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January 12, 2019




Clemson will go to the White House and not make a big deal about it.


Mickey Kaus

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MSM-IGNORE THIS POLL! More Americans approve of Trump's handling of the shutdown than approve the Democrats handling of the shutdown. (By a small margin. Still.) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/americans-disapprove-of-handling-of-government-shutdown-cbs-news/ … This is not the poll Pelosi & Schumer were looking for.



Soeone on Twitter commented that the "More Americans blame Trump" poll was including those who CREDIT Trump.

I would be one of them.


You got me, Narciso, but I'm sure Daniel Faraday could explain it to us in understandable terms. I'm confident the explanation will involve a significant speed of rotation like the generating dynamos in power plants.


Posted by: daddy | January 13, 2019 at 11:02 PM

follow the mission page


and of course twitter


i think their Jan 3rd press conference they announced they weren't going to have any press conferences until later in the month once the higher resolution images started to come down ...



I wish he could write better-this one gives me a headache trying to figure it out.


So they were doing an undeclared counterintelligence investigation, they made it up as they went along.


Think I will head to bed.



Its convoluted because they didnt have anything but the dossier. As far as one can ascertain they didnt have an investigation at the time, of trump just surveillance of page.

I dont even know how they would know about the transfer of polling data to klimnik he wasnt under investigation at that time.


Well this tells you something:



Good point from a commenterto Clarice's 11:22.

Tree observer says:
January 13, 2019 at 10:03 pm

John Soloman points out that Comey, Page and Strzok all testified that as of Comeys firing in March of 2017,, after 9 months of investigating Trump ‘s “campaign”, there was no evidence of Russia-Trump. Then Comey is fired and now Trump is under investigation for being an agent of Russia??


A little too close for confort:



In light of the character hes played on justified:


jim nj

Cuomo isn't the only idiot who wants to ban plastic bags. NJ idiots want to do it too.


I can't believe it's a #1 issue for some people. All the plastic bags I bring home are recycled or properly disposed of.

I have several canvas totes I could use instead, but they get dirty real fast.

jim nj

It was interesting to see how many French cities are participating in the yellow vests protest.


As a fan of high tech I think I need to put in for another layover in New Delhi:

A $350 toilet powered by worms
2015, a creative new type of toilet called the Tiger Toilet has been popping up outside homes and schools around the country. From the outside, this toilet looks like any other pit latrine. But it doesn't smell like one. Instead, it comes with a built-in population of tiger worms.

"Their natural breeding, natural habitat is in cow dung heaps, or horse sh*t heaps, that kind of thing," Ajeet Oak, director of the Tiger Toilet company, told Business Insider. "Poop. That's where they like to live."

The toilets involve no traditional flushing and aren't hooked up to a sewer system. Instead, the worms are contained in a container below the toilet, and they feast on feces. The creatures' activity leaves behind a mix of water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of wormy compost (that's technically the worms' poo, though it's much less toxic and more nutrient-rich than ours).

"feast on feces," nice name for a Rock Band.


What could possibly go wrong.


Reason for cautious optimism in Venezuela:

American Thinker: Operation Boot Maduro has begun

jim nj


Talks about China's trade data for the year. Buries the lede - December exports and imports were both down significantly.


Asian markets not liking the new data.


One would certainly hope daddy.


They massage those numbers in a most unhealthy way, jimnj

Btw Israel uncovered a sixth tunnel

jim nj

Daddy, I hope thst's true. I'd like to see some relief for the Venezuelan people.

jim nj

Narciso, why am I not surprised? Israel is going to keep this in the news for as long as possible.


I concur:



So does on disaggregated the tariff from the total price of goods sold?

jim nj


I hesitated to publish this link, considering that the source is Carl Bernstein, but it raises some questions.

Is there a draft Mueller report? How would Bernstein know what is in it? Is this peak "silly season" or what?


Our Sunday Michael Goodwin from the New York Post:

Democrats are battling to see who is the most radically left

To be clear, I don’t believe he (Mayor DeBlasio) has any chance of being president in 2020. He’s lazy, corrupt and incompetent, and New York is in obvious decline under his “leadership.” But that makes him all the more dangerous.

Having little power and no clear future, he has nothing to lose. He can be reckless with both his rhetoric and city finances because his main goal is influencing his national party’s tenor and direction.

