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January 14, 2019



Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge To Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment As Acting AG


After this girl was born Texas passed a law saying your kid's name must fit on a standard Birth Certificate:

This woman gave her kid the longest name in history


Captain Hate

Welp I guess it happened today at noon, sbw.


Chuck Todd Urges Trump Impeachment: ‘How Much More Do You Need to Know?’

In a softball interview with Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine on Sunday’s Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd wondered if a report in the New York Times about the FBI investigating President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia in 2017 meant it was time for congressional Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings.

At the top of show, Todd argued that the “political crisis” of the ongoing government shutdown was being used by the President “to deflect focus from his own legal jeopardy.” Minutes later, while talking to Kaine, the NBC anchor noted how the former vice presidential candidate made the case for Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 campaign:

"Senator, on the campaign trail in 2016, you spent the last two months regularly questioning the President, at that time candidate, Donald Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin, complimentary ways he talked about things. So you have those questions that you had, as a candidate. Now, you have this story in the New York Times that has the FBI worried that the President acted on Comey at the behest of the Russian government."

At that point, Todd suggested it was time for liberal lawmakers to take action: “Does that mean that Democrats should be looking at actually beginning impeachment proceedings? Or is this something you think, let the Mueller probe go first?” He impatiently added: “How much more do you need to know?”

Are the walls closing in on the real perps? Why else would he embarrass himself with such illogical reasoning?



I have noticed a lot of nuttiness on the dem side smacking of panic and desperation (like that tweet I posted on the previous page).

Meanwhile, President Trump seems jovial, confident, and full of energy.

I would agree that the walls are closing in.


Ext, full on campaign. they need to extend the insurance policy another 22 months. That means beyond whatever time Mueller says he's completed his homework and filed his innuendo.

matt - deplore me if you must

What a great way to downsize government. Finally, maybe Ryan's penny plan might work.

10% of all non-critical staff RIF'd and I'm sure a lot of them would immediately get hired in the private sector. Winning!



The FBI was "worried."
Two years later, everyone knows that was b.s.
Ergo, Impeach Trump!

Not only does it make no sense, it's so dumb that anyone touting it is advertising themselves as a complete idiot. Yet they're doing it anyway.

Why wouldn't they move off this and onto the emoluments clause or some other claptrap, just to protect their own reputations?

Seems more like panic than a real plan.


Look at this!


Kev, from Chitown Lurker re Bezos rpeinked deal:


1. Announcement.

2. Silence from wronged party’s attorney in any public forum so as to shape potential trial.

3. QED

James D.

Ext, Chuck Todd IS a complete idiot.

He's an unattractive and less personable version of William Hurt's character in Broadcast News.

Which actually describes most of the on-air news "talent" at the major networks.

Captain Hate

F Chuck better hope 1789 doesn't happen here; he won't last a day.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

According to twit, Laura Loomer has jumped/breached the wall at Pelosi's house along with some illegals and they have set up a camp there. LOL


Yes CH, DeWine took the oath of office today.
We actively campaigned for him and I am thrilled that our state government is in Republican hands.
All previous governors were present today.


Victor Hansen and Mollie Hemingway have excellent articles today at realclearpolitics.com.
Drudge has become a yellow journalism rag.
Not reliable anymore.


note from Chitown Lurker:

I will be accepting any and all messages of good Will To Po’Farmer when I call him in two hours.

If you’d care to share that one, I’d be most grateful.


Fox has that scumbag Patterson basking in his notoriety after killing Closs’s parents and holding her hostage for 3 months.
He initially saw her getting on a school bus and became infatuated with her.
What a sick person.


Please say hello to Pofarmer from me via ChiTown Lurker.
Thank you.


Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty.
Got rid of it in the 1800’s.



Seems to me they should be calling Andre Carson, who represents most of Indianapolis.


$5M bail for that sick freak.


Hello to Pofarmer. He was here when I started to comment.

Account Deleted

Tx for the assist, henry.

Tx to CTL. i learn a lot from that gentleman.


Is Po' Farmer not well? I hope this isn't the case.

Please pass my concern if that is the case. Either way please let him know that I do miss him around here. He was very welcoming when I first darkened the hallways of JoM.


