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January 14, 2019


Jim Eagle


going down to PB to play Seminole in late January. Staying at the Chesterfield. We love it there, May go by Mer - E _ Largo")


That came from the second memo diagram, although I think the number is exaggerated.

Re this ridiculous Gillette ad, have they considered what programs they sponsor rhetotical.


I assume she uses a different porn name in England:

Porn star Valentina Nappi accuses Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of rape

This isn't a serious accusation, she doesn't mean it literally. Notice the sarcasm quotes: she was 'raped' as in Salvini torn her leftist ass a new one. Salvini and Bolsonaro just managed the capture of an infamous commie terrorist from the 80s, who fled to France (frogcucks shielded him for 20 years) and then Brazil. The left is seething and they upped exponentially their 'moral authority' act.



I ran across this painting of Davy Crockett, and damn me if it doesn't look like Ted Cruz:



Well the problem with the connection arms seems to have been resolved, for now.

Account Deleted

Trump should go at em, in the immortal words of Ken Stabler, "plain vanilla."

Broadcast the SOTU from the Oval Office. Networks that want to carry it? So be it.

But i think the President can get to more Americans if he live streams (a webex) to bars, airports, hotel lobbies, rented conference rooms with large flat screens, clubs, meeting halls.... up close and personal speaking directly to us.

have the address made available, unedited, unfiltered through reliable podcasting venues such as Levin, Savage, Rush.... for weeks of replays, analysis, and stuffing it in the face of the do-nothing HOR.

a large venue-type rally provides the same fodder to the same Hyena Media who will deem the environment "not who we are." ya, fuck em and all that kind of bravado. i'm all for this SOTU address to be a masterful piece of communication about the grave dangers we face internally and externally--- and for it to be a complete and devastating "foot identification exercise." we need to have public outing of the FOOT that is kicking our ass, and a description of the leg, the hip, the ass, and the backbone and skull of who that FOOT is connected to--- IN DETAIL.

this is the unexpected opportunity which NO 4D PLAN can plan for or conjure. but it is time for the President to demonstrate even more than he already has--- how he is capable of winning this fight when the enemy cedes ground, makes mistakes he doesn't interrupt etc.

livestream this SOTU to the far reaches of earth if need be. but make it into every American's heart where possible. if it requires national tv, oh well. we'll get another "opposition response". and it will be lame.

matt - deplore me if you must

MM don't ever forget Colbert and Bernstain for that list.

So Mitch sucks the oxygen out of the Dems room in Congress by not giving them chances to vogue and now Nancy just punted the SOTU.

The Gillette ad seems to be blowing up in their faces as well. I think maybe suggesting a boycott of all Proctologist & Gamble products would get some headlines. Tide, Bounce, Bounty, Crest, Vicks, Head & Shoulders, Always, and Old Spice are all on the list. Give them back some of their own medicine.

The Left are looking more and more like idiots as the turn it up to 11.

Trump could, if he can restrain himself, deliver a master class in the complete destruction of their narrative. A slide show with pictures of all of the walls used for various reasons, the numbers on illegal immigration, the endless investigation that has gone nowhere, his successes, and then show pics of just how batshit crazy the Left is and then just say "This is not us".


I think P & G might be in trouble anyway. So many big box stores are producing those products under their own names for less..and they have to be fighting for shelf space.

Account Deleted

we now conclude our broadcast day. this week has flown!

keep the faith! nite nite!


Kev, matt,

Both of you have excellent suggestions. I favor him looking straight into the camera like he did with that Oval Office speech. He was surprisingly good at that.


Pinpuller, are you on Keto?


Feel better soon, CH


Who still writes checks???



A peculiar rendering of history:


Mexico was consuming itself re the statism that went back to the 30s

Captain Hate

I'm home and doing fine! Truthfully I don't remember a GD thing about the drive home from the park. My BP was pretty high when they first took it so I'm thinking my adrenaline production system is still functioning well.


Pinpuller, are you on Keto?