And so, for one week at least, de Blasio takes the cake as the most radical Democrat in America. These days, that’s quite a feat.


Meaning the only possible proper alternative is Hillary winning,

jim nj

Narciso, do you mean are tariffs included in the China trade data? I don't know.

I do wonder if part of the drop in exports was due to buyers stepping up orders to beat the expected tariff increase. If so, the January numbers could look worse.

There must be some calculation where lower tariff beats additional US warehousing cost. If that's what is going on then the pipeline of Chinese goods in the US is fuller than normal and orders should decrease.

jim nj

DeBlasio, Clinton, Gillibrand and Cuomo all seem to be positioning themselves.

Four from one state. It's gonna be a free-for-all when the other states weigh in.

jim nj


jim nj


John Schroeder on the APA's "toxic masculinity."

"When you consider that progressive thought tends to hold to 1) That there is no God, 2) that being a good citizen of the planet means leaving the planet exactly as it is, without change or interference from mankind, and 3) that evolution has brought us here, how can one possibly conclude that men have come to this point in a harmful way, and further that they must be somehow changed?"

Farewell, Masculinity: We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone
By Heather Wilhelm January 10, 2019
Who is going to kill all my spiders?

jim nj

I've been thinking about those calls to the Venezuelan military. Didn't we do that in Iraq prior to Gulf War II?

We will hold you accountable for any atrocities like chemical weapons.

jim nj

I liked the earlier article on the roving magnetic North Pole.

From what I have read "reversals" are somewhat hazardous, but they haven't been solidly linked to extermination events yet. They would probably wreak havoc on our electrical grids theoretically.

I don't know if this is correct, but I was once told that the core is not uniformly hot or dense. If so, you can think of the core in "lava lamp" terms. It might, might be that certain more magnetic liquids might, might migrate.

Very speculative, but fun to think about.

jim nj

Where'd everybody go? I'm retired I don't have to go to work tomorrow.


This could explain the Million Muslim March

jim nj

I think this, or something like it was posted earlier.


I used to suntan religiously. I had a schedule for the summer that started out with minimal exposure and worked my way up without burning. Well, maybe a little red. I'm blue-eyed so was always worried about sunburn. So I was careful.

Now at 65 I've had several surgeries for facial Basal Cell carcinomas. So I don't intentionally tan any longer, but when I did I felt healthy, slightly buzzed with a high and re-charged.

I don't believe in the avoid all sun-exposure crap, but I do recognize that some individuals need to be more cautious.

I think that humans have adapted, over the years, to the sun, and that we probably need it, but it would explain the evolution in skin color in different parts of the world.

Forty years ago, lying on my beach blanket at Seaside Heights, NJ, I heard somebody say, "Look, a nigger." I didn't look for a black man/woman. I looked for the man with the insult.

I don't want to characterize him poorly, but to my mind he was a Typical Bensonhurst Italian-American with the little gold pepper on his necklace. He was slathered in suntan lotion and sweating like a pig.

And I thought to myself, you're broiling in the sun trying to get a little bit darker. Was that bigotry or professional envy?

Whatever, it just struck me as very odd.


I feel like it's ok to dust off the C word for this one:

51 Year Old Man Knocks Out 12 Year Old Girl After Argument At North Carolina Mall!


jim nj


That's a start. I'd mandate an economics course and a logic course, so that students would know when they're being lied at.


I don't see a White Boy, I see a damn fool!

Fun Fact: You can get melanoma in your guts.


People pushing back against Drag Queen Story Hour Cookville, TN


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A Black Mountain man has been charged after a fight Saturday at Asheville Mall.
Asheville police said a fight involving juveniles broke out at the mall Saturday evening, and, during the fight, David Steven Bell pushed a juvenile as well as hit her.
An off-duty officer arrested Bell, 51, of Black Mountain, and he is charged with assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.
Video of the incident, which is under investigation, has been been making rounds on social media.
In the video, Bell can be seen surrounded by a group of juveniles. At one point, the camera turned away. Next, a girl came toward Bell, and he shoved her. When the same girl came back, he can be seen punching her in the face.
News 13 is trying contact the person who shot the video to get permission to use it.


jim nj

"I don't see a White Boy, I see a damn fool!"

Pin, I agree. In his defense it was forty years ago, but even so it annoyed me greatly back then.

Bigotry is irrational, unless they are trying to kill you.

So forgive me if I wonder about Islamists.

