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January 22, 2019


matt - deplore me if you must

NYPD cops are not allowed to be armed off duty or on their way to and from work from my recollection. They were on a roll under Giuliani and Bloomberg. New York became Disneyland.

Under Comrade De Blasio it is everting to its bad old ways.


CH @ 4:01...*raises hand”


I knew about NZ, but not Samoa.


One of my audiophile friends just sent me this link.

Excellent quality recording.

Written and recorded after the terror attack in Norway in 2011.


James D.

It seems impossible that such an onerous regime could withstand a 2nd Amendment challenge~/I>

It seemed impossible that Zerocare could have survived any kind of constitutional challenge at all, too.


listening to Rush about this priest, Father Eric Beck on CNN saying "should not be allowed to wear the MAGA hats". Allowed? A Catholic hat Nazi.

JIB - I heard that section of Rush, too! That priest also stated that wearing MAGA hats was anti-Christian and that the President's agenda was not compatible with Catholic/Christian principles. He inferred that the Pro-Life March and pro-life in general was not consistent with wearing a MAGA hat because "immigration" (he forgot to add the word illegal) is a pro-life issue. He also mentioned climate change as another issue where President Trump departs from Catholic beliefs.

James D.


Account Deleted

"But, but KK assures he is a pipe fitter,er a pipe carrier so the great gods will mete our his punishment."

Thomas Collins

After MSM's reaction to the Buzzfeed story and the sliming of the Covington Catholic boys, and the virtue signaling of many supposedly opposed to therapy state totalitarian progism in the Covington Catholic case, I would say that anyone not requesting space on the ledge from OL is smoking some strong arse hydroponic pot.

Jim Eagle


OL and I are already enjoying Ledge quality cocktails:)

Thomas Collins

Re Saints' fans pain: Let's make Super Sunday really super. At noon on Super Sunday, Rams and Saints take up where they should have been after the interference non-call (or crushing defenseless receiver non-call), except instead of the finish being in New Orleans, it should be in Atlanta. Doing this at noon will leave enough time for the winner to take on the Pats. It's not as big an advantage for the Pats as one might think. Belichick would need to prepare for two teams. How about this: Since Chiefs fans are complaining about the overtime rule, have Saints/Rams winner play an overtime against Chiefs with the receiving team always getting "last bats", with winner to go against the Belichicks. Then Bill B would need to prepare for three teams!


Sorry I have been absent.

I took my son to drop off his car for brake work and then took him to his restaurant for work.

On the way home my car absolutely died at one of the busiest intersections on the south side. I had to hike to a church, which fortunately was open, and the very nice young pastor and his wife helped me contact the police and get a tow truck.

The entire electrical system went, including lights. I couldn't even turn on the flashers. A nice young police gal came and stayed with me until my sister came to pick me up (with her 2 dogs in the car) and we went up to the garage where I had the tow truck take my car. My sister paid the tow truck because my money was mostly in my savings account and all I had was my debit card and checks, and he couldn't take a check.

Then she brought me home. I am worn out and shaken as it was very dangerous where my car broke down. I probably won't have wheels for a few days as they are swamped.

WHAT an afternoon!

Old Lurker

Jack, I recall a pool party we threw for YL and her then new husband ten years ago when he was still in the Marines. SIL had maybe ten of his college/childhood friends here, and they were still all active duty and made the Sword Arch when they were married.

I remember tending bar for that crowd and looking at those ten young men, all of whom were about seven feet tall and buff like one can only imagine (and their ladies were their female counterparts). With maybe two exceptions, they were all Catholics. I mentioned to Mrs. YL that once the left has completed the ruin of the Catholic Church, our country will be truly defenseless.


The Covington students weren't wearing the MAGA hats at the rally. They were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for the bus. After the rally,they were "tourists" and as I mentioned yesterday,probably bought the MAGA stuff at a t-shirt vendor. The reports I saw of the March for Life showed the various schools and groups wearing knitted hats or other identifying clothing so that the group chaperones could herd their people together.
I've been to Washington enough times to see that school groups wear same color t-shirts (in warm weather) or warm hats like some of the Covington kids wore (watch the video).

