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December 14, 2018


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Talking about talking...an FBI forensics specialty i take it. "Let's talk about whatchoo talked about in 2000 B.C."

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DACA es CACA, Mami.


PJM has the Sports Illustrated videoclip of Crispy Blowsy Fraud presenting some stupid award (but really just the magazine giving us the 🖕). Her voice isn’t quite the widdle girlie shtick she faked for the Kavanaugh hearing. Gee, I wonder why...


George Papadopoulos announces plan to run for Congress


French family adopt a sixteen year old African child refugee.
I'd say everything is going to work out just great. I really do.


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Here are a few factors re the middie class Pin (there are more of course including death and taxes :D):

Working for wages in Califas is no way to achieve middle-class standing.

Working for wages is no way to retain middle class standing.

And the many property bubbles in domestic real estate here virtually assure that initial wrung into the middle class hovers just out of reach for a two-income family bringing in $150K per annum. Some upside down mierda.

Newsom will make this worse because he's an economic hunchback illiterate.


"Inclusive" Hillary Tells Americans: "If You Don't Support Democrats, Go Somewhere Else"

"Some of my favorite Democrats - people like Kamala Harris who's out there speaking up and speaking out and is being attacked by the left - enough! If you don't want to support Democrats, then go somewhere else."

Should be a fun primary season.

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That family on the couch pic is worth a thousand words. Them two chicas look all a flutter over their new bro "Romaine Jackson."

Captain Hate

Here we go:


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Every time Hillary opens her yap i feel a surging wrath inside of me, one that would have me slam a substantial length of two inch pipe down her gullet.

And the worst part of Hillary speaking "in defense" of Kamala Harris is she'll likely try to grift some face time with Willie's squeeze so Bill can get that feelin again. IHTFP.


Take Two: It gets worse. Genocidal government in Myanmar organized balloon ride for Twitter chief https://t.co/FMveuainDO h/t @CraigSilverman

— David Beard (@dabeard) December 14, 2018

Link goes to photo of Dorsey with genocidal officials.

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The new African bro... will he have chores?

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"Hi. Mom."

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Twitter's newest hashtag promo: #TakeARideWitGenocide

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Is this real?
Tweet thread with 302s:


"Flynn struck Strzok as "bright, but not profoundly sophisticated." "

Strzok???? The guy who called us 'ignorant hillbillys'?

Jack is Back!

What a witch.

I think I will send her a QTπ.


I had a hard enough time just getting to sign in through Yahoo, so I think I will just leave it at D.
I also enjoyed the shipwreck picture and I find it fascinating how history reveals itself.
I share the indignation of many here wrt the news reports and Shep’s disdain for Catherine Herridge’s mention of Hillary.
She has a front guard of media people even though she kept them enclosed in a rope structure while she walked in a parade like a queen.
Every day she wakes up bitter and angry and it shows all over her face.
AB Stoddard thinks Biden/ Beto is the winning 2020 ticket.
Lambs to slaughter.


As I was saying...

Mick Mulvaney to replace John Kelly as chief of staff, Trump says


Posted by: Captain Hate | December 14, 2018 at 05:11 PM

Wouldn't you just love to have Mueller thrown in jail for misconduct?


Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath about Email System – Used It for the ‘Purpose of Convenience’

Subject to and without waiving the forgoing objections, Secretary Clinton answers as follows: As Secretary Clinton prepared in late 2008/early 2009 to serve as Secretary of State, she was aware that President Clinton’s office had set up an e-mail system, but she had no role in this process. Secretary Clinton knew that President Clinton’s staff had recently upgraded that system. Secretary Clinton does not know what equipment that system used, how it was created, who decided that the system needed to be upgraded, or who else had accounts on the system. Secretary Clinton believes that one of the President’s aides, Justin Cooper, set up the system. Secretary Clinton decided to use a clintonemail.com account on the system for the purpose of convenience. Secretary Clinton recalls that the clintonemail.com account was created in early 2009. Although Secretary Clinton does not have specific knowledge of the details of the creation of the account, the “domain,” or the “domain name,” her best understanding is that Mr. Cooper set it up.
Account Deleted

Misspelled hillbillies & then that bit from daddy's old comment:

As you read the messages, Strzok's comes off less like an incorruptible G-Man of old, and more like a drunk guy on FaceBook...

---"OMG. Trump's an idiot!...

---America will get what the voting public deserve...

---Congrats on a woman nominated for President in a major party! About damn time!...

---(Hillary should win the Election) One Hundred million to 0...

