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December 15, 2018



Pin's KIDNEY, is now the stuff of JOM legend.

He had no idea why Henry and GUS, has all of that ICE in the bath tub.

Henry is good with a sharp knife. Pin didn't feel a thing. Because of all that ICE.

jim nj


It's official - the schism is done with the approval of Constantinople.



Because remaining Russian Orthodox clergy are going to used as pawns and in danger. Excuse me, but both sides are going to use them for propaganda purposes. So does this heat up again with religion and politics in the mix?


Ukraine is worried about a build up of Russian forces just across the border. That build up has been confirmed and is covered more hysterically below:



Another LITTLE MAN gem. "what if"

"what if" What "if" my GRANDMOTHER....juggled ELEPHANTS????

Wouldn't that "if" make my GRANDMOTHER, the STRONGEST WOMAN....ALIVE??????


Condolences, Bubarooni.

JIB we would love to meet you and your sons, but we leave here on Sunday. If you can come earlier, email me.

jim nj


Headline: Macron is DREAMING! French President's EU plans RIDICULED as he faces political crisis


Clarice, how are you my lovely??

Captain Hate

Our political class has so failed us, on both sides of the aisle, that we're truly in uncharted territory and the Trump Administration has to successfully manage *all* of this shiznit, this desperately needed re-set, in a way that doesn't diminish American support for our law enforcement, legal, and judicial institutions.

100% agree on this. That's why DJT, and a few others like Devin Nunes, are the only ones I trust.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--There was a contemporaneous 302, it was written by Pientka, and I believe Strzok / Page reference it well before August -- IIRC.--

Thanks, RG.
I guess we'll find out more details the next time Flynn's sentencing is delayed...and the next time...
He may die before he doesn't have to go to jail.

jim nj

I'm a bit confused. I thought the DOJ OGI report recently released said that they had recovered messages from both Strozk and Page phones that had not been recovered before.

I'm seeing some here referring to them as lost or deleted. That is incorrect.

If I'm mistaken, can somebody cite me a source that explains this.


Capn, what you and I see and think, is completely logical. I don't give a flying FUCK, what PAULIE NO NUTS RYAN, calls himself....politically. I care about RESULTS and/or character.
I trust NO GOP LEADER implicitly. I like Devin Nunes, but I'm not going to give NUNES my implicit support, until NUNES earns it, or defies the CABAL.



Some girl just literally did a 'hold my beer' to me. So I held her beer.

What would you do?


Mueller had them deleted, Horowitz found a way to recover them, is a best explanation.


bubarooni, thank you for seeing JOM as the supportive community it is.

Best to you and your family. We can’t be there, but we can be here for you.

jim nj


I wonder if somebody gets a bonus for finding that?


How do we know a 302 was produced of the Flynn interview in January 2017 or that it still exists if one was produced?

We don't.

That would be one helluva plot twist if there was never a 302 of the January interview in the first place.

Given what we know of the 302's in the Ted Stevens case it would not surprise me in the least if they never whipped up any January 302's, or if they did that they completed them within the mandatory 3 to 5 days. Remember, only after Judge Sullivan demanded them in that previous case did Lead FBI Agent Mary Beth Kepner pencilwhip them and illegally backdate them as if they were created over a year earlier. And not to forget how her and other agents personal written contemporaneous notes at that time diverged from the info in some of the 302's that were eventually submitted. So all that reiterated, it would not surprise me one bit if there were no January 302's, nor if any these 302's purporting to be from that January time period were actually created way back then.

Captain Hate


The most recent thing I've seen is some were recovered and some weren't.



That is the totality of what WE are SMEARED as to each and every day.


FoF is in COSpngs.


Pin, what did she look like??

I might hold her....errrrrr....beer.

Another Bob

Didn’t they each have two phones?



I still have hielo around my head.

A little Spanish lingo


rse, I just noticed your earlier comment. I would love that! We're gonna have to figure out a way to make it happen. If you could please put it on your calendar, I will do the same and we'll figure things out that week.

If you can remember to eMail me if you haven't heard from me by Wednesday the 26th, that would be great. I expect to be in the city by Thursday. No telling where I'll be. Downtown, just west of Marietta, out in Dallas, or somewhere close to Brookhaven (I-85 near Druid Hills Road is close, right?).