Thomas Collins

Sorry. Kicking team of course would get "last bats".


Creative and fun dog photos!



TC or Dave,what is going on with the laser pointed at Tommy during the game? As Jane would say,how rude! :)


My cousin's son read the Old Testament reading at his grandfather's (my uncle's) funeral last Saturday. He did an excellent job. He is a high school junior and has been in Catholic schools since kindergarten.

I thought of him when this story broke as you could never ask for a more polite, well-raised young man. I suspect 90+ percent of the Covington students are of similar character.

I am very sad to hear the details of the fall-out from this situation. That they cannot safely attend school and that one has had to move out of his home is reprehensible.


Marlene - I agree they were not wearing them during the march. According to this father Beck, they should never wear them as they are against everything Catholics stand for.

This is typical of the quality of commentator put forth by CNN.

From his bio: He is an on-air contributor for CNN on issues of faith, religion and ethics.



Bakari Sellers, a CNN contributor and former South Carolina state representative, called the Covington students “deplorable” after the now-viral video of the boys chanting alongside the Native American drummer surfaced.

Sellers also suggested committing violence against one of the students, writing, “Some ppl can also be punched in the face.”

And I say that Bakari Sellers can also be punched in the face, and should be.

Sellers later deleted the tweet but did not apologize or explain why the post was deleted.

CNN has not responded to multiple requests for comment from The Daily Caller on Sellers’ tweet.

Sellers was just one of many pundits suggesting or advocating violence against the young teens. Comedienne Kathy Griffin urged her followers to dox the young boys, while former CNN host Reza Aslan wondered if anyone had seen a “more punchable” face than Nicholas Sandmann, the student who stared down Native American veteran Nathan Phillips.

I would also contribute to the GoFundMe of the first person to catch up to Reza Aslan and remind him what a punched face feels like. Isn't that the way the game is played now?

These tough guys aren't punching anyone themselves, of course; they're inciting others to do it. There should be a stiff price to pay for that. Two teeth each seems fair to me.

Btw, Bakari was responding to the 2020fight tweet. Have we heard who's behind that account yet?


I'd better be careful I don't get banned, but I'm not feeling at all charitable toward these violence-inciting media figures. They're trying to get people hurt.



I heard the account was in Brazil. Hopefully that new, tough president will get his guys tracking it down.

I would love it if it turns out to be a CNN employee.

Another Bob

Ext, I can endorse Montmartre as a must-see.

I worked in Paris (well, s suburb) for a while and eventually made my way up there.

Went back with friends a few years later and made a point of taking them there. They were blown away.

Amazingly enough, lots of the package tours skip it.


According to the narrative Huwight People are the immigrants but that kind of anti-immigrant bigotry is all right. Other people invading America and demographically taking it over is AOK.


Momto2,I agree that there are mixed messages coming from the Catholic church. The Bishop in Covington should have been standing at the door of the high school this morning. Instead,school was canceled today.


Really impressed with Dan Crenshaw!

Here he recounts media blunders just this week:



AB, did you happen to work at Essonnes, by any chance?

The first time I was at Montmarte, as a young single engineer, the exchange rate was so favorable that I had what was probably a 6-course dinner at a restaurant named Mere Catherine, I think, complete with a violin player who walked around the place and serenaded each table. I think it cost me around $12.

Here it is:

(Click to open pic.)

I have a serious soft spot for a restaurant called The Recruiting Seargent (in French, of course) on Isle St. Louis, an island in the middle of the Seine, which supposedly is where the recruiters would take the young men and get them fed and drunk before talking them into signing them up for the French Foreign Legion.

Great place. I've taken many people there. They start you out with a big basket of different kinds of hard sausages, eggs and salamis, and plenty of table wine.

Downstairs is like a dungeon. Old stone walls, underground. Great place. I have to go back there someday.