Me too.
I agree with your comment about Patterson.
He tried before October but there were too many people around.
A lot of preparation and premeditation.
He knew what he was doing.
I don’t think an insanity plea will work if they try one.


Hello to Pofarmer from me. Wish he'd come back to us.

Account Deleted

Since losing his gig as a bag man for the Clintoona's (handing sack of cash to Gerbil McCabe's wifey on the okie doke), is McCaine just killing a wider field of grass these days?

Poor Virginia.

Account Deleted

the media reaction to the govt employee furlough of "non-essential" employees makes me think the union will push for a new quasi-classification: "ESSENTIAL non-essential" employees.

Mick should recommend raising that "non-essential" bar. 800,000 more asap.

Account Deleted

does the shutdown mean that no one is available to look for Hillary's missing $6 billion over at State?

or that no one is going to be unraveling the accounting mysteries to the tune of $516 billion over at Ben Carson's shop?


Whoever posted this, it was pretty good. An insider's depressing, but not surprising, glimpse into the federal bureaucracy.





Please give my best regards to Pofarmer. Good dude from the days of old - I miss him.

Jim Eagle

Po'Farmer deserves all old-timers warmest regards. He's got mine.

Not only him but AliceH, Cecil Turner, Squaedance, everyone but Anduril.

Captain Hate

Likewise from me on the Pofarmer greetings.

Jim Eagle


"What is your secret to living so long?" Abbott asked Overton that day. "His answer was immediate and unequivocal: cigars and whiskey."

Exactly the way I want to go.

Captain Hate

I am thrilled that our state government is in Republican hands.

It's been that way for eight years.


They're all over thus guy again:

The New York Times quoted King asking, "White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how did that language become offensive?"

I think I know exactly what he was trying to say.

I'm American, and I think America is superior. I'm male, and I think males are superior. (Sorry ladies.) I'm Christian, and I think Christianity is superior. I'm heterosexual, and I think heterosexuals are superior. I'm white...

Hang him.


King is not politically correct enough for the New York Times.
Hence the order from the top to fry him and beat a dead horse.
Low on anti Trump stories so they have to polish their white privledge is bad cred.
Unreadable rag.


Been that way the last 8 years..
The goal is to keep it that way.
Dems destroy our state.


I would like to have Cecil Turner posting here again.

Jim Eagle

Ditto, Ex!

Wasn't he the one who challenged Zippy in his SOTU address by calling out "You lie"?


You considered Katshit a Republican:)


The "You lie!" congressman was Joe Wilson from SC.

Captain Hate

You considered Katshit a Republican:)

That's my point, the state GOP inflicted him on us and we're supposed to just nod and say everything is great. That's not happening then or now.


maryrose said no one was being blackmailed this morning, but Kasich and Joe Scarborough are two that I suspect were.

Complete turnarounds and almost personaliity changes.


I would, too, D.

Dave (in MA)

Charlie Brown's Dildo is done with Gillette.


ChiTown, tell Po I miss him very much and wish him well--plus muchas smooches.


Scarborough- no idea
Met him twice
In 2008 - he was normal
In 2012- he started changing
In 2015/ he was arrogant anticipating a presidential run
In 2016- he was foolish not coming to Republican convention.
Today - petulant because he realizes his political future is over.

Jim Eagle

I have a ribeye that needs grilling.

See ya!

Account Deleted

"“Look, one day I had gone to a little village.

An old grandfather of ninety was busy planting an almond tree.

‘What, grandfather!’ I exclaimed. ‘Planting an almond tree?’

And he, bent as he was, turned around and said: ‘My son, I carry on as if I should never die.’

I replied: ‘And I carry on as if I was going to die any minute.’

Which of us was right, boss?”

― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek



The FBI’s Investigation of Trump as a “National Security Threat” is Itself a Serious Danger. But J. Edgar Hoover Pioneered the Tactic


Any day that Katshit gets kicked to the curb is a good day:)

His "talent" agent has a tall order.

Account Deleted

the last Gillette product i used was in 7th grade learning to shave with Paw's "Super Blue Blades."

by summer that year he gave up the mug, brush, and his safety razor for something made by a pen company, cased in plastic and good for about 4 shaves.

