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December 04, 2018



Good Morning!

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Good morning, Marlene.

Captain Hate’s early morning commentary on the prior thread is a great way to end the day. :)

You all behave. Time for bed.

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resurrected from death on the hill of the last thread:

don't hate me Wisconsin. :D

the solution to rebuilding in Green Bay is simple--- trade Rogers.

Draft a QB, hire a free agent gunslinger for the coming season, get draft picks up the ying yang for Rogers (like the Raiders did for Mack)and hire a solid coach who doesn't have to inherit working with a 14 year pro.

can Green Bay afford 2-3 more years with Aaron Rogers sucking up all that air? is Aaron going to last as long as Brady?

the Raiders are facing the same thing with the bad chem between Carr and Gruden. i think they should trade Carr, get some more picks, free up the cap and put in former Bama great AJ McCarron, our backup.

FWIW. Rogers sells tickets :D

Account Deleted

Night, Chief!


And in Brussels the usual suspects shill for UN dictatorship of the planet "climate justice."



Kev, they (the sports commentariat) though dumping Farve was doom. Dumping Rogers would be just as bad. ;)

Another Bob

Last thread...

“and it had 19,000 replies”

18,990 of them the standard boilerplate anti-Trump screeds from the usual twitter warriors.

Another Bob

All the “bots” the progs claim when someone disagrees with them? Nah.

There are bots alright, they’re all commissioned by the progs.

Another Bob

The contract GB gave Rodgers was the smoke signal to Rodgers that he was in charge now.

Another Bob

Urban Meyer has done this “retirement” number before.i think he’s just pissed at The’s administration and doesn’t want to call it “resignation”.

He’ll be back, you watch.


AB, is there killfile for Twitter? Or would that violate some prog's 1A right?

Another Bob

Why yes, yes there is.

How did the case over Trump’s blocking turn out?


I saw that report on Urban Meyer -- it said he has a cyst on his brain.

My aunt had one that grew -- she had to have brain surgery, died soon after.

Hopefully, medicine (don't know what else to call it) has advanced so that Meyer's growth can be treated.

Account Deleted

Good luck, Urban. Stop eating carbs and sugar NOW. Those things feed on glucose pure and simple.


I posted a link at the end of the last page to Scott Dworkin's hit piece on VP Pence, which ChiTown alerted me to and pointed out it got dropped right after that beautiful speech, yesterday.

I guess it has dawned on them that Pence looked presidential and they can't have THAT.


Like, far out man...

Kevin Dayton

Cannabis businesses in San Francisco already must sign a Labor Peace Agreement or union collective bargaining agreement.
Now, must have 35% of new hires as graduates of State-approved apprenticeship programs or of City-certified pre-apprenticeship programs


Account Deleted

my admittedly bigoted take on salmonella in processed meat: Mexxykin work force.


Lettuce processing: Mexxykin work force.


The daughter went to the Capitol Rotunda last night. She texted to alert me that she was in line. She was wearing the very cute jacket that I bought her in Jackson Hole when we were there in August,so I would be able to identify her. I sat and watched CSPAN for an hour and didn't see her. CSPAN's camera angles weren't the best. They also had a ceiling camera and they used that camera angle every several minutes. I told the daughter she probably walked thru when the ceiling camera was on.

Account Deleted

but henry! it adds value to the investment in "apprentice programs."



Why use it once if you can same twice? pic.twitter.com/AwQB2bsghH

— Best of Aliexpress (@coolstuffcheap) December 4, 2018

Fascinating video of how Disney cartoon characters have the same movements. It's only a little under a minute, but it's really worth watching.

Ralph L

I sure hope the Bushes don't try to outdo the McCain Mortival. You'd think someone would notice the conflict with the Humble Bush trope, but no!


Kev, what does an apprentice pothead do? Practice rolling?

Account Deleted

McCarthy was a dirigible who lost track of who was the center of the franchise.