---Turn it on, turn it on! The Douchebags are about to come out!...

Keep in mind this is the man who the NY Times described as "one of the most experienced and trusted FBI Counterintelligence Investigators."...But when you read his texts, he sounds like the 6th Host of The View."

Tom R

Someone on AoS said the day Strzok got formally interviewed (22 AUG 17) is the same day Page sent him a text to never text her again.



Tom R

CTH says the date of the Strzok interview by SC/FBI investigators was 20 July 2017 but the 302 form for that interview was dated 22 Aug 2017.


The Infamous Ignatz

Every day I and millions of others get just a little closer to undertaking Ace's H.L Mencken motto.
What a den of thieves.

Account Deleted

an old comment (2015) about Hillary claiming 'convenience' -

"RE: Hillary's email "mistake". It was not a mistake. It took deliberate action on the part of Hillary Clinton to set up the private server and use it exclusively. She sites "convenience". What is convenient is to use the highly efficient and secured email account set up by the government free of charge for her from day one. It cost her nothing as opposed to paying for a private server. It automatically archives the peoples business as required by FOIA. That was the inconvenient part." ~ Chris Magrum

In 2016, Clinton was required to submit under oath written answers to Judicial Watch’s questions. Clinton objected to and refused to answer questions about the creation of her email system; her decision to use the system despite warnings from State Department cybersecurity officials; and the basis for her claim that the State Department had “90-95%” of her emails.

After a lengthy hearing on November 13, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that Clinton must address two questions that she refused to answer under-oath.

Judge Sullivan read his opinion from the bench, deciding that the question about the creation of the email system was within the scope of discovery. Judge Sullivan rejected Clinton’s assertion of attorney-client privilege on the question about the emails “in the State’s system.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that she used a separate email system as a matter of ‘convenience’ is simply not credible and is belied by evidence and testimony,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We intend to pursue additional questions with Mrs. Clinton and others on this blatant attempt to hide her emails from Judicial Watch, the courts, Congress, and the American people.”

Just swapped to Howie Carr reading a list of the crimes illegals have been deported for in terms of number of the violations. I came in to late to hear the name of the list he is reading and to hear the top offense committed, but here's his follow ons when I changed to his channel:

Howie Carr: ...Dangerous Drugs is second, a close second. 76,600. Then other Traffic Offenses other than DUI---76,204. And then going down, Obstructing the Police---16,000, Burglaries---12,700, Weapons Offenses---11,800, Family Offenses, that would be domestic abuse, these are just people who were deported, forget the one's that aren't deported, these are the ones that are deported, Domestic Abuse---6,000, Robbery---5,600, Sexual Assault---5,400, so they are only committing the crimes American can't be bothered to commit.

Anyone know what list he was reading? Marlene? Dave? Rocco? Buehler?


Nice! Howie says that since the Florida Senate voted that Election cheat Brenda Sikes (sp) can't rescind her resignation, she loses the pay they would have had to pay her for the duration of her term. She will still clean up on her pension dole but she loses out on her furl term paycheck for quitting early.


Account Deleted

From AOS comments:

34 Fuck all y'all. Muller doesn't need to produce anything.
Posted by: 9th Circuit at December 14, 2018 04:37 PM

Tom R

Trump named Mulvaney Acting Chief of Staff.



Ralph: My father was a professor at the NPGS. What department was your father in? The NPGS is the old Del Monte Hotel (moved to Pebble Beach) and pretty swanky -- at least it used to be.

Daddy: Did you know that Gene Roddenbury (creator of Star Trek) modeled ST after the Hornblower series? He said, "it's Hornblower, just in space." Not sure if the Spock-Bush parallel is there, but the closeness of the relationship was what he was going for.

To everyone recovering from procedures, operations or just under the weather: feel 100% soon!


David French (aka beta version of Egg McMuffin)

Some in the GOP seem to be minimizing the gravity of Trump's alleged campaign finance misdeeds. That's a big mistake. His reported actions defied the letter and the intent of campaign finance law. The evidence mounts that POTUS committed felonies:


Tom R

French is repeating the same idiotic comment that Napolitano made. How can you break campaign finance law when you spent your own personal money?

Are leftwingers and NeverTumpers really stupid enough to believe that the Trump campaign formally transferred donated money from the campaign account over to Cohen?


Has this stocking stuffer been posted yet?

KFC Has Made a Fried-Chicken-Scented Fire Log, and You Can Buy One


Tom R, no they don’t believe that... but Omydar pays them to make LIVs believe that.