That would be brain surgery, or did I miss something.

jim nj


What I read was that the phones were turned in and per policy were reset to the original factory setting in order to be re-issued.

The OGI report went into some detail in trying to nail down whether that policy was really in effect and was making recommendations since some parts of the policy are ambiguous.

The OGI got the phones after requesting them. His people recovered messages. They talked to the DOD who offered up another software app and more messages were recovered. Finally, they hired an outside expert who found more.

The circumstances surrounding how the phones were re-cycled instead of held apart, intact, for later review is very interesting though.


The only time I went Square dancing was at 7,500 feet somewhere above The Springs.

jim nj

Re-posting the OGI report


I'm going to go over it again and see if mis-read it.


Here's some Christmas good cheer:


Sainsbury Christmas advertisement from 2015, which is nicely done. It features Mog the cat -- what's not to like?


Sorry about your father-in-law, Bubarooni, it is so hard to lose those we love and respect. I had a few hours of dread and fear this morning, really needed comfort, and I found myself wanting to talk to my mother -- :) -- I'm 77. Some people are impossible to replace.

Tom R

and the White House was bugged (originally) for Obama vs Clinton reasons. Think about that.

Funny that you mention that. Here is an article from June 2017 that mentions it.


Then there were extensive renovations of the WH in August 2017 timeframe. I recall reading some articles speculating the real reason for the renovations were to clear our the bugs/surveillance devices that were discovered.


This was all going down during the same timeframe of Horowitz informing Mueller of Strzok and Page's corruption and Rosenstein modifying the scope of the Mueller SC.


I haven't been online very much lately, but when I do check in I don't see rich, though my "checks" on what is going on and who is chatting remain sporadic.

Anyway, everytime I heard the opening to this song, I think of KJOM and rich and how I enjoyed some of
the music, the variety, and the comments. The first few bars of this remind me of rich:


:) Joan


He checks in sporadically Joan, sometimes the late shift.


I'm fine, Gus. Thnx..But very tired and heading to bed.

jim nj

"The OIG asked the FBI Inspection Division to locate the FBI issued Samsung Galaxy S5 devices formerly assigned to the subject employees and to obtain from the same individuals their assigned FBI issued Samsung Galaxy S7 devices. The FBI provided these four devices to the OIG in late January 2018. CYBER utilized digital forensic tools to obtain data extractions
from the four FBI issued mobile devices.
To ensure the thoroughness of text message recovery efforts, OIG also consulted with the Department of Defense, conducted additional quality assurance steps and hired
a Subject Matter Expert. The result of these
steps was the recovery of thousands of text
messages within the period of the missing
text messages, December 15, 2016 through May
17, 2017, as well as hundreds of other text
messages outside the gap lime period that had not been produced by the FBI due to
technical problems with its text message
collection tool."

Tom R

I thought the DOJ OGI report recently released said that they had recovered messages from both Strozk and Page phones that had not been recovered before.

Jim NJ,

Strzok and Page had FBI issued Samsung Galaxy phones from their primary jobs. These were the phones were 19000 texts were recently uncovered. These were also the phones used for all the texts messages that have been released to the public so far.

When they joined the Mueller SC team they were issued Apple Iphones for SC related work. AFAIK zero texts were recovered from these phones because they were returned to factory settings so that they could be re-used. That is a process that is simple to do and anyone can do it as long as you have the Apple ID password of the phone's owner. Takes less than a minute to erase the phone.


Our choir has been practicing our Christmas anthems for two months. We're singing this song Christmas Eve, plus Mary Did You Know, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Away in The Manger, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, plus a few more.


I love Christmas music. :)


jim nj

Ah, here's the kicker that people are talking about:
"In view of the content of many of the text messages between Strzok and Page, the OIG also asked the Special Counsel' s Office (SCO) to provide to the OIG the DOJ issued
iPhones that had been assigned to Strzok and
Page during their respective assignments to
the SCO."

Those are the phones they couldn't retrieve anything from. The ones they used while working for Mueller. That's very interesting.

So if I am now correctly reading this, the OGI got the data messages from the missing gap not picked up by the FBI data collection system originally.

Presumably, they also have access to what ever Page and Strozk did until they were transferred to the SCO. As DOJ employees they weren't subject to the FBI automated collection system and the DOJ had no such system.

