For-profit religion comes in many stripes and colors.

there are real-world impacts to people of faith who pastored, ministered and deaconed most of their adult lives.

for example, i sat in the company of many, many retired ministers from small churches that were swallowed whole by such corporate megachurches in southern Virginia. no pensions. their years of service were at the expense of healthier contributions to SocSec, so the pittance they receive is far from covering what it takes to live in retirement care facilities.

they're living through their later years off the charity of full-freight paying retirees in Paw's retirement community.

no one there is complaining about the subsidizing--- but why should fair deal retirees like Paw and others pay a larger tab in order to fund that subsidy, while the corporate grifters duck behind some "christian" facade to live high on the hog?

those seniors passed through some veil that we call old age, and their financial cares? the corporate churches will keep passing that plate and continue to ignore the plight of an invisible sector of "the faithful." not a good look.

because christian denominations are under attack in this day and age doesn't give me pause in looking askance at opulent exploitation for profit of "church" affiliations.

it is the same template used by government "officials" who leverage their association and influence to profit personally.

it is the same template used in the revolving door between Big Pharma and key government agencies.

corruption is everywhere.

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Just because you can doesn't mean that you should.

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RG-plan on where to stay around using marta for the bowl game. N Druid Hills is the eastern extension of the peachtree dunwoody I live off of. Peachtree Rd is the dividing line with the name change, but it is the same trail. That would put the brookhaven station in easy reach to get downtown. That works well because airport workers take that line to get to and from work so it is more reliable than the north/south line getting to and from the airport or downtown.

I can make you same offer I made steph if you are in marietta or dallas, park here and I will drop you off at marta to get downtown. Then you can easily catch 285 back to where you are staying after using marta.

I will tell a dallas story you should like. Dad owned land there and first time we walked it after he bought it there were all these shot up moonshine stills.

bubarooni--I think the finest testament to a life well lived is when people so thoroughly miss a person as you clearly do. Congrats to your fil for living such a memorable life and to you for being willing to speak of the poignancy of the loss.


Clarice, Dec. 15, 9:29: "JIB we would love to meet you and your sons, but we leave here on Sunday. If you can come earlier, email me."

Hey, Clarice, I took my daughter, grandchildren, and sister to Washington for five days a couple of weeks ago -- Before I left, I mentioned on jom that Senator Inhofe's office gave me VIP Passes (I'm not one, just how they designated it) to the Whitehouse Christmas Decorations for all of us.

The memorials took my breath away. Also took some Christmas candy and other 'goodies' to the senator's office. That was fun. When we walked by Senator Kaine's office, my sister and I both scowled. :) And wanted to 'boo, hiss.'

I thought of you several times and wondered if you ever got used to living in that impressive city. I can remember how I never failed to be amazed at the history and heritage and glorious sites during our thirteen years living in London. We lived in Kensington, just off Holland Park, and owned horses, stabled them in a mews near Hyde Park and rode there.

Anyway, what is it like living in Washington, D.C.?


Good morning, JOM and thanks!


It is a beautiful city with so many things to do. Lots of smart people who are, nevertheless, in the left's mindset.

James D.

I'm totally with Janet @ 7:29.

I'm tired of the rules - and, far worse, the laws - only being applied to our side.

I'm not interested, not one bit, in calling out anyone on our side, or punishing them, until the other side is equally called out or punished for the same sins/crimes/etc.

If it's wrong, then it's wrong for us AND for them. But if it's not wrong for them, then it must not be wrong for us, either.


Thanks, rse. I'm going to give that some thought.


Good morning!

Boy, was I wiped out last night. That is the longest distance I have driven in several years.

Just got caught up and am ready for a second cup of coffee.

daddy is right about the Vonnegut's. One branch of the family also owned a hardware store on the south side (my side of town). It closed in the early 70's.


Our political class has so failed us, on both sides of the aisle, that we're truly in uncharted territory and the Trump Administration has to successfully manage *all* of this shiznit, this desperately needed re-set, in a way that doesn't diminish American support for our law enforcement, legal, and judicial institutions

James D.:
I agree with the first half of this, but not the second.