I share the indignation of many here wrt the news reports and Shep’s disdain for Catherine Herridge’s mention of Hillary.

The thing that ought to be stressed to creeps like Shep Smith is that if Hillary had not deleted 30,000 Emails about Yoga and Weddings, millions and millions of Americans would not have been deprived of the opportunity to see what a marvelous wordsmith she is in her private writings, and that revealed brilliance in itself would have gained her so many fans across the country that she'd have run away with the election and been like 50 points ahead and have won like 100,000,000 to zero.

And it also would have helped if Shep had loaned her some of his eye mascara.


Facebook 'sorry' for bug that may have exposed the photos of 6.8M users

“Our internal team discovered a photo API bug that may have affected people who used Facebook Login and granted permission to third-party apps to access their photos,” said Facebook’s Tomer Bar, in a blog post. “We have fixed the issue but, because of this bug, some third-party apps may have had access to a broader set of photos than usual for 12 days between September 13 to September 25, 2018.”

Bar said the bug may have affected up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers.

“We're sorry this happened,” he added. “Early next week we will be rolling out tools for app developers that will allow them to determine which people using their app might be impacted by this bug. We will be working with those developers to delete the photos from impacted users.”

Account Deleted

Another slow news day, eh?


Warren in College Commencement Speech: ‘I Am Not a Person of Color’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) lamented the racism of her fellow white Americans Friday in a commencement speech at Morgan State University, a historically black college.

Admitting she is "not a person of color" after years of identifying as Cherokee, Warren focused on her economic message and how it ought to help disadvantaged minorities, the Washington Post reports. At the Baltimore college, she blamed America for failing to open doors for everyone and even overtly harming black people.

"As a country, we need to stop pretending that the same doors open for everyone, because they don’t," Warren said. "I’m not a person of color. And I haven’t lived your life or experienced anything like the subtle prejudice, or more overt harm, that you may have experienced just because of the color of your skin."


Special Counsel Investigation Has Cost Taxpayers $25.2 Million

Account Deleted

Oh look! It's a 'something'? Let's name it "Tomer"



Great Lieawatha. If America sucks so bad, name s better country (and get thee* there post haste).

*I choose the pronouns of my culture.

Personnel compensation and benefits cost taxpayers $2,886,270, including $1 million for special counsel office employees, and $1.9 million for Department of Justice employees who have been detailed to the investigation.

Between April and September, Mueller spent $580,098 on travel and transportation; $779 on "transportation of things"; $942,787 on rent and utilities; $15,618 on printing; $310,732 on contractual services; and $43,334 on supplies.

So the 14 angry Democrats only made an average of $200K each? Seems low.

Account Deleted

Don't worry, ladies and gentaminz, Senator Liz just made it all beddo speaking to the college audience of "happy darkies"; and, she just KNOWS they've forgiven her on behalf of all "THE people of color" in America.

Such a sincere and humble...oh never mind.


Gov werk is all about the perks, Ext.


The Huber-Bris guys are basically bit coin miners.


Actually, the 14 split $1M? That's b.s. No way it's not far more than that.

Account Deleted

I know, Liz! You can be Armenian. They had a good go with genocidal maniacs. I'm sure they wont mind.


Ext, April to September. Half a year. While reducing staff.



I'm about as far over the ledge as humanly possible. Hope you have a trampoline underneath.


$1.9 million for 6 months for DOJ assigned employees. They got paid plenty.


Daddy: Did you know that Gene Roddenbury (creator of Star Trek) modeled ST after the Hornblower series?


I did not know that. Forester gets lost in the shuffle due to the more recent brilliance of Patrick O'Brian's books, but I really have enjoyed his series, especially since it is so well before PC that he can get away with sexual situations and racial comments that'd probably raise editor's eyebrows today. In prowling some used bookshop recently I unexpectedly came across a bit of Hemmingway praising the heck out of Forrester for his writing ability which was great to see.


I'm leaning away from the ledge after the reports of Mueller giving Emmet the finger today.

Another Bob


“positive news in MAGA's favor”

You’ve missed the point again Tom.

I want positive ACTION, not blah blah.

Unless of course you can tell me who went to jail today.

Account Deleted

If she was so clueless, why'd she put one of her people in State's IT Dept.?

'Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server'


He was given immunity.

Bryan Pagliano - Clinton's personal IT guy who she placed in the State Dept. IT section.

"That State Department staffer, Bryan Pagliano, told a congressional committee this week that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination instead of testifying about the setup."