That the FBI conducted an extensive counterintelligence investigation of [Henry] Wallace was unknown until 1983 – eighteen years after his death. Citing reporting by the Des Moines Register, the New York Times explained that “Wallace was watched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation while he was Vice President under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Secretary of Commerce for Harry S. Truman, and also in his 1948 run for the Presidency” and that “the bureau opened Wallace’s mail, tapped his supporters’ telephones and used informers and agents to trail him in search of ”possible Communist or pro-Soviet ties.'”
Another Bob

MM, that rancher using the Vatican as the paragon of morality could have picked a better example.

For decades, the FBI also maintained a massive dossier on long-time liberal Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern – first because he was suspected of Kremlin sympathies and then because he was a critic of the FBI. Among other things, the FBI, while relentlessly tracking his life, discovered that McGovern had fathered a child out of wedlock, and in the words of USA Today, “somehow, the material ended up with President Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign – possibly leaked by the bureau’s longtime director, J. Edgar Hoover.”

IT IS NOT DIFFICULT to understand what is so ominous and even tyrannical about the FBI investigating domestic political figures whose loyalties they regard as “suspicious,” and whose political career they regard as a “national security threat,” simply because those politicians express policy positions about U.S. adversaries that the FBI dislikes or regards as insufficiently belligerent.

Tom R

I wonder if the Democrats, MSM, or SJW nutjobs can inform us what are the substantive differences between a white nationalist and a white supremacist?

I am white and an American citizen who is patriotic. Does that make me a white nationalist and/or a Nazi fascist in the eyes of the Left?


All those people added another dimension to JOM, which we sorely need. I pray that they make their way back. Pofarmer you rock - but you know that.

Another Bob

I suppose it’s been covered here that the long knives are out for Steve King?


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
51m51 minutes ago

Spoke w/ President Erdogan of Turkey to advise where we stand on all matters including our last two weeks of success in fighting the remnants of ISIS, and 20 mile safe zone. Also spoke about economic development between the U.S. & Turkey - great potential to substantially expand!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
45m45 minutes ago

For decades, politicians promised to secure the border, fix our trade deals, bring back our factories, get tough on China, move the Embassy to Jerusalem, make NATO pay their fair share, and so much else - only to do NOTHING (or worse)....

....I am doing exactly what I pledged to do, and what I was elected to do by the citizens of our great Country. Just as I promised, I am fighting for YOU!


Another Bob,

True about a moral example given the sex scandals, but Pelosi is a Catholic and Pope Che has been giving unwanted advice, so it wasn't entirely bad.


Much of the presidential residence staff is furloughed, so the President paid for fast food in place of the customary banquet food.

Presidential dinner 🏆#silverplatter pic.twitter.com/v06KT5Svok

— Coach Jeff Scott (@coach_jeffscott) January 14, 2019

Photo at link.


I'm fairly certain the wall mounting kit for this flat screen is heavier than the actual tv.


Best wishes to pofarmer.

Gillette is confused about the difference between normal, healthy male behavior and men who are a**holes: abusive, disrespectful of women, and irresponsible to their families. The latter has nothing to do with normal stuff like kids beating each other up on the playground.


Chuck Todd Giddy Over Dems ‘Embracing’ Liberal Label

“Not long ago, Republicans loved calling Democrats liberal. They didn’t mean it as a compliment. And for a while, it was effective. Today, Democrats are embracing the label,” Todd proclaimed as he teased the upcoming segment. Minutes later, during the show’s Data Download segment, the NBC moderator hyped the new Gallup survey and asked: “Among Democrats, is the term, ‘liberal,’ no longer a dirty word?”

“2018 was the first time a majority of Democrats, 51% of them, called themselves liberal,” Todd noted, adding: “It’s quite a change from where things stood when Bill Clinton was president. In 1994, 25% of Democrats called themselves liberal.”

He then looked at ideological labels among Americans overall:

"And it’s not just Democrats, by the way, who are more comfortable calling themselves liberal. The public, overall, is more comfortable calling themselves liberal. In 1992, 17% of Americans said they were liberal. In 2018, the number is now 26%, a nine-point increase. And in the same period of time, the percentage of folks calling themselves conservative remained mostly flat among the electorate as a whole, while the percentage of moderates has decreased by eight points."