My support for law enforcement, legal and judicial institutions (especially at the federal level) is in the toilet, and si is further every day.

I know you see a grand plan and moving pieces and imminent victory. I wish I could; I see nothing being done to counter even the most blatant and in-your-face corruption, which is being carried out at taxpayer expense.

For example: the whole idea of the 302s,and the FBI not recording interviews, and the reports being written up weeks or month later, is obiously awful, and that’s something that i think everyone can ageee on, and which there’s really no way to defend. So why hasn’t that practice been stopped? There are literally countless other examples.

Posted by: James D. | December 16, 2018 at 06:23 AM

This is an article that walks through a local Tallahassee story of possible national importance (equally possible it's merely a local story):

This article has a link to the indictment at the bottom of the page; it's an interesting read (to me) of just how brazen these grifters can be:

If -- as some in the Twitterverse allege -- there has been a decade-long attempt by certain elements within the FBI (often frustrated by certain OTHER elements) to disrupt the national strategy of bribing and co-opting local, state and national politicians by payments from domestic and foreign agents of influence, this might be an interesting case to follow. Soros' people hand-picked Andrew Gillum as far back as 2012 for the role he just played in our election for Governor.

I remain stunned that he came as close to winning as he did but it places a spotlight on just how unserious much of our electorate has often become. The FBI investigation was a known factor and half the voters (apparently) still voted for him -- a man with no real experience outside of local government in Tallahassee . . . to be Governor of a mega-state!

Amazing. That investigation is ongoing; Gillum may or may not come out of it unscathed but his odds of doing so are certainly no better than 50 percent.

My bigger point in this post, James D., is this: our adversary wants us to be jaded and disrespectful of ordinary Americans, including our average civil servants. They very much want us to lose faith because that is the one component that *most* distinguishes us from the rest of the world.

We deride "useful idiots" on the leftwing, don't we? Why take the chance of unwittingly serving the same role on the conservative side of the aisle at the very moment when we *finally* have a real fighter in the White House?

At a moment when we finally have a fighter who not only knows how to wield executive power but also knows how to set up moves on a chess board in order to facilitate processes designed to make trade deals most beneficial for the American people much more of a reality?

At this moment in time when his nation-state, anti-globalist message is clearly resonating around the world ???

YMMV but I'll be damned if I'm going down *that* jaded road as pre-ordained by Soros and his crowd.

Faith and patience . . . and good, old-fashioned American optimism rule my world.


Good morning, JOMers.
Really Great Pieces, Clarice!!

Account Deleted

With you on that, RG.


Once again, a #RealNews summary not provided by the #MSM. Where are you, @AP? Thank you, Clarice.


RG, you are correct. Schools have deprived students of the analytic tools necessary to filter out noise and the compass and gyroscope necessary to follow the path of character.



That was an exceptional Pieces today. Thanks!


Coincidental with my conversation with my grandson's maternal grandfaher yesterday, I ran across this excellent thread about East Germany after the fall of The Wall. It's almost literary in quality and explains why the author detests communism.



I had no idea that Gates and Tillerson had their hands in ruining the BSofA. Asshats...




RG, didn't;t I just read yesterday that a Fla judge ordered Gullum not to leave the jurisdiction?

Old Lurker


"Our political class has so failed us, on both sides of the aisle, that we're truly in uncharted territory and the Trump Administration has to successfully manage *all* of this shiznit, this desperately needed re-set, in a way that doesn't diminish American support for our law enforcement, legal, and judicial institutions

I agree with the first half of this, but not the second."


Of course I could not agree more with James's response to the second half.

Only a person living on a cloud could think there is even a facade of a justice system that comes close to what is required to support our society, and which is not seen as a bunch of naked emperors prancing down the main street by the vast majority of the population it is intended to underpin, and thus "fixing it while pretending it is OK" makes them all look even more foolish and out of touch.

Dude! That ship sailed with Kelo, McCain-Feingold, Obamacare Tax not a Tax is to, Ted Stevens, Lerner-Koskinen-Clapper-Holder-Lynch-Brennan-Comey-Clintons- - - sorry I ran out of ink.

Our system of Justice and Law & Order is as broken for all of us, and for the constitutional base on which we interact, today as it was in the Deep South for Blacks before and well after the Civil War.