Even Andy Reid figured out that looking like the Hindenburgh with lactic acid running out his nose wasn't a good look in front of his troops in Philly. he's been doing better on that front in KC.

KC let Smith go in favor of the younger Mahomes. that will buy Reid some time to go deep into the playoffs.

but Reid needs to keep up with that relationship.

Account Deleted

Having had a daughter with my first wife, it was always touching when Mom could get the clothing gift choice just right, with that blend of cuteness being the common affect.

Marlene, this comment reminded me of such moments: "She was wearing the very cute jacket that I bought her in Jackson Hole when we were there in August,so I would be able to identify her."

Account Deleted

All right. now for 8 hours of slide production.... data visualization the Millenial media mavens are calling it... "people don't read anymore.... they see."

yo. i am a dinosaur. :D

Account Deleted

before i go :D

wrote to my ND roomie of 3 years on the occasion of his 63rd birthday.... "hope it's memorable."

his pith and salty demeanor remains unflagging: "thanks. Colonoscopy prep."

and that's Willie!


I was in the shower listening to local news when the Urban story broke.

Tumor or no tumor, I have no doubt President Drake is going to spend his days "looking over his shoulder".


MM: I just read your link on Dworkin and as I read it, I smiled, especially at the words "the disgraced General Flynn" -- a leftist idiot, a demented Democrat with spit flying from his mouth, and indignation flushing his fat face thinks he can call an American general disgraced ???? there are no words except to call Dworkin, his team, Madcow, et al. a disgrace to the human race, sh*t on the sole of Uncle Sam's foot, and fuel for a forest fire.


video of dumbass at Capitol in Madison:

MacIver News Service @NewsMacIver

Matt Rothschild vows to wipe Wisconsin conservatives out of the history books and build a new #progressive utopia.


Account Deleted

glad you asked, henry.

Here are the key competencies the apprentice must master:

1. Learn the 50 most common references to dope that do not use the term "Marijuana."

2. Wrap one's dreadlocks inside a knit cap the size of a hacky sack.

3. Use garlic as a comestible to mask chronic b.o.

4. Sound "Jamaican" even though one is a Vermont reloke.

5. Ask "Do you NEED a bag for that?"

It's life-transforming work, mind you.


Well I have to blame pence for not looking at the bigger picture, and trump going along with it, you have to stand with the ones that brung ya.


willowed: Hi, Pin--If you're off early, you'll be in Lincoln before noon, going up Highway 2 (after leaving I-57)--we could meet at the Hi-Way Diner (2105 NE-2)--it's a classic and open 24 hours a day and is right on Highway 2, on the left (south)--last major intersection before that will be 27th. I'll be watching email and here this morning if you can do it (I'm home)--just let me know a time of arrival!

Jim Eagle

Sorry for the length but this is a great summary of the history of the Army-Navy game. Frederick and I will be there Saturday for the 3pm kick-off.

The Army-Navy game December 8 marks the 128th anniversary of this greatest football rivalry. The first game, played on a gridiron laid out on southeast corner of the West Point Parade Ground, was so sparsely attended that spectators could move up and down the field as the line of scrimmage shifted.

We have come a long way from that first encounter, but as Army and Navy get ready to play again, the legacy of that 1890 game is worth recalling.

In 1890 Army had only one player with any real football experience -- Dennis Michie, [USMA1892] in whose honor today's West Point's football stadium is named. As a result Army was trounced 24-0 by a Navy team that had been playing football since 1886. The next year Army hired a part-time coach, played a series of early-season games, and with Michie (who died in the Spanish-American War) once again leading the way, Army avenged its earlier loss by a 32-16 score.

Both teams could now claim bragging rights. Their competition had gotten off to the perfect start. Five years before the advent of the modern Olympics, the two service academies had turned their new athletic rivalry into front-page news.

The Army-Navy game, as those reporting it noted, quickly became as much about character as physical skill. "Pluck was the most conspicuous feature of the game of football at West Point on Saturday between the cadets of the Naval and Military Academies," an 1890 account observed. "Where bravery was so common and so notable it would be unfair and unjust to cite one man as braver than another."

The public's response to that first encounter worked to the advantage of both schools, and they went out of their way to make sure their rivalry remained consistent with the military values they sought to display on the gridiron. When in the wake of the 1893 game, which drew a crowd of 8,000, animosities between the two academies reached such a fever pitch that a retired rear admiral and a brigadier general came close to fighting a duel, the game was canceled for six years by order of the Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy.

The lessons the cancellation taught were absorbed by both sides, and when the game resumed in 1899 on a neutral site, Franklin Field in Philadelphia, before 27,000 people, everything went so smoothly that Army and Navy officials decided that the game must be played annually. Making sure their football rivalry did not deteriorate into petty squabbles paid further dividends two years later when President Theodore Roosevelt and 30,000 fans attended the 1901 Army-Navy game.

The president became so excited about the play, which featured a 105-yard kickoff return by Army's star quarterback, that at one point he left his seat and moved to the sidelines to get closer to the action. But Roosevelt was careful, despite having served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, to maintain public neutrality. At halftime he inaugurated the presidential tradition of moving from one team's side of the stadium to the other's.

Since TR's time, the Army-Navy football game has always had a life of its own. In his memoir, You Have to Pay the Price, legendary Army coach Earl "Red' Blaik [USMA’20] wrote, "The primary objective of Army football must be victory over Navy. It cannot be achieved by anything less than complete dedication." For Navy's coaches victory over Army has the same priority. Coaches at both schools know that success in the Army-Navy game is crucial to keeping their jobs.

How far this pressure to win goes is epitomized by the story former Army coach Paul Dietzel [as Midshipmen, we called him Pepsodent Paul] tells in his autobiography, Call Me Coach, of a dinner party at the home of Gen. William Westmoreland [USMA36], later Commander of American troops in Vietnam, who while Superintendent of West Point hired Dietzel in 1962 to revive Army's football fortunes. "There's one thing you'll need to understand right from the beginning," the general's wife, Kitsy, told Dietzel. Then, turning around, she flipped up her skirt to reveal a pair of blank panties with "BEAT NAVY!" printed on them in bright gold letters.

In 1944, when Army, led by its All-American running backs "Doc" Blanchard [USMA’47] and Glenn Davis [USMA’47], [Army’s quarterback was Arnold Tucker USMA’47 from Miami High] was ranked No.1 in the nation and Navy, with a line superior to Army's, was ranked No.2, they played an epic game, won by Army, that helped sell more than $58 million in war bonds. At the game's conclusion, sports' columnist Allison Danzig wrote, "The country can now return to the normalcy of fighting the most terrible war ever inflicted upon mankind. This Army-Navy game has passed into history."

But an even more revealing comment on the place the Army-Navy football game had come to occupy in World War II America was summed up by a telegram that General Douglas MacArthur [USMA’03], then leading American forces in the Pacific, sent to Army's coach in 1944. "THE GREATEST OF ALL ARMY TEAMS," MacArthur wired. "WE HAVE STOPPED THE WAR TO CELEBRATE YOUR MAGNIFICENT SUCCESS."
MacArthur's hyperbole was deliberate, but there was nothing exaggerated about his belief that the Army-Navy game should serve as an antidote to dark times.

When the Army-Navy game of 1963 was canceled as a result of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it was played a week later at the request of the Kennedy family, and the coin that President Kennedy would have flipped to decide which team received the opening kickoff was sent as a gift by Secretary of the Army Cyrus Vance to Navy's winning football captain Tom Lynch [USNA‘64].

The following year, with the Vietnam War in its early stages, retired President Dwight Eisenhower [USMA’15], then living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, put his own stamp on the Army-Navy game. Ike had desperately wanted to be a football star, and in 1912 he was heralded as one of the best running backs in the East. A knee injury ended his football career and kept him out of the 1912 Army-Navy game, but over the years, Ike maintained his interest in Army football. When he was asked by a cadet interviewing him for West Point's student-run Pointer magazine to send the 1964 Army team a telegram on the eve of the game, he happily complied.

The telegram was designed to rally Army's players, who had lost five straight games to Navy, then led by All-American quarterback and future Dallas Cowboys star Roger Staubach [USNA’65]. But what emerged from Ike's telegram was much more than a call for victory.

For Ike, the essence of the Army-Navy game was the pressure it put on everyone who participated in it to hold nothing back. "You will always have what you give today. The more you give the more you will keep!" Ike wrote in a message that is as relevant today as it was in 1964.

Army-Navy football remains a stellar attraction but it has suffered from the increased competition for fans' attention at the pro and college ranks. That doesn't, however, take away from what the game stands for.

This year's game, like those of the past, marks the last time most of both teams' seniors will ever step on a football field. As they have known ever since they arrived at West Point and Annapolis, what awaits them is not a tryout in the National Football League or a lucrative job in business, but active service, which these days amounts to a five-year commitment. In no other athletic rivalry is the price of participation higher.



In which we discover the dems are compiling spread sheets of possible diversity hires to make their staffs less white.

Account Deleted

ProgTardos are always getting blind-sided by reality.

1. Trump withdraws from Paris "Accord" and now Paris is burning as "pheasants" vote with flame to do basically the same thing.

2. Hillary takes ProgTardo popular vote for granted and loses to Trump.

3. Peak Oil Hysteria rages since Carter and the ProgTardos annoint Stung their patron saint against nuclear energy. 30 years later America is the leading producer and exporter of black gold.

4. Global warming theory collapses in the face of a global cooling trend. Punt: let's call it climate change.

5. DNC Chair Perez calls fellow Latino Commie Cortex the "face of the Party." Within weeks she's removed all doubt she isn't smarter than a 5th grader.

I can't help but SENSE this entire Cabal-Coup-Deep State phenom will be snuffed out to historic proportions leaving the ProgTardos dazed and confused about Mueller, Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the fops who've been shilling for the Deep State.

Trump's new book will be entitled "The Art of the Blindside"

Old Lurker

MM, does that mean they will have "Notebooks filled with Women", Colors and 57 Genders?


It should but since it doesn't rely on reality, it's not circumscribed by it.

Account Deleted

Thanks, JiB.


How do they levy taxes in France? Can the Prime Minister simply decide whether or not to raise or lower them on his own authority? The headlines all say Macron backed down, but TM's link only has quotes from the PM.


It's a tax that was to be increased in January as I understand it,


What has the left butthurt in WI:

The bills, which the Legislature plans to take to the floor today after they were introduced Friday, would make a series of changes to state law to give the Legislature more oversight of the incoming Tony Evers administration and say over the decisions of AG-elect Josh Kaul.



Old Lurker,

Indeed. I hope someone swipes some of those spreadsheets, because I can guarantee there will be notes like "Looks too white" and "Has a sissy-sounding voice."

Probably will also have stuff like "Is a Puerto Rican a latino?" and "She is too blonde"

Old Lurker

Ext "Can the Prime Minister simply decide whether or not to raise or lower them on his own authority?"

Why not, Ext? In this country the POTUS can decide which parts of any "law" they feel like enforcing on any given day, and heck, even our Chief Justice can create taxes out of thin air.

Why are you so mean to the French?


France suspending the tax only means they won't collect it for a while. That is a backdown according to the US press, but the tax will still be owed.

According to Breitbart, the yellow shirts have rejected the suspension and want it completely gone.

Old Lurker

MM, or "does that Cod Piece make he-she look CIS?"


Yes I wouldn't trust these inbred enarques would you:


Captain Hate

He’ll be back, you watch.

I don't think so. OSU and Notre Dame were his two dream destinations and I think being expected to be a marriage counselor to his assistants was the final straw.

Tom R

Clinton Foundation whistleblower house is raided last week. LTG Flynn sentencing recommendation is supposed to happen today. Comey and Huber scheduled to testify before Congress this week. Huber's testimony indicates his investigations are complete otherwise he wouldn't be testifying. Lot of rumors Mueller is wrapping things up soon. Coincidence or planned that these events are all occuring around the same time?

Captain Hate

Trouble in Paradise:


Art in Newport

Interesting read on the Army-Navy game, thanks for posting it.


I'd bet that the first person to show up on Capitol Hill with one of those yellow safety vests gets the 'full treatment' from security.


Did I miss something or is it obvious that Rod Rosenstein seems to be invisible these days ?

Captain Hate

He wasn't that visible before, Neo; known mainly for testifying in front of Congress and responding to weird accusations.

Old Lurker

Invisible to you maybe, Neo. But just last week witch-trial information which should now be going straight to the AG went to Rosenstein instead where it took two extra days to find the AG and the WH.

But who am I to guess at the color of his hat?

Captain Hate

This Nevertrump - Pierre Omidyar thing needs a lot more play.

The Cuck Brigade - Kristol, Goldberg, Boot, etc.etc. conspired with a foreign-born billionaire to undermine our elections and undermine an American President.

Omidyar's money propped up Egg McMuffin.

Who else is on Omidyar's leash cashing in their "principles" for those sweet , sweet eBay checks?

Erickson? Tapper? Patterico?

Posted by: mikeyG at December 04, 2018 10:34 AM (LL1Be)


And they have been firing ion cannons at Whittaker just in case he starts to try to cut the gordian knot.


Carried over as a new thread came up while I was writing and then voting in the run-off that did NOT have Abrams name there.

New post up- http://invisibleserfscollar.com/coups-culture-consciousness-contrived-to-shape-our-future-character-and-behavior/

CH-we were talking about the desire to ignore the obvious long after there was a mountain of proof and he was saying no one at psu wanted to take away the key to the swimming area despite horrific levels of evidence of what had been going on there. Yet everyone simply assumed someone would have confiscated the key given what was known, but they hadn't.

Cold here, which may affect turnout.

Tom R

Kid Rock proven correct. She is a bitch.



Pierre Omidyar also funds a great deal of the politically organized systems vision that is where formerly admitted Marxists go to hatch the same plans with new names. I think it's the Taos Institute or Santa Fe or both.

They both come up a far amount.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Anyone who has, in bare feet, stepped on a lego block vs a plastic straw knows which plastic waste should actually be banned.


Was Omidyar a fan of the Iran deal?


"I am telling the president not to act like Hitler who bypassed the constitution... We are not going to allow him to do that."

You're thinking … it's about Trump, but there is a new "Hitler President" out there ...

President Maithripala Sirisena sacked Wickremesinghe and replaced him with Mahinda Rajapakse, the larger-than-life former president credited with ending Sri Lanka's bloody civil war with Tamil separatists in 2009.

However with Wickremesinghe's supporters still controlling a majority in parliament -- which has witnessed brawls between MPs in recent weeks -- Rajapakse has lost two votes of confidence.


Btw, that thing about the spreadsheets of diversity people was from this piece


Potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates in the early stages of assembling campaign staffs are running into an uncomfortable truth: Among the already small pool of capable operatives, there’s an even smaller pool of nonwhite campaign managers and senior advisers.

The shortage could have serious repercussions given the large number of expected candidates and the diverse makeup of the Democratic electorate.The party’s base is increasingly young and diverse, and candidates, especially older ones, need staffers who understand how to stitch together coalitions across racial and economic lines.


Veterans of past Democratic campaigns say that a campaign that doesn’t have African-Americans or other minorities in its top leadership is going to hit a wall very quickly.

“Here’s what's going to happen. If you don’t have any people of color on your national team or if you don’t have them in those early states ... you’re going to be hamstrung,” said Jamal Simmons, who has served as an adviser for multiple Democratic presidential campaigns. A candidate campaigning in a largely white state like New Hampshire is likely to be asked about issues that voters in minority-rich states like South Carolina care about, Simmons said, and will have trouble responding if their team isn’t prepared.

They'll be writing their own paychecks and insisting on other perks, everything first-class. Heh.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump is first and foremost a survivor so it wouldn't surprise me if his cache of FISA and other related dirt is being held by him for the 2020 cycle.

If I were a member of the semi-literate prog herd that always uses the latest buzzword as stupidly as possible, I'd say he is curating his list and his enemies are fraught, but I'm not so I won't. :)


It looks like it's trying to snow a little this morning. I should be on my way soon with an ETA.


You betcha, extraneous.

Now you see why there was the 'outrage' over the Congress of cultural freedom or any explicitly anticommunust cultural outreach
This was the model they were planning.

Old Lurker

Iggy, last summer Nantucket starting running full page color ads preaching about plastics in the oceans and how our island needed to immediately ban plastic straws. In the ads, they listed all the gazillions of tons of plastic they said were going into the oceans every year.

So I spent some time looking up some "fact-facts" about which countries put what sort of plastics into the oceans. The vast majority comes from a few rivers in Asia; a very small, tiny in fact, portion comes from anyplace in the US. There were a lot of zeros and decimal points involved, but I came away believing that probably not one single straw (OK, maybe one) used on Nantucket ever gets into the ocean.

But Hey...don't let that stop some new Prog Directive designed to control some new part of your life.

Tom R

Based on the writer, does this mean Trump is actually winning everything everywhere?



Friend don't let friends take jen Rubin seriously,

Tom R

Another sign that the brains of Progtards don't function properly. Who in their right mind writes an oped like this?



Excellent, Pin--try my email and I'll send you my cell number (it's lwhite4 at unl dot edu).

Sorry about the snow; there's just a little going on here. From St. Joe's to Lincoln is only about two and a quarter hours.


It would be awkward going into a Chinese place,"Excuse me, I'm looking for Catsmeat."


If you linked to the Daily Mail that Tom R posted,you might have also read about Duchess Meghan's meeting with Michelle Obama last night. Barf. The Daily Mail is the source for inquiring minds. Did you know that Kate and Meghan are in a feud? Ha.


The left’s nauseating love affair with “Beto.”

One of the more mystifying outcomes of the recent midterms, particularly as the nation reflects on the full life and multifarious accomplishments of George H.W. Bush, has been the elevation of Robert Francis O’Rourke to the top tier of potential presidential contenders. In response to a recent Morning Consult poll, registered Democrats ranked the losing Senate candidate among their top three preferences for the party’s 2020 nomination. They favored “Beto” over Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown, et al. The only two potential candidates who ranked higher than the Texas congressman were septuagenarians Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Part of O’Rourke’s popularity is due, of course, to the amount of sycophantic media coverage he has received pursuant to his failed bid to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. The volume and tone of this coverage should not be contemplated during or immediately after eating. Politico, for example, just published a lengthy piece comparing Beto to Abraham Lincoln. I’m not kidding. And Politico is by no means the only publication to do so. In fact, O’Rourke has himself suggested a none-too-subtle connection between his own career and that of the Great Emancipator. Three weeks ago he published a solipsistic blog post about a morning run, which took him (Surprise!) to the Lincoln Memorial:

I walked over to the north wall and read Lincoln’s second inaugural address. My body warm, blood flowing through me, moving my legs as I read, the words so present in a way that I can’t describe or explain.… Picked up my run as I headed due East, now on the south side of the reflecting pool. Snow in my face, the flakes smaller, more biting now, maybe sleet. It had changed. My knee no longer hurt.… I wondered if the winds had changed too.

You can’t say you weren’t warned if you are now wiping vomit from your screen.



The dog has more humanity than the entire slab editorial staff.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

LOL, Pin.


Large amphibious assault ships like the Dokdo -class are sometimes referred to as “aircraft carriers in disguise.” This is certainly apt in the case of Japan’s Izumo-class helicopter destroyers. Those ships are roughly 250 meters (820 feet) long and displace 24,000 tons. The Izumos are about 50 percent bigger (in terms of displacement) than Japan’s previously largest ship, the Hyuga-class helicopter destroyer. Others have pointed out that the ships are actually larger than Spain and Italy’s short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft carriers.

While the Dokdos are not quite as big as the Izumos, they might also be considered an aircraft carrier in disguise. That’s because a few months back reports emerged that South Korea is thinking of refitting the vessels to be able to carry the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter.



It's like were dealing with pod people, they are human on the outside but soul less receptacles.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just an FYI to mike in Houston, your cheapest gas is about $2 a gallon cheaper than ours and we are one of the cheaper CA areas I know of at ~$3.21.
But we get so much of value in return that you don't. :/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Gotta run.


A must read summary of the Mueller fiasco by VDH:https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/12/mueller-probe-fisa-warrants-fbi-informants/


Looks like 12:30 eta. Green Toyota 4x4 WY plates on the front TN on the back. I'm wearing green pants and a grey blue shirt and I may look like a cross between Neegan and Harry Dean Stanton.


WY plates on the front TN on the back

Interesting Pin, has that ever been noticed by "the Man"?

Old Lurker

Sounds like VDH is my long lost brother.


I am freezing, and it's not because our furnace isn't working. It is the horrible damp Indiana cold, which seeps into your bones.

I have to take all of the Christmas decor bins out to the garage (not attached) and I dread going outside to do it.


The never Trumpers money bags:https://amgreatness.com/2018/12/03/nevertrump-groups-profit-from-left-wing-philanthropists-cash/?fbclid=IwAR1IWer52WNxdwzVCFO6z033FM3rXnq36SXTRSoqQ4Q9BSKqoKvyLOKutHQ


do we need another special prosecutor for this one?

Politico: Emails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack




Did I not say they were working for the left? Yes I did!


No that only happens with democrata when Qatari connected Moroccan envoys aren't involved.


Newsday --- December 4th, 2018 --- Tues
. pic.twitter.com/Iov5f5JUaY

— davealvord164 (@davealvord164) December 4, 2018

Includes a graph and a GREAT French cartoon referencing Les Miserables.


Sorry, I didn't realize that would link an entire thread! Just scroll down a little bit for the graphs.

Captain Hate

Anybody else gonna reprint my shit like I never wrote it?

Old Lurker

:-) Cap'n

Account Deleted

re Dems and their diversity people.... biology aside, howsabout some diversity of THOUGHT.

the wheels on their short bus go round and round.



Ryan Bourne
‏Verified account @MrRBourne

Ryan Bourne Retweeted Robert Peston

American friends: the U.K. government has been found to be in contempt of Parliament for failing to meet its request to publish Attorney General's legal advice on Withdrawal Agreement. A minister could be suspended, or committed to the Clock Tower in the Palace of W'minster


Account Deleted

so you travel with a bat anna fifth, Pin? :D


20 years ago in W TN a state trooper at a checkpoint said I ought to take it off. It's kind of a badge of honor in middle TN.

Front plates. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.


Captain, here's your favorite rep further mouthing off. Bonus is she is revealing all of their intentions. Viceo is at link, but the quote is enough

Ocasio-Cortez on her climate change plan: “And it’s inevitable that we can use the transition to 100% renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social, and racial justice in the United States of America”

Translation: She wants to destroy capitalism pic.twitter.com/yLhVOhFuaO

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) December 4, 2018

One of the commenters points out that you cannot make steel without coal.


Matt Batzel @MattBatzel

REMEMBER: Wisconsin Democrats sprung Jeff Wood from jail in 2010 to vote for their lame duck legislative agenda


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