Account Deleted

Itz not even 5 PM you're time, what gives kev?

(that was from Sunday night)

yoga with Mrs Kid here at 5p.
bedtime: 730p (back to pre-Holidays regimen)

that's all. :D

jim nj


Gannett is bad. I don't know if these people are worse. The idea that they might drive layoffs at Gannett papers, when Gannett is known to be brutal at that is interesting though.

Account Deleted

Good Morning, JOM.

Rain was supposed to show yesterday evening--- lots of wind here but no water. the local newscasters sure get all flustered-- but then no bluster.

Have a good, Monday everybody.


Monday. Government still shut down. Good start to the week.



The big "scandal" being pushed over the weekend was that Bolton had caused pearl=clutching at State and Defense over asking for strike options on Iran.

Lieberman says it's reasonable. He will now be ostracized by the left, I assume.



A Brown University study says the Wat on Terror has cost us over 5 trillion dollars.





CEO exits as PG&E faces fire liabilities, bankruptcy preparations



James D.

I can't believe it's a #1 issue for some people. All the plastic bags I bring home are recycled or properly disposed of.

Because it's a matter of virtue to them - a cheap and easy way to feel better than everyone else.


John Cardillo
‏Verified account @johncardillo
3m3 minutes ago

I always wonder how much drug cartel money has secretly funneled to Dem campaign coffers via front groups that purport to be “pro-immigration,” but are really just open borders lobbyists.

Now that would make for a very interesting DOJ or even Special Counsel investigation.
This is a reporter for Newsmax, but I think this is a valid question and I was glad to see it brought up on Twitter.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I read last week about some CA pol griping about PG&E using the bankruptcy card to threaten the state into allowing the utility to pass some the costs of these fire liabilities on to consumers.
As though their liabilities exceeding their assets and cash flow was not a matter of mathematics but morality and desire.
If only they wanted to be virtuous as progs are then the math of the matter would disappear.
At the root of all things progressive is magical thinking.

Account Deleted

jim-nj's link to the possible sale of Gannett to "Digital First Media is interesting.

Digital First Media is a dba for MediaNews Group out of Denver CO. MediaNews is owned by NY hedge fund Alden Global Capital. the fund specializes in "distressed properties."

my son's sig other is exec editor of the local in Palm Springs (gannett owned). she also runs gannett owned papers in Redding, Ventura, Visalia (near Fresno), Tulare (same) and several others simultaneously.

of course, Gannett owns USA Today.

will be interesting to see, should the sale go through (WSJ is up too) what the implications are for small town papers.

the Redding paper was instrumental in the Camp fires coverage. was a real feather in our friend's cap-- she'd just signed on as exec editor.

interesting times.

Account Deleted

the Open Border is central to crime syndicate operations.

spoke with a deputy sheriff out of San Mateo CA yesterday: human sex trafficking and child labor trafficking is OFF THE CHARTS in San Mateo County. child labor is mostly "domestic."

it's worse than most of the "there's no crisis at the border" contingent of Americans cited in recent polls.

dipsticks. we're losing the country.

Account Deleted

there's been no shortage of PG&E virtue signal commercials since they blew up the San Bruno neighborhood due to faulty maintenance of gas mains there.

how much have those cost to produce and air?

when the company men work around our area there are 9 guys minimum to a crew with bellies that prohibit boot tying, at least 3 supers (guys with new pickups and flashing lights signifying nada).

the customer service bureaucracy alone must run costs in the 10s of millions. pay and benefits for a group of humans who are oblivious to why they are there in the first place.

PG&E voluntarily enrolled (at least in our county) customers into some alternative energy exchange which was voted on by some unnamed commission on alternative energy. We can opt out but not before we'll be billed for "useage." It's one way to force people to pay for all of that wind and sun nonsense people like Felosi are personally profiting from.


they are worse than CAL-TRANS.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How much stronger would our military be if we had used the vast majority of those 6 trillion WoT dollars to prepare for war with existential threats like Russia and China instead of chasing goat herders around the Hindu Kush?


I knew that tweet would get them all riled up:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A public utility that's inefficient? Say it aint so.
Making it sufficiently efficient to change the math will occur on the very same day some politician actually manages to reduce fraud, waste and abuse in government, ie never.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
11m11 minutes ago

“Gas prices drop across the United States because President Trump has deregulated Energy and we are now producing a great deal more oil than ever before.” @foxandfriends But this is bad news for Russia, why would President Trump do such a thing? Thought he worked for Kremlin?