Any national leader (looking at you, POTUS) who does not address that is trapping only the last cockroach left on the counter after the lights came on, pretending to have solved the problem.

Old Lurker

And JimNJ, why would you exempt State & Local law enforcement from the farce?


Harvesting ballots must be banned.

I agree with AmSpec, but the passive voice reveals a lack of any concrete way to do it. It was allowed at the state level. Can the feds countermand that? And even if they could, would it be by legislation? That won't happen now that the Ds have taken over the House (it would have been a good piece of lame-duck session legislating), even if it were constitutional. It almost seems that the only choice is for red states to retaliate.

Old Lurker

Careful, Jimmy "but the passive voice reveals a lack of any concrete way to do it."

That comes awfully close to the sermonettes delivered by a couple of JOM preachers last night as they dismissed 99.9% of JOM posts as having no value because the posters were observing and complaining but not actually fixing anything. As they sailed on by in their flowing robes, leaving nothing fixed in their wakes.


As they sailed on by in their flowing robes, leaving nothing fixed in their wakes.

Heh! [To steal a patented phrase.]


new thread

And an additional line to show I closed the bolding I hope.

Old Lurker

Finally, a minor correction to my friend A-mom in her summary of attitudes on the Ledge and lesser hideouts. A-mom, you said that Ledge Dwellers assume it is all over and that all is lost. That is not the case! We think that we are well along on that path but have not jumped off the cliff yet and thus have hope we will not have to. Recall that the original architecture of the place was a tall ledge hovering over a bunch of sharp rocks at ground level, with diving boards for us to use when and if the final defenses of the castle are breached. We all have great hope, but we chose to recognize the direction the tide is taking. Just in case.

OK, now I am all caught up!



State and Local LE angels did the John Doe.

My compliance with their directives comes down to the disparity in weapons that favor “law” enforcement.

I do not respect the institutions, I do respect individual officers that I know personally.


Guilty as charged, OL. :) But I was really just criticizing the feckless Republicans who I anticipate will just shrug their collective shoulders at this blatant fraud.

Old Lurker

I knew what you meant, Jimmy. I just was looking for an excuse to say what I said...and poof, there you were!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
43m43 minutes ago

A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour by hour, of networks like NBC & Democrat spin machines like Saturday Night Live. It is all nothing less than unfair news coverage and Dem commercials. Should be tested in courts, can’t be legal? Only defame & belittle! Collusion?

Old Lurker

Henry, I think something approaching the entire Supreme Court of WV is being impeached. Or something.

Account Deleted

I don't know that minister from the man in the moon. He could be good or bad...I have no idea. I was just responding to the info from the article.
He spent his own earned money on whatever he wanted. SO WHAT?

Old Lurker

When tweeting becomes whining background noise like a wheel bearing that needs grease, MM.

Jim Eagle


Probably after Christmas, so we will miss you.

Kurt Vonnegut lived in Sagaponack (The Hamptons) for years. Sag was the epicenter of the "writers community". E. L. Doctorow, Truman Capote, George Plimpton, et. al. When I would go home for my summer vacations, sometimes it was during the Artist & Writers softball game in East Hampton, and he would one of the players. Also, saw him once at Sip 'n Soda, in Southampton. He was with Robert Caro and Peter Mathieson.

BTW, Slaughterhouse Five was his 6th novel. The 5th novel was "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater".

Old Lurker

The afternoon talker on WMAL sandwiched between Rush and Levin, on Friday had a former US Attorney under Obama on to argue the validity of the Mueller witch hunt. He and the talker went round and round, but in his summary he justified ANYTHING being done by Mueller & Comey & the others as fully and morally justified because THIS POTUS had tried to exert executive authority over the Department of Justice and how "every American needs to shake in their boots when a President, "any President" tries to do that."

I think I have been even more gloomy since I heard his passion in saying that.

I think Trump's original sin, if you will, was way back when he reported that "they tell me I am not supposed to get involved over there".

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



Sounds like Fake News

Why would Maroon 5 be subcontracting their half-time show? Why would the NFL have them booking part of their gig for someone else?

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