(Click to open pic.)


NYPD cops are not allowed to be armed off duty or on their way to and from work from my recollection. They were on a roll under Giuliani and Bloomberg. New York became Disneyland.

Under Comrade De Blasio it is everting to its bad old ways.

Posted by: matt - deplore me if you must | January 22, 2019 at 04:15

That might be a rule but Ted Nugent helped get a federal law passed to where certified LEO's can carry almost anywhere. It's one of the reasons Shaq and Steven Segall became deputies or reserve officers.

I was talking to a TN friend at my daughter's shindig this summer. He's a retired Wildlife Resources Officer. They meandered thru several states on the way out. They went to the Peace Garden in ND and he wasn't for sure if it crossed into Canada so he had a man hold a package for him.

Did I mention I took a trip to WY this summer? I think I did.



Thanks for the information! I will pass it along.


Reuters Politics
‏Verified account @ReutersPolitics
2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Trump administration to ask Supreme Court to quickly hear appeal of lower court ruling blocking citizenship question in 2020 census

Dave (in MA)

Howie says that Ernie Boch, Jr. is going on Fox Business in the 6 PM hour to debate Comrade Cortex.

Boch's the billionaire car dealer from Norwood, MA who hosted Trump at his house in 2105 as he kicked off his campaign.


These kids should start dropping Instagram posts up in a bell tower screaming:



Dave (in MA)



OL, the last time and place in the Western world the Catholic church was emasculated, we got Hitler.


The comments on Dan Crenshaw’s are horrifying.
So much vitriol and hate.


Sergeant Recruiter would never pass US health codes--everyone handles the sausages and just slices off as much as they want.

mike in houston

momto2, That is my Congressman. We are real proud of him.

Jib, Berea College was founded as a school for kids from the Appalachian mountains.Tuition is free. The problem is that it has turned ultra liberal. It has over a billion dollar endowment, but got Mitch to exempt it from the college endowment tax. Transy is more conservative, but has a few idiots also. I credit its large frat and sorority life for keeping it somewhat sane Great small college with an 11 to 1 professor to student ratio. Beautiful campus right in the heart of the historical part of Lexington.


We stayed at Montmartre on our trip to Paris .
It was wonderful!
We also ate at Mere Catherine.
It was wonderful!
We also spent 2 nights in Lyon.
We saw many young students aiding people at Lourdes.
Frederick will love the experience.


Grr, forgot timeline in my 5:30


Ha Ha Conservatives are so easily triggered by a razor ad
A White kid smirking

Tom R

How exactly can there be a "glimmer of progress" unless Schumer agrees not to filibuster the GOP bill?



Mike in Houston
You should be proud of him.
He is one of the good guys.
Question for the Ledge:
Can I get a Bloody Mary or. a Gin and Tonic?


Juan Williams is a fool. Said “the kid hasn’t
apologized yet to Nathan Phillips”.


I will be very surprised if the Covington Catholic kids spend much more time out of school worrying about their safety.

That part of Kentucky takes a dim view of libtard nonsense.

Won't be surprised at all if "regular guy" puts and end to this crap.


McTurtle is caving. Make Pelosi pass a bill with the wall.

Sandy Daze

Recent exchanges here have been, ahem, disheartening, if not disappointing… I do not want to become part of such invective. I stand by everything I said yesterday, but as is said in the biz, I would like to amend and expand my comments. Thus, let me try one more time.

Me, yesterday:

I think phillips has a casual relation with the truth... I'll believe he was a MARINE when I see his DD-214, or other supporting evidence, like a photo of him with a bud in Vietnam...
Right now, I think he's a feather passer, and a poseur to boot.
I don't understand all this peace-pipe stuff... sounds very special. Huh. Sorta like VooDoo--does it exist if you don't believe it? What does it matter?

Someone can put that in their pipe and smoke it if they would like. Do with it what they will. They will wind up wherever they will ultimately.
But for crass behavior, jaundiced behavior here in the temporal world, I expect a more civil reckoning.