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

I’ve been waiting all weekend. Democrats must get to work now. Border must be secured!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes. At this point it has become their, and the Democrats, fault!

Account Deleted

What was DOJ/FBI/CIA cut of that $6 trillion.... if HUD mismanaged a half-trillion in 2015-2016 during

The Rat's last two years, how much did those 3 tumors mismanage since the Patriot Act went down?

the DOD audit, the HUD audit... where else have these been undertaken. who can even follow the money? if the money can't be followed, and can only be estimated, how do problems get define?

must be driving Trump nuts how the largesse is just being wasted and resulting in homes in Nantucket for some while jailing select serfs and underlings.

the most galling aspect to me is the how many trillions are taxpayers on the hook for in "unfunded liabilities."

we've screwed ourselves 7 generations deep. ouch.

Account Deleted

Kev out.



Account Deleted

((I wish he could write better-this one gives me a headache trying to figure it out.))


'Backtracking Lies Worsening – REMINDER: The FBI Counterintelligence Operation into Donald Trump *DID NOT* Start After Comey Firing….'

I think CTH is just showing how LONG all these people/organizations had been spying on Trump, way before Comey was fired.

It is the spying/unmasking machine that needs to be exposed.

Who all was involved? Who all was spied on? How long had this been going on?


‏ @zerohedge




MarketWatch @MarketWatch

A U.S. judge in California just blocked Trump administration rules, which would allow more employers to opt out of providing women with no-cost birth control, from taking effect in 13 states and Washington, D.C.




Remember Maxine Waters bragging that Obama had assembled this powerful data base?

I was listening to one of Dan Bongino's podcasts last night and he pointed out that Devin Nunes had to go to the White House to read some classified stuff and that meant it wasn't available at the FBI or CIA, that it was stuff on which the president is briefed through Defense Intelligence and that therefore Obama had to have known.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
17m17 minutes ago

“Dems in Puerto Rico as Shutdown hits day 24.” @foxandfriends


A bit more on the unfortunate Canadian:

Wei Du 杜唯 @WeiDuCNA

Breaking- Chinese state media: Canadian Robert Schellenberg sentenced to dead for drug smuggling after Chinese prosecutors appealed his 15-year original sentence.


We really need to figure out what we can do to expose the lying media. They are destroying this country.




I think CTH is just showing how LONG all these people/organizations had been spying on Trump, way before Comey was fired.

Didn't we know that already? It went back at least to June 2016, per Comey's own testimony. Remember Elise Stefanik's questioning him last March as to why Congress hadn't been informed? And Comey looking like a kid who'd just got caught with his hand in the candy jar?



Good Morning. So,I was reading the Portland Press Herald and saw an article that made me think what the heck?! Maybe I need more coffee. Mayor DeBlasio is visiting Eastport,Maine this week. Eastport is the easternmost town in the U.S. Population 1,300. He has a 92 year old aunt (Jean Wilhelm) who lives in Eastport and he's going to celebrate her recent birthday. While there,he will give a fundraising talk at the local arts center. His aunt was involved with the theatre all her life and after moving to Eastport,became involved in the community arts center. He enjoys visiting his aunt in Eastport and is quite devoted to her. Isn't that sweet? He's going to talk about the progressive movement of the last 50 years. That should go over well in the gritty fishing town of Eastport.


Trump ought to emphasize that drug cartels, criminal syndicates, and the DNC are the beneficiaries of open borders.


Is there any hope for a big snowstorm to keep DeBlasio in Maine for the next few years?


When you know there is too much government:

shutdown stops some super bowl ads...

But the U.S. government shutdown may have an impact on product launches, because part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website is offline and companies therefore can't currently get new services approved and ready to advertise during the big game on February 3.


Account Deleted

Yes, WE know.

I think lots of the MFM framing or highlighting of a story is for people that aren't political junkies.

It's like they work harder on muddying up info than on making info understandable - vague dates & timelines, conflate terms, invent new terms, ....

'He fired Comey so we HAD to investigate' makes their spying on Trump AT LEAST understandable to a person that only follows "news" a bit. Otherwise, why were they spying on Trump?
That's been a problem for the coup plotters.