Posted by: Jane | January 16, 2019 at 08:50 PM

For a while I was steady on the Keto but I think I've backsliden after Shapiro's rye bread and the holidays. Mostly now I'm just doing the intermittent fasting. I usually drink coffee with heavy cream outside that window so I may be failing at that too. Supposedly you should come out of Keto periodically anyway.

I get this thing from Onnit called a Warrior Bar that I eat early in my window that's buffalo jerky with cranberries and jalepeno. That gets me thru most of work. Then I usually eat salmon cooked with butter and some kind of salad or greens. Kroger sells some chile flavored pistachios that I eat almost every day. The main dietary change I've made here lately is drinking whatever kind of sparkling water I can find. I did find the Waterloo brand at Kroger. Am I in any danger from excess carbonic acid?

You might like this: https://greatist.com/eat/keto-recipes-to-make-in-an-instant-pot

Captain Hate

Who still writes checks???

Old biddies in front of me in the express line at the grocery store.


THAT'S OUR OLD PAL, CH--Still full of piss and vinegar.


CH--given that last, you are obviously fine. But get better!



This is by the guy who used to post as Imperator Rex on Twitter. I am posting it as information; don't know if it makes sense or not.

It's about Dana Boente.

Tom R

Nice bombshell from Solomon/Carter on Hannity now. In testimony before Congress, Bruce Orr testified he warned the DOJ and FBI that the Steele dossier was funded by the Clinton campaign and they knew it before they got the Page FISA warrant.

Account Deleted

I still use checks.
Balance my checkbook too....seriously old school.



He wanted to blow up the White House. Had a diagram of the floor plan.

Captain Hate

Pin should get an assist for that lob.


Except we know wray is not a white hat, but I have wondered where did beaks go?


Good grief, they have lost their mind:



A fake account but with real facts:


Captain Hate

Then there's this:

John Sexton: Nancy Pelosi's SOTU Stunt is Just the Natural Next Step in the Leftwing's Campaign to Deplatform all Conservative Speakers
—Ace of Spades

Sexton notes that the writers of Amazon Adulterer Jeff Bezo's in-house newspaper are super-excited by the deplatforming attempt, just as they were super-excited to deny Trump a platform for a national presidential address.

And, get this, "conservative" pundit Jen Rubin agrees. Why, they must be right then! Super-conservative Jen Rubin's never steered me wrong before.

Meanwhile, NeverTrump applauds, pretty sure they share enough Progressive DNA so that their leftwing friends will never do the same to them.

Because, see, they're Principled (TM). They decided whether or not to support the leftwing's silencing campaigns based entirely on whether they approve of the silencings and whether they think they'll be Eaten Last.

So Principled (TM). Just ask them! They'll write thirty "columns" in a row all explaining how very principled they are. Hell, they'll tank 30 year old magazines by filling it with nothing but repetitive testimonials to their very high principles.


Her spin is excessive but the details raise questions:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The level of peoples' attributes are inversely proportional to how often they insist they have them.


Now there are precedents to groups taking credit for acts they were not responsible for farther in the past though.


"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." -- Emerson

It applies to a situation in which I find myself. Ugh.


Thanks for the recipes PP. I've done it since June. Rarely go off. I love it. My biggest problem is I don't eat enough. Imagine that.


Considering this Is a retired?? Indian spy master:







Yes, that is important. Thanks!

Now I have to head to bed. Nytol!

Tom R

Why in the hell is Rudy going on CNN and saying stupid shit like this?



Well at least Rudy didn't claim there was some mythological 4-D deal going on Tom R.

We got that going for us. Which is nice.


Cap'n, I sensed that the unusual use of emojis must have been significant. Glad the noggin is OK.

Texas Liberty Gal

Quick 2 cents from me about SOTU address. It needs to be solemn, so no rally - there is serious sh*t that Trump needs to discuss with the people of this country, including the law breaking that is now being exposed thanks to reporters likw John Solomon & Sara Carter.


You have to admit it's almost impossible to get charged with larceny over a debit card provided it's actually yours. I remember when my dumbass friend almost caught some trouble in the days when the stores would rick rack your credit card over the carbon paper.




FTR It's bloody freezing in Florida!

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