Me, today:

Are all cultures equal? Are all faiths equal? Is every priest, rabbi, shaman, witchhdoctor, reverend, holy man, elder, satanist leader (whatever they are called), imam, etc, etc cut from the same cloth? Is all of life simply just some sort of fast-food banquet; today I’ll have the Colonel’s, tomorrow the clown’s, and maybe on Thursday I’ll enjoy lunch with the cowboy, followed by the Big Boy on Friday? All different, but all samo-samo?

In this "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" life, to borrow Hobbs formulation, is there some requirement upon me to understand, accept, and give reverence to every other person’s (or freak’s) idea of reality? (An aside, I’m reminded on the bonmots thrown toward romney’s mormonism.)

My answer is no, or rather, NO. I believe some faiths are ‘better’ than others, that my God is ‘stronger’ than the false prophets (cf Boykin). From the outside looking in, some/many may find Christianity unusual; I know Catholicism has many detractors—particularly now, rightfully so. Fine, but in the temporal world, I should still be judged by my peers. The fact that I am a cradle-Catholic should not be some sort of excuse or crutch for booorish behavior in the public square.

I have learned this: I do not need to know the intricacies of someone’s faith practices in order to have appropriate ‘feelz’ for what they have encountered in life, to understand why they are the way they are; I do not need to walk a mile or a marathon in their boots to relate.

Screw that. Frankly, I do not care. They make their own path in life and if it is through another fast-food joint, then that’s their business. Good luck. BTW-tell the guy in back to hold the MSG.

Point is, any adult should act like an adult.
Phillips was out of line, way over the line for an adult. I expect a civil reckoning, just as I would for any Christian, Jew, musselman, Hindi, satanist or whomever… even someone who carries a peacepipe.


I stand with the Covington Catholic students assaulted on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I think you either stand with them or you stand with evil.


Jim Eagle

Ah, Gay Paree!

I will second Montmarte, and Basilica Sacré CŒur. The church runs masses all day (with communion), so if in the mood for a little grace, you can do mass first before walking around the village, and exploring. But be very careful in what artist you pick on the square for your potrait. One guy there draws everyone the same way. A generic, unrecognizable you:)

Too many restaurants to name but I Mrs. JiB and I prefer Bistro or Brasseriés to michelin joints. If you let me know what Arrondisments they will be exploring I can give them the best places to eat. Just so many.

I have spent a lot of time there since we had a Paris office, and jointly owned an engineering company there where I was on the board. One tip, avoid anything along the Champs. Will save you money, and terrible food.

Tom R

That time when Da Nang Dick saved Nathen Phillips




BREAKING NEWS: A ground stop has been established at Newark Airport due to nearby drone activity.


We also spent 2 nights in Lyon.

I had my rental car broken into in Lyon for less than $1 of change that I'd stupidly left on the dashboard. Window was smashed, had to get a new car, then drove less than 200 miles (?) in around 10 hours through the alps down the winding Rue Napoleon to Nice after detouring to Grenoble to get my manager a special bottle of cognac (St. Michel?), back in the days when you could get away with packing that and some Cuban cigars in your luggage. Stayed at a place on the Riviera in Nice that he recommended called La Perouse, with an old fashioned elevator and a giant balcony off my room with a telescope overlooking the topless beach.

I think it was my first year out of college. :-)

Tom R

I think you either stand with them or you stand with evil

Fully agree. If the Catholic diocese for the Covington school continues to condemn the boys, is it proper to wonder if those priests identify more as leftist SJWs than Christians?




Buzzfeed with new BS:

However, hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans, obtained by BuzzFeed News over a year of reporting, tell a very different story. Trump Tower Moscow was a richly imagined vision of upscale splendor on the banks of the Moscow River.




Affiliated with Fusion GPS.

Jim Eagle


Bravo Zulu. Well said. Too many charlatans to count. But again the media dis-services itself jumping to conclusions without facts. This happens too much. Is it because of our 24/7 news cycle, competion or incompetency? I go with incompetency. Journalism school looks like the easy way out for most of them.

I have no idea the end result but I pray that the school and diocese come to their senses and realize they got played. A convent of Mercy nuns are also culpable for jumping the shark and have been criticized mercilessly. But they deserve it for believing Catholic school boys would act the way the media portrayed them.

Tom R


If the SOTU is moved to the Senate that means there won't be enough space to seat all members of Congress. Safe to assume McConnell could block Pelosi and other House Democrats from attending?


Basilica Sacre Coeur was just beautiful.
We could see it from our hotel.
Loved every part of the trip.
We ended the vacation in Toulouse with a delicious dinner in a family run restaurant.
I stand with Sandy Daze!

Tom R

Sounds like Phillips should have his status as a "pipe carrier" revoked. What a dickhead.



Tom R,

I believe you are correct.

My son thinks El Paso would be a good location. You know that Governor Abbott would be all in for having it there. They could invite ICE, Border Patrol, Angel Moms, etc.

I eagerly await whatever President Trump decides. You KNOW he is stage-crafting this, and that the ratings on this speech will be sky high.


I've known it since the appointment.


I wish McConnell would block out the Dems.
They don’t want to be there nor do they deserve to be.

Tom R

MM @ 6:06

There are major logistical and security hurdles that are likely preventing the SOTU from occurring at a major public venue. I don't know if the Secret Service advance teams would have enough time to do their preparatory work. I have read in the past that the planning by the Secret Service advance teams has to start several weeks before the event.

Dave (in MA)

BIllionaire Ernie Boch Jr. on Fox Business with AOC to debate the morality of billionaires.


Jane, here's a big conference you'd enjoy in Denver in March:


Lots of big names---Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, David Ludwig, Jason Fung, Mike Eades and about twenty more.

Jim Eagle

If I really want to stick it to Nancy, I would deliver the SOTU on Air Force One on its way to Brussels with all of my immediate family.

Account Deleted

A reminder that 2 years ago leftists were attacking high school kids that came to the inauguration.

""Then they started spray painting the side of the bus and spitting on the bus kind of a scary time because you start getting the impression that maybe they're going to start tipping this bus over," he said.
He said six students with Marion High School History Honors and students from two other schools filled the charter bus.
"When they started throwing things at the window and hitting it that's when everybody got really scared," Childers said."....


Account Deleted

Also 2 yrs ago that bitter old woman harassed a young man that was a Trump supporter. She got kicked off the plane.

I guess the young man would have been in trouble if the woman was indigenous, a Native American, an 'elder' or a vet.


matt - deplore me if you must

Trump has had rallies all over the country and is an inveterate campaigner. His security has been excellent except for Leftists protesters outside some venues. A SOTU somewhere outside the Beltway would be right up his alley and send a volley right at the Establishment.

Crenshaw forgot one:

-hardly any coverage of #MarchforLife
-Buzzfeed lies about Cohen case
-slandering Covington Catholic students over false narrative
-slandering Karen Pence for working at Christian school

+ disaster for Wymen's March.


If Nathan Phillips was born February 22, 1954, he could have been in the last draft lottery in 1973, if he hadn't joined up voluntarily in 1972.

The Vietnam War was over on 30 April 1975.

Neo, Phillips claims to have joined the Marines at 17 and also to have served in Vietnam. The combat Marines were out of Vietnam as of April 1971 (just after Phillips turned 16), so that is not possible.

Someone mentioned today that WaPo has now "clarified" that Phillips served 1972-1976 but not in Vietnam.

He's a charlatan. But more importantly, a bad person.


Sorry, this part of Neo's comment should have been italicized also:

The Vietnam War was over on 30 April 1975.

Dave (in MA)

Well, that wasn't as advertised. He came on after a clip of AOC, and gave a lukewarm pro-capitalism comment or two.


Seems to me the Catholic Church credentials plenty of charlatans too. The Pfleger dude, the guy that started NAMBLA, and a couple more mentioned on this and the previous thread. Is it the system? I have no idea. But I won’t condemn all Catholics for that. Other religions deserve the same consideration. (I assume silent meditation for an hour is weird to many, and we have our own charlatans).


henry, ?

I must have missed the part where I condemned all members of a certain religion.


No, A Catholic Kid Wearing A MAGA Hat Isn’t A Ku Klux Klansman

But let’s take the original argument and reverse it. The logical endgame of “you are wearing this hat, and therefore you should expect what’s coming” is practically indistinguishable to a gangster’s demand. Nice hat you got there, shame if anything happens to your head.

What if this were framed in the reverse? By the same logic, a gun-toting militia man can march on and bang drums in front of anyone wearing a p-ssy hat, or verbally abuse anyone in a protest wearing black, because black denotes the colour of Antifa? Dox and threaten school kids because their parents are in Women’s March? Is this the road to the future?

Frankly, this is what it boils down to. If one side wears something, or says, writes, draws, argues or attempts something that hurts the other side’s highly delicate sensibilities, then the other side considers itself free to take direct action, abuse, and consider the former as an enemy. When politics is dragged to streets, and everything is personal, there can be no coexistence, as everyone opposed to your political position is portrayed like Mussolini. And one cannot arguably coexist with Mussolini and his brown shirts.

This is Weimarian, and will result in a backlash. And this is not just an American scenario. In Britain, those who voted Leave were called everything the MAGA kids are now being called simply because they chose to vote and win in a democratic process, which angered the other side. Now the public polling has defaulted to an even more hardline Brexit, including a No Deal with the European Union scenario being Britons’ top choice. As W.H. Auden wrote, “I and the public know, what all school children learn, those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.”

Nothing affects me more than seeing innocent people being bullied for their political choices by totalitarians who hold the cultural power and dominate the discourse. As I finish writing, I feel just a bleak, doom-filled disappointment. Those Covington school children did not deserve this for exercising their democratic rights, and taking a fun-filled trip. But hey, you don’t choose your war.



The people at Mass at the National Shrine had nothing to do with the events at the Lincoln Memorial. An attempt to disrupt the Mass was simply reprehensible.

Sandy Daze

That Nathan, he's a trouble maker, isn't he.


Sandy Daze,

Yes, he is. The Stolen Valor guys are looking into his case.


Disrupting Mass is like living in a totalitarian state, where your civil rights are non- existent.
This started under Obama and his assault on religious freedom.
When you go after the Little Sisters of the Poor it shows your lack of respect for Catholicism and Christianity.
Media blocked information about Obama being a Muslim.
Never admitted the truth about him.

Account Deleted

”Once again a newbie who can’t read the room takes a shot at Sandy Daze
and myself calling us ignorant.

I dropped a MOAB on Sandy Daze; and, I’ll ammend it in a moment.

“Newbie?” Does that mean I must kiss your ass (in the name of deference, or to some kind of respect for “better lives lived”, or enable the pretentious preferences of falling down drunks)?

What a joke.

”Inform me then.

It’s all there in black and white. Try reading.

”What nationality did you put down on your application to Notre Dame and what were your SAT scores.

Nationali-teez. Mexxykin, Castillian Spanish, Dineh, Pueblo, Tarahumara.

And what business of yours are my SAT scores from a 1972 application process. Different world back then.

”I’ve handled many applications for that university so I would like to know how you got in.

During what years did you handle “many applications”?

No one handled mine in 1972.

The only involvement by the Dean of Men had in my application was proofing my essay, securing my transcripts, and forwarding under separate cover my recommendation letter to the admissions committee.

My reference was a priest of the Holy Cross order, the same order that had run Notre Dame for a long time. He graduated from Notre Dame.

I was an A student in high school and a dedicated athlete, active in my Church’s Sunday Music Program, and won numerous awards as an extemporaneous orator.

I applied on a dare. I wasn’t intending to go to college. But I took his dare. It was the only school I applied to.

And I got in.

“Better applicants” didn’t get in.

What set me apart was: 1) they didn’t have the personal recommendation from the Dean of Men; 2)their essays didn’t sound like them, something the Dean cautioned each one of them about before they stopped working on the essay; and, 3) my family didn’t apply for financial aid--- and they did.

Paw used his credit union for short-term financing of year-to-year expenses.

And he borrowed against his VA mortgage (Navy vet) to pay the full cost of the tuition UP FRONT.

So that’s why I got in. That’s how my family and I “handled” my application.

The admissions process at Notre Dame has changed dramatically by comparison--- according to fellow alums whose kids applied in the 90s.

When did you say you “handled” applications?

You don’t have to answer.

Oh, but it’s my pleasure to inform you.

”Nothing is worse to me than a bully and your pipe carrier is one.
I am not the only one stating this fact.

Yes, nothing sums up the situation like “school marm” terms.

And if you must refer to him as “your pipe carrier”, it shows one thing to me: you don’t know how to respond to what I actually said.

As for “not the only one”: this is what I love about you--- you insist that you are standing up for your right to express your opinion while pointing over your shoulder about your backup.

What a beacon of strength.

”Just because he is a recovering alcoholic , he doesn’t get a free pass from me.

You seem fond of saying this whenever alcoholism comes up.

Who cares whether you are in the business of free passes to recovering alcoholics.

We know there is no such thing.

But we also understand that enablers like you give stumbling abusive drunks a free pass when they slight and ridicule others here (newbies) whom you happen not to like.

What you say and do are things I can call you out for doing without backup or need for some “oldie” chorus to validate what I’m saying and how I say it.

You are completely off-base with re to this entire “how did you get in” question.

I ran circles around those Cleveland area boys who were a year ahead of me and in my class.

What we had in common though was our disdain for “guidance counselors” like you.

A long time ago I told you up front that what I saw in my 30 years of working “in education” was a disdain for the tracking behavior of guidance counselors and teachers like you with your “question” about “how did you get in.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall when you “counseled” and “advised” kids who didn’ fit your notions of quality.

Your question to me backs up what I said to you directly almost 3 years ago (which you vehemently denied).

The Truth will out.

Jim Eagle

Sumnatra is right. You don't choose your wars. But when it comes to you, you have choices. Do I fight or do I subcomb. Covington Kids had no choice but to difuse an ugly situation that Nicholas Sandmann recognized right away. Talk about maturity, cognitive realism, and tactical courage.

When you raise your kids in the way those kids have been raised and educated, you can warrant their resistance to bullying, and intimidation. Frederick has been raised the same way, and as the gay guy in New Milford told us, he can tell a Canterbury kid from all the others because of the way they behave, and talk.

Sandy knows exactly what I am talking/writing about and will concur.Too bad the rest of America doesn't understand the benefits of a parochial education. This time it met its Ulysses moment and won.


Posted by: D | January 22, 2019 at 06:56 PM

his faith was so strong at hate whitey united stephanopoulos had to correct obama's faith ...

James D.

is it proper to wonder if those priests identify more as leftist SJWs than Christians?

There’s nothing to wonder about. The answe is self-evident.


Great piece, ls.

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a writer for The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.
Jim Eagle

LOL. NY Times and WaPo awarded Pulitizer Prize for reporting,,,,,,on W hat? I'll let you guess. Another selve serving accolade. sbw's paper deserves it but then who would want to be associated with this prize?



Because I asked the question , I read your answer.
Your nationality got you in, don’t kid yourself.
You would have needed at least 1300 or higher on the SAT.
Yes better people than you were denied as you skated in.
I always thought their admissions process was somewhat flawed
Athletes also got in with less qualifications.
I started in 1974.
So if Rocco were a year younger He could have been a student.
Your disdain for me is obvious.
Just know it cuts both ways.


JiB, it is in the fiction category, right?

Jim Eagle


Has to be since they don't give awards for best comedy writing.


Sandy: Point is, any adult should act like an adult.

Agreed, but a lot of people cannot noodle what an adult should act like -- they grew up in homes with vapor-locked brains.

For me, society is the edge where any two individuals or groups meet. The minimum requirement at that edge is:

-Humility that comes from being always willing to learn because you have been mistaken before, and

-Respect for others who, sharing that humility, realize that others live their lives as acutely as you do.

Not seeing those things demonstrated by the Hebrew Israelites or Phillips, my Friend-Or-Foe detector was buzzing.



Anyway, like I was saying, you got your pipe carriers, pipe fitters, pipe receptacles, pipe holes, pipe gumbo, pipe creole, broiled pipe, pineapple pipe, pipe stew. pipe kabobs, pipe soup, broiled pipe, peppar pipe, pipe sandwich, pipe burger. That, that's about it.


I'd bet people with MAGA hats are tweeting Reza Aslan their pics, asking if he thinks they have punchable faces and if he'd like to meet them in person.

I'm tempted, but I don't have a MAGA hat. I think I'll see how to order one. (I saw two older people mall-waking in MAGA hats today.)


Posted by: henry | January 22, 2019 at 07:11 PM

science fiction, maybe? closer to religion though.


You forgot bag pipes.

Another Bob

“did you happen to work at Essonnes”

No, was working in Massy and living in the quartier Saint-Lambert in the 15th a block or two from the Volontaires Metro station. Was a longish commute (Metro with a change and an RER train), but was a great neighborhood with all the shops (bakery, produce, meats, wine, etc.) within a block or two.

Was sent there to try and save a project, but it was too far gone. Would have had another year or so there had it survived.


windandsea swoops in. Good to see you. Still in Belize?


Hi, windansea! Missed you.


Posted by: windansea | January 22, 2019 at 07:21 PM

welcome back.

Account Deleted

"I think you either stand with them or you stand with evil."

do you mean with your feet?

and what if a man decides to stand next to the evil in order to fight it. does this count?

you know, such as communicating with the Omaha Nation Tribal office in Nebraska, checking background on a certain somebody.

or, finding out where Old Man is going next on his travel schedule. where he can be checked out in person by individuals unbeholden to the chattering classes, media, politicians, clerics, and "teachers."

final note: it's my belief that every single two-legged on this Earth was put in my path because we are "individuals." The meaning of the word "individual" as it relates to God and the Creation is "undivided."

Your personal calculus for judging others who are to either side of your line fails with re to any kind of spiritual integrity or bedrock understanding of catholicism founding doctrine.

Credit for time served, "cradle-Catholic", is an absurdity usually adored by the Christmas and Easter crowd. Is that you, too?

But why would that surprise me when your metaphor is consumption-based (fast food, really?).

Jim Eagle


I thought you were in Sarasota? Now in Belize?

Watching a documentary on Prime Video about the 10th Mountain Division. Highly recommended. What MAGA hats represent.

Jim Eagle

Called "The Last Ridge".

Account Deleted

re: pipe carrier Nathan Phillips.

as of today, believe me, this guy is being looked into by men who are not participating in the Left's charades that depend on American Indians, our traditions, and our histories to validate the communist surge now underway in strength.

i didn't make this point yesterday.

1. what penalty did John Kerry pay or Da Nang Dick pay for their stolen valour heists?

the second point i didn't make yesterday:

2. if it is found out that Nathan Phillips "bought" his pipe, and didn't undergo any spiritual preparation, gathering of medicine, service to his people, direct spiritual tutelage by a sanctified other (man or woman)---- he is in effect stealing "valour" from those of us who did, who continue to serve our people, and bring others onto the Red Road.

the point i did make yesterday:

3. Nathan Phillips will be held to a higher authority for his transgressions with the pipe. because we do not let that go.


i read today in Red State that a Cincy bar owner invited the kids and Phillips to a beer summit. Phillips refused with some speficity as to why.

but i read later elsewhere that he is reconsidering.

not sure if amends are on the table. but from the sounds of it, an effort was attempted to de-escalate the immediate situation.

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