Why they were spying & for how long is a problem for them.


jimmyk, send Al Gore as a backup speaker.


jimmyk,his aunt had a phone interview with the reporter. He travels with his security detail when he goes to Eastport and I guess she thinks that is funny. Really? In Eastport?

Account Deleted

This LI link is good - https://legalinsurrection.com/2019/01/the-manchurian-media/

Both of these latest "Big" stories from the NYT & the WaPo are nothing.

The NYT one is just a vague, jumbled mess to confuse.

and the WaPo one is an old story that they already tried to make a big deal out of & failed.


What other documents are now missing?

Margot Cleveland

BREAKING: Late Friday I learned key documents concerning alleged prosecutorial misconduct by Mueller's "pitbull" & lead prosecutor Weissmann are missing & District Court, 5th Cir, & Supreme Court all confirmed they don't have copies of court record


lurkersusie, other missing documents?

Lois Lerner's emails
Hillary's emails
Strzok & Page texts while employed at Special Counsel

for starters.

Captain Hate

Margot Cleveland is much too credulous regarding what a lying slimeball like Weissmann is likely to do to cover his tracks and those of his boss Mueller.

Sundance is a terrible writer? Hold the presses!


OSHA was closed because of the shutdown:

Gaza, Jan 6 - Hamas terrorists accidentally blew themselves up on Saturday evening in an "workplace accident" at rockets warehouse in Rafah.




IMO, Pelosi does not care!


Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Va. Governor’s Gun-Confiscation Proposal Could Affect Millions of Residents; would affect 'most firearms' currently sold


Captain Hate

From henry's link:

British Taxpayers Give $220 Million to Fund Islamic terrorism – in other words, the British Government steals $220000000 of taxpayers money to fund The Palestinian Authority which pays salaries to Muslim terrorists who carried out terrorist attacks "in the name of Allah".
The more people they killed the more money they get at the expense of the Australian taxpayers.
The Palestinian Authority is about to lose its terrorism financing from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

It's a disgrace that so many Uniparty administrations allowed this. Again, this is the type of trash that gets overlooked when the Razzle Dazzle budgeting genius, Paul RINO, totally gives up the power of the purse and finances things through continuing resolutions.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

InstaPundit comment regarding GOP sponsored bill on reciprocal Concealed Carry:
In the comments, a lot of questions about why the GOP didn’t push this when it had both chambers, summed up this way: “The GOP always gets proactive when there are enough Democrats to stop them.”


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

The Fake News gets crazier and more dishonest every single day. Amazing to watch as certain people covering me, and the tremendous success of this administration, have truly gone MAD! Their Fake reporting creates anger and disunity. Take two weeks off and come back rested. Chill!


Breaking News Feed @pzf

BREAKING NEWS: Active shooter situation at UPS facility in Gloucester County.


That is in NJ:



new thread


Well I was figuring if they are exporting less, but have a higher net trade surplus it would have to do with the tariff no?


I receive a financial newsletter/daily email written by a high school and college buddy.

Today's had a few good ones (my bold type for emphasis):

The “Yellow Vest Movement” ('Gilets Jaunes') in France is turning out to be an all-out war against President Emmanuel Macron.

So, what does he do?

He calls for more violence against them.

The latest turn of events in France is that the Yellow Vests are calling for everyone to take their money out of French banks to destabilize the regime.

Supposedly 70% of the population is supporting the movement and if that’s correct, it will be a devastating blow to Macron and the French economy.

This is extremely important because the movement has spread to other nations like Australia, Poland, Taiwan, and even Lebanon…all calling for a Revolution to unfold.

Yet, how much do you see of it in our Fake Stream Media?

We’re seeing very little coverage because it’s all about bankrupt governments desperate hunt for taxes.

And we’re no exception. We’re just better at covering things like this up.

If there’s a run on French banks, the spillover on the entire EURO region will be devastating.

Most European banks are on life support and the domino effect of collapse threatens to take down the entire global banking system.

Let me remind you…Everything is Connected…especially in the global banking sector.

Behind the scenes banksters are scrambling to put on a good face as if “everything is under control.”

As former divisive Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Junker famously said, “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

He should know because at the height of the eurozone crisis, Juncker was described as the “master of lies.”

So, when you hear how “everything is under control” in France, don’t believe it for a moment.

Instead, Listen to the Market, especially how the banking sector is reacting, to see what stocks will be affected the most.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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