OK, now I see why Mueeler and staff get a black eye on this.


jim nj, did you see my comment to you about Acorn a last week. I think you were the person who mentioned starting to watch the Acorn TV shows. I recommened 19-2. It's a Canadian cop show, and both my sister and I loved it.

If it wasn't you, well ...? someone mentioned it. :)


good night--tired.


You know, I'm not quite sure if MUELLER is a cock sucking prick or not.

He seems to be really really nice or SUMPTING.
maybe he doesn't see RODHAM and ORH, and PERKINS COIE, and all the other OBVIOUS shit.

Maybe MUELLER, the WHITE HAT, is just sort of DUMB!!!

Maybe MUELLER is so CLEAN and his hat is SO WHITE, that he never noticed all of the other things this SHAM investigations could have looked into.


jim nj

Re-setting the iPhones to original factory settings made the Strozk and Page SCO text messages gone.

jim nj

Hi jjm,

I passed your acorn advice to my sister.


There's an interesting Conservative Treehouse discussion of the contemporaneous 302s, which seems to me to strongly suggest they were written.

I'm really eager to find out what Judge Sullivan does. I somewhat suspect it will all lead to nothing; that he'll just sentence Flynn to some relatively minor punishment, and the whole matter will be dropped. Seems like that's what usually happens.


Bisexual Barry is a wee bit upset about the "affordable care act" being SHITCANNED by a TEXAS JUDGE.

Errrrr, uh uh uh uh, you know, errr uh, I have a TURKEY BASTER, and errrr, uh uh uh uh People call me SPOCK.


Probably but after lamberth hes perhaps the only fellow who will do anything


jim nj



Amnesty International gets in on the act: Police must end use of excessive force against protesters and high school children in France

As the clouds of tear gas lift, a clearer picture has emerged which shows police have used excessive force against largely peaceful protesters, journalists and even children

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Gee, I guess Mueller figured the phones of the two creeps he was having to fire would hold nothing of interest to the IG he knew to be investigating this stuff, nor the US Attorney apparently investigating the same stuff the IG is.

His hat may not be pitch black but it's a nice shade of charcoal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I suspect MJW nails the Flynn endgame.


This is a man more like a well dressed homunculus, who did nothing to prevent two men to die in prison for a crime they didn't commit. The most comprehensive part of the story is in Howie Carr's martorano bio hitman, although he hadn't made the Mueller connection there. Its like a real life Stephen cannella tale.

jim nj



Any doubt these folks are cheering mueller:



largely peaceful protesters,

I have no problem with FULL COMMIE LIBTARD VIOLENT protestors.

Until some of the PEACEFUL PROTESTORS, no longer are LARGELY PEACEFUL.

I mean, I'm LARGELY PEACEFUL, until I knock your fucking teeth down your LARGELY PEACEFUL throat!!

jim nj



Fascinating jimnj, I admit I didn't see much point to slaughterhouse.


Bubarooni - Condolences to you and your wife on your loss. It's never easy but especially this time of year. I clicked on the link to your father's funeral. It was very moving.

Goodnight all - in a few hours we'll all be back with coffee and Clarice's Pieces!


I would like to recommend The Lives of the Constitution by Joseph Tartakovsky, which I saw recommended on the Claremont Review of Books by way of Powerline blog. Great reading.


I did a Library run today and looked for this. It's a new arrival, only 1 copy, but already it is checked out and when it comes back it is already on hold for somebody else. Great to see that it's being read unlike all the multiple copies of Anti-Trump books on display.

Mainly I was dropping off and not picking up, but the one book in the new stacks that did catch my eye was this one, because of it's clever and catchy-title: "When Harry Became Sally." Ha!


I keep trying to post this "iconic " photo from today's Paris protests but it keeps being rejected---I think because it's posted on a Russia Today link. So this is a test:


I'm just sort of kind of CURIOUS...why WHITE HAT MUELLER, would disregard a JUDGE order to provide notes vis a vis the original interviews with MICHAEL FLYNN. I'm sure our pal LITTLE MAN, has an explanation.

You see, when a JUDGE tells you to do something....heretofore, really cool WHITE HATS followed the JUDGES demand.