Well stated.
I also hope we hear from centracal as well.
Weekend will bring more snow for Ohio valley and the Northeast.


Any comment about President Trump’s former lawyer’s take on Comey, Rosie and company?
It was Dowd by the way.


Say WHAT????????????????????????????????


And not a FBI agent in sight.

"MSNBC Lib Hack Mika Brzezinski To America’s Enemies: Now’s The “Moment to Act!”…"


Dems have a false sense of security since winning the House in the midterms.
After they lose the presidential race again in 2020, they will run away from the liberal label.


Mika is the classic liberal.
She more than blackmail has turned Scarborough from a moderate Republican to a full blown prog.
She is a whacko bird and leader of the propaganda media.
Bring back Imus!


Now this would be fun 16 day snow totals on 18z GFS 6-11,11-16 temps. Its like some kind of monster movie pic.twitter.com/ldCxcctnWG

— Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) January 14, 2019

Weather maps at link. My son says this agrees with the guys who run the web site he counted on when he did landscape and snowplowing. My joints are killing me, so I assume another front is moving through.

Account Deleted

Tom R:

in the parlance of "anti-racism" activists such as Dr. Cornel West, Derek Bell, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, The Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond, SPLC, Angela Davis, and legions of others--

"the culture of white supremacy" has DNA which establishes, almost undetectably, "white is right", "white is superior", "white is on top" more about that in a moment.

yes, the label "white supremacist" has been permanently affixed to the extremist neo-nazi militia types who "cohere" around Mein Kampf and other manifestos.

but that is what confuses the "innocent" white American who's not a Third Reich afficianado. a friend of mine used to say "i'm just the 3rd white guy from the left in the photo."

true enough.

where the anti-racists (racists) steer the narrative is with the assertion that ALL institutions in America are BIASED, and therefore racist, because they promote the cultural standard of "white supremacy"... white is right (always), white is just (always), white is best (always), white is first in everything (always)....

THEREFORE, all of the institutions involved in the following, are racist because they conserve the culture of white supremacy that is buttressed by the following:

Academia, banking and finance, capital formation, employment systems, mental health systems, health systems, science, militarism, education, recreation and leisure, natural resource development and consumption, religious organization, politics, civic life, government, entertainment, law, production of historical texts, etc etc etc.

the "innocent" will hear this "analysis" and tend to reject it out of hand because they do not participate *PERSONALLY* in the conservation of white cultural supremacy ("i have no power. Al Sharpton has more power than i do.")

and that opens the Steve King's to the slam by the hyena media. Where do they get off being the slammers? it is the politics of "envy avoidance." they fear getting the evil eye from the ranks of the "organized oppressed."

Rush spoke of this at length today. a transcript of the show from today (1/14/19) might contain his delivery. he ties together, very competently, the role of the Democrats, the "not me!" fear of condemnation, and the hyena media in this travesty against free thought.

the rap is vulnerable to one thing, and one thing only--- mass defection by African-Latin-Asian-Native American people from the Oppression Olympics for the sake of getting government checks, for whatever use and purpose those might be desired.

the rap has been developed in earnest since 1983 down in Yellow Springs Ohio. there are cracks forming now that the "movement" has veered deep into the socialist weeds, with its marxist roots, coming near to the border of outright communism.

but more and more of the "oppressed" are walking away. Trump's ratings demonstrate such.


my two cents from a long history fighting two front wars on college campuses where none of the good guys are good guys. the stakes are too high. and it is a zero sum game.


Account Deleted

Dr. Savage cited the Vatican Walls as an example *FROM A DIFFERENT TIME* when the walls were constructed to keep out invading hordes *cough cough* Moslems.

that works for me. the walls today do what exactly?


#Gillette and the #APA strike out with only one swing of the bat -- bigoted non-science lecturing. Pfui!

Jim Eagle

That Mika articulation should be in the top ten most treasonous statements ever made by an American. What a stupid bitch. No wonder should find Joe so sexy. They both have no sense.