George Conway Suggests Trump Doesn’t ‘Deserve Loyalty’ from Wife Kellyanne

Account Deleted

I thought if you were granted immunity you couldn't invoke the Fifth. Or was that only on "Black List?" :D


My guess is you lose immunity if you welsh on the deal--like lying or refusing to cooperate.


Rahm Emanuel: Pay Off Chicago’s $28 Billion Pension with Casinos, Pot

Chicago’s outgoing Democrat mayor, Rahm Emanuel, says the way to defuse the Windy City’s pension bomb is to legalize and tax marijuana and build a city-owned casino.

Never let an opportunity to do what you wanted to do go to waste.

Account Deleted

ABC News Politics


State Dept. doesn't find any emails from Clinton's senior IT staffer Bryan Pagliano



Warren, Admitting she is "not a person of color" after years of identifying as Cherokee,

So she's "Indian giving" her Indian?

Do her "high cheekbones" know what her "forked tongue" just spoke?

I Rez my case.

Account Deleted

"The IT director on Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Pagliano was hired as a Schedule C employee by the State Department in May 2009, much to the confusion of the agency’s career IT officials, who had never had a political appointee work in their shop.

His first job, which was set at the GS-15 pay grade, was that of information technology specialist. His official job duties are still unknown, but while he performed them he was also in charge of managing Clinton’s email system."


Account Deleted

Wasn't Ol Iron Eyes Cody Sicilian?

Account Deleted

GS-15? there are 3 grades above the stock GS-15 position. but that's the top of the GS employee salary scale. they can't earn more than a member of Congress.

Nice work if you haven't ever been a federalie, and waltz in at the top.

At any rate, Pag might be on the docket for Arkancide housekeeping. "Mr. Pag, who ordered you to destroy evidence?"


A Chicago owned casino with a pot concession? The possibilities for graft blow all know kleptocracies out of the water.

Account Deleted

I can't imagine the money laundering capacity of a Chicago casino.

Account Deleted

You called that one, Ext. Mick will rock that job.
Wonder who's in the wings for his job. Hopefully a true pirahna.


Avast ye Homo Scouts! Prepare for Chapter 11!

*According to Bill Bryson "ye" was pronounced "thee" but that was lost to all but scholars.


The Boy Scouts dropped the 'Boy' and now The Girl Scouts are suing them for among other things intellectual property.

I hate to break it to you ladies 30 and under but you've got nobody to blame but yourselves for voting for inclusiveness. Sports are going away. Pageants are going away. Ladies bathrooms and locker rooms are going away.


So Liz ain't "Blood Brothers" with her blood brothers anymore?

Has "Pow Wow Chow" got a Lawsuit, or are they more willing to "Bury the Hatchet" than to "Bury the Hatcheter?"

Jack is Back!

Mulvaney will let the meat eating wolves loose. Bet on it.

Glad I found this site. Better than that wacko Patterico or even those cripples over at AOS.


Here's an interesting article about the prosecution withholding exculpatory evidence (and manufacturing evidence as well) in the case against Senator Ted Stevens.


The last half of the article recounts events and tactics that bear resemblance to Special Counsel Mueller's prosecution of General Flynn.

Excerpt from the article.

Judge Sullivan ordered full discovery on Joy’s whistleblower status. The Justice Department then made yet another error—prosecutors only handed the discovery to the judge, not the defense.

“That was a court order. That wasn’t a request,” Judge Sullivan said at a February 13 hearing. “I didn’t ask for them out of the kindness of your hearts….Isn’t the Department of Justice taking court orders seriously these days?”

Judge Sullivan then held Morris, Welch, and Patricia Stemler, chief of the Criminal Division’s Appellate Section, in contempt of court for failing to follow the court order to turn over documents.

Judge Sullivan. Same judge.

Account Deleted

Welcome to The Cesspool, QTn. Others can explain. It's a good spot.


I don't agree with TomR's [and RG's] 4D chess ideas.

Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz | December 14, 2018 at 10:10 AM

Say it ain't so, Iggy, say it ain't so !!!

* * *

(time to do a quick catch-up on some of the comments today)


It may be a cesspool, Kev, but it’s OUR cesspool! 👊


I'm leaning away from the ledge after the reports of Mueller giving Emmet the finger today.