Ha! It went through. I was trying to compare it to this BLM "Iconic Pic from 2016, so this must have been the pic that was being rejected:

If you compare the 2 they are somewhat similar. The unrobed french protester way up top is supposed to be some version of this gal:

jim nj

Deep in the trivia my mind maintains, I had some kind of connection of Vonnegut, Dreden and firebombing.

I didn't realize he was under the bombing and worked on the clean up crew. That kind of thing would warp anybody.


It was his 5th novel that really hit it big, the film version was even more confusing.


I believe they did an adaptation of mother night with nick noltr as Howard Campbell for showtime:


Tom R


Have you ever heard of the term psychological projection before? Asking for a friend.


There is a point Tom r, you need to revise your hypothesis, I say this with great respect. Gus is exuberant sometimes untactfully because he feels you do not seem to apprehend the situation.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Already posted but if you didn't click to see the photo, you can click here.
Trump at Arlington, maybe gathering strength, maybe gathering inspiration. Or simply honoring the dead.

Don Surber: Where your President was today


That last link is a sign of insanity in what passes for mainstream science commentary


Slaughterhouse 5. I really enjoyed it because it had those wonderfully uplifting Bach piano interludes when Billy Pilgrim is marching thru the snow covered streets of pre-bombed Dresden as a POW.

That reminds me that in searching for the jazz tune I posted earlier today, Cherokee, I came across this very cool short bit of an American Jazz Pianist teaching a bunch of Dutch hornblowers how to play the intricate bridge on Cherokee. He throws out some marvelous chords on his keyboards which just makes smile. Give this a 30 second listen and see if you don't find it tasty:) The Bridge on Cherokee


Good pick,


I guess I've not delved that much into the film,


He had a real beef with ge, from the Ralph cordiner era, (that was when they hired Reagan for the theatre)


What was your first clue mr. Hannan:



5.7 earthquake in China, 5.1 in taiwan?




There's a large painting of Kurt Vonnegutt, probably about 20 feet tall, on a building in Indianapolis heading on over towards their old German Brewhaus, The Athenaeum. I recall mentioning that to Miss Marple and her telling me that Vonnegutt's dad or granddad was some architect in town and a leader of the German Community, and also that he was good friends IIRC with her Grabddad at the Indianapolis Star. I think Vonnegutt's relative designed the Athenaium which had a gorgeous dining Hall and a very neat Rathskeller in the back that opens to the outside in decent weather.


5.1 in taiwan?

Taiwanasaurus wrecks:(

jim nj


I think it's safe to assume that UK remainers are working with the EU to make this as difficult as possible for Brexit.

They're traitors to the people of the UK. Trying to undermine the popular vote.


So it would seem, the most interesting moment re Vonnegut was his cameo in back to school,

Another Bob

There have been a series of a dozen or more ~4.5-5.5 quakes throughout the PAC Rim today.


And the skydragin conference in Poland still drags on oblivious to the hell these schemes have wrought on the streets of paris.


I think this can only mean one thing the kailu are coming (that was the assassin type cult on mars) I mean the Sea monsters


Bubarooni, thank you for sharing your FIL with us.
What a fine man---as you must be as well, for his daughter to have chosen you after having him for a father.

My deepest condolences to you all for your loss.


So when this latest Obamacare Ruling eventually arrives upon appeal at the desk of the Supreme's does John Roberts have to recuse himself, since he convolutedly rejiggered the damn thing to make it legal in the first place?


100% agree on this. That's why DJT, and a few others like Devin Nunes, are the only ones I trust.

Posted by: Captain Hate

I would add Jim Jordan and Mick Mulvaney to that list. I think WI Senator Ron Johnson too. (Who I see from Wiki also had "FU money" before going to DC. That can help keep a guy on the straight and narrow.)

And Sharyl Attkison, Kim Strassel, Sarah Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Mollie Hemingway. Byron York.


Y'all don't know how good a BI-BERRY OBAMA GUS does. I think he put his hand on my leg at one point.

Account Deleted

GUS invokes the medical miracle metaphor of the YEAR:

"You know, I'm not quite sure if MUELLER is a cock sucking prick or not."

Tell him whut hewonBob!"


Good Morning, JOM.

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

"Y'all don't know how good a BI-BERRY OBAMA GUS does. I think he put his hand on my leg at one point."