Mika: "MSNBC Lib Hack Mika Brzezinski To America’s Enemies: Now’s The “Moment to Act!”…"

Obviously colluding with Russia. Impeach her!

Captain Hate

Back when the Rear Admiral was still pretending to be on "our side", after docking the Sea Cuck in NYC he would venture to the Morning Homewreckers and entertain even Low IQ Meeka by ridiculing F Chuck. Todd would get so apoplectic his beady eyes would cross and his goatee would twitch like a man doing a handstand having anal spasms. After that it was out to Hell's Kitchen to procure the services of some strapping virile studs to give those fine Republican wives the energetic rogering they richly deserved. Ahoy!


Photo of banquet table in White House:

Account Deleted

Mika Hunt should don her raspberry beret and backpack and head to class.

An ISIS hit across the border against Americans would leave her in the same position as that DJ named Jack in the "Fisher King." (channeling my inner Narciso :D)

Seems "Jack" encouraged a mental defective to gun down "yuppie scum", but then met Robin Williams' character who lost the love of his life in the massacre.

Careful, Mika. Even Jeff Bozos has been felled by his Trumpenfreude. You moron.

Jim Eagle


A sea novel matching Patrick O'Brien. Well done, sir.


The Captain is a virtuoso.

Captain Hate

The Vatican walls may date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when Rome was like the Wild West with the progenitors of crime families carrying on continual wars on each other. Plus the Vatican moved to Avignon during that time.

Fisher King was a Terry Gilliam movie, maybe his most successful at the box office.

Captain Hate

Thanks, guys.

Captain Hate

Shit's getting real:



Since I am home alone this week (well, the dawg is here), I get to pick the menu with no outside whining.

Tonight I grilled a very nice tuna steak and steamed a big side of spinach.

I usually put vinegar on steamed spinach, but since I had already sliced a lemon for the fish I tried it on the spinach.

I like it better. Give it a try sometime.

I also have a week of my own wine selections to look forward to, no compromises required:)


Heh, I think it goes back to 8th century and the conquest of Spain and attempted seizing of southern france.


Correction 9th century:


What's wrong with pofarmer,


Charles Martel and the defeat of the invading horde of Moslems.
We have seen this movie before.
Signs Europe is finally waking up.


Yes they couldn't imagine that Comey the inspector dreyfus of my earlier description was a low down dirty rat


Sounds good, Buckeye. A little Me-time is a valuable thing.


So guess who fmr White House official raj shah went to work for?


If your answer is Qatar you win a case of ricearoni



"Bad cop, dirty cop, and he lied".

Maybe they could carve that on Comey's tombstone.


Like captain mccloskey:



They couldn't get them on the lies, about the main character:


Captain Hate


The best possible spin I can put on Sessions is that he realized this and decided to do the house cleaning as quietly as possible as an HR issue.

Posted by: MAGA at January 14, 2019 07:24 PM (TGZP6)

Comey wouldn't even confirm who was severely disciplined for the FBI framing Ted Stevens and, literally, interfering with a Senate election. Just, trust us, we totes dealt with that.

Nothing. Is. Going. To. Happen.


Spare me all the people who were fired. Who the hell is in jail.

In 2015, the FBI admitted ADMITTED that for over 20 years nearly every single "expert" in the hair analysis division had lied on the stand. Twenty years. Point blank made up the field of hair analysis. Something like 26 agents. All of which, again, admittedly, committed perjury. Of those cases, 32 were death penalty cases. By the time this was admitted, 14 people had been executed.

To the best of my knowledge, not a single person involved ever saw the second of the inside of a cell for that.

Don't tell me that there will be a house cleaning. There won't be.

Oh and the FBI burnt children to death in Waco, killed Randy Weaver's family, and killed Richard Jewell. It took decades for Richard Jewell to die, but kill him the FBI did.

Yeah, my loathing of the FBI is decades long and bone deep.
Posted by: alexthechick - Superelite Ragebunny. Hopping all around. at January 14, 2019 07:33 PM (GbPPJ)

Captain Hate

Anyone need to set their clocks?


matt - deplore me if you must

Come back, Po! All is in question!

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