Posted by: Extraneus


You are obviously missing the 4-D "White-Hatness" going on here. "White-Hat Bobby M" intentionally gave the finger to Emmet so that Emmet would have the grounds to throw the Case out, yet it will look like Mueller tried his best to convict the General so as to fool all the partisans on the Left so they won't recognize that Mueller's secretly on Trump's side. This was all orchestrated well in advance for Team Trump by master strategist Jeff Sessions.

I would have expected better insight from you on this by now:(


QTn is JiB.


daddy @ 7:08 pm

That was priceless! You are a born writer.


Daddy that reminds me of the classic engineer joke:

Kid watching as semi is stuck under overpass. Highway department engineer proudly comes over and explains to kid how the collection of cranes and tow trucks will lift the bridge and pull the truck out from underneath.

Kid looks skeptical.

Engineer says, isn’t that impressive? This is a well thought out solution to the problem.

Kid says, if you say so mister.

Engineer asks, what would you do differently?

Kid answers, let the air out of the tires and backup the truck.


What do General Flynn and The Boy Scouts have in common?

Homo Boy Scouts bankrupted them.


My dreams coming true:


Nancy Pelosi suggests she'll keep the U.S. government "closed forever" before she’ll fund the border wall.



The Secret Service hand delivered this photo signed by President Trump to a 10-year old in Ohio who has a brain tumor. It says “I love you, President Trump” 😭 pic.twitter.com/WZsDgEyngg

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) December 13, 2018

Photo at link.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

I am pleased to announce that Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management & Budget, will be named Acting White House Chief of Staff, replacing General John Kelly, who has served our Country with distinction. Mick has done an outstanding job while in the Administration....

....I look forward to working with him in this new capacity as we continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! John will be staying until the end of the year. He is a GREAT PATRIOT and I want to personally thank him for his service!


QTn. We know you are Jib,.


clarice, lyle, anyone--Have you read salt, fat, acid, heat?
Like it?

Account Deleted

One more on Pagliano... 2015 -

He didn't testify at all. They gave him immunity for NOTHING.

"Pagliano’s decision this week to decline to testify before a congressional committee investigating the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi was first reported Wednesday night by the Washington Post. But Pagliano’s earlier rebuffs to federal investigators, including the FBI, have not been previously reported."


"Pagliano — a potential key figure in the probe — declined to speak to the inspector general’s investigators, informing them through his Washington lawyer, Mark MacDougall, that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right, the sources said."

No Congress. No FBI. No IG.

"At that point, the FBI also sought to question Pagliano and he again refused. His refusal to answer questions was communicated by his lawyer to senior lawyers in the counterintelligence section of the Justice Department’s national security division — one of whom had previously been in charge of the investigation into former CIA Director David Petraeus, the sources said."


Note from Chitown Lurker:

Anononmom’s question is answered by,
“It’s the companion cookbook to the Netflix series of the same name. Ex Chez Panisse chef”


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
15m15 minutes ago

For the record, there were MANY people who wanted to be the White House Chief of Staff. Mick M will do a GREAT job!


Kellyanne Conway
‏Verified account @KellyannePolls
1m1 minute ago

General John F. Kelly - “The Chief” - is in his fifth decade of public service. He has represented the best of America in uniform and in the @realDonaldTrump Administration.

I am grateful and honored to have worked with him at the @WhiteHouse.

God bless the Kelly family. 🇺🇸🇺🇸


I’m down with the salt, fat, and heat, a-mom. My LSD days are waaaay behind me, however. 😎


A Woman Drank 1 Liter Soy Sauce Colon Cleanse in Two Hours. This Is What Happened to Her Brain: https://youtu.be/QiBpKuTrFrw


I think they called it wagon train in space, wasnt it?


Avenatti, the gift that keeps on giving:

I am now representing Alexandra Chalupa in connection with investigating and pursuing possible legal claims against Manafort, Trump and other affiliated individuals. She was targeted with baseless, bogus allegations, all designed to distract away from Trump’s Russian collusion.




Just caught up to your 09:43 AM (non-Chester) poop. Thank you, Sir!


.⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ⁦@FLOTUS⁩ ⁦@WhiteHouse⁩ Christmas Party! ⁦@deneenborelli⁩ ⁦@CRTV⁩ ⁦@CRpic.twitter.com/hAQCoNcOgy

— Tom Borelli (@tomborelli) December 14, 2018

Video at link.

Account Deleted

Welcome back, er, Jack.

Jack is Back!



Great to see RG!

"QTn is JiB."
How do we know that? I would think "cutie pie" would be a girl LOL.
And JiB swings more Latin than Greek or so one would think.
Anyway, if it's JiB, welcome back. You're valued.

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