So, Pin-ski... do tell. Does Mssr. GUS crease his chinos too?

Account Deleted

So when this latest Obamacare Ruling eventually arrives upon appeal at the desk of the Supreme's does John Roberts have to recuse himself, since he convolutedly rejiggered the damn thing to make it legal in the first place?

Did his tax magic benefit The Bath House Rat and his monkeys? Yes, you say? Well then. There's your answer.

My hope for Justice Roberts is that the blackmail leverage against him is discovered and he's forced to drink rancid yak's milk on the steps of the Supreme Court at half-time of a Super Bowl.

now that's entertainment!


Washington’s Growing Product Line: Confected Felonies

Account Deleted

Speakin of de Supa Bo....i hear The Nuge is ready. unfortunately, Antifa cant afford the parking fees let alone a ticket to the Big One. guaranteed
"free-for-all" otherwise.

hell, bring back the Stones. Keef is clean and sober. showcase that marvel. Woody says he's a model artiste now...collaborates on tuneage and evathang. hell froze over.

a Prince hologram from his classic show in the Miami Supa Bo?

they'll probably end up with duffer Paul McCartney. oy.

they can call the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. he'd prolly charge em a hefty $400 per band member plus cost of bus tix from Califas.

the real showstopper would be to tar and feather "the Commish" at half-time. mic him up. the Jumbotron would be scarred forever.

just riffin here. but the NFL is in trubble-- and i am all over THAT!

have a selfish interest though. my BIL out in Lost Wages is a retired teamster, now a postal carrier, from Caesar's Palace--- director of valet parking. got hissef comped two season tix *POR VIDA* from a dude who knows a dude.

One is for his bride, my baby sis "Pook" (that's Thai nickname for her; goggle it) is the annointed one to get to go to all the home games cept the ones against KC and Denver. Sweeeet. I get doz. i had to promise not to taunt him about the Dodgers nor those funky shorts he has to wear on his mail route.

Just riffin here. Hope i don't incur the wrath from Mt. JOlyMpus. :D i kid. kevlar kid.

let's see if the pieces are up.


Let he who is without a Mazeratti cast the first stone.

Megachurch pastor criticized for buying wife $200G Lamborghini

Account Deleted

i thoroughly enjoyed "Pieces" today, clarice. thank you! :D

Account Deleted

wondering if that pastor is laundering money and is over his head in phony overhead?

there's a special place....


Hillary hates the gas tax

Account Deleted

how much did that pastor fork out for the glass garage where he parks that Maz

Account Deleted

er, i mean Lambo

Account Deleted

good morning, Mssr. Pin. :D

Account Deleted

most dirigible pilots hate gas taxes, Pin.

James D.

Our political class has so failed us, on both sides of the aisle, that we're truly in uncharted territory and the Trump Administration has to successfully manage *all* of this shiznit, this desperately needed re-set, in a way that doesn't diminish American support for our law enforcement, legal, and judicial institutions

I agree with the first half of this, but not the second.

My support for law enforcement, legal and judicial institutions (especially at the federal level) is in the toilet, and si is further every day.

I know you see a grand plan and moving pieces and imminent victory. I wish I could; I see nothing being done to counter even the most blatant and in-your-face corruption, which is being carried out at taxpayer expense.

For example: the whole idea of the 302s,and the FBI not recording interviews, and the reports being written up weeks or month later, is obiously awful, and that’s something that i think everyone can ageee on, and which there’s really no way to defend. So why hasn’t that practice been stopped? There are literally countless other examples.

jim nj

Kudos for Clarice, she nailed it, and she didn't fall into the trap I did.

Yes the OIG recovered thousands of messages from the gap period, but none of the messages from the period when Strozk and Page were assigned to the SCO.

The earlier messages haven't been revealed yet.

That none of their SCO messages are available is problematic.

Did they send no messages, based on prior revelations? Did Mueller, or staff, comply with existing rules when their phones were re-set?

It doesn't look good for Mueller.

jim nj

James D.,

I think respect for national law enforcement is, as you say, in the toilet.

It's a standard plot device in novels for many years. Locals, who have a clue, overwhelmed when the FBI shows up and blows the case.

Just because the FBI is based in DC doesn't mean they have a clue about what's going